Tim Allen: Brewers chances moving forward

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, February 12th
Tim Allen joined Chuck and Bart to talk about the Yu Darvish signing and if and how the Brewers will counter.

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Tim Allen joins us on the great midwest bank hotline. Odd symbol socket a little Yu Darvish also there's a new episode of the Tim NTELOS podcast. Where I've I'm going to play back a portion of that before we're done talking to you. They did their podcast in Vegas around town okay and it's a very funny as the populace taking off to him. I don't know. Why it got real I really don't know why I know that gives you an inside. She kept the machinations. Let us knuckle heads do I that much I do know so. We took that recorder out on a one night binge in Vegas you get. On the way to dinner yet after dinner they get into the cab rides you get inside the casinos you can get inside the bathroom at the obsolete if he's you know you get a little journey of one Nigerian Vegas bill. Our tip what was your initial reaction Saturday afternoon when you heard that Darvish signed with the cubs. Not surprised not surprised at all at repeat. Held on for as long as he could to him and his agent and and I think that that's where it was headed from the start. Look at at the journal sentinel. There was some speculation at least by iPod accord that said that. Maybe that offer wasn't as big as some reports should have the brewers and and Darvish. Cannot sell. And it you know and that's the thing I'm always. Question these anonymous sources and things like that and if people speculate as to whether it be a good fit and all the sudden it's no balls to the brewers are after cranky. And then those things she got to this the gases lay low a little bit. Can the brewers right now. Without making a move in the rotation. And they get enough to win the central. I think so I'd I think they've there may be a piece of whatever you guys talking about partnered. You know you say that you know maybe a pitcher. I'm really insisted guys if you take a look. At the ball time and I know they brought in Boone Logan and JJ Hoover and free area. Obviously Albers says she is probably a lot can ample time but you also have Jefferson and Aaron Jacobs Barnes is there Josh haters there accord enables there. That's got to give Brad suitors out there and let's see who takes one of those rotation spot. Their bullpen. I don't know I think maybe still want armed short people talk about the rotation. I still think may be a bullpen arm is in the cards here. Why the F somebody guys that bullpen how many more guys that need to. Are legit guy alleged guide that if they ask enabled us as much as MLB network last night at the top. I think it was 25 break Al players of 2017. And bank and Abel was that sixteen. You know what he leapt up guys and then it was a bit is a wonderful year for work and able but now he lets up loose the clothes are on the state. Now while exactly and we could go to here as a close. I guess you could but I think they'd like given the more personal role you know that to route to a third and on one night and then two days later he gets too big outs against lefties. I think they'd love I love it and that I really do that. Now it may be may be one more legit I've close before NC thirty tonic I. That that I think could still happen but there is a lot of competition back there that's good thing. MF urged say a couple of times. Balkan able feeling are you. Because of because somebody dies the brewers have had close. Have had great years and then you know couple years later than body what the organization anymore. And it's just the volatile situation do you guys know that that it. There are many closers that spanned years of of high grade success that this is not an assist the way it's been. The repairs of the world on the Hoffman of the world. They're rare guys they they are and they and we seem to be forty year. That these guys have a little flash in the pan a year two and and then they go to and that's why Doug Melvin never would. You know pony up the with a long term deal would close its this is too volatile I. You know on the I got my fingers crossed record and they want to and I hope he does repeat use outstanding miss strike out streak in the ERA and decent. So using uses dynamite you laws and if that's the case I mean if he if he does repeat. That open isn't obviously much much better shape. Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show hot stove weekly is coming out it's Mondays at six. Is we can catch him in maybe house on that program always good day. Get a look at what's going out the brewers a more inside look Tim I think what does Yu Darvish thing. I think here's where people's minds are in line OK I think it's six years 126 million may be 150. With incentives. And brewers fans alike. That's a lot of money that the cubs you know have to pay that's water relief. While that might be true let's just look at their rotation in the year 2018. Darvish came town up Lester Hendricks and Tyler that would. Then is correct that's the best in the league that's a really good rotation. And even if they're gonna get burned by this contract and Tony Tony one Tony Tony to Tony Tony three. I don't think the cubs care right now I don't see the brewers without making. Chris archer type move may be another one I just don't see them overcoming the cubs at this point in the central. That's it's going to be talking your right that rotation has gotten I think the one guy point two. You know people yeah bu fans of sand month let's get that front line starter. It's got to. Coincide with Stern's plan and that plan has Scientology it's got to be good. For now and the end in the future and and to sustain a little bit. And can top as the guy that that's the guy I point to and I was appointed Doug Melvin is biggest mistake as general manager of the brewers and it was Ken Mok. I still I'm on record of saying now and I'll stick with that that was his by far the biggest mistake so far Stearns as good as he's ban. His biggest mistake was not going over the top and it came time. And and now you've got to face it he's under team control it's affordable. It just made a lot of sense. And and so it lets you replace them with that guy. Now like an archer that is taking control affordable Yong things like that. That still gonna go down for me as as one of the bigger stakes if if any mistakes at all that's that's the one that. Although if you did that move Tim could you argue that maybe when my dad add that the chips to go after over Christa you know much. Yet maybe maybe and and so what they did was I firmly believe that's what they did was it that. Well we can't get the pictures we're gonna we're gonna go up there and become obsessed. I heard one your callers they have. Was he saying situational baseball and you don't get a runner over get the money in I fully agree with him. And I think that will be much improved this year. You know you look at that Tampa Bay game down not. A hater I think gave up walk off. And they getting private tops after that inning. Many Piniella had an opportunity to bond some runners over. And get a man and man that's ABC baseball I think he was referring to and I think you're gonna see a lot a lot of improvement on that would these two guys now lineup. Along with with what you were talking about chuck was that Garcia takes that step forward yup brawn it these days helping. That offense is gonna win games it well and Woolsey much better days off. Especially in the hitter park I mean you you got to have you know some mean defense out there is pretty good that your defense the outfield defense is as good as the sever them. But I mean I think you've got the offense Taylor bay for this ballpark. It is it has been and counsels the right guy for it I mean put pressure on that other team continual processors so. He can't be what the pitching I think they. They just it is what the script a little bit here and and Stearns well what that offense and so little stunned by how the big believer in pitching and defense but it sometimes. The the geography if you will hold dictates you know what you can do deceased seize the moment he did that now will that will they get a picture of and that's. That's what thing. They say innocence not seen them. That Davies. Armed that Nelson injury is looming large guys it is I mean that just is in the argument. You know lean on what you're gonna lean on. Maybe or surgeon. You'll body got out of one Aaron and I'm a little leery on the rotation right now is a competitive yeah I think chase banners and that it is these guys are out editors note no question. But I they'd what Bart just talked about. That's your competition there. That cub rotation are they need those guys now they're they're now on he give the nod to the cubs on the rotation. I think the brewers ought to win as we talked to Tim Allen had so weekly Mondays at six. They want to win but I don't know if I don't know if there. All in teh idea and I think with the brewers do have is a couple of arms and their farm system. Whether Ortiz is a trade chip Corbin burns everybody's high on even another year of progression from Brandon Woodruff. That may be. Do maybe they think they've got the arms they just need time for those arms they've got caning Alex now for multiple years in those guys will still be here. When the arms come to fruition. Yeah you know every every year there surprises. And and you're just crossing your fingers that. You know you look across the league and say while allegedly did this guy you lose who is this guy and now simulate companies. And ERA of three point one of these tenant to listen and easy young do wouldn't be surprised everybody and hopefully Brandan Woodruff is that guy. Hopefully a courtroom burns is. Armed they're gonna need that surprised given the fact that. You know they may not belong get a pitchers so then you have what you have but that they really need that surprise and that's obviously unpredictable. But maybe maybe they didn't take that that. We don't have since talked let's say we don't need a guy like because you always do. Our home but maybe they're a little more confidence. As I said Bart then we are with the with the youngsters. Now Super Bowl teams are two coming out of spring training as far as health you know might be a couple of key injuries. Either way coming out of spring training. Yeah and I mean. Brent Souter and that there's an interest in guys there. The dude all he did was was too well I mean at you know what little bump here in the Arab but. And it Stockton has surprised me opinions up in that rotation on the bottom and it won't surprise me at all maybe that's your surprise maybe maybe he has. A guy that didn't they can at least hold you in games. Home. It's going to be really interesting when you look at bellows. Looking at this this morning at my desk here and when you when you look at the competition. In spring training guys have you have you noticed there's not a ton. If you if you look at at that point five man. This really not that many decisions to make. I mean there at the bottom end of billable time. Out of the bottom end of the rotation yet you've got a couple of decisions but really for the most part I would say good. Only 19202122. Players are already determined on this team. An injury could pop up your rights that now maybe maybe that's you know you gotta swivel on that but. There's not that much competent that's a good thing that's that's a really good time and and hopefully they'll insert you know pitcher day. Whoever that might be. And then Bennett's game on because if you if you do with circuits are okay now all of a sudden unions are waiting Jameer Nelson to get back and people have wondered. How is she gonna pitch once he has back. He'll be fine when he gets back he'll he'll be fine reasoning is not gonna be Cy Young but he's going to be fine there's your acquisition. You know early to mid season and then you could be you could be emotion there but that really goes for all of you guys look at it where's the competition. Maybe the seventh got the bullpen. And now. I mean I think things are looking up. I said this before reaching in my toolbar does is that I think Stearns is done as good a job. And is better job than anybody has ever in turn around and rebuild. All the franchise through statements is included were Ron Wolf that Green Bay surge is done here now accused of our youth of all season all that but. Miss the such quick turnaround and a good turn around in a couple of years he's put them as well the best teams the nationally. He has and I I think that coupled then and believe me I give animals but Honda credit. Four rebuilding and competing at the same time but. I also looked at Craig Counsell and that hit that chemistry that was amazing and and he did warn everybody warned us. And and has been and will talk more about it and get to Phoenix next week but. He did warn us that this whole run in the caught let the chemistry and how the smile on all over the place. That's a different group but guys can make humble put that you know chick if you will. Brett for a new season here in 28 team that's tremendously important in order to be better teammate you gonna play for each other and support each other things like that. That has to happen organically in the news guy again you cross your fingers that they're gonna find something there but counsel under Stern's. Outstanding he just as out getters and pressure on the other team I love it. Last the from all with you Tim I do want to play this is from the new. Cinnamon toast podcasts. Cement dust in the morning you can find it at 1057 FM the fan Mac com. And on our app they go through they took their podcast to Vegas. When Tim and really learn Vegas. And this is a sample of what Joseph here on the podcast. So we're definitely. Influenced by elk all right that was that's for sure. A lot of I'm amazed that we were able to. Hoover is a great convention I think we say it's to make so much money do you think we sound drawn very very do you. Herbert was unruly driver. That guy. Is a cool do. That's a taste of what you get on the seventh out of podcast hey you know for getting tie ocean drunk 300 all guy that's gonna take like an awful awful lot of alcohol man. Only caveat to challenge it challenge he's not to hear these Altidore are you a little thanks. No not not at all it he's feeling better already at 24. Nuisance Tim appreciate it keep up the good work capstone weekly tonight at six what's up. Real quick you mentioned Joan Jett at the admirals in the other day yeah and and Al all reports on the grave put on a great show in the ads do a great job. She's got this song. That's do you wanna touch me there. A little changed the burden. You know vote from all reports in the crowd they are saying calm and know in. Ago. Send. In well he's a veteran and it's easy man. All right thanks Stan. Are you still. Pretty big news I might really. All type deal here tonight and that's though weekly sip well.