Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 21

Tim Allen
Monday, June 4th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and "Baby Tausch" Bill Schmid talk with our good buddy Ramie Makhlouf again!

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I've boys and girls haven't taos in the morning podcast number. 21. Out. Does whatever the hell we called the last one was. Whatever you set at the end of it from 193. Quarters right so nine there is that little issue with a nineteen. So we have to move forward on that coming up on the podcast conversation about all the construction you're seeing out there. On the roadway is you are back in the dating game. That I am yeah and will and it's become very public which is weird to me. But then again I asked the question of in the morning on the morning show. And I opened myself up for which is funny I've I've always been open to being the butt of the joke cars too it's more fun and we will talk about food. Is upon recording this you wanted to eat. On so I'm not the only one I'd suggest a hundred fat if vigorous just. Clean that up right now are right I'm not the only one that was thinking about the food and no I'm 102 of course we just wanna say it's neat it's now a press finds more prevalent. You're hungry. And so Ronnie Roberts is in the bill. Yeah me hanging out in Iran is gonna make an appearance real quick the other days will be asked baby out in front of me if he was hungry and I literally left at the question of consider. That some. Listeners voted yes that's not that's got hit every tell what would you do it exactly you just assumed that hunger here so we'll get some food soon will get done at this will get through it. That's just Wendy's we Wanda cold calls she says no you can't go after us. Watching this here's this guy just drops away you just what immediately in my my my grameen gets at all so that's a balk and growth. Get to know segment is going to be would chosen Zola. Are a little brother and broadcasting. Can't believers do the little unit he's on vacation now hold on to -- unit is that and Lillian little unit. No but just let me talk just the bottom up a bit iffy Peggy I screwed up I shouldn't I shouldn't talk that gave it away in Florida Keys Sparky just hung up on that's when yadier that I told you that would happen guy parity you know you'd that was predictable I told you that would happen. Is that from an atmosphere so let's own unique is summer you've got a number I. You guys are you kidding me what what myself for him it's like I'm. Back in school I have outlines and to meet for exactly what happened I have all of his contacted from. You have all of my contact information in case anything does go wrong yes India com soul. You we're gonna call Joseph get to know Joseph a little bit hopefully. And and we'll go from there are so. I doubt he will come on Rami what do you think what you may be made I think kids you can you have a way with Joseph. OK I think you have away with Joseph where and I think he has. He has a little boat a level of respect for you that he I'd like to show resemblance. I do like. And he's had a troubled childhood. It's somewhat somewhat troubled. And not like he was beaten hasn't Alley was bully we know that as he talked about this on the air this. You are you. Who may you always novel okay it was a bullet probably. I learned from nineteen. Shut (%expletive) up into letting you and I. Reveal what happened in nineteen consume literally wouldn't tell me off off the I like everybody I work with you know everybody is two solo and all of Canada's. Canada's ask some questions. Com. Hulk and how I can give the answers that I did of did you talk about somebody specifically. In a negative way. Com. In the I don't I don't book I don't really know by name or real investment and a general way but it was pretty obviously pointedly at somebody and maybe maybe people could have construe that indisputable equivalents interpreted it that way like like last week we talked about ship coming out of someone's past. That I have or currently work I didn't say we just so I made that clear so. This particular individual I won't say when and where it was right smells as if a wet. Piece of (%expletive) is hanging out of his tax. I said yeah so. So it is a real nail that down and we don't have any females that the station and made this part of the everybody on the same policy is saying somebody in the building and not necessarily. Somebody who works for a fan or another building or another station. The demand deal could now face right so I'm dialing it down. But okay does that answer your question is not me it was a concept that it wasn't specifically about somebody and now about the industry maybe are a whole would the person. Who who you are afraid would interpret it in such a way and take offense do they work on the fan or do they work somewhere else in the building. Could be both. Right is that definitely could be yes could be both. Could be Bosnia saying multiple people could have taken into a lot of players to be out of my way up to the top okay now and now the players are the questions that I'm gonna ask you on the show about it but why why why the (%expletive) you tell me about it off. Off the air you think I'm gonna spill means certain and at the pattern understand this I need a I want to know why. Why why your pod has got taken out I have been very clear on say a guy like rob a home really haven't I'm. And very clear on and off the air. Has turned into one hell of a broadcast thank user. And I mean that I wouldn't say if I if I didn't mean. I know you wouldn't defeated Venus so that's why it it's a meaningful compliment and thank you and and however in this industry Billy you better cut this (%expletive) down soon. In Ottawa now the so called job with the slugger right now yes it yet Joseph on the as a vacation let me just throw that disclaimer here you guys that wouldn't be here for this but I had a wanna be your president setting up an occasion for half a month. It seems like. So we're gonna I've patent pending line up lock. When I fly I just I cannot come into work and act that I think I just. They'll lay over I I understand that some people don't believe in it but it. It is real let me tell and I have to have a windows easy I just. Yeah you could speak to that yeah I'm kinda have to have a window seat I flew with him twice. And I would bet. Deep breath. I do it because I picnic I take the night you know I don't I'm saying I also. Very strongly prefer. But I get a window seat. Because I think because I take we talked about this the other day on the big show take a bunch or draw I have passed out I'd take some xanax now the result is all the low doctor up here we go for you right. Recommended his jail. Paris. Again. They are the children don't look producer for the bill Michael Shelton worked real well by seven FM and the Milwaukee or not you're pretty mileage I can actually do it again thank you. Music and message. The tone please record your message. When they're finished recording you may hang up or press one or more options. Did you go to him just one to welcome you back from Disney and hopefully at a good time there I eight can you call me I needed to talk to you about something that in Khan. Kind of hang up my mind a little bit and eight and I don't mean to. Rustle up anybody's feathers but you know insist. I don't know dude who week. We got to have a chat so I also they think about this before you call me back and and think it's true I don't have any other influences. We will you appear on the get to know Joe's and so segment on the Tim in taos in the morning podcasts. So just just think about it. And then that other stuff I gotta talk to you about and it's probably not going to be a pleasant conversation so. Call me back to you about it. I. Yeah. Okay now I have disaffected newsroom. We all know I event this weekend right there. So that's it that's evil you're right there. I have no relief against Jones didn't really don't. Think he's gonna believe. I. You have so I think that. I don't know but that is so overall you know but it was brought about that I those are you getting your calling you know he's not put him to write and might even hit me and it's really weird message early and I get desperately brings strange message I think and like I just don't understand and apply the first stop the person who are you. Am still on vacation. Call needs to be when I. It is these guys that other people know other people know what kind of person who says he's honored to get to work and so we bother him. And your home there's like fifteen billion different rooms in this Bill Clinton you know that yeah because it's like a Dennis office is like 68000. They'll pull someone over like his boss or boo whoever colleague. You have a second. But it the only one of the house they knew walking and you know I just got to work I just made us talking to because quite clearly under different story. You have the 920s. You have a couple minutes I just yeah yeah we'll talk to you it was a joke but it when he need man. Brides and what I love about you have chosen though impression half of it is just lip smacking a deep breath and look. And. Only the worst some gore or you veteran lion. So I've been to Vegas with them and I think he was mine you know when it's an -- in Vegas if you sit down and video poker machine you can throw twenty dollars and Aaron and then everything history is play the game for twenty what's Tony boxer and veg is brought it landed with 15100 dollars in your pocket. Twenty bucks you don't want to ask. Fifth and a and so. What I went there would gel he jumps just rifle and money into the machine and play in the machine giving giving had shot of tequila and Jack ago. He was like him. Could I get out Miller Miller Lite please. And will be the guy that dude is like my at a B 950. Dollars and fifty cents a good dude wants to just throw went to want me. Cash out when it gets to tell her so if you're not playing and they they know their watch in Bali you're not fighting out drink you've got an early hours of the day is now I really like Amylin. I'm not much I enjoy very well you'd enjoy it out here your lacy maples she would yet she thinks she's yet she has been to Vegas ginger as she entered she doesn't giant Coca. Well they killed early August is that our spark he's national party's going to be where winner in Vegas I don't know revive anything to do with it all though. I guarantee it won't would do you think it's going to be none of those such bachelorette bachelor parties where it's their both combined. Do you think it'll be like that. I think that's a possibility me an idea to. That's off on now what's the naked girls a lot of you guys still going if it's. Of course to. I hope all you want to do yeah. Death and speaking wedge his sister deputies on bond to his stepson. Lol yeah. You Ballmer yeah over the fat as your dogs on you were me why am. I want you mean to you hit 105 picking grass match 55 dimmed only because I yelled at you to shut your mouth. No reliant who gives us yet but I'm like. Don't burn down let me offer anybody. Right it's cool -- Arnold told me about Utley right after that -- oh my god it was awesome solo organized like that where the ball and we other a little bit late so as we supposed to visit Iran left no right to know little light on the rise you know the first baseline he's usually that's where their dugout is where our field line is if that's your card over the people don't know her good pitch right domino best ball Logan just send this link or lesser it was like one of those were like the left fielder looks up he didn't like to says baggage is did even if these video moves that are below the golf over the fence to get it and he's his trot around there clearly aren't as he never got the ball them they're normally the gets hit the ball is an idiot for some more yards and all the kids are saying where's your ball I don't know the kids got north ordered around there on the Feeley never got the ball. Okay see now we know we're around he's not gonna laugh he's not gonna laugh you know when we make fun of anybody that he works with faster okay so let's surge I don't. Doc to his grades do you yes on the show all the time that's used in things. Impressions given those guys at a stone and and the material wasn't great the impression was did an impression needs good material also just rapid fire you work with the guys you have to Avago I don't I actually don't have as far as I know I seriously don't. He's what he's one guy cannot pin down and do an impression all right Gary dollars and these jokers. That's materials and that's the whole Gary Ellison that says yes he's got to hear Dina is now let's clear up jokers can is that fair to clear of jokers are no platform no. I mean I don't wanna speak for anybody else OK here's what I what it means yeah here's what I think yes. Here's what I think anytime you hear jokers Hala on the radio and Moody's joke ha. That means look at these mother (%expletive) yes that's how I don't actually yeah. Yeah it. That's right this Joker right here that's this mother (%expletive) right here that's exactly our wealth it is here that means we instill out and everyone else let's talk. Shall I sorry guys. Yeah not you know I think that it's the FCC violations are not capable here because. They won't now speaking of wings last stop us from saying jokers here allowed to have what exactly other words he. I think it's probably more revealing that we let him now. Well what I think jokers means because I'm Nelson. That's what if that's what he was sale when he said Joseph. Hey speaking of which NBA you know big show the Wendy's NBA big show yes. But who is this knucklehead the other day had the basketball game of forgot the score. Under heiress Mary JR Smith yeah you know what happened there. The apparently did not know the story got the rebound they were down walk knows tied giant is the missiles he literally didn't get rocks out. He didn't get boxed up the ball fell right into his hands Sitka and he ran seventeen feet from the hoop right past LeBron James who's calling for the mess hall for the basketball. And pointing at the clock. And then JR Smith throws it back into the corner when they were not able to get a shot off. A look at. And then you can read his lips he says to LeBron after the game I thought we were up. This I'll start with Billy and so Romney can think about the answer to that is in question. Once this season's over. Would you retained GAR Smith and you basketball team now for a multitude of reasons. But that's also what they said to Brandon Bostick when he fumbled the onside kick after that and when he kind of anesthesia injury as a guy you know and I think it was because. Because of the play yeah yeah I kind of want me. Mean the Gator in the F fourteen million a year I don't know that they can necessarily get out of it. It probably how much longer receive undercount reporting three more years to warriors warriors after this here from a tennis bids its. Examples like that which I think he has a similarity with the Jonathan VR. And it's examples like that that can happen at the most. It opportune moment like I mortified if the brewers happen to get into the NLCS this year that VER finds his way onto a baseball field. The ball's hit to him with the absolute game on the or he's on the bases all my god when you need Iran's seat and get the stars can line up like that I'd. I've felt horrible. For everybody involved in that basketball game honestly I didn't. I felt bad for Jared Smith does about it now. You felt bad for him yes I felt bad for every single one of his teammates that dumb ass is gonna ruin this for all everybody. Except the warriors feel that I've felt after every body on the Cleveland or in the Cleveland organization. Now that's that's just not it's not doing Gilbert and LeBron and OK speaking out on Iran now you dude dislike I don't dislike him a little he wanted to err Smith he got Aerosmith dugout that category you Michael Jordan. Over Lamar on dude. Yet but I but I don't do the debate okay. I'm just gonna say I'm I was. I was with few ha. Just until recently I'm think I'm wavering a little bit ha he'd straighten. Yeah. That's tough to get over it that that's a quite the accomplishment and it really ever since it's a lot the same thing with Brady in Montana like if you've been there and you just went one every single time you were in there. The four straight for the in the six for LeBron Erfurt Jordan. But Brady has been there for what half its seasons that he's been any blossoms. Are you for sure street down. I just that's to me not known them most about the NBA. To me that is quite impressive in this government wheels stern about that hold joint because I was just slightly shortened period I am album I'm willing to bend as far as to say it's it's a debate worth having a guy. It's not it's not so that they're not so. Michael's not so much better than LeBron anymore that you couldn't make the argument. For LeBron I just don't think the argument missile fairly long process though let it play out just yet are we still don't know he definitely could retire after this year I have the debate on the brown retired guys that I conversation out like a year and a half apparently I got laughed at on the TV show for San. Really all they scoff me this and where do you think LeBron will be planned next year and I sent. I don't know maybe he'll retire always known who worry kidding me online at TV show. The of our roundtable. Europe no. Come don't know. If I really don't know maybe it's because of something that was talked about on the FaceBook page public life. You know your man (%expletive) oh that was that your vote for yeah yeah I had a death. I heard about it quite a bad move they're keep me off TV I sure hope obviously there's no (%expletive) chance for me on if give up being fat is gonna keep me off TV I'm never going to be what has taped a TV show. It's posted just taped to this has been aired next Tuesday era. We're aware of what platform where we stand up comedy. Do a TV tepid. It was going to be real and they have do to tomorrow Saturday at a dead the underground collaborative. And it's the Milwaukee underground comedy show this Oka and hosted by Ronnie Mac laugh or Jimmy the come Taylor's TV channel area. Mean what Joker with a and the ones you don't as CBS three and about to stand up comedians that I'd I'd met them doing stand up comedy okay yeah. That's certainly sweet it's going to be great Wyman jokers like. Yet it didn't do a lot of truckers like yeah I don't know a lot of these young guys that are gonna tell you jelly well out there all I guess I thought this was it's all back fat which is accompanied their into the jailers and devastation from before I'm smarter than I thought you are much of that you know what it works both ways. OK so I want to get to this too real quick out of few notes here are construction all over the place it's it's seemingly all the time right doesn't it does seem like now there's two seasons in Wisconsin there's winter and there's org Earl seasons Syria yeah and coming out of Miller Park on on Wednesday it was just a nightmare that was one ramp closed and it took you. Remember communing with a two run yet when they were working on that now I hated us back in 2008 your son. Understand. How sometimes and I know it's late at night. You can just closed down my whole (%expletive) in Italy all things go well bucket and I say you know like the light people don't but people don't. Kabul or transport things in the truck driver of the drug and I guess we'll never see when all this stuff my truck drivers and middle of the night no I've never an independent but I wanna make this an Illinois Wisconsin thing but. I drove for a long time and Illinois never solid chip I never saw that (%expletive) Until I moved up to Wisconsin's like this clues in cities like all aren't. It's crazy all the time yeah and has to do that. It seems like it takes so long city here's what I'm thinking deceiving go with me big picture on so. There's this place down in Florida Cape Canaveral in trying Cocoa Beach north of Lauderdale it back and then it's a space stations space center. And then these big huge huge Frick and rockets there of the biggest of building them with fuel. And they just did shoot through the hair and going to go all the way up over there aren't they give they go out there. Andy they get kids at a certain point outer space and they (%expletive) out this little bubble little bubble comes out of this rocket that shoots off on a kind of zone. And edit it can allow me to have you here to see pictures of your house and typing your address is bubble that was sit out their rocket. Down you can look governments analysts yeah it give Obama a parent who sell itself. You can actually the picture if you setup if you Google my address yeah use you actually see me. Sitting there are a lot of smoking a cigarette and on the back porch okay. So is this. So do you think you can do not really in yet sorted out yet so I think that it not only what are you can't they address it right now off the bison now say there's there's related disorder you're sitting down seven and our Internet use certain I don't think around. I have used news and these parents following a porn they hook up an interface. With the residents. Every single time he opened up numbers can you. Always on the browser I was kidding so they look up women other she's stationed out there and there's more people up there. And then they decide back in the day to take a walk around the moon and scoop up some ship put it in their their thing and then they bring him home and analyze and say. You can't tell me. That some sort of composites. Roadway system. Could the advantage is even going yeah this is why has technologies so good for one thing and so she ready for another. You tell me that why do you mean why aren't our roads more durable so we don't need all this construction that's a current that. That was saying yeah house went through all that yes that yeah my dad. Why is that what's your address stirred up the might have a good future ahead of its wallets and the renal. Now put okay but you're lying to us there actually is in the picture views known there as there are flat and we're I'm good I'm good looks on and off the ice and Google earlier this Olympia Snowe. Okay well I can learn. You know in her. The so there's four numbers I guess yeah I mean yeah. Okay but here's the story but. Oh. Okay the story hold onto that Al hair salon today Paula Johnson has done the street this is street. Ha and aha. That's it just okay. This is awesome reader avenues street street avoca street parent. You need zip code. May be that's given me Milwaukee with the zip code. Own column I'm we know we love does that go inside of 53140. O hidden. This is exciting in this in his Rosie is really Google Earth really has him smoking is yeah. Now now my question is what does it must do now know it doesn't. Well then that's a new unless it's like navy on the side of the house but the bush is cut. I can't see the side of the house. And that's disappointing so it's just a front Villa have been real funny yeah. So I am also issue it is just left it alone didn't you know kill the joke. It was done there I'm telling you sorry it's just like the lie that someone's that I stiff someone on again. Now that was funny that was not funny from her. It was funny for everybody else involved closed on him for army program and to let it so why I just got to the side of the house the bushes look like (%expletive) dude do that. I know you are not outside tournament again on him you know as a winner is that when it was what does this say when the picture resign now now. OK so we can shoot this satellite into the orbit yet and take a picture that we can't fix our roads. Please. I'm serious their jobs out there mentally get well again and work yeah I guess ya I'd just isn't. You can't tell me it doesn't bug you guys construction non native Scotland ahead I think usually away oblige anybody by a part of things. How are read to that point at the age of 38 and behold you're. Point three via some mica that we've accepted construction is just a part of life you're old that is still wondering why we don't have the technology. I assume you are on your phone down as all hell breaks loose on the phone goes yeah yeah. You can I mean my phone so I might be put out yeah exactly. How much porn I guess how much porn you guys consume and say it day in and a hey you know. I wouldn't second Sumit everyday. 900 known to. This. No not every day OK speaking of which analyst bill is backdating. Now I don't obviously about the Sam angry and I got to bailed out and we used to it has pleaded series my little San yeah but Canada. Look at the pop out of the slump buster ago slump buster solid good work on South Africa and then this. Editing was not a bus did slump busting in their home. It would did you lower your standards just because it was going to be a slight I had a very very enlightening conversation with somebody when I was working back. In the NBA with Ian in the locker rooms and cleanup guys towels and cheat napkins and it was legal grounding in food and chip. From one of the guys he's a man. My first recess was like a three current too so he's got a knock down the threes and fours. Because otherwise you're never going to be able to perform for the seventh inning when you lime well is that necessary used tries to practice. I am as I guess that's the cat's out of the bag now you know that. I would imagine so is she listened this podcast I would doubt it Oca jealousy got her car stolen that was part of the conversation that we Hadley to properly home that night yeah. Before or after the date after all well know him and his body's weight date apparently trying to scam go but where I sit in there and it was it's. I was on the way back OK she came and picked BM drop me back off and it was job. Just say yeah I got this new car is Madeleine got stolen network blocked out. Window busted and harsh stolen. That's awesome I knew when Syria. How. They plan to partner so I know. These aren't you a nice guy. Oil people sublease to sleep at night Russia usually I'm my actually my right side of the pillow midterm election. So. Now now you're swiping right yeah from march admiral through that I was having what ads are you on. It's the normal ones like tender and fumble I think the bumble and as the one with the chicks have to swipe on the UN message you for years they have to mess so that's why and you know situations are. That's the slide into the Penn as an account that the situation average of the Asia and into the dating thing yet. Villagers was Twitter. Nestor I guess he gets an army as an analyst at oral. That's true mr. it didn't work out quite well we get to talk too much about this one when Casey was in the room when we recorded with you ha so. Did we have a conversation of how everything was in in in the bedroom jam and we asked a couple of items that we got pretty media we can ask you are. However we ask they don't even know vice ago. I'm gonna tell her and I'm. Yeah. From all indications yet it appears sell out last July it. The little sideways in life still room there's some things that some different she made mention situations. Are Ayers ornaments that. So we're outside waiting for someone ha this is an Arizona high -- going to work half a mile the parking lot yeah Casey Mabel comes out and I'm like hey how's the Spock and whether her and I ago he. I hope things and get to get too crazy because you know there's cameras in all the rooms. I'll yet you tell me about the its net. And and she's like once. Again there's cameras ever even in the bedrooms they discount of one. And she. She sort of freaked out a little image of a hole. And I too hot real I go forward to winning weird there are wary of this. Can I say that's the victim can I say that I'm good so far let me draw lineup good so Fargo had been well. I'll tell you where to stuff behind you haven't seen him as a disabled. He is wondering if you can keep going under I'll tell you mean if it didn't he go the got to me I go you weren't. Doing anything. Three key area was it is well there was just this thing with my row who. No one way you roll them to those you know those. The the string of your robe and then these men who sort of tied me up. Get back colonel nor deny whether or not is starting to wake up all of that Collins and I go hmm when I've thought around me as a man. Just went from bucking ask god when. All in fun and a lot more respect for obviously on five. Happens between the two buzz is consensual that's all holes I had never ever asked her to do anything she doesn't want to do and she's never us them that was made that never really looked around the same incidents. I got a lot more respect for. That he's. So what we learned today on the teller dolls five I had no idea I'm very much well we know we learned that Joseph is gonna have a little bit of an issue until we talk. That's why it's almost forgot Eden we learned that there is similarities between JR Smith and Jonathan VR aha. We learned that Billy's hungry yeah go eat yes. Billy's dating can only put out apply and are you you really did put that on me and my love life and turned it into that story is if there's an injury itself. Also has. Well done so can I ask what happened a year your girlfriend that he had all through college yeah and you guys graduate from college and you don't it was just different stages of life man she knew she was in a different situation I was in a different situation at home. Did you tire out long distance and now while. I'm just trying to think bags are a lot of different nights that I don't really remember exactly know what happened what's the weirdest thing you might have done. The weirdest thing I might have done in in that regard. I mean Jake I guess couple different times of people's bathrooms a best best surly don't know. Scholars there's lot of different houses a lot of different parties bathrooms yes grab a towel just. What you're you're. Yes you drove it I normal I didn't mean yeah or about I know I've always good about it all include yeah I'm happy to. Putting yourself Bob. You know there's some clean myself up there's no need for that I don't think that he would say you were doing in the bathroom. No no I known Evan. Really don't give old once over YAP just throw your clothes back on and it's all your underwear is gonna stick to your Johnson. Is that the way I was role. I kind of clean myself up a little bit. That's. I think that's kind of someone else's job at apple and policy. And he idiot. Really. How's that Billy we're. Out of we do this. Mile we were. Pharmacia and don't know his partner and only in himself up. Just curious I used to know but that's me. So wait so there's no interaction when you know the situation comes as they say when the vinegar wars cash. You're just it's a solo it's like a drum solo you're just cleaning out yourself and then. Her. Obviously Mike and moderate now if I have talked about in podcast to say we're together trying to save everybody is speaking in com and about your point. Don't. Okay information. And that's that you might wanna be that now. Fifth seed does not to say once you want and why do and a relationship while. The this turned into a really weird porn fest. Point I'm sure this is at about twenty minutes yeah yeah and also carving is a really the slaves so I'm so light headed you gotta be careful on this why well right and these occasions I light headed the dating sites get a real careful. You guys know the story will tell it later on I was on plenty of fish. And you are members of the president's latest story. Costs killer. That's that's I still a site now out front I don't know. I don't know its older I don't know how old television should get on the mountain older the older 100. But I. All the women are set and weighs two guys. You know the old and his older women on isn't all the women on plenty of fish I think it lean that way yeah I don't sell. I think maybe I was think a lot of 35 plus cougars are out there and Tinder swipe right on 23 year old college grads. How they might beat. Yeah I don't know maybe that's why I mean to sign up I don't know what it's there's a danger zone you know. Some of these some of these women have husbands. And boyfriends and mountain and I found that out. Have to find founded elements of blood. The thing was there was a gunshot or you're not I don't aideed away from that story and I had to talk about where its laws and how much like Asia and to get punched in the nose when I don't know it's shot. I got some thrown ambient. When you missiles gar right right there that things would get thrown at you. Full can of Coors Light the you okay. So that's why you are going to play efficient and OSHA boys and girls and well it was it was sad to title picture to it didn't and a it really was and that didn't apologize slick and it over the broken aren't a busted. At all. Happy with her underwear that early. Wonder where she is right now. My one on looker one infinite elements there is the thing I. Honestly got it on number and he's just stand like did you sleep. Yeah titan. Long time ago I was I had years ago rice 1111. There are now nine years ago and some might that. So those have you embarking on the dating scene like Billy if you have. Friend a year of friends. Cousins and good looking girl. Billy Swanee three when you look them formula. I don't know what's your ideally. I really don't know yet nearly went music I gotta I got a lot of got a lot of time on my hands actually I don't know work mostly nights. Just you know kind of woman just. What kind of want them. I don't. Short tall. Either way it narrows it down there are some and that's athletic the mean that that. Can have a conversation in the about sports that doesn't want to necessarily good for. You guys have enough conversations about it when I'm at work one thing that my family is learning to. Yeah yeah you'll get that to you again on that right. I'll ask you out of the park and borrowers whenever you seem eager and a festival. You'd sit just talked about it for two hours a year there on a bigger girl or skinny here. That isn't really an issue for me because obviously you look at me it can't be an issue for her she's going to be interested and it's only fair and I it's got past history and I can I ask I mean we we had Romney's excellent all over the place. Can I ask you like your big dude death and and I've heard the jokes all the time that might. You can't do certain positions. As a sensor that's a falsehood okay all right I'm just not. I might have had a DD three athlete goes feed now do you and its success it's it's. Aren't in that case the view to show and at and I'm not in disarm and the other night San dad yeah. Now it's added that you might wanna be about just that one part that might at brown is that taken across just a little bit and maybe just a little too far. Maybe I don't know the figures show (%expletive) you know there urged the helmet yeah. Thanks for Indian Ocean. From you that we shouldn't do this over and do you thought the whole show podcast you know at such a good one last week in the golf has won just like all over the funds respond fund is your -- doesn't mean it was fun it is good. Just because you're on the buy your phone does not mean America need to say it's (%expletive) guy that almost always means it's good. Romeo and Tony. Just saying it was okay I thought it was good. A fondness on did bill and it will go back to where there's analogy about the (%expletive) that was rocket in the bubble in the pocket and. And a law I thought that was yeah that was ridiculous at all got sideways and out and lost all our stuff that Donald and I don't know like well that want your religious thing and now in Elian is like Germany Italy and as you know. And okay they've done Arnold's RT that's what I'm gonna eat.