Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 28 - Summer Vacation Stories!

Tim Allen
Monday, July 23rd
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid are back from the MLB All-Star break with tremendous stories from their summer vacations! Also, we get to know our buddy Big Rygg from the Brewer Nation!

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Okay Timmons house in the morning podcast. Number 28. I skip one. No you're right now Mary you said your. Think I'm on track you're ready to Iraq in Rome now 48 of these things to one of unity so that's like. It's seven months. Yes so somewhere in there are. And hold you out and owners are always flying by street and which I'm cold. It's July cheeses. So I gallery it's cold getting in my switcher. In case you army keep talking like you going you're structured I think go a function you're gonna powered through. And one of the fight through the pain they say my family says I'm cold all the time because I smoke. Is that like a trade off. I don't know I don't know nicotine made you call it something blood thinning learn something like that heads are. Play easel pardon that maybe if I sort of spoken sags that I would not be swept all the time. There you go. Oh did. It go and we will gold world little drama that happened on our radio station the fan in Milwaukee. Not much has been sort of quiet soul will Gilani here we've also been out of the building. We're we're on vacation this week the all star break all star break so we get Forte as. We are out of I was out of state you heard. Doing all sorts of different things will get so all that later on yeah you're summer vacation had. A travel and it got and his gym. Bomb mine and recreational activities. So then you. We we didn't have any drama that really we knew about. Might have been some there could have been some older they're probably was what would have been Maurer. Yes. Had we have been in the studio when it was supposed quite weak so all's quiet on the western front there's always some way everybody works. Is everywhere no no place of employment as perfect ears selling health insurance somebody's mad at you because you're talking to their client for. Whatever the (%expletive) my neighbor was telling me the other day that you have gone out giving your neighbor I did over the ball and I was in the itinerary. Of things to do you have plotted out I did plod out and almost bright to the team Tuesday and on schedule I'm stunned. Is psychic like an entertainment director. Up but he was tell me that I work he was behind him by I don't know what he does but do you block in my cubicle and a dude sit there and like taken a little bit of a now like dolls. Just. Shelled out yet. There and he's. Then said today you know you are right in their disease didn't look right he is colored in that it looked right. It was having a heart attack oh adding not locked by that time minded died. All might god easily with a you'd be okay. He's like. That was his network now that's some drama. That's a little bit more that's that's a little bit more than dramas like for death via holy (%expletive) so we have I'm sure there I don't know what I hear man. Mean I know what I would do I would call the ambulance. Like if if we were in there and also on Robbie started talking seizing on in their for the big show yeah. I don't know my first reaction would be and what we would all think it's a joke. I think I would start laughing and immediately. And then once Sparky went and you know checked them. That's an area of sparking their he's the he's the father and he would be it would make sure that we knew that he was in trouble I am that would go call the year we we would we we all seem to think it's colony Connie boys talk when you do it talks you know so if you know we walked into a Booth and and we saw Mike Clemens land on the brown clutch in his car meanwhile. What would you do oh million. Stupid thing I know our radio friendly and joke like that so well I don't know about that you never now. You know I don't know but you think you know a guy yeah yeah no question all right so we were off for the all star break who can give you a little. Looks he has to what we did with some days off and we will. Talk about the actual all star break and the baseball part of it there was some. Big time news and some insisting via hooked up issues have been Dead Man Walking out there was Josh hater and that. Was stupid. And now was that themselves. (%expletive) up Kelly got I don't know what people were asking me like texting the laws on you know out in Denver. Huge you're brought here about Ayers and he (%expletive) up like not a good news that's not not what you should be doing I don't give a (%expletive) the way he thinks I really deal. I don't care who it's his mind I guess it is but if you wanna be light or get out. Not have channel and is in life stands and don't talk and he edged dude. You were you were undefeated in high school of the best pitchers you know in Maryland or whatever yeah have you thought this was going to be a possibility. That you have a chance to keep getting better and if you're gonna work hard enough that the you'd have a chance he'll play Major League Baseball or playing you know division one college she had to have known. And like to post a picture of me from having of the year. On FaceBook because I don't know what somebody's a look at four. And and nowadays I mean. He was at the start up. Walking around like that that's just. So stupid gap so stupid guy milk iphones alone it's it's our off time and it's house. Dan. Apple wants answers from loss. As we handle them brewers post game duties exactly so and it makes sense like I understand why people want to talk to us about it. I don't know what they X what you expect us to say it solvent ones is nice to come up with one line every talk shows do talking about it. Every website has everybody football players and chime in comparing it to kneeling. For the National Anthem and somehow trump got roped into what Josh gators added seventeen all of this just does not one. Philosophy. Or one statement that's gonna make everybody happy now and I don't know if we you and I don't know inferred two years a year and a half maybe a toddler's death ten plus years two plus years so. Still if if for whatever. You know each. Reportedly changes that he's changed everybody in the locker room believes that he's changed. And I don't know I've when talking know that Josh was. You and I talked to his roommate for the last three years and it. Talked directly to his room. By the way as other roommate was an African American. He also had talked to. Talk to about hater yet so it's just there's not one. Is nobody's won a lot of I don't like clear cut answer or opinion yes gonna make everybody. Just missed this thing to always say hey Josh here's the deal you (%expletive) up. That's what you did to (%expletive) up you (%expletive) up. Is that good enough. I say no summit it has to because that's really what it lies you (%expletive) up on a number of levels you (%expletive) up. From that side from that side from the middle of (%expletive) up right what congress and how you're saying that you talked up to (%expletive) up and he knows he knows that yet. It feels good. What is this your thinking I'm (%expletive) up it's it's weird you Yucca. Well and at the thing is it's ironic to me because I mean I didn't you know. Say homophobic and racial different things under but I had made a statement on Twitter when I was. Eighteen. Probably in the same year that hater makes this mistake or whatever. And it almost cost me an opportunity of what college football I didn't wasn't gonna have a chance to do that you've (%expletive) up and I (%expletive) up. That's that's all was (%expletive) up we (%expletive) up our prison system is filled with (%expletive) ups. Not the people what they did what they did a. That's. It's us. It's (%expletive) up our rights are now what did you do out here what did you do outside. Oh look at that job jitterbug and I had Betsy Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday off. I know baseball games so I didn't now wasn't anchored to. Following that game. Which I loved to do anyway. But so it's kind of a relief and edit as a nice little break for for us in the media that handled. The beat if you well well MI two I mean yours. When he won games in twenty days and that was a grind to write to the its strong to finish both into the finish I was told yesterday were not on the beat though. Com or not we're not on the beach because we don't travel and write stories about the team. So apparently we're not on the beat with the fox said that. Somebody that we talked to I guess I and I know it's it's by definition in our world here in the media the sports media. That's Dick measuring contests totally I'm on the beat Oregon cat whenever you and Adam now. What does that mean under that we're talking to cook Edwards files like him and note last first are gonna be there when you're not really on the beat. Okay. All right buddy sorry. Consumer. It's not only that what's that's the beatles'. Hey baby go to. Act that path is paid illegal immigrant go. They have been giving go to kiss that. Hey did you gonna Jason. That's enough. I don't know about it. No I. We are try to include a few more musical interludes and this podcast if you enjoy that kind of thing let us know because we are gonna try to do yes and so. I had doubt Monday. Was I definitely want to consume alcohol laden. Because we work at night that was in 12 and three and Tim Allen to us it was and an idea love beer. And number I was in and shots of Jack you're a sucker for Miller highland Miller high life I'm absolutely addicted to a new. And and shots of Jack here and there are so Monday I went to a little city bar in Kenosha. Not mine not might regular hangout another spot with a boxing gloves on a no object known I have and another issue legal bar there are I think they're all city bars they're cools it was as one of the shady little bars that you and I went to. Know without or no caddie OK now that's the difference is a totally should he bar. To a degree they're all kind of (%expletive) you'll rice but I mean cool though yeah you're right. And so we went there watch the the home run derby. Zeus and kind of fell on his face Reese Hoskins. Is that we lost it yeah Perry's Hoskins and bloom what was Carlos of it why were they taking so much time. I don't really know maybe they were on vacation too so they're that is (%expletive) emergency out of this thing yet and so that's that was Monday night Tuesday. A what an idea. And I do want to vote well there was the games so we went to. A little beer garden outdoor delicate nature serve a German beer aka. And so about toward that's it'll (%expletive) you up. All sick in German beer oh yeah but you're Russian beer now it's likes are up what it's all like 15%. Wednesday outside like two liter soda bottles Wednesday more drinking a win two out on the Lake Geneva Wisconsin nice out on the lake on the boat to being date drank and driving the vote around driving all around that's all there was a lot of fun for a beautiful beautiful day Thursday might not be anything better than sun on the boat with a beard here. Yet but there's not much and that I was getting (%expletive) because. You know me. When I drank I. Stone. So your (%expletive) him off the end of the vote every twenty minutes yep pretty much. I would just go down the list wages going in the water and I sit there with a tube and just now or were there need to did did the two big things aren't so that was that was all mine and then Thursday just was dead I went and saw my son play baseball and brought beer there after the price. To the game. I got in trouble wants for bringing beer to a Little League tournament. Is actually no beer how blues Howe Liang. Tan. OK the coach called me the next days like any attempt. We got a complaint to our team about someone bringing alcohol in the park. You know anything about that. Miguel it's me. It's radio. The (%expletive) bother and nobody in the guy I knew it was Hugh would I want to ease gas though mulls bitch and it's big jets as you get. So Tim. We did have a complaint there was somebody nobody looking at. And saw there was at five Q. I believe they they might have said it was like it was a Jack Daniel's bottle you thought you know what it is just say you saw me drink and it was a big mug of ice. It was. I don't know pint of Jack. And that's what it and every time and a couple of cans of Coke. And after I reach underneath the bleachers wasn't wasn't bothered anybody. Wasn't belligerence wasn't screaming ha nothing it was just simply reaching down pouring myself a Jack and Coke. Am my son's baseball. As someone had to play our Mr. Big big shop. And the re we complain we might remove you from the tournament nobody (%expletive) song that's. Except the people within like right next I'm gonna remove you from the turn via the team. She's beat it out so anyway yeah I had a couple Beers watch him play a ballgame and then it was back to work on Friday you on the other hand you went to Denver. Flew out Monday morning at like 530. Caught DR Kopp to the the flight out of Mitchell and landed in Denver I think at like eight K app. So we had early check in we checked in air being beat. And another thing about Serbian beat Tammy. Is like you know somewhat where it is but they're very nice Temps are Yelp address of where you're gonna stand out so we kind of knew. That that we're on the southern part of of Denver and sat don't. You've rented a place this day yeah. But she did nowhere wasn't what it was. We knew what it was like we've seen we've we saw pictures of like the apartment that we are staying why would they give you the address now Tearrius. So like you wouldn't go over there and Robyn I guess I don't know. It is kind of show you like a little bubble of awareness so to be elected to block radius. Com okay. Now the issue is once we once we rented at analyst we got there we realized that it was kind of in the hood of Denver. Oh and our. And as we got dropped off of one of the movers is my golf clubs other flew south Lazio the the bags are from a golf clubs I don't think Josh cater would be standing. Yeah probably and worth. Dropped off of what Wendell Wendell was one of our our who were drivers Wendell had a five packs Omar breads. Sitting in the coupled. That was days were true global war on opened the other ones had like half moon smokes I don't know exact windows. Hey you guys aren't you know I don't know it from him do deeper. Tackle this case that it sounded like he was scratching sandpaper Libya while he was talking to speak and he does no good to out here. (%expletive) really. As large part of Denver. Living here for thirty years and design position the area. Oh great well thanks are in debt glad clever and it went like that TO was a shot here at total but like we were around like. If if we are and like all good spot we were in light of the water main drag we were on the main drag. So I guess two blocks away if that's were blue the house was looking and saying it would have felt a little bit differently. But it has got Wii U we hung out it was on Broadway street. They call the green mile down the road and in Denver on Broadway street line and they call that. Because I'd bigs pop of those recreational dispensaries is all over the others like fifteen of them down like a mile and a half stretch. It's insane like UCL liquor store. Every three dispensaries. I read something on the revenue generated. In his state of Colorado unbelievable yeah I was astronaut I was talking I don't know what that did not exact numbers I was playing golf on Tuesday and some guy named Josh through. I actually talked to and and recorded a little bit of it and I thought we might wanna play it on the podcast I decided not to because. It really wasn't all that good. But Josh played. And just walking ran so this tour I mean just killed us and he said. 25000. On average claim a thousand people are moving out to Denver every single year. While over the last like five years on people smoke weed business is booming out there that's for sure beginning gulf I did that I've I've forgot about that golf. I'm I would shoot. Christmas vacationers summer break whatever the (%expletive) you wanna call it there we don't wanna know right shot and it's just let me work in my game that's at a time it's gases the second time Mike I got out. This year I shot bull one of the worst I've shot all year on Tuesday. And then the best round I shop all year. On Wednesday. Okay another way to say in this air BMB did this renal thing is cheap I'm assuming it was a very expensive now. Displays 202 or thirty bucks for 49 earth mostly nice for someone that a OK is he. And then nine. At the with the batting. Everything is she's seven and it was a clean. Yeah it was it was clean it was everything looked good everything's been fine now when we last it was a little bit dirty year. I would imagine but they're like they're extra pairs sheets and (%expletive) in the bedroom like you wanted to change come laundry in the unit you know. Full kitchen and all that it's a cool so it was like a little apartment for the three days. She golfed. And you did some sightseeing and he went moon rock climbing yeah I I thought you weren't gonna go hiking. Yeah I didn't think so so I. Buddy Robby and our who I've known since I was in college play ball with them and we were the ones it was him and either went out to Colorado. And big new adventure nature I I didn't know to the extent. How how into the nature he was a talk how we got there and we get a check this partnership that's bottles. Okay aren't I was thing we hit a brewery yourself who. You don't get some craft beer announcer whatever I'm a sports bar I'm okay I'm on vacation and my club on trying to run around. So finally we we'd go to the says some mountain out in Boulder, Colorado or golden Colorado (%expletive) wants her to train out their target uber up to the spot to the national park. We get there and we start walking up the mountain. There's like nine different true like little tracks that you can go through this park and other people around Ryan tons of people around I we hammered. No. No no I was not hammered Oca. Com we did have dinner before. We went so it lasted a few days gets stranded up there right so were were on our way and I'm just like Nat into that I'm I'm not into the nature thing really to begin with and then you add that I'm a little bit paranoid a little but you know on edge. From dinner and or just like (%expletive) around. She don't walk all the way up this thing. Were brought all the way and I'm cal like a man go do your thing cookie blocking your getting keep keep taking pictures got really really cool camera. And illegal you don't don't don't worry about me I'll I'll catch up and I'm talking to random people on the on the way up there are met this guy Wayne who was a cool dude on his bike anyway and he told me about a sport and rattle snakes and that was a good way. The apparently do even more freaked out OK guys if I can boots on oh edgy dinner. Gotcha yes yes he's got boots on the whole time in the gals on the rattlesnakes can't get me. Hold on hold out here we get named under you sit you sit in front. We got rattlesnakes. Are yeah yeah I've seen brought about you know three in the last month. Awesome great thanks so we get up to the to the Topper whatever this mountain was that we're gonna go do and we get up there it takes pictures in. I'm like him and I'm did not hear his son was about to set. No or no first artist and I can't we see the stars out here. No hold on hold on there's a bar down there's no (%expletive) way that I'm up on this mountain when it's dark out do they have a bar up here. That was well worth the where's the beer there where's the gift shop yeah hours dispensary here in some else but I shouldn't there. And I got sucked into it looked at a you know how cool man certain set ocean that's him okay let's go let's go let's go we start heading back. And of course were like maybe 200 feet and walked back down on the stock in mountain. And it just goes pitched. Darkest bock. And tweaking. Out behind my buddy Robby. I got. I got the flashlight on my iPhone is that book the biggest that I was word we had no flashlight. Durbin runs the mountain before no people around you know people around everyone else was talking Smart enough to get off the mountain Oreo we got dark yeah. So I'm walking around the park closes in like twenty minutes. And I'm I'm walking a behind Robby what with a with a flashlight in my book to just fought man. You don't checking did you. She was gonna happen they keep going on all your dollar and you can't let there's like nine different little. That's in trials so we had no idea which one we Iran. I like deer or not this one and I don't know where you would like legitimately concerned I was. Hacking news. And I say I've I was panic and I haven't been like that freaked out and a long time I'd did you have a cell signal. I had the smallest little cell signal you can have a courtesy of so I found out his phone was dying he was only 3% while walking down this mountain. We see like a deer as relates to open back and slipped it on rocks and trip around chicken (%expletive) all cities into that to your argument is. Yeah. OK here. She is. On the screen and I would kill mice I would kill me if I was Robby yeah. And finally we see this fence as we walk. Across the mountain know the whole time or walking is trailing. Do this I don't remember this one I don't remember distract you I don't I don't remember this path hey we're getting down renowned amount. Let's rock because of if it wasn't for him I wouldn't say they're calling you know the range name Jimmy boy waving my hand around. And didn't lower it's fine you see lights are that that's a house at a resort back you're not sure that's it. I'd rather it when he dollar trespassing ticket and you'd eaten by a thought in my outline and yeah. So or whatever so whatever the (%expletive) was up they're so violent as the offense with barbed wire all over the thing. And when Stewart followed defense and we can't be your man they got this thing fenced off Q what are we doing abuse Peter obviously protect consultant. It's c'mon c'mon just checking out Sterger we sneak back offense is a big dirt road just leaves rotunda. Is right down to the story right down the plug in street company blocks away it was it was a car. Out all we took over until we just got to get on the street men dialogue maneuver well since the new gold for the 25 minutes I was walking down the hill thinking that I was dying. Seeing that whole nature hiking thing yeah I don't yet. I will say it was cool. Awesome sites it was it was really really cool debt. I can look at pictures and and probably get the same and you can see the mountain range snubbed Rocky Mountains are really big ball awesome and you can 700 miles or whatever it is in there and pikes peak in the bones Estes Park in gal that stuff that says school I've been there in years just in the airport. Just fly and fly right now but when school is the one spot where we are are you could see through into the at the rest of Colorado into the rest the mountain range. On the other side saw the whole city of Denver school. That sounds fun so you know what people think when you take a vacation these days to see the Rocky Mountains right. Yeah I and you get rocky mountain high dance you know. All right I get to know segment of the podcast today is going to be the colleague of ours is on the brewer V. No no he's well apparently is not need to. How apparently has not by definition I think you have to I don't know how the (%expletive) else you would be closer to the beat in this day you have to sign on to get your beat card. So apparently we've. We've been revoked on that. But so what did that for you in just the second year but. Little musical. Talk show hosts apparently this week to sketch people up. Obviously we were off. We didn't do much work at all did we mean now there was no pre recorded. Or violin or whatever I said we're not one tweet during the four days that I was off and that's also part of our job mocha and at bill Schmidt radio on Twitter if you like to follow me there yet do something. Relevant though. I mean and set a captain obvious like some of the people we work with. Like you need to score more runs are you gonna lose this game. While he adds five to nothing in the ninth okay. I we get that. Backers needed to pick up four yards to convert this 33. Yes perfect score yes so I mean. If you got a tweet and I I you know I'm adapting to social media but if she if you guys are gonna flock in two weeks have something to say make me think a little bit. Seriously me and I don't think of (%expletive) idiot. While you're doing it leaves they'll be (%expletive) captain obvious. Great night. By chasing Anderson. Six in a third innings of shut out based Karrie do you really rocked my world on that sweet knock it off just stop it now because. And it's a start on following these mother (%expletive) I am party did OK I'm gonna start on following some woman and guided to do what you want and I have. But I'm gonna start just being a battle lax at that ship and just it's just give me it's often I don't. I don't mind I don't mind tweets I don't mind followed every now grown to Twitter I got no problem is that it's like it's a great news sort of took for us to get instant information and simpler except. And ideas building that is ideal circus if it makes me think I'm like all right cool and I didn't think of it that way. But this whole. You know you need to score more than one run to win this game. Brewers are down three to one. Notional really mother (%expletive) Stop it so you add that Ronnie doing a morning show with Bart. For two days I was out on I didn't hear a second hole. Chart so are a lot of Mac walked dollar and thirty balls an afternoon show all the good remote for my question would be. I think it's broke the microphones. Like question I got to end that would be if one guy takes off work. I'm just wondering why then it Interfax both morning and and afternoon drive programs. It's just might and I mean a 100% serious. OK so you due jiggle up the whole lineup because a team one guy's going to see Ariel at a festival in Minnesota. Picked it. And so if you AM PM drive should say I'm just I'm just curious about that there's got to be some sort of gloss it is strange oh. We got some we have some breaking news Monica are your boy Tony Sparano. My boy as unexpectedly passed away at the age of 56. Points. No he's now the offensive line coach for the vikings. Holt was his former odd dolphins head coach coach yeah interim coach for BR reader owners are now one idea. Vikings just announced that. 5656. Years oath means that you got three more years back three laughed geez. So he had musical. Personalities. The golf outing is still out there for you guys in the Milwaukee area we've got they're coming up in just couple weeks. And golf with a us. You have an interest in take whatever for what it's worth it on a golf round of golf without us. Now it's a best ball thing goes yes rarity goes for charity gives kids the world yeah. It is and we have a lot of fun you can meet. And Gary allison's going to be there and Polaroid Butler will be there some other celebrities as well so that checked that out. But it now we get to the 75 dollars if you like gears autograph yeah. Royce charging thirty Gary 75 just don't know than any pricing. But we we got a guy big rig whose huge brewers fan he. It does the brewer nation dot com and then brewer nation on Twitter. To see huge brewers fan and and of itself to me it's not like just. I love the brewers stuff it's good it's good quality stuff makes it thanks Richard would trigger we get to know big rig and we we like to do. I tried to press him on some information on shocking some dark and evil side stunned usually what he was invite non that. But check it out and that's gonna and our podcast here you can enjoy the get to know with big rig Adam Reagan that will be with you. Next week with. So West Coast insisting that little scenarios here for the brewers they had Weston. Just haters gonna have to pitch in. San Francisco. Whole. And in LA. If I would fear or San Francisco more. Based on what he did com. But I I would fear LA more in the fact of the other thing could happen to you. With me know what could happen to you as in Josh rader Alia talking to go get a cup of coffee. Actually did report that there is extra security at least in San Francisco. Because of opens are so close. Of the stamp yes that makes sense yeah that would be I will you guys have emigrate that would be needed. Still it's outs in the morning podcast is number 28. Tune it in on radio dot com favorite dad to get it on iTunes. Correct them and saying all right fantastic I'm learning or learn in this thing see it next week. 7000 memorial vodcast get to know segments. Bill are you ready for this should be fun I'm really excited I'm excited for everybody to get it gets you know this guy out like we do you. And and they know him in a few different pains. This is this the more fun way to hell I don't know we've known now well. So we're gonna find out its big red Reagan had a ring it from now we're really say your. From our group we just learned. So brewer nation on Twitter and admiration but what's the blue in his bedroom. Odds are still using an outline of good. You know girly book government to get anything at all what I want to register domain godaddy.com. Think again Patrick. That was the big. The worst advertising the ball and you've got these kinds of thought I was gonna hear negative emails like twelve years old. Every time that denies due to really remember what the British and dirty games that I've got somebody and they wanted like 6000 dollars Ford is like no love British ports to. Yeah editing it rich. No no yeah. So it's OK so your family man and hold it I just thirtieth of December Beckel and I regret that celebrated yeah he. Yeah he sold. Well yeah of all you go to the spectrum group. And it was last time you're around this room. Both options. Passed laws against sex and cheese that's. Two days. Burned the body bachelor party he probably. Thirteen years ago OK so it's been a lot of dogs but I don't Essex with us out and here's a picture. You guys play really go over your best. It. The way they don't drive you there there are good good so so you view grew up vigorously. Yes do you have been wouldn't Texas. Live in the state let him. And is now obviously you don't make a living off of this would you. You wouldn't go absolutely at this and you do get it he said damn the man bit of this it is billed as the bureau. Okay. Family. Can you go back to what's gonna go out. I'm Carol simply stated that he's a pioneer as well as the days we have the we have a few different things account and I learned some things. Wet when Adam and I have been able hang out outside of work because Hillary or work here yet to be professional. As professionals like me. And I heard a low bar looks very yeah very like the ones that Boeing underneath them. But you'd you'd have an opportunity to kind of get to know these guys and Adam. Had a lot of fun when he was in Waukesha and Carol did you party. Oh yeah party goes and paternity. The whole the whole field they were like a fun fraternity. That and got play great you gotta go the other one got bad right very those dues were in the year. Don't like fun like thousands all of Bonner but like Bill Smith yeah closer to bill Schmidt. Look at because there's a huge a huge difference yeah and tiger played like cross swords at 9 o'clock. In the library on the Saturday night after the game what you gotta make sure you get that extra studying it for that exam again next. March up freemen burn or more bills that fun. I don't know that's a question corporate. Probably more bill should look what what's your perception and I don't want my experiences like that I would say more bills they thought because I urged that these guys did an branch case. Some things that we can very similar. But people threw tables. Destruction. We'll be we'll share CNN we have. Baseman rusty finesse. Yeah that's cool yeah nobody Marcus his dad was actually proposal doesn't see them walking to global well. But he had it's good for awhile and one bass personality what a mess personality. Big Ben glisan grown up by his whole family was so. And if people interested in a back in the late nineties early two thousands. That are big fraternity house of time. And he and the base that we had some Jim Matheson. We exists and bought sold about four races went close okay yeah there was there was those batteries. Garbage wrestling it is. Let me ask you this as a family. That situation him it would mean I have I've lived in. That but the girl covered nearly. The situation in my benefit that message this past week hasn't announced that it can girlfriend and I let that there's no. The other pull it all up so. I I had someone asked me. Single and that temptation hits. That's you know sand lake like from a guy anyway. I understand the English were using share okay. Yeah so did. And and like from a news perspective that he would have been knee jerk reaction has. You measure risk reward immediately because that's what it's like feature baked and then you catch yourself. So. As temptation at the bigger guys. How's it. No Brendan in good don't have the very time you know girls are coming up on his beard just wobbles. Today's that the carbon matched drapes I can't tell you go to the people don't lose this election. I personally went perfect. It's. A more serious note footnote you get coverage team you love right. And hasn't been an embarrassing. For you as we all have trust me. This. You know in this in this world you know it's a crapshoot sometimes in the right hole Jerry Hughes Josh Nader is like Gephardt. They're known to this yeah news. Goodwin bill long you're like yours vs the bald guys yesterday they look this thing it's. Gotta yeah. Courtroom and not anything that I would really embarrassing. How he's dealt with the players are. I'm on the people around like. Barney Clark did hold interview after that it went right guys this is that a field but the I think. Somebody tells us yes yet but he did an entire interview. With the record button on so he wasn't recording and literally as the dude you go through it again would you have done Smith. Don't know. I think I've done before every to realize that I have my amateur days of the runway or maybe it. According to Microsoft off the job of holes on the corner. Bedroom and bush and other still got to put on the slide in the middle of the interviews there that hey I'll rephrase your question the masters here. That guy luckily I've had anything. We need. Lost to the reporter hi I've had a few thoughts and basically never will be in my fault I don't think all you can I don't think like. There's a language barrier here answer so. You know you ask your colleagues in fear guys that you and Macau Leo all morning and Ozzie. I was in very well he's there I was able to bond. I went over and interviewed him just walk away segment. I understood him well for us I didn't even know. That I go back and listen to it and I cut tomorrow right in the middle of an answer and are notoriously kept going I just got a long. Who is the only kid that was it was a shortstop. I care and I think we went through the Seattle organization they are similar situation here. Yet the language issue. And never air. They never aired so hard shouldn't feel too bad you shouldn't feel too he should always know. Excuse yeah I always appreciate did you read it yesterday. Well you what your record senator it's our job. You're chords and helps pregame interview media that's great YouTube and also yeah I don't want the best all time it's. All man I don't know what happened with the record do interviews either one of them I don't know what I did because I didn't didn't really is it possible that the on the other record that you had your hand. Like CNN no doubt that it won't go there with the did and wade goes back to a stable I think yeah do the other corner and it. Not that had not to say that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs but that would be kind of just don't understand yeah military's don't miss it yeah. And where's my program is right here yeah in my hand. Yeah. So where do you wanna go this high you good with where your all of us. It's great guys I love being able to hear emphysema love being able to. Have a closer. I've been doing ever nation's deficit since I've been doing this it's OK there. It doesn't need this ten. Sir have a love of the team and wanted to cover like the way that I do but. Closeness Gingrich that a lot of problems than I mean it's fair way to move up make some actual money and he needs is more. Or my time that you could. Ideally. That's up from there and I go rob Edwards when he retires that will be a great job that would people fifteen people at the stadium he wants. I hope I'm assuming you don't do drugs because we've been best friends and drink it occasionally there. Isn't it correct call 400. So that's why it's. Basement. Nothing good very good job thank you created pulls strings and a bunny yeah. And it's only got to go because Greg counsel's going to be years overdue in the senate a lot of your lunch and dioxide traps things you know reduce in the dugout I don't know market. I'll try disaster of the improvements are right here. Hi it's more than I guess we'll. I don't take for granted that the guys I respect the job today than it was given. A few years ago let's be that the guys. If they don't. The sort of like big bills that don't. Batman in that you know they appreciate them when it contributes. I don't know that I had tickets would be pretty typical this morning here on yeah that's allies and the nice guys yeah. I appreciate that is there any evil side and it's. Out of me yeah I mean he's certainly good. There's everybody I don't yeah here or mostly because they don't care about me behind in my life in the world. Yeah yeah aren't necessarily but again yellow jackets as we all do all absolutely but you don't go Adrian Peterson. No. That's. It's that's always good had a red big rig it. Eddie Adams apple did it feel that people like yeah. He's the Warner got the big house neglected hey hey hey you're invited back I do dollars and experience please hold hostage grass.