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Sunday, April 8th
Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and Tim Fortugno

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover help people in sports walking face the host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. There. Welcome to faith in the zone I sports Radio One 057 them from the fan. I'm Mike the giver might coast is back I was in trouble. This could cause it. Often times our Lola bean bag or package river again I felt that she's had faster at brook side Baptist Church. Bad it's been the lonely in this student who. Yeah no final. I hate that a big gun that pain there was sand little bit slow us. I've had nobody to Annika if the caps definitely support Terry moral clarity our teary lead a charmed life. All men and it should mirror can be for thirty some odd years yeah I just love and I love it when I hearsay Michael. You know we've people sit on your wife looks so young. And because man I've I've treated her leg for it says for thirty stuff like yours cheeses looks at me like boy don't go there. Yeah excited about our special guest now. I have to tell you pastor rule will get emails from from people lever once while regarding this show and number shows that they do. This email to our radio station that Tom Parker sent my way. Opened my eyes. And I get a chance to read know pulled the articles it that timid sentence he sent this email that she says it looked right. I live in California but that I've had a chance to listen defeat in the zone number times. And I think that's my stories up and that that. Might fit with which you guys talk about the fate in the zone and keep him a call he's a former speaker he is eight current scout. In the New York Mets organization former left hander for a number of file close in Major League Baseball. Including the team in ball boys want I'm going will give him that well what the what it was like for Tim. And our special guest from the tires hours Tim four to know. Eight C a month ago today. Our door and so part thank you very much and I can't tell outside of the art. Statement you it. I that's more my says more might in an inmate who ate him my very current but Mike backers trying to do is show and your sister to me. I've had I've had some big time blunders let's say and then they have a they have not. Recorded over my blunder so it's been embarrassing I thought I knew spores so don't go on the programmers might not find I don't know much. Chimp you don't Tom Landry about all that's an inside joke about a chance. Since I didn't have had a particular haven't you back. Yeah tell that you hate Tim we really appreciate your willingness to come on in and I know that pastor had a chance to review our rules that sentiment. And I have as well and and looking forward to it to getting into the story you. You sure that in fact and the pro more that that ran this week for faith in the zone I talk about how this is story it's a story of perseverance. Guys really put it. You know he's he's. He's gone through body and he's come out of the other and strong because of his faith and in Delaware dedicated to that Tim Lister that in the show by finding out a little bit about where you grow up and in some of the things that's. That tell you grew up with and how you got into baseball. I popped out and yeah you are the troubled kid that in the late target for Clinton Massachusetts. Product that in abusive all. A little bit later on my mother did a pretty good job order rate for kids at all. We had or I entry at the siblings. Are all one year apart there in the projects like I said it Clinton that. On the market of bashing urge you single mom. I doubt what kind of measurement action for the first like ten years you would in an out in and out so it really have that father figure. Around. But anyway in the trials and tribulations of living and that all in the region trouble spot. Right when I went about ten years all the letting your call until I was about sixteen. And that's where it was so really choppy real choppy lifestyle. And abusive step dad who came in on the scene became. Instant data are out against. Inherited an instant family or. It was not a really really patient man. Turned out he was emotionally. It was mentally abused. And I'm I'm sad to say that it was very it was actually is that sort marxists are. So it on the eighth letter to about sixteen years old it was real choppy. What once thanked him I was able to read Mike sent me. Your story and and I tea. IE I was. Reading it right there my office that the church and I mean I just way out and that of what you went through and especially what. What really hit me was the you know the difficulty was with your step dad but but the one thing was I think he came home with a C and you know that I guess he wanted and an a and so I think you had the whole summer where you stay in your bedroom you know the whole time for you kids out there playing ball and and I this I mean in my heart just broke that that you were in that kind of environment because when I licking your picture. On this. What Mike sent me there as far as your story. A year eight years old. And I mean you look like an eight year old who is innocent who loves life. And you know that the difficulty of life hasn't hit you you know at least. Like it would like it was going to when you hit ten. And elegant approach here in the and I hear those now Regis story and and it is is some miraculous story that you are for yours today. I surely kids all the time thanks and I mean. What's up I'm sure there really was and back then in the seven days. Which is when I was raised. Out in the engine and talk about you talk about mental is a sexual abuse order. Emotional abuse you just have to find a way to deal with is it their eight get what an out in the open and quite honestly I would even and you know friends even earlier that I will change. Sharing my story. Even later on and why it was just the most recent past where god and I didn't need a semi project through there. And ultimately get that done this story does have a good end. But the point of the matter is is that while I was going to reward I really did struggle I had no way no how to cope. So like I don't get that Matt in his own. And unfortunately. Those were all lot of the bad choices I made. That led me to and they finally beating my lord say you're. And that's really. The positive message that comes out of that I think that the reason why we doubt you've got about Bob that I love your show. Eight and is now that resonates with me so much because of mine I've been able to make a life out of agreement professional based on now for the last 32 years. When it was taken away from me as such a young it you were told it this morning I was in the classroom this morning sharing. With them an entity that brought joy in making a lot happiness and eating a lot you know just fulfillment and make. Stepfather took away from me and one of the things that he identified very early when he came on the scene and I loved baseball. And I want to that I loved baseball he made sure they took that'll Wear equipment and I mean I could've done smallest little thing it didn't matter. And I are meant by Indian and patient was unkind he was very emotionally abused said the economic I'm a baseball. He took that away or make. And unlock valuable invaluable amount of time. You know I emotional stability. And development in baseball development and mentally in development emotionally itself. I would certainly lucky on the 81116. Until. The lord rescued me and redeemed. It we are talking with Tim 420. He is a scout with the New York Mets organization. Former left hander Major League Baseball. He Tim during that time and end and look I I do not come for a broken family. So I don't understand a lot of times when when I hear stories where it was your mom. We did she stand up to the Sidon in a while him to to become than that that type apparent TU. There are no law you know great question and that's a long time that. Blindly stepped rule in figure that stall out that the like now if you will a lack of a better way to L. She was turning our back and not look back on our. I hit it out shoot and picked up. I can actually see how my mom at the back then where. You know you just try to do the right thing sure is trying to give a father figure you are trying to bring that role model and out than. Unfortunately. Turk even to her dismay. In how one member of the family. The next member left the next member laughed so by the time we all week eight of the eighteen that would only one left and that was my oldest brother. And much has done that before it was shaking my other my youngest brother left before it was aching I left before I was Beijing. And it was all because of the fact you know I believe to answer your question. My mother did not handle. Again this was at a time. We need didn't come out in the open and he didn't talk about this. My day today it would. Probably be out and somebody I'm DH are knocking on doors and what's going on there's some. We get this report at school we're getting reports. I'm a lot of people around that some kind of abuse going on here. And truthfully there watts. They hand. It's just that now that I look back I just don't think my mother knew how to handle that I really don't my my. My relationship with my mother today is 100% healed. But it took a long time but that would give mr. take away. It took a long time for me. True. Be able to share with our. Where I've where you're getting is as common. From may primarily because of the fact that I have been forgiven by Jesus. And so I was able day you know and I had a great counselor. When it moved and with Andy Kenny has my Christian debt to this day and that I was going through those trouble signs. And unknowable we're grow fast forward and all I'll know that he didn't look that more people out courts and sure. That gap or shall we you guys that he really was able to beat me in pointing to Jesus and saying hey can look. You know only you're gonna be able to get your talents and only use it billet are at first up the received forgiveness yourself. And then you're gonna happen received forgiveness knowing that the lord Democrats yours and and so when I started recognize that I was able to go back to my mom and give you I'd love you always oh art to. I understand that you know there's no turning back we can't turn clocks back here. But that's an awful long time if you will our relationship to become a 100% and the. Why got to tell you reading these caddie and Vicki crates. They're they're. My heroes through this story whom they really are your hand if this is not a made for T if you move your sup and it should be and they certainly would be the ones that would star in this thing. Because they stepped up. They need to sell them that you'll Lotta people would not Q. And that is take a kid with an anger issue some drug problems. You know you were you were as rebellion as they get at that age. And said okay c'mon at. You know what we don't and reading that that hole or they said look we don't have rules here. But don't worry it's not yet. You know you're not gonna do drugs in our house we want you go to school we want to go to church this or not gonna make you do that. But there's worship every night there's Bible studies at the house and local coffee shop. Conversations about god last until midnight and these are the heroes of the story. Tunis. I don't I I wish I I thought the canyon Vicky all the time. And they had such a great man in the street back in those days. And you know it was like such a different environment immediately put into. I go on the projects Clinton that teacher says overtook orally and in a small town being an isolated from my friends. Anything that brought joy it may and then becoming the rebellious kid. You know it intro and reality is. I think by probation officer saw that I had a chance I just think that you sense. That man there is Albert could kiddie it doesn't really attracted to be a straight a student initial played baseball. Growing up. Yeah stereo. You know really aren't that many that got caught up on the wrong side of those of the Adams. What happened in the I data cited and put in a really good at all. But he felt like I was going to be able soon. If you will the lives. Big guy. 88 Tim we're gonna get to our first break. These are one of died and in segment two kind of dig a little bit deeper into that. What will talk about your testimony a little bit and I wanna make sure that that we also give the baseball cited list. Does it's it's a really impressive. Starry night he even when you were thrown when you're 28 rookie urine sample boy you'll understand that if I got the batters by sounds UT. Nearly drove here we get. Better and I'm Hannah. OK okay at fort you know you've got nothing do they throw stats read ten pages that are basically today you had a good and it got a good pick up and then you got George Brett and they've done trade you content my golf draws me man trust on what -- it's good to you wouldn't find another ball. OK guys is Tim Fords you know former Major League praised Jesus got within the Mets but when a coma. It is what what's your slogan and thought well why should it you're not sure saw all. That watch me hit doubles and singles all day long since faded in the zone on sports Radio One 057000. The fan. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone is. Has brought you finding Brooke's side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Oh welcome back to themes in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike McGee were alongside my co host whenever he shows up he's faster can't help their from her side Baptist Church. I'm only. There are some precedent and it's like tennis and fun with a well like you know that you're here with our special guest tip or two ago. He is up for a lefthander. In the Major League says the number tees also most out. York Mets organization and one of the quotes from one of the articles I read. He's Tim left baseball but baseball never. Left tent and I and I love that. We are we're talk with him we we kind of ended a little bit that first segment I wanna move was back. Two when you were brought in from the authorities. On to decrease house. And and again we've we think at least in this studio that that they are the heroes of this story. And when why are you feeling at that age when when they brought cheated their home in and I'm wondered if you re if you convert called. You know beaten and their house the first couple of days and what you were thinking. Yes my. Sell so really. I just laughed. All abstracts anxiety. And you name it any adjective you can think that brought. Heavy weight on your shoulders were completely lifted when I walked into this all. I'm not the only what I was getting into but I knew it would be better. And it turned out to be. An extremely. Different environment than what I was used to actually let I think it was the sixty acre 200 year old out. On house. That I moved in through. With the family. And that they had out they had courses they have achieved a great there on. It was a strain of the backyard that. That was down you know. That had eyes you know where the trial. And it was just that may need environment. It and absorbed a bit when I was used to I felt so really one might think. You know and I'll I'll I'll probably. Say I also thought that sent like a little bit of anxiety in the sense that I didn't know what this was gonna. Big lie. And and I'm kind of bear. According to my operation outs or at the time on a two week trial. Actually trial meaning. That whether or not I would but I liked it. We would take that in consideration and also the band leader that would move in and where. Indian Ricky great they also have the right as saying hey this is not working out port this is working out. So that was a drawn out parameter or move then. And that I remember extremely vividly as it was yesterday because that's where my life took a turn of the best. Ten and that was it was a in the Clinton Massachusetts area though where they live there was Islamic country of Clinton hour. Exactly about it was probably about it in my important it out by the name of arch bridge. That's the big you axed. I bridge Japan. So I inaudible now there. Okay and how long did you live there with them. I ended up living there. And basically their state masters their development Foster care until I was eighteen years old and then and that's women. Arctic air I would be cut op if you will on financial situations are putting two bit household. I'm with the idea that the state was going to pay for Irish day. But the next year out so I have of about sixteen and a half year old. Until I was eighteen years old and then I would out of decisions to make when that time came. Can't HM did you have any church background. Grown up there with your mom in your step dad or or was this and for all brand new when you go and the grace when they're open in the Bible or or did you have some church Bagram. I kid great question and I had a little bit of a church back let me hours rate cap like. But in you know we import great is one that we went to a public school but then one day a week or it was one day a month. I don't recall when I was living Clinton Massachusetts where I go to catechism one day a week. And then we went to church one bit weak but it was upset if you well and I didn't understand the recently put I didn't understand it but never really alarmed. Back in those days what it meant that personal relationship with Jesus Christ who is very red all dirt retain. Very exercise. I do it about thirty minutes we'd we'd be at this spot I knew it about ten more minutes we'd be out that your. And that is my whole attitude about church while now so. The answer your question it's yes and now it's mostly now I didn't have a personal relationship achieve that even doll. I will say this there was a foundation. I was put in the play that's the difference between right and wrong and my mother did a decent job at each and that's not right in the wrong. Oh in that regard I would at a ball fiber in my alms but I didn't necessarily have a personal relationship or any kind of say whatsoever. Well you know when you go back to dapper parole officer talked voting who'd you take a look to chance of look at this basically he's pretty it can head. We don't know what what's going on and in what's that lets not loose yeah you know let's keep let's keep him going we are talking our special guest. An entire hour to date him for to know he's a Guinness guy with a New York Mets organization. He was a lefthander. It took awhile but he got there he got there through the major leagues. He tips so when when you started playing baseball again your junior year. That out when you were with a great family that had a just feel really good to be back diamond. Oh my gosh I'm like gotten married yet another vivid memory as you guys know what they're in the cold states. Back there in the northeast as well based on very seasonal. Hand I cannot remember. Are all very large I'd really love baseball grownup. And so they encouraged me go try out for baseball team even elaborate commenting that you are experts high school in the middle of the school year. But it was once they're. And so there was no baseball being played without policy. And ultimately. When the spring came around that you waited till now what saw him. And the field well thought out I images complaint that let it go try it out and I can remember like it was yesterday how. Like almost like I would back when I was seven years old. When I news that this was what I look up to the very most and why it was taken a wait army at about eleven years all at a totally Pittsburgh. I was told you can not play I was told you're not good enough power ultra cute on the metal I was told him not a good kid. I was all such these negative tapes were in my head. And then I did start making all the back come true and started making bad choice started hanging around the wrong group of kids. And ultimately. When I got to the great hall and that Christian home mayor curt may go try out. It was almost like ball like I negate what happened was opened up. Well I am so you know I've I've not high school basketball coach. I I would love to to talk to the the high school coach wooden when he walked in the gym it's so you throw. I feel like you're going to be hit and was. And if he is or how tall were you at that point. All you know I wasn't extremely vague but one thing that you debt coach to Roger and I are still really good friends that there's day. Dan and he literally. Just. You know talk to me I was very very very quiet though. Very quiet in the sense about not letting anybody now background. And so I I kept at extremely secret the big question lies. In what is it good kids that statute that is a good. Why do you live and in a monster ball. At that question always look you know humble where everybody. People wanted to know my story but I was axed. Yep it when he heard the heard the catchers but it popped. I would current lives over and say hey you know it gives them on the seat let's see if you can throw the way I think you could throw it. And he dead is dead 88 absolutely. So mean and he absolutely encourage making had to walk a fine line that you're walking into small town. And small town kids say anybody job. But you still gotta come and you can earn a spot in the chain and ultimately I want that competent yet keep it lightly armed but also I I'd. I uttered my my number well I talked earlier I was there rob. And very true I had lot a lot of development time that yet I did have a good arm and I was very why ago. Like yet he arm was there definitely identified that dead OK you can play on this team. Tell our back up just sits had here. Because one thing that we would love to do with faith in the zone is. Have folks that we have while ours our guests to share held her journey of faith begin we've been kind of talk and around habit. Ole bull for you sir what one thing that as you've been talking especially about this probationary officer. I you know it's just a guy that I have and I can totally be out base. But I have to believe he knew what type of home he was putting UN. And I don't know that I would be all that shocked if he was even a believer. Knowing hey I want this I want this young man had an opportunity. You know to meet the lord because he had to know quite a bit about the grace family. And I just think if that is true. Again though that the hand of god and how he was directing and leading for you to come into the Gray's home and meet the right people along the way. The once you share what this you know what when it was. Then it all came two. Of its full realization Tia that you knew your senator that you needed. Jesus who died who died on the cross for your sense I'd love to hear that story. Well like I got moved into that house salt like I said in the middle of my junior year. And when I first walked in do it that was a little bit like Sherri has not quite. Like I'm gonna jump then. At first. But I didn't I didn't put my toes in the water. They were having their by the Internet for a while let me to talk about John my probation officer at best day. I have never been able to helper and I I tried to reach John. Years and years and years and years ago. Object a couple of years while I started my based on journey. Which we haven't gotten to yet but once I started at I did try to reach John John was gone it was it was like old ban into into. In two they're there he was gone and so it really if we're gonna find out someday. Unhappy doing now but I do think instinctively. In innately John you know maybe even yeah stretched spiritually. That I would ride in this atmosphere so. I I would say the with the and that accounts for about a year and you know I had a lot of baggage on my shoulders at a family that was disrupted. You know I have fortunate at all I had three other sibling. Well warned Europe art we're very close. Growing up and that very competitive together. And you know I I bought that I bought my mom I lost my real dad my biological. Everything kind of gone and so. You know Kenny. And Vicki. I can help me get through all of that and they gave an app for about a year or so. It was the scene January up my senior year in high school I decided to dedicate my life the lord. Recognize and that god was working behind the scenes that he actually did all indeed here cry out while fifteen and half years old and I was. I went to bed letting agents tell this story I did go to bed one night. I wanted to kill my step animal or want to kill myself to develop the night on them so well. And I think it was at that very moment when I started to realize that I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do. God heard my reports are recognized that my senior year in high school actually recognize that all year I was let them. That done I needed to give my life and lord because he did statement. And you rescued me. And I doubt he's not only got it now given me an opportunity to have him as my spiritual counselor for the rest of my life. Console. That was my gaming. Moment as January 1980 it was the beginning icing your. Now and now he's giving a platform that you can tell others about what Jesus Christ has done you know for them. And dying on the cross for their sins and so. Us on our our guests have really emphasize how god. When he saved them he gave the platform and and I don't know of camp if I know for for myself and for my cousin Mike can't take these glasses out he's area. Star weekend here that every time we we get to hear that this journey of how someone's face began and it never gets old. Outing and never. And and it is so. It is just so powerful to see the work of god. And how he was drawing you to a family. That was gonna give you the gospel message and you interest rates and then really CEO guy who's gonna take you use your life for a for a for his kingdom. As just awesome I'm never gets old winning. We sit here and talk about your testimony for an hour because it insists it's beautiful. Wind you know Tim and I had that conversation that. Goes different parts of her life there's some similarities. To some of the stuff for that did that we went through and you know and to use that that you were able to figure this out at a much earlier age than then I did. Yet we pulled wanted people buy the stuff that was going on inside we want to help people. You'll yeah we do know people can handle that night I think we've learned that that they can't. And doubt we need to be out their talking more about stuff that. That we're we work. And in were were going in in the music that we play for free zone pass tomorrow a lot he's got a line in in one of the songs that we used that says. I am I am not not the man I want to be but I think god I'm not demand I used to pay. And just fits perfect with a cell with my like guys that scared to break up a separate I promised we're gonna talk baseball. With Tim Fortuna and there's this baseball story you think his wife's story was. Was it was it is story perseverance. Which year the baseball side this it's it's incredible. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host might only get burned and pastor came Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back defeats in the zone on sports review 157 Afghanistan. In my journal wants pastor Ken counselor for Brooke's side Baptist Church our special guest. He used him for studio. A scout to New York Mets organization. And he. He spent some time in Major League Baseball but it took them awhile to get their similar talk this segment. By your journey in the key of baseball. In an ad know you worked at a construction site and rain the leader some tennis ball. See it in the in the either in the parking slider in the construction site at that point you would stop playing baseball correct. Earlier. I'd like I know my wife had no idea that already married had a child I was working in the construction business. I was gonna be a carpenter. I was going to school on Saturday to become the front just. And at a partnership program ultimately become sort are journeyman and ultimately maybe be a contractor. That was what was then. You made for the rest of my life. And sol. I didn't do my wanted to go start talking a little bit about that here. Yeah I did I really what he's I think that's kind of we talked about your high school days with Datsyuk the jumping off point I think for you to continue to in the game of baseball. Was a tennis ball. There was happy to me that the very symbolic moment in my career. That's kind of where expect that the age at 21. Your result. And I literally put the baseball dammit I was in the rear view mirror I got too high school but nobody talked to me. About all the college nobody talked about going to play professional baseball nobody at a summit. Like I was in the rear view mirror. But now married have a child and I work in all time in the construction field one day I was watch as we all do we take my breaks. And I'm sitting at the construction site. We're doing or may actually that and the ball just over IE under. And I ultimately. Somebody just tap me on the back over a whisper in my ear. I couldn't tell you but I really believe that day it was towards single picked up that baseball will pick up a tennis ball. And I opened it up the ball in my hand over a year. And up a bit on the that's what I literally just want that thing I liked. It's art like. In it was almost like I had this certain. I have is why all in a white guy opened healing. Oh picked that up and do it again I went all of that rain in the (%expletive) that it up and back toward again in my box. At the time and the Jerry and actually. Born are. Add it was pushed the Rangers. Yelling I but I had this sense at all and clear to me and I'm so post both played baseball. I know this sounds like a really strange story but that's exactly what I did that went on that night and I told my wife. Oh by the way in the two years of marriage at that time I'd never told her that I played I I although I liked it or not I never told that I I. I aspired. To be a big league pitchers someday I never told her that I really luck it will watch on eBay. Never went to a baseball game. Never even talked about it and I told our. And that competition. I tell. I believe I'm supposed to be playing baseball. And obviously the seeming urge our there was a normal like why. But I think yeah I got most of the plane by small. I don't know what I probably weren't as well would take about eight I gotta go back to college. And she said well that's gonna get a degree in education and then you'll have a night job vocation for the rest your career that's great. But yeah but I also go to college and played baseball. And street. You know your marriage. You know they you have responsibilities. And I thought although answers. I understand and I have no idea outlook and bill but I believe we're supposed to do that. While. And there. Yeah I wasn't at ads after this time was in college and she was watching you play. And you you were a little erratic and wild in your pitching and I thought I read somewhere she had a comment. On honesty also saarc forum than it was in resisted terribly embarrassing. Yeah in our some are out that much right now at a by the college. I should and me too in the game I got involved and ultimately. And it was like an afterschool program you might say like immensely. And so I literally jumped on board with those guys. And Kelly king there's one particular night. And I mean I didn't I I to opt for I'd hit it above that your head. Five guys. Gave up 45 years gave up four pipelines. And the coaching element from the dugout patrol strike. It. This year that you should or hurt sick or hurt and drop the car or driving all my son was in the back seat in this. And here's dot ABC. Might wipe it up in the front seat and she is going to in the U Scherer you're supposed to. I you know I want. Yeah I was never on that level town I struck out slow pitch softball and my wife asked me when I went home for the union glasses. As a totally us please. Fill up you know at this aid this story is motivated me I think I was Willis view professed to corrupt. All right now you get done afterwards yeah I thought that I thought I'd feel a little that I think are supposed to be their view professional yes. Soon yeah I wish you could be their Tim when he sings an interior and he'll have inflated and that was embarrassed that we thought it would exit does and every Sunday and urged house shows you. Baja yeah that I doubt I would like. Yeah. I've already got up and I've got a fair yeah. Hate Shia. It is in my let. It is instilled this one question is I got aren't out there is a bank get a kick I had art to calibrate yeah. I barely speak. Under. That if anybody was never supposed to make it. I was never supposed to so Ed why I did it in network ever discourage anybody do insult them when they say hey look I'm supposed to do that. Did you. You as a coach it's our dad yet but you know steroids and on TV on and he says I oust their own count on hiking and believe god let me play in the definitely enough Allan any good but nobody in fact in two small things small peninsula. Couldn't catch others that that was the perfect wide receiver. Let's get to break other side the break will have faux wood eight or nine minutes tick tock little bit about some of these some of the stops. If you your page for a crew Rubin an arguable boy I want it on tell that story and the other side of the break. This is faith in the zone we're talking attempts were to know again he's discount with the New York Mets organization. He is a former left hander. Now with a number of clubs in Major League Baseball he did get to the major leagues league's thirty he's thirty year old rookie but he made it. And we'll continue our conversation with him this is faith in the zone odds for treaty 1057. FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor came Kouchner. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And welcome back to feed in the zone and sports review 1057. From the pain. You know the guest is good when pastor Ken is are trying to book him socket yeah. I'm happy to Mexico here's some Fords you know he's a skeleton your Mets. And again he needed Major League young lefthander. In him and number team's major leagues it's not the Tim a couple of days ago. We talked about his time in local boy it's it was rookie ball he's twenty years old. He simple boy he's in the organization and new bull move remarked. And he's asking for his Tony can you just released me sowing those who wrote in he makes the all star game Austin our team. And he says we don't look to give it to when these young kids are twenty years ago and spent some time by Pamela emulate the value made the austerity. So he's kitchen in another game ball boy add Chris spots Gil Scott Edwards is theirs he buys he'll pitch. And it buys you a throws for an eight and then they paper and got him in the scouts days. And he strikes out like nine hardship for at least in the scout coach what is he doing here but what is his Q what is the east 28 Seoul. That's got to rocket arm moved him up or move Ramallah and I asked him if so what was the white cube but boy. He says I was 28 years quote that was in rookie ball in but boy it was announced that I ended at three mile do you think it wise could right now I don't like. I don't know apparently all hate Tim thank goodness set scouts stated for few more it. Are yet know what it was the kitchen coach for the Milwaukee where Larry Cheney at the and I. And I thank god that he was in the stands that day. You know I was happy to have a job that Almonte my back but I also allowed twenty years old and and actually makes a lot of my teammates Stalin me. Candidate using you're you're just a killer you're never gonna get the big lights. And at that time I'd ever. I was 28 and but yet and I was putting out really good numbers. Eight and the manager on the game and Bob Brooks and look alike in Milwaukee Brewers culture cut out the way sent them. Even he wanted need to go to double play or AAA in try to find out I had so he gets a bit late. It only that but anyway that it is that you went on in the next in double way. And I was grateful for the opportunity I've made a lot of really good on the bull organization actually one of my longest time to time. Was any game I ever played for the tour a lot we speak well and art. I did an opportunity to stay on the deal to be recognized by published. Well cut Ian I asked him for some names in and guys like me which he when he starts on countless that Sheikh Al Al draw our our rightful up these are all like guys that. Yet there they were guys and I certainly watched over note and that note Parker's Connie Stevens back then. Hey there's one story that and we only have about five minutes but there's a story that you read about it that you said look we have to get him. And it was is that George Brett when he got this 3000. 3000 hits. And yeah you were you with the White Sox and or the other. We were I was asking that the ankle my first major leaking that was 1990. Children fresh and my rookie year it was game playing Kansas City. No there was bid. I would actually a formula where Jordan from Jordan from El Segundo high school. Which is down here by LAX airport band. So you wouldn't want a lot of family that. Yeah so us a take us through that scenario there you are going up against and because I listened to it on you you know I went on YouTube and they're announcing Hank looked. George sets up to the plate George Brett 2999. Hits all the cameras are. Raid a flash if he gets his hit me he written in didn't just take it take essar. Well at this point. George Freddy's at 2999. I'm in the Oprah I think I was one or two lefty down Scott they'll let down there or struck ill and RT edged. And so I knew my number could be called he was already in a hurry you look at night. English is definitely looking like you and yet there and ultimately what ended up happening is that brought yeah. And and I wouldn't Wear. My kitchen coat and ties Janet Chandler and swinging and peppery. I think that Kelly so tell me all curve ball he just said state peace when it and everything's sort out what is my nature I'm very aggressive nature. Until the bat on he hit a wicked one hopper to second baseman. We're not general felt club went into right field he got it straight out of it and of course satisfied and it and the operation. And what of that happening wise is I gave up a really good pick up move this is kind of like the act up sequence serial ports. That that it goes. You know that basically. I get and keep on the catcher the catcher set roll over. And I really question that he does well talent on the dug out I like give out argued moves. And I threw the first day. And of course he ought. Expecting it whatsoever there's George Brett and I go anywhere I think you might have been thirty year old 39 year all the time close to it ultimately I hear it in mop. It has like. I'd now aren't right at you in the Russian market it's now a bank that's well they were in the game story not then. We're we're still an important sentence and then I want to keep Iran wanted to keep them close then. Very much of the article or get a bat the ball from Japan and act court at argued that it would be a circuit soak in error. Thought yup I was in the middle of that installing Gary Gary Eddy it was the first baseman and Stanley were about them such a 10 yeah and at Edmonds ferry boat that black Altima like I checked out or tag them three outs and got I would. And it right now at the Georgia where it is such a cool guy to guy in the senate signed bat signed ball the next day. It's great doubt and no harm no foul when his wife wasn't in the stands cracked and a George rented car owner laughing at him get picked off first base that's just awesome. He either that or no go ahead. On an epic upstart. Yeah we are we need to wrap this up I can't thank you enough for reaching out to us. I really appreciated. And Entrust speak with pastor Ken says during a break we need to book him now for a second appearance at. I don't read John Q the next few weeks and have you come back on there's so much left in your story that we haven't gotten to and I apologize for that. But meant. Keep up the good work I use that platform the war is giving you and how we look forward have you back and Satan zone. Thank you my dad thank you can I cannot tell you how grateful I am and I well I will be sure to use this platform and spread the good news and and that's why I was so complement our state and now I'm impressed with all you're yes. And I'm really impressed with the way you've got it out on what did you share the glory of god in it and it like to me I thought that was a no brainer. Why every thank you for thank you for coming on bit here's Tim four to know pastor skewed to see you again yeah. Always a pleasure they can listen in this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fifth pan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might mean give Ernie and pastor can help him. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. Our service. Noted.