Terry: Us, Detroit and Cleveland are the teams fighting for the division title

Bucks Coverage
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: DET 100, MIL 104 - Bucks guard Jason Terry joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza.

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Jason joins us now on the great midwest bank highlight I don't have. I'm doing good so important that parents who I victory in war yet you look good you seem to send over there on the sidelines man hey. Question for you and I am assuming you'll have some type of an answer. Do you overshot Von man I mean I had a the fan base got to turn on him over a year ago and I'm in kind of an awful blew by myself conscientious kid on. I I think he's super tauzin to be a really good basketball player but he just can't get any wrong. With this team and when he finally did get some run tonight play well. With a orders thing to do that young player in this league is pretty consistent. And now once you find that consistent and find out who wore as a player. You know in your time will come. You know he's been doing an excellent excellent job. Stand ready. Expand into and working hard. And we told them opportunity makeup and when it comes to weigh our corner ready. Tonight he answered the call and had a big performance off the bench which you know we've sorely needed out of our bench. You know it's an eight and Harris whether to bring up their talking about on the fox sports Wisconsin broadcast tonight Marcus Johnson Jim asking about. EJ Wilson and how he's been kind of relying on Donna some fond economy helped him as far as what he supposed to be doing considering he's not getting any run either as far as keeping. Himself ready to play when asked ultra book deal is that when. It in both of their case is Wilson and while when your first round draft pick and in not getting a lot of playing time your watching other kids in your class. You know get a lot of running get a lot of notoriety. Will be be addicted to it look different bond he's more help on world last year forms. I didn't play much early iron EE picked things up. You know a little quicker and battle against Ronald little later on whale cam started sooner so. Same thing with these in our case. You know be patient widgets term but continue to work and prepare as if you're going to play every game and you'll be ready when your opportunity presents. So tarred with the jet Jason Terry here as a bus when 104. 2100 obviously it's early in the season probably not really ought to concern about standings or otherwise but I thought tonight was a pretty big game because this is our front of you in the division I and you got trying to act these guys off while one team at a time climbing up. Towards atop the division how does this team approached division games. Well it is very important can't force like because split on the street series on now we are up 21 a team that. Obviously is a finalist. But he sure didn't Cleveland. I'll order he's fighting for that you know that division title. I think is very important. Or play opposition. Also when we talk about it coming down to one or two changeup tiebreaker implications. Are all that is later down the line. If you take care that is now. That will take care of itself later. He is the jet Jason Terry joining us here on what you bush begins a post game show I met tank slapper coming on. How how are you doing as far as recovery analyzing this insect. On doing great this year two weeks I'll sit for days obviously not normal modern body a little better. Or in art is feeling better iron it. I love to go get a map thanks for coming on appreciate it. You betcha there is Jason Terry. The bucks get the win 1042100. Now thirteen 107 and four at home he joined us some great mid West Bank Hala great midwest bank has been committed the personalized common sense lending since 1935. You're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced is a great mid West Bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local bank.