Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 32 - New Beef for the Boys!

Tim Allen
Monday, August 20th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid apparently have a new workplace beef because someone is very disappointed with the boys... also we Get to Know who?  

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OK boys and girls that sentiment house in the morning podcast number. 3232. You're gonna remember now. I would let us that was your new thing you're gonna make sure that your remembered now is gonna say 32. And usher you perhaps I was captured or. 32. Hour and know what's wrong at this place on the wrong no one's ever known our arms in this business a year ago amber. Ever ever ever 32 let's seed number 32. OJ Simpson comes to mind. Famous number thirty twos come to mind for you. I mean OJ is hard to top. OJ Mayo were the odd number 32. USC's. A guy goes on the first big time college basketball players I remember was Franco Harris 32. You remember better than I wouldn't think through your 324. Author it's you back in the sixties and seventies I think. Hum running backs are kind of noted for thirty too much like quarterbacks and noted for twelve and I think it was that sort of machine for thirty choose but where are nuts haven't house morning podcast 32. Coming up. As the fan turns the soap opera that continues here is so very very insisting these days and we eat out the year old gets us some details on that. IE. I think we've we've may have you know you go to the line but she don't want across the line. We definitely went to the line. An hour pulling jump rope with its like playing through the whistle. Like were playing through the line right right through the line. But not quite over. We thank you you don't think we're gonna get enough unnecessary roughness I don't think so senior personal well I don't think so. So Wohl a colonial or that we should be our. Big get to know segment of the tenement house morning podcast 32 is interesting because we're gonna get the the perspective from the office side of the building. And that's. I'm bomb insisted that it's something that we've honestly it and been wondering. What our perception is it because. And as you know and and view that it was in this podcast since we started early on our first rendition of as the fan turns. Was an issue with me with somebody in the office space that's right who no longer I don't believe any longer has an issue with me. Column but I hate done wrong. But I had no so it was it was OK so I think I think world settle at that at that point. I am interested to see now Blake what six months later out where we stand. Should be insisting. But first just a couple of tidbits here Craig Counsell as losses (%expletive) it mind. Bullpen management is up for debate here lately. I don't understand it but okay they'll figured out he's getting better as a manager. Just use your guys usually guys it's a weird like in limbo stage where there's there within the 48 mark now. Where you really wanna start sprinting to the finish. And and people don't want dive right in with the accounts is like that they the jockey is just pulling the reins back. It's. Brace ourselves. It really you know week and a half left the seeds of sorts for him. But now he's facing himself so and its top brewers are starting to fall like they got its drinking too waters to every. Light beer sudden fall in the standings here it is here's a scary scary thought what thirty some odd games last man they they need to get on hot streak. Also comes to mind that Aaron Rodgers. We've I don't know if we covered this but the disk for comments and lot of fun continue. And I love it. Yeah I I thought it was amazing I didn't think it was that much of a would you she thing for him to do how much is. How many times you hear someone thrown their their teammates under the bus like that but he was straightforward. And honest and motivating and whatever it takes I think the best part is stimulus. This practice was shaky yeah. But we have twelve more so let's get it right so we can win some games. And that that dude. It's like to be that deed for a few days. In its fourth quarter of demands it would come detail geysers and unbelievable. To be incentive to get our senior living in Green Bay, Wisconsin so. And now. You don't think there's hot chicks and John oh yeah well. Austin's a dry hole air corridors twelve hot chicks in the Green Bay metro area that you can't call it metro area. I don't I don't really thinks valley. Yeah now he was playing in Minnesota he'd be cleaning up. There's a whole rock chicks in Minnesota for whatever reason insane I don't I don't really understand you walk through the Mall of America. And you feel like forty bowel writers June yep. And just looking around and around. Is putting a neck brace. Couple of things Little League World Series is is going now. If you watched any of that yet I have not yeah I was Watson some the other day and I was the law the Little League World Series like when I was a kid. Right of the coolest thing when your kid elect you think it's my age on TV. The Australian. Manager the coach and head coach was kicked out of the entire Little League World Series or tournament against the entire thing. You know why during one of his qualifying games of the rule is you have to play all thirteen year kids jerk. They have to get at least one Matt Matt young one at bat like one inning in the field or some like that and so somebody doesn't get their feelings hurt I don't know yeah. That's probably yet I don't really know but so. One of his qualifying games it ended with the final kid in the on deck circle. And someone caught I think they may have self report I think that's what laws. And so they self report and we're sorry about this turns out the kid on deck was is on sun. Which is rare anyway because I usually the coach's kid plays usually he's one of the better players right. Doll that was dumped. And the as a rule goes York kicked out of the tournament like you can't be in the game you can't be in the stands. So he threw a technicality out there that said if you are apparent. I'm dead. You are allowed to be in the stands. That's crazy they lost he now if you were the manager you would just start your own kidney well him along the entire matter did all you have no issue with that and none at all. We were you know win here who we gonna now with them if that this is a better player he's a better player is the way ago. So I thought I'd throw that out there as well. And debt now we will get to the get to know segment of the program and any Spitzer Andy how are you buddy. I'm doing good Amylin nervous no one's the last show I'm a little nervous it's well worries him is all cleaned out we're all yeah we're all clear yeah I used money from my medicine back in the clear the Mediterranean from. Home down all the crabs and everything that most of you guys in the post game show on Mike you do and hardcore rappers analysis and stuff and I could think of was cramps. We'll check back. Our resistance a night I'm one of the better than better lines and I've heard after last week's episode what did you say it Sammy. Yet you texted. C says so like ged 1982. The year of the Burress went to the World Series in the year Tim had crafts. And I can they go on its that a few things from us and anything less you are born yet so let's get to know you a little bit knowing exactly what do you do at the F fan radio station. Miami traffic manager so line again on the commercials on the air it's my job vacated on the air. The other traffic and now like traffic on on the roadway users determine this industry called traffic into its trafficking commercials and how long this segments you guessed it to talk for and your endorsements and the other winners on Wednesday so no end in that situation so you're saying how long segments are you must (%expletive) hate the Wendy's big show our hot man when asked to lake. Look at what aired the previous day it is some other thing I tell us how takes me fifteen minutes to figure out and then when you guys go from you know that your file cousin when emperors games and sometimes you guys go past midnight and then some of those spots that were supposed to hear that dame. Right it cut off at midnight Nanette like witnessed in there and and I got to go back and listen to it so. Why are also a bit of patience. So much LeBron James talked you consume like him and we'll assess. And so sick of that cash. I can yeah. Okay yeah and they're gonna be key to the offseason to. So you students you work a lot with the with the office staff in and out. You know promotions and sales design their management is out there and hold the whole nine yards. Has has it ever come up that the Timmons house's they've been causing trouble at all as has there been some scuttlebutt at all about that. Well I didn't hear you guys got in trouble because one that must have been one of the first podcast he did you bearded against the morning show somehow or something. Will we called it Simmons house in the morning are OK so maybe that's what it was an anger at the morning show wasn't too happy with the so there is of that you know we don't ship. I'm still thought but words are more people back there are okay. Yeah well you know I think you were. Kind of making a reference to a certain incident that happened before earlier when we first started here. He would sing with her. Oh yeah now with with his thing with the right time he had some others that are all about that. Yeah that was an issue we talked about that on the podcast everything we aired some grievances on the podcast. We had it was a good therapy session I think as well. And big time are cool at this point argue sadly at UO and launch now because his Kareem dale mark. Increased import then Luther spartans took heat that would deal should it felt can steal that night but we like it was coup one. Early signals like 49 nothing in one kids were like six touchdowns and just saw him. Half hour ago it was here he just missed it was still here. Well yeah I was so mean that there was some computer issue or something out overnight and nice he he's giant if we we'd kind of thought. I shouldn't say he week. We kind of thought brought a little nervous for you bill. Because when you guys told me I was a little bit nervous for myself as well yeah because when we go into syndication as you know Andy I mean there's certain dials on the control board that have to be. You know we get over the post post games don't smile Milwaukee went out. And then he's got to make sure gets back into CBS Sports Radio. Well if you don't have it just right that is not in Iran. You edit right. Because I and and then when when you first told me this issue because I talked to rock a secret agent this morning about it yeah and also as a wasn't listening to for a laughter the show last night. As we know it wasn't no. No did I. And alassane did you (%expletive) up. I got off the in those unhappy with that we get off the year and two sorry Andy or your your gonna have some work to do here. Do we have on Monday beyond that but we are up to a lot of comments saying that. Friday night we get off the air went around midnight. Midnight. And at that point say you know I've probably got sleep that didn't buy two I would think by its 2 o'clock I was up at six. And having my coffee and yes all guy read in the paper. I've read the papers. I get a tax from this knuckle head who. At 630. Can I say this as a mom lesson. I had five. I'm entrusted to our flowering grabs the other day I can't really see but. At 630 it and said I haven't gone too bad yet come the hard core blue ball with. The mood or something like it was a it was a time it was a tough Friday night. Tough nut to crack if you wanna say it that way yeah pardon upon. So you did get some sleep. I did all day slip right through the middle and a Oka and that's that's good so back in a year so called area. 33 I would just like to say that the office side of things loves Tim Allen. Billy is kind. Above average net income. Popularity scale but okay they they think you guys suited job okay are there any people that vehemently don't like one of us. Outside a time. And you can hates completely I completely honest you'll not heard like spark his wife I mean isn't a big fan of mine. Now she's not I can answer you know I'm asking him. I don't know I don't know I don't know than information you don't know I don't know I think he's considered he's I think he's plea on the thing I don't know that information on accomplish anything. My quiet he was there and it's funny how over the years billion U get this a lot that it Tim is so. Nice isn't cells niceties merchants to all of you worked with Tim all ten counts it's just that's when I hear that some advice I'd. Other theories good on the air. Well forget about the nice guy thing I wanna be known as good when you said they you know you had crap so it makes sense that you're a nice guy. I mean real soon hockey's jets Ryan today I tied tried to healers. How. I exercise the crabs are op tour. So large it it is Satan who compels you. It's gonna whip us. I had talked to make giver and and I said I'm gonna go into biblical studies. As the living you need Jesus and he took he suggested a book. Forget the name ready recently the first book you should read is whatever bush when he should read. Broaden its chapter I and start first wealth. Really the essence what the whole chapters. Praise lord. That and so Andy you do president. He needed it to our compression sensor with some investors little bit later yeah. Two that's dumb enough because they'd day now. Yeah they're ready to various things. There's so you do your own podcast and that's one of the reasons why wants and want to get John first of all we want to check your pulse on the office side of the building to see if we're Hayden know they like you guys secondly you do your own podcast now well it's not you do a Disney podcast was sparking K yes some of the world according to Sparky is that it says that idea and you're one of the 27 that have listened to the south. I'm kidding. My mom okay big fan home back to you personally though he is married kids significant other was going on there does mean just you just let him. Wow Pentagon's bad relationships and and we all ethnic and no kid you know current no crabs though no kids no cram my ex wife is still flying around us so don't worry about it. All right so you do the podcasts and it's it's mainly a Disney theme podcast yes it when I first. Detected this bill you and I got Roland on this podcast that was now seven rate episodes. And in our bosses been encouraging us to do this for quite some time to do the podcasts and I think it's on a fun. It's it's a part of our world that this radio business. That item was lacking in experience so honestly and so word is seven some fun with it. Sparky came out with him as and when you told me it was a Disney theme it's all about Disney the first thing you know what was really. And it's sort of like you gotta be (%expletive) kidding really thing I thought was nine and on the Macs like how is yet as yeah its so. And that I got to thinking about and we listened to it me or like. Today first honest route now I don't know if Clinton was the point that that but the point is is that I'm on west into it and I could hear the passion. In not only Sparky and Kate you too Randy yeah could be in a big Disney fan yet. In the first thing I thought of was I got a body that's Digg and he just loves Mexico. Loves and Cancun Riviera Maya is all the whole nine yards include say have a real flight ticket and waited about Bubba. We're gonna get a cabinet at 1030 we're gonna do this and I'm gonna go over here right jet skis Norton swim with the dolphins all we imagine if I know this Tony who can zone notion so. In and that's the first thing I thought I'm here like Chatzky. Why now he he's really end in the mask and then. I'd got myself. I went on that's what we do for Vegas that passionate about Vegas you know that bill and what time do we get there are doing good time for a little now do we know which borrowing and ago to what we added to where we spend a Saturday hold on Andy but let's let's back this train up a little bit more it's a little bit more structure than what Jim just just look. Lined out to you you can't you get to the airport right. And you get any immediate immediately have a cigarette like immediately get there so you Jack can go right back out the door Alamo that's how you got there and amid us I'll enter an armour shorts because I'm going on vacation so we get back upstairs we did and that we get on the plane we fly there got have a sandwich Donna percentage it's obvious upstairs got to be a sandwich the slightly jealous and a combined to sandwich and chips at a Turkey could go right it's like talking clockwork. I thought this guy was going to die on the way back from Phoenix because you forgot the sure that you always flying and yes. Superstitious I have never seen somebody so paranoid as we sat down. Not holding it up today not holding my ego like a backpack. Be nervous this guy just anoint. I don't know. So personal to my Sloan went to this year too we about to we have to do too weak to retire we give sandwich. OK okay. Iowa winner when we report when we get me a sandwich whole idea how long via this year it. Home. To at least ten years it's got to realize what you do before that. Yeah I don't know. So. This sort of seismic and that but that's what I thought of and so. At first my knee jerk reaction was to rip the ship on that Disney podcasts it was wasn't Baltimore function via that we think it has. And then I gain some respect for because if anyone has the passion that I do for Vegas. That. They have the same for Disney I can respect that I really can't it's just not my cup the team I get it. They make could trillions of dollars right now in Disney there's a ton of similarities between various and his. Absolutely a ton of hookers. And well not hookers I've got to know you're into that and I didn't tell a video of you listen to third. A I just spare no question yeah that's true but I mean what what's. If you're looking at all the Vegas strip hotels what's like the top of the line one which is. I just for me or just in just in west English the public view as that's the number one top paid a five star hotel. Yeah RG ON Bellagio and yes somewhere in there I Venetian can we might as well we'd like location more so than maybe hotel room locations pretty important word you say in Disney. Yeah well that's my point is like Disney has a bunch of themes and hotel select the top line one is called the grand Floridians. And then there's I see are there one time I was like I love her years old I love it there. Love it there select all the rich people stay there and via and I saved up a bunch of money it's those. And it cost I saved up a bunch of money and people are you know like walking around in their sodas and Mike suits and you know like yeah well dress custom made stuff and I'm mark in around in my my shorts and you know slightly certain everything in their like that he can't he liked you know so high security is gonna come take me went. Did you go to Disney did with Sparky. Now I didn't ask you you've never renewed now okay you guessed it to continue that podcast because then maybe get a cup trip to the I've worked out of a couple times about hails them you know fit your luggage or something that. The C now I think it would be I think you'd be sweet to bring listeners to Disney and we joked about it with Vegas yeah. That's much more dangerous yet and bringing some listeners to Disney yes I feel like we could set that up. It would it would be huge promotion. Going to Vegas are grounded is going to Disney bring you know bring their family to Disney yet on a couple of rides with them and had to say yeah but. OK so here's almost white space with Sparky we'll have soft serve Sparky via the tour guide during the day. Crazy New York where eagle the public space on the easier right side and 33 the green lights are slowing down that means that your right to go down but when it's rest easier as well. But don't go through the exit you get they have fast pass in view on the vastness and use the pass that. Then we would be the chaperones at night at Disney. There's still a pleasure island know they closed down now it sounds what they have literally when you have. That's where you would I would have been okay solve nightclubs install it I can only imagine my pleasure island off so well. The pleasant not the same pleasure island that we created in Vegas this is a different pleasure in this is the one down at Disney. So I I could see that for years ago when I first got in this business I thought now maybe I'm just trying to some free ship from and his. This again freeze social media pre all all that stuff. Hey I called the I don't know it community relations department would have preferred as the ouster guide it. And set him becoming down dual broadcasting. In the broadcast in part was just like yeah. Hand helped is set actors. And Al do you have any specials for the media. And all yet we did you serve that they gaming comp. Except hotel. Iggy meet all the park past. Just count free of charge Travis all of all of history but yet when I got there to get the passes. But it's and his entourage out like. Oh ship there's like four people. So do you need our recording studio we have a broadcast studio right. Now like hats off slew ship I'm in trouble. And I just sort of just fluff did off loading and I don't know this is on the fly won't bother your gas the whole deal got an offer. That's amazed you should try my call on the way home here now you. What do proposals that he was like the first or second on the Internet Euro like that deluxe. Yeah member to Disney World yes sciences at the right way and I would put it yet Fraser. So they don't like the word timeshare but it's basically a Disney times you're so Disney vacation club is Olympic college nice sikh Congo stay wherever you wanna property or you could switch down if you wanna go Eckstein and how our hours something indeed that TU. Oh sweet so yet what are other dispensaries and in Disney implored (%expletive) kidding me just switched to floor leader and I don't even know what that means room and no Nan knowing that okay. All right so alcohol you until. Recreation cause cancer yeah. The that they are making special funnel so that is. So but but you can switch your vacation club. Destination you can check a different places desolate Disney World as the different levels of others like they're really teeple. Couple hotels and kind of a moderate level and then the deluxe ones which are all the fancy hotels and would we scare people a billion Ireland down there and just got city drone kills lots of people do that really yet lots of people to Jews do that though. I'd done it myself. You actually happened on myself and doesn't really just got hammered him on the has so many did during had a baby and Tulsa OK I'm okay I'm more of like a mixed during you know you guys seem like beer drinker here administering. And there has OK yeah aren't out of center against the menus I got a couple places that Oka a little so so what's your poison. There's this. Hotel called the wilderness line OK and it's fashion after like the Yellowstone hotel a few very bend like old faithful stayed there. The Yellowstone goto and another will this obvious lies I think so. You've been there before the F few times have been enormous sum was now on the play and baseball are okay and yet. Wired world the sports yeah complex. So Tom they haven't really fancy restaurant that's like eighty dollars a plate that's fancied me I don't know much sacks. Ownership at the union radio that. Yeah if you box set that that's that's a family of five dinner with the it is expensive but I spend that we can groceries usually it is all right yeah total it's expensive down there I was the big fan of food maybe uses the food and I've places I was known to when was the last time new UN. I went. I don't. 66. Years ago an excess of ten and we went to this. Restaurant that was downtown Disney and it was like a ship. Oh yeah nautical sort of theme that boat house vote house yet. And we get on some overpriced crap up there we go again crash. Ablaze see that thing about that is is that's not an actual. Disney owned restaurant on us like locked up third party lice like that and house people paid to be an existing property. That is in place yet. See the kids the kids although I'm a parent the kids would drive me crazy down there and did drive me crazy orbit but I had one and it you know. Data AG was 1415. Some like that when he was down there. I high school trip down. Kids in Vegas. That bother me even more. Because I feel you Billy Knight comes stolen through at five in the afternoon hammered. And there's a family of sex. With children he's ready to go see does of them magic showdowns there it. It never shared an elevator went them and it's like. Children. And I'm trying to to throw a lot. Don't look at him to the tune you know I don't I feel like I'm in ER I feel like saying to these kids in Vegas. Are you having fun invade us that this is much more fun than Disney huh. Now and to be honest they could be their for a wedding that never know gas which which I understand that. So how many times been the Disney them. Do you tied to analyze track and you still known by it and now it's you know twice a year probably every year since I'll have my own money quote unquote going to be 2030 times somewhere in there yeah Ramone yet. So now it does do is they're like a couple of things that you know you're gonna hit every time you go there absolutely active pages finished my it will slide show where contestants are so I had a bunch of these things called the line faces. Okay Olympic club and a lot of it is in is like Palmer had no. And I think is like Cameron though Coke. And onion remember but I had like ten and these things and then they're doing in the Tarzan movie on the beach outside so. So I ended up passing out on the beats by yourself ours in movie by myself. Now this rotten banana scent story now. That's holes I've got to be multi it's actually it's one of the first resident Jessica. It's one of the more relaxing sleep so get the sand is really really good for your backs for your arch support and that's upon zone what is your go to. For what does this when you land what are we doing. I'm Mike do you I got a set plan at scanner up to the minute. I got a couple hours they usually have like a word document today. Have in my pocket of overdue and plans also call today you know I'm in a land that. First of all you take the first slide out there so you have. Most of your day to enjoy Disney Olmert should Sophia is you don't go like Zambia and flights emir Osama. Agency get there like 9 o'clock. And then there's the Disney magical express the Dexia from the airport and KC 45 minutes into the wherever your own talents. Many get off. Has some lunch or whatever hotelier at nine year hit in the parks and I go. Again you check in right away in check in on line before leaving get tickets are Mickey Mouse vaginal land yeah you're keying BA you Mickey Kia and so yeah. There's different restaurants again in the town that you did it all wrong and something I. It doesn't sound it doesn't sound like you let anybody that was well you know the best part of it was in the room. As my son had a room elsewhere hammered down so my girlfriend and I we had fun. And your Disney sacks nor is it currently Laura isn't you know that's a the near complain about having too many kids there if you listened and a podcast. There's ways that you can kind of work around the crowds. Ultimate kids won't annoy you as much to overhaul okay. So mr. don't rip the podcast has much yeah. You know I thought I music fashion and I certainly respect for. Now did here. Is that I've I don't know about him I was quite often tonight I do think it's dangerous magnets in palm. EU are more of the Disney land. Out cal for an. As you like to Disney World been there. Yes just because they've never been to Disneyland they don't they don't understand it and solicit Disneyland is it different in different right thing I would rather go to California go to Disney idea why you just beat me. Why is that I mean it's a gale force his way better than four. Yet in every sense that your it's basically those two podcaster did Laura's can can be watching him and Disneyland the today's. Like singing tie in the money going into Lambeau Field and doesn't understand it's about. You know look at. In our it's basically if you never bend at Lambeau Field someone not from here they just say it's a bunch of ten benches and a bowl and now I'm really understand the whole history behind Newton. Once you're there you just Disneyland is the OG if it's you that's right yet again they built it. So not Disney was alive he actually built are shifting world was after he died he opened it. While he he must shift that plays they have his brain on ice or something so. I thought I heard well. Here the it and now is that you must confess. Maybe when the VIP behind the scene to resume in Sudan and got it and so it's like a night and Cinderella castle again and ethnicity. A other tunnels underneath the parks because I had heard rumors of that yet there is a guy is so like the cast members can go to a theater there's like a buzz light year character appearance he doesn't have to go through like the western lands. OK to get to just take tunnels is yes full uniform. Just look weird. And I know when I worked at Six Flags there wars that we called the backstage. Yet. And so you just have round there's a little nooks and crannies Regis go right to the side of this please tell me that what you gonna loony -- costs know what I got out and ask no you know I got pinched in the -- by young Bugs Bunny Dow at Six Flags when it or there and backstage. Oh Bugs Bunny was walking behind me. And pinch my ass okay now the kids to be fair could've been a girl in there. No no Inca. I will say at Disney they usually do you put women in the costumes because they're smaller and can fit in the the smaller constancy you're saying that I when counseling job for me it's. Cliff kinda dog a failure. Maybe if he was like wrecker arouse or something we'd we'd have a custom form. So now do you get lost and edited the pixie dust down there the match X frankly does do you get pictures still with them you know some of the characters such. I do you I did a couple of years ago. When I was by myself. Hold on this earth you go to Disney by yourself. There he says earlier yeah. I'll I thought you just went out for the night by yourself now known I've taken trips by myself I'm I'm going with my whole Fam Lehman brother and my little niece and nephew in October that's the next month people but I have on myself. Well a see that's where the passion comes into play and I can respect that it's also where you cleanup. So I did clean. And yes I did so I went and I think that's that's. A guy in the end of the good down. But actually sliding them feel like him on the Hudson I know serial rapist saving handy antitrust. What is up 34 minutes is just a you remember those they're still around at the hardware stores in the any of that was an actual thing yeah Alia as. It was like a hardware story Hamlet stuffed animal of their mascot somewhere yet. Okay it's a game you know you enjoy them now working with Sparky and NK yeah yeah you like better. I they're both they're both drilling ninth and opens an adult my account and out of this one now. Some of its common ago with you are so I don't know I Obama go with K. They're both really like K about it they're both know you unreal Sparky Oka and years you the tiebreaker. They're ninth the balls or to enhance its overall. We are endorsing the world according to Sparky you wanna stick around here we got it we get this a couple of things at ten due here in what are we and I got to ask you something much basic I'll go oh yeah and it. Yet if you drew lots and lots of questions this is that it. So. Vegas is definitely in my bucket list. I'm big boxing and MMA fan so it's on my part Calista seals fight in Vegas yeah. And see some of the shows they have their obviously. So I don't wanna spend a lot of money at some of the bigger hotels so I was looking at like the stratosphere. I know what's all the way up there now I know it's all the way into the strip and it's like fifty dollars I had. Out now that's out circus circus is out why's that. Just because they're down off by themselves. Mean they're the way down man you wanna get right in the thick of it. Barrage a seven a great deal these days I'm always has come way down a moonwalk now and spend more money and show she had no no that's also not that it's safest safest area. All the way down by yet again our thanks nick you are if you save more money and indeed closer because I imagine the fights for Leo read and an am grander team mobile yeah yeah thank you should look at Excalibur elixir. There's those are connected right across street for a GM media and the prices are common way down way to get a hotel and airfare for three nights. Let's just say you mind fine out of Chicago now not accountable for a hotel and airfare you can get. First three nights but 400 no bombs issue broadly carry fifty apparent. It's not a man now somewhere in there Soviet don't don't go down their man don't do it. Especially if you're gonna walk but what you are down or you should take one night ego. Fremont street. On the downtown Vegas area that's not a good area either well getting there. Cotton if you say it over to sue McGrath got just over downer though jones' gated in there once you're there your. Always thought that aren't your and one what is it like a mile stretch it eat and not even not even it's maybe like three or four blocks in the things like over. Roof and it's all connected it's super cool day do a great job. Of keep in the riff Raff out all the casinos owned basically all the casinos and they'll let us and just. Scraped by. They see us come. You guys got to come with us and we'll show you edited is near the right way you would have fun and would totally change the weight thing about Disney World I don't dislike it again. Unit well there needs to be alcohol and in play there's alcohol alcohol is on the tape yet they've pulled I think when you went when he twelve of those still kind of band they have totally lifted. But I think that it's about time. So it's now it's like the wild wild west she was yeah emerald every land says alcohol and industry will be yours and but what's what's the best hunting territory on and his. Hunting for one cougars. Of that three you're into yes. And in from their everywhere I mean do you want single moms and actually now look at Catholic Andy let's figure this. And never run so friendly and talks to you and declares his dramatics in the ever has now gone. I may as you know. Plus Rhode sexes some went to school with and enter a hotel sexes like your suit and a huge accident. We are eager couples that don't have sex is chocolate rabbits when you're in a hotel sixty bucks in my adulthood and is there a couple deals and line them just okay and spitz and methane gas. There you ago I'd stick around here can you drop the phone over there on the control my yep. Because we're gonna call our morning guys it's time now for as the fan turns. A soap opera which continues to surprise me in a lot of ways. Our radio I endorse this by I know you don't but it's just I'll leave a message is Blige and that's you know. If he doesn't very aware here into the great mind that Bart is kind of for real test. And so we want to we want off I want offer sincere gonna break off ended soft bill there. Fop I wanna offer. He I'll buy dinner. On Monday. And I will. Will go have a ninety. And we'll have a little summit. M global talk this out as colleagues. Like to do. You okay over there on the controls. Are we here. I don't hear. Don't you don't. There are ago. Area and I view area. This is our wing color work. Calling. I'll leave messages. He gets that far do you want to send. He is kind of tough call now and yet he knows it's. Up of an unmarked tape yet simply declare or I guess I mean there aren't exactly are quietly but either way when our regular. Is not available. At that out pretty record. When you're finished recording. Or pressed one more option. Embarq stem. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go have a bite to eat with Billy and I on Monday. Hopefully your free. I've got to do the Michael's show that day I'll get off dared to. And then we'll Disco gravel buy T maybe midafternoon. Sort of launched dinner type thing or we could go down to Miller Park dual pregame if if you wanted to do that. And have some nachos or something but I think ago we need to talk. And sort of clear the air because like I am pretty sure. Unless your talking on us. Pretty sure that your legit test because you haven't answered our tax. You didn't talk to us at the golf outing. So I'm a little concerned with that and yet so. It breaks my heart that circumstances have dictated that we're not getting along right now. So could you do that for us if if you would. I hope he can bio. To. Receive an extended olive branch from Tim in the tournament house in the morning Oca. We're sorry we use that term to Timmons house in the morning. We can talk about that too. Billy wants. I had anything you'd chickens yet they've art we'll talk to him Monday. All right Bob cart CEO mark. All right so there you go. To flock. And the championship answers I'll leave a message right 8080 you earned that right he's only why would you just chime in something. Re caller or buddy he told me not to say anything apparently this was mad at me two of if you cause I'm making tons for a apparently. Someone's gonna bury you on Tuesday morning when it. Can't wait Tuesday morning give varied imperial life the dead man. So there you go well we'll keep you posted as the fan turns was seriously. I mean I know we'd like to joke about this but I am. Like 98%. Sure. That Bart and chuck are legit listen to this status and and not a radio bit Nadal now. Because we'd like to do the radio ray were were retirement joked that were were test right column. They are definitely passed their tests. I don't know why. You they would you know one C I can see why I don't think it's an issue. I don't get Blake being that mad about it. But I'm staying out of those thoughts. And I are gonna plead the fifth the and do on an hour ago yeah up the anti Spitzer he had no entered for me sorry no we got enough so we get it we got enough or did you get. Don't we just got its own office in just a cougar that's all I care about it no we got enough Intel from the office side of the building nine you guys are loved that that we are okay go out and we have to separate work from. Being us about this any glitches were favorite person in the office say that you most enjoy seeing every morning. Well anything about it you guys time you ever play that if you ever play that game in the office were how much would it cost you to (%expletive) this person why it's. I have no idea that one no. Now and a high I would know so I think what what I have to pay you to do exist of that Cold War culture certificate if he. I've heard and truth or dare you ever play that now never mind that now now now. And there is someone that you maybe have. Bond earth hour. But shouted out there is or someone you have bonded with in the office not alienate these carriers and we're not name a name when I was driving near to be on the show I was like I counted just keep in neutral and not get in trouble so you likes them and notes. I'm you've been in neutral and not be in trouble he does. As we have been in office in building relationship or two that have been. Worked who like seventeen Nestor. Has been a lot actually it's actually wild to me because in my other job and com. It's come to my attention that there is a view. Females that have taken interest in me. Whereas this other job. I the other job it is is with one of the outlets in town got that arm bitten and it it was just strange to mean when. First I've I really didn't even think like you thought it was pretty taboo it's it to be you know being an outsider come in and into the organization and start you know. Record shop arm better realize this one dude Tim that was in tickets. Had basically obeying the entire buck an office lol and then he's gone so so always get fired I don't know if it's a great career move. I think it's it's there for. At Columbia. Troubling so it's really Dicey situation so I just found out because I I talk through what my friends there she is again apparently. You know listen mark your territory. Why. But guess starting the I figured you guys to show up to places bars or whatever Aaron answers like here we aren't just the women come commented yeah it's guys have a silver fox over here. I'm just the ugly stooge that walks around and not in this format are US paid security and how does not in this format now valued on rock. Rock a different story lot of lonely ladies out late at night. And the country format that well that was cool. There's a lot of female burden though. There aren't you out there are on team new. There's a few you used to do the show live from country thunder yes. No offset. Knowledge that you do a show you've never been style. You have to. You know we kind of are a little bit busy in August little advice to up and coming broadcasters that are single. Get into the country format just go to the country format gravitate toward the country. And just you'll find out what I mean you. There was some of the advice you give our boys hunter when he was here I said. I'll help inaudible but he was checked others okay all right I'm Google apply tomorrow yup had to stay away from the crabs might all be okay. Andy it was a pleasure and thank you it wasn't that tough was no thank you for having me. And honest honestly and sincerely and genuinely and you can pass this along to las Sparky NK. I really respect the Disney podcast I respect the passion and the love for. That thing that Kennedy. Sustained this is same amount of passionate and a difference there with a passion and emotion that I have towards Vegas we just haven't toward it is pregnant or the brokers. The brewers Abrams and it it it is the same thing and and I think it's been a it's been a misnomer that we just rip on that podcast know we've been complimentary of what we think we have as you guys are actually doing one. To add to the height I don't believe every week. Now you now if you guys do wanna throw associated us that would be fun we would enjoy that. I had no idea before it came on here that you guys have so many feuds and that we didn't really pay with I have no idea that we really had no idea on the news. So apparently we do. Cities they were now not I can target I work on the office side so you guys are loved on the opt out finals and final thing alassane the column. Summer slam tomorrow okay auction. I and system here anymore. Like I would probably wide man seized grown up yeah CF graduated and graduated in boxing sciences. Keep tabs on it. But Lesnar Raines is that still remain in LA it is yeah man your boardroom and rain yeah yeah the fifty times at CNET match before I'd I don't care. So the seven doors you know all all about those those doors right. I actually have. In the in the bar in my basement. Actually have a picture with all dynamic awesome her parents house so yeah so OK and so if you it'd just finally hear about the fans staff members who would you associate. Each war. That's ago won the grant is so like chuck Freeman who would keep its. It's okay it's it's on you have to give me some time on now in case I let down what are the names here order of blitzer growth room here. What would say this sleepy it's those days sleepy would be nearly dollars in the fact it kept us. Perfect I really you name viewed in the door for it would look at what time of fans Obama that let me ask you this when Tom was on your do was there is he player pretty pretty neutral I would assume. It was good news straight forward and honest effort over the domino has some onion down now I don't know I don't. If not even a little bit and get our Davis and it was similar to help with that source OK so there's sleet being young national bashful you know bashful don't be hold on loves aren't bashful. Cody grant. What what it. Is nice to win and what's bashful and shy shy shot I don't yen. Cody a little bit out buddy Cody Cody grant program Tony area. I'd sleep being sleep you get very yes. Aren't account to cover our answer I'd go sellers and I'm happy ain't. Has got to Sparky I would say Sparky or bill. And think of Sparky to Sparky yeah. Just happiness when he smile see when you smile you move your mouth into that one goes in the other direction than the other goes the other direction lets people have different smiles. I'm happy and the thing is and they say that takes more muscles that's a problem as far as I know why you went I would argue for a and it only once at times I'm happy. Next door and then doc he's kind of like in charge of them all he's generally an end to a case that would be Tom. Or bill or bill yet. Still bill single bill with doc it unit cut. Nine lookup the other day I don't know not enough time and what Disney does refuse to answer. Car behind soccer losers so through a minute you related to Mary's who does Spencer. Known eleven suites earth I think that's just bullied since they're not know that is there a Spitzer what's another is our famous Spitzer is Eliot Spitzer the New York governor who had. Like a prostitute scandal a couple of years ago I use you relate related. Non now and am back to. Com. What when about the doors that what do we got isn't there is no reason there was a dole beat your doping and doping Ethiopia you don't eat OP. All the golf. You know you want to do well I'm glad I don't send me. You know order what are adultery. Come off and just do it. I don't want to talk and Ballmer told me chuck Freeman urban Toby for Murray's doping connect grumpy and probably went our way clear for sir I don't know Grunow don't know don't know shell grumpy GO. Joseph for sheer out what are we talking about grumpy he's Joseph yeah that's definitely Joel's and so please don't refer to me as a Disney character. Anymore I would prefer that you do not voice me singing that I am grumpy. Why am is particular. And it's a infuriate. You know I won't be like articulation. With our radio programs. All right next tortilla and sneezing sneeze tee com. That's it don't. That would I would feel it would be Rami just because of just because his level a little solve these sneezing milieu and some back right. When you look into this item and yeah the it. Anymore that's and is just a way to Disney character do you hate him and I would most rumors do feet. Goofy might be you hold on. Africa movie that the tiger right dog. Now I think I think director Ralph. Who what's director Ralph he's one another cartoon answers I get video game character and they made this movie about like a video game character and I'll record for a funny characters the real dilemma record speak and speak in which anything else people like. And yet watch hey Arnold yeah awesome awesome. You know the guy brainy and there yeah aria. Do it do a screen shot side by side with Andean Brahimi. You tell me village yeah I go to hey Arnold and get give grainy and there. I love although there's a lot opposition now resolved. That. Despite that there you might. I am currently in nineteen inch neck and what is there are some similarities there. Me OK okay no way where we're going on record growth IA's got the a kid from home alone as a kid you volatile markets this guy that's (%expletive) fat that makes sense I'll ask that's what I was saying by your guns if you if you play like a video clip of it later it's the same personalities strong to the finish this project can't. Holy shoot it. Yup wreck it Ralph record right at Ralph. And itself finally will end with. Disney character for. Myself would be did you that is an expert what do you think. Bugs Leinart this one announced he would Disney do now getting anymore you know we'll into its own tests Warner Bros. who that's the enemy. Yeah that's OK guys like I can't go to Universal Studios that's since. I'd have that's blasphemy now I'm allergic reaction and look at Tom. Tim Allen is a Disney character whose genome better than me that you like Ursula. Who's that never heard the Seaway it as the bad guys and yes bad bad and our doctors could. Tonight I. And silver hair ideas I whistled icons and India pleasure avenue in here thank you and good Intel makes it goes on reconnaissance mission if you will for us I'm acting in trouble opening Saturday immigrant don't believe so aka. Tell you just want to spread the word there was a lot of fun. And that we are very complimentary of the Disney podcast because we are I think we were right and you like all the office staff up there to do against god and that fact not. Honestly there's not anyone in the building is their billions from the office side that I've ever been critical about now. I really anybody either that I don't like from promotions to management to whoever I just it's the the problem is. A lot of times we have sales wraps. That coming gold. And so you don't. You don't even get to meet a defense before they're gone yeah and so there's the cycle through it and I feel badly if I'm not positive. Like positive not a name right after eight minutes some fan favorite subject I would recommend that anyone selling. This is as me know whom aren't a good break our offer yeah buffer sales. I would recommend an introduction to the programming staff. And I'm not saying nav you know some kid that here on out overnight shift or something like that but. You know ahead of of the pertinent so players if you will of their outselling us think they should sort of know us and we should know of them to provide them with additional tools. To sell the shelves this is my thoughts but and I would love to read these we do remote broadcast Billy over the years in the sales rep azeris like. The (%expletive) is yes. And it's a sales rap at all hey nice to me it's yeah I'd thanks for the pre sales and Islam if you that was a lot of fun. That's the only thing I would recommend but I everybody I know up front highlight. I always feel bags and never know any of the interns names that says. I'll always like notes that I think he's an into you know I always feel really bad. Will solve the world's radio problems you know sentiment house in the morning podcast number 32. Our next week we will get to the bottom of the Smart thing hopefully I'll clear last answers will I don't know probably not be buried is what I hear. We'll leave you with some bonus coverage of the fan golf outing as a fan turns Billy and I brought a digital recorder. It we were in the golf garden all lined up like a NASCAR race rated it then scramble scramble. Golf tournament. And we had a nice chat with a couple of celebrity's new. So we'll leave you would that and enjoy via rest your week. If you have a request. Or a topic. Or guest please let us know do you have that email address. Tim and childish at Gmail dot counts total house. TA US CH. Yes Timmons how's the at gmail.com. Can you spell and a and OK so there's no underscore. Up and down just straight cash is bang bang backed him and town house at Gmail does drop us a line and low will allow. We'll get things wrong so Randi thank you very much and India have fun with Sparky on the next next Disney podcast. You do absolutely you guys. I'm telling you gotta c'mon you gotta go down there anytime things happen any time any time our we'll do it all right you guys enjoy your week you've been listening to Timmons house in the morning podcast 32. Okay seven solace for a golf outings. And here we are probably Dylan. We're doing good I'll premium sliding all over the place outside stated Dave wolves over the admirals over here we go chatted with our general manager that was good. And quote Jersey one of the blueberry muffins from Perkins I had once I had one joke. Now what are what. What do you think they're pretty pretty darn tasty ones aren't that an over here dries out and untouchable you know I looked like a guy who pushes away from mountains in the him good. And the kind of stuff are you kidding me that's a good lesson very mustn't. He's like I'll stand against him so we'll leave me partaking in any alcoholic. Then golf outings but. You don't. I just came up with significant. Twelve day run that would put most people into a coma and sold the idea you know I. And I kind of said to myself. You know I may take a couple of days to count on just don't. Did you know I went through it did before that there are eleven days of the early check the relate to not Flickr once. And I was so proud of myself. Annoyed. I you know. Had my share of product and didn't admit it's a lot of answers chips and babies and it was a great experience has confirmed for eleven days twelve days people like and some kind of like given his deliberate doubled aides say it you know. This month as the little tease us from. You never know. And I'm not an ability I don't I don't. I enjoyed your discussion the other morning about the premeditated going out to drink and we have but they ought to have planned to agree is that it's so what are you following that. Gotta remember that. Again a reference the recently passed state fair and I literally. Lift. I practice my twelve balls girls succeed else girls meet at that takes about a monthly get ready for. Does then select I can put on auto Oliver well they perform got to be on you got Tennessee and Kansas dive right in an hour after just can't. We're seeing this is what we keep talking about it with training camp in the new CBA I. Pretty much the same thing when you're talking about what India felt is it fair. Because Darius and conditioning that you have to go through. Has anyone who don't have an off season and we are also ideal for the older three day but yet guys like you back in shape and able to have this as guys that look themselves. Oh I mean I if you listen to Jerry Kramer and some of the old guys look. We try to ever be funny guy which overturned just did 2830 calls over the playing late on another spectacle like training camp was for training. Now guys gave themselves an incredible shape they show off. In tip top condition when reminded him and let me exactly and every play there's no reason would that there's no reason for trainee did I requested. Loads of the admirals. When you talk about 101112 they run on the fair it would anybody at any time say. Angeles (%expletive) up. I don't think. At all. OK good we know tonight I don't you know again it's bad for sloppy and you don't. It's just most days we have a couple of pops enjoy yourself you're making nice so you know. Meet people hang out have a good time there's not at no time delay you we but I. Quick thought I was talking. Well you on the other hand those last time your slot well. 72 hours ago because we will be sloppy today. I can't hear out of guarantee you know that I cannot guarantee. I think I generations excuse they've NS I mean it if you're gonna partake would be. You Peter water Peter water. Cocktail water cleaner water cut whatever not whatever else it's just that it makes you plenty water and yeah. And I learned that at the fair especially the first week in the fair and that I've probably right. Not like I drank almost looks waters into the crook and I hope both Obama is what does one billion reais what is navigating Griese need water. Right exactly I. Yep and anyway we're. Or two. But. What shows that things aren't always what the bush.