Telitz: Bumps at Road America give it some character

Bill Michaels
Friday, June 22nd
Rice Lake, Wisconsin, native Aaron Telitz, who races in the Indy Lights Series for Belardi Auto Racing, joins us from Road America. What does he love about the road course? Which straightaway provides the greatest opportunity for speed?

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Joining us now here right in our studios is we should hear certain baseline road America if you ready for the IndyCar Series this week and he got a lot of other other racing going on as matter of fact. I got the early world challenge you've got the pro myers' you've got to the GT's got everything going on. I with the guys we have with the western Pulitzer is joining us Indy Lights series driver for bull party racing. In their pay and get your head led the end I'm calling on FaceBook so I could have volume more. Yeah Lester today you know we have logo last year is so bill I want to start with when you talk about the track as you said the track is blocked here this year. Yet just a little bit bumpy year you know Wisconsin winters are not great for our any road surface tracks included. I just a couple of umps got a little bit bigger here but. Be honest with you bumps is what makes Irish circle more unique. Is a little bit extra flavor I like that you sit its character its character through its character. So you said that now which is the bump over the under the east the Johnson over it's not anything the average and Stratton bridges for him. So this Agile little airport. A little bit little bumpy there. You know these everybody talk about stuff like that about a corner on this particular term going underneath the bridge and stretch embryo and he did you guys talk about Somalia yeah guys although about the bumps here you know where yes. Now what you can do you honestly you can't set the car for one bump that doesn't make any sense is that we deal with right. I mean how tough is that on a lot of car that I don't wants is fragile to a certain extent when you're doing a 190 miles an hour but. How tough is that an apology Tikka an airport booklet that. I you know what it's not that bad. The related thing that takes that approach to business get plates in the bottom of the car that's that runs over her look what. Had a sometimes feel a bump yet you know I don't know a little bit. A bit. Well we talked before about this racetrack and now you guys are up to highway after this see you guys travel all over. And again and Tony can nonsense this is his favorite road course you sit in the world. And he said I traveled everywhere it's always good record road course not only because of the road course but because that installations of the road course what makes this place have special you. Yeah wow I think Tony I just became best friends there at that statement that is this place is awesome. It's just it's just a track that. It's it's strange to describe it but it almost feels like you're going somewhere earlier most racetracks he has no use doing and assert on is kinda. Driving around is get a rhythm this year it's so big street resist so long every corner is so important. It kind of feels like you're you're driving to get somewhere which is a different feel that you have a lot of other racetracks. Obviously in my home state Wisconsin right so that's nice did how big a contingent comes down from rice lake. Yes I it quite a large contingent lots or is that makes systems and poison gas. Will come down with an LC a lot of friends and family that come down we'll have about fifty to sixty. People here that I invited and then obviously. A lot of other fans that just show up glossy media I got. Why should not a bad way it was when we went like this next week opium rice likely do the racially celebrity golf place. And I got to their last year and kind of staying in they built a new hotel in rice lake I was there. I was doing one of their little happy hour things in all my god there's like ten people that he just fair to say. Oh my god it's easier it. It's like you're you're like a rock star coming out of command bracelet meant yeah I mean I don't I don't like to think that way but it is cool that. Now a lot of people up there enjoying what I'm doing and I resign Joseph at a meeting to sell it sits it's really exciting to have that kind of following it every time I go up north. Back home to virtual lead. You know everybody there as I was glad to see mean want to hear armed Iranians want them China is seen generates what's the what's the better hang out in and rightly so prominent. I'm leaving them go to next week's a moment ago just for a nightmare to go hang out at a bar or club. Hopefully it's a city where I don't comment on rice lake I don't I'm not. Super familiar address like to be on arrested here. I don't Jaber is popular Democrat the popular on earth. But if you just take a quick fifteen minute drive up to virtually you've got in virtual it that Paul's pizza then. The blue gill bar and I think there. They're redoing their tracks which burned down the old their tracks are. I think it's going to be done by. If they wanted to have it done by. Just the fourth of July okay yeah maybe that's an appetite audio of the blue billboards and smashed Lou go by yes that's classic perfect. Fog Allen has been nearly got what we did you hear earlier this week Monday said the team got here. Wednesday to load and I had an event at or isolate wing systems. Tuesday. Cinema cart came down here that I did IQ here until yesterday afternoon. Which is you get here few hours before we do obviously you guys civil practice today got a cancer programs that help which is the track changed when it's cooler like this vs. I mean we've been here when it was 95 yes you're it was cold early right and it got warm. It's supposed to little warmer throughout the weekend as opposed to silicon in Erie just sitting upper groove something like this were to road course like you so much has changed. You know this change quite a bit throughout the weekend lots of different cars here running with lots of different tire compounds and got Firestone tires Cooper tires. Prelate tires for the world champs a lot of different rubber that goes down. But by and large cool temperatures at racetracks actually helped cars go faster and it makes more power. Tires can get more grip. Also. The cooler temperatures obviously treats more downforce cars they have wings and everything are gonna be trade or downforce so. Really it's the at a certain point or it's too cold. Cooler temperatures are gonna always make cars faster. Nobody Indy Lights were some unique cards so where it would what is the biggest difference Vegas is just strictly horsepower what is it. Well it is it is a different cars completely different car with different tires different breaks different engine more power. So it it it's completely different but I've got to test that IndyCar and the general driving feel isn't that different from an Indy Lights car. You know I've pretty much picked it up right away to take too long to get up to speed which tested it. That is Indianapolis beat LA Bruins really yet in DGP course which it. Was my top speed now. 8090 or something like that is an okay by the way yes that's what you hit the woods yet on the street earlier in our Indy Lights are reviewing. Over a 170 I think. I think if we used push to pass treat you like 175176. Probably an attempt to get to use that rhetoric. We when he pushed past her and you have devoted to give it gives you extra 5060 horsepower and you have to be within a second of Hartford and you. Okay yeah okay seeking a Tuesday you can't just pump it out right is it every on how difficult has the past was records. At this track actually not that bad and and here's why as you've got such long straightaway is that then end up going to heavy brakes on it whenever you have that. That's a Gannett get passing you know if you got a track that is costly as fast corners and it's. One group you know you're ever gonna see a lot of passing it here at the run down into five long breaks down the run up to one that's on the run down a candidate coroner. Those are all. Long runs and a straight line in two outbreaks around the country as he passes so looking at the the course itself way if I'm gonna see you start to pass somebody and you just kind of went through a couple passive but where's your favorite with your favorite kind of get hit somebody underscores yet you know but I actually shot sodas right by its body is getting somebody down into Canada corner because the back through it and we used back and forth and and drivers are you kind able to naturally block the person behind you without. Necessarily blocking let's say that you pick a significant drop move on somebody's candidate that I always feels get into an issue by the way. Portraits wise. Race wise we start off pretty rough first race at saint Pete we actually qualify up all the track record. And act promptly destroyed my car in the second qualifying session and had to sit out the first race. We've spent note your fault. Yeah I say this in my faults. You know you're just trying to to get everything he can't at a street course and it's his line I told you holes. You and then that GM executives that went sideways in the Corvette yap kind of the same thing now I've got this same thing golf yeah. Yeah. Feel that that guy I don't know that that that cars a lot of horsepower he's edit slippery street Carson. Looked like he just got throttled their little aggressive early that he has that no here here it -- you know kind of agree injured moment that he did Houston he did that today they got a lot of publicity out of it anyway definitely so watch these guys go around attract you know I like divvy Chavez sitting at 1461 minute 46 seconds to get around it's a minute 43 to get around this thing. So it what you're talking about straight aways and those cards what you hidden 200 miles an argument for rock you know I don't know what they're hitting at and these straight aways here I've seen a lot of energy it's got to be in the 190s somewhere I I would assume. But I don't know exactly. Good to go ahead that you lose but it's always good talking or a woman at the Bhutto Barbara. Broxton or virtual murder perch where Mozart report. Just above rice lake yet and Delphi and yet here do you expect to. Let's not get that yet you know yeah I can't all be there next Wednesday or Thursday night richer detail that I felt I could see about that at all at forget what his lawyer deal is joining us Syrian said the studio. At road America.