Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 26

Tim Allen
Monday, July 9th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid take you to work on a long day covering the Brewers at Miller Park!

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OK boys and girls haven't house in the morning podcast Tony (%expletive) sick. This one is a fun one take. Go to different much difference domino Tim and taos take you to work podcast and not just not just one. Job because we have molten ball we'd have a lot of different. Elements to one job via we deal. We're gonna walk you through our day of work on Friday a July 6. Wish regardless had downed Miller Park in you'll get that you'll get the walks through so this open here as well more. It's about to what about 230 hour to 33 o'clock and sometimes. In in this business sometimes and live entertainment. You get just a gift from the radio gods. Rick we'd get one in this open. We do my cellphone rings during the recording of the initial segment. Timid just take it worked it podcast. And we just answer alive and Oswego is there is wreck I will explain afterwards who and what Rick is. Up but he's got my cell number obviously in any call I don't know I don't know why you give your number like that occasionally I do because I have are really occasionally I think it's now becoming more that. I think we view now I have my heart that's why these yeah I don't have a blackened it soul like some people okay are you don't have to look at me when you say I slaughtered his. Brought in through all pertaining to his. But so what we're on our way and enjoy it's the first segment sort of like a field trip. That we take you along with their chaperones the make sure your parents sign the permission slip inside the W that's that's if it's in your 725. There you go enjoy. Given jobs in the morning podcast for 26. So yeah. On her way to build our. We've done these Ramones style. Podcasts. Usually there's some forewarning appreciate it I don't know if you can call or the it's awarded. Do Miller card tree and get a bunch of interviews were shooting for Brad Keller. I'd like to get the Filipino. Tyler's Alan you know into the bank. Would also court it was one we have talked. There yet and Jennings. Lieutenant colonel commander Dan Jennings. As if they did as it turns out ocean. Interviews yet yeah. You want one thing. The idea a cup of coffee beer pong numerous I don't again and again that. Number number I'm behind I know obviously no no wonder there's McDonald's tunnel and yeah. Cheeseburgers. Yeah stomach it may sausage or yeah or what do you need that under this. Yeah well that's right and franchised there. It was partly nervous Bob so. We'll check back when we get. So we're gonna run the gauntlet of the night. Yeah we're gonna walk through our day like that idea like that idea this is Vegas. Where it's a different style vehicle fried chicken a day in the life. People fried chicken house. Do wanna say that I had a little bit of a family reunion and Terry Cousin Terry we'll get leveling out once that was thirty years ago. I honestly I don't operate he remembers that I don't. I remember it didn't tell them but he's big he's big fan now so he's a realist than us which area I apologize. Jerry made no money yeah. So analysts view as Jesus why is it cold out there. And all right ham. Individuals yeah. She look this guy giving the bird and then yelled like nine different words but none of them have made any sense. So. You've got to be a little tired because you did the morning show this morning goes on Friday. 6:6 yup to the morning show and then good Buddy Ryan. Now we're getting a live phone call let's check this out. Hello this bill won't Jesus listen that. Bill o's don't. That student loan collectors big dealers are (%expletive) It was fun. Partying ways you botch it okay. Barack Obama abolished Austin it did me. We'll jump. Wasn't I was office. There's a difference. Between going to school. And and secondary education. So you you work Theo we're on the air till about midnight last night you got a few hours' sleep and then did the morning show bars. I suddenly ship is photographed and don't forget don't forget our friend Jody grant still works that are. He's putting more of an emphasis of the system the the T in the Graham. Because now it's. Mean masters he's WS SP sports upbeat studio I could agree it's. Betty and it was hard tee ball it's like levering with a K that's a strike. Yes yes also drives me crazy I found out her body part Weaver has little bit linger and Owen number. Today and he's he's talking about well they had their bases loaded walk a couple of days ago. They go to first. Quality strikes out blogs they're never mind is did show shock I used to play in Bosnia and. So yeah a little bit tired you're gonna do pregame. This is a shortcut to the podcast a little bit. So we didn't have to carve out studio time. I guess work smarter not harder. Paula that this'll be it. A little production of piecing together hills live drive through. About a weekend. Eight point five an hour McDonald's. OK okay and make some money I don't. Small cause you have a good idea and one small coffee went one green pleased that a small strike. And then one small small large strike. Crisis malls every girl in dollar I would like your fourth of small and there. When you get thank you so much. Not. No I'm. No that's got there all right. And we have to give her permission to run this on the podcast. Com. Yes he's evil the SEC coaches I guess. That's true yes we. I just it was that acres to order. That I ordered like five feet in front of us like go through the drivers all the the speaker was in front of the car. But I was too jacked up so I just yelled in rooms like. What's wrong is about a half hour before the clubhouse opens. Good. In the car pooling chat. Did you year. UW students. That fraternity. That he voted yet TV. Off the balcony of their apartment. All the balcony of their apartment. Com apparently it almost instantly. Around now we're not condone and that's what that's like I will say though don't similar. Done similar mostly with coaches. Coaches' food sounds out of the dorm window. That was I looked on the full third floor might have been an arms and I. It was and had his arm and there's no way we are hearing nothing upstairs we just said popular stars and doubt that they'll be pretty much the same thing everybody's. Couch was moved into a house. This one's from some bad Muslims through out the window so could they be another fraternity is on like notice or some thing him. I don't know they're double secret probation charge our kids. Just. Suddenly Malone said don't do that someone's gonna get her just Oz that they straight out the window and it almost in a woman. He need to get the video on. Wow that's got these great security footage and they're not you think. Hanging out with Tom Syrian Chris. We'll CAC party that could event. They could just been big to ship and said I don't think we should just proposes that helped them both like to throw our TV out the window. Look at what is it CEO Gerard. It's broken man. I guess sales in the bus and left. You know what some votes yup we got a few bucks and I'm you're gonna authorities so generous. To give you the twelve cents to. Now all people can be tight with money and and people we work with pretty tight with money out of your story can pull. Image we you know are agreeing Golden's side or for the Michael's show yeah sure for sure he's gonna kill me for tell the story okay chief Booker are. So I new initiative calls it I'm like do the Michael's show one day this gosh this is like four years ago. And apparently he was it with me here we're doing some show whatever and Bart wanted I wanted to get some food that's a Bart. You know hey you wanna sandwich in one of those cousins are some ways whatever. As I said here's my card embargoes well here's cash since you pay with your card user pass to put it on car. Yeah exit slides out. Some gas under the collar. And then. Bases order sort day for the whole thing in my in my car. Meet Eads and whatever and by the end of the shift in the end of the show and all that stuff. The image because. Ten bucks back and have plug up the bill are already knew all Lander did all the Zabel. And if it did not admit they still rely on student backs everything. Yeah. Filed so they'll enhance the sort of free food chuck Freeman is is big we've heard. Who burst there are geared I didn't like them like we are running daily Jerry Ellison is viewing the eighties just run right through the camp Randall and zone. That's chuck Freeman threw the door when he finds out there's ways that might be the slowest drive through our system thirstein. I'm tired. That runways late today you know everybody's good. Yeah because of the band practice last night the other guitar player like this helium and yes I was here so frustrating. Us the single podcast. That dude is so (%expletive) lot easier that you gave him let alone this van I didn't tell you the awkward situation that happened. Revolving or podcasts. Got he has some feedback. Or a comment from well listener to the podcast who we may or may not have talked about. Or may or may not a target of one of his relatives. And you're gonna call me. Hearing both. This is. Feel this has been somebody recommends. Yes ma'am. Erect. And sausage as I could go buddy hey listen we're Humber in the car here wreck itself and where would David's house. Very good. We're gonna do well yeah we're doing our podcasts were recording our bod guess right now is that your the do we have permission to put you on the podcast. What problem. Is stupid (%expletive) Did a much. Mohammed. I guess Illinois and I don't know if you don't want I want my. My bubble boy. Commandant of Kabul or sure yeah I had no reaction at bay sort bought. And don't work problems and that happens went off. Yeah we can be pretty down. And so. All the tomorrow we'll probably not before it was time he's eligible employees I was just gonna say he's sorry for you yeah. Finally got one. While. Yeah I wanna hang out the rig is he makes me feel yarn now that your old wreck you know. What team the but they usually talking about. The person she is wrong. Ever have to serve and yeah. All. He has. And video is. Less important here yeah. Of course but yeah. But the game it was so Cold War yeah pan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah usual and all the different. Well some girl there's some give this golf Boggan missed dad's. Some people called out bugging him mess fits. Well it. Couldn't. I ride so ripped the brewers. A and worse. And okay. And Darren. Or as. This. I am. Yeah hers I'll get a yeah. They've got a lot of bills producer. I ran into him today. Young bills producer bill Michael's producer is wrecked. No yeah you ever heard of briefer general guy Jose solely over her own. The problem at all. What are we nice still. God and her. You are good at all. You can result in Europe and yeah. Like yeah well you know leading. Change and clean like we can. And she didn't change Burke burn every. Yeah are still read them. She. And you're already yeah. O Lloyd. Board. All the way it. Indeed yeah. Burton. Some. All right so this is so no I ran into Joseph and I asked him to be honest podcasts get to know who we'll today it's on the 2000 morning podcasts. Favorite radio dot com I asked him I thought you would be on the get to know segment he said. You're their ability said no one cares about what I say that no one cares lives. So if that's the case then Joseph should just stop talking on the Belmont so. Agree wreck. Our. You sort it all. And maybe just maybe this'll. Like. Oh at all. Bullish at eagle globe and problems of voting. And. Is that plagued like he's got load he righted. Oh I'm. Using need anymore OK let's let's all do that lets all do that. I will will all just to round Robin we're gonna let you go reckless and since we're running short on time here but. Let's all say something nice about somebody we were today. I want. A shot. Well I said killed cub fan. Pension. Board. I want to eat French. And all all. Eight saw that you're. On all of well and her. Passion. And thought yeah. I think it. And our elite eight action but well while the world there's one. Look on equal. Are you. Very boring. He's gonna slowly action. So I can drink a moment we're avenue apartment otherwise. Okay yeah. Although let's give back this and some nice about. I yeah I will correct that so the big four so whenever I have managed in the Big Three I governments in the big four big four yet they are part self August so I was sunny and nice doesn't I will say that Sparky. Yeah critical article on here I will save. Nice about Sparky he gets the schedule Lotta time. No. Way. He does. So yes it is so nice about. Something nice about someone. Due respect you as a I'm something nice about some minutes ago I would say hey if my friend are going color. Bar Wrangler has. Oh a little bit of a the final Lackey up north kinda draw Chad Garrett badgers though pat earners but you know white. He's definitely. Count right gotten over it. All right as you show them it seemed like he was used as a red eagle on his podcast. Wreck. Kitty six organized somebody that works for him. Yeah all you can eat. Well one thing about George. Good. Go all right you know clearly. You tell. Well no I just don't figure of those Italian site has that it won't my babies via stallion. I'm American. And I am proud to would be at a very Ted. Well there at least you know are three guys so we get Xoom are in our clothes and others if they can. But we're gonna we're gonna go to the next segment here when sign off. We're gonna get him to Checkpoint Charlie here has got to go through X rated in the Miller Park. We gonna hang out with with Rick O yeah out Britain good to argue about it called a showed tonight. Call call the show tonight and we'll talk about your parents on the podcasts on that on the air we can't swear okay. Didn't get a word on its. I'll just give us what you say 11 swear word. It. Yeah what's your favorite swear word for loans one. I guess Bobby. This and yeah there's some post this at work at English language butterflies. And it so it'll be in the position. Every oh yeah. I saw this. I wanna go do this little. Just soft one then just the sovereign to sale. (%expletive) guys I'll talk to you later. Bartlett street. So the borrowers can get leadership and and they're great. They're. We're excited jumper that figure is it good curve for a updating it. The audience of the odd man that was wild now laughs all right well that was dropped out of the radio happens to me with so we'll ship it back. As our. Why. Reporters calling again to. Rick Ricky no no word on is normally the oil that's at don't want them there aren't a field our field trip will continue next hang him. The areas and that's the opening segment of tenement house take you don't work day podcasts that's Rick. Rick is an old Fella a very very nice man he bear likes the caller post game show after games a lot he does he shares a love with you. Of baseball card collecting he does that's one of the reasons why you guys are such good friends. Here's a guy the here's a guy that lives alone. And it doesn't have a lot of friends is a caretaker for his mom worked at Disney in the graphic arts. Segment sound overly. You have friends anywhere around the world according his party. You know what that's not such a bad idea not a bad idea we should pass along his phone or we should give. Rick CDs number so Rick lives alone and wrecked. Guides has survived beef friend did wreck and he's befriended me. And so. That's the and so there you go. Consistent very so we couldn't get ya. We did get him to swear a little bit and it got I was like (%expletive) him pulling teeth he was taken aback by that'll. So does it make you a bad person for swearing. I don't think so. If I can drive days we've you can drive your kids down the street and see all the abortion. Stuff I was leading designer and spending some of us last night Tim is just like three armed with or with like one of those little megaphones that. You can't Europe patents and that to Datsyuk so. I think you're cute cute kid can handle it shipped Earl fought right yeah I think and guess what they've heard it before. I've the first time I heard it from my son. So he has had his bedroom upstairs. Brows raise in him he must have been about seven. 66 or seven him hit him it is because of my nephew Jake. We're up there. Two (%expletive) around and you know I would sit at the bottom of the stairs just to eavesdrop this year it's going on that's a parents do OK don't lie and don't tell me you don't go through your. Your kids' bedrooms because you do and they do. But I was eavesdropping and I heard tie for the first time say it all off. Why are you a little bit. I didn't say anything you can call Laporte well netted no not at all it's just like later on I'd I'd just dropped in the line and it let's you know we should all always watch your language. So I don't know the first the first time that I swore allegiance from my dad I learned the word bastards at school. And and I kind of decided like Joseph you bastard you someone here he yet. Oh he did yeah like I said like two masters and he did I did know what it meant. We grew up where I don't know nine shot up was a swear word I thought I've heard that so many different I thought shot up was a swear words. Honestly is geared. As my parents were like you don't. So wrong so we erect two on what are Rick's say that's why you're all smiles and rainbows studies say (%expletive) yeah no ass kicked semantics amass scenario and I thought it knows kick the (%expletive) out aggressive can't kick the (%expletive) out of the Braves as photo was. Night so now beautiful bout we are next segment here gentlemen taos take you to work a podcast this school. Where we walk in security checkpoint at Miller Park we have a media and employee entrance that we use now or pretty. Pretty cool what's interesting is I don't know if I should say this but I don't have to empty my pockets at all. Q do you do you always put yourself phone there and your season. I just it's. Just understood flock there was let everybody know that edit via I better not say yeah yeah I put blessings they hold out little basket they scanned arm arm. Our vans that we wander right through and had down into the clubhouse or to work and sometimes you see an unexpected visitor. The members and other media colleague via this article the cooler. Chickens. Vodcast field trip continues as we are. Answering the promised land here you know bark a goes a little. We'll golf cart you can shoot two days corvettes hanging out. But maybe. Yeah that would be nice to get you back I don't know today guys. Were all yeah all my knee all in all. All right now I'm going to be when I go through I personally don't hear me okay. Office. That's it boys and girls. Okay so we're in the bowels Miller Park and bullpen are hanging out over here. I think this is how much fuel in the news and my big. And you're from the mid seven. What's redact Norman Thomas and and a hanging out over here and did you notice during the braves' series here that they cover up a lot of a lot of the so I had no way yeah I was part of the agreement here is part of the agreement that. Not a lot of they had whenever the brewers would hosting Indians and for the Braves. I think public pulse time. Yeah pretty self explanatory the reason why. For me because that's interest brilliance and it has and I'm just wondering what that means for the thought a lot of me. Hotel and casino big money player of the game. And the post game show. I'll. During the series like. OK now right now we're talk I don't know I don't either was released just cut that out. We haven't been told. Sure Steve and I I guess so. So it's okay this story for spending level down from. I'll always do and then they can don't have what I am not going to be judging anybody else that allies don't vandalism other people's tables and took them. Same mold annuity that thought to be too. I hobble around like 11 legged guy so it won't even know it. So cloth. Solid solid Zaza. You have Jason obviously. Not yeah what we do not the only straight through years of an old radio guy down pour. When my dad. I thought okay. Now and gone looking franchise to be important and at all sure that it will be back with a Barack off your kids. Yes there are. Nice little surprise it was amazing but it this guys will rival Gorman Thomas action. I'll house miles that was something else as they go and we'll come on don't give Ashe yet back. So when sauce that's what he does sling insults around OK so it's a different bag today but we are. Approaching. This clubhouse they're go routes runs okay on his Lewis scooter like forty miles an hour that there's been. Bad news why. So they a lot of these players folks that take it takes shooters from the parking lot right down into the tunnel here. Chiefs and they drive it literally right into the club felt that the clubhouse locker like sergeant we'll we'll open the door and just make sure that you scoot right. And they never stop now at the end usually they'll bill me slow. It's like it's like please but don't slow and uncontrolled intersection. That these guys flying right into the clubhouse. All right so we will check back here in just a couple of minutes as 1000 morning podcast. 1 o'clock and six continues on video tribute to hit. So there ego that was. Happy little surprised there are storm Gorman Thomas Thomas so on his barbecue sauce and that's what it is I thought it was a secret sauce I. Have tried and how. I got a net. Fails your favorite player growing revenue after you drive barbecue sauce and I use my second favorite brewers' first favor bird George Scott dubbed boom car. And second favorite was gone Thomas and then third favorite third one's a charm and still this day Robin now so. But now our next little segment here to the taos taken to work day podcasts is when we enter the brewers' clubhouse as were required to get us some interviews here for our pregame show and and unlike subject we'd get in their try to get as many interviews camps you know you have to have one at least yes. But lower in there might as well as. Go right that'd go after everything one that we can get some of the other chickens yet set a cover the brewers for our radio station yes has said chickens yet yes. And and that's the reality of I didn't argue they can lie to you with their knack of allied themselves they're nervous and afraid to approach players that just star I get it I understand it understood on you what is. They wanna avoid it. Because it's wrong and he can he's looking at him. You I just. And in the best part is and then they'll try to make sure that they can that they can light it up and that they don't get rejected. Right it's obscure rejection I think at some point is well and rejected (%expletive) Nate or rejected us yeah Boone Logan said get lost. Its functions drink in his circle K coffee monitoring is talking circle K coffee read the newspaper on his basement couch or fed to do BP's so yeah. Money get a daily say no that's not our fault you know they have a schedule then where does and they're trying to do some stuff so check it Dowell will walk you through the little insurance little yeah cool little room you're walking into and then we get into the clubhouse haven't just take Kia to work day podcast Tony sex and. You know we are into the club louse here wouldn't be there again it goes security checkpoint. Passed through a check to sit and rob good to go home will probably. And I have not turned off my home now so now we are. I'm really secret. List Andrea. School and there are channels suitors going to DO. OK forearm issues here and will pursue articles are on Saturday to get news right here as we walk into the club. How's this this is cool down Brad Phillips was in here with us last year on the air yes and what kind of went through all the awards that are here now select the 3000 hit. First base that revenue step down isn't here. Ryan Bryant's 15100 career hit just a little room to where you go reverse home run ball is most valuable player award is in here this week. So I'd better get on the way street and it is what we get Romo or else. Is there alone and and we are answering the brewers' clubhouse he now so yeah. Yeah. Brand. Here and then it works yeah and eyeball at dinner here. Oh yeah. Here we go yeah we will check back in. Just a second and there you have it inside the brewers' clubhouse not sheer. If if we did a good enough job I guess we do we have its when we get suitor. Sooner. Com and then I. Lieutenant sergeant Dan Jennings that was a good commerce young's left hander reliever I was gonna want that day he was balking. Monty huge Cayman bases were loaded when he catches and hours second third nobody out three in. And he knocks it down it's. Allows you when the game in a 54 game at that time so our our little touch and good luck for. Dan Jennings that was cool and we talked with us suitor about the injury and Brad Miller. That was that was kind of fun with Brad Miller he was used kind of going around me just of just a tech well yeah you he he he caught you have to one thing you said in. It was raining bad. Right but it was just one of those where as an athlete like pull out pull out of sight when this record as painful Q on the player to let you slide The Hague to stand out costs that now. We we learn that from Romney got. Out. I don't give a (%expletive) about Tim armed but should mallet. All right so were we out here now on our Timmons house take you to work daily podcast will not written for Greg councils or hang out the brewers' dugout. Isn't so we'll go into the locker get the interviews. We walked down into the dugout you hang out there was all the other. Our cohorts who they like to hang out. Buy and sell military outlook group BM we give me a little play by play of actually who's there every once in awhile somebody will come over and talk to us because I think there are some stares us sometimes well. Did they see me with that digital outside what the secrets out on this thing. This digital recorder right here and it's always rolling not only here in house at the fan radio show everyone knows what. But with with my band singing deal polish yeah exact same thing when they see this thing everyone's like. I'm watched mission and putt down there may be the other media members trying to get me yeah. Animated because we got Jerry Augustine and a real off record candid situation. I can't really tell you times. Just it was unbearable he deleted it. As well I'd I don't know if ideally you'd. You've just. It unbelievable. Just. But dialogue he was at fault you have he's saying and I know I know it's all my report to CBS senate come corporate. Is it an account CBS. On sands. Or watch out. Alan. Yeah snitch on the year it's (%expletive) in stitches over there in the top your head I know that so all right so we're waiting for counsel and we continue. In the field trip continues just got out of via brewers club house village now or in the you know brewers' dugout. Wait for Greg council had this conversation immigrants sooner injury sucks. And it's odd man since it now doesn't know one thing it's not Rosie back over here intern and turned us down again he shut us down again. You know like like I say when when I'm at you know establishment trying to find. I think that the you know and you don't shoot for for that ten's right away that's the last time Rosie and you join us podcast I'll give them a pass because he's home notes that. That's that's a good pass that is yes yes and no. Yeah oh yeah. With that but that's right but so it did suck here about parents that are in this conversation with the game standings. And to edit sergeant kernel extension it's nice little surprise run into the moon's promise that was. He's six Cecil Cooper's here. Passable. I'm here I think it's the Robin you know it is tonight the routing out Jersey her stance on soundness. Sundays ago the guys are in town for. You only win when it's out and Cecil and sanding or is going to be here in ideology and distributors and he's always hang around him animals. I don't Sophia is here through Wagner is here make this here's that's why I'm trying to keep it down a little bit when that. Don't worry about. Got a job to do. We're doing our job right that's when we don't get paid or two that's about as high as long as we continue to get subscribers. And not just here and fitness and analysis T yeah because it's a bucket dog and pony show us. But yeah. Always always got to be calm yeah got to react fine. Answers answers or waiting for right now so this is this is the fun part of the job this week. That we try to push yourself off the side and merely because and and split. We also includes items went to the side because Weddington not a whole not one not one bit at first for me it's just me. Yeah I think so yeah. No we we don't wanna let all the trade secrets though. You know the factory sit in the dugout and wait for good counsel and we are still work. Yeah so it is Georgia hold your younger you know the areas holding up well check out the right. OK so we just finish up with Kregg council's press briefing before Friday on July 6 game. And that we were our next segment on the Timmons house take you to work. Podcast is as were walking across to exit through. The Braves. Dugout clubhouse you can't walk through the brewers' clubhouse after council talks and they lock it down so got to walk around the field and go out and threw the braves' dugout which to meet him. Isn't too big it is issue because any time that I can step on the dirt on the nightly field. Just give me that the funds just feet from home base and second home plate all base our eyes yeah all right I'm a baseball guy. Indeed shown wearing your slides into first eight. Oh. How column standing up a bit pitching stand if we are redundant in some of this. It just you know we're trying to piece all these segments again exam so we have lighting and all lots of sometimes they'll be all right our over here when. We re explain it exactly during the segment so. Off we go where on the Miller Park field. He's cool dude I I was gonna ask them on a slope question. Because I'll just bring your hair yeah. You see I'm pretty generous and bring them he doesn't have he doesn't have like the locks all the way down my caddie he shapes it outside its. But it is it's still it's yeah. So we're on video right behind all the way we're literally like right behind home plate after squeeze over here we can we can try to fit in the middle of a pat Murphy conversation. And also give me a little bit of shape our because I'm yeah that was the cadets the key organizer you know he's watching the people who want him let him. So we're Tim what do you know this. Little little post alone. Rocks below them love them. Okay. No I don't. Then it is like Iraq's. See you get your dad is this is Arizona so yeah this is our Arizona sun we aren't out that this thing isn't this an some believe young gunman broke. It just didn't do it bit about it but I heard of them nicely. For two weeks after that trip. How many how many balls you think you can act. Off off Eddy cedar Eddy cedar throwing BP right now eulogized in the cage Romney's Mormon. How many fingers you can you can it's. If bug in my office alum in April now I think you give me time not took insulin it took him some time notice. Respect to Mike this alum but if you get given time. These guys are pointed. Bladder. It's all about technique they got out like it gets acts I honestly I think you could god I think you could given the time. If you humans eighteen months you give me all three months and salmon on the sand like ten or twelve pitchers kept him out of pocket Affleck kidney. Tina bitch off form Eddy cedar put it right out there like you said that on a platter HP sent him like 460. And things blanking. God I dribbles off flip side how Brian Ross steps into the cages Darnell Coles on her behind and get a bird's eye view. Ronnie Dixon. And see her doing it and see your fastball low and outside and early exit exit. One on brawn. And sent off the right side base hit into right center gap. Ronnie again. Samples stroke right back up the middle. Send it right back up the middle and cedar threw on two out top of the ninth. Ronnie. Winds up stay in right field. Ads for escorts to the brewers have taken the lead it. Okay go play by play the exhilarating stuff. Courtesy the plays prominently post and hit it but we're getting copyright laws that are right now it's Simmons house. Baseball radio network right here with CNN's Josh brewers radio no known sign of the earth and it's an established baseball network. Is that it should be yes and our field trip continues as we have to get back in the states senior it was a food to ducks and work season of it back. Bursting at the production work on that we get through then we get food. Then we get through. Cast. Gotta go and there you go. Being on the field for BP right there it's got a cold I mean this is a cool down the as a fan lifetime or fan you're put on the ball. Out on the field watching Ryan brawn. Ten feet away from you doing BP first time I was ever on. The field that'll county stadium you know as a kid you looked down there and it's and what I like to beat down there just. First of all you wanna be in good seats and we were. Not economically. In a situation right the now where we could get the good seats but it. And then the next one you say one cameo on the field the first time I got on the field they used to do it county stadium the it was like. Autograph and picture day or some so for like an hour and a half. About ivory 1520 feet around the warning track would be a little table and you get her autograph and each player was at a table. You get an autograph. And I get a picture with with a player went out that's awesome and when I stepped through that little gate and you go down in the little red gate would open you up next in the dugout that's where you and it's like. It scoop I just grabbed a couple of rocks off the warning track we saw it was the coolest thing he's in like the autograph Fridays but you wouldn't you wouldn't get to stand on the field know there's as you would stand in the IO you'd walk down the player rescind at the apple and at least get there and do that yet but I I got to do like the kids running the bases thing a couple of different times at Miller Park armed they said no sliding into home plate box that. But Janet L absolutely via arm. But how about I will tell you this quick story when you bring up county stadium idea nice go to. Games right before they tore down when I was kid little kid. Com and what you said cheap seats where we are dead or walking up to Miller Park up to the box. And my dad had just gotten like his company seats he works you know on a factory machinist. So so the company's seeds are usually for clients right yeah so he gets his hands on the too. I mean box seats like Imus and extend C rose up. And ads were walking in them pull my dad's hand you know walking of the could not be mark's. And as we're walking up some guy walks up to is is MM if you're a kid I got to Don and Boxee just take. Are you kidding me a good way to cold front of them might have been me it was that day. It was that day we walked up there it's always a payment I got two year with the did take I used to do it all the time race to give tickets away. It might have been me whatever it might organize whenever you see you know indicating the there Dan walking up to the players selected yet to just. And and then the the person and say well what are you what are you want Foreman site now ma'am and just enjoy it do just just a joy and then you're like. I'd do this is like a scam or some staying on I you know all. Hoc IE. I think they use (%expletive) things are. What are there I mean we got tickets go wins but I didn't really matter is we already had the Dark Knight he's like via. Out of all the days that it happens this is the war so our next segment is our were coughing that's on a wave of national owl of Miller Park down along the same tunnel that we saw of Gorman Thomas kept saying one. Check out the the scenery Emory we run into our buddy dale what's interesting here dale the Yasser what's interesting here is we we tried did. Get him. To the dark side and he just wasn't by dale would not much now so check it out. Our way out of Miller authority. Great fields have been scissors on the hill and we can make things. Future right now our buddy dale here dale I hope they don't trade you for us all right. We can tonight can ask you what you do you're an here there are a line and into Biden easy. Only five. And it's enough. Isn't that good news is only sixteen years old pat pat pat. It's faster you can look at that big league shot currency yeah okay and you know you gotta give us one good story one wanna hear the stories. I've taken some money now. Who's doing something that they should not have been this. Is that just kids can get us here five years I've yet to throw anymore. All that's going to. You've been close I'd take him for walks. OK okay I like OK so let me ask you this what's allowed when it comes. I mean I know we can't swelled cross and other days it. And how about your moments ago. Like I let it you know Mamas so fat. She needs a double wide trailer when she saw an animal but is that is that okay. Seriously in my life I wouldn't hear of that OK I wouldn't do so good. So what if I was like on the batter's box and a young and Freddie Freeman I say if Friday. Yo mama so pasty. Dates of murder as a sample for the glue sticks. And. Yeah kick your mouth and high Zuma. Yeah it's really you know we can go for a walk now and give it a little company that. And I enjoy battles. Oh yeah I'm really I heard a story last night did Daniel next time he's in town. You've got to pull into the interview room say this is my last day doing their views and hilly. Did you hear that story last week I did not ESPN and I was or. Normally kicked him right nuts yeah. And now I am not going to get along and Norway came off the reason we asked aliens are here they came up on the show. Of tackling one of our guys gonna hold us off actually from our callers trying to. Come by now we all know whether bowl yeah but the boy. Look I I have Clinton I mean he's really seemed innocent. A pretty innocent hallowed dale. And when you when you know lend me any kind of talk to him while you're not gonna think that he is an entity does. Hi all I'm sure what you guys up quickly ushered out works credible. Policy we need we need to challenge them. Now we'll sit Alpine and we'll all depends snow heckling bill thanks for listening to the tune sounds almost network all the time. All the time you guys they're great. Timmons house take you to work podcast itself podcasts when he six. And debt so we leave Miller Park now. We you if you look back at this podcast you'll see that on the way to Miller Park we got a nice little surprise of our buddy wreck. I called and and I don't think we get a surprise on this one we're just headed back to we do pass by a little ominous situation. Wow man yeah I was tough 101 of the stranger situations united Brandon citizens working together cup coming out of Miller Park so he. Via out there was snow was a rough will tell you the story here yet during during the segment and are busy day continues. With you alongside. Okay has our fields are continues we discuss Don Hewitt our war and it's about an hour and a half or so before game time now we're headed back to the radio station up listening to our sister station. 67 the score these Chicago Cubs affiliate. Listening to up pretty disappointing post game show from zags they admin and now what are your favorites Ryan Sandberg. As the cubs get a 32 loss against the Cincinnati Reds that envelope and. What would know I love the fact that. Oh you're saying disappointing because. In their perspective the cubs lost the other very disappointed oh I thought you meant disappointed in. Some sub par broadcasters. All mean well I'd exact statements made a big guy he's very very very good broadcaster music. Announces honestly yeah I think I think he's fantastic play by play guy. That I do decently nightly for national football. And I'll listen to him duped ultimately based basketball pretty much in Italy. Have you so Melissa and Sara Sanders did us right have you but what a name yeah right yeah but I mean. You can have a name like LeRoy Butler who can actually broadcast. And you have Ryan Sandberg. Who just goes and irons (%expletive) yeah that's just me. Well let's say now it's it's fine I love it or its dominant in the ball park. That's a nice guy and one of the nicest guys ever meet your right and wrong to rock and roll on here is an old radio guy he didn't mornings and I SM for years. So 00 competitors. Yeah I guess if you look at it in a way what you can do mornings. No yeah fun match I'm never good morning. They could they'd pay you enough anymore and I don't think so. I don't think so I nod in the morning show barge today this is Friday the sixth of July that recording the tape to massage take you worked it. Com. Satellite I like doing the morning should I do. But when you can't get a nap then. That's the rough mark you start to just feel. Flustered with the everything. Yeah view and have to via fan casting couch yeah just I'd just like but we do have a a friend of ours and they a radio friend not like Clemens. But it's going to be. A kid from. UW look frost is gonna come and hang out with us tonight do they call it job shadow so I might have to be on a misbehavior. Probably yes lets us put a good impression in this was a young radios that we really can. Fully embrace and casting couch not really not know under no visitors just just punter and our jobs data today. So it is on jewelry different. Are coming out of all of market and they make it where these press badges these advances are feeling a spunky librarian and a nine I don't know have you ever forgotten to take this off. Oh yeah oh yeah and you're going to get some coffee somewhere I actually forgot to take it off and I was doing like Sam Lee. Graduation party and you just general stuff. All look at all there's an Iowa it'll get our core radio guy coveted apartheid dad's body and being awful god I'm him. What did this group would live comedy and it without doing the bad giant. But another really cool real cool off our going. Does it this is the a dangerous turn making because we weren't an accident right this is where we got rear ended. But we'll close our bodies and am Luis or something Julio Julio Julio. That's who was I think Julio as a jobs. I think he was I think he didn't purposely. He may have and so yeah I I can send and it's it. How I was doing. I was doing a broadcast that summer Swanson had that time the other big square sticker you for the rest of the future. And I forgot about it and got all the way it to a bar. It's. In a bar geez I was big cool radio guy that sticker lie. Everybody's got a note sent Allen says. Hollywood's. Talent. So hundreds of yours right. Yeah is good I'm writing of the large and like I told you do yeah sure. It's only a bought it really really is stealing a union dollar soda for us all on the dollar for a large. I mean doesn't make too much sense but certainly again humor. It's right there really yellow red. How she. I was so we're I don't know it back to the station and it's seven toss it take you to work day. Like that I think that's the best way to do it now we're chaperone and you know. Through a field trip of Miller Park is that that you're did you chaperone any field trips Burton further approval and this is a sign the permission slip inside the Basel and I'm. I'm always like got to pay for you to go to the zoo it is like 775. Why it's it is now a vegetables and of TV and yeah oh yeah I'm crossed the ball because Nolan Osborne crawls on your seventh and right so all right we'll get back to you only get to the station and go with star running back lot who will be doing the on deck show. Yeah hill we have a lot of fond du and a he always does and he okay this next segment as Timmons house take you to work podcast. Is getting back to the radio station. In the middle of the afternoon show or not the middle of the afterward talent. Atlanta immigrant for a Mac a lot of the afternoon host then does the armed action the workaholic so make sure that. All the cool guys to believe it's six Robbie. Valiant effort he'll states also touch base with my Clemens in the segment. I forgot about our radio friend he is our radio Fran Eaton does swear in this so. Like Clemens profit entity it was Al bombers (%expletive) I don't I don't memories there will have to listen to it all together. As we do get some official word on its volume together right here on the human talent in the morning podcast number twenty falcons let's do that. Buyback from Miller Park and were now on the air conditioned. Confines thank goodness folks what or asked things. We are gonna go in to the big shows loosely on a commercial break or get right out and it's our thoughts are afternoon show. Might clemens' our radio friends and they're Gary Ehlers and enact law that Stevie he's on vacation never sounded better. LeRoy Butler just laugh just let you go meets girl six. About him. Oh all right so there was absolutely revealed. My different children and ourselves from Greenfield. Obviously you're there quietly and all the lights on in the radio. With him and tell us take you workday. Like design meaning the mice are hot and that gospels of colon cancer costs we know and never stopped us before. Since they can. There. It's a hand we're in the studio here. And spends on expertise. He has. Some. And there and wonder what we're doing. All. I can't race. Here. Yeah answered with local right there gimmick you know it hasn't really tunes we culinary teased us. OK there are boys say guys I don't know how. It's. Tim in taos take you to work day on our podcast today can I get a comment real quick. Rami first of all you'd just to comment this is the press briefing with Rami Mac off your thoughts on the pulling of the plug and post game needs the big show. Or whatever. I'm good with that I was good with it being a thing and I'm good with that not being a thing it'll do that. Cut while that was going on and that's really out of the money you know believe it that's our field. Erica thanks thank you for your comic Gary are you one thing thank you thank you Gary who's going to want quick comment. Group run. That's quite content that is good at it quick count if you're pretty generic it was a lot. No we don't want to bother my Clemens. Not locking them up my clubs update that's like walking off (%expletive) ails our own our regular radio plan is. It is sort of marketing hail storm when you're watching it might clemens'. Love the views go post your sandwich today here. Then your mom a break your foot off and that thing that's why. It's. You look at Watson. Okay now so it is so. We've got we've been doing little snippets of our journey today down at Miller Park every couple of minutes and roll tape. Ran into Gorman Thomas today. We got some great council and they've got a few interviews I hear you guys have Adam. Now becoming a tough break on Brent suitor. And you know OK so we're gonna blow the production into the system and then do what Billy's favorite thing is to view is that. Equities and that is geared. Yes sir bingo camera big spending do you. Actually. See that's how we plan ahead and yes sir. Or Ronnie Francis Mac laughter stood him up yesterday right. I texted him I could not talking. We ought to say hi to Mike Clemens. I don't go round of the little Booth here with in the studio. Like Clemens yeah. We just quick. Comment this tenant house does take it workday today podcasts. And so we wanna schedule you for the get to know might clemens'. Podcasts and good with that. Not now but not today on the check of mind. Well at least that's better than no I don't like it you know there's. Contracts. Well we we don't want you know still younger talent. A dislike Republican train Malia on the right and wrong room. Shirt him college. No problem. Okay we believe that I helping them get rid. Of him. Help you thank you all day Q he's our radio friends are friends and and this press stop on this because. Our Miller Park audio is on here so I am we have to take time. Back after. And so there you have it. It is oh Phish show we did get the comments haven't house in the morning podcast we take you to work we get Rami and Gary. And their comments about the polling of applaud of the post game meets the big show and the best part is Gary has been pretty vehemently against joining us on the podcast. But now we have got him on the podcast twice we have. Once it Arizona once a year now so he writes he's trying to avoid us but. It just doesn't work very well. Our day we will find you are day does continue to keep in mind this is a Friday July 6 Suisse eleventh our main job duty is. Doing the post game action and the game hasn't even started yet has not started we've been working for golf for now. View in the meantime have put some production into the system. Okay production is in Rami Mac cloth. Just loaded in our production with billions into the system so the on deck show pregame show water station on as we. Take you to work with tenement house in the morning. Now. We head down the hallway here too. Well another studio and other production room this is more like closet studio Timmy Al little bit. Is here in terms Griffith. Just keep following Stan and and not say anything nice my skull to sit there it sits there and this. Play watches us via so this or not that's another part of our jobs here com. One of one of the things that I only a lot of people know about on the sports days on the sports side things. As I just have microphones on the studio picture also yeah we you do need to talk about the because it's been talking about a month through harper right rouge is becoming Paramount is this shortly here okay so we're gonna. Plug it headphone it's this is. One I'm my other jobs are other jobs is to. DJ records. It's been we still eighteen top forty music. We editor of yeah somewhat. Top forty and I just that's just a few errors yeah right now we're owed on the set that there are so we can hands free source start this thing up. At 6 o'clock. I was Saturday night just check check check check misses the Serbia prerecorded. Content deal here. Does what's interest is look big big time national radio guys will guys. So we we come out of my house by a flow right reverend run tests on a play that's on a lot and we're rosenhaus parties that college. Like when all the pitches would come Tuesday welcomed him. House Sid sure says right now and now that you guys. Living rooms art. Art. What Robby. Let me go park it I'm it's not a lot of Smart remark one that she. It. The bulls. Are OK Oz I don't belts and Jabari back home there as well. Seek quick fast. Pace moving industry that we work. On and off the presses or. All of her house is now does that register and a up. Well my Mike is I don't know what the (%expletive) to tell you rob yeah. It should got to go out in your pocket what she's big in big show here prolong our food to. Well on days jobs. I thought I encourage every week Enron it. It's well one would reject or check out here. Flow ride in the let. It was here that I did we're the poorly and my husband and I liked you better by law. Seven seconds 72 rampant here we go in noble. Here. This is me in the magic now it's there was sent it. That'd employ won the mixed ML and punched dinner ready to go see all night party mix. That was just the levels that spirit at a sensitive time blues. I was I was kind of charity. Then Portland mix them Alan Johnston don't you know party next. Look at the end. Senate yet so levels are good. Everything's good. We go let's try again. Many nine point one the mix let's go on out Milwaukee Tim Allen punched in ready to go it is the all night party that acts. Allen's yeah that one album might have been a lot better yet. Then we'll in the classroom and Milwaukee two mountains and ready it. All night party. Yeah and a well no you just refuse I just thought yeah if he isn't regarded all right I just talked enough. I'm sorry that is the third time fake furry today three year ago. That'd boy won the mixed in Malin plunged it ready to go let's go on around Milwaukee it's the all night party mixed. It was here that back. I won the next ten island punched him. Who wants it on around Milwaukee it's the all night party means to me. None out that's just it goes through ego didn't count of write so well. Now our interest Carrie Underwood music OK Carrie Underwood in Iowa in July Jason Mraz and at all we got a 102 rant. So this one my view plug some effects. Right. We do all we'd have to find out who's playing tomorrow night as the supreme recording portal mobile weekend's plane. The weekend is blind but what do they have to do with Jason rafts a but I just talk about the nice weather. That be better yeah nice scenery down summer so vehemently industrial. Do it yet because the better of the weather who have less clothes and less clothes and happier people are smiles are always on the this is the way it is and a Jason morass. Yeah. As Carrie Underwood on the all night party mixed Tim Allen on your radio headed down the summer fast. They don't need to Wear a lot of close weather's nice everyone's happy with a mix. Yes we will we'll we'll take now sounds good I didn't post but I have. It it's our it's our. Okay so we're gonna finish this up and we're taking grip still work with estimates house podcast Graff was act yeah. I was. Wow are you learning learning a lot as the Internet that's that's sort of those councils iron and you guys teaching me all the tricks of the business okay so the work day continues but we need a lunch -- timid just take you to work podcast when he six that we we got eat yet he dinner especially when you're my sides saudis something started the day hours and hours before and like. Two very very professionals. We have we have an intern do we usually will help us out during the games and and we like to include them when when we go out for lunch is a little green. Little interest and he's. Little greening Graff. Who read the Griffey during ended. Video here a little taster of little green you grab you got a little a little bit in the makeshift Felix's family follow us around a little bit he does the bomb. And just like sticks right your (%expletive) hip pocket wherever you are. Priced around and don't fall for you do. I did notice as maybe because of when I ride your car of deceit is all the way back I mean is all the way back. It's not recline all the way back but it's what it's like 45 degree your irritable and it over there it is. And I did notice when Griff is in the backseat to no chance he wears a seatbelt because. When he started talking there right I turn my head in his face was like six inches from known as the water. You don't you smell the product easier to DC got an advocacy right between us leg like our dog he just doesn't wanna miss a thing now. So we're on a way to on our lunch hour dinner hour as it were checked and OK so welcome back and then moved him and does regular work broadcast continues so you know definitely now an hour at game time we got down with a mix stuff up. God don't want everything we needed to get it done finally getting some food on our way for food job. Now this is all on their duration of a siege. Of vowed says summary. Paul or Howard or a half 44 and a half hours. Shipments to line. Avoid. It's only allow. There you go. Stores are stores that clear golfer yeah. Gambling site there that would be a problem. So we got that one that we. That we have on our positional let's. It's a little bit degenerate activity. You and hey how are over under quarantine total for the Atlanta Braves you. So we're gonna get that down we also have the odds total game overhead. Yeah. There was a proper burial grounds or in the first inning and that that was like taking candy from. Made it was it all about them root against the brewers would know what you you've got to do that's gonna happen yeah. It's a Griffith still tag along so Arafat last time in just a touch base with the ones and some that. I don't really want to save everything I've sent him down last night. And did you got a solid event tonight. Yeah I'm not apply yeah now Chris and I are are our friends I played football program good did good yeah. And a pretty good work before sitting. Very good or very very. Actually invite the world wouldn't it. Since analysis right now bills and yeah you're great friends want insider who played the weekends yes friend's phone so this is solid the better friends that you didn't meet down the bottom. By itself that it be awhile now before we touch base with the idea and we've got the out job shadow coming into Nevada. We'll just let Ellis in the news I don't know exactly how we don't know where again. These are people I've heard Gary Ellis you know Lauren Jones and sold I mean I don't know what we're gonna get I think we're gonna get weird. Hi guys sorry yeah former self and I was on his show once and so hopefully solve yeah. We're gonna learn these seem all right you are right decent decently and announce the but buddy rice sounded all right on the air. It's. Pretty young manager Bob Edmonton Jolie huge WL. Look across the sports. World browser goes to sports are Erica. All the beyond Alaska tyrants. And I yeah across central and whenever the puck there are nights where you at all. Savers. And pull off jumpers yeah it has let's say that I'll do a better mother died. Or river jumpers. Little or nothing off Norris is something else. I don't know maybe assets and maybe over the top right. Wolf that yeah. We're taking you with us on a day's work on Friday July 6 haven't house in the morning podcasts when he six. And so were done with dinner in laughter dinner smoke. Paying out red meat big game always watch outside. Saito not in his eyes. Yeah not inside. Not like in the good old days when your spin contracts yeah there is an ashtray rednecks of the board years ago you massages love that I didn't appreciate his losses they should've. Feel. Every morning I would go through like two attacks a shell. Just constant one of those guys that would take a couple of pops and then just. Senate in the ass strangest beat burn it alive. Heavier smoke it smoke and don't let it said but anywhere outside we do have a job shadow headed in. Part of our deal is occasionally we have a job shadow we just talked about in terms of things like that so. We're outside as hunt turf from lacrosse. We'll get to know hunter in just a little while the next segment after this one but. Hunter approaches and probably fearing for his life received walks up to us the side door studio. All right we have food in today as our Tim tells take you to work podcast continues food intake was from B dogs cause brain. Where the chicken tenders the only issue that Tim is they forgot. Donna the buffalo sauce you know for me in their calls slow. But it got on the world do your work we're hungry enough Lance was slapped him and ends and our many damn flight. Mid game. Ready for the post in show harsh and jobs shadow is a late incessantly it when we got here we got it's one guy OK so he still has one minute but. Punctuality does say if you aren't five minutes early you're late. Yes yes well and so we're mid game we're gonna chill out here take some notes ship. How is that food going to be for that. It's a Camilo of those nights. This is usually should be one of those quick hitters they don't it'll be one of those like. It's out of three for 39 you know usually this'll be a one for one pitching performance. I've already taken lessons we got back so. It all at once it. Once it hits that drop you know like where jobs right here Colin expected this kind of grabs onto it in your bowels loosen up that's probably where I am right now speak of the devil there's potter. And you better go up and all access all right all right. Did your Barros got owner Bob hopefully that. Kind of hindered you can do it literally were judged right away look at it for Georgia first nomination he's gonna hear this news. As you Mandela is an ideal time and instead it. And if you are own. It does. Here it comes. We'll check back this is all part of that we're not gonna relies on day in the life well I guess we. Now which it is the first yeah what do you think. Might scare trees we put on Twitter poll that seems to be answered (%expletive) everything. Yeah I know I really miss those throws at us we're talking Twitter Paul that's not what I heard on Twitter. Okay I'll mention Africa. And so mid game were preparing for the show. And after the last pitch you do make the switch over to 1057 FM the fan or radio dot com radio dot com maps are probably listening to the podcast stream a sly if you can also subscribe to the brewers coverage cap it'll it'll apple logo. Qualified seven FM the fan you guys wanna hear our show that we do every night. After the game you subscribe to that they'll load in your podcast the next morning yeah for sure and in the need to download that radio dot com app. So we get to know Hun Ter. Cool I gotta be honest man I really liked the kid has really really cold it he Texan again just. Continue to follow me usually use and yours sandy really really appreciated SL and everything is Tim. I I wrote. Field with hunter because when when you're trying to to break in somewhere and you really really like listening to something. Awkward via one Heyman is a cool front's gonna. Hang around watch you guys talk there's been some in terms and jobs shadows over the your years not name names. Since says. Oh X but now you have not to be judgmental I know some people think it words or to what you get subordinates don't want to some some pretty cool. Situations big time situations some people calling Major League games via or. Sitting there watching him and and then telling you what's score as well you're watching it on TV via. Yeah that that guy that idea but. Some of these guys you just sort of know that they're going to be successful now do they have a style like like we do or like someone else does. We all try to emulate as broadcasters. I think it's a knee jerk reaction assist. Subconsciously you you trying gravitate towards sounding like the guy you looked up to you in. So you have to it takes years to develop your own style and and get away from that that you art in individual this this kid and the spotter kid he. I'm not sure what style he's going to be. And NET talks about this year and who eat it what's his Golding gig. In the India broadcast industry but it's just. Know he'll be successful to some degree or whatever is whatever ends up doing I think he's going to do very nice job and be able to do it for a long time decent bedside manner and and again that would be intimidating to me. Two bit at that stage of my career to walk in to whoever I was listened to at that time Jonathan brand Meyer out of Chicago. Or I'd you know Steven gay area out of Chicago it's owed to walk in and you know them. Their eyeballs is appealed to you wouldn't hang in on everything you see Allison there's like delegates show here journal on your. Oh ship and put me on happening on the air on check it out as our text my mom and got the radio and work day continues. Tenement house in the morning podcast take commute to work. Oh our job shadow is here now is it's tournament house take your work podcasts than you are right yeah I'm going to be yeah with a yeah no we we are trying to judge and you hear initial entrance here. And a that he may have little dirty and the way. But that's all right we'll have a good thing. Because. Wanna target producers here Joe's Zola. He's you met Joseph he's gonna until you have until. Last year only. Joseph Joe's in that club yeah. Some of the deal and yeah. Yes because also our morning show producers in the club two it's a very very exclusive club okay and it didn't. And are what are the afternoon guys used to be in that club I don't feel we can call minute club well known now now he's an in the more domesticated club. The big boys club sure that's. Yet he has to be in the you know. That club again so welcome aboard. If I Ontario from across. I'm from lacrosse at WW Huntsman OK yeah it sound like you got a head start on your radio career I didn't play work fours you 93 upwards in the prostitutes and part time work with other sports agent. Okay yeah that's that's the one that the bill Michaels shows exactly yet. And near you that's how you ran across the post game show that. Billy and I do yeah different constantly social and analyses and then use these as well in the morning show us your post Killen. Now organized which 10 yeah our. Quote although listening you wanna punch in the face. They got to be totally Ozzie 1000%. Honest because there's a couple that we want him on its funds in the wasn't helpful. Oh boy so we are really good thing about adult. At times yeah when Bard morning guy when he says he blew that it did. I wanna punch in the face he lets you look hustle and all I can cause very eagle on eagle combat don't want that yet now there's there's. Allegiance there. The so bill be all good you know bill beyond bill dangerous on to punch. Yeah big due to. And then what about. Your club buddy GO. Company and all he's he's in the club and things that you okay. CC allegiance allegiance there is if you made mention of a bunch of shows except our afternoons ago. These familiar with the idea ya ya little show. Yes. But that's an antibody on there you want to get whacked if I don't wanna get elected and he won but. He got to give one one that's out there a requirement today. And then what there's others there's there's nothing like McGovern. These games hockey polish type bomb. Mayor Mitch. Is that amendments being done. Maintenance yeah. All right. Measurement using image I think I think you'd say as I guess so yeah I think you take. I think that I'll take your advice he you know I think I think for here if I would say it's an I would put the lives right now let's say I would put you like plus 265. Yeah yeah for sure. OK so that's that's good there's Anthony Mandela over here we didn't catch it live as it happens you harmful it's FaceBook why. It's a double and a jobs and knocks out Mandela Oprah via. By what welcome. And you're gonna you're gonna shatter the us will be the easy target. Pop will throw you on the show here for a little bit and earlier vigorously. Shares sounds good so this is all the day's work as reader. Go through the journey you know tenement house well they botnets to them we appreciate. Did you subscribe to. I don't. We don't know what you much. Yeah I don't I haven't looked in the society but it would you do listen now what yet okay yeah so. Subscribe. Well it would be fun well. Very good yeah. Play nobody should subscribe now Whitney yeah and we'll have be on the show we're gonna the next time our podcast listeners. You're the next segment. It's going to be when we launch tonight chip. So we get a little taste of the opener. Oh organ that he had a sort of be a simultaneous. Really it'll happen at the same time so be on the airline. And on the podcasts in time. Yeah that worked Hoyer the French us get and then and then it will be our journey as of yet. Now maybe dances. That maybe it's exit road construction. By your place is they're literal destruction of them across honor. Yeah seems like those Bachmann barrels are everywhere ambulance from that suit. OK if I don't get any of that MC 93 people call and then about construction or most troubled. Oh well at. Com I really just mostly requests for so it's okay not many complaints what's your what's your domestic life get a bunch kids there. No just. One brother. Yeah brother younger. You have is now we go okay do you have a significant other I do now. You don't know. Good move that boot at about CST. Yeah for now for now. But we'll check back. I Darius hunter and nice nice young young do nicer I'm sure will be seeing a lot more him I'm I'm thanking. I will say I will I would hire him it's strange when you when you're just meeting somebody like that a minute you're trying to like dig in. Just to kind of who they are in and figure out what but they're all about. Is now eat you can only ask a certain amount of questions. And certain style of collection. You're trying to dig in him and Sosa would be rightly you know wanted to come out and say we hey are you are raging alcoholic hunter and Maine. And here's you doing drugs smoke and we have how many how many pounds a week you smoking a year. You view you have to be delicate and sorted dance around that. Like even like immensely got the had a girlfriend. Well. That have gotten into some trouble doing that bright in these places you never know no easy it's a disaster and that's what would you do on weekends I don't give a (%expletive) if you got a girlfriend or boyfriend do not matter do not scary does not. By Indian decent how do you ask without offending you don't Ronald we gonna fan because I can't just go to some June Aso pause or boyfriend and you startled when are you straighter you move day. OK now even that. So you've say significant out. Is that okay two is ahead demeaning your kindness and I tell you I. You never knew you never know but we're all getting used to that part of everything for sure we are. All right so now this next segment is the fact that we actually did our main essential job description and that's doing a post game show this is all of what goes into. A day like we've had that day. And so now the show's over we'll do the show didn't catch said show it's podcasted right here radio dot com via a mobile. But we do the show. And do you compressing a little bit I think I sound tired. We got a little bit insulted you after the show to there's there's some more production that we got to do after the show make sure everything's lined podcaster done by this time we've been working with seats. Thirty. What a good 1012. 1011 hours yeah it's about an hour yeah I mean it's not all lifton now in the N exactly there's there some sitting around and waiting involved but. You gotta be under chose to be able to make sure the you'd have compiled all the information you haven't missed anything I dislike this this part of that that. Yes the hours are long but you're right there is some down times sitting around time but I think it's the broadcast. Adrenaline flow. That gets gets Ewing keeps you motivated now degree it is just a cool that lake again though we've watched a high like no other. I'm not puff in my chest out say have the best job in the world that's not that's not the whole essence of this this you're not out here saying that do the cool so again we're now I'm just we're just opening the curtain a little you are a band so you are. Actual Q I am like cool. All right but it's it's long and it's long but it the motivation keeps us there are so. Where we ask you this show is over just finished. We haven't finished dollar post so show work second shell is done second to last. Segment on. Timmons house take you don't work day podcast when sex. All right so we just get off the air. The show's over. A long show them yeah kid it was a really long show no longer ones we've done to me yeah and it was good. I'm tired. Got a hard earned and it was more song suggestions with a twenty team championship theme song. Something that I do not realize would get. This was brought him. That's what's panic for people. Yeah was when he team championship. Team theme song that you Yankee to go a long day and very long game. So are got a bargain best means more years. They fired standing on top the world stage and being owned above the lose. Van Halen I'd. That might be hidden. Some looting and Alan icon now. I'm times how many times you bring that in on a nonstop Rockwell yeah I was is quite of quite of quite a few times. Hunter. You enjoy the show nuts shores. Yeah it what do you think. Dude workplace misconduct. Watch world news here it's a big deal. Kinda might be that's. Me we offend of. I I honestly was this is your question and didn't hear Rudy said you wanna review. That's right let's check box I can we couldn't see. Converted now balanced offense break now get a class action laws do you mind you that's what I'm all right so. I think we'll have one more little segment here on our on a track home and journey home and and that'll be all right all right so good so there you have it and and now there's just one more segment left before we say good bye yeah cell I nice feel for yet we we've kept you for quite some time the floor against podcast we've had. But it it is coming to a very ferocious and we get into some good conversation here on the way now when we usually do. We do we solve the radio problems of the world we've also made jokes that we'd do. We do a radio show right pretty much area we also do pretty much to other shows. One usually on the phone and one on the way home yes. And the one on the way home is usually not super friendly to our radio friends. Yeah I know it can get con just like everybody else you know old that dim guy about she heads yes three cubicles down the Gaza Falk an idiot to me why they hire her and then all that (%expletive) so we did a saves that he took the last to only cold Pepsi out of the fridge. Can you believe they're taking often more important tax day of the year. It's it's April 5 and she's off. Yeah it's things like sound familiar it does sound familiar here I don't know the NBA draft and someone's gone are base our basketball guy is gone. On the NBA. Draft night special coverage. Did that happen. That did happen that you. All right so. Enjoy your ride home and that won't reach on the other side. And the day of work is done. As in. It's about one day now. Had unlike a lot of people in our surroundings here in. We about heroes so creek. Women drink no wondering sadly. Com. And props or are going to it'll justice. Gave up drinking there for the month. He's the July go for a full month not very good for now its engine. Fairness it was not his idea his wife decided that she loved drinking. And he's like well sure I'll do it soon. It's gonna go. I get into the all star break yeah I give someone that. And isn't so bites of the day is done you just when on the field stroke. Must take and it'll work. And your bicycle trek home we as we. Before. How I'm here momentarily. It's eventually ground that we can take legal flat top pass one of my favorite establishments. Talk club on TV. Over on the 27 street yeah its five we're Toledo. Zoo on the order. And you live broadcast. That would probably. Neither did I would just decide to walk the walk out radio advertiser. After that I probably didn't Enbridge is back on them just finish on yeah well you know that's the best way to do it. I'll so I hope you enjoyed terrible journey today and it really is. And all honesty it's it's a cool. It's cool job. It's a lot or people angles yeah. And to play like you said it's a lot more people think what it's not like we're seeing your vision light. This is likely sign up for us why we love you and a lot of people that want to punch the clock. Do their playground is whenever earlier podcast this here. He wants to do. Four hour radio show it show up and go home. I guess that's the yet I can't really tell that do well do it off it's. Him the other thing is true. When we. They have this opportunity. We we don't punch the clock we we put off the clock edges and never really doesn't matter what time this. It just matters that you've got to do a radio show worse artwork everywhere. That's why they're there a lot of guys probably worked before right now and wish that there are working conditions aren't just there to bust their ass is here. You don't want in the morning so everybody can go to work during the daytime and forget about that there's a why I wonder. News. One of these vodcast that we should do it. To examine how to work podcasts. We're. One of our colleagues takes us with them that it is digital recorder. Think they would do it now. Any childhood. So it's the way what you're saying is they don't want to go through their day after or mark Wright is that lawyers and grown through homework don't like to show all told you their word today. Yeah I can see maybe Barton shocked. Maybe bill. Bob. What don't want to come up first build those hot commodity and all the Alaska and bright and we'll we'll we'll let them. Tell you that because bill would have. Bill what have I don't want it here if you think those long long time before chaos what is packer games. That's a long day for migrants polio big time and how that would be interest things they do the game Joseph from I think it's all of the child does now there. The old Brett favre's place. Com. That that's a good track. Then maybe we should see if we get some free. Three tickets out it's usually go up there. At least dinner I am right I mean at least again fund company he earned it that's really our master or. And it was exhaust all part concrete. Probably get a big detail and maybe some asparagus and probably not as good as there is beyond the gold steer. And and that was the last time I want is right along this. So one a yeah. Had you started your daylight 4:30 this morning Bob bed up for forty Jew is what he alarm went off. Yikes yeah I they now where you are you it just gives god what is the Lawrence shows once. No hum of the meeting you just views on this island. 315 point yeah. That's why I'm not doing more. Yeah I know why I agree. Heights are too well what our friends that works with the admiral take I say I don't know if this is wrong and that means. But now I'm going to tell you might Francois and why am I don't I'll dams or tires not gotten jacked up. Milwaukee admirals got a cold. War. Or excellence of bad experience. Voted on by the aid gel. Yes I wanted to go shout out to them I don't know. You heard me yell at Los Angeles this is a journal award winner yeah well yeah I would light a little bit of a pat on the back so I appreciate that thank you very much. Com. But no in all seriousness though. You know it's it's just fun to have people have fun when you're out there doing something that's fun. That might go out there act like a fool and take people through eat chicken wing games to get paid they get paid for them watch hockey it's good. Not much better than that's I appreciate people and I enjoyed it's I was really really cool great great works everybody else yeah. So this is the radio dot com now. That this is hurting and into his eyes it easy it's just drive on the iTunes button. Subscribe radio dodge brands you as also you guys daughter and web site. What about seven of them and that comets. Don't come under the pod cast. Podcasts out there will be on demand tab that you hear all the talking about. The one right so just write a bit. And says podcasts that are gonna find this podcast if your if you got to go throughout the regular desktop and check out. Indeed so there you go. 7000 morning vodcast. Tim and house take you to work episode number. Twenty above consensus thinking yeah yeah. Is that yeah don't need. It has indeed where it a lot of requests to do this stuff fields are bank didn't beg us. And I had we definitely won't do that Vegas aren't you yeah that's definitely an. And I wish I was on things you can and know. That's right everything right after the Anglo World Series of rate down Wisconsin and haven't obviously you're gonna hide that this job perfectly if that happens because gave seven World Series. We'll have been I believe I'm the 31. Thirtieth for the very first aren't so work. And you would think that parade would be a couple of days after I would give it you move shows three days. So buddy you're leaving a Saturday. Yeah. Oh while they might do that parade Saturday. I'll call yeah you really look gives us great religion but I kind of woods yeah. Probably shouldn't would you. Would choose change your flight. To Las Vegas might be had for you you might might hi I would I would understand. Then that would different. But get this in exam later or Lisa bloom there it is. And it's all gone. Tibet house take you to work park here are done use you can now go about Libya you're talking life after you've listened to this no more segments I think as those fun. If you listen to all this straight through we wanna know about it we want you to let us know you listen to the whole thing all the way through. Leave us comment what do we do doesn't have to be a nice one either you couldn't you can rip honesty you. What we told people before please if if there's something that you didn't like let us know yes doesn't mean that we're gonna talk and change we we might just. Now along but now a lot of times we will will will take tens of inappropriate. And we've learned that our our colleague gusties Sparky Pfeiffer we may have booked his next guest on the world according to Sparky said Disney podcast. Our former employee I'll. Extend the olive branch and saying hey man bar buddy recchi retired now graphic designer and OS for a long time and beyond cool Amman they would I think it would be cool. You talk Disney usually no doubt there's no way Steve season. Probably now because it the idea came from me. If if by a had someone slighted in the back door. And you coolest idea ever did I say that slide and I'm just sense. Well probably wrap up this podcast and how we started last one cause that it. Came momma gonna shake that bad hey baby don't just dragged. Advance. Paid maybe you'll agree that it's okay baby got a slap that man a model let's face. It's not hot no idea either you go and from the united sentiments ounce in the morning podcast.