Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 27

Tim Allen
Monday, July 16th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid introduce you to Fan producer Mitch Ross and get permission from Bart Winkler to host the morning show!

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Okay timid just in the morning podcast number 27. She won me Nelson CL a gets I give him right now. Yes because your ear keep along at home a make it did score a point to make sure we get it right. 27 of these and we've pretty much managed upset everybody that we work with. In just 47 short episodes that's right leg world like the in all the the self cleaning oven that you want about oh it's 47 payments of 1999. You can now pick this up if you're hearing it on the bodies phone or someone turned beyond the audio or whatever radio dot com app you download that favorite. 1057 NFL Milwaukee. And and then you. Favorite Timmons house in the morning Kosmas driver right sooner than you can also do that on apple to accessory as Lewis near here podcast. We also did have a fire back. Palm of another podcast has gone on with the station that's a professor from pipe bomb yes and I they I don't know exactly how it was. I'm firing back because they. Asked me to come in and do one of the podcasts with them. So I had I didn't. I came in and latest smack down on their ears and and it was a good subject matter was what you don't like about me. That was the final question name one thing that you don't like about ten mountain. What was the outcome I don't know what what I said was sometimes you are. Just anal as fought about the smallest thing yes. But there's a reason and it pisses me off sometimes there's will be in here they'll be like 54. And there's you know. One strike left in the game and you're asking me about what happened in the fifth inning is you don't want verify want to verify which is good and that you know makes me verify what I say. But I'm sitting here unemployed and had fallen tree and I'm like shut off but double figures out a second if I was on that thing. And so when asked what don't you like about yourself out what would you have said I would've said a similar thing that sometimes I take too long to get my point across. I just think sometimes I wanted to discover every angle. And you don't need to do that sometimes Summers is gonna say what you mean. Just say it was your chest and just yes it's did you say it. Stop but around its they have out now would you say if that was me wrote the first thing I would say is lasting a (%expletive) and thirteen year yet that's tough to get used to. But it is natural for were not natural that I'd say sub knocking off. You can't grow up you can't readjust. Your laugh now I try it let's have tried this and Rami. The Americans really funny zags that. And then the breathing part of it is is that raising Brea. If what was the first thing you with you thought when you heard my laugh the first time. I'm not sure I liked you when I first match. On the hour and some no paste I I don't know because. I get you confused. With someone else at that same time that Alcan and as the interns so I'm not I'm not a 100% sure we knew enough to engineer who was shot I didn't putt that there's a distinct difference there. I didn't know finish your trainer. Very similar. Note I I didn't know what that there was I know you're. Because we get interns in here and and I think this is on not unlike a lot of businesses we get into rise in here that want to impress a for sure. We didn't do this day thing and this is your chains well to win at radio station and they're gonna hear me say summon an organ in the on year coming up my own shell. I would prefer that it would be someone that is a little too chatty over the top than someone that has intimidated by. That that I don't like at all and I was definitely on the over chatty side you were on the chatty Cathy side yet. Well really I think so I think it was you so I always say it was I always give the interns time I don't really delve too much into it right away to skim the 02357. Then sort of appearances on the show before it trying to get to know you guys. Are you at that time yeah. And sell. The it's just. It might have been you but I'm not a hundred is probably means like 90% share or maybe you relate. Is this kid ever gonna shut the Faulk might have been you via via. A center right here at the other other interns that are shown up. Again this this is nothing new there were now breaking ground that now turns are different here than anywhere else. Just radio is different than a lot of you know. It is because a lot more in the pool for sure because a lot of times there's there's no chance of getting paid and now it was. It was like blasphemy when I would tell the people and I was at school with and hang out and the Angolan I enter an hour to pay for. How are you kidding mine too. Yeah you yeah yeah no I don't (%expletive) it I'm I'm gonna they're trying to do some so I think in that realm it might be different than some bud. Somehow overall girls some of overstepped their bounds with regards to personal space. That's a big thing for me. I'm not like. German follow bad about it. And it's not about germs or zero to sports flash you don't want somebody breathing down your truck in Mac yeah now it's just about personal space like. Pack the (%expletive) off pleaded. Not getting it. Because you know you know I've got my spot and sit here that was definitely me when I was. Inter I've got my spot here as you know you know I'm a field I am a contact guy. Well that I am afraid I crave physical contact then how that fine but still. That's just like one of view and while that's like just that's not the large majority but there's some that. You can be talking to someone in your face this way up the microphone and running and you have all your stuff to me as computers and hope that. And you'd turn around and dude is like three inches from the literally periods is your brother out but it is the apparent. Just get away. So somewhere else say anything else mentioned with the data like pulled a knife on someone. Yeah that that did give them a bad review to figure a way it's where's my steak knife is out here yeah. I'm gonna bring that's my cut code as part of my seven knives at home you fell for that. I love them. And this portion of the Tim 1000 morning podcast right to buy cut go. I know I hate kind of well. I don't know about that my ex wife Sally 00. And I saw is that the only thing that you really are. Jacked up about the you've got to keep him in the papers in my son yeah. Well yeah she that's about it I guess not no but it's for steak knives have a little a little carried little holder and LT and and it was like I don't know 250 bucks tees it's it was a lot of money. For four steak knives for a dude and he made it appears you can buy with that in goad you go to their it department store and just pick up but nice effort 999. But these these are decent knives and they individual ones that are like fifty cents each and all the all the pieces of silverware that I have. There although. Talking quarter once I'd like force for forks or spoons and for knives and they are all worth about two dollars collect no you can get a whole set for. Seven boxers on cancer. I don't know I don't really look at his grabbed cheapest thing to fund other brewer's situation by the way coming up later on in this podcast we syrup to Sicily recorded a conversation that we had with part wink yeah and I was. I told you after we did it I stress feel guilty almost felt bad. I implement just felt so sad and done it before. I just figured somebody be mad at me for doing it but I feel a lot better. Some value field goal they had. Bill that I've done it before it it glad I have. A myriad. Of recording devices around me when I do generally your hands at all times as the most fidgeting and whenever I get the ear pieces and they'll hold the I came in here chuck and bar one day and for some reason. IE started a fight between those guys. On any one matter I mean they went at. Off the shows this was off here. And I'd just. Recording device that right there for one but one button control and knocked. That up and just hit the record button set it down and watched fireworks. Doubt at all on tape. By the awful it was an agreement with part side of things I told him that I listen to it I think I'd like you to listen to once in Ireland had to put me in your typed it like you listen to it did I did hear it. I'm with at and so I thought. It goes nowhere outside of the delete. There's zero chance of that proud of you anywhere yes. There is selling a put it on line right so we surreptitiously. Recorded a conversation that you and I were sitting in the car. And Bardot called in called your cellphone. Into the and the speakers and but not so that's coming up Bart was all her about it viewed as worried if he said he got a daughter he was worried. That again like see that's what I fell back as I would also if I would have found out that I was being record I didn't know and like. He income was 600 no. This is surging in your feelings like yeah how did that take it up a stupid am line. Brewers we're recording this just after the brewers ended the first half just went eighteen I mean we have turned the microphones off I went took a test. And we're back in your do and it. And if we get started the podcasts win nagging went into that game ended hole we shoot it. Yeah but at some interesting stuff going on are the brewers in a good spot two and a half games out at the break. After losing six straight into the break seven of eight into the break eight of ten into the Brighton. It's okay it's so okay spot. Overall there. Still one of the best teams in the National League that's what's tough to argue with yet but. And we'll see what they do over the all star did healthy and will go talk to those dudes on product depth. You are headed out of town for the all star break your head out weight to a destination which comes with. It it comes with some connotation to it. Oh was that age is does okay so I'm going to Denver Colorado guys who go with a friend of mine his name's Robbie. Played football Robby Robby is on my best friends. And I'm just going out clear the mines for a few days we were going to do locked California originally. To visit another one of our friends who lives out there got a new job couldn't get the days off so we said Europe. Go to Denver and season seized sites shorter flight play a little golf yes shorter flights or about two hours. Easy to cover rocky mountain. Anaconda brown Boone. The last housing Colorado. Was about. Five years ago and now. Via the altitude did not treat you well. I was actually in day out of power lifting competition with the national competition here rice national championships for high school power lifting. And I was so falcons sweaty. The right to change shirts. In between each left that I did. Could I just drenched through each one. You know you are I would letter suck in water. And didn't didn't work here's letter yeah I am I have enormous Lance. On a year ago this is this Wanda says. Speak boggled syrups physicians this bomb. Bob this is Bobby you want guys who were discussed was a god like a deep. Lumpy. Anybody. Look at. Are yeah yeah I saw that you called Bob. Yeah well yeah like last week herself than. Yeah he did pay. This admire your on speaker here with my buddy Billy. Is somebody. But Billy's going to what Denver tomorrow. Yeah. You ever been to Denver. Ever heard yet little dog issue I'm sorry to hear that. Yes ours are here is the same June yeah. Ask. Ought. To shoot. Air. Or I'll. Paula got up out. Now that's said hey Bobby living let me tell you some were recording our podcast right now see you're gonna play a part in the podcast. Yeah and then listen no no this is this okay because you can say what you don't like about Tim Allen. Off I went that I've I've known as guys and Zyban a fourteen years old. On the verge of a lot. On the verge of arrests at times. We we possess the guys that you did get arrests and lift. No I don't they know only okay I know we. Picked on memorial. Yes that's right I don't help clean them up further recovery that he was your children graduate with a Jerry Della I'd I'd Bobby while an eight I'll talk to UC all star break right so we'll get together. A twelve week old poppy. Mark. Would you name them moved around quick. Cali. And you know that they're doing California. Yet. This up. OK you got it yeah he'd he's talking about the ribs of tomorrow Sorrell who bombed what Robert's brother right or specialty meats. Yet note no problem iced it can just considerate. I'm only. Are you. It. All in all white crowd out all. I could've done to see you consider it don't. You and all right Bobby. And even. Korea. While I can ask Bobby and as my OJ bought real Bobby eight we call them cry and Bob. Back in the day he can do is stop now he was always Ryan it's just he really is a mirror isn't the end that I went to school at who. Ride every single day can use like at at school because when his mom would drop them off for the first two periods of school no but this was in high school he tried quo parties and really again. Kind of emotionally unstable little that have you ever cried. When you're drunk it did to a hammered and sit down your body's. Then used at all and your feelings he's let it all out to Tim Allen ever have a moment of weakness like that. She flew away on the on the broad ended June. Not from drinking. Okay. Room aft from one of the recreation stations. No okay. All okay never mind got it again we're at yeah yeah I'm Jeff Carter into the part of my body now. To Billy party yeah yeah and that's you just Chad he's yet to edit everything you out whatever about it. A as you what. You level so much you cry. As word gets. They speak she's kids need you now I know that if you are picking up dogs my buddy Bob just got a new dog. All. We are a little issue on all fan here this week are so sorry for pool real respect each week I know that. Who we all remove god quit two weeks he's got a new bitch via we all make mistakes I know we all do I left the cat out. In like 95 degree heat last week. My girlfriend she she alliance. So I covered it. And her son go over and we work yet Golan well one of our band mates here at the fan Sparky left his dog. Ninety degree heat pump we all make mistakes. That cruelty to animals there was no intent here. Ever going got a little. Concerned that we were talking about that on the post games. That's why don't have pets do I really take care myself that's that's part of what we all make mistakes ever I turned out OK the dog didn't die you know that didn't go to the bat now didn't died was a couple of hours that. It the dog's name was sage no I'm kidding. I can't. Solid just another news of note here all right this is how article Lou I am call me old. If you want I will so my son is home buying something you ordering something and deep I'm right. I'm watching TV's Tara some open turn a box open and I no wait it is like Christmas morning yeah us yes it was just the other day in and I'm like would you order some what he opened a knob is like yeah I ordered hat. Well we got a hat now of this dude you know time. G fueled by hand outs from other teams is because the colors will match his boardroom. Of course doesn't mean he's a fan of NA is just so cool had its callers and we'll go with this turtle was this yeah yeah his button down shirt that he wears its. Got to poll Dragic I've gone so I said what what what team and what what's what happened to devise of what hat did you binding sort of a Patagonia. And I sent us soccer had. No role. Of Patagonia. At your iGoogle a fringe soccer team I thought it was a country. I'm the kid I didn't know is a clothing line guy I had no idea all gee I can't honestly got a new idea I'm a dog all of minute. My faults with the fashion police. A gradual eroded that Soledad I I can't really Wear any of the bad ago only a stuff I know of it that I see a lot of you awareness arm. Might clothing selection is a little bit limited. In my. Life style. When you're 64. And like 340 pounds. Sums clothing brands or make clothes that are designed for people like you now Patagonia kind of does though they're more of what you outdoors he. Sway he style has I had I don't know aren't involved I'd never heard somebody because they don't make baseball jerseys or baseball cards are stroke or need depth. You know I thought they rush hour. So our buddy the professor Anthony Mandela had told me that you know what you're not that far out of line so I've got a little land ammunition to they laughed him. As I thought it was a country right I just saw with the World Cup going on Patagonia sounded like sound like it was at least I get should I. Yeah. I would awareness but I did find out that it's a cultural region. Don't know where Dan I don't know Mandela told me that. OK since you are right there it's like Scandinavia. There was the term that Mandela put down. Is Scandinavia country or region. I think it's a re asking me what he did this when he told me just say yeah and a Scandinavian. Is like. Origin of pirates not pirates vikings. Okay it's in every Scandinavian yeah I don't think Scandinavia as a country so I you know again Norway's a country maybe it's an age difference from France is a country they want the World Cup congratulate Jerry could be Patagonia. A and there. And we will meet another band mate in that is Mitch Ross. Very insisting fellow band mate he's a new member of time were no he's not well okay you might improve it though. But he with this our first time getting to know Mitch Ross. You know miss for a lot longer than I have and I've worked alongside match for now my whole time working here. All you got to meet him at his. Introduction to the radio presidency was horrible and there are some great conversation about it all it was he was oral. Now the only I guess the and hadn't didn't address this with him on target to know segment what your next year. But of the masters he's one of our sponsors. We come out with. Auto we come out with our updates their sports flash masters these WS SP sports updates studio okay. Right now and that's like the cool way to do. But he always thanks I appreciate no but he he comes out that he's ever seen and he's come a long way believe me we'll hear about the hear about it. But he has this whole thing now where I don't like he's also went to east front TI I'd love when he dozens salt the game after Haiti's. When he starts it out and that ain't levels often in these Oka. Being. Seats I hung up at its ugly he's having an orgasm with a throat if I saw so we've had one of our people in the BC now body today that would be belly without comment. Orgasm and go. To name him sentenced track it's so and that we have we have cruelty because one of our guys left the dog out in the simmering heat it. Pete is not gonna like this project in fact of life and at all I don't think we're due to sponsorship for Pia I would talk to sponsor the podcast please let us know and love that. I didn't know you can get a sponsor give me for sure and more we do this this. Gets an a segment. I could be reading a read for Joe's and Zola is anti bullying hotline. Or the Jeff for a lot ski drug treatment facility Steve Sparky Pfeiffer get a latter program. And chuck Freeman dating wide web site. Chuck Freeman divorce scored the and do in a lot of lawyers V wade into that. Yeah. But let's hear I'd get to know mayor match and then we'll come back in touch always Hitler speech pathology department it yell bull badgered. Would come back and in touch base we've always acts by and here from Bart wink losers get to no man or man. They get to know segment of the tenement house podcast million ready for us yeah right up. Yeah and so you know proper match I even had our way and for this moment for so long. You have let's start out with you're working your along. Geez. It's been five years I think now okay on the payroll or him that your nickname we need to clear some okay. I thought it was mayor match so then we added it was impairments. Yes it did it is it is now okay so what happened to become mayor. And then where did the boss come from are you the call Pruitt the mayor I I don't know where the mayor came from necessarily I think. Clemens article on the mayor just mayor. I think maybe that kind of got either of them had it or I don't know of anybody you're the only man enough care vote there OK right then when you guys that are pod he did. Podcasts on them. Yeah the producer about when it. That was the inception that the boss the mayor of Boston for the mayor the boss Mitch Ross about how successful was that podcast on. And we got hold actually for this legislation and he. Station it was brought it was the better one out of those. To podcasts that there weren't that was I was the first round of the producers podcast which is swells and that crew was you and I unity and Brandon and polls by. That is Rosetta was jet at the time were the only two podcasts Roland on the plan right now yeah. I I almost sparking Evelyn back then. But I I don't know that I I don't producers was hit the inception of that absolutely brought us and for the meeting again it was a big deal that's always huge here's what we're gonna get critiqued. Every week. This is this is me trying to you know take put my big boy pants there on the radio I didn't develop ourselves together develop the barrel just really sad I was a big where all development development talent development because you know we are in the entertainment business and right. Yeah we don't know it up then let me there wasn't another nickname for you know we have we can Wear this. It mortified Mitch mortified best thinking he felt if it it. You know why that is if you don't love it I mean yeah you know I would say nerves were factor for probably. I don't know probably Goodyear I would say it is at the start my. My my updating editing did you or should you abuse this kid. Sort of a little bit yeah I because kind of rough and there's little hard on me but you know what it's it's appreciated no question. Okay yeah because really you had me here I mean it was from the disasters he's up to a studio I want us and it felt like it needed to update script he should've been read those like. I'd like to be anywhere but here right now that can we just begun but the Celtics. Yeah that was that was the problem but I mean you know I I don't know if I was. Well finally I guess there were it was one of those things I was doing one update let them right now wasn't getting the reps. As you like his tenth and finally won and it literally got pissed I was like. Art I'm gonna go that makes things that back studio. Where we record podcast. Hammered out updates for about an hour. Two straight over and over and over and over felt a lot better after doing that is kind of kind of got. Just better at it. Your provider from wants aren't correct. Out of Gaza. As a along pretty good at it seems to be I feel like losses taken a beating lately. This nation you know whether it's on the on the network or something in the morning we. We're we're I think we're making auto lots of little parts from final lap for crisis and he sounds he's his accident a lot worse than probably anyone at this station it's. What's worse than yours on. Don't use these bills norm he doesn't have. I don't want no veto he doesn't have one of those like where I was talking a whole world oil and watched that gives it up or are going right up off highway fifteen out here. That might hate it isn't the Charlie parents and he's making fun of us that you can't that he gave to federal state and legitimately is making money always funny it pretty he's from Wisconsin. Earnings. All right so what's that we ask everybody gets it now on the get to know segment. Here until 1000 morning podcast. What what's your dream again in the in this industry. In this industry my my dream gig I guess would be too. To be an update anchor probably in the may be covered games at night and be sort of I guess I don't be reporter. So not as a talk show host. Well Ed. I guess I mean it I don't say I wouldn't say that is my. Ultimate goal. I would I just I admire Michael and it has work to Howell how how much he is all over a team and you know. Chiming in providing some humor that type the stuff. So then you should in theory then be hosting shows shoot well. I guess you could argue that happened that I definitely enjoyed doing it there's no budget. OK I've got myself a little bit but I don't know what's your idea my index shows I loved. I'm. You do drugs. And probably okay me too if you ever done drugs. I have done nothing nothing too heavy presence here and go hair and a black RO network. I'm scared to sit and that's the other thing a lot of people don't know is that germ resistant. Play enough punk metal band yeah well. Yes it would be. And like hardcore band yeah yeah I guess you get to the untrained ears that. Yeah offensively we're we're familiar with some leaders stuff so's you indulge us with. Iowa and out of my window. And I looked out my neighbor and now we're. And so we had crossed some hero stuff what does it. We ran across somebody's and we are all our YouTube video. Oh man you guys. We did a totally you know all those are. And those those I was in college and that's right while this is redefine the problem now this this city is fine though because I mean it really is worth flying the com because as Mets on guitar and vocal stratus is you yet has yet I actually that Qatar I've never owned a guitar. That's always been mates tires and gore you know I don't bass guitar never own electric guitar never I'm exit drummer by. By trade I guess effort this. Parents are dumb enough to buy to buy me drugs that seventh grade and and you've never been a man as a drummer. I have. Not there was abandoned Milwaukee for maybe a year that we kind of jammed in place he shows around town roses drummer but then. Got to ask the playmaker and a few years back. Then they start up in the 2014. That summer and fourteenth when fifteen maybe your base and a base where these same size alone. Not really know. I used to do a little some background stuff book. Not really anymore. You and you enjoy working here at the fan right of course there it seems it seems like you get along that. Idea that's a rough to me. No of the one thing it can't fight them. Bucking video to our dollar to its golden now. It really shows that he oddly you know what I gotta say since there barely sold here that occasionally maybe a little bit. The tick above occasionally. I hear that you're right a little bit about things here and there I mean we all gripe about war and did that give me your song weed with everyone else and are we all this industry or not. But that that's I'm just like you know it's yours. Well you know. There there are things that obviously you get under your skin a little bit about any jobs but again I guess and overall I I love coming here and you know these guys especially. Yeah you view handled that very well and really what was that was that. Did you like your neighbors of a certain hour you're just get that nice that's PC clean answer there yeah. Yeah pretty much Billy anxiety thing on giant still. It's it's just golden stuff and we would sing along to once in awhile. We wiwa. And what we'll what was the line and that's gone copier odds. Out my window and I lose my standard and La La zone authorities want. It's. That's the cover those are all comers but other out with a W and guitar which is cool this and you know you threw that out there on on YouTube yet. And I applaud them because there's some things that. There's most things that I want you to have a couple drawn covers way back you to do. He has probably. Find it can you can you find your arm went to the neighbors probably at my life was point listen. That's on the zest that's a huge unit that's that's the one we line up on him. I think that's where we might have found that you left your thing open that it is how it is well. You'll hear your account open. The so this is get to know mr. Ross. Producer on fan. Does a lot with the Milwaukee Bucks and Sparky and post game coverage for the box some mention I got to ask Jabari Parker no longer a buck. Com. I I was I was this morning. Actually use well. I was kind of and Italy all season long art are there to do word that is him out of there and run the table and anything that different you know and a jubilant Clinton because you Ares I wouldn't work up a big moment that you. He. Good for him to refer to years or forty minutes or half make money and can I would Messina coming. Three days ago. It was looking like he was gone back in the office offered which would have been I think rate for him is he good about himself. And it would that is the Bucs obviously now I guess the worst part about it is they don't Chicago. I mean he could he got a guy that offer sheet from Sacramento. Well Chicago's no threat to the box right now well Null but I just think that you see the bulls won four times a year. And assuming of ours stays healthy create your ball park on he's probably get a ball out of its box mound we'll see what he's got it's got some you've got some bones to pick him. But in in a lot of ways he's betting on himself anyway with this contract that's reportedly. Two years the second year courses team option which means. He's betting on himself this year and. What does a song. But this partnership. So much he's can say hi this little sliver single guy in Milwaukee. Yourself use. What did you think I think that was a mom. An infant that was too bad OK I know aria yeah that's that's all right. That didn't have a lot of hard course wag but it wasn't offensive. Those exact name are you doing how's it going man. It's not at all this seat I don't black and I'll out of it minutes. I don't know man and I even charge for a long islanders here. Kamal come up. Well. He's an island and on and it's. Okay how about if we can't find it we just turn this on and you say you. Well. Not only gets enough segment our thought I was almost. Time is almost though. Minutes is there anything you like this dementieva significant other. I was trying to get him with a single check on her way when was the last time you had a significant. Well man that was the last I realize now the clear. W errors that's all we hear Billy here you're still all right bill. Let's couple weeks for you. Off the years it's in the or he's been a long term relationship with jail yeah. And Jill with Rosie. Jane if I Al ten holder yeah I had to admit that I don't know. I doubt. No but you were in Vegas is a few years ago and it's. And this break out there almost two years ago two days about you could amend the streak out there and instantly like. Yeah. But he's this. If this thing. Is don't Faulk. Pleasantly. I've heard of people doing that it's. Risky. That's risky business even that's risky business. That and that's there's some good looking police officers he might get tripped up now all the next colony over its legal. Which counties. On night night yeah. Via accents up to mounds that I'd I'd discern soft yet scared and deserted her neck problem for bad news. Radioed for our studios and today again he would. It beyond its and written probably don't answer and our speed and homeless taking pictures of stuff on his knees. All right moments as good talk and you're going to get an idea that he's joining makes it yeah. I was wondering when my time would come and I'm glad that this is a couple of minutes and you know my personal life is very that you are asked us. You wanna get its. Lot of us another suitor is gonna win the game don't forget about that now and we are you Arafat is yet do people bitch about us via have you heard the great mountain. This. That's disappointing and when are people gonna start taken. Some shots at us the are you guys worried B I don't know if you know the world according to Sparky the fire some shots that's true that this these companies. Fire and out of wood and all that magic pixie dust I noticed it's a neurotic. He doesn't Disney pocket again. Magic kingdom podcast announce. He is that they broke down Mitch. A couple of episodes ago was pretty riveting stuff they broke down. Com the key in any who has no no that would be a good one up at the good topic to discuss they broke down who has better follow case. Disneyland. Disney World for state of Wisconsin state fair. And what the conclusion was that they came to was Disneyland has a slight edge because theirs are made with 25% more. Match. Yeah man on. That's that's very little magic funnel get along with spark of Brigham and I I would say he's. He's in the guy that has has meant toward me very much that's curiously enough. You're talking brutal it's fueling this idea if you if you had to if you add if you're willing to not obvious. If if you had to give someone one swift square kick in the ass. Here at the fans who have been wrong it's just that's good question just done just square united are gonna hurt him you just get their attention. Wrong. While now and I are trying to get in trouble there nodded I don't know. Alone. It wouldn't be your boss you know that Napolitano. And comes. I do economists are the via your post in which you come back for more. So you're sends to kick him square in the hands were really good one maybe just hit one good. Nice okay maybe there's. An edge back president turn it on start now I look forward coming in here with Tim at Sparky. And shown up you know early in the game hanging out PS and watching the game. And we're doing that now of course here but. It was just I don't know maybe it was this act what is new around here and it was this it was awesome I was about those. Missile. Go home measurements. Get to know measurements of 2000 morning podcast. Number 28 thank you minutes. Let's hit it about bill that's because you were to sit out of work I was not. As to who was up or can plunge in the face and a coach Lauren fix marquis. What would. Yeah I I think I'm all right with that uses let them off the ground below do. You would either of those (%expletive) chicken eggs a year from my pocket. The areas Mitch Ross or the boss or Rosser dom mayor whatever whatever. It is so you don't like the boss. Hated the mayor the boss it's wrong so what's wrong it was minutes it was the coolest guy who's sick of the producers podcasts one of my voice with a lot higher than those and those like you. Right now not now no but we. Tell you what I'll bring in some of my old stuff. Nice let's do and you bring an idea that. Our listeners have gotten to here one year practice up and it was like and my my voice was way higher selling out I'm eternally lead host this podcast that we're doing the and I. I'm thinking all the bosses are gonna be listened to it men and told us we're gonna get critiques like we are gonna get emails back about and I'm like. This is the producers podcast from a lot of 57 up and the band dot on the sub head. I was two men like the may the boss Mitch broad I what does it do a lot of talent yeah it was horrendous. And I I'm I'm embarrassed what's fun about it though is. There's at least like two years where you saw in there's just no there's no get right but did you think you're on you know you think you're all right yes it's the naked ear though B Erekat and but. People that you know listen the radio and and take a lot of scientific. Thought is this kid this guy. I applaud good microphone. No comment. What. Yeah that's that's a whole crux of my issues with this industry don't get me go one. Oh yeah we don't want you to gets voted sorry but never mind. But I don't bring in some stuff I at its darkest sat. I know I don't think we can play that. No I know we can't. But what I'll do is I'll record it with one of these so that the audio below its audience on an eight track player now what's the next level up you got your forty fives coming in handy now to hand. Ed saw recorders here it'd be easier to flop over to digital yeah for sure so bad dude it's so you're gonna you laugh I love I can't wait all right. So now we've got a entourage of your some of this. Like the early days of bar wing core the duke lure they gave me I have been up here I think he did that (%expletive) all the time. Can he stopped when to help you won't do it. It's over I think it sounds weird but then like when I was Ottawa come. And I did the show with them I was like. You didn't do it knows that what. You're gonna do you're gonna do the weird good morning everybody thing is nil. Not today. All right cool and. So we we're sitting out having a smoke. In the car here outside the side door studio and notices new cameras out there LE 360. Revolving Cameron's. Also somebody that is that checks all of our security footage in this building all the time. Chuck Sullivan who's our market manager that means it's a pretty much runs the entire ship. GM of the building he is going to join us on one of these podcasts here you said within the next month as he was down four yeah I bumped into him last week and I say it Sharpton good dude and again like sports fan by the way he has he has end and I sent it by the way were -- in this podcast you thing would we do to get to know segment would you mind jumping on board with us as. He won I don't know Bob nobody wants to know about me. Yeah we do we do want to note yes we do you have us like never had a conversation with him now more than like. Ten seconds. The one time I ambles ran right through we're way. And it's just like. Should you don't wanna take him out Noelle if you're kidding me you wanna run over one of the cleaning guys OK fine adapting and one of the producers they're. Right so this is episode gives. Robbie forearm shiver of I have to we're sitting outside having a smoke and listen the ball game. And Bart calls your cell phone. And in them it was probably couple minutes in and I thought. He wanted to go into a story about chuck Freeman is is broadcast partner on the golf course or whatever. Remember that in incisive will hold on part of the me I got to grab some insider whatever rights I came went and grabbed the digital came back out sat down. And just rolled tape. Cica negated midstream here. Impart was very concerned about us airing this because at the end Geary does sort of give us permission to Eric we've we've laden I know what kinda. But odd to be fair he had to preview. And listen to begin wanna make sure that he had not said anything offensive salary freeze yet. I didn't think it was that big of a deal I mean whichever now if you want to double check double checked again. So here you go here's a Kyocera to assist recording and Bart's unaware of it till the end enjoy. Oh we bet ya. Your career curry anchor the ticket. It really bad record or all cleared up or not like I'll crack and start over. Probably there you know. OK so that it was fifty person. Act hurt hurt at all. Thirteen holes. But yeah. Particularly chuckle out back and Conan. I got a like. And I definitely don't work that you've heard. That's like being a that's like me yep. Well. I did I thought I agree or pursuing locally at 65 year old grandma. It's what we have slowing is that we have ever seen in my life. Event. We're. Hope that in. And I bit faster and you. Like every Saturday and Dick grass court. Here on this girl and her crazy. And then I heard her call. And hey it went edit all the water I all all all of their injuries. The rare Saturday and straight back on travel. And money did you lose. Eyes the eyes so Bob Barr or your viewers in the news but heard about our members of these numbers of oh yeah you goods are accountable heard about it. I had it. Down under and what did you just say I don't. We've got to admit it's not a decent. Here we'll play and a bit more okay. All right good I like that. Thanks involved. I go I'm. Guys you got Celek applauded loser. I go bald yeah. I grew older actors I got my badgers sure god that I had some breakfast for you. Why if you don't understand it chalk I'm doing it for about 1:8 on Saturday morning it's fun. The letter but added I heard it. Yeah Ali. I look at. The. Oh Jesus Chrysler doormat and he sounded so dome. When you guys were were doing the sports trivia which is a (%expletive) train wreck so. I'm in new year olds and you know. See it and we'll answer that caused all. The questions charged at all. And I'll show. Work I don't know it. He didn't even get the easier questions were worth 100 added that he graduated high school. I don't believe that it's almost. Did you graduate high school. I. Think like that yeah no letter well. Okay I don't Claire yeah yeah. And there. Florida like this stainless steel appliances and got back nice. It was really nice. Yeah. Yeah. I would know because everything you invite over you you refuse actually was in the house. Yeah I don't think his wife licenses this year was like oh I definitely doesn't like us. Well I've just Wear it Vegas she wanted nothing to do with us. Up here. At all. I'll plot. That he's elegy. Goes to sleep at night in his dreams. She thinks this year you. Zealot that means Bart. Yeah. Well as I let me. Oh god I did not agree. Nearly an hour and eight year gigolo is kind of funny. That does the burst I saw you do you. It's as well look at yours. You lost all of these are Null let's give them that these so your wife does or does not like us. She does notice them. He's covered war. Is does it like is she evident affair was McGovern. Yeah. All this it. Yeah. It's just send him that. It's a question that should know yes. While I'm on the phone hey mark in this shelves means. Hey I variance in. Error. If I pull the definitely also if OK discovered said yeah why it's so outselling yet I don't know she'd go anywhere near. My flight departs if your wife word or have an affair with someone that you work with who my dad who beats him. Her own little more club. And. Well I was shocked when a cigarette when you dropped that line is this typical typical typical typical. All and sell. If you were to have an affair with someone network that to work with who might that be. Because it showed me. Together yeah. What is headed to boot camp. I. Almighty god we got a new morning show is it's always showed we use it makes a horse in the morning Phil and them. All that aren't a lot of yeah they're looming above set off town called some right now. Confirmation. We are horseback conversation with Tom. Just to make sure that we won't say who what do you want to fill in for. Who wanted to work your joke that Jolie's. I'd rather well and see. Beck is right. Are all now. Know I thought it would then yeah Salt Lake City or zone. All those in your daughter. Our we're doing FaceBook live after the first game in the regular postage side. Oh. It's not. The ice. Their horrible. It's pretty embarrassed him. Well bread buddy. Wellesley and ask you. Don't want to show we do it and I like it. Dale the only aperture. You've done it I don't know that I. Well hey. So it's August 8 ninth and ten. I thought I'd be. Does that sound I had. Whatsoever to. It was definitely you know Asia. The boys got fired it's him 1000 morning in his baby judges birthday present. Honest I don't morning. But it didn't try not doing. So why not let it. I don't read we think we're gonna bill are all open and everything you need to respect your audience more. Although the although this war thing people would be. Poor. Try to move. Yeah shorted got stations are all god almighty god (%expletive) I don't vote. I thought well. OK if it's not us that would be equality entertainment for the wrong reason and listening I would enjoy it. That. It's frivolous look at them. That doomed Josep account has increased. Have you been reading that. Who made that I. I don't know that you know it's. He is black and that much time on my hands essar lithium assortment of drinking and that I do and doing a radio show. And away object. Her body through its watch area tell your wife and tell your wife we settle yeah. You all don't ever. Here they are those. Consider drinking by yourself. You do period. Do you know how far you are here I know drinking. Giants started yeah. Credit. Six. Yeah and human so over now verb. Almost two weeks. Did you get bigger I. You're aren't paid the girl we don't like I. All the days. Alex Gordon sleeping pill that they are both. That's awesome. Would did you think it was a problem. And yeah. I've degenerate are. You of the dad. Used that. And so. There is got a total that. But no kids what else I got like six. Brownies and it looks like I have you dad. Well yeah I mean he is getting older. Ideas he's a forty. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna put my arms by the year. Oh yeah my case yeah no my my calves you could recommend. Certainly far companions. So yeah. I did yeah. There still he's still everything hours are very pleased. Guns for me I mean for me I mean you got to take everything in relative to the rest of the body right I mean you're a 145 pounds wrong. 185. Portrait you park. I know what lets you does that mean your fat. One night at your approach in this country. Thanks in areas that fastball then. Yeah. Ivan got a 195. Pounds six grades than. It's. The seventh. Through idea. It's our daughter alive. Or. And I got I got you real quick you know one more thing it was stated yesterday adding a page. And at all. Plus that's funny he's just. I don't it just happened I didn't give today it is definitely. So I had to call my boss our Boston. Explain the situation room and I thought it was his fault for awhile. 0204. Because you that he was on vacation so I turned my money. My time sheet information him. But so that he checked it out together over the payroll so it was a and oversight of sorts. And I don't know I've been working near thirteen fourteen years. I got. Well maybe I got here. I think I'd gotten my money. Was an extra eighteen dollars. Bart we miss you kind of weird. And I get suggests calls these. Are all right. Sara this is. Yeah Wal-Mart will continue to squeeze on we'll continue to reserve to Sicily recording so. We'll calculator Roca. Is that okay. We everywhere. We have your permission error that it is. I don't things than anything critical. Of both the. Are. You still later Barton. I. And there it is a part did clear that to air. They didn't say anything outline I think he'd said anything bad. He says fine said his wife or it's a margin is feeling some times now that was weird that was. I have to admit it was rather uncomfortable. For me to be hearing. On year. He didn't necessarily. Come out in before right whiff. Our question does your wife like us. No he never answered the question now I told you she doesn't like us I don't think she does she doesn't like let's just fine. Guess what I'm article cry about it there's other people that don't like is plenty of people don't like us. I don't like everybody I don't like us sometimes. I (%expletive) hate you sometimes so it's up to them. Marriage. Broadcast partners man it's a day and chuck and Barton most morning people moaning and shoals on that they all know. There's a a group alert a tag team. Of sports broadcasters that are getting back together in one of the markets outside of Milwaukee. Who you know people or listened to for a long time and there are actually get back together for a couple of us shows no one other one guy's still on the air. And his partners out down. So he's bringing his old partner and to do like three shows during the week and like yeah that's really really cool because it's well. Those dudes wanted to punch each other out probably six or seven times a month. We haven't gotten to that point yet no no now don't we will. Do that they were both level headed enough to. Generally I don't think you're gonna throw punch it. That you did it would be ups. I don't know I'd kick dress that how. I don't hear my debt to do a quack you my friend. But I would take your deficit to a quick it's all about leverage. It's all a leverage leverage. Let's do know Mel now not my got a bad back all that's right. Everyone heard the old man I'm buybacks a bit and acted a little bit lately I've I've just like the brewers' roster now I will say like. Chuck and I and I love shock. And I am very very good working relationship but at him and I were in a studio together for twenty hours a week it's five days a week in just ordered. We would easily be thrown its drawn down at some point Bart would drive me crazy all the time part would just GE would drive me crazy because you talk about. Me being anal. Then who 1000%. Art. Part part part part art part are it and bill Michaels and I will both at some point we drug like Tom let's. So that I would like to laugh line Ed did I hear that that Bart was not a big fan of us doing the sort of dialect that he does. Arm. I don't think he really likes. The badgers badgers score badgers. Every time I get upset about one of our teens. I like that the funniest part of the buyer is he. Each change is pacing so much which is what we write a desperate habits ought to do I don't really know anybody has like for a certain guidelines doctors do a radio show. But Blair appeal against one of the things that people want you to do. And he'd always feels like he's got to be telling you about something barely barely a day or is so low point the attitude. And it's not always these next two games I'm going to lose my line shocker I'm gonna lose my ma. Is though that there is no code book and an instruction manual to radio that's Iran about you you're you're right you're right and it will end on that note because. And not seed now it's a delicate line them I'm wanted I'm here because I I would. I should make it a rule not to talk about the radio industry until I retire yeah let's do that okay. Oh that's gonna be that Tim Allen's book. Yeah because I don't know man everyone thinks it got to a seizure cutesy you'd you have two of Bergen and on this huge you have to write a book. You know that right. Yeah I suppose I won't rule it out. Our rule out here and it'll it'll like reading too much not to do love to read and I think I think there have been some. Obvious. Encounters that you had a long year old long radio career. That can only be spelled out for it's it's so entertaining once I looked back on at that. The littlest things. Can be. What happened today we cooked out right right is the last day before the all star brain. We had a little grill out you and Ryan a couple of colleagues and and so was grown out burgers and the polish sausage in the old deal which was. I'm by the library and onion and I from home we all discuss it everyone just now dramas picnic and out. Hancock. So. Have a brother Malkin I don't I brought I napkins paper plates and abroad and on in from home a knife to cut it I've picked up chips and involved you guys got the mean you've brought the ketchup mustard comments and it was all set. So we cut up the onion. And the tomato. And we leave it on a plate and ice literally stood here in this studio. With the left over shards and remnants of the onion and tomato and I said. Do we do it to our morning show Katrina and throw a garbage and please let it but we'll let it ride. All night long until the morning guys get him chuck Dunbar. And I thought to myself at the first our first thing instinct that we do have a heart don't week but that's for sure but that was in our motivation. It wasn't my motivation. Motivation was. If I do this. I could say (%expletive) on the radio. And that one be as big a deal. As leaving that the tomatoes and onions in that garbage can or not they would blow that up that would blow that up to. That would be an email for red Amman among the greats it would be can you believe what Timmy deleted. He left on the broad net studio can you only and that gave me a headache. Bill went down the hallway they give me day. It's that type of thing in this business I've loved sell those stories. Because you you look at some call those are going to be in print it's gonna be amazing you might get obliterated there was a point in time in in my career where. This one dude would not listen what I had to say. At all you you would not he would not listen. You wouldn't know come what agency is to respect your opinion and just watch what you all walk away and I'd say I'd call you just hang it up. Did we gotta talk. Not talking. So I found out where he was that for launch. And we went in there and you're sitting in a Booth. And so. I went and sat that you know how you're like your corralled in there he says yeah if interview the person on the outside your Bure landlocked get that guy on the inside your ring unless he's gonna go under the table and then around. That's the only way I could have done because this astle did not wanna listen to me. Those are the types of stories and it's only in radio. And that's going to be that's going to be a great story and that's why is because the book of Semel we don't want it to be the old Tim loves the brewers there was a smile Milwaukee. No we wanna see a little bit you don't like it when people say the U of a dark side. I don't know if I don't like it but you do oh and I definitely bring relief. Some crazy ass (%expletive) happens you haven't that's I would just be also under its us here in your perspective or read in your perspective that's your beeper I decide I do have a little bit of a dark side but we all do don't we everybody knows but I think Nan out of I have but I think some of directness. Gets confused with the dark side and that's the one thing I'd still tell ensures that people think hazardous. Pass. Did you see the look on his face when he told me that. I can't do intensive manhunt you can put the country that just all adds it was just all that we're just doing business that's all we're doing we're just making decisions. I don't mean to be a deck you don't mean to be a deck about it if you got to tell these guys behind the Booth what swat. During the show don't show. All the time are you worried about what they think of no never have them okay. We just tell them. What we expect in them we tell them that today. You make sure you get this ache and you are refresh line too there is an all that offer while tell more get right to own. Is that being a Dick. Now that's doing business but it definitely does give mr. triggered by Manning into it done right so yeah maybe someday I'd everybody had the all star break were on vacation. And group as of that time we say smack that ass. Were out. Is that going to be our new closing music and then I don't think we need to figure out how we can produce that into them into a song. And actually just close out with that they've been regardless back. They've been giving go to to have. It ended ought to let that. I have a good week.