Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 31 - STD's and Crabby Tim Allen

Tim Allen
Monday, August 13th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid with one of the most forthcoming podcasts you with ever hear... 

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All right welcome boys and girls itself podcast haven't house in the morning. Number thirty. One or 23131. Knew we are. Oh radio yeah yeah yeah yeah it's drill baby taos Schmid. My name is Tim. There's rhyme or body's gonna gonna hang around and clam up but they'll they'll hang out we'll try to say something here in the first couple minutes very and then disappear yet go and check his phone. Check is over runners in the early games doer you know put stuff on the web site. Cut podcasts. A guy make them make the space and to sound better in general big guys we have a young caller that calls in the station has been calling in the station for a long long time his name is Kevin we comb crazy Kevin and and we're trying to get to know crazy Kevin. Get to know caller Kevin. He lives in only a parade gets you know segment it was him would be we really eats him I haven't heard from we've heard from one announcement a week or two week and a half I would say more than that. Yeah it's closer to three. In he was saying in New York, New York where those 19 Eitan. Out of the all time greatest episode I think in the post game show you got off the show in new York new they are that definitely might be are WBA nomination could be. Could be right so and just keep that in the back your mind you're gonna let anybody know if anybody knows how leaking in touch with Kevin though to. Let us know. If they would like to hear from I think the boys in the afternoon do know that it's. The name of is at Hillcrest. And what do you home maple they already written an agent Reyes is he added able outage yes. So they we call for there's which. We react we know we should get at the station act Kevin insider like every day we do is get updates Alec Canon's doing yeah. Until a few of the really fascinating like he's got a story for everything do you think there's. And again this is a little foreign to people listening to this right now that don't know Kevin. Do you think there's an evil side to him. Is and there's skeletons there for him yes adding to skeletons and all of our closet. Especially cannons. Don't know about that billion or talking about that he seems to think there are I don't know about that. You might have a few I don't know if he had sacked W guy I don't think he's been way the assists are. Well I don't think why am I don't think he has Packard a columnists and whatever would we. We want your guys is virgins we work with guys. For that have only been laid with one girl dude OK now I'm gonna tell you this right now would get. How cool Kevin has and how cool some of the people that we work with are the answer are you stunned OK maybe I am also. I don't know the exact numbers. But I know I've read this multiple times that. It's being thrown back in those nursing homes. Well assisted living senators I wanted to see how are living areas. Wanted to ask my girlfriend who. Lives in that world if you will. Adult protective services EPS and so I wanted to know. How. Rampant or at least. Common. For STDs in a nursing dude it's it's high tomorrow it's very high it I'd tell I don't know what the numbers are what it's like the hammer. They are more. Common. Sexually transmitted diseases are in like those senior living centers and they are like freshman college or sets or I wanna live then when you gotta put me in a home put me in now one. Three in the right now. To answer okay enough do you still got he's got some some color in your air. That gets already thought you bet yeah Herridge has. Raped what's the minimum age where you can enter a home is it like 65 don't know not now I think there's some people are probably younger than Adam there. Phillips sixty fives really young. I don't think Kevin's in any play at maple ridge but I know that he did take Greeks Grace Kelly I think was her name on a day in 1950s in why are we great and Dottie why. Over a California it's throws last back Kevin at yeah we brought this up to Kevin before he was like I actually went to date with Grace Kelly in the 1950s. You know we like annually you please I tell the whole bit. He's not dead old didn't he say 11 day was late sixties he was in the sixties while she was an actress and what the fifties now. I mean he was born and fifties. Levy on bell also took that chick that was like fifteen or homecoming dance so. While now is this promotion code will thing that wasn't. The case and aren't yours you are now you're saying that it would be out of bounds for cabin to get a goodwill you know bracing. By an actress when he was I to answer I guess is possible but if he'd let's just say 67 years old. If he 67 he was born in 51. Yeah I don't. It ticker candidate you like five issues like Tony theory model. He's a ball not so boots so what kind of as TDs are thrown around and are nursing home it would look this up. Or about. Yeah I don't get some numbers I could check this out I'm just say I'm no I think before I checked the numbers we take a poll are you believe we are you believe in me no I don't I don't believe me at all no. No check those numbers so I'm telling ya for that multiple times because your thing about it one. If if you're in that situation right your 65 plus. You brat that SOB yacht I don't know how long year really played it way I was just thinking of how crazy you might not have a whole lot of time. There's there's a lack of blood that's flowing through that. Vessel that had a I mean you can stricter played on that thing in here really rotten like you're going to be having some trouble uber. You have to double the doses of the blue pill but it makes it okay if that's us is just gonna say it makes sense number one you have time and write what will when he introduced in the home and but number two you have pills for that. These days eight years ago you didn't maybe data I don't know. But I'd my guess is you didn't have. The pills. And now you've got this there are claiming that you're not you're not very well versed in the Viagra game night ya really I plan on. I do. I remember one Viagra became really dig my cousin was working in the emergency room and hospital a provision in the hospital as I can probably given them a lot of trouble yet don't name could hit and like all the other like the male nurses in the doctors would dollar exchange Viagra pills. So he brought like 35 of these things have you tried one yet did you have because I haven't and I needed it he was just like I don't why I need I say the odds I'll tell you my enemy right now is only like eight unit at times only like (%expletive) but I need. A Viagra pill we gotta win gets hard we played team here is like well you kid. Go multiple times and I'm like lately without stopping like there's no rest period or any thing that he'd like to distract to re you never you never stop like you could do is go for like an hour and a half so. You so you just. Are you're still on the single cycle or each other and all Null and there's all you troops has been multiples for you not just for her you know on a sand Nadal yet. So they give you use and company might have to like stop and that's I'm really answers didn't trying it. This because I've never try to threaten the so wait here's her the horror story comes and so everybody's. Gone a couple of mile runs for yeah everybody started as a make sure that I had enough Carty go. Heads out insults I mean never. You know hearted and economic street but. The problem was. One of his body structure it never came down like it was eight straight hours where he was walking around. Hard as hell and it was like time you know like staggered egg is considered dads everywhere he's your minds on paper Parker us and needs. Bought her I know he's got this I didn't grow I have my puts a new meaning that a worker at a cigarette is dead it's today. On Sunday at a go to khakis and then that's painful so he had to go to the hospital and get a drained it drained it. Scene and now the funniest part of that is right now you bring us up and it's been something that's for grinds my gears for a while guys. The adult entertainment industry at this point. Juice and match can I ask why every single. New film that comes out. Is centered around incest. It feels like every single time it's our hats are blue bells and stepsister helps out. Viagra laced brother Jim and what happened to good old days and like bang other people sisters. You know there are other people's matches that I didn't go visited an aids Fred's Bob that's what a lot of city Mike Doleac. Bangers Mao. Am but I Miller who you are claiming that and Billy just let people inside here on the Tim Couch in the morning podcast that you are claiming now that I hurt my shoulder work in mountain. Doing pushups. Yeah ads and it did it coincided bureau and definitely with. You help me work on a my phone pursche downloading porn while the funniest part about this says and I'm just gonna say how. The coincidence comes coincides with. Mean showing you how easy. Access to Internet porn as I didn't know was that easy that all the sudden then Tim comes in and now he has a rotator cuff issue and when you're talking about pushups I'd I'm thinking this is a lot more similar to like the old school. Armed pushups tests they do and high school and Jim's pushups was down up yet one down. Up done and then you know then you were triggered to wait 25 minutes get the bottle lotion and fired back up. And sometimes the re coils ranked if you're not used to that could have pop some in your rotator cuff Canada. Canada just say in I didn't always that easy you millennial date you know I don't know we see you'll ideals you guys haven't made run when it comes of that stuff. Because you know when I was. In the 80s70s. Just didn't adolescent and fourteen to seventeen discovering little Sammy yeah. All you have was your dad's year old man's dirty magazines that's all yet. Magazines mechanism for doing it is because. Things got the Internet wasn't around or wasn't as Dave when I was going up because we only video store you would be imprisoned right now no I don't know we owned and all of the door and my dad dead and we had a adult section and I think that kept us in business probably like the last five years when. Blockbuster really bluff did you sneak some man videocassettes aside oh absolutely and it was always can offer because my buddies would come in and they obviously want a sneak in the back in my dad of the I guess you guys are going in the in the portals action ions those operating knowing your buddies try to sneak back into debt and bad you know run in the ships and get the (%expletive) out of there. But select kept us in business probably the last five years I mean we're legit. Comic book shop was right on the side that we have like a regular video story can go like Jerry McGuire then in the Becker imagery got Debbie does del. And the rest of the Texas and I saw a result VHS now does Dallas yet because the original writer deep throws here and and back in the days. Fits well into this conversation. Arm when you're making videos like that. Where they more in terms of like full length movies instead of up there were ball the same. The ad thereabouts he may get a little while a long game arm as really changed the adult entertainment industry and and really made. I think you're killing. For females that decides to make and males for that rather to now there are a lot of men that have made quite a substantial living. Gracing women with. Other appendages would you do it. Are you asking me if IBM mail porn star yeah. Hey guys. Don't know what people are into I don't know what kind of fetish as they have but if if I could help somebody else to my mama people pleaser and people person. So I I feel like if I could if I could help in that realm. Com. I'd I'd I'd I'd sacrifice for the team if I had elbow somebody so if you had to do like one video. And what would what kind of money would you have to. Ten grand under up by a burger from callers the end yeah I don't know I guess that preceded it which rated the deadline in Major League Baseball wanna see that deal first and if I mean what else. Ought to make sure that I'm not walking over to maple ridge and filming a scene right and you know. The plus seventy section search rude but I. Well that's a good question how much al-Qaeda require you to India and yell and maple ridge Indian they. You seen how much sugar in reality a couple of new contract I would need some zeros on the backhand no assi. You know you don't know I don't know now not in that situation into the season. Well it's always SEC's that's your phone number but there would have to be a follower. Hires substantial game. Hot economically if that would be the issue if rich won a grand we have to know we got seats on sale like six or seven zeros. Also few 100000. Close get all bull. A way to go eat out Helen that's that's usually. Yes well first I think after they should day now about that I have to go to work out our I could do that yet you could yeah you could aggressively sought out someone tossed 25000. Caps on. Cap stack of hundred dollar bills tax rate tax very. We are going to Vegas and Gertrude. And to do it. That the yes I know that causes the I don't know we got us we got to deal yet to receive you know we we need to deal. I can't believe this STD's in nursing home things Israel because I tell Leo did you look yen and and there's a lot of info on this check the tape. A lot and I did on and now so. What do we what do we want now okay here's a coupled headlines you guys tell me which is the most injure singled died and do we got sex and seniors ST yeah does your reality for the elderly. ST year rates continue to rise for older adult now one accounts like Cameron you know let's see now again I think I've admitted to not podcast before that I've had. Crabs. Really we have back in and doesn't want it allies if if this 1982. And yet. I get rid of and you just like Shea I did everything America not out there and definitely adds so that's very go to work that's it no I was struck when Hamas how. You talk to me and other it. Well I was laid a bad start without a depth I thought I tore his story to put Ellis. Well. Yeah yeah I didn't tell a story pleased that our kids grow quake rally did buy and I'd like I'd love to hear it again yeah I was given new listener. They went and laid him bad and describe for an up on your pews I just think it is jock gets in court. You know. And I I just. You know beauty is zero win on how on the spot where is really at united is zeroed in take two might have fingernail and is kind of a (%expletive) is. And I've came up little you know like a little I've blogger that you'd you'd. Yet VO around with your fingers refined in the new flip that OK this I've found some in my pews and which was so I got a better reading lamp and I got up. And dot I'd I put this under the light in just it was on the my foam. With the padding your thumb in it was a little white sort of law are able. Sort of insect the look and thing teeny tiny little thing. So that was official I knew I had. Crabs. It's so we go to two. Go to view go to your local partner drugstore yeah and you buys so at that time about some that was called rated a blow tiller now that they get it read it was like. Downed a bottle of passive well I don't know was again a bottle some. Use graphic down in the year tubes and then it came with a little mini home as a bonus wait. You give more fizzle call and you come home. Them out of Ares I like well and then then they would the Coleman. Pick a mall allow. It out as sounds (%expletive) brutal it's okay so what is you Wear a condom to put. Have float I snow. Thanks to their sexual crabs. And gas in fact desk sit his way to snow it's. This makes it go away unless you know that they're just gone a little like come back to that well they could if I don't back to send her home that game tonight right competitors such passionate edges though we're going like that Melissa domain goes away as that I think exit closes the worst thing you began. This guy right I think HIV would be the why you're in college I had bodies like every weekend somebody was catching some and and go into the into the clinic and guys that they got this browsers also asked TDs you're right Billie OK you're right. The STV rate is climbing. In senior homes Incredibles and yeah and there's porn through senior porn right. She's got I hope not 82 all browser there are 938. Cases of gonorrhea syphilis chlamydia reported among Americans 45 and older now I think gonorrhea is one of those that that that's as the pillar shot like the gift that keeps the 45 I think we need to I think we need an STD run here at the Stan I just get checked I think we need M I mean we need a couple of guys that ticket. Caught up with. The media here at Pham who would be others rely on things I got it would need to be tester for him up OK we'll all agree that the we're not saying he has as CD now I'm just stating the Canada bought I ordered hearth. We might prove. That shot. A scraper Allah is Stevie be fine. Romney yeah Rami might well yeah I mean might wanna check. But. I feel like you've probably was gonna catch something now he's been with the same girl for a while I feel like he would know by now he would would've known by com. Gary's all good Gary's all good. Joseph you don't have to worry about at all. Are you don't have to work and at all Cody I mean at all on forbid. I they goes so basically our staff has zero chance at catching and I'm just glad nobody said mine and so thank you guys appreciate a few short bladed it. And as CDs and you would actually have to have sex nasty. And so. It's great car. It of yours my birthday this past week a few things to get to hear let me just start out real quick I was losing my mind on the a post game show your good night. It was about big league pitch pitchers that camp throw strikes then and I made reference to figured out. Balking figured out that's the word I want to use on the air you know I can use it here. Can't throw (%expletive) strikes at this level you out you walked three straight batters. I don't understand that I don't get that I'll never get that you know play for my team we ever do that. That's his main. Can't throw strikes and get the (%expletive) off the mound and go fight but I camps how how in the world cannot you can't throw strikes I don't understand that doesn't doesn't jive to me. At any level it's all relative right and now I agree it's not saying it's tougher to throw strike in the big leagues than it is in college. You can't say that it's still throw strikes sixty feet six inches throw strikes. Pisses me off. Palm Etsy got to know crazy Kevin yeah we got through that as TDs. To stuck in my notes here up fan drama. There wasn't a ton. Of radio station drama this week little something there was a little something that actually I kind of appreciate. Someone at least is attempting to fire back. Oh yeah we've been waiting we've been waiting for below we work out at this radio station com. Two in instead of just voice their concerns about the podcast. Behind our back in engines she'd be worried about it which we've caught the mall doing. We got pretty upfront with the fact of come on and let's let's get a little. Jousting on if it's always good fun world's boss and you were struck a bus people's balls if for some people don't think that way. Right don't take it like that they don't want to know bomb. But it's always good fun I don't I don't think we've we've been malicious and anyway. A wannabe. People here don't want of course is better and a of course it's yet to fight you don't wanna start no Obuchi you know if we are doing something that wrong. Then wouldn't they fire back them. No no no. It must not be that wrong if their. Here's what they do here's what's problem. And trust it and some don't what is summed I know this believe me it's been verified by a very accurate source. They run down the hall and talk to the principal about it they go tell the teacher. That's what they do what is the teacher says the teacher says. Get over it over and it's funny yeah so. They tried I was glad that we had one of our friends strike. From. Who is. Has voiced and most probably the biggest concern. Of the podcast he's been the most vocal and I've appreciated that. Wanted to wanted to put a stop some of the stuff we are doing. I said no. I was confronted about it directly Sam yes you were so. Just so people that listened to podcasts are listeners know we we have been contacted to try to clean herself a GO shape up. Gets new material do you need to respect me just out. Yeah I just wasn't gonna happen so we did get of a fire back a shot across the value money he had this Lewis. This week our morning show was was off for a few days so. Estimates house in the morning was actually timid to house in the morning on the air was daisy are on the air yes Friday the whatever laws on the tenth yes you heard you could remember that your berth and a yes. Oddly I told you this dudes don't remember dues birthdays. They got to be reminded of them. Now your girlfriend remember her birthday your wife remember that one but you buddy and comes ago. All right so we fill in on the morning show the day before. It was. Was our board our buddy. Whose Forte is not on the air sub package. Has. A little bit above. Second tier. Maybe in. There is a packed couple more bodies and the other is a pecking order in the entertainment world. I'm not gonna. Give you any information that you don't already know. Some people are better than others the axis of its suggests Sig. Subjective business there we go arm. And you'd sign up for you know what it is. And you you are going to be you ranked. By your performance and talent level in this business you are so that means that we're not all equal when it comes to talent. Summer better and some aren't. That's the way it is and summer battery and other areas I've been pretty open and honest and I am rock a bit of a scatter brained some people would like to call (%expletive) up. I like to forget sir I forget certain things that some of the perceptions and nominal tasks and other the regulars up the they are these tasks that keep this radio station afloat now what keeps it afloat is good radio shows that's it starts there and so I would like to think this is this is where we make money in this but it's all there. Yes they are they are tasks and everybody has things are everybody's got the (%expletive) water cooler that they got to fill up every other day at spacious work so. I didn't I get beat taken back on some of the nominal tasks but in a match of the air work and match of entertainment wise I think we'd sack of just on any. And that's what I was gonna get to Billy. Will let let the audience. Do their thing and ratings and and sales and and things like that but I can tell you this it's okay. That someone else isn't as good as you in this business it's OK. To have someone else far better than you in this business. That doesn't mean you die tonight. In an overall amount equal and it also doesn't mean you saw. Doesn't mean you suck it just means these other guys are better than you. At what we do it could I mean you could sock and you know somebody that we say is better than you could also socked just a little bit last. But are saying in general now everybody. They're can be guys. I'll raise my hand right now Scott for a hell. Runs circles around me on the radio better than us yes. Yes and it's OK I sleep very well tonight knowing that I know that a person or snow sleet yes. Howard Stern. Better than me and again it. It's okay era a dozen pissed me off I don't try to change or re reinvent the radio we'll. So I will just say this when the morning show at our station. When they were gone. Learning how to be a better morning show. On them my pet Smart too but they were out seminars and that's what seminars for to make better. That was an it's slamming them but that's ought to be tag him. So their route we have a couple of individuals that do Thursday and then you and I Billy did Friday. And I'm just gonna say this. We're better. Right yes they're stoke. Its decide there's no question about it it's OK I don't like those guys any lasts. They're guys I work way and colleagues now. And they're fine it's just stepped. There's a pecking order in the entertainment world that's and that's on sale so. They through a little bit of a jab I shouldn't say today. I should only say heat and while Canon kind of aid dad. I guess the other one chimed in to chimed in it seem like it was more like. The the friend that chimes in the kid that's kinda hanging out in the group and like your own making fun of Danny. You know is because Danny spilled chickens wing sauce all over assured her. Gonna (%expletive) idiot yet and that its wings with a white shirt and then the one kid that you know Steve usually doesn't hang out when you Stevie usually hangs out with Danny. And he has. Danny what an idiot you know religion is hey Kenny I am extra shirt for if yeah I didn't mean that. So they they word telling. On the air on on a Thursday morning show. They were talking about us being in here the next day so this is how that. Shook chuck and Bart will be back on Monday. To forget it is the Timmons polished in the morning show towards us so lets us go it's so mean Kevin were out. And ten and build a retire Schmidt. So be prepared for that is they may try really hard to beat the new morning show on the fan and I notre embarked on some days so they are. Like it's as we do in the pre season they nearly Lindsay Pip games. Her water on his fellow browns yeah okay stat loss ever right there. Really. Really voice. That's who would that's who they think we are. I'd love to I'd love to know out where they think they are who they think they are this echo Aaron Rodgers is one of them is that they're out of like Martinez. So there Aaron Rodgers and Dovonte Adams and yeah up OK at and Luke were tried were Jake numero one yet. And controlled price of light practice squad apps De'Angelo Yancy overhear them. Leading that. Longest running post game shows are I guess I didn't get a control price writing c'mon at least like (%expletive) contributor to do a special team errors. As the IR in practice squad guys let's hear more on yeah. Well at well yeah these are the names I left because he's of the names that that Vista I'm here I'm always like I can tell you the life story of Donna tumbled around. Is a solid prep but he had at all that there are already near the where is this the pre season addition basically when not to you know or on all fronts for that yes three seasons distant. Now. I'm sure there's the pre season addition basically within today and tomorrow the. Felix yes well in theory in theory. I'm Phil union yeah no not really in theory. Went what I think about of a bench guy a fill in guy. I think of I'm gonna put this nicely Jason Terry. Right Tim color yeah and in this business. Thirty years so established veteran. Via bat around. That is an enrolled into the top of the mound but noses role yet knows how to develop. Talent that also is up and coming back and help the team. Tell it to reach new heights yes okay cool sites want to make sure. Hot let me know how many (%expletive) championships Donna tell brown has one and we'll stack that up with a bench guy but it's also stack of a bench guy. Armed as we got third string wide receiver right I'm not gonna lie I I understand maybe where where you can rank. But practice squad body that that isn't a felon that's not a bench guy. Those are guys that you shake your head that when they had the football field the best book or the baseball. When I guess we're getting compared (%expletive) innate or now I am you know. And Tim and how bush. They do podcast if you're after look familiar with that you can go to 157 FM the fan dot com and actually I'm Donald the radio back comment check it out there who listened to a they should do it. Podcast called timid Taj in the morning. So literally in the morning but it kind of sounds like they would do a show like that in the morning and basically they just ripped all the fan talents including myself they'd take shots at me every single time they do podcast. On but it that that's that's what they do so tomorrow we can be more badges impersonating radio Joseph for four hours. Which it would not be surprised. Or adversity in shock or impersonating part or impersonating. Bill Michael's room can't hold our clients the so that's that's the that's what we wanted to do for four hours. Right. But do irregular nod to a radio show not to an entertainment radio entertaining radio of the funniest part about doing this podcasts and and and everybody. That we work with we've we've challenged as we voiced. Doing your own podcast. Do some extra work you and then yell. Word that it's it's a new net tried it's a different it's a totally different style of broadcast that we do here it's I'm still trying to figure out 1000% different how we stack up in. You know set the table what we're doing. Com. So it's it's a different broadcasts. That we're doing. I would arkan a name names I would like to say that. Speaks for US while. Arm got better (%expletive) things to do than sit around at home and think of ways to torment the people we work with. That's not always do if you've gotta you gotta son correct. Do eat a girlfriend cheer up a rental property that you manage you know. Career. Nice career we know we spoke about earlier your personal life. Crap film study. Published. I don't I don't think that I'm sitting at home. Million ways to make fun of art when cooler for going to find the lack watts or worrying about a board operator on amid days known Milwaukee. I'm sorry knocked in the not to worry about that will say this that. Mornings. Here. I won't rule out doing morning's ever for the rest of my career. It take a long shot for me to do mornings. But believe me mother (%expletive) if I wanted to do mornings I already would have. All I'm saying. I've turned it down. F almost every single station has offered. Are superior shifts that I do right now. And I turned them down the answer has been the same every time no thanks appreciate it like this brewer thank. On every morning guy for the country station now it's all right man at my afternoon drive shift to school on the program a station that's fine rock station. Years and years and years rod you wanted to mornings now know thanks man I'll I like my night's six Tenet Knight liked to and that ship. Believe me there would have been changes of Taiwan and your (%expletive) job. I choose not to do so when you and I first. Started working together. Com but the idea of doing ourselves we all morning each a similar morning show. At night right we we kind of pride ourselves on being entertaining similar to the way at a morning show would be our entertaining would only where spontaneously a fund arm. And that the quote they told me it was. You couldn't pay me enough to do more things probably not alone because there's a total lifestyle change I enjoyed you and at. I enjoyed talking to people. Anytime you can talk. Armed now. I could see you do morning's. Oh for sure I would yet I'd love to any outplay us at any opportunity for these heavy community can't Claude. Yeah and Franken hammered wanna until three A in a moment and and Albion on the air 53 and we can figure Michael's or impersonating Gary Ellis and that's what they do so be prepared. That's I want to read your resolution X and owns a tall okay hold on site I talked over the so that we. Just let's give this its its just desert on and watch him briefed on the x.s and owns. Of tonight's hecker stick and it's hard for Tim to talk Packers when he is the brewer guy. Here on the fan all right so other aka. All right first of wallets rather judgment. Now I know what he thinks on and watch him briefed on the x.s and homes of tonight's hackers kick. I think what he meant was that my mind is still going brewers saw a 100% and and then I'm not it's like fantasy football and I've admitted that. Fantasy football takes me toward the end of August to comment as I do that fantasy football should write it takes me toward the end of August a really gotten to whatever they. Because of the brewers show and I think that's what he meant. I overdose I'd I meet two. Because if he doesn't think that I can break down football. And you know what to say that yeah don't it I would even ought to respond to that and. Right Planar playing your strengths that's good team does yes I consider you an I team that's gonna tell us team. Right arm. Sometimes you can. Lean on and other parts of the team. To to do it through certain parts of of a shell of a game Jan. There's just jurors in the room that people can't cede. I don't I don't know exactly if if this has been pointed out. But Tim I I did very very very comfortable. Talking x.s and o.s of football. Com yeah I'm I'm. I would like to consider myself decently well first that it. Arm for as long as I've played the game as long as have been around as long as I've known dissected it like that I'm so that's is. As much as I'm gonna go into that on this podcasts I if we would like to talk more. Football anybody wants to talk shop with me and you wanna break down a 34 under front. Or I can I can give you some more intricacies about cover to. Are you beat in the run game I beat in the pass game exactly are you wanna talk about it all talk (%expletive) zone blocking I'll write down any kind of trap you watch. That's all that's all say right now about that soul. By. As soon comparative. So the young man. VO bored out. That made the comments about you know us not break it down before applaud. And he does. You Edmonton. So we want to hear more of us yeah just element here on the fan I I don't know how they're gonna do aboard an ASU guys. A 4147991250. What are you looking forward to what are you intrigued about what you wanna see in tonight's. Packers vs titans game call that's some heavy and tonight it's right there first packer pre sees what do you want to hear about it. For one or what are short on this 991250. You can tweet it. 1057. FM I am inside scoop that show right there. In June that show right there now I what do might told you about that phone bank over there. It's it's there but it's not. My content base right we don't judge we don't judge the quality of our radio show based on that law of callers so we don't. Sometimes they can hurt a radio program. But just that being said. If you're topics Armstrong if you conversation isn't so as as good as it should be. Then certainly no one is gonna wanna in Iraq. No one will want to interact even a week even some of our weakest. Topic ideas. And conversations. Invokes some response in reaction if it's not a conversation. There's nothing to react to you. It fits. Saying bull are we wonder Obama inland. Now that's not a conversation that's begging for an opinion so I haven't inside sore I don't sit at the (%expletive) coffee shop at say. Johnny what do you think about the Packers this weekend what are your concerns. Going into the first pre season game. What do you think about Brett Hundley is decision making in the second quarter. When should Aaron Rodgers play. For one. Faux war. Have a conversation do radio show grow up do a radio show and I will say on that particular show that we're talking about here. Inside scoop told me that they had. They had one person. Contact. But we're got gigabytes for four hours earlier tiger bone they did who. It does have more radio show at one person calls it. Or logging hours. And you don't have to take the call now have the time we're here we just still we don't have what it time for you. Again we wish we had time from a horrible we don't. While okay. So that's the x.s and I was radio show if you cut it future efforts at a couple of good. Now there are times we don't have time to get to every ID yeah. Analysts means. For us to view four hours radio dot pocket for bed the other Fokker they gonna talk about the football game for a whole ball game for. On how to. I don't packer hall AI date date. 41 poll war. 799. It's also regimented that time scientists have some fun message or sings in a raid it would to a radio show or am fun. Sit told our whole Arafat probably just check it out. But through their body. Hold on I got a couple more things here are we done went. Let's board up your father market friendlies. Let's see a couple of things have always the other thing I had listed here. Was modes is real quick brewers that's what we do in new. Among other things brewers a day game record seventeen of 2912 games under 500 do you think there are party in the ninth before. Plead the fifth okay ominously its own home are thanks yes I would say some are. There are a lot of family views on that team's self yet. Certain times and we are Juba and then you have something to do with this Ohio State thing BM and oh in his view cut off I am so. The latest rumor on the block Tim brittney Murphy of. I don't know or about as he is he of that stadium sport is that like his affiliation is that stadium sport. From what I have heard that he just blow on the soccer loose out of his basement you adams' basement pretty much just covered the story got fired from my ESPN so yet uses doing everything on FaceBook cover in this story are pretty much himself so. There it's news start there. Com. Now it's coming out in the last couple weeks obviously the situation that is going on at Ohio State Urban Meyer been placed on. Administrative leave writer in Mercer relieved yet arm for. The issue that went on with one of his former assistants. And now it is coming out. That it's believed a former assistant of hit is who's now the head coach at University of Texas. Conveniently and other top end power five school that goes up against Ohio State Michigan. LSU. The top teams in football to get the top recruits and high school. Is now leaking a little bit of a story lines is saying he's former I read this morning said he didn't. These said the law did not come from him that's the Herman dude right Tom Herman yet head coach university test I will I will say this palm. I have I have snatched. In my life three times. I have denied snitching. All three times yesterday before. And who here. No not here Oca Wagoner earlier part of my life that I am not happy if you're paranoid. I hates niches he thought baron on this and now I'm telling you I or my paranoid of what always. All class act all nothing wrong I have nothing to be paranoid about. Would lose their mind horrible decision so way. But I try to talk about this Ohio state of Connecticut had so well why are now confused and out so. Because. We came out and denied that though and and the guy that was originally reporting story said the same thing though that he's never given up to sources but he will say that Tom Herman. I don't think he's doing it now for the recruiting aspect I think that used trendy yet the guy's wife to come. For Delaware ball right coaching. Allegedly a lot of the time when this was going on list with Zack Smith and is is what then wife Courtney Smith right there was. It was reported that like 2017. Herman had given financial assistance to Courtney Smith right around the time that she left her then husband. And and right around the time that it was now becoming known that he was gonna get fired yet they're trying to get her to come forward and yet arm. I'm not saying that it's for recruiting purposes. Just saying that it's rather convenient. Your old boss is having a lot of success and when you said that you're gonna blow the Fokker pocket roof off. Austin, Texas. And you go seven and five. Andy your asses handed to you three times on national television. Drama that comes out of Russia this that is wild that. What so when you read somebody out arsonist in your life was to get it had like Tom Herman suppose no name Mara. So much at all man. Really does not proud of this I was in high school maybe like junior year of high school right. And there was a situation with with a female. Armed friend. And I had then. Made a claim that there was a party going on and now she's young he's got I you know. I was like sixteen. I was at. Hats. And I've regretted ever sense that was asked and gotten trouble yeah. Because you were born there have an apology debt wow right. It's usual media player something crazy I swear to go GO although she's right. There are set travels I've never tell tale ever in my life I would try to one time when I was four years old my dad goes I don't care if you came up and kick you in the balls you don't tell on anybody. Here's the Anthony's and I don't give a (%expletive) it happened a month ago we were ten Avalon we do a 152 promo remember our daughter our post game show. We were tab alarm because it was sixteen point one seconds. Com. I feel so much better. Getting mad offline you finally admitted that finally admitted it. Did they like get suspended or no no no no now need to get a ticket count showed up and everyone you know it. Cops showed up it was elegant is should you call it up no I didn't said it's one of my better wanna live friends' parents they call the top so us market snowball effect. As how it keeps rolling. It was just I remember they Darryl like Tony Tony Tim on snitching and they had this wraparound there is names Cameron. And they asked if they like I'm really came at it so if you're neighbors. Committed a murder and you knew that we jeweler it to authorities he was like now man I don't snitch. Sheet and let's hope. You can't kill the Mets snitches get stitches wrote that's on sandman that's why livid if I like even those are here bro not keep my mouth shut and now you have Brandon Jennings who I mean he gets snatched out by his neighbors neighbors and you know he gets cut three weeks later. You know. If no I was a guide her is no if nobody got hurt. Then I'm all right would just say amend that's not my (%expletive) business do whatever you wanted to you gonna cheat on your wife. Don't (%expletive) do it in front of me man don't read that on me. Now would you cattle like let's say you guys were both going after the same check. Billy would you bill I can this guy has crabs to the derelict of the viral Lakeland. Pat and I did okay and DDD. Hey yeah. A lot different yeah yeah. It's (%expletive) years ago yeah that's good though is that in that senate so there is that like you'd giant. What about the other guy and. Just Sonata in C I feel like that's how does that usually don't make a trade clear that somebody else is trying to make feel like Steve I don't know. As the president acknowledged. I tell you a lot of you don't wanna go home this guy he is he is nasty he just had like three girls over last week. I'm actually clean. And a three point eight GPA and I'd I'd be that bad elbow or never be like. So on the last night with Rachel. You know Ireland like college the teacher and say how okay this guy keeps cheating up my test or run paper look miles at the back my (%expletive) had launch render aid. Realities (%expletive) like that. How many of the young fans as well and on this how many of the fan employees. Could we get in to trouble. Or for that matter kiss and mix. And the other two stations in the building how many of those do you think we can get in trouble if we were. Snitch. Over under the up on air staff. Anybody in the building all anybody in the building 155018. Is really science. There's cameras all over the is doing pretty well informed young man says there's cameras every. We have access to do you have access to the cameras balked home the home. You think they give it some neat I don't know. Fifteen seems like don't really give any three zeros on my (%expletive) paycheck they're given me the camera key you're in trouble or out here you don't wash higher coffee cup I'm pretty sure we couldn't. No that's true and I mean find trouble they're obviously looking out for I don't think anybody's guilty of anything if your guitar hot. Oh I know is played out that couch over there. It tells stories yet is that couch over there was a snatch it be a lot of people at this radio station to. Yup that college. We did lift that thing up and have a crime scene unit just. Just go over that thing sees some year old and a man and I'm just wondering if you put it did put on your old roommates it is crawl right back up there all low blood that you should DNA profiles in Dakotas. He'd get like 38000. Hits. You can get him but he's ever had sex on that couch what are you driving or getting Cheney rarely. At a radio station that his full would do its it'll look at these gains that's true we got to end on that. Or about said that we didn't get that after. Including myself I. Yeah I'll look at the basket nicely lands subject down it's 7 taos in the morning podcast episode number 31 make sure you tell your friends. If you ever requests for us and we'd be happy to. Do we can from a requests we do have a we do have an invite who we are willing to wrestle anybody. Blindfold matches. That would want to win our first invite was so our guys from. Bar stool also hum let's set the parameters there it's a blindfold. Street fight so anything just in General Steel chairs they'll. Everything is is on the table yet. Also you can email us we have we have a new request email that I want to make sure people know about him and obviously tweet at us armed but it's him. And a and Kalish at Gmail dot count on him and to house edgy human. If you wanna get in touch and that's that's Jason if you've got a request for get to know segment it and somebody that we're aware of maybe it's maybe it's a ball player merits of brewer. Were closest to that team than anybody else but. Maybe it's somebody in your world. Will run them through the the Fryer a few. So that's at but more about as complete least as slam the rest of the staff that we work with here at the fan. Thank you for that appreciate it Ryan and dolce and next week 101000 morning podcast 31.