Terry: What Brogdon said is exactly true

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, March 20th
Milwaukee Bucks guard Jason Terry joins the Wendy's Big Show to talk about the 'championship mindset' and Brogdon's comments about the team.

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Jumping in right now it's always a pleasure marine catch up with this guy is a jet. Bucks guard Jason Terry Jason how are this afternoon meant. Doing well first off. In the overall capital drives on them. Now but I'll one up what losses should should just out would you get hot so massage. Oh I like to. Who handled one why. I asked. We're not sure if only their 4013. Audio. Home and I got I got is that your home you really do everything they did Saddam by you told me come by you yet. Yeah longer yeah these days Hillary I'm. All the way. Oh they don't want to get to lose a lot to say this right now man I I can use a massage right now because we've been talking about you guys in Milwaukee Bucks for the first half are the show. And things have gotten heated. And and Bucs fans and and some in the media one who's sitting in this through. Are trying to read between the lines to see what's not clicked in with few guys right now. And this is a comment that I'm about to play for you. From Malcolm Brockton on the Milwaukee basketball Arab League you've been a guest on that we we appreciate that but this is Malcolm broad in talking about. Why some of the problems on the defensive end of the floor might exist. So experienced and about the student uses the better we play offensively the more we put together the more people feel vulnerable to the heart of the plate and the more computers will be defensively. We're two with a lot of life a lot of criticism we can be one of the best consistently. Consistently. What for it's sort of offered everybody's feeling the ball and complaining to you go to the more the ball move the games the ball moving really well also the important thing to. Efficiencies. So it really started the ball movement and us. Collected in the months. So jet and I hate I hate radio guy I'm pissed off being a former player. They've been doing the job I'm doing right now in his right in Abdul and it'll be a radio guy today. And I had the code. What did you Alfred it has entered got a little radio show too so yeah that's so I had to decode so between a bit you gotta yeah take off my. My athletic cat my my my my jock do you code I mean. This if they're writing him this number to do and it. I don't think we Lieberman's defense. And now for people. Well that's exactly what you are there is. Can decode all you want but it is very it's exactly. And again not talked probably earlier this week or last week late in the week about a mindset. What is our mind. That championship mindset that is. We will do whatever it takes on the defense team or Carly is if or touched the ball or not. And will get stops and that's what we'll get opportunities there but again got to understand about our team's young team. That hadn't really experienced. The championship level yet. And they still have to learn. That's Q it is guilt. You know causes mental to be held out the middle order to play deep experience in and give maximum effort even though you're not. As involved. On the office is that you think you should be positive thing about this object of the game. Put the ball in the hole right. Sometimes a guy I have to run at a quarter to open up a lane. For the team to put the ball in the hole regardless who does it to be honest. Where the court just sort of cornered brought people like it why don't go out the side. John it didn't score idea. So we got her walk up the perk of the team not me individually so mentally you have to take yourself out of the equation. And I understand that not about you touch the ball is about the team getting stops. And if we can stop and get out transition. Everybody will get an opportunity. Now knowledge at this bid and how awful. All of us were here upset that they relate to execute ago. And can it can almost the same day that if a young team we're trying to figure out. Folks out here in a public absolutely need them to the wall for saying that this team is down but let's. And they got to go from tough times. In Norfolk and figure out. While I don't kick I well he never let because he's joked about it. You know at all. And only went up they don't know if when they fail and little but you're did not want to own all year limited what you do wrong that you laugh about. No no doubt about it sometimes in life. You know through your failures you'll realize you greatest successes. And I it happened in the early on in my career what you NBA finals and old Bible six was up could well. Got got complacent in a great Miami team came back and beat us four straight games in a row. And we had no doubt in my mind that we were gonna win that series have a parade and pop champagne all over. It's not the right to pray. It didn't happen. And I thought that next year we won 67 games number one in the west and we automatically give back upon well will be O. Slapped ticking and keep knocked out in the park ground while gold states that would exceed so. It took me four years I used it almost seven years after the get back to finals. And actually realized my dream but I had to go through and fail spurts no one could tail. I had to experience it myself. OK I'll go back that there's only you your time on the bright and sent and I was on its own anyone in one ear out the other united pay attention to it and the reason I didn't pay attention to this. I've been watching this in the NBA in college basketball hell watching in high school basketball. Hitter if guys are involved in the offense and then they are more likely check on the defense event. You could say well that's not right they shouldn't do that but we've been watching this isn't a box issue I guess my point it's not just the box and have this issue this is issue across the leak. Via the realistic game within the game. And obviously TP the older warmer toward teams he championship teams. And that they know and it. They're they're not going to they got guys know each other accountable. Obligated just takes some maturity. Optical out here and have them mindset. So you think then jet were talking to Jason Terry on the Wendy's big show on a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday. You'd think that they can work with this group of guys just it is just going to be a matter of getting some experience jelling. And playing together but it can work with this Cooper guys because people are wondering if it tanner or if their needs to be a major shake up with a roster. Well I don't think I'd know I know what can happen with these guys again when you're in a playoff series you're playing the same team. Over and over Q. Something kicking. And not last year we had made tremendous strides. In their series against Toronto which just came up short because we didn't know how to wean. A playoff series. This year I think will be much more better prepared. And once we come up or down here. Start your it will take now we want the guys that work on account on and that chemistry starts to Berlin due over the next couple weeks here you'll see. You become fully supports will get the right matchup. And gain in the playoffs it's all about matchups and I know right now as we fear they are the real work teams in the Eastern Conference set to not wanna play this Wall Street. I would agree if you're right you guys can beat anybody I mean if you're right you've got appease religious all become. Yards what bush your thoughts on him means lately he he got slammed a little bit today on the show blah blah. Talk about old people people don't allow for Indiana and really yards and done that mark for the Milwaukee Bucks what's your take garner. On kidney and beyond I'm not a big analytic but I look. At. The year de Chris Middleton is having a rocket with them before he went out. Tony mail all the guys have career years and that's. Tie it quickly because they impact that you're honest test on the game. He draws so much attention. That he allow those other guys to feel kind of these three G ease your opportunities. And with that it. He's steel won out in dominating the game on both ends of the floor with a look at last night. It took a triple double. And forty point performance from the best player in the world. To beat the Milwaukee Bucks last night that you got a comical or. Gander at this same step in the 37 points where over thirteen rebounds seven assists. Kabul Chris mills thirty points. So now he's one toe to toe with the big talks every single night if you'll stop unless you have no chance stopped and a. What about Brandon Jennings still waiting award from the box they're gonna give him another ten day contract or not there was word last night that they were going to that we haven't got the press release yet so those were a map but. What are the what does he bring to the CI thought last night it in the first half again he really bust and energy brought a spark in a really help that offense go. No doubt about it I mean granted him as a professional and he's played deposition at a high level and he understands. I'll come in and out the second unit it's player got to come in an impact and it. How can he do you missed the court defense now people down a witness penetration. I'll play typical situation. The one thing that from Mia. Is he gives off the ball like when your open eco. And so I think that's an added. Added dimension that we did not have. When you talk about religion. One more worried yet. And and is Scott really nothing to do with the game a bad spot every time we had beyond. I have at least one person tweet into the shows they asked me if he wants to get into coaching once he's done playing and I could see that but also as Sparky just mentioned. You got the podcast I turn on Fox News and you're anchoring the fox six blitz on Sunday night and you look like a natural doing that. Is is media where you're thinking you wanna go in the playing days are done or been easiest spot on the bench somewhere as a coach which were which radiating Jason Terry go. Look. You know what is called B a as well still still playing in the NBA. It just point your career you're putting all your hat in the basket in China's she would want it's bad. Best and we'll be right now again I'm not quite a packet cult will be tremendous. I'll look at the money now as my Q my experience. But as a broadcaster on most talked basketball there it is it is is me so in some capacity will be a part in almost like Burke. But it has to be the right opportunity for me up and what my family for the last five years in my career now consulate is on the top to take into account that I can't give you a definitive answer but I will say oh. Our in my view to. And Jason you're really good at talking about the game of basketball over the Airways man that's why we knew that we can bring these questions to you today and you would give us. Honest real answers we also appreciate your time. And the fact they give us that each and every time and thank you so much. What Arnold. Got our prisoners and Terry joining us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Or renovation loan called great mid West Bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935.