Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 33 - Tim & Tausch World Tour!

Tim Allen
Monday, August 27th
EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning - Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid take you on a crazy journey throughout one of the most impactful days in Wisconsin sports history!

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Talking a microphone check 12 known and I see that's fine no headphone yet we're finally on the phones. Right. Send that. So I guess or read. All this design and this is all the stuff we normally just keep out and eight we're gonna keep this and yeah this is Dan. So we just we started already you we we've already begun okay cool all right podcast number of 3333. Timmons outs in the morning you can favored that on your radio dot com. Download that. Tell your friends to you on were on a quest to get as many people who listen this says we cans so. Well you guys can enjoy some entertaining. Inner machinations. Of our radio station in our lives. As well listen well let's be honest try to make some captions. And I. I really finally 33 editor we admit to food yeah. We do a minute to. Interesting podcast of 331 of all as the fans are there will be no get to know. So I know it may be a little bit at the beginning here which was on my way to work with my girl. Gas so she's she's not real comfortable with does have never listens of the shows doesn't listen the podcast. Least that's what she says although I would know because some of the stuff that I we've talked about. Out would have come back slap in the face true that so I'd died and she's right on that she doesn't listen to the light cheers amounts. If she if she's on her way home from work and it's a brewers afternoon. Game occasionally and she'll pop on and just didn't answer ten minute ride on what. So you get those who knew there will be no get to know segment and no as the fan turns. And there's not conversation for as the fan turns we've had some some situations come up a little bit more. Controversy. A little bit I guess you could call it that really I don't see a month being much of a controversy SE and more. As one side being better and and saddened the other one just kind of going about their regular lives right. So we'll update you on that if anything changes that was addressed. By the afternoon show as to. You're nine. And how we function and what I've done TU. That was the way it sounded like that made the that's crazy but one of our guys in the afternoon Sparky you did kind of clear that up so I thought it was an interesting conversation well worth being played again no doubt no doubt and it will be yes so do look for that next week 34 next week this is however a daily grind we've taken on field trips in. Las Vegas in Arizona we've taken million now to after today's podcast. Another trip to Miller Park as well as these five serve forum which is the new book Serena grand opening big party everybody each. Well should be out there hanging out in join in and it was it was a sweet day in a cool event frankly. Just to be act in it was of them big long their word that would take you along side with us and just sort of I talked to some folks and they get the feel of what we did over there at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new box arena as well as. A little snippet or two and the brewers said Tom Miller Park. If we did anything in the clubhouse in the podcasts I don't think we know we didn't get any sooner okay so just enjoy this is a little relax or little taster. Of are to our day on August 26. The grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony at the phi served Foreman of begins with. Just shortly after I started my day's work and as we record this just the opening of this podcast that is. Some. Ten hours later. So that both F us are working day about ten hours today. And not that we give a (%expletive) about Malaga is an issue now it's not an issue we've done before will do tower in days gone oh by the way just report. We did an all night it's haven't house takeover the overnights on the fan radio station. Swell that what two months ago no not even a month ago really. Time is time warping from me for summary it's it is skipping around jumping all around it is you also thought that. Something that happened six months ago was yesterday he should that's a lot of the what's going on there. Bomb but it's. We we had a lot of comments down at the event as well as at Miller Park that. And folks liked. And it was just this system relax or I guess it was just some sort of thing generally change of pace on the usually don't get the Milwaukee market and our answer to why we did it was just because of weak and him just because we did and we like Juan Camilo wanted to do it. And so it looks like we will do that again sometime in the next. Safe to say three weeks. Jerk that works. So three weeks would be now remember we made the promise about the Tony eighteen championships. We fox Elena so we believe we can not talk this one. Okay we won't we'll do our best. There was mention. Of Colorado in this one. There was. You check it out. Know we'll see on the other side B you'd check out Timmons house in the morning podcast number 33. As we started day's work little before 8 o'clock. A 753. Start my day. They're long days of work and my way to the radio station in the mean. Maybe jobs. After a brewers tonight of one loss on Saturday night of fifteen inning win on Friday night Burress for a halfback not. God please. As a shady situation. So. And you have any comment in his sensible and I says. Offense. Your life. The offense take this horrible. I mean how. Get to know about this segment of the podcast it's not very comfortable doing radio stuff. Okay. Everything you gonna tell village today. It'd be how this morning the elite status. Easier and less tonight. Lord only knows I'll find that out and I mean it was states. I'll do anything like our kids. Know how is it. Drunken disorderly parents. Okay so little bugs are getting periodically throughout the day that was riveting. Get your life. The dollars and you're gonna go right back mix of the dogs. That evening gown. Buy it we'll check back. They get to work and supervision abilities after a Saturday night. We big you know that you're. May Billy at the station we've knocked down 99 point one man on mix shifts. Fun stuff yeah that we get back to weather going to be like tomorrow Sam hot nowhere a lot of close toss go neck it's my favorite forecasts. So we did the next thing I got back in the car. Young over by the way no actually I didn't have won your last night. We have just had to Miller Park. Which is where right now yes you're impressed box trying to be cool we have our library and pass time as well. Our badges they called badges I mean OK I get it that it's cool right for some guys that I have a little name and picture thing and a red. I feel like feeling the weirdest (%expletive) guys that walked around this place with this Little League here down in the main change. Everywhere at the box of them no no we shouldn't. Okay so we interview get down in the club house we interviewed Jordan Lyles who on Sunday. Nice guy I think he's good dude. Wanted absolutely no parts of talking us nobody hung tough you know we're sure that's on sale like a good Jew because he one and nothing to do the talking gusts around an impact. Is it fact so. When these guys are done we say man thanks for the time. And it's usually we'll hit off on the recorder and Jose amen thanks a lot of shake their hand to block that whatever if we eighth I said all right victories on tour and good luck the rest of the way and he just. Yeah you didn't say a word but thanks jar files. She had. So the only have to come up and and dissect the audio and put it into laptops and in fact sitting. Back to the station. And we're in the press box here which I don't like. And I think we've we've talked a little bit about that over the course of that 7000 morning podcast not a big fan of being in the press box. It's kind of awkward because like you feel like yours you're supposed to be conversing with your colleagues write in containing information inside me. Maybe what's happening in the pirates' clubhouse that you maybe mess taking notes frankly just don't care much I. Would rather be outside watching the game with the people is that we have to be up here and instead and then when some people got. I'm watching the game as a fan today. I got awesome. Congratulations you sit in the air conditioning thanks very coming down with us isn't that amazing is that amazing that sometimes they can be. They can be. Regarded itself only has a thing. And why. It and god bless you guys some of our broadcasters. In in this market. Announcing it on the stage or not this let's say in this market will have that sound and and they were safe. I'm going to go as the fans today all thanks so you're actually being involved in human right. Instead of this glorified. It. We'll need to broadcast it payments. Let's radio pulled him bulls crossword puzzles me three of public James all clear. Yes so we set the audio us now our agenda has just headed to. Well we have a choice we have the box well. I think we're required to go to the bucks about well apparently I don't know for how well we volunteer we didn't volunteered to go armed. But I'm thinking is it's 1015. Right there yet and this team right now the Bucs offense starts at eleven the ribbing ribbon cutting things at noon. We sounded I don't forget points out there. Just just very quick today stressful taster of what we would put Vegas anyway. We lost somebody may see him. Yet you're going to be. Drives are some. Well how come our camera that's how did it come challenges in the hunt block Z it's innate as student loans. Then all of that and yet I thoroughly love it not to go again. It's so Iraq let's get back this column steer at thing. We weren't volunteered to. No no we volunteer we actually on the power here it was it was a situation where. Apparently we got to. A tense herself or gives stuff away. We don't really know who just learned the business yeah so so I just told our laws like that you need is to go down there. The larger vehicle part yeah I can go to places us. Fully capable of liking our job as weird so so there's this new thing to him that I bought it's called car. And I can I can put this key into the car I get pretty much go anywhere. In in the state and bad things that he's alive and keep in mind that. What we'd do is. Really super physical I mean it's it's takes so much apparently it's amazing I'm probably gonna have Paula teacher. Out of the box. And then hand it to someone that's going to be literally on the I don't know exactly how I'm gonna not throw base basketball's that kids all the walking around. I'm talking to people just exhausts me. Me meaning listeners. Our radio BlueLinx desktop that side of your job you can you can compare that's like pulling object camera out. And just pounding away at its masked ball now on the 94 easier. Constructing up into the New Zealanders changer never. Yeah an enemy of the physical labor. So we wanted to it was a little bit later on during this podcast we want to. Take inventory of the grueling nature of our co workers and colleagues. So we're make sure these guys know exactly the physical demands that we don't end up days. That's right battles sunshine and rainbows like Tim Allen wants to thank us now also justice itself. Little self gratification here. Our goal is set forth in this goal was to try and get free ones today. Hard work now right up I could expensive because in theory. Our efforts to do this podcast. Are on today. Our efforts to go to on our way when our clients big money player of the game but Ottawa on today yeah. Our efforts to goad to be grand opening of the fights or form. And when it unpaid so as it. Fair to say that we should. Some sort of problems and and I would think that it would be it would be in the cards I think that are our earth. Expense accounts should be able to cover it but. To that except. That we're gonna wait you know seven months to immediately get that money out we might imply outages we might wanna just call it out just saying somebody won't throw us a hot dog just. Rock or something much time shows yeah it. It is healthy euros. That's. That's that's obvious that I have it all you'll throw in from Albania as making it bigger just under while we know we do exist though I think we've hit good. I didn't tip well yeah. His sense of well it's not like ballplayers you know you used it well. Now tipped. Expensive well you remember you would tip well. Seriously I don't have good. Given him good back. Haven't noticed them it's somewhere and act in good jab could. If they think it's all right so we have to go. And that will Jack valuable player. Probably on our way too hard doesn't it yeah because we're we're really come into our a lot of time that's were there as we're gonna do so let's let. So it Miller Park and a runaway to what a lot of and I guess the ordeal important. Are they Ellis or right over here yeah. And Tommy valley and my dad spot Paul corporation over here as well right. Listening to good shot Ramon and mark wins were Romo who. It's. Nobody's. And others and I'll read to us there. And dismiss the award winning promo what's coming up on Monday morning and yeah. And breakdowns the brewers baseball pretty huge and today as we're three game three pirates series like that can't bargain. Yeah that's. And then the biggest thing it's like hey hey it's not the biggest and hit. It's seems like they raise it sometimes and are more. A lack of situational hitting has just like how well we got somebody out on second base itself as she did right so lets us into the actually you're right read what is going arguments like some kind of bike race. Jamie or I making. Its bottom. There's a big plate race right now. Harper family it was flagrant. I think no I think this is the dozens ultimately. OK it below the other nice I might be here. We should drive over there. Well I didn't ask her phone number Joey Elliott Sadler Joseph didn't give us the clearance isn't in the way having his mom on the podcast he did it. No wonder I don't have are now. Getting restless and his mom's PM TV academy. The terms went into his mom. Can be taken out of context that's a drop right there that's a drop right there yeah. He he might slow and you. He gave my view is that you if you heard if he hears this Megan Wright a lot of it has to adjust. Another chance is absorbed mom my around. Better looking at all these other news sent in that sense there's no way but I wouldn't be worried about it. Yeah I don't think my mother's aids that anyone would want. An honor I would I would hope not yeah I would open site agrees that my father which isn't woods is not what is this show you want to think about it. Well and you're walking out your parents do it no. No. Thank god I would have been scarred for life death but it does yeah. So again. So we're bypassing yeah. It regrets try to make our way back giving the transistor work and bottom. Doubt it but we could try he even shot we'll get it around so why don't we cut the ribbon we're going to be we are actually don't want. Witness answers the big body and study the giant red and bright for advice or forum just heard they. Conspiracy theory on why it's called the vice performed. In just think it's genius well I like the name Tim I don't know much use of the were kind of passionate I think it's pretty cool mom. Now he's got to figure out exactly where we're how we're going. Because crystal skull and some back and turns and I didn't tell you this but our Booth is only Choo boots away from the WW. Oh boy and that's it so what you might be on your own yeah. I'm hoping to have a match I can just an hour about somebody room. I am really looking forward to the inventory that we take our colleagues because as you know we have been asking for her. It's somewhat of fan radio station get together and at Gmail thing. Yeah everybody eat out hang out for a little while. Areas of grievances or solemn celebration of achievements and the others if indeed and so this might be that opportunity. You know all of us get together and I'm certain chuck embargo be here and no Rami and the Hungarian we'll be here this a big amount of course the Smart he's going to be here because he's box guys. He has basketball better to hear him. I thought they'd be broadcast live but it's warm out here is and it's going to be it's going to be a hot one so this the 350 pounder out here. It's a slight up and then you all the fans are you talking imposed by our Los he's going to be out here I don't know why you decided that because I guess it's going to be. Sliding and smoking cowboy killers are all marvelous. Didn't he just loses cleaners at some point that gives him. Get some god taken out of them on the snake around and of course we'll have about midyear look forward to that that's exciting about Mandela well Mandela's got beyond Mandela has got the award winning Pella windows and doors Wisconsin conduct show bill is coming off of bill Michaels coming off. Yeah. Letting that we were not we were invited you. Couldn't make it because now we are working. So if he was out here are your legal immediately and wish him congratulations. And little sound like it was a element will board up money being here. I he had plans. That's right he told us that clients. What that would this be considered the second biggest defense. In Milwaukee Bucks history frankly since it's the largest it's the biggest event. My generation has seen I think sports license that you don't want. Outside and you know Miller Park in bills but you're just I was I was five years olds like I don't really necessarily remember yeah. All the nuances that Miller Park broad comparatively. The county stadium. I know everything about the Bradley Center now I'm so excited to see I'm I'm jacked up out not just in terms of box history. Right wouldn't wouldn't it be the NBA title in 72. And miss and and then this and that's yeah yeah UN UN one championship. And you have now raised. Enough when it was a 556. Million dollars for this new arena. And not only the arena but the whole Metroplex that there they're building around I think the district yes did its charter revitalize the whole city column it's. I'm just I'm excited you are alike about trying to do the classic Sports Radio. Source to be a part of but this is sort. Out here on fifth state. I mean it's cold you like this is this is one of the times where you're gonna look back on it. And remember this place being built I remember when they cut the rhythm like it's it's an it's. Crazy crazy situations that it is bigger than the migrants. Yes I would also put it right neck and neck of the time that team acquired drew good. And Goran again and Corey again. Yeah John Salmons also signed back at my man your boy John Salmons. Or pull it and see the new. Pfizer forum. Parking structure let's show our brewers credentials. As we come through here you Tara laughed. What can NASCAR race. They got the White House you know Super Bowls of Reagan. When he into the heart surgery in your life if you go up these children get up the hill. You have to realize they are all red light then stopped and these kids are there days you are then I got to clean air as the green arrows leading down mentally and entered the greener spot. Our minds and our poll and every guy Africa. It applause here we got a book and pay for this you know expensing this never received. The accuracy. 101000 more. They don't let them. Okay. Yeah ever received or is okay awesome thank you thank you so much data received about us. And we can park I'm fighting and yes. I'll. Grease and floors as this thing. I'm big time this is cool our rights and our viewing through here. That's him I know I know it's it's illegal. To bring this up maybe. It was how much we do you think he's gonna get smoked in this parking structure reform. All I think quite I'm putting putting everything in conjunction with the Marquette basketball. And Bucs basketball. We had talked about. And our climate czar Austin thank you thank you and I you. You're pain keep this someone out of our staff that hasn't been the single most disingenuous. Thank you pleased and think you've heard is going to be so many drugs. Is that bad everything I wouldn't advise it. No I mean I'm not gonna advised lighting up a joint here but I'm saying there's going to be quite a bit yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I could see guys on the plus the concerts and all yeah are you kidding me having a hard coming here. Your girl Carrie Underwood performing near my girl are you gonna be at this show off my. Are my mom's very very upset about. The Eagles concert. She's she's a big Eagles fans they went fried thing I canceled nobody's. So she decides that now she wants to go to the concert. And we had you know the app for that she's that he Texas and all he uses keyword and you can. Earlier in you know below notably in the light we could. You can violate the tickets before they go on sale right guys so I told him hey you know what you wanna go to the concert all live for your birthday I don't know I don't wanna go. I've seen him I don't wanna go. Well now she wants to go to Johnson. Announced delay announced it would that are the bad guy can you don't have success it's yet. Glenn Fries. Rather her son. Isn't that too yeah as the new singer for the eight Eagles and apparently is itself. All right so apart that we're gonna go. Sick babies and kisses it and only come here right side as we as we sit here in the brand new bus parking structure. Women all ovals. Okay. Think we're gonna enjoy this event and we'll check back in a bit. 7000 morning podcast world tour of the Sunday continues. All. We we aren't we are now in them get the events coming up basketball. You map the grand opening events are always say a lot of post fight mom hood then employers. I mean you give volunteers. Well billion dollar goes the oh is give. The bottom of the totem pole guys via the lovely and then smile and I don't know how you got and like. Main entrance quicker and we have to sit back in what we're buddies Walter and somebody else let us let us help. Get through quick I went in the ball is away so I went in the completely wrong bug him why did you get that credential I got a birdie Langer. And neck right now rather than it is fair Syria and Taylor said vision that's legit and update your thing that we don't presidential Villa was one. I imagine we've probably had one waiting for us we didn't give you instructions now where again now now. Right down walked all over his place trying to find my way I can tell you but I'll tell you that information. We're in now yeah there's security everywhere you guys won't be nearly all of everything and throw us out so the five served four. Grand opening your door at the fan radio station Booth. We're over here like the north end of the Alina. We're home right next to the big my. I've made it's it's a shotgun. You know continue the destruction of Bradley's. Point me in that Iraq now I do have an issue with how they're doing these guys what is what they have. We thought to on the day we open the new arena we blow the other wanna. Now we're having good that would available seat that's what I think they should they should have put the first bomb to go out of the Bradley Center today. You get everybody glasses everybody in a big splash zone watch on TV every. Hey you know sit there and suck in obvious best this and then welcome in the new arena. You worry about it anymore they do enjoy a ten years really are your sixteen under it and I don't perfect idea and I love them. I would give us some bucks fans and just that bit themselves in the morning podcasting's. No we're knee deep 7000 homeowner podcast continues an outright bias or retailer. Grand opening be OK as a source China toward trying to get the parameters make sure you're right given away Ghana's autograph. Picture. But I know it's an 88 by ten. Where are I ten right well I'm glad it's India's oldest man. That would be millions this sort of comments about some folks walking by businesses like summer about the legal everywhere. It's crazy and they're expecting 40000 out here's what it's one block but it's like it's one walking stretch and we just today FaceBook live. Noted and so I know this is a little convoluted the odd juxtaposition. Of our. Podcast men and women aren't going to be a lot of pressure and amount that was just released on Monday morning. Hey did you John Graham got his picture right over here right there an autograph got it right over here. I didn't see him getting you your mom but did you get the F van Obama out of the basement. And I John one you know one of our that whole body of I'll know and now he's now when I that was iron that was that was obviously he was at my wedding. I don't remember this as always CNN you don't remember him being your wedding I don't remember him I remember him but he had to remind me. That's big. You know that's the wedding is a 150 of your closest friends and again I'm content and Janet that's kind of what it's definitely. And by the Bahamas over there I guess it's. Shaken baby I really hope he doesn't because now. You need like hands sanitized and put us here right after you shake my mom's hand it. It is douse yourself and something that we'll get the minutes are dwindling away were still expecting to see at least you and I aren't Smart gave up our box guy let us see our boys home. Where I found out they're not they're letting people into the arena at 1 o'clock. Some people are going to be out here for risen around walking around and sell until one they'll cut the ribbon at noon. And then you're gonna get into ones and leader of the I've got a big seller I would I'm I'm thinking is I'm hoping so they also put us right across from. The pizza. And right now on the way from. The WW leave town was flooded iron rods coming November when he said he just wanted to let you know OK the wise what's going on over there. They got a championship belt that people can take pictures. I wanna steal. So we're gonna do is you're gonna create the diversion of walking over. Hit the guy or right mission with your pain wield it then he's the only view I'm gonna grab the bell and run away. Thank god and his runaway mommy joblessness OK perfect plan. By just leaving the flies serve forums celebration here at all. It's a high school there and Jamie bands out there who don't get public nudity today. I'd is now. And its us should step out just about 1 o'clock. And all of its flagship off a yeah because. For ridiculous and them all god forbid we give him for. Castro and there's yeah I don't use your career highlights. Provided. Nice piece audio brewers fans but Coca. What an amazing arena and what an amazing offense it was insane. You know I was talking to you. I've worked for that team for for four years in high schools like it was my first job as a ball boy right. And I saw the organization viewed right before that the ownership change and all the changes that it's gone under now. Com it's incredible for me to come to deceive one displace them. It's unbelievable that arena is just. Gorgeous you don't inside people waiting outside. When the event started eleven people immediately already lining up to this New Orleans didn't want to walk around the partied like it appeared on the sausage butter. They wanted to get inside the arena to see it. Let's get off can we are now okay if someone who's got a lot of talking championship in the next. Three years. Six could be in the little little brother. The NBA and am healthy and the Packers got to cover again. It's about time. What we're. That's her Milwaukee. Lots of rumors. That these guys get it done at some point. They don't hold law of averages. It doesn't seem to be open these two friends. Well maybe we brought out what are the three biggest days that this organization the city is seen. Com you can say the championship ring and the seventies when they when he NBA title. And anywhere else as a golfer what we what else is a bigger day in this city and talking about the box in this arena. It's it's amazing. What 40000 plus. There's by the way brewers candidate that I had 40000 plus down here for the already ran over com. Oh sorry sorry if I surf. About slow news week Phillips maybe get a whole lot of studio I'm gonna. Boy you. It's how much riding through the wrong part of the box to parking structure and did you tell a brand new brand new arena. Is that the elevators. And and that the hallway got a very that's just us go through assignments and your. And it's it's yeah OK okay now I've figured our dog. Policies that if all the red lights because there's three flights right I'm pretty free library you'll they had two axes and then and got a green arrow and a green arrows or measles go down and by the way we did not hit. A chance to. Mr. in the car here obviously we didn't get a chance to see you know Sparky and bars and tell him and color of their bodies yeah. Mayor Mitch size right now he just. Texting me he found he found our time so it's a good job match. Nobody was able to find at. Were you was supposed to be there at noon yes. Hawaii has talked a polish pipe bomb for yeoman effort today that you start here for the whole day he's out here the whole rotten. Cited people love when an autograph yeah I'm sure I kind of lost a little bit in my voice still taster my voice yeah well you were hawk candidate to win the us. Braden autograph now was that weird and mean no one that the us would that's what you do because I like doing that like other. None got a chance when he got a starter Boettcher is just sign up all your new design up utter garbage yeah yeah it's ovary or guys talking about it verbiage and yes. Positive lessons she got one. Then now we are here yeah one thing we should. This tale that. At least. I normally don't fail at things 11 thing we did fail right. All right we're gonna nose. Harmonic house bill. We didn't get free books you know we're gonna ask you okay. Watch we added the Cinco De Mayo in yeah I'm incidents tacos. Some Hulk is on the stock goes well. You don't know him on quality was on the clock goes out here you know. Here from the Cyrus. Is you know. Volcanoes than they're. This guy's I lost the ambulance all through this right here this stuff is that this post fight but I'm okay. Another hard I'm behind us is knowing. So this crazy idea right OK anyway. (%expletive) movie the good guy Jesus. Gives these people license. It's like that aren't enough funding records marks one home or why it's. You world tour is continuing again. Later on today doesn't exist among. I'm very content and it's just a good guy yeah we will we will talk Ramos Europeans in I don't know hundred regional. Talk about balks at brewers. Sort of an exciting time I think the box are teetering a little bit more than brewers aren't even though I would say but what than Hillary and I think that pushes it. To an even keel with the brewers I think fans in Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin they should be excited about both organizations are really do well. It's crazy thing about that you have to bomb MVP candidates. On each tee it up. There was less reason that I can easily I mean to I didn't I don't know of Margaret was really didn't act well. Back in the eighties or junior Bridget Marcus Johnson behind yeah Robby out is pretty much more ideal candidate can. The ideology and Kate and then you honest all legitimate MVP candidates yeah I don't know down so we'll talk about that on the of post game show and we'll continue the that was housed in the morning I'm sure nobody busy Sunday. Okay we're back to Leo radio stations are to our continued. Continues here to 1000 morning podcast slowing and Lehman down. So now. Well we had a nice lunch today. As soon. No Cinco De Mayo talents. Tacos for Hedo as we're gonna turn in the expense report for them. Yeah for sure and then brewers were mid game here we stopped for some ice cream. I got the very manly chocolate. Here where it's chocolate fudge out. And mixed in there are key pieces there yes. Yes good thick and rich manly sort of thing and you had the calm. It chocolate chip in its name chop which yet. Their mother (%expletive) you know that. So I have faith he does I needed something to settle my stomach I cut off our candidates shirt because I was able to the radio show sorry. I'm worried about five Buffy broke that's so. IE I don't say anything when you pick that out I just look if you'll. Well apparently yeah routes out of your skin so. You did buy that chocolate ice cream with a counter clerk did say. You wanted to own. What is that I said hey he's behind the united scream I'll buy the cigarettes yeah that you say and especially his means chocolate chip. The guy goes yeah I was sane thing. You start laugh as I know kind of a bitch. He's like and I can say things that is my mom's eyes. Yeah. So far that. We got to get the word ever Conor whatever it's document was like when he hit it sounds like we have been working all day were gonna get back to work more work to do and prepare for the post game show today. So relieved beyond that next week though big news as the thing in terms and you (%expletive) inning. You is does your phone does have like a sensor when we're either on the air or we're doing the podcast is all off it knows. That's (%expletive) up idea it themselves but yeah next weeks and you get one because there's a lot to discuss. With what's been going on at the station well. Apparently somebody will take a liking to us anymore. And Maria they actually broke down our philosophy on the bigs. So yeah there was some insisting comments on the air from Sparky Gary. Good and it's just wait here. He has the other gonna enjoy that wait one more week for that so we hope you enjoyed another field trip to 1000 more world tour. Two Miller Park down to the box. Arena opening grand opening celebrates in your work. And that's out so were sorry if we disappointed but I doubt it.