Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep. 30 - Straight. Burnt. Out.

Tim Allen
Monday, August 6th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid mail in episode thirty of the podcast, but still believe you will enjoy the overtired hosts having some fun!

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Send it go. Timid taos in the morning podcast number thirty. DNA hell of a week long one boys and girls yelled long runway one. West Coast they they drain us a little bit it's all part of the ride it's all part of it's it's part of the fun obviously that we we get to do this job and at least. Carly did seem on the late nights and the fans that are hanging out just like we would be if we if we didn't do the show yes the post game show. We would be doing the same thing may be way now watching the whole game Livan and Diana and every pitch in and that we would be wanting to talk about it with somebody. We used it to be that somebody we are those somebody's view and yeah the trade deadline right in the midst of all that you avoid Jonathan scope. My boy and Milwaukee's starts out in a brewers uniform ball for twelve with eight strikeouts pop this can he possibly be. John is absolutely hate this place finish it by now he can be tough though do because like. When when your leg when you're drafted by team and your whatever 161718. Years old he was. A dutchman so he might have been drafted on the international side of could've even been brought over at a younger age. You spend that amount of time with. With one organization one that sent a group like all those guys going up together and then. All right thanks man appreciate it but gone pitchers shouldn't go you don't know anybody. They do sort of Knoll. And despite playing against an all the names of players yen in pride talk yet. The all star game are on first base or right what we you know whatever but yeah that's that's awful for 128 strikeouts. As of the recording of this podcast and so they pick up who stock is so Golar scope and and Joaquin Soria. Which is gonna have really improved the team team is not a baseball team. Brewer fans around him here we go Kim rarely go they're given again now with now know who they are you gonna give because you wanted to hear it and how. Everybody's pocket stupid you can't figure this out Zune. The guys one of the better hitters in the all of baseball and her mother about alive half a year. And then the you don't get zulus. When he comes up. All the Lyle Overbay you can do though. And. Ouch. My shoulder just. The unit that is and that's why you wanted to hear that so you can bitch and moan about I don't shoulder hurts now Tim Allen has got a rotator cuff. It is partially torn I can tell right now. No it is it is your rotator cuff because you have all the telltale signs when you move the arm back. And try to do an arm circle it cracks he cracks like I could snap your chicken like bone yep and it. That that's right Derek telltale sign you go over the top the rotator cuff rotation. Causes pain. Yeah it sucks is oh yeah it does you know what else Sox while you get an all too is when I'd say you go to take a test. And you got you streams and now an older guys all the guys know about this you just do as part of life. Say he would you know you Don. And any go to zip up and you'd like oh yeah I needed just. Goal again. It's like you never (%expletive) even took a test. It's it's just like you started all over. Seriously he's got to do it all over again yes. Prostate issues and just fallen apart amassed. So they do get those three players and they improve there's their opposition here. It's gonna be a hell overrun and you look at the nationally now all of the other teams that are right there man date they are some are. Maybe a click back but right there. Still with forty no upper forties in games remaining hot streak away from beat anybody though also seems. Seems a little dysfunctional there. I'm not sure what it is but obviously of the cubs pirates still think they have prayer I'm playing better baseball so it's going to be fun. Fun fun fun down the stretch so earlier this week we also not only of the trade that deadline we had West Coast. Which means we get on the air local time. Well what today's games CO three and a half our games and number 1230 the one day we got on the air at 115. And that was not the day that we decided that we are gonna do an all night broadcasts see throwing the all night broadcasts. No that ended up being the shortest game all year. Two hours and like seventeen minutes after wade Miley hauls off and throw seven shut out and not that we care about you don't do an air time now and I'm gonna bitch about being on the radio I actually like it yes we do like and that's why we did it just an all my broadcasting get paid anything more. God didn't even get a lot you know a gift card thrown in the way we know we work it's just that you could have like. I don't know give us dinner somewhere on which we want Morgan paid from now once it would have been good its launch one of England. So in note that week all night Tim Thomas. Overnights up all night. On the fan and good rev response good reviews is as fun it was different we did it for the love of our game on the radio game. We did have a slight little issue in the middle there this as the fan turns the drama on our radio station. We had a visitor that night. Randomly. Just a random eyes and invited visitors just kind of shows up we actually had 21 from the sales department. I'll hold that's. For about that George is Wanda it's just make sure that he mentioned that he sold the naming rights year fantasy football I don't know why it was there it was 3 o'clock in the morning. Which gets and the year. I said that's that's why the lights on so we call but I T even know you ice for one year. So he shows up sales guy. And then also low. One of our colleagues. And coworkers so workers coworkers. On air coworker. Sort of comes in and just sits down. With his headphones on. And dislikes and proceeds annals of the good microphone over their number three in in our studio there there's one microphone number two. It's kind of crappy at it falls over images like drops down the upper back the part of these little holders that we have to make sure that they say stable snapped off and it was just too wagon down. His sails up the microphone things out puts us like this headphones and starts he's as Shimon and stations you Atlantis is. Hot on his microphone so we have these level. That we can. That if I I want me my voice really really loud I can do like that a felony. That so. Thought was even now. Yet he turned his Mike on he's started he has the ability to gallon yeah each station around the council. As a plug and Jack too we play in your headphones in the ESCO little button next to the can turn in the Micah cough cough button yet seated just hit it off. And then go back which I did not realize my effort the first like eight months and it was honor he didn't I didn't realize that that was what that bloodless war. I never pressed. For anything since he he's even if I decide you wanted is that it is. Sure that's urge you on the rise. And then off to an off the year so this student says vices I'll sit sits down again I'm not saying and that we have I symmetric sort of to the T plan now. We do a little more spontaneous radio. You and I do release other people try and script their stuff out and they'll do an opening monologue as fuel for quite often sometimes it's all typed out there actually read a script word for word and that's their opening of the show and and they there's a lot of thought put into bed and that's fine whatever that's that's or stop. But we do little more spontaneous enough that we had anything. Brio pressing plant at that time but. Just someone just walks in sits down. Headphones on microphone he turns on himself and just literally. Chimes in as if he was our partner. Our broadcast partner. Things got a little sideways at that time because we also are morning Diane yeah bar got in their little bit earlier and so one point. And I don't wanna be the bad guy to say I hate to put the flock what you do it. Yeah because a lot of broadcasters would they would have yeah. Pressure and I just chose not to do that just pick a different panel or whatever but at one point I did have to say. I don't know there's too many people's pockets here I think he got the point at that time. I think so I think I believe so I hope he's now a man. Well that as a matter of ideas for years now he will be entry here. But either way. Like yeah that's a thing we'd like to do now we just gotta diffuse it and it's caught off guard. So we know OK club there I am you know is it possible that we invited him man. It could be I mean. Like and one of the post these a lot of different along a lot of different things we don't we do. And that's that's and douse think in but I thought like if we would have been invited him and that would have been there the whole time. So that's where that's were idea that. Hesitation that I don't think. I think it's possible that it is like the other day that Miller Park. Corbin burns right handed pitcher for the brewers. We we can't remember if we interviewed him we know we interviewed him answering training. Did we interview him throughout this season and that's the thing I don't think we did it I think we might. I don't think we did well. I know we re played the interview from spring training that we did. When he got called right and when he made his debut. Yet. So did we interview them after that I don't think so. But. You sure are better off. It's possible I don't know what else at the station did. Nobody did or someone to nobody else at the station passed sell because some rumor chicken (%expletive) it's. Well and it's easier just you know go off there and hold the microphone via human might stand itself to actually come up with some questions they might tell you doorman. Every feeling good husband does that let's say it's weighing you and him. As a starter airports saying today the broadcasters that get good interviews. Get turned down as well you just don't hear about it and don't be afraid dead tipped. I learned this year is that all that and Iger broadcaster because I brought mine on this podcasts and call out Boone Logan for saying now you did draw a boon loan and yeah I did. But circle K coffee drink and ask somebody taught me years ago. That and look around the clubhouse look around the locker room go to the biggest name in that room. Oh my god what do we do the other day might Lusaka and at that time. You know biggest name in the room right just newcomer second day at Miller Park so that's what you do and if he says no (%expletive) did he says now all right fine. We just like. Is like when I walk into a bar and now single heterosexual man I walk into a bar I'm gonna go and hit on the hottest girl the bar. Knowing that there's very very high probability says. You know your little. Too sweaty for me. Might be and then you know you work your way down from there put the worst thing they can say is now that set you still get the (%expletive) away from me doesn't cost you any money eagle sounds good yep nine C on a so you also have now in the month of August Syria football NFL football can't wait now can't ravens and bears went mad that you're right away all gambling pure gambling on the lost and mr. Maggie. Not a not a big Unita bananas are really not I'm really not all you had to do map. One new head coach Wright you think you would want to make sure that you get as many rest. Lied game action as he could write yes Colin and plays you know make sure that everybody you're getting the same calls in from the Booth. I leverage situations maybe go and overtime. This (%expletive) guy yup. Spread they're all under 35 right. And at several volumes higher up at seventeen all that extra point two and a half minutes left in the game. Get yourself a chance to win this game you've got over. Goes for two and optimists all you do kick kicks TX all you have to do was kick the extra point. And let Lamar Jackson go down kick a field goal win the game Billy when's his par lay of the ravens in meal I think it's all you had to do okay for you. More import. Only I think for his team. Why when she kicked at extra point right there tie it up and as you said. I leverage snaps kits and Knoll. Your system your brand new head coach do I I know you've been in around football a lot. But that's your team now now you set the precedent is set the system now tweak the system after its employees so put it implies. You want another quarter's worth of football. To work on your craft don't just what I will say is that he's going to be good coach I don't know the easy needed coach pat how do we know this. No I just. Know from just listening to all and here in the coach's speak and see in the interaction that he had with guys in his looks he's going to be a good coach I think hue Jackson is going to be a good coach OK we all knew that this (%expletive) experiment was train wreck when the first quarter Al. I do I loved every thing he was saying when he got that job. Which job the Oakland job. No are now the Cleveland the Cleveland job the though. Bigger travesty is how that heightened got another head coaching job at after the disaster no class where he said you know what I think our problem is guys. We need to go trade for Carson Paul. Now can't solve all our problems so he had that is so football is back and and that means that. Fantasy football is baton. And and favorite. I don't know I'm minimum bets your favorite oh outside of video poker that's your favorite form of sports game. Her favorite form of gambling I would say here. I like slots. But it's up there it's up there it is up that. As I haven't seen somebody that is as you're some some intense fantasy football week love it. I do. You get buried baton and FL football week to week. You can start out and everything school and it's common disorder four weeks from right now I've one's going to be. Matsui back in get this guy or online or whatever it is wherever it is. And it was they do it legally on the streets of managers in that could. And you're gonna say ominous start out with just I'm suspect might tenor twenty box again. It's his famous for that I'd just start out tenor tone there you know schools scratch yet Muslims com you'll get (%expletive) buried a promise. It's gonna happen. So I to eliminate in my first two seasons I think it's watched completely out I think legitimately the profit in the first year. Matched identical. To the loss in the second year guy that then your doomed done. Because sooner or later you're going to be bail out on a Monday night game between in between Detroit and Jack here just sweating through the third quarter. Because you've got to take the second half overview of wait too much money right. On it to that you have any kids Otis paycheck it's become really gonna get for next you can zero business venting out of that and you're trying to bail out. And the idea it'll get you and I'm not saying that that I don't that NFL football I already have a bad and now week one. In Vegas parity of the ticket evident par away that Sunday night game for Sunday night game of the year I did I get it but you know Barry. Fantasy football has curbed my appetite for the outside and NFL gambling. So I just do it that way in a pay your money and then that's yet you don't lose any more money throughout the season. Actually I you lose your money with that (%expletive) attitude well why would I even Joseph is gonna lose I'm always gonna lose and I don't lose more money than that. That armament and arms and cash in on these guys. I'm taken place Roth. Bet that the victim best team in the NFL well whoever you think is the best team in the fountain. And that those guys. To vets. 45 bucks each money line and against the spread. Venom both Tibetan fifty dollars a week on the best team in football. Who you dubbed as the best youthful. Who's gonna win the Super Bowl could be New England could be Philly began not a ram swept through thank goodness. That's the money maker the only thing with that is you camp that anything else. You got to let that ride leave that alone leave your fifty dollars a week alone and you'll make some money. Most bettors can't do that go into our horse track a dog track or whatever would then the racist. That the good bettors won't bat every race they show up at the park. At that at the track. Knowing that I'm only gotten the fifth eighth and tenth races tonight because those are the best odds that that's what they've tagged out. These people that bet all slate of games the NFL is good luck not gonna happen. The won't make some money prove me wrong. There are some groups some people that employee gets the diatribe doing it interrupted by the phone but some people do make a live and so yeah a lot yes they don't really do but they don't touch every game and a lot of people also lose their house yes they don't touch every game now that's that's attractive to pick one. Pick one of armor to Obama hammer. So do it that way or in fantasy football. You review does really wanna play for for keeps. You know play for like a night with your wife for something. Put that on the line put in play for a finger. At a body part. But I've played her finger was part of the night with alive and now. Not like you're in my ear lobe of the ought to bet you if you wanna go through the winner of this it's a slice off the body price Tyson let's cut it down there. Fantasies from football. I've seen some leagues where. Several pools of money together and it's winner take all this one winner it's Super Bowl or nothing everyone else is a loser and you in the Super Bowl you get every dime that was put into that that lead. I've seen it where it's you've purchased the league it's not a hundred bucks or whatever to get in. You go ahead and purchase four nights for the Super Bowl in Vegas. Four nights and and that the winner of that league gets that trip. Unlike those leagues to. That's cool the money on them the money part now. You know very good offense. No I I just can't follow along with it enough I. For summaries like I've played fantasy baseball and guy and I just look at my team that I haven't checked in like two months and arrows on twenty games under 500 I wonder why. Yeah because I have (%expletive) him Robinson Cano starting the last two months he's been suspended for eighty games way to follow the full of Brian all right. I I thought I fell off the fantasy football train when I when I was in college plan and I just I was watching everybody do it during class and I wasn't good enough for the student really. Not actually somewhat pay attention when I would go. So for me that it's actually it's a goal and then to be on my computer to a fantasy football which is usually when I was doing when I was making money on it. She. I've fallen off the way Simon at a championship like 34 years. I wonder how many league leagues are out there I know I talked to us some of the fancy football experts on on the show that I've done for a million years and the fancy folk also guys that do this like. He's their entry feels like five grand. Into a fantasy football league. The most locally than in Wisconsin I've run across I wanna say is 500. And then it's it pays top two at the hand that's it yet you gotta get to the super cap that's fat. Austin. Gonna do that now would you follow along in that league probably not know all night so probably would truck Internet. Because there's so Joost on what each match up is that I don't even think about who's on my team you can contact. Bills meant here to a vitamins your league. And it takes the money is at bills recruited to get a. I think that's that it fits right. Because those are the kind of guys we want in the league not a ton bomb. But just to fuel our problem yet to increase the guy you need a couple of meat balls won the fact that increases your house to make money into to each to trade rate Pia. Or is that a knotted I got that's not a good I got actually taken last year you remember that fantasy baseball trade that I may of last year yet. I asked them like Chris Sale Andrew balance Andean somebody else select tree turner. It's now find whatever file to a yep. There will be no I get to know segment because were running on fumes here this week we're gonna finish up this week and reenergize. There's an off day for the brewers today this is released. And in. And places all third fourth sixth and next time that we talked to guys on this podcast. I will no longer be the blame. Laughing 23 year old you know now I'll be a mature. Grown up 24 year old via August 10. We have Timmons house in the morning and on the fan know we have Timmons house in the morning on podcast but August 10. Tim is how dark morning comes to the year starts Timmons house in the morning. 6 AM on the town that's a Friday and that's and that's actually fun facts celebrating. Mean becoming the grown ups point four Euro your birthday. And that starts haven't house in the morning on 1057. FM the fan. In Milwaukee so that that civil society good way to start Timmons house in the morning yeah right. It's also and another for days before the best part is I won't forget what day that we started you know like when when we're looking at like 67 months and then I'll look back I'll remember. What day we started the show we started this (%expletive) right. And the day before there's a little bit of a of precursor. Our morning show wouldn't call precursor does that suck in artist someone else like solar and now. You know who it is now we know. It's OK to say who it is your call to dial one. And doesn't mean you're I get sued Friday by Richard suspended so to have really I should just ran out and really doesn't matter I. So. August 10. That's this coming Friday August and 6 AM central time so you people listening to us out in you know New York in Virginia Maryland. Tennessee analysts are at 7 am for you on the radio and account still have have VI and invite for the blindfold match between us and the pardon might take. Guys. We will. Honor that challenge. Any time didn't anyone ever they want the wanna get these hands rule thrown around even despite the shoulder issues that I have you're gonna fight through the pain I will not won a warrior and a half who fell. And sell some battle tested veteran also the and Timmons how's she up all night. Radio show that we did a few days ago that is up and you grab that radio dot com as well and right underneath this one it should be a right just were every far in this podcast. Number thirty. Right in between this one. And number 29. Will be fan overnights that was the overnight broadcast read and we will look forward to doing another one just like that can't wait so yes should be fun all right that's gonna do it as were too tired we got to go. C.