Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 25

Tim Allen
Tuesday, July 3rd
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill Schmid "Baby Tausch" have all the details on what is next for everyone's favorite radio collaboration... Post Game meets the Big Show!

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A typical of that. Hey David don't want to and the Obama opponent ran dad. Little David owners say you know. At a but the president of day. I was saying the other and I was up properties saying yeah that's what I was the guys that I don't know I dropped about it. It's not bad though it's not too bad it's not a bad song I think it's all right news attack that has grabbed that that smacked. All of them. Taste that Cynthia out. How would you say is that past now you wouldn't know OK guys students out in the morning podcast number 25. Where's the check four check. Yet church here in your new role in a world. Ought to Noah didn't ball I'm either but then he started saying in so I figured that this is part of the podcast is a rap song that I dreamt about. Okay okay. Colonel well as he's RT five fruit and I didn't hear about anywhere yeah haven't c'mon you know any other way he flew as a candidate there and then. This neighborhood as soon as he sees us doing the podcasts it's like. Don't moments yup. Out so like I. Had a dream about a rap song. And and I can finally take my advice and don't after your rap. Career known not at all hey coming up on the podcast tournament house in the morning podcast when he. When reports on five on and I think it's 1 o'clock and six. No it's definitely not that know a guy yeah I I don't know exactly which wanted to finally knocked ominously Tony for a so I woke up and I aid often times you'll dream of song I think a lot of musicians do. And then they gotta do it scroll down what they dropped about your record some real way this one's easy to remember so it's this site. Hey baby gonna grab that adds I am out donor Shea Joseph last hey baby don't smack Leo Lance. And that's all I got and I just keep adding to right. Not a good one we have let's get hooked sows so every single verse will then come back to do a baby Gillis of Baghdad right drive right yeah. A beta units or is that as well I don't know about that I'll get silica so odd coming up on the podcast today their. Are some movements with mum post game meets the big show. Yes we do brewers post game and our afternoon show is called the big show and we intertwine the two armed brewers day games and mean I don't know we'll talk about Zach coming up and abet. It is summertime. By the way there's been some personnel changes here at the radio station some. Some people have exited bets. We wish them well. We emails yes and yes sir on the trigger reverse bigger and better things chair not just on our station but two about the building has been another. Movement if you well I'll and one of on the other stations. A new one. Well not a new one OK but still that that was gonna say the early weeks that those three weeks ago the idea I've figured I'd throw it and I think you're just tell me some nukes you you're you're a little bit earlier and I was that make you a little nervous that there are some personnel changes I'm always sweating so. To deal oil that that's radio but in this career in this job. I I feel. Bad if if they would not want me. To believe that I can be fired anytime somebody's better at doing my job than than me and an event then you should be yet and I should be replaced via. Especially if it doesn't cost any additional money. Right exactly so there were personnel changes and to again. We was somewhat. Summers here. The brewers in the heat of big time pennant race. And that's so we do would just catch up on that and he wanted to just say this about the brewers can you can you know manage your roster a little bit better DL stance. And for relying on Aron Welker send Mike sugar or ski in these types of fellas yeah. So you would have rather had made or popular lots and I I doubt this is. I guess just that's your other option that's what you guy grabbed the wheel and hang on for sure they're better off to have the injuries and some issues now. Here in early July then you know mid September. So there's recovery time. LeBron James. The dudes like the king right then came James. Opens up the east Ferraro and yard dash. I love him going to LA. They went 35 games last year. What are they when this coming season. And 35 was a nine game hike from the year before. And they've been bad for a while I just wonder. About the the ball down. What's the name Lavar live arm off I I can't wait. But they're gonna go out the best part is though. Look the only guided to say I don't give a (%expletive) about this students shot on everybody else wants to give the Judith I have. If I don't then what does he care. Eat your chair Paul Watson Zack and matter especially now that brought Raj on Rondo Tim Raja Rondo if anybody is going to. Toughen up miles a ball and make sure that he's ready for for anything that he's gonna here in the league. Russia Rondo and training camp in every single practice is gonna be in that dudes year. Sure and all day and now. If anybody's gonna get a picture of it's going to be routes are around us I think that that situation is going to be awesome I didn't realize that LeBron has a couple of houses and Allen and yet these big. Is this guy to. It's a great move for him to. Late your career why would you not like he'll move out now way hundred and if 1000053 million dollars its life loves LA is kids are gonna go out there chips just. Yeah about a lottery ticket today because of LeBron best artists the 150 million Cole Hamels. Hole. Off the. Him. Caught me at them real bad. I've struck it next to the electorate I'll all right bags of the electronics I don't know if there's I don't know if there's the security camera in this room and phone thing that would have enabled technique that would come wow awesome that would then well it would not I have to also. For real an event. Easier legal smacking about it throughout be well legal bucket I thought about bill on the ground. For viewers Brad Nelson got I don't don't blame my own loses all over the board via that would have been cool. Could you would've been so much trouble so it's lucky for both. Yeah I didn't. But it relies city lived out there. And that is now. Sort of doubts in his home base at that we Somalia they Cleveland took down that big banner billboard and their taking him down. Elected to the when he voltage drive south for insomnia up. It's what ever I eased but I was listening to some Cleveland Sports Radio this morning radio dot com have. You're probably listening to this podcast or on iTunes where you're in Portland. If you listen to the fan the radio dot com have only place to listen to associate usually got a son tune in nine mile means to weasel hammered down though. I mean I know they say in Cleveland fest oh no they were all just praise and loved him because and then I was listening to the dude last night turned Harmon who's out who's on the fan. On Sunday night he does the night show on CBS Sports Radio nationally and he was talking about and I just wanted to hear his morning show that he doesn't Cleveland. And he was just saying no I I can't fault do I can't be mad at him because he brought it by game and a championship. To me that I never thought would happen yet and with with the way that the league has gone. And here you're here to announce who wants LeBron goes to LAE coli is gonna go or whoever else is gonna go. It's such as and a die a dominant. Superstar leak that if you don't have the one dude that will safer for sure. You're screwed. But doesn't mean now the NBA title game is actually the Western Conference finals are much. And that's apartment that. Unless the bar box can step it up a little bit of a boxer the Celtics those are very good teams Philadelphia always good but you know. The lifetime I don't I hate the sixers Toronto is good soup man I totally agree doing Casey got sister's job and now wouldn't it be the best. If so LeBron gets Dwayne Casey fired him lose eight straight games so he would get rounds of playoffs again hey have. Fed this Toronto team goes the files all the brunt of the lakers get past the warriors molest or darts finals. And eat pizza (%expletive) data again later takes and it could happen definitely gonna happen. Ahmadabad if your bad guy that Toronto all over again I have actually gotten emailed. The NBA title chances for the next NBA yeah championship. We have. Milwaukee Bucks us from Bo bottom at 1021. To win the NBA championship about just the east. I didn't get the east it has elements and value it thinks about cut in half. India that would probably be well never mind yet these are more LeBron related props and all this past and more brewers once. My chicken or the brewers are after the World Series chair. They were they started the year here they started June. At eleven to one now sixteen to one lose their own they're going down the other way championship. We got about fifteen to one to appear I believe yeah fifteen to one to gaining and don't even have to win the World Series although we want him to win. I'd so can we settle down on the NBA talk after a couple of days you know there's a little while Leah Nelson president and does it ever go right. And certain Joe's Erica yeah there's there's plenty of different chose but certain ones will never. Yeah they're gonna our season to see us Chauncey Billups firm crippling days. Chauncey Billups is up taller man officers saw announcing a boy and really handle them. It's a solid out there. Up so summer's here we are located in Milwaukee we got summer fest Kona on the brewers they keep our summer everything is you went to summer fest the other day twice scenery is scenery was good areas yes. I was not for people see me as scenery though. I did the the show for the Milwaukee admirals on the game post for the admirals that's the Minor League Hockey team and and we do a show they have ability there to show or every day it's like our show and play some hockey in place game with kids and you leave the pocket between the column and fire into the net. And so it's 85 degrees were on this lack top sport court. Bleachers all around yeah. Not a hundred degrees on the on the surface than that the thermometer right their measurement service and give me a light gray shirt. It was a it was wraps and about five minutes and yet finished the first in the dark vision producing the most relevant here the deal by the up. He's at least wedding. She's two I'll look at it. I mean that your body and shoulder pads out that my shoulders were slated through. The entire body you like on this summer fast during scorcher in hot weather because then people were less clothing. Everyone's happier moments happen everybody is happier I'm like me in my flip flops I am so much happier when I'm learned mine mine slide. Flip flops. To work. All day. Every day. I just there's something wrong with bare feet at work now I want to run around inside run around and socks so so that's better. I don't know which is better. Taken it because you will you will. Come to work in just socks I'll leave the highest leader shoes at all be out how to submit the Carlson I'm an inbred for. Wearing flip flops with with no socks to work. In I don't know about that but it's written. Is it just because my feet or so so big gross. No it's just the fact that terrorists this. Foot sweat that could just be flying around so then if I'm in my socks. Right that I soak up your foot sway. My socks when I go to take my socks off I touch your foot swept. Notified by my nail or something since. I reprisals occupied zone you're fighting your holiday oh all might trigger at all after right after I take the Sox are degrees separate and I thought that. That's now that is Rami right there that that's Aaron journal well that's a German phone yachts which he is such that we were quicker than any admits that got tortured he admits that so. But we also have. Fireworks coming up here this week and there's always night I don't mean to. Laugh at people that blow their fingers off there am OK I really don't. That's that's the view honestly I don't wanna laugh make you feel proud that I don't wanna laugh at people being stupid. But sometimes. It's like if you know. That this incendiary device. Also known as a firework. Could blow your fingers off when you take a little extra precaution. Well yeah a sober person wouldn't and it's it's the fourth of July. Weekend and expect he will be Megan. Good decisions who's the dude from the NFL the blues thing JPG yeah yeah. See how that's worked out for acts stupid. I again. I don't mean to laugh at the dismemberment part of it. Now let's funny though but the fact has kind of fought the fact that you know ahead of time that you're working with explosives. In. Then on TV heads up Beebe said. Just drink all you want out of division are much drank drink yourself to oblivion. But you got to designate one person to be the guy that's gonna light off the fireworks tonight you have instead of showing your local park which is a little bit easier by. Well I'd like to fireworks. That's yard yeah I do you like cent offer I do I do. And have over the years with with my son but. You know we sort of never gonna free roof out of that. No I want and why aren't they want someone to turn on my garage sound so bad I do I'll give the address of I was it political layup firecracker there I just don't wanna go to prison for arson and insurance embezzlement. Or else I wouldn't burn that thing down this is on the run all but if if I got a new garage on that renal it would improve the property and I probably sell. I can get like Smart business is fifteen to 18000 more for it just someone if you know where it's that now I can't condone. By end. What else we got here going on oh. We will get to the post game meets the big show we do have a personal remember that is going to Las Vegas. In about a week not for summer league and is no way I decide who else is say of fanned. Colleague of ours I think he's getting married. I'm not sure lol I think he's really I think he's going out there to get married and it's a big secret OK so because he's been bombed out that is the second time that you will be going to Vegas correct. Com. Yeah I think as UN with a one time his first time in okay. Was a (%expletive) disaster that is awful poll was at a three uniter for minor. It's I think it it was a three uniter but when that you only release. Got two of them yep well because early on pay you pay for three you were there for three. And only relief efforts. Well I need even not even that because the first night though all flights were canceled out of O'Hare was like 73 mile on our hands also were on our way to O'Hare and we get that. Take a trip. And that tax blasts that says all flights canceled a much grief out was like. This is going to be that kind of trip. And it was used much money. Why didn't like people hover around me long gam one barking don't do something just standing there watching you stand there and almost rooting against me. Bad vibe. Bad bad bad your goal we're gonna put another. Another ten dollar bill on that machine when he more since she switched. But I think he's getting married I think. So did we blow the salon that I don't know so those of you that you know now listen to the fan and you hear about a Vegas strip its congratulate him on his wedding. Yeah so political he's been a little bummed out little crabby lately and I think that's why this of fatigue and LB for a wedding it happens. I've been travel is is very very difficult. And I have to have a windows C. All right. There's the speaking of Vegas. You want you wanna pull a story up I don't know if you read the story I just accidentally ran to rise because I'm such a Vegas (%expletive) idiot that. I re read like the Vegas newspaper I do. OK I do like once a week or once a week eldest kind of tapped into the of their site and just kind of cruised through what's happen and and you know if New York, New York got a new million dollar slot Lennar whatever it adds I just that he's been in the moment having been to Vegas sixty times. Some which is sponsor us to go to Vegas go fund meet page on the cement house in the morning podcasts will do we did we should start thinking about possibly child abuse that we get good response. And got great response on our podcasts it was like the second 13 on those are very rarely order one yet we took him through a night in Vegas with us. So we're gonna go on that trip again yes and Milwaukee through a nice article definitely walking through and it's party so there's a Hartford. Wisconsin brother and sister that are recovering. A 1980. Dotson beat 310 will pick up truck look at that their dad died in. In out in the desert in Vegas. So I wanna make sure that. I thought it was insisting as it was local pluses Vegas. Yeah thanks so they would the other wanted to. Recover this car for whatever reason there are I don't know I I think I know but I'm. It didn't say that the article. Now is their deceased father's car yes Baghdad died Barca he was Leo long time blackjack dealer at the show ball. Casino. And just. He died when that particular automobile and again this is all just I'm just paraphrasing all of this have if I get some facts wrong I apologize. Of the she died in that vehicle when it blew up. What's the first thing should get what's the first thing you think of when an automobile blows up in Las Vegas when there's person in. Earth itself was I didn't start yeah yeah I think. Bob Butte thing NATO's organized crime causal fan waited someone owed someone money that's a first thing I thought of the article didn't say that though the article said that he was out. Because he had he lived in a single. Wide. Motor not motor home on what he could trailer park casting a wide set double wide use of single. There it is big thing most of self yeah bias it is rigs thing was a by his own. He's a Landon and build a house on owner's house for the first shot yeah so she was out there and I don't think he even had purchased the property matter who's in the process of doing so but he called apparently was blowing up. Joshua trees. To clear the land a little bit yeah sure so holds though open it up yeah us so he was doing these. Explosive things. And one blew up in his in his car. And blew up the garden and he wasn't found for days. Gazillion show off from work and someone finally ran across him. They'd just I know the land that yeah I thought that he was acquired our middle of the mommy doesn't. So the daughter and the sun. From Hartford. I've shortages could Google it if you wanna help those guys out and go fun read goes so there so they're bringing the car back to Hartford I don't know where they're gonna refurbish I don't know what their don't know that I honestly I don't know what they're doing it. Who read between the lines here what I think. Does this mean for interest I think that there are curious about how the man died. And maybe it's all honesty it was not what label maybe it was an accident. Maybe it was and am mime over thank you net of Obama conspiracy guy anyway. So just say if you wanna go though that story it's it's a good read but you have to read between the lines a little bit and I just thought that. Let's see middle of the desert. Car blows up. Vegas. Blackjack dealer. I don't know. What god bless some and it's called there are the families the black born. So if you wanna help them out do so on our behalf fell five box target's car and maybe there's some other than I have five bucks look who's who there's some things that. They wanna find out there about that. Are right and what else we got here OK so post game meets the big show. Yeah we gotta get that you now we deal. So there was some there's some movement on us and we've been doing this for. A year and a half now. Every it is star last year or the year before. I beat two and a half years. I was two and a half. In my day yeah. So what happens day in order him. But we do the verb post game show you would go in and then from last year after I would go in west and we wouldn't. Do our show and and it has now. Been. Just that. June adjustments to juju from her post game show. Will go on after the verdict. So when the brewers and did say they had a noon start. 1 o'clock start and it would and net you know three or four. Then united jumpin as you said and we do the show with those guys. Intertwine the two right. Yet where there and just doing the same show bunch of basketball guys doing a baseball show doing a baseball post and once football guys Gary blatantly. Yeah yeah Lester. And so. I don't think it was a seeker that none of us really liked at. The listeners listeners may have liked it because it was that uncomfortable feeling as we had our boss on. You know a couple of weeks ago on this podcast that. So now I'd. I come man. Last week sometime right and yeah it was it was a Wednesday Wednesday today that I was slightly to my shirts are fast I was that was your yup. I got men and the afternoon boys during the good baseball game they're doing their regular show and during the commercial break a step into the studio. And employ this has ago and brewers doing this that the other thing ready to rock and roll today mix at a stall kind of fired up. Because that's what I do before a show. It get excited to be entertained via the entertaining. Unlike some people. It just it. Got to do's Chicago easy money. Why is not saying here and there across the nation via go to awful broadcasting dot com. And you'll you'll see some bad brought you here that's that's a great site it's a great site for your evil side. As so RIA talked to our body sees Sparky Pfeiffer who will refuse to be honest podcast yeah I I think he was doing something and then just. Left. There's a window open I just said (%expletive) it words were doing it any he said did you talk to Tom Toms our boss and said well about what. He says about post game meets the big show. I went today. Because now just about Bos game it's big Joseph rice and now we'd we haven't talked about that. Goes no more. I thrust my arms into the air double fist and it went. Oh yeah us how to get. And he goes speeds and shakes is that he's like east. Gary did the same thing. So we've Gary Ellison was told he did the same thing that prizes visit there. As well these were all consistent. Yes we are so what will happen now moving forward for those that care. It'll be regular post game. Unless there's like an ulcer early star. Silly girl leave a less than sales in East Coast 1135. They didn't want to show Washington last year so the area but if there's a noon start now it's his regular there's 1 o'clock just a regular so we get to go into our thing I say everyone is more comfortable with that. We won't have to trying to get LeBron speak into. You know Wainwright who are Deschanel talked. And and I don't mean that in a negative way I just you know that's what they do. And they do well. Very well they talk NBA and they they do an outstanding from the same like you several football for sure we do our baseball thing. Occasionally you know I do other shows that we do football stuff mask moss up ourselves. But that was all good now as traps and stuff like that I don't think anyone's disappointed in this move. I don't know what precipitated this move I don't know how that fuse got lit to change it. I'm not sure how. Even got started. But we're here to. See the end of it we're here to see the end of it that's all that matters bodies have before. A three hour. Very happy for this and you know what it's good though because there's going to be 40000 people coming out Miller Park. I'm these day games and it's gonna be a wild two and a half three months that we're gonna see. Up well they don't have straight up here that may have. Had an issue learned that may have been one of the issues and why the decision was made. Because of the season that the brewers are having their having this great year yet you have like he's earlier in the podcast. Aired Wilkerson on the ground. US Boone Logan on the team on the forty man roster for most two and a half months. Mike Zocor ski. The polish. Hot smelly go out there pitching. Had no offenses are excel guard but Eric so dark. And no offense Orlando Garcia but RC. But there are some. Roster issues here and were waiting just just waiting every single day for Tyler salad Dino. To come back in play shortstop that dude was caught by a last place team and work. The brewers then brewer fans are are hoping and praying that he's gonna come back yeah grabbed his magic. Just it's wild that their thirteen games over 500 and and some of the guys. On the team continued it's to have some down years but it's going to be fun down the stretch here so there you go to post game meets the big show you'll see probably two of those the rest of the year employer and somewhere in there. Outside of that no name they move out we move and do our show and then boom we're done we move out they moved back him. Op occasionally they're going to be able leave. Early. I think that was part of this. Yeah that they got so used to leaving like leaving the building down for the day brochure at the award lobbying brewers day games during the week. All of the summer who doesn't wanna get on fourth or write a paid day off for our current paid half day after day for sure a paid have to I would love paid half days. Would you full pay for half day's work. They call that a rain delay and we don't get paid so yeah. Regularly the other active. Right so there you go it's next week. We are going to have a get to know we have agreements and contracts signed. With Mike Clemens. Yes as well as bill Michaels bill Michaels has agreed built by Eagles is in the middle of planning a wedding so we understand it's if Cheney will push it to after the wedding or some maybe that might be good. Because. When bill Torrey Seattle gets them some decent sores on the bill. And keep your ears open so 1057. App from the fan in Milwaukee for. Personnel member that's going to Vegas. We all go to bank which I'm almost it's almost he's going like a week yeah almost the entire staff goes about it speaks of Sparky Sparky was the Disney sure did you listen the Disney podcast we want people to go over and and take a listen of that. The world according to spark and now we won't comment and tell us tell us we I think we wanna know what her what you guys thank our all were all in to get better so if you think that there's some that we can do better on this podcast. Here at. Literally no author has spot with Alan let us know what what do we do yes. There be some vacation time there's some fill in times of bead be on the lookout here on the fan in Milwaukee that the B some fill in hosts and all that stuff for his vacation time. But we do wanna know. What you guys think of the world according to Sparky. Podcasts in just typed that in the world according to Sparky that's right here beyond the fan I'm a man scroll down you'll find that big tab. And according to Sparky we I listen to the other day that our our buddy Andy Spitzer is in that. I guess as well and K he's another and another. Are they call themselves the dizzy dorks cable wars is dorks makes sense K Boris Steve Sharkey Pfeiffer and that's Stephen. Stephen John fight for the fourth. And that's Indy Spitzer our body. But they do what Disney self and I listened to it last week. I don't know if that was the latest one but I listen the one I listened to they were comparing funnel cakes. From the state fair and Disney. OK. I know that pair of loose and say something nice yeah I know a good day in my ear could not leave they contents. My year was not to leave that wanton so what they they came to the determination. That. The funnel cakes at Disney. Were batter because it was 25%. More magic. I didn't make this up this comes straight from that podcast. Soft. Zone is that a measurable step I think it has not amount of magic this funnel cake. A. Commence with a magic. In the tunnel yet. I don't certain people do a minute funnel cake so what we want 7000 morning podcast. Sat side by side it's good listening when he's at the world the magic is in this volatile Kagan. With. Normally attacking. You're not California. Colorado. In the state of Washington wildlife safari is Laura. So we wanna know what they think come here because that just Eli and he said Alan ally that's true. There's a lot of magic. Our magic. To how wonder if there's little stands inside the Disneyland. Little. Recreational stance at all. Inside Disney. They sell bare. Just say I am oh they sell beer. They couldn't make a lot of magic in their funnel cakes there's magic in that funnel OK you can. Believe beyond that now scrubs with me a lot more pictures. I. Do feel he has a new meaning. And Disney. All right you guys have a great week we'll talk again and we'll get to know someone next week timid taos in the morning podcast second out subscribe to it. Radio dot com maps favorite this one. And go check out the world according to Sparky and let us know what you think.