Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep. 29 - Tim Gets in a Fight

Tim Allen
Monday, July 30th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid with a very special edition of As the Fan Turns with Timmy in the heat of battle!

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Yeah. Lou hello. Tim just in the morning podcast 29 are you didn't even go in with a yacht owners and enjoy your. Oh (%expletive) you're like yeah once again. His phone is ringing all I was doing that podcast about podcasts as ours are no rules are so what are we got. All the response let's hear from India hard to read my text messages on this god damn things consider you say this though no I've been dealing with as the fan turns by the way is insisting one involves me the drama involving time this week so stick around for that and I was just an innocent bystander you were you didn't say much no no he didn't I sat back and hit record. The digital. Did you I didn't get enough. I got the tail end of it. Damn I guess I wanted to recorded I didn't have my recorder my hand and because well here you know we'll get into a little bit of as the fan turns earlier on this just pulled taster of it. I found my digital. Recorder that I use for interviews and sound when you're not a Miller Park where you are when you're not there. Arm hanging around one of our coworkers thanks. For game coverage so that we know it's of that assistant was to remind me about that. Remind me so I would have that it would have been a lot clearer and we would have had more. Osce granular substance of what we had there but it was it was fun I was also cannot calming down the Internet thought it was gonna. Freak out cry. Out those my girls Francisco home traffic was a mistake she just got home who while Katzman wow. I tell her not to take that away or Tommy John Jack shown every don't take that away to don't know what the guys are one of those deals. No this construction hell Dudack construction of write your places far Kia ridiculous yen down from I don't know like highway K. In her scenes self. Interests in Wisconsin highway case south to. 142. And tonight assesses like five exits and that is their assault (%expletive) off. Administered. So we'll get to as the fan turns we will. Get to the football camps opening up training camps are opening up so that's nice little little feel for football. And will you you don't need it'd. Did any feel how I'm feel I'm on football season comes back around by the way I'm dealing with street you know footballer fantasy football sell the fantasy football show I've been doing for I don't know over a decade right. There's you are doing to assure our buddy yeah I do I do but there's our buddy Dan networks with security Dan marks of the show so. Oh yeah the weather guy yeah he's. Niceties like a wall throughout the year in the annals sentences. Pops up like they were doing an exit footballs that I. You know I thought they could do it here and tell you and in the other venom on the radio yeah that's that's what happens hey the brewers and cubs are punching each other in the face. I import duty it's been crazy I hate those (%expletive) com I know there's other folks the take my par and guys are part of my take guys yeah. Are those guys are cub fans right. One of them is yup one of lament what a guy you know that that the auto loans from Chicago one comes from DC I think as he announced fan that's in caps yeah okay. So another one dude yeah at least the one gatlin defends the cubs Lowell place yeah yeah well guess what. The brewers aren't going anywhere. We I would at would you entertain the idea of having those guys on this podcast. Yeah wood box and ship would de entertain the idea of having us on their podcast I don't look. That navy. Maybe we were both very very similar dudes like of this was blindfold fight all for a musket and blindfold that's a tag team match would you do it they would get there casket. I would (%expletive) someone. So that's that's an invite. Would you get off the top brokerages. Hit CFT with a fog and flying elbow right now he's absolutely this is why I. Yup that turn buckle. Right at the time yeah well so ought to be brewers phrases and everything now brewers vs cubs get ready for summer slam and we weakened film this and we it's taken a mile self just in the Austin invites always invites out guys gonna throw a little curve ball into it guys would be happy to entertain that idea to. All right so they're go back and forth they pick up Cole Hamels the Burris pick up. Op a couple of players. Now can we get to name right what are we gonna go it's on the Soria deal watch teams Soria arson Joakim Soria. Our team. As a shooter remembered Joseph bock. Saying Joakim Soria. I'm not saying he's the end all be all right broadcaster but. So watch teams Soria that's when Ivan go that's what I've. Her yeah effort as longs Ike and they give up a first round selection in 201422. Year old lefthander Cody Madeira and it's funny to me. Tim that the prospect orders the people just don't wanna get like minor league prospects by I used I stole your phrase and I use that last week. And now Sparky thought it was just hilarious. Com. How you can be OK with the move where you give up your future. A first. Round. Gone for somebody that's here for two months panel that's incredible to me. No it's not it's trying to learn (%expletive) World Series that's what it's trying to do you your trying to win something. You can only win this year's championship I've I've learned this on through through my years of playing fantasy football. You can only win the 2018. Championship. One time in 2018 and 2018 you can't win in 22. No not 20/20 two now. Or and you know 2016. And only 128 teen craze that's some of these guys that was breaking windows and those of you that are listening to this. But chances are that's your big fan of sports talk radio. As for soccer radio has the and the be patient and they need to quote do with the right way. And after a half always said who thought made view of the king that that your way is the right right way. I got I got ran as the by one of the guys are station that played the NFL. Because he said there it seemed like baby talk as you remember they used to play football. You don't even know why you build this thing up and and then you get to where you wannabe. I don't know I just saw a lot of teams pop up and win championships. Are you haven't before. Eagles now you build but you can build it quicker than going one stage and then the next and then to the next. And now we see all the backpedaling we see all the backpedaling box and all must be wrong that's right and they all they all disagreed with me when I said well. This hole right waist thing. Who decided that it that that that is the right way so I said why cancer rebuild and and compete at the same time. Rebuild the sustainable. Machine. And compete that year. Ford championship. Doll you can't do it that way town no way you'd just need to be patient. This is going to take some time. (%expletive) I said it then I'll say it now it's complete and utter (%expletive) balls yet. The Miami Marlins classic example why they'll flock would you trade away the theme best outfield in baseball. Instead of building around you is generated event. I don't want Obama is 26 years old three of your eight offensive players 128 knicks got more home runs then. Oh god Jeff just about there's about a so I'm more home runs and a male porn star and I'm not saying that that's not gonna pay off at some point. But I hate to be a Marlins fan now. Obsessed Marlins man when we talk to you use this this whole fighting horrible this five year plan. Six year plan. Some (%expletive) bone had said six to eight years. Six to eight years. He's here gonna decide to lose intentionally for six days. I can don't have. Why on earth would you say that all things come back that things come back to bite you a little bit dull day yeah words have meanings. They just feel that if I said at last June. Have people who remember that guy just like when you send out between Tony eleven. It's not. Taken out of context there on us NATO straight up man though fifth set I was that was straight jobs and I. So just remember that that they have words and and now you're seeing. The reaping the benefits of trying to compete while you rebuild and that's general manager Dave concerns of the 28 team Milwaukee Brewers they got a pop at this thing they really do than they add new stock civilian. A lights out sort of bullpen arm out there and then the stock has again for the love of god for Christ's sake get a (%expletive) hitter in here. And it concerns that. And now six of the eight offensive players in this lineup you feel good about on any given night. The sinkhole is now the catcher position in the sorts up now on the pitcher. Six of your eight position players you feel fine. Before it was well if they don't get it done in the top three now for four. It's over well any trim some of the fat down. And the conversation that we'd been having on the post game show. For four and a half. Mon seeming like four and a half years. Mayor of your bench guys are. Little Jews that probably shouldn't be playing baseball now you have guys that started games as your bench Q routes. And you stack up 125 with other teams in that department to see guys like flames Gaza like bow challenged guys like Shaw. Now. And aired on Paris doesn't have to (%expletive) play every day now he's off the bench. So those are these just increase crazy when you have better players and and now here they are all right the right there when two thirds of the season done. And the right there man in Chicago look out you got your hands full I don't think the fans really know yet. Because the little bit more of a cal vote cavalier attitude of we officially hit Datsyuk third mark yeah hundred Nate. Ass of 54 and a half yeah are slime by so you know what with what the brewers are doing with what they're doing it with. You would think that to get better as a rebuilding year you're getting better. Next year I believe this next year will be a better team in this you know it's funny you can keep drafting. More good players hazing. That's that's some there's so many this this the good thing I like about this. Podcast Billy is that. No it's it's over the years has all the things I've wanted to say but couldn't on the air. Over here and he's dead used to just have your your friends hit the record button and you didn't even know the your ranting through. Right it now auctions we can actually have some fun doing I had just there are so many times with the brewers have done what I said they do or. Even if even if I didn't say that they would do something and then excelled at it so many times like now. Like that now. Could could they fall often and be nipped out of the playoffs as possible share I don't think it's probable but as possible. I just wanna stand up and say Bob you and I ended here though and talk to you too. I do hope to continue to go (%expletive) yourself yeah I that's that's awesome because. Every everybody is they're all right. Were were all right now. Strike when everything we say is right right our our perspective is the right hours of terror. Our philosophy you know everything way to look at we've never not known something about sports and that's right. The (%expletive) knows everything about sports nobody is one person his name is Google. Google does yes he's cool people do not madam. I'd end up football gets underway here training camp and I notice Jimmy Graham and Josh Jones go on at a little bit I'd like to see that. And dude I. I've been gotten and obviously gotten into a training camp scuffle since I've been in camp. But there is nothing like that. Don't you feel like it's our teammate though now. No no I don't know I don't know no I don't. Is usually have OK usually I am fighting a defense of player. And (%expletive) those guys ride you wanna talk about that in in that situation man for two hours I hate those guys I need them. To get better and to win but I mean not liking them. Just shows that I like a more because we need to get better but on Sunday night already Jimmy's house. Where the party as bright you loved him call for sure idea all of Jimmie but I'll kick his absorber sit there and I'm gonna tell about it. I had this one there was this one time it's the quick strides actually with this guy Yani over the weekend. And we are just kind of (%expletive) none different stories and she was was just a big dude that big tribal tat looked like I'll just a superstar. Defense played like a (%expletive) cell types. But he was huge and it was eight and he's a good friend might just funny you'd play defense of why play defense and that people are like 25 pounds. The one year coming in the camp. And he was a year older than me and he would talk so much it to mean the other tackle Cody when I really really difference. And we'd do we're not worried about it. Could not be less worried about it as a smoke weed we come in on one on ones and he just would just try to rush you in just go past few but he put 125 pounds. So it was easiest I just stop him and bush and into the ground via. So Kowalski does it to him once on the other tackle now that football name walls he totally and he'd show them into the ground. G comes up like he's gonna say some I come over from like. The the opposite side of the offensive line and I just roll off shiver right forearm and right across his chest. Certified for absolutely no reason our punter over there is standard. Did you. And practiced yet a third day of practice while personal pets. How many of those whose smoke weed. A majority majority yeah I straightened away it's for we get into as a fan turns. What is the real percentage of people that smoking marijuana aired eating that cookie the ones that are the ones that will tell you there are. I know the truth at the ones that are. I mean there's like. I don't know three or fifty million people in America. I would say maybe media third. Third maybe. Would you tell you would be more I don't know it's just. Everywhere I go just ruins a smoking weed because I feeling also people don't wanna admit to smoking weed. Just like the people that have three glasses of wine a night and tell you that they only have a drink on the weekends when he ought to dinner every night. Yeah. And there's nothing there zero. It's it's nice houses in my opinion what do I don't know I was thinking about that because. You know win in reading about football as training camps again gig on. I ran across that story of physique as a keel Elliott being at the dispensary and loses Seattle event. Give pictures and admirable deal and that pilot you know. That in my personal life right. Gosh I'd do a band bigger sit down at the corner bar it's the same amount of people step and now is it just different venues and was assay. I must step up for a couple minutes. On the golf store to join Erica again and then then they come back again. Deepen a conversation about astrology or something I wonder if then now I know the I don't know if of the right word to say the spotlight the the the viewpoint are the perspective of people looking at somebody the judgment that somebody passes on somebody smoke a week. Back when you were my age. As it is ten now in America I think at times. When it was say it's your grown up at a time wherever it was getting high and haven't Saxon awesome well the sixties where is set hippie thing so I was in the Oz that little kid or your outspoken juice like six now. Now maybe tax Jimmy Allen and me that yeah. I. But then he got to the Saturdays were all that kind of wore off a little bit I think and it was it was still kind of love generates in the bell bottoms and Disco and things like that happened. I think the eighties turned in a cocaine that was the cocaine decade now that's right. Everybody was it was it was flying around flight arrived just piles mountains of cocaine. And then you know the ninety's I don't even know I was so deep and in my career I doubt it even know what. The drug of choice wasn't and now people are doing like bath salts and (%expletive) I know I worked at a restaurant. In the 70s1979. And it would take to cool whip containers I'm sorry cool whip. Hobby. They would take those things when when that spill in the product was done out of the camp right it's still had some juice left in the air soccer thing in there and. And just didn't choke on this disk canister when he was demonstrated and they called it wickets. Oh my god and telling the kids are sniffing like their permanent markers ninth hole yes he'll weird and gloom and you know share. Yes I'd just wondered about that and so the deal is is that. Major league baseball players do not get drug tested for marijuana. Once you think the rule is once you get into the big leagues they don't. Then excuse me unless you move. Many in like the treatment. Plant look like they've busted your couples and then your there in Atlanta and NBA does not test for marijuana. Right. Oddly Tesla once a year thing but not. What about Arafat NFL. Is like. How did the strictest. Arm that you can have a less. THC. In New York TH CB component marijuana that makes you inebriated. Arm in your system. Two you can have more in your system to fly F (%expletive) jet plane. Venue can to play in the NFL. It's like point 05. Is like the highest you can have. In your blood to fly a jet plane like commercial jet plane southwest take all probably way the last guy wants stone. And it's like point 001. They can be in your system of your Nana doppler if this dude lands the plane and goes to the nearest dispensary and just buys the most high grade mental. Caught fire and you've got an area of the topic is now that's fine just wait till. Just wait yet landed. I do know this just a bomb get a mile high 32000 feet out to the I do think pike did to those oxygen massive fall at the top cruises that blaze and they have no idea that blaze there. That's a new airline yep so other than her collar crime. Miracle an army jungle as their spokesperson he has put on now old gas mask you were used one of those things never. You're seen one like in person. Like out like a real one bigger real one not like a real one that like the use when they put people. Like through linked gas dings in the White House where pressure than they don't smell laughing no like a like a pot smoking mass death knell. You. I've seen one. Can't. Thank I just of that is so I have noticed this being in Las Vegas sixty times hopefully someday. We'll get a chance to do live broadcasts there. All right our area rather DE. Kevin towers and hanging out area. Lobby had never seen anything like that. Really four straight. I have noticed that literally. Walking around the city of Vegas. Unlike years ago years ago in the state and Nevada eight used to be a felony. To smoke weed even a joint eight felony think about that. I just walking from harassed Paris. You can light one up and hell no man enough felony. So. Now I've noticed just over the years and having known about is that the crime late eighties. Everywhere you go it smells like marijuana. In that city. Every hallway you go through just I'm not kidding you everywhere you go you know this we stayed at the Rio and it sound like it's probably about farm. That was a lie dead boys. It did everywhere we went and even the guys even. Guys women lover. Both. Your behalf going to be like intertwined in the two grown kid com. I'm just trying to be politically correct to make everybody happy Transocean the morning is. Reduce support all but even just folks walking right by you. I'll say they. As shackle we'd write their pocket wide open how can you. You can't blaze up late in the casino right now 'cause like I know you can smokes eggs yes and you storm like cigars. Yes. So those are legal like can you. In theory smoke that. I don't know how they draw that line I do know that we've talked to Wilbur drivers and in taxi drivers that say. What's the deal on this in it and it's legal we know that but where is it legal to stand on the corner because we're when we're there. We just wanna see like these is it what you said it's literally every corner. You can see somebody smoke in week you can and and then he does can't go through with their microphones and it usually ambulance in -- hour morning podcast and tells what string of leaders mountains. Says Citi out there and take begala. Up but they did say that it if you go off by yourself. And you're just not bothered anyone is the center Stepan often in the parking lot and have a small. That at the council leave you alone where they get a little Dicey and I and I agree with us. Is when there's the little kids around. Or folks that don't wanna you know get a second hand Baas can you get high off secondhand. Marijuana smoke marijuana. Maybe some routes or look into bigger body Google's tell us that I think so William McCall. Yeah we'll just post second album. Again they'd if there's not kids around in not a group of people around and I acted justly and illness market this crazy eyes and system summarized. You're saying a third of the population of America smokes weed. I would I would guess it would be about that law. Insisting all right as the fan turns fans radio station we work for in the great people at the station thinks it week in Milwaukee Wisconsin on. I don't think a lot because we have drug testing in random drug testing. And so I don't know if there's that that would be DLC man you know would. I mean you could feel weird enough walking and one of those things now Jim could you imagine like. Just sat down with three your bodies at a table and out of That '70s Show moment knowledge and that. Can you and Diane Ackerman here. There rock tour corporate here thought this slip and head down to resurrect the sign over here on national and I know 100 dollar write down there as. Walk in you gotta gotta opium a cup. I'm fine. Well I mean I think shirt this stationed there at this bills and scratch. But this building's pretty safe I would say it's pretty safe and I know most of the people that we work with the mean there's some office people that I'm may have never Matt but. I think it's pretty safe I do know our colleagues. Anonymous bullies and some of America and who wouldn't even put back. They've they might be the ones that like the smell. We know it. Smells like skunk sprayed over here yet. Or I've never had a cigarette in my life. You plot those people. I mean that leads try different things such as that outlawed I have no feed only my. He might love yellow too you can lung cancer I don't know. Never sort of broaden your horizons men probably mad at me. So we work at the fan in Milwaukee and we do the Bruce post game show I think most people listening to listen and are aware that. And there was as of the fan turns fan radio station will soap opera. Mike you know out of case we got we've been there a moment when we go on their blitzes MLB got that out there. There's. There was so little drama this week and it included me. Sort of included you reduce stayed out of it. Yeah I just sat down a lot ago you do you made a good decision. I do I think as though you you think that I made the right decision I do she now I thought. You might be like. Really do look too far these two seeded down. Listen to them and I was down when I was I was just really down to to be there I was excited that I was able witness. Yeah a fly on the wall and he building itself battles onto group to flyable wall extremely rare for me. To raise my voice directly doing business we're doing business were doing business. So is like someone needs to (%expletive) it makes me feel better about tests. Was not the line. Yes that was that was verbatim line. So what needs a folk can make me feel better about this I give you six pack that was six that was the most ridiculous part of all of that. Someone offered me a six pack. Every year realities are flocking six pack of beer at the that was almost the most offensive thing out of the whole ordeal I got I know he was trying to help but dude bucket intake of breath sink. Process. And then speak. You'd just in took Braff and spoke. Sort of offense. If it wasn't like. A dude. I got this hundred dollar steak joints it to begin here examining all feel better. I'm now would anger and no matter okay compensation. Accepted. I can I say when it was it was about asking him to do additional work nobody in this building is gonna question. My work ethic or yours. Now yours not being here three or whatever years then. No one's gonna question that they all fought and now they all know will. We wanted to do it on my broadcasts a sweet. We want to stay out all night long now all the way to the morning show them why. Because we did too and like talking like from we'd like to talk sports we do. So no it's gonna question that work ethic however there is a time you need to maintain a value on it serves as you're not gonna just give your ballot and give your services away for free goes like this borrower that I went I go into his establish an all time items are. They start the this plays more on the radio. Yeah so what it is is you pay me for it and then I well yeah not directly to pay the station for. Oh right yeah yeah some parts. And that I. You need to maintain value upon. What you do. And and sales will understand that every form of of business needs and does understand that the successful ones need to understand that that it. Anybody any if any shift had can give their (%expletive) away. Anybody can give that. I'm not gonna give away my services. And it was assumed that I wise that's why got test. It was just assumed. That. They'll do it. That's dance Timmy. Timmy will do it. No I (%expletive) won't do it. In less you we cut a deal here together to figure this thing out I sign on the dotted line we do what we agreed to do and they don't Omar. If it's appropriate that's fun and it helps us all as a team don't debt that as a wireless offended. In this ordeal and again as a fan turns are our radio station drama. I didn't like the fact that they just (%expletive) assumed I would do something and it wasn't in my boss's. It was my colleagues it was might hear za. Cheers. Go ask Google what appears mean. Same playing field. You went (%expletive) him better than me and I'm not gonna act like combat of the new. They assumed they were better than me and assume that I was gonna do this just because. But for the lack of another term. This chick on on right there at some (%expletive) down while they had you know soft itself to do 11 of them had a girlfriend's birthday. The other had a love stepson well squads I've proxies steps on. Baseball then. The other one with the other one half. In a much he stated Arianna come back here yet program armed and and a key you know what in in that little debate. He was the one that said hey man it was sort of productive that we went through it now we know and I figured out him and I were go to that. We're the eldest of all the elder statesman via of of all involved and so we knew that. And I yelled at cop with colleagues before we got in his shouting matches in the hallways and the professional ones. It's gone it's gone once it's over it's done the little babies of this business the knicks do want it for awhile and then they got to go can dig at ago. They got to pull some people person from the administration office into a load he had a couple minutes and just. This is. It's just. Got to talk to you about some Texas how. Yet know what that puts up the good ones the real ones that's true ones the genuine ones get knows that we will have some disagreements in the business world. And once we pass a mile week prior mop iron them out there are grievances. Then when it's productive situation now we on now so one of them. Of men all involved. And myself raga. Remove our do we want the official definition of peer review of get this from Miriam Webster out one that is of equal standing with another. One belonging to with a. I'm always shy little group thought he'd be wondering managed great influence that does this show that talks about equality and. Think I got I. Good job that backs equality of loans. That. What does that say more about my diet that I don't know I don't know now the fact it's don't know I. Therefore I enjoy this I know really really wish I could have brought. This. Feel of of me being in that room to all our podcast listeners because guys please tell you it was (%expletive) phone. It we got it was all a lot of thought about it was tries I sat there with with our intern Griffin. Just. Chill and and you would if it faces. Were in the dictionary. Scott and his face would just be because he was just white who. Griffin all the intern had no idea what to do our production staff member he's Steve Stanton in there and then. I told them because the first of a friend of mine and I was like dude. That's a or a radio measuring contests. We'll see in a few more times you know he well for sure I get older you get into the business you'll see him I don't think that situation come off again but I don't think it's. Put like you said it's not one of those things that ends up being necessarily always a bad thing. Now senators got to go through that figure out where where the lines drawn we we all this where were that we all learned yeah it was it was so from your prospective users. You know a lot of guys I have so much fun in Tim's I love that stuff it was amazing I don't Libyan involvement that I just love B and being on the sidelines and watch him. But it had to be done. IE you guys are gonna scrap again is if you guys do just let me know roll tape yet I was always will not forget. I think I might have like seventeen seconds as we have this handy dandy phone in front smack him the more of the issue that needs to be on tape. It does inner workings matinee so I got radio I got a one thing on tape that is just epic. View no no yeah just one thing is just a sooner or later you got to let that now maybe normalcy. OK send your limitations might reach out that we can then we got to let it out she met everybody that listens to a near future podcasts. Hopefully hope we go to get permission. After (%expletive) that. I don't know how I think we want you would see others beat this is twice. In this podcast see guys were we're learning this is podcast when he nine correct. So we knew that we are gonna make some mistakes that there's going to be some some. Odd. Adaptations. Via an. This is the second time I've put my foot in my mouth saying that I've done something you look at what did not. That's not illegal joking around saying that I as it's not illegal. I've if OK if I'm not rush stake in. It's not Sarah this is recording if you're involved in the conversation if your party to the conversation I think you can tape that. I'm not sure I think in this state you can't. Oh in this state in this day in this state you might be able suit in the state of Wisconsin because Allison that one dude on the radio doing like lawyer show. And some guy goes on their sister Hannah I'm going to look custody battle of my wife my ex wife as she she were recorded my conversation. That I had and I was gonna make sure that tape can get thrown out McCourt. It's I wanna hear him like I've read I think and so he's like you're using California I'm the one state the definitely can't and also the guy just goes. You know I think he has it was phrased so Bryant. I just ask what you really say on that tape. That. I mean I don't. I don't necessarily remember policy that is I know I know I don't want it played like governor Sarah bits. Probably again there are some are. That was probably some transceiver that viewed as having some sleepless nights. Now in the of future we will hopefully a limited double checked out I'm pretty sure in this state so I don't call me on that and not a 100% sure espionage. But I'm pretty sure you can you can tape. I don't know you can broadcast at the broadcasting is a little dip into bribery different. In the future here on this podcast on this platform we are gonna run a little bit of a poll to see where. Broadcasters rank and we're still work and working out the bugs on the trying to figure out the details and how we're gonna set it up the guidelines maybe the parameters would be a better way to put it yet out and and it's not just with the colleagues that we work way that's. It's all the sports broadcasters in the Milwaukee market. It's everyone's available at whatever level yeah it could be Dwyane Blair read of Bob you cur on down to Griffin idol to the guy that competes with me doing and Carroll university pioneered and network. Yes I absolutely hating and think of that it could be better daily cardinals cardinals stretches GAAP PA guy north woods league broadcasts are surely could be anybody in this area at anybody TV anchors the yelled that little guy with a big he had that calls Greyhound races down there were material and race for oh nevermind yeah that your now together as he does work year in our. But you weren't working that out. And that what are the reasons why is because I'll just admit it it's it's sort of my mind entertaining evil side of me. Because one does to these broadcasters now again Billy wheat we are fully aware and I think your learning very quickly. There's going to be some people that don't like right no matter what it's not anything you'd did personally to them it's just they don't like I didn't like Joseph block. As a play by play guy. I like the guy. I realize guys in light scented on the air right justices on air stuff I didn't I didn't like his market and people don't like my word and that's that's fine. What we can handle. Most of us can handle that some home some lose their mind on that stuff and it's so funny it is subtle way entertaining so or work in the bugs on that we want to open the door to. All brought all sports broadcasting. Whether it's with a our station or the other station our competition or what the flagship it could be. It could be at CBS AB CNBC fox Hannity and neither sport locals would always say yeah cable TV Acer is there is all of those everybody's open game. So we figure that out it's gonna have to be an ongoing thing they camped just days set out. This afternoon will do the ball it's going to be like I'm just think and maybe a month long poll. It might almost have to turn and the like a bracket. Maybe. Some folks are gonna like it. Oh well there should be people are mad and it's forty dirt Brey wanted to set me up like that. Now not so what I've got to go guys know why because on sets everybody up. Including costs. Including us some people. There's been people do podcast Billy for years. Yep for sure years we even knew in this 29 we even though you know will will we get better attic yet I promise. I don't speak primarily because it did the other is not an option. Pressed not to get better in two to fail that is frogs and it's just not an option it's not that I don't like these people I'd like come full well personally I like them are really gunmen most all of them in this market. Almost every single one of all get along with I don't know if there's one I don't get along with. You are like their work no that's up to interpretation that's why there's choices. And they don't. Now when he's kick could be opening pandora's box deaths a year nicer than the guys that I don't. Some people that I IC's current listen to as don't want Needham. Do you know fetal body know you don't like him. If you've never met but there's also this points him where there's people in the world that I can just do not give a (%expletive) about. It there the day live a life and cool. And most of those people are your competition then our goal but that doesn't mean there's not a person in the. Our governor this they're just do what you do yeah I just don't give a (%expletive) about oak cliff that's fine in the business world right. Like her because I'm talking about business and if I if I business leaders of this anger and a business the business exceed I'd tow wanna know that kids got three kids that when he gets put out of a job. Because we kick the (%expletive) out of him for fourteen straight monster but I don't I don't know what it is kids third you know. Now watching daddy you're tomorrow morning well now seen I'd die or maybe have a little more of a heart now again IE and you're the one that everyone says have as an evil side knows she yet. I gotta go a sort activists saying on the way out. No because we. All shipped. You don't want. I just thought people would listen to our post game show Yakima of that falcons song. Yeah right. Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday. August 1 is Wednesday. Now we do. Call Tara choice that there's so many of some swimming AFC championship season of joy I sit tight. We're kind of figured out Tuesday Wednesday. Easier ones that in the disclaimer. Any of their previous incident that was discussed here on the tenement house in the morning podcasts is solely the private use of tenement house. Asked the big shelf for more information see you next.