Tim Allen: Bullpen could be a concern but so far so good

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, April 20th
Tim Allen joined Chuck and Bart to discuss the Brewers offensive surge in Thursday night's 12-3 win over the Marlins and the concerns surrounding the bullpen without Corey Knebel.

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Instructors to pull. John you're right there we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery from the Bryant and Stratton Cali. You hear him on the post game shows. You see out on FaceBook live. You'll hear on the big show today Tim Allen. Most of our baseball post game show Tim you guys. I thought you had mixed feelings about the FaceBook thing and now you're doing Facebook's during the game. FaceBook in the occasionally all of that Lou knew little thing gonna on here. At the fans think you've found a way offend you niche in the FaceBook and. Well I mean that this I don't know hundred. You do want to see me but apparently. Some do yes. Enjoyed register on the figure right Mike I I'm web two dollars and leave Miller Park guys are just like plug my formative in the car. I'm not watching you guys this listen to the audio version of that but it's you know it's all good so far. Saw it's it's it's been a lot of fun and that's now that's that's the world we live in the days that's for sure I think we're just scratching the surface on. So that's a Bart. I've I think you play that an outdated song now. But you get revenue theme song. Well look up to an end and just give it a listen either on the air up here whatever arguable listen I think I have we've gravitated toward. I a line that council that says that a timer to last year he's already said it this year. To enjoy the ride it this is the ride man this is the rat. So I I dug up a song I'd never heard disarm I never heard of the group before animal fiction. And it's called the ride or enjoy the ride by animal fiction and I think it's it's super. At him now I say that breaks along the ride by David Allen Coe. Arrive Sally ride must say salary. All right now this BS let's solve this company had. Early lets us get to the dubbed possible Stella I am really. Don't my concern with the brewers is not their offense now with the started pitching. It's with hot are they gonna be able hold serve with this ball and until could be able comes back and that's the I think that's my number one concern with this team right now. Can't make it TD pass things up to pulls teams out. With all their legitimate closer. You know it's it's a great question and yet but when you look at the numbers the sheer numbers say that. This bullpen and overall. Has been really good column with systems short starts and earned. You know the numbers say that the that's a strength of the team and I was a little concerned by that. You know coming in and then also made the turn around these guys have short starts in the their kind of hanging in there and picking up the slack perk and able and then he hit a bump in the road with some. Some blown leads and blown saves there on and a big game winner walk off in New York off Albers that's still as a crusher to me you know days later you heard from now on but. And that's that's sticky question and the way he's handled. The two innings saves with both shops cater and and Jacob arms the other day as well and achieve zip. I gave it since sustaining and he's not stalking out of McAlary last night about it. And whether or not the boorish. Under Stearns C analytical department. Has has maybe found something in there that says mid game this gives us of the best percentage of winning I you know I don't know maybe maybe has. But it is so a valid question I think it's a valid concern because. Is Jerry Jeff frisk you they do what he's doing this here the rest of the year he's gonna have a bumper to on the road and I don't know we should freak out over that but and so far so good the numbers that. Well Craig is doing what he has to do councils to always got to do but you know these to be saves and Barnes the other night in. You know just to recovering innings with Williams and guys like but this is. I'd wondering. Can he do this long term and you know toward the end of season last year it was the old bullpen by committee for six innings of game does not starting rotation but it's like. In my Justin this is gonna eventually catch up to a notion ink. The you would think but they've got a few pieces to work worked with the up and down at at two Colorado Springs since and that's not to say they couldn't you know make him an acquisition here and they've they attempted a few days ago at this Alec capture. Who was who was claimed off waivers from the Dodgers economic and trade. Last night or salad the you know and and they you know the FAA you know the newly acquired guy but. I think you're still gonna see some different names in the courtroom burns I would date. Would that be your rotation candidate would that be noble thing candidate but cardinals made eleven out of that the last couple decades and the bringing up there are guys knowing full well they're going to be ultimately starters. But they started the multiple times hard throwing yourself eventual starters would start on the bulls since those berms are candidates for that may be ready for all I mean there's some names probably. In the filter up and down. Carbon burns last night in the minors by the way six in the third three hits nine k's. A New Orleans announcer calling the game against his team. I wanna know why this guy's not the big leagues yeah that was a direct quote from the guy watching him for the first time so he could be a candidate I think if you have guerra. You dare pitching like this it can lock it down a little bit sell him I think they're gonna give she's seen as much rope as possible. You have the other two chasing Davies. I would expect probably sooner army to go back to the bullpen after waiting Miley. Is ready to go in the net fifth spot and Obi if somebody's not working then maybe he'll look. In the minor leagues with a may be looked come later in summer at a trade. Yeah I think you have to look at it and then maybe maybe to I don't know what keep it as simple as you care and if you're Goldberg haven't Souter is simply keep get a ball game. And and and he gets lifted after four and two ferrets and you gotta make a move there I don't know what that's the proper way to go although he's an out getter I understand but. You know as as chuck was alluding to can they keep up with this hard bullpen usage. Well now when he got a guy every five days that your goal is that you know well maybe you can finish. You don't finish up five. And that third time through the lineup that we look at matchups and we may have to lift I you know so let's keep it as simple as we camp. Souter into the long relief role to alleviate some of the stress in the bullpen and blow up. Miley in garish days and that's what they're gonna roll it here move forward. Tim Allen knows the baseball post game show your chuck Michael on the fan. These last couple of days you've seen Eric names continue to be a beast and April. And then pays his eight yard it's a start at first last night guys sitting over 400. In limited time. Now that everybody seems to be healthy again you're really gonna start to see who is the odd man out and I know you guys are talking a little but about Domingo Santana last night. He's got to get it going he's gonna lose starts quickly. Yeah and that and that's the thing people have too many people are sad. You know why need to see you lived to mingle sand and I can do it for another year and in his bat real well on the other. Flip side of that is you know Jonathan VR has turned things around from from a year ago so you're gonna get on both sides of that but. Yeah you're right Domingo and he's giving companies a little bit of hope. Outbreak there was a couple of barrel balls here the last three or four games for him and and last night was a good sign that he drew the the two walks in that game but he just may be the odd man out brought he says he's good ago things obviously that. That is seduces. There's going to be tough to keep out of there as well and all good problems to have again but word you're gonna see. How much. How much playtime. That some of these guys feel once they settle in and and I'm not saying that now guys blood. I think you really in Oman. Speed could. See Ryan brought remove a lot of that three hole. And maybe against right handers Travis sharp moves up to the three hole. So really against right handers think about it guys together you could flip flop ideology McCain and go yellowish Cain Shaw brawn James. And at this murderer's row right there against a right hander and then against the lefthander who brawn. You know home. Eventually that is his career has has shootout left handers. Well then you flip flop them again I mean you're doing enough tinkering with this lineup anyway so why wouldn't you ban against left hander put brought him back in there. In in the three hole leash on the four I think you could see that I really do. Tim Allen Friday continues he'll be out with bill about 1030 year here on the big show today. I'm sure you'll be on the on that show the post game show happening. Yesterday Osama bin imposed themselves. But that's sports overload day here. Don't give up on them box and go out there in the end maybe you couldn't you can catch a little of both games here we go like it would be right upshot. Sally I was thinking about to a net almost think in the ring and along that Williams joined Tim this is enjoy the ride I found it there you go. While this sounds terrible. And always will throw ideas throughout heads from the Joe's Denzel movie. But what's that diary of a wimpy kid off. Did damn. Do.