Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 23

Tim Allen
Monday, June 18th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid get to know THE BOSS! Tom Parker, our Program Director stops by and spills the beans on The Fan!

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Okay Timmons house in the morning podcast number 23. But this could be number 23 point one. Yeah some some more situations more issues with with everything that's been recorded and how we've recorded everything. We're back in line. And this so were were air in the sun monitor reporting Monday airing on Tuesday on Tuesday because at stake. May be we've gotten to the point where someone wants to preview our material first right. Which is probably not good to. Throw the baby sitter at a split no cut. Now we're not the boss has their decision and we butler's walker fire that's critical aspects of this actual argument here waived him in here he's here is the sky. Job manner it's. Get an old Roy Butler on the podcast. Jaco C if you could chase him down just a couple words I'd. Maybe taos bills minute just went out there to attract high takedown LeRoy Butler. And we'll talk with them off on the up podcasts today got a little inner workings of drama on. When we do our brewers post game show us off. When it's a weekday afternoon we meet with the as bad with the afternoon show he didn't wanna join now so. Studio. And it took like one step put the head down and juke through the doorway. And was two who's three inches behind his running the thought over chuck Sullivan. Whole ship and just decade he's the boss are our head to head boss. Thriller that he just like political for two sips her Brothers are here it's the start. Good everything's good deterrent turned out is that right back yes or no gets ago Laura policy target picture you out well will get to that later on our are brewers post game on weekday day game this week and intertwine. Our viewers shell my shell. With the afternoon program on the fan in Milwaukee selves and then I don't know offended every once cool with that but the world hash that out. Are coming up in a while. So Roy didn't flag him down I couldn't get him he was out the door after I hesitated. High in the like out the door out the door right yet he's gone. It's 530 and that's your answer. So we have a re recording of the podcasts go this one's going to be better. I'm glad because I thought the last hole was good and buy it. You know there was some some reason like apple back we're just gonna leave that let back questionable material. Yes some I mean I feel like some of that has been but isn't all that to an extent the little questionable. All of this this has worms such a subjective business every material you we do either Tom podcasts around the year. You know we don't like what are we on the cellar phones off it's gonna laid back and casual cell. We don't talk about the brewers over the weekend they lose 23 in the Philadelphia Phillies not good. But okay fine whatever a big comeback on Sunday Father's Day the fathers they record is like nineteen and 33. You have people Jacko for Mother's Day father's it's not very Guillen not good did we get our giveaway. You know if that came out of somebody hasn't. Somebody has a for us they do UN bought two more off somebody that was Salomon. In the concourse the bull also recent charges for a pattern that. Here meg radios are you should pay for that we give him all this free content well there's Tom Parker well Jack our other boss I was. And him and a lot of and I'll get to know Tom Parker the boy and this is the word the I think afraid it'll work I don't know. I'd tell some. I get to know Tom Parker segment of the gentlemen to oust morning podcast. You can. This is right. There. We gave you bad luck an hour ago you don't need to double file that is. Okay well my vacation. As you went hiking. And that's that's good stuff all right there's Tom Parker and it's an illness are so we can hear your microphone yeah that was you know. I analyze it critique you for why is that I opened my. So we take took care of it right now what you're Joker puts the no I just eased as soon are you not professional it's well not I don't podcast just talked about Nokia phones everything yet so. I wanted to let folks know that. You're you're kind of an outdoors he guy which do you know I have and then. Over the years more about it is like a role of being inside like a baseball football kind of sports in on the prototype only we Iran says that he doesn't like going outside when we're in Vegas he does not walk from one place the a's just Hoover just to work. That's it's this Hoover overboard walk like two blocks and this is going to. You and the fact that I think it comes with aids though because. I would be lost for some excitement some lights and some electronics and all that happens you tend to like this hike in around and enjoying this. Nature nature it. It's sort of recharges your batteries like if you're that kind of person that likes that sort of thing some people get recharged you know certain from slot machine mr. We didn't I didn't do it cube like pits at ten. Yeah the goal output a tent in the woods student what. City and a cup of humor all right all right nobody giving him any here yet we sweep we camp down on the vacation we can't two nights. With a couple my son's in. Near lake. And it was great cook out over and opened fire title yeah we cook some some big meet. And some chicken and we had breakfast. Who carries all this stuff in case Williams car camping so it's not like we've backpack. In five miles. Car into the side you back up the car and you know and do you know scud. You know stone movie you know cook okay see that that's batter propane stove is car camping you can kid I not to rugged individual. Kinda crazy nutty stuff. Gonna bring an RV I mean that would be camping yeah he had they have trailer sites OK guys if you can get in a night's the big screen guys you know with with that thing the camper in the bed of the pickup. Those guys are things and I didn't see why did see one full on big RV. Somehow. Narrowly got into the sites. It was not a lot of room. Arm but this pretty rustic and it's fun OK it's very prison camp fires cigar smoking and drinking no matter of spirits cocktails indeed. Yeah and down at a baseball game on the radio perfect certainly was a yankees game but that's all right. Can I ask you a later on the podcast from gonna dip into and delve into our brewers post game meets the afternoon show on fan. And just just before you via check out off. Kids can I just get your thoughts on them before we kind of unpack that topic sure. So you like it right I'm assuming your lie is your radio city you know let's do it. Well it's it's a change up its it's a it's a different dynamic than you get. Every other day on the fan dance does that does that not clear fastball would you would you agree to that I do agree hold different chemistry going on there. It's can be a little eclectic chemistry. Which I think people appreciate the differences. You know is that. Shall we kept talking about do one out in the world somewhere that where we had all you guys from the station young 'cause the station is the station. And he has each individual show makes up the station. But sometimes it's I think it would be fun to put all eight or ten of you up on the stage. And so this is enough sort of out of a variation. In this is a different world you know mix in my Stew pot. Here's what it does is it. As you guys sort of front and center as. Here's the baseball guys. And he haven't turned off the big show is those guys are still on there yes so would you wind up with is. Nice little blip. Audience that meets. That normally doesn't meet because we however following I was in that you have your following our nation has its following it. There's there's people listen to every show. And there's some that just listen to one show or two shows or bad though they have their own cause you know what just like the world ever refusal different. And a road diesel different. So this kind of puts this sort of blends pieces of the audience together. And look at they might come and they might sound like this or they may come and say fine you know about this this is warriors they come here and and they say you know get used to it. I I'd like divide between. You know Tim and Gary or like divide between Billy and robbery and yet there's a little bit churn there there's a little bit of friction. And you know. Why. Don't we call he makes like half punch and it makes fire. Don't play with fire. Power hitter but let me just ask you real quick because. So it is if it's a different thing for you guys and it's a little. I can see you are to be a little. Then. Now a little uncomfortable almost Julia okay. Yeah almost I yeah I would say it lean towards at least towards uncomfortable. To ask this without and they hit. Without naming naming who would be on the project or. Are there I mean it's I think it's a fair. Question the out of happy to answer of vote of the characters involved here. Now we know Roy Butler aegis dips out. So these football actually yet he's so he's got. But only a little bit human beings of to have some opinions that are too. Of the Geary Rami Sparky. Is there one you don't have to name names is the one that is kind of been static like. The Sox I don't wanna do this. Again you wanna do it. How is there anybody in the station must do what they're doing but yet here they may come back every day that we love that. Yes it did make him quit because any euros while you think this is hard. Just radiate a four hour radio show together every single day Monday through Friday and I'm not to say in this I mean it the audience. You know I think sometimes they drive down. I can do tend as the idea opinions on yup. But they don't understand that the nuances of what it takes to prepare what it takes to its high wire act which you people do. Billions it it there's danger. All the time and because this year. And that's what makes great because you fight that. You know it's it's like mountain climbing real mountain climbing where the guys are hooked up on ropes and they could fall to their deaths that they're not careful. If they don't have every. My pin down just right now every row. Checked in all of that stuff so you're not gonna fall down into. Mountain valley and break your head or rock. You're going to be. You know can be physically harmed. But psychic Lee or mentally you're probably going to be. You know set back many years if your show Sox. Sometimes on the air for four hours you've like we released we really killed at this time and not a good you know right we really went backwards. And you feel that way until you get over yourself when you realize that okay. There's no heavy lifting there's not splitting the atom we're not curing cancer we're not in a reasonably out on the table. But still internally in your brain there's that. I flopped. I saw. You know. It's its in its in a way like perform and performing on screen on television or. For a live audience it's it's there's fear and there's flop sweat and all that yes I understand that in and you know you do run out of things to say after. I'd be that mountain climber Billy that. Fell off the mountain and you don't rock fell on my arm and a cup my. That's that's where I feel and there are sometimes because we're so it makes it fun well the unknown yeah we've we fear of the unknown because I'm so used to this certain. Type of chemistry. That when I set up a little softball toss still one of our guys in the afternoon it's like. Crickets. Don't over think it. And trying and don't I'm trying to you know do go or you know. You're gonna get some results and you know you poke and prod and that's fun too I do Polk data center was sure and that's and that's part of the fund to I want them to poke at me too but they won't well. Why won't day. Mean he's he's a poke at look at. How. If city flight or any good shots a college graduate classes on the yeah Wheatley injured who. Often speak in which we have fun and cool our jets on one of our fellow colleagues. All right generally yes yes we're we have calmed down on The Who fell out a lot of who fell on the spotlight. Look I just figured that should keep rather anonymous at the time. So I'd rather not be put out to the public that's why perhaps though it. We have a job to to look it just so okay so you blend these two shows together and I thought it quite insisting because. For young ears comfort zone doesn't go it definitely does is so important. Taken as businesses. Because you do get a rot in you do get in the audience probably you know gets in a little bit right we're not changing things so much that. Were sending you know people over the edge to their depth and meaning that they stop listening to us not their deaths are down. But did you know that it's just it's enough to be interesting and it doesn't happen that often aside every day. Most of the time you guys get pretty much. It's almost like a podcast on the radio because kind of you know here on late night and you sort of get to do it every one. And and day I know old. I could just tell their demeanor it's like. I'd rather be anywhere but there and it's almost like they blame me in a way yes your fault yeah yeah I blame you to be a fast. I don't got no idea is. And just try to help yeah. Or I've got to get countries trying to get advance team's agenda. And and yet here is a good idea because eventually just wants to take over the whole rating of just like shouldn't be on hours a day because. Gary asked me if I'd like to do it. Afternoon so well brewers post I said it doesn't matter our boss losses to do it's I sort of skirted the question for. Any good like no we would heat you didn't answer the question Tiffany was very well played side to that doesn't matter Tom Parker wants us to do it. So we do it. Tom we appreciate to get to know Tom Parker says don't and your father. And husband and a and guilty mr. snow okay and you're not going anywhere anytime soon. Would you or some not I did. So I have this agenda and how we figured it all out years of no body no not really amount to only know the inner machinations of the fan you gotta from the top there. Now you do the idea is here. More people know who you are. And nor more people know who the big shows and then we get one more listener because of us because you because that's been worth it. So ask entry in honestly I invite. We want to create a forum. I think it's called social media. Anxious thing like FaceBook and Twitter okay where fence. Fans could vote I think and we do a Twitter poll awhile back I did early in the season pretty sure I set it up. And what did what was the outcome non scientific survey at that point in time. That the fans I believe it was like a 606535. Split it and enjoy it directed it like it was good yes that or at least acceptable right in and we're happy that it was continue well I'm wincing at the numbers of Jimmie dale let's try that will throw that out there with this podcast is not scientific doesn't prove. Right be under. Beyond doubt but it's you know it's archive census. You can even do a little segment. On. Of you guys who listened to the day game opponent and show and we're the big show meets. The men and I can say this just almost a bottom line thing it is absolutely hated it noted no it definitely is out of my comfort zone. I feel in less control the because I have to involve it doesn't sound like you've lost control I don't know I was into the show no but it's so much it I come out of it with a little bit of mistrust kind of puffy had like I had a arm machine had overnight puppy had like known not feeling good about myself at all not have any key. But I do and and that's honestly. Want to present fact. Not like my life in Monday. Not like that. But leaning that way like. Damn I had a rough day at work today good or bad it that I'm you know aside and just manner that was challenging day today every time I do it because I don't know what to expect out of those guys and and maybe it's the same way on the era and that they don't know what to expect out of me like we're assuming gonna go at this one. They like the more regimented topics. We like the more reactionary. Let's let the show just. React and form. And gul. I think they want more preparation. And I've tried that with them like when it ma'am what do it what he has long talked about after the ballgame today it's. And as soon. Well I don't know what do we don't what do what you ordered talk about it Leslie you've got to doing with the big agenda and this is what we're taught this is. How we're doing it when I tell you go play it down say yeah this is how we're doing it's kind of what we've been to look what afternoon and if you wanna join the ride join the right either way you guys gotta be here what are you right right lines for them. Tonight write a script at all wow you've if you if you will not terribly but I have a few ideas because you know these guys. You know while running reacts you know how's Steve reaction held Gary. Sports several pops up that they'll react to. This last one was Robbie was a Rami was crabby. And he was his bruises from this last one beat the cubs yeah about the well before that on before that. The plot would be out that your foot shot that is kind of checked out. I'm pretty crappy. Structure now I I'd like generally I do like all all the parties involved. I do generally it. And made it may be president are ringing endorsement maybe they get this as distorted view I know we're have to work with them again it will be too soon. But there are seven fairways too and I'm trying to understand that all self. That they get set their ways they wanna go LeBron they wanna go Andrea and reform the but if I showed in the audience numbers. And might have a different view. Don't. Because and we won't see any view beyond their human voters. Are great but you'd you'd know how to deal that you put us all the. Saying that will win the big show meets the post game show. It's bigger than eight. Hello. It's bigger than. You don't tell its outsized it's it's larger than. Which is one of the reasons. The feedback is. You know not everything. What thing doesn't count Morton and I mean if the audience you know staged a coup and said we want this anymore. We've listened to that we listen to the audience we. We've not every individual like one guy calls him says World War II you didn't vote remove loose immigrant. Okay A com down via our lives is so I'm always you know what will. I heard of I promise you might for a day and and you can be the you'd just as you'll find anything like what we do any work together Esther and that's and that's a great compliment. That the glorious praises every. So just imparting hearkening Gibson need any dirt on the rest your staff here and just. They're all dirt to do this now do they leave you all could save more I don't you don't mean. You mean like. Gossip he had no I'd I do think that thought this summer vacation so I've been out of the loop some of the ozone and usually what all of them all of them except we want and say they don't listen to podcasts and and I think failed knowledge but that's his mind I'd say it's only Muster here. Podcasting in it's must your audio. And and now we've got really in this chair is that bossier with this guy's gonna do to turn out like it's. Really insisting that we got the viewpoint from the guy that put the show together that was awesome instead of us. You know talking about the adamant you know there. Outside of Romney. Gary in and Stevie that don't wanna get to know segment they don't wanna jump on the podcast and all that there's a lot of them melt and I. Why would you why would you subject yourself through humiliation just. So yeah I'm. I would gently I would look. Like fun Lanier's staffers said well all we do is attack people on this thing no I think we just commerce they think. There's a lot of differences. That's true there's a lot of inferences and occasionally. You're actually connect the dots. And it you know I'm not sure that it's. Use it to the audience while the audience. Problems like well he's talking about. Who's he talking losing you know it would be fun. If. Some time to be a substitute. Wanna be Billy wouldn't be able to appear in one of them. An entire auction and somebody else could sit his chair like bills board up and don't. I don't know who that is. I didn't say that I don't know who better to. Jury did not you must strike that from the right relatives of Dakota committed and be billion and you could dish on Billy. Who you know and then I'm. About policy. Yeah well well now we're talking really. It could dish on your you know what billion Bart Bryant here god and then the both of though and could goal off on youth and so you know that might feel a little more. I'm pumped them. For you yet but fair or every now. OK so. So everybody gets their shots and it takes a shot at some slings and now okay. I don't know if this podcast is doing now while. Because we might have somebody like you haven't gotten to and does not psoriasis is like yeah. We certainly started this board like the post game meets the big show him. That's not good you know and and so I think it's perfectly. I think is Bruins plus I think what we have been talking about having somebody come in here and and against host and a guest house for us for the different gets you know segments and a so so are definitely is going to come in that one of these mobile. Sparky. To be here for the get to know Tim Allen shirt is already knows Tim Allen in the if anybody's got the dirt. He does it's them that he's got a Tom is probably got some of it in the vault I don't want to that he can't there there aren't going to deal there's things that he's you know sworn to secrecy in the he he would never break that seal however. There's some big bigger because it is 1005 and 2000 stories. Would he do witnesses now why not. We've asked them well we called it momma gets analyses Sparky 5% Jesus hung up Ponce de. We got sent straight to voicemail in out in. Dealing with a bunch of dudes. It really is got to be challenging because when I was in your position Tom I had. I have male female I had to it was a different animal was humility. Where amendment or to sit and talk and sports and we certainly. Energy and the bachelor who let Tom you know would also mean. Of course and yeah. I don't now and then the gender thing that Gloria he's he's going to try to. Sort of grew and grew. Cool we'll go through. I knew that was bad food isn't going on by its audit is totally out of baton that was my fault constantly people like that laws constantly after. Sent us minis for sure all the time. But for its duties Cypriot podcasts you know kid do the he used the little things and so you with a bunch of Duke's dealing with a month to do it's going to be challenging. Four sons. That's true that's detractors are. So it never stuff though digital locker room in my world blood. You know now. I wouldn't I wouldn't want their job are now. Of course. They don't. I don't try to keep my cool like you do I I don't know how you do it I just don't have to get upset. Something but you can't get upset about it. As I don't know which is like grenades at rolled down the hall pass office. He's got to know which was to throw out the door you know the live ones from the and there's. The others Bergen sparking and his command. Now this man gave us the peace exit fees yeah that. Fit but. That's got to be challenging and I a I commend you for that because I've never really seen you lose but I actually. You I think you and I disagreed one time. And it yeah I don't know if you remember those numbers aren't side it was it was fairly early on when he got here. And like you know I'll radio guys get when their agreement is just about and feel like 00 yeah you remember that and I'm like hey what do we got going here I always give a heads up funds in like June. You have you know and it's like hey you know October the season's done and nom out of a deal here are so what were. Yes and you're like just relax you'll be fine but us radio guys we don't relax too much and in that regard some like you know I got to. In the season might have been done. It and saw I was. Young I was gonna climb that mountain got the right thing to mustard ago when your dealers yet yet but it was like dogs were using credit the season was a flare. So I go in their Billy and I'm like all right. This I'm going in there and I'm gonna let him now. And of course you get in there are well you get in there and you do back down just by nature alone in front of your bosses you just do we have this grand plan but it. That's true of anything like you have the Twitter people live in a call for your guys' heads if they mature person may be much. Color and you do yeah yeah yeah I sure wish you would do this Lamar so there's they're very. You know timid in person I think that's a human while I don't know this just bosses. Employees but I don't think you guys as employees are. Slackers error. You know. He's looking and the crisis chess chess pieces and I wanted to get around them have fun ways you know you're just other people that I. You know work with so my attitude to begin with is always. Your colleagues your coworkers your. You know hopefully friends certainly acquaintances and a look at top down you know so you know I think it's more important that you guys. Now are allowed to perform. With some guidance and some you know three lanes there off the shoulders and a it is like it's not it's not he can't be too. If you too rigid you just get. You know. Creator and our news stifling creativity is an easy thing to do just you know. Think back to other bosses you might have had and I try to be the perfect boss cause I'm not like there's a lot of the things that I wish I had more time and and inclination and maybe personality to do you buy an hour but he wants. Everybody wants a the vacation meaning like a paid vacation where the news station take shoes so much. Some jaunt to somewhere and unlikely now. Yeah I wouldn't call or capture real it was real a lot of you know going cruise or something but or go to a casino in Holland loves the week almost just. So let's do it. I'm not so sure that's in the cards but after. I've felt that there be fights and ability to fight a big I think a lot of truth would would come out of that but. But you view have the ability to let people do their thing you've never hotline. I don't know where to have you Gloria. Oh I'm here I haven't gotten hotline have finally I'd I don't so. You you maybe you're not trying to. Maybe I just created an approach that line Chris little and now. But you have hotlines. I'll answer hotline is a term that the boss calls into the studio on a special secret bat phone you know that tells that did the host or whatever. Whatever your do one competition yeah got to stop it I don't. Yeah I don't. Because I don't believe that either you know somebody's performing. And and I'm not sure if it's real or not I mean unless it's dangerous you know as the hot stove series like you don't. Slot to kids when they're not really doing anything wrong it's like you have their bugs of that are about the poster and a lot. Burner you know you gotta you gotta protect life and treasures so you'd united. If you're gonna violate something that's gonna get a suitor. Frank you know so long that line I'll call in but no I've never screamed and anybody. Or home. Parker was far overboard it's all about so just long story short it ended up where. I've never had to because you have. A certain amount of my trust and generally speaking everybody on the station is reliably entertaining. And you know if they're doing something. To show voter to you know get under somebody's skin I mean we'll let it goes just so far. But that's why we you know we gather and NB a rustle of the of the Frontline shows a daily shows you know hear more from me. At least once a week where you sit down and talk about things by. And try to settle problems but it's not. Do being overbearing and being in people's ear every minute of the day I don't I don't think that's productive I don't think that. Helps the amount of trust that you Gilman which you do have to be Abbott still despite that I mean we're still do as the amount of trust really that he has to have. I can do man. Because you're trusting people. This microphone thousands and thousands of people thousands of dollars on the line there's some legalities on the line there's all of us ought to be very lightly as on the line to everybody in the back room. Little nervous yeah I think so episode ended Albert where I learned that Tom Parker does have. Align edged jewel. Does evidence to themselves little bit that the agreement are because of employment agreement was for almost often I was nervous and he's like that it didn't agree. No and he and he read it he read it very well and he knew what now is all about so he's just happy at all doll fifty site. And the line is if you wanna walk the walk. And I'm like never said that no. And so that we if you need to walk walker via if you can't wait then Walker's someone. Yeah to Stuart. I was just testing. I was. Well everybody does I definitely property does that their own way and they see which are gonna but I preferred you know actions. Over words in most cases and you know I just wanted to do trust that's and since then it was like. I don't even worry about a story about a dog didn't mind I'm not worried about and over almost ten years I think the track record would show them. I only speak to people one. While I mean my ire was I only speak. Strongly to people when. Did the need arises out and you always have a pretty long fuse. BI and it was. I'd do it as precedent fuse has exists. It's pretty well. Yes and as it turned out I didn't have anything to worry about nonexistent tickets yet and you know so now everything and your good to yourself here so so and and the Sparky transition overdue young bill here. Who and just a little girl over here that's why that's via this is now and you think oh there you forget bounce and this argument that the yeah. That's about it. The timid Sparky Ron had a nice little pay day but with everything else changed changes in the air. And we've made I think a really nice transition Tom my ego says. I agree you know it's and entertaining program has and always has Brandon and you make sure that it you know you work hard Tim I'd like to commend you for your. Focus in your your belief in in what you do violence. You know it's good that you don't rest on your laurels and and just think that you know there are you just opponent and you work very hard every day. Every game tuned to make sure your you've got something interesting something different something new. To poke the audience west you know engage them keep keep it exciting and you know your optimism is contagious. With this team. So aren't good time to ask for raised its. I think you've gotten those anti tax. Yeah I'm good our side everything is fine. I airports pocket. Yeah. Immediately obviously likes food in and so I concede that hot I. Maybe maybe he's stricken quietly jocular little bit was immediately. It. But Tom Parker program director at the a fan in Milwaukee we appreciate it to known as well that's a nice added little surprise gesture this was not planned not at all. So we appreciate that you are you glad you or by going there again. And I think you have to we have dinner wait and we'll see no good news waiting but the the dog is. 606. Mr. woods you know that's true you go you better take off we get some things but not here is legally give me. Dog. Off my wife I've. Dog or. I think weren't. I feel horrible with my dogs at home and owns there's a lot of power for a dinner so I'm fine you know that I've recount over the dogs mean home along. Like stupid recount that are from its. Healthy felt OK everything UB five I don't think he's just a little bit cleaner like no you get a spot by. Which Gary Ellis and taught me about that now. Oh Timmy you need us ot bot. Like what panels that is I guess that spot for a stains out so it puzzles raised. Does. This mean we don't really we can we could we could use that houses traders studio. Other producers studio to. It got away that we got and we do we about hygiene and rule book somewhere around here you know sloppiness. That she had a session every day kidney. Well swat SG you don't give me a fifty minute. Segment area some horrible and put that gap which you don't smell like smell like just. I mean he appreciated if you fart okay fine swell as the sub missing dates that if I don't smell like you don't like smell. Like that hygiene smell like. Occasionally well maybe more and occasionally a couple people we want is the. Believe in the waste basket and Morgan that's part of IP it might be personal hygiene and guys. Bring it up a notch and clean it up wipe it out. Shower but we do tonight Zia the owner's shower the deodorant. Jones or. OK so we got the edicts and from it is we've talked about this on the podcast you're times when I also think somebody you know. Crushes a couple of Jersey Mike's subs. In an afternoon Jeff and I. And in the rappers go into it with onions and in the rappers going to cannons upper Ellis ultimately people only come Monday Wednesday and Friday. So if you're not you know close to those times. And some Cicero for 24 hours who TV so does that mean or move in the racing showed a lot of tactics. Clinic. And we got a hundred or maybe you're gonna committee is. Eight. And when Rummy got caught on non now in house Cameron do in two mountains and just saw no naughty dish worker whatever who's doing during this. That was amazing. That. I would do more of that. Because I. That made me change my ways to an ability of interest rules on legend of the bridge that's. Eyes if it's my coffee cup I walk right in there I rinsed out open up the dishwasher in a goes like clothes and move on my merry who weld on duty to shoot I know but how does it. Just met that. Get the browse for a golf cart before how many years did I go with the with a get a couple of coffee in the mug just stay in there in the studio calories at every model like this show and they refined like three or four coffee mugs are probably your mind off your manner that probably mind it's not anymore and all of her home because saint reason Ottawa CAD at stuff now he's the last six things it. Break I think a lot of places of employment goes through this new. I don't think I mean who went. You know people go to work every day and then some steals or sandwich out of the reds and make a mess and there are now that's how they don't when he worked during the day. The kitchen problems here are not unique to people's plans to the hygiene issues only reason why it makes good conversation because people can relate to yeah. Like you know yes sandwiched you learn in our office team we are much. If it hit me as you know. I've. But the other thing was and I wasn't here for a don't think it was the Clemens stealing the Pepsi out of the refrigerator. You heard about it. I wanted to sales guidance sent out an email blast. Or else it's all walking users Clemens went back to Yemen says here's a dollar for your perhaps. A lot of people went back to him. I replaced his crescent. For obsolete because apparently. God that was it a bit guilty all the guilty party apparently there was more than one guilty parties that have been sealed the bodies so the or musicals were cheesy yeah. Meanwhile. Yeah I I heard that story have bad days and become dollar and weird way. So I heard a story the other day about the staff someone who brought in a sandwich. Put it on the on the countertop in the studio. When did get a little they went to give himself persona he's gonna come back. Always sit now all of this yet not been doing and realize. So hole. Keiko is he sets and I get a consensus analyst Johnny just bought the damn sandwich it was warm from the place it was heated toasted summer when our. Goes to get a Sony here in the break room when he comes back Clemens is in this. Hit the booed eating that sandal acts are. And I'm like I'm missing something of the story and I'm missing something it's you know an opportunity. They'll let us open a good opportunity. To meet Qaeda chairmanships and yeah look he's just eaten assailants like. What on earth that radio battery annually through in the place is going to be eaten he's our radio friend. Is our radio front. We we touch on the big show we've touched on a little bit of the mid day yum executive producer board up. Extraordinaire. And now we just real quick Barton jock and and they seem to be get along better they'd. I'm not here and them fighting on the arrow and that was good so who is a good things I'm usually in their spirit a credit crew had no not at all you don't want any effort I'm gonna say. You don't want me near those guys I mean honestly because hi all I'm always start ship with them always not me against them. It's between those two and and I felt bad so easy but no I felt bad the one time does it really got Colin. Nice I think I even said Utah I'm like wow man just. Maybe I disagree broker Morgan true yeah with the and it really sounds like lol. So I have themselves very talented individuals very you have big time our money I have decide digital recorder here more people. That was thing that off the air while they were fighting me on an accelerated accidentally the record got Brussels and I didn't merit tiger I listen to it and I've felt so bad that I started this. I think you are you you miner then just use our habits you really had a clue me did you hear. Now I don't think I played in anyone but but the wife at home. Think that was probably go and surreptitious recordings I thought you don't want I'm just gonna definitely does yeah has given you because I wasn't part of the conversation. So I just deleted and and illegal. What you would have loved to move her just for entertainment purposes only. If you culture I don't hear bill office. Shocked Freeman. Why do we miss anyone know I think we're gonna agree got a Mets general home yeah we'll let our crowd had a tire go. Up. I'm waiting for them dead just fire back announcement. Tonight that it's common I noticed. That's going to be a challenge themselves. Mike come from him. Again I guess does someone else is podcasts after less like a again and I forty minutes we might be years. I don't want to you know twister arms or anything but I think that little. Continued cross pollination. It's hard you know let's Auburn Hills coming here and take a wacky viewer Tim. Who we have Joseph Lynn might be fun Joseph do podcasts of Billy. Chair or Joseph new podcast with me up now you know I think Joseph likes you more in that would be okay smoother. Yeah yeah elsewhere bargain scenario off. And I'll bring Joseph in Dallas extend the offer to go through OK if I'm so. I think you know the most important thing is to in this business. And I've seen a lot of things go selves in my career of doing this little while fun and you know when people lose their sense of humor. That's. When it's harder for him back then and I just you know I'm just saying I think that's. Probably some in life to its knees and does bounces radio life right there's it's hard people have egos and you know people have you know. A personal things that they. Feel strongly about it and in house but keeps keep it light and he for fun you know for people to an end if you're not having fun not doing right now. Smile Milwaukee and yeah. I don't think I would say yeah guidance as I guess I would like. Out patient says I can't say I can't stops I would take him without saying I've been doing that since 06 that and ending the show this came way. In some Bruce and I signature but he adds up when I add that some say in some respects there was targets opera but I just I just equipment. It's fun. All right Billy that's your world airports. Gonna wind a wind posters tributes when he eighteen championship season series good result for twelve. In my thirtieth year thirteen times the germ lucky this kid who played gay could happen. Not fellas I'd see some pretty Tom Parker house fire fearless leader yeah out now we can break down that. Fact. Oh okay. Yeah I think we can count on scale heaved. We ship stopped sweating. Fisher. Cool he's see that I'm telling them dudes gotta cool and really cool nature has really cool. He does though I have to weed through the angered it's you know for sure there's plenty of shots that you throw around this place in a lot of different. Angles conversations I wanna be have a I can promise you everybody on our staff is analysts. That's for sure. I would bigger spike in ratings if if if my boss appeared on someone else's show or podcast. I'm listening and every second. We have about forty minutes the only dead. Wow okay. Well that's gonna do over Timmons house in the morning I'm a gasket spiritual topic that you feel like and now we're just good luck somebody you get on the field not better than what we just we know we're gonna get we're gonna may. Even touching on that on our show red may may be in the podcast next week but. Tim in taos in the morning podcast number 23 in the books in you go to the radio dot com map as stories subscribe to the streets subscribe to it also I iTunes. Can subscribe their tenant house in the morning. Favorite bet on the radio lead outside comment and give us it was a rating. Five stars and over drive it and I mean sometimes people will just throw the (%expletive) out there. I guess they're called vultures right. All right in social yes yeah trolls sorry Charles caller I. I think people do rely on ratings and if we saw okay fine if it's an honest if it's an honest critique. I mean I get it that I'm new at this avenue and radio thirty plus years. But I'm new at this this part of and you're just didn't go on so by the time here in this business thirty years you should be Killen podcast this all the street main Stan yeah for sure. So this is fairly new but dad don't sound don't just troll it mean if it's if it's socks. I now find. I have no problem what happened not just. Say it sucks just to get a reaction. Because I think that's what a lot of people do on Twitter just thrown out there get a reaction. Without any substance to it so radio dot com you. Go to the favorite just wanna add to favorite Timmons house in the morning podcast. An iTunes as well you know is Regis whoa what email thing we wanna go. Use your monthly bill Schmidt radio dot. Gmail.com he had any suggestions anything and the offer up a lot of stuff we did have a love to hear from a listener of the podcast from Denver. Yes John John in Denver said that he would be I get to know site mess and just hang out with us duties in consideration if you guys wanna jump aboard. I would set our boss and an Alley can be out there so maybe maybe that will be one of the ones that Tom's talking about you're gone beyond remote. In Denver yeah. All star break maybe under a month away can't way won him. Remain. You know what they say about Denver right. I guzzle CMX and yet there it is you Tim and doesn't morning podcast when he three.