Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 24

Tim Allen
Monday, June 25th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill Schmid get to know Brewers bench coach Pat Murphy!

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Our boys and girls podcasts Tim and towels in the morning podcast number 25. Pitcher point four yeah. Pocket who cares that Tim now there's a new one each week that's all you need to know about baby taas bills read and you're not feeling well that day. No I've felt better I can tell you that much but you know over or hang in through as they as they tell the kids. And in dare he's got to hang tough. And that's what we're doing today. So how many drinks. Now about an hour ago there I was like it even I wish I could even tell you I don't OK so it's what I think went out of a booze cruise. Out on the river and found out it was it was awesome because it was like. As we walked in our body who booked the whole trip puts his hand in my shoulder to say guys so so the so when you get up there grabbed two. Well this is all you can drink I thought I was getting like. One coupon and that was an idiot for the whole that's actually good deal so ninety minutes roughly now about ninety minute of thirty box and Oca about twelve baht two minutes later. As so we started out twelve yeah and then. Found our way overdue a couple of different bars and whatever happened in there I wish I could tell you know any revenue while. Like I said I think are just huge run carrier really remember. Hi just. I don't get how you lose hours of your life. I I get drawn out I got hammered on just that here's the question quick Veras there's were you there last night jazz. Are you not that. Old. Arm. Who were there all yeah I'm on I've I was there I was I was on the Dantzler. It was a weird red light blue. And ice and rain arable rent a went and met up with a friend of mine. Who was there with his fiancee and her friends and ample his friends. And apparently there's like they've got this new thing Reese in the wheel apparently he got his tapped in carefully. Yeah really did you know not me not not really my buddy antibody is names. And and there and I just see this. Big dude in the middle dance floor of the big pony tail just. Jamming out Mike no doubt are built like no life in ways that Billy and he's there with two drinks and it's and stops in the leg simulate you saw ghosts. And that he did no rule was they came close and he saw means. So you don't remember that. You I'm glad they didn't like Andy's got to deal or anything like that gets you would have not been able to handle it. Guam just by looking at all over here we are telling stories goes and you witness. Mean I saw you. I I get (%expletive) up you know that right but always kind of know what's going on don't yeah I knew my name was. Mean it's not like I get so drunk that I was did you see himself as marked culture there. Drink across the bar or anything like that I was interest I'm Dominique Strauss that when you get hammered you know to anything stupid. I'm an retirement system and trust that I appreciate you trusting it just would you go out experience that the thought that's him it's out in the morning podcaster shed some light on the ads every the odds as the a couple of minutes you know no Christian jazz calls. Yeah. So. You're the one on the staff that just doesn't show war. OK after running so bad off. The first one I missed completely forgot about it and second one I was up an Appleton. Visiting a friend for his birthday we had dinner we initial state dinner. But after that we went out about outlets now in the state nortel's knowing full well yet to work the next up not in the morning got up got some breakfast. On went to deals to arm irony TO. And he's got a flat tire. Like a cable. The spare I was there on and go be getting all his spare slapped. So hot how we gonna get homes on figured out to you I am trying to call somebody call my dad my dad finally answers. In my damn my Dallas finally on his way out of these the only two times that you skipped. You gotta be honest that's result which you're shifts that I missed and those are in the last few shifts I've missed you reap what you see all I have not I mean that's it's. Enacted I'm not happy about all (%expletive) And I say that is of pretty talk and his story. To see if if that is a higher percentage rules I have I have reliable resources. You can call my friends I did either because it tells how was that the spare flat. I had each written and I know I've nor thought I know. I asked the same thing and is excusable global. But it was it was it was there a beautiful area better yet what is your bosses. And should happen you didn't talk to it and say anything to them sent sent my boss it's taxed enough. I'm sure. Yeah Brock. Is at. You must be very valuable. Because. Your you'd need just step up our needs to be a model citizen from this point for help this team involved. What team are talking about myself and have them a fantastic I thought you meant like one team one dream I thought human team as in going out like spread the laws sped the alcohol team known I don't know and I don't know why we're having this is dollars is serious I think I did enough of that last network club of two. And the place so but in terms of working well together and a good positive attitude and essence of mass here and there aren't at a bar in part you as a part Parker would say when you struggle. Did you figure him fired. I mean I don't see I mean he won. It was in the back mines like this I just heard it like that there's there's really no excuse for it I would have expected to be fired yeah. Not from here and it just east expect that attacks from offs some sort of that's I love working here applications are destructive flooding is to. Really. Show what were you wannabe then we we. Have Christian jaskol ski get to know he's one of our colleagues there's I mean there's written on dream gig generated dreamed. That I mean I will. My experience was seals for retail management for three years in men's girls which isn't on job it. Is it was stake wasn't moving 101000. Continuing to him. To move forward sounds like your moved back its own words it's dream job. Right now or we might dream job dream job and in radio dream job in radio would be would would to be some sort of our producer. Doing behind the scenes with whether it's on doing youthful time here and I'm OK with something like fox sports are shadowed our own little brother and broadcast NGOs and so can I he has actually been helped meal allotment updates odd coming in. On with your updates that no more time producer forget about those are all at Purdue ya well Joseph okay. For just just in terms of executive producer. No I haven't gotten much much experience actually chat I would you know Joseph. Who have a dozen a dozen great job does. And I am not line it really does is not her stuff and you know. Some people have different differing opinion right. But subjective yes but I would I would lead he'd oxides and atrocities it's it's has the NBC you never worked with Joseph at all. On. And the only work that I've gotten in the only it played against shadowing your experience or practice I've received as little bit from. Verbal friendly atmosphere out here and there and then. And for that you know now it's not a 100% actually. I mean you mean and am on. Another experience that I've gotten is with with Jules. On with my networking might tune updates is nobody's no we shall meet on. How to break it down and not tomorrow. Ours here at -- news or get a get the asking throw op and are we (%expletive) Via honor god. Yeah of water. I know you got it over there are right here Chris senior all right if he throws an illustration appreciated. Yes I am wrong I found. No no not soccer now though that was that you're all done things and appreciate. I appreciate. Consultant coming up we will get to know brewers bench coach pat Murphy who set down all of us. Earlier this week and we had a nice chat with pat Murphy so we'll talk about that. Heard here is interesting because we that we are trying to do a little bit digging a little bit a diving. Yeah I wouldn't buy he's a veteran yet you wouldn't. You've winning by new ideas are trying to get some dirt on some things in that well you hear that it's nice friendly conversation with him. That not much drama. At the fan radio station on a real lucky this week although we did have you guys do and a hell of a job you and or bot stepped in on the NBA draft show. Saying he'll appreciate yeah it was fun. Spark unit of called off sect. All day and it was it was a wild run it took a lot of team members spark came around an extra three hours of Rami and they were out of Q club and or by lights went out there might Maxi was down there and then you even came to Vermont so big time yeah I thought it was a team effort to fill in for Sparky who had that like an eighteen hour flu may have the flu. About eighteen hours there because he was back to work the next day. Do in the big show the afternoon program and he then was digging. Bush is out of the front yard lets our beds so he was and then over the weekend he went to some festival somewhere at Sul edged and so. You know I'm glad he T stepped up man he stepped up that next day. And got it done that Friday and so there is trooper yeah sure right through that thing. So okay it was wild one when you walked into the Ramona and I said at 11 we are out there all the women in the place just. Who is that and in the sheets. Yeah. All of bulls it yes I think that would be really simulate yes youngest. Oldest guy out there. I would agree with that the youngest to oldest dude there the youngest old guy bright. Well we'll stay with that that that's not such a bad reputation. As a good reputation half. Over the past weaker so there's been a piece audio getting some love and play loved by eight well us evil guys right. I had people in the world and yes well watching people fight if as. So that the long time listeners of of my radio shows over the year go back a long long time one of the most fascinating and in interesting and entertaining things is to. Check out the use sports parents in the stands at just how I don't know why. I'm crossing my fingers every game that I went to with my son Eunice thank. That there would be some issues and in the stands I don't know why I wish that but I did as you're sick mother (%expletive) that's why I was. And and I don't want anyone getting herder or anything was just is so entertains the good Jabber too yeah it's is so entertaining because you give people control your (%expletive) emotions please it's eight. Now on this case it was 812 year old or twelve view I think. Girl's softball tournament and and this thing got re easy gets wild the yeah will place some of the audio is really not much you can understand in the audio. But this is what went on against ambling. At act until you need of greater it's fifty seconds of this. Autos and yeah. Good girlfriends my husband smooth the lions zero to us open. Yeah. All everything. At its Brian bellows wild. I had my fair share of that. Now I couldn't zealots the people that were crying of those hurt the athletes serve those were the parents are there might be like I was a twelve year old kid. And my dad is over here fight some random dude. A lot of your man c'mon yeah I I would. I think I don't quite cute there my son would be appalled he would kill you. We've had a tournaments over the years that someone's hauled away in handcuffs. Okay there's been pretty decent amount of infidelity. All oh yeah. During the tournament over the Delhi go lot of town you know tell room and powerful this themselves loose a little miffed. At itself. As hot tubs and elsewhere loosen up with a swimming pools and extra hotel rooms behind your wife's back. Now we get one just on the top floors of the yeah and then you buy it one of the other married moms. I just one earthquake six nobody rocks no scratches in know A keys I don't know if this is on the air yet but I've always had this idea by the past 1015 years to have a reality show that follows around. A a travel team regardless of what's sported as soon to be any soccer team and a matter. But all the stuff on the sidelines of periphery with the parents and the speculators and and then. But not the game forget about the game the game the kids are doing their thing what I want is that reality cameras. In the lounge. Right to the kids go to bed you want security footage is what you want we do and I was while someone to follow around the of the dads and moms you know our buddy Tony we go right to she. That amount of that notes. Due to con (%expletive) him it was so when out of a strip joint Lexington Kentucky. They have served clubs in Lexington Kentucky Willard did you know every corner just about. All right how many combined teeth right across the street from the hotel room as the strip joint. I mean. It right across the parking. Lots is even across the street. So he didn't realize allegedly that you need to pay for lap dances so each song is. Whenever once coney box okay. They do get hit it I know they do native. But he'd sat through you know. 7810. Songs and then when he tried to leave big bounce or dude says you know like 175 bucks. It's so. That didn't turn out well I can only imagine he thought that she was taken out onto his wife golf course of course. His wife did catch wind of his jaunt to the strip joint this is supposed to be I'm going down the street to the 7-Eleven get the twelve pack. But it turned out of three hours on the strip joint. She finds out she's ready to divorce him this is all that I use sports tournament loved it loved it. That's Austin. Now is this the same spots that we met on our way to Vegas yes still together. These hold things together you know you get it all right nice irons are nice girl this this next. A piece of audio here is from our visit out to Miller Park earlier this week and bench coach pat Murphy and Billy nice sat down and nice chat you'll see that I'm trying to dig stuff a lot of them Billy we're trying to dig stuff about anything we can and in the guy coach at Notre Dame and Arizona State's. Coached a bunch of college kids they get hammered at all right we we were trying to get some story out of them Craig Counsell played form so guard played forum I mean. Damn near a third of the league probably played for Mac guys so we are trying to get a good story at least one time via. And ledges he's smarter than he looks now at that but. Educational I think for those that have kids there are I'm in the there's no letter here for sure it's good stuff enjoy it will talked afterwards. I'd Simmons house it is that he gets a no segment of the podcast Simmons house in the morning podcasts adverse events coach pat Murphy and now we appreciate the time for sure and end thank you guys gotta be. Freaking out here are no odious stayed steady she goes here after 45 and thirty. Well I'll tell you Rea we still see a lot of room for improvement and another front office Craig here are working diligently every day in and in. Working on those things we don't look at ourselves as yeah. Top team necessarily just look at it sells a work in progress and keep getting better and Kiefer has found. That one last night that's exciting. He's editor in the pace at some point that you have to go instantly you'll never forget it that's for sure because it was it was legendary but. It felt like playoff baseball last night and I am not super experience Mason playoff baseball. Should certainly felt like that type atmosphere and that we discuss them. Keep going and use that momentum and keep going and it's hard because there's a lot of good players on his side. No matter who plan and I think that I think the guys realize like hey this could be especially here. And had. Being where you've been in place and not a lot of experienced Major League playoff baseball and owns college play. Seriously and name. And how are yours. Sit alongside the guys quit yet before yet. And counseling are you calling in ever down just like at some point he's used got to explain it ends tomorrow. You know you know what's interesting about counts he doesn't get out of control ever seen in this dust Hamas heed and at the he gets I include. For externally yes he did seek the that you got accused. The but he he stays pretty level headed and he he really excellent speech he really does. He pays attention to what he needs to his ego was so check it on the day. Really the greatness that he has displayed this is a lot do that as Eagles check. And now he comes to work days for a slate. He's he's it's really impressive to watch him. We we go through a lot of close games ago and you know a lot of lot of these fans and on line isn't council on team oriented that you got to play for the Ryan and here I got answers we got answers so what do you say to the fans when you guys as the brain trust is sitting right here we're out right now in the dugout. And you know it it can be a city situation it you know heads are spinning in every direction. And I gotta say Willie didn't bunt because. Yeah I think it I think you gotta know your team is to know your team got to know who's Bunning who's behind them. What they have in the bullpen with the game situation dictates. World where our bullpen is horrible relief pitching is it's time and I think that you know. It's pretty consistent. There's not a lot of debate over whether we're about. For starter hit it and its. And as we've won without and I think that I think this. You don't ever put a guy's position to do some cities now prepared to do. But it doesn't wanna do or that it doesn't coincide with the kind of philosophy of how we've won so I think it's been pretty consistent start times for me distressed for. Yeah well let me let me just ask you this is it is there anything to this that first vote in the game is changing a little that but but secondly. And my son and I were talking about this and you've coached college it big time power fives in the whole deal. These kids come on a high school the middle of the order guys they're never really asked the bonds. And then they get in the college in the middle order guys there might and it they they might and then at some might and now they get here is that why these. These players vote can't I think. I think it's more about. It's it's more about the game. It's hard to give away one of those 47 counts you know in the game doesn't call for very often in the National League game calls for with the pitchers. But for position players. Do you look Carolina today every guy alive today can leave the yard. You just say I don't wanna give up an hour for a chance to leave the yard and I know those percentages are different. But when you hit a three run homer of the percentages of winning game are pretty high just do those numbers. And I'll say in the second question what's not important it's got to be part of your your arsenal. But in our case with a hard construction of our roster it's not a huge part of us. They really were talking with a camera video bench goes for the groups like argues that can be yards is that it twice last night and it puts shifts. The first one you at all. Could heated up right off the back nine. And parks and out of left field bullpen and then shows the opposite field power off into the rightful. Walking. That's I mean that the person actually history games abroad and no hitters and broke up after the sixth with him with a homer. And then that same player walked off with a home I think this first family history. The guy's name yeah. But just that he did say this if it is that I heard this morning it is it. If it is that's pretty special to be part of game. You know raises got a great story you know that's that's what makes me baseball's top. Loses again it was counted out from lot of his career got it couldn't couldn't do it. And now he's proven he can't. Apparently he's easy getting coach shows up every day rate ago works his tail off and couldn't the team is happy for. Yeah I mean the city's. Love what you. 820 tortures and start popping up all over the place I think so. I think so it's well deserved the guys paid his dues. Specialists that I got to put away my panel levee Jersey view Edwards point four. But gentle man never happens this year it. Pat look let me just ask you this how often do you and and Craig disagree because that's cool thing about baseball it's what what I make Lebanon is. There's debates and yet if there were debates and I when video when we work. You know since we since we. We've been around each other so much yeah. Even you know sure he plays for me for four years recruiting process and then after that lived in Arizona. And our families know each other really well we stayed in contact phone conversations. Mean that would be in take a year off we just we always just contact and kept our baseball conversation going so where it all that being said. We disagreed. Probably every twenty minutes. That's the dude yeah he's good at that it is it really is now a days though here sometimes he doesn't even ask me because he knows I'm Marty. Yeah but he knows I'm disagree on what. So just how does this look like. I don't care what you think this could slip it right well and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Then when it worked would have worked to your word you're gonna give me I don't know I don't know there's no score keeping our good relationship no we just know that we disagree. Often most times we disagree if you bring up the subject. On something. He's gonna have one view and I'm definitely. What do you. Recommend obvious former. College coach would you recommend some of these younger kids and families that are out there watching a lot of that. College World Series and they want their kids the kids are pretty good travels in high school scene what he recommends yeah. I recommend being part of it don't try to control it. You part of this beautiful game the greatest thing about the game as we all don't see here and amazingly dug out. It's about people. And just don't try to control need to game halfway you're gonna have success of that failure and a joyous days. He shouldn't have to have too many disappointments this game's a game. With a lot of failure result wise but it doesn't have to be failure embedded in life it's just. It's just temporary. And it gives us a great opportunity in life is a very hopeful game and I think that that's what takeaways that. Families you know just love your kids right away love and discipline that order and just keep. Keep chugging along and enjoy the experience for us. Not everybody gets that the fairy tale ending and sometimes a very good timing is that what you can get this and a episodes ago. All matter perspective I think just stay hopeful and they enjoy it. Just give them your kids because that's what it's about parroting something that's an underrated. Oh big time and the kids are gonna love the game anyway now Palestinians bust a so so I have a little bit of a dark humor. So I take pride in seeing softball parents are fighting each other. In North Carolina see that video photo ID it. I didn't I tell people don't like people wanna know why not pick soccer fans first gulf. I know soccer is a great game but I never played it I was never around it. Can I make fun of it Collins no fault athletics because when you're right. When you're 6789. You know parents go to those games. They bring their umbrellas and they bring their standard drinks with umbrellas in them days they're relaxed nobody's been of the kids had the ball for three hours nobody wins. Know you're still around. Like he's just fly in Iraq that you kid kicks the ball twice and that I didn't John. Dickinson. Yeah its it's fun nobody nobody's mad at anybody nobody missed a shot visiting get a shop you know the kid can't touch the ball twice. Nobody's fault no you made an error and nobody struck out no fault athletics in Paris London nobody's arguing it. How to break gave it a 00. I didn't drink my drinks for four hours and you know kids don't think that it's zero. Roberts yeah it could begin baseball you know fairness or come at a game you know armed and umpires you know have security guard. Eight year old baseball's all. It's that's the beauty of our game knows the beauty of our game we're. You don't get the sale as a young age could get him lessons it's as tough thing and it's well I think a lot of what our country built on them. I'm just proud to be part of the game that's my fourth year big leagues and learning every day and still enjoy it still have the energy force it. It's fun. Here let's go back to college a little bit now your son committed to Morgan State. It's and you've coached at the highest level in college did you coach Jeff. My son's need deepen. In a mid major do you want. How much discipline went these kids I'll party and a Friday night knowing full well that immersed bottom up at 7 AM or six day. Did you know they're out party and I was aware of some cases yes. I mean you are right in the years. So that I met a few days. The it's it's like you know there's a state she is known party school but not all there was there was so much emphasis on. Be in the best Indian program that was accountable to each other so the biggest thing for me is when kids socialized. You know you don't have to use alcohol drugs to socialize. You can hope we'll have a good time without alcohol and drugs you can you can. You can if you choose to have a beer in your page you can have a beer or whatever and do it sensibly still have a great time. If the kids wanna have a wild time they still can without vehicles that stuff which leads four choices and ice itself. Does nothing real good happens after that. I mean it's yeah a lot of yelling and screaming and pretend that there's not a whole lot good happen so I got him up early the next morning so. They understood that I am but it. Get all my while the south before midnight. But we have players take care of players if your senior player and a program and you care. You really are in it for the right reasons you don't want that freshman or sophomore get carried away that you watch over. I didn't think you're going to. You know you learn how to how to socialize the right way the kids. Shows you know always. You know he has the you let those guys police themselves. Well probably don't hear in the big leagues that I don't think you probably have us time to time. But I think what what systems I would call me and I'd say hey Johnny. It's obvious she did. Respect. The work up this morning so you. Here's we're gonna do ominous and home came back to your apartment or dorm room our house and we're gonna call you when we really need in this program what you're gonna. When we feel like we can't go any further without you. There were caught back calm and keep those home and then about three days later his dad calls. Calls. Say hi mrs. so although I don't know he's he's wonderful kid out of made a poor decision any disrespect to program and and now we're gonna you know we're gonna see when the time is that we we can't go on without them. And and don't get it and the advisor calls successful way and it needs it fast Johnny needs innings. What most fantastic. Would be great but it's still no disrespect for the program that we're not yet been finally Johnny calls. And absent Johnny are you ready to understand that this program go on without you. That you asked him to respect the programs. That they get back you know when they get back in the back of the net earned mad at me in the you get three hits in the first game of the staring at me like see. I'm laughing all the way to the. What are certain of it as if I. I expected that it that it's well we'll leave Al. Like OK let's go back you can tell we're trying to drag stuff like that you are handing it off pat Murphy your I think it would do good guy out of and I know. So it's a last night did you that you rushed the field as well. Now on the coach coaches over Nashville and hold any during that during had a little melee. I can't move that good to rush anything so. That you're not jump in the water cooler or had no no no no no but during a little melee I just. I just I know a lot of players and other team I coach a lot of players and other teams are just. Stand around so he's as nice person who. Cause I think there's he's gonna play the game right away they almost certain things in the right place. But those who's on the other side man that he they're they're citizens are rumbles out right now because of that tipping point for another year here. That's sticking point for us to lose some of every team that can Alter its all about the game today and and hold it hold together and keep your emotions intact and. This is there's not fight going on in this case. Whenever there's no we do more fight inside of me doing it. You guys are like a brotherhood mantis is pretty pretty fascinating over the years doing just that. That's just on your own team but just didn't in general baseball players. They did in all the good thing as a state. It is an individual game in a lot of ways especially at this level there's a lot of nuances. There's a lot of business and that there's a lot of business decisions that he would money. And they don't always favor. You know the player camaraderie here keeping my dad it's going to be part of the team. There's a lot of heartache right middle excitement and joy like last night Santa Domingo. Mean there's been a big part of this great dude. Smart dude and I get straight down the heart and just celebrated a believable playoff like atmosphere. When he is societal sense sending guys down this that would hit. For three years parts for. And that's really tough so yeah you you build that built that bond between John and I think most teams have it. It's it's amazing Billy and I do in the post here so that final thing Gloria and it's. It's amazing how brewers fans and and honest to a degree. Are getting an education on. A check every box baseball player and as they're rare and I'm sorry McCain and Ellis is it is just. Wildly entertaining. To see those guys play baseball and they play at the right way. And the first thing that comes to mind. As the effect they have on others. Because Ellis consistent level headed kid goes place skid had very little minor league experience stick in high school. And I don't know how many. My early games played but not me. And he's been performing at the top level of at least Anderson here and kid like Cain and he's the ultimate I called cliffhanger this kid getting pretty all the time and a beautiful. He just battles every single pitch the best single competitor. A veteran of this guy. Is unbelievable. Testament to our GM. Recognizing that it's just not about talent it's about that. Five that he brings to this team and how he affects others and he's truly leave my house goes about it and it's. He's worth every bit the month of fans complain we gave in this game that I don't care what the numbers and I think the numbers are great like usual. This guy brings so much more this guy brings so much more and you know it's the same way those are two acquisitions that you know. In my mind solidified. Poor people are making decisions and it's it's really. Really special. It it sure is and it's just it's just amazing now I still wanna get. A little Leinart we got none don't know that's OK I've I did vote on the exercise well on television. You know highest counts last week last Sunday when when we're talking about offensive line ups and by the fact that you do move came down 31 win two against right handers. Go with a left right left and Ellis came strong. And could we do it he said you guys have talked about it we could. But we look at the other team who they have to get our guys out Morrissey a lefty in there at some point. 44 you know which are for shawl for claims Lindsay left and so. Some teams don't have the access to do it you know seven. Seventh eighth and ninth inning and put those guys together and by the way. When we get down to the post season if that ever happens it is an eventful season they're gonna have to hit left handed pitching so. Our panel. Are kind of maybe one time counts and I agree. Lineup is put your best hitters. We can do the most damage. Towards the top so they hit the malls right it means stop trying to you know to strategize everything. You know obvious attempt to do it doesn't matter who they have an event without left again. Other than that which investors that actual. Murder. Always a pleasure man your injuries I appreciate you guys your attitude man and I joke you guys a lot of off the air and I. I appreciate you understand it's it's outlawed. For sure we do and you know that's the things that guards up with the media we don't know that we've we've talked about definitely do in this thirteen years. And knowing councils were for a good many years also right I think they know the process a little bit or at least median and this show with Billy I think so. So maybe could spread the word. I'll spread the word. And that could be better America. If you divide areas pat Murphy the brewers bench coach and as some interesting stuff there at that that was kind of fun but again right there's definitely some some stuff that parents want an old if your kids for a W baseball for sure because there's. Always that those guys said. Are living through the kid in in trying to make. Jimmy scholarship. Yeah one bro do you want. Yeah well in or not on the teams who get the (%expletive) and sweatpants yeah dad. Down as his whole (%expletive) travel gears set. Well as. They walk through the airport brother others Robby has swept off somewhere don't give a (%expletive) you're not on the T. Plus Ariza kind of harsh pay no not at all I think that's put it lightly. These these (%expletive) idiots they're crazy something I'm sane and I didn't see animal that's honestly FC tomorrow. Parents you know. Do what's best for your kid. It's it's a via fraction of a percentage ticket to go do Chris Bryant. And rods are those of you listening to this podcast. I mean no offense whether. You're kidding going to be a superstar in the vaguely now. I'm more right than I am wrong might eat there's a better chance that your kid plays there last sporting event competitive sporting event organized sports. At the age of fourteen than 24 probably. Now that being said I I won't refrain from having kids chase their dream I've beaten us. I for all the money I invested and in my son and all that stuff. It's just. There are they're distracted fourteen year fifteen year old boy think about that thing about that you guys as 1415 you know Arab army ally was arrested at fifteen. And it's so why wasn't that kid that was good in sports so sports is a definite distraction for sure temptation. You've got keeps shots and some bad share button at some point also teach you a lot of yourself well worth the money now that at that being said with money. So you get to walk on. Add a power five baseball school or aid division one baseball school. Yet you don't get the big scholarship baseball they can pick and split it up the way they want wanna sweated out for sure. And so they have they'll throw you a bonus to Bratton is too grand for your. For year year at. Act and college ABC but when you're sitting at a table with your Jersey on in high school in your eyes will coach sitting there in the TV cameras are there. They don't know the number figure they to see your right and there it is see I committed to Arizona State at all they see is the sign signature and that's all it means after Rwanda after one year. Of going into debt. Not playing baseball. And being completely frustrated with the situation. They come back home. To a division to three or junior college which is where they should've started on the first place. Transfer all the credits move up instead of going up moving down start low and then move up. I don't know I've seen it happen if it seemed an nightmare scenarios where these kids come out of at least a baseball Nike ad talking football these kids come out of their first year college at eight Q school and and it says you said the data was all decked out there is almost state stuff and that kid is walking around the Arizona I'll commit identity you know graduation party that Kate has a big logo of the Sun Devils on and all that good stuff yeah. So it comes at the point of where. Yeah you want to be able to show it off. But in baseball like you are saying that these rosters are so big for these college teams you don't play your Iraq a place you don't play in the get frustrated you come back and enroll at Madison college and for sure to be the same thing with football mean. Held rosters are huge and there are a lot of guys that. Never played in in a fall for your career because that's just how many guys are on team. The number one thing in my what you won't doll. That's sports dead. Well I at there's 22 folds here one is it keeps the kids out of trouble. They're not outselling Wii and they're not out break in in the cars are not Robin banks are not doing all this because there's no time to do that now. That's a cool thing a cool distraction and it's healthy to accuse and in great shape. And watched the way they sleep and what they eat all that stuff has its phenomenal through really cool and the other thing is the education. Get yourself an education and pay as little as you can for that educates pressure through sports what sports pay for that for me growing up. College wasn't. You know a goal it was an expectation. You are going to go to college and that's or your parents said Brett so you might as well do somebody in my as a make yourself some money for yes. Motorsports to come and pretty simple pretty simple pat Murphy said it was all about the kids in the love of playing and I legs and had these days about staying out of trouble. And get a free education or at least as free as you can get it but it should also like we said it's all of this comes out of the kids enjoy and again. Have to enjoy the you can't play at this long and not enjoy so that that's a given we're not saying these kids need to do this has a job or saying if you're going to enjoy this march. This gives an all out and and get a little profit off kids had to this point in particular that has called me just recently since just he is so soiled. Rotten. Hates that game. And he had so much success do in the game as a kid you know 891012141618. Years old. That's so much success of the star players and got his ride up in the papers all the time and made this you know Wisconsin state list in ranked 24 whatever the (%expletive) outside right and and he has so soil from all those good times because of his father. It's because of this can. I don't know man at it's painful to me and it's it's so tempting you'll find this out and get a kid so attempting to get wrapped up into it though. My son was the first round draft choice for the Little League you know pick a team right and I was also the first (%expletive) him pick in the park view parochial lead in fifth grade where autism. Where you're talking basketball. Yeah it basketball basketball. Wired to go pro I don't I don't clean that ship to Meyer resonate that's should be hanging on the wall. Yeah it should be it should be well didn't and now and then but there's the thing. You don't start off should do his best best ball where are part of his school he he he goes he's got a couch for. He plain (%expletive) college basketball. He's 64 and fast. United probably not highlighted outlets bets that could have been attitudes sport athlete at a junior college and as football basketball sherbet maybe maybe maybe I threw it away jumper pay a lot less for school and transfer those credits in off the associate degree transfer those in to a university somewhere. But all in all say we're talking about is getting a degree in and set yourself up that's ultimately that's what is most aboard with. And you learn so much about that and the people around you play in the sports and being teamed up. Six for adults are I had heard 6% of all high school baseball players in the country go on play college vase wow. Sounds are it's only 6% on our. He was 4% for football now think about via think about how many of you know colleges. What percentage of college baseball players want to play. Professional bass. Says the odds are stacked against you given educates we're too nice today. Way too nice this is them different and I think enlightening. Arms ominous try to be not as hung over next week yeah you are and then we maybe you'll be a little bit funny. You are hurt. You sound like it and just. Not really know it but as is I pride myself on being a performer didn't perform under pressure. Adversity. Builds character. I'm new year Adrian browser over there on the garbage can you know I really thought I was going to. Just their own we're talking jazz. There are two things that made me throw up. And one of homeless in very very. What was the other problem. That other so that's on the air yeah that's got to get podcast poll. Yes yes I think I think. It would flirt with disaster OK and we just had her boss and your last weeks a year and Ian joy indeed enjoys it all right we will give it we will get to know. One do you guys still sifting through some options get to know segment and one of our podcasts listen and world word sifted through some ideas of what we're gonna do. In the gets a note Tim Allen bill Schmidt segment. I don't know fight should be there or not. I'm bringing up the idea that I wanna set it up like as a roast. I don't want the ropes and we bring in like three guys got to know it's not a re post but I'll leave a year if it's a row to me. I. Have a great week we will talk to again cement outs in the morning podcast next Monday.