Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Ep 34 - Back Baby... Back

Tim Allen
Monday, September 10th
*EXPLICIT CONTENT* Tim & Tausch in the Morning! Tim Allen and Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid are back from the Labor Day holiday and catching some heat from the rest of the staff!

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OK welcome boys or girls that say not a timid taos in the morning podcast. You want to venture a guess on the number talked now. I wanna go 33. Okay yeah. I'm gonna go at that we were off due to write and labor it also depends on if you count the best stuff as as being right the Labor Day. Yep re brought laboring so the of the video back we did get there's a couple of favorites here in the long list of podcast though that we've done. A one of one of the favorites. For those that have listen to this was the get to know Rami Mac as it was good it was good stuff I actually listen back to it as well and yeah good trip man has fun (%expletive) that. He's he's too honest. That's your boy handle on the fantasy football show. Yeah ideas speaking of Ronnie Mac club by the way football is back welcome back football NFL Lotta of the best part about our football is that it just like coincides with hangovers. That there's not much better when your hung over. Then watching football and eating and just hang in Albert's eating drinking smoking all we can't do that though. Lucent. We have brewers baseball that aren't always silver we've put this a real job. Yup and so. Yeah it turns out they took a day off of sorts. And I was a little fatigued. Dislike our buddy Christina Ellis. I'm at a trophy was fatigued or by his manager told the news fatigue. And it's and it's counsel's job to. To kind of government that. I liked dab part of it begins to police the players because what's a player gonna say I wanna play all the time right then assist. Little miffed that he didn't play that particular game. And I didn't. So yeah we we know everybody else knows we've we've talked about a four or five days. And so we've got brewers baseball down the stretch here. It looks like there within shouting distance little bit better than that. Of being the best. Record in the National League. Closer than I thought it would have gone populate my view and you and you. For doubt this team. So now we've got some fun factor down the stretch so that's gonna coincide with one NFL football. To. Badgers. Football which now they're two and now is as we record those. Two blowout victories was good. And then you have a brewers baseball down the stretch in and post season just about upon analysts. That's fun you buckled in a minute ago. Yeah I'm jacked up I'd I don't know how how much else I can get ready for as I've never seen. Playoff baseball outside two times so will seek I don't know if they're gonna throw big party at summer fest again. No because when you think so because they made the divisional round and off they go to Philadelphia to take on bush are poised lock in the old body guy are though is gonna start a game and he hasn't pitched in five months. A good call acts right. Yeah but it'll be good to get back into the post season if indeed that happens so. I'll be on the look out a couple of different things here be on the lookout for a tenement house overnight takeover. I guess we're gonna do another overnight broadcast. We're going to be FaceBook live here very shortly from an undisclosed. Location. So watch for that. And possibly a morning show take our our. And I'm glad I'm learning about the says the listeners are also learning about its own does well and Aaron potential morning Joseph today ego well. Part of Bard will be happy here I am a morning guy the fan. Speaking of the fan radio station in Milwaukee we've been avoiding that and avoiding that not intentionally but we we definitely have to get the best. Because this was a yum. A piece from our afternoon program. That I think flew under the radar a little bit it was a breakdown of U nine basically. Yet it was it was just kind of randomly thrown together. It was and it was on the air live as Gary Ellison starts out this segment with. With saying that I've changed. So let's let's say your piece is wet the water reconvene. So wet mode and just changeable. Now he has used. Ed Clark is right. He's dealt in this feud and then now he's always been introduced him to start off here in 2005 manage things you wouldn't know what changed about don't I don't know how old are. I never knew him as the and to organize. Apple yeah man going to shoot really. You. About it. You did let alone aren't that wet what did you get waves and like well get into details of America. And Arizona or at least. Yeah we saw the same house yeah. But that shot any lead out who's it hurting us no dozens. You because you work again did you watch him sleep for the blockade until I think he's obviously brought in dog junkie was until I slept would've you know Arabs generally are needed a hub as it is America stands where I started values and Arabs. I've stuck up right where that service has a hold on there Massey guy. Admittedly many years ago Billy when I traveled only when I travel messy at home. I'm definitely not messier a war. You're probably a little more messy than I am although we are pretty responsible too with. And take in the coffee cups and put more than a year ago but yet you know one team wandering it's all you really can do well yeah but the years ago when Sparky and I used to travel quite a bit together both professionally and personally. I definitely laws. And heavily was like critical of a pack of cigarettes just chuck it behind it in whatever is thrown against the wall also so you're just messy when it's just not you're you're home maker crack right somebody else's place (%expletive) them just know what I want I would tip I would tip the cleaning crew lately drink a bottle water and you averages of lofted into the corner you know just. Tumble off in the that corner really knew what I've seen you do that multiple times now well I sort aim at the the garbage cans at in that area. That is much anymore so I get where the end of the Massey not anymore. Okay there response OK so I needed to clear that up watch that Toledo called Tim Allen dirty let's garbage. It is Internet organizing he rises to you know he was units in 1990 four's not known yet he's solid. Yeah I just as there are just as a podcast we can do it professionally. Guys and you know it feels like me yet. The Beverly tells care to be pretty good at least our work well yeah I think that's the problem probably daily tosses one to go even farther than ten yeah. Try to look let me just remind. So idea let me tell you know what the guys really prove that nobody really. Or just sidelines yesterday look to how this all played out for years Tim has been around good people. And that's kind of held them back a little bed and eat he Deb we don't allow him to go that far there Robby is is is much we like your run crabs pretty good dude so Ronnie Ronnie did really well 10 did you go left Parsons an early let. Denny found buddy Josh cool is what goes farther and farther than then she says that bush doesn't. So this is kind of word all happened so really that all of this falls under a recount they're getting each other right guys I I've written up as young you just don't Democrat. Several rent there's some good then a year pretty sure Rea nudged. Notice you're you're the blind right while apparently because it makes more sense once you bring in you know somebody younger that can. If (%expletive) around a little bit more and be a little bit more free with that that I guess that's where you know your anger has come from. Well now and but its spark he's right in that. Really. I've always. Been a guy that's Renault was somewhat cynical and somewhat you know did just poke gets a little bit here and there are right. And it'll only adds entertainment. I at least for me I'm having fun you can poke at us right. So I'm not gonna get bought her if you make a joke on me some the new nickname for for me is up mr. giggles on around. The station so I'm cool with with people making a nickname for me that's supposed to be making fun of me you have just make it good to Vegas funny. When I was a kid it. It's damn what you think you always talk earlier this fat ass really that's all you got it bad ass. You could call me a long haired Danny DeVito I mean he had to go fat ass. A shrink wrapped sausage like that would have been some good for a fed just picture some instead of always got to me yelled. But it's a large ass hole sorry I'm a 125 pounds and third grade. Where you felt like you're husky. All that we called a big boned. In a big bone know when I was a kid my old audience size husky yeah husky they still have that oh (%expletive) yeah are kept out again. My brother attitude I was skinnier and he was husky. That was just polite way. Sparky. Lightly it's in the baby all you are a threat. Sparking on the other hand. Wasn't he the one. Years ago old that would instigate antagonize is as Gary put it. Now. It's it's almost like you just insert Gary insert and set a Tim Allen insert Sparky. And then you would hit it on the knots. Because Sparky. Has changed I think he'll admit he's changed and I think he will be straight up admit he use that he had this sports environment. In the city of Milwaukee turned upside down on certain shows. He did you'd poke everybody you know everybody was if it was targeted and he was honest about it. It was your own down. Through via about opinion in and whatnot and it. So that I think would be more accurate on him than me but spark he's right would mean that. That's just always I'm always like to have fun and baccarat because that's what dudes. Do it makes work a lot more fun to does by the way we almost had a a good fight on the field Todd Haley game on vault I believe that was Jarvis Landry. As were watching yours and some Sunday football although in the podcast palm on the ground laying on the ground. Getting just punched. Repeatedly by RG Bradley and are her RG burns I think that's his name. Burns I think is because Bradley's via pitcher yet I'm back ribs is Helmut oft swords bar to get Landry and hadn't. Our daily comes off the spotlight. It starts yelling dad what are you ever you are all right. I really your bitch as odd to the side. Lives you you're drunk go home and yet nobody gets herself her go home. So that supports Alessio they finish up here in our breakdown of not only me but. Knew Billy and then us to gather there's so little nutshell yes it was to. Which teams do that's always been Tim that's always a little bit of that waiver of okay rut but he's never found a match. There's no debt. Now imagine that Tom is a government report and they don't know about note. The kid or work in the dust is still a good kid you're set to separate them. I. Right down into our bodies they dot distilled into a whole lot of antiwar candidate out there that help out yeah why he added fluid yeah. Each other it's like our kids yet I feel a thirteen. OK I don't area so and so. What is it like you're making me do drugs or some thing. I don't want you hanging out with that ten guys that Tim kid he's not a good influence on you know he's not a positive influence. I would say that. The fact that they're having a conversation about it. Is telling. How sure. The fact that we too funny it is funny the fact that they can have that conversation with a us president. Is telling also. That we genuinely do like each other all right off five homeless and Gary Rami Stevie you may or ia mode I don't think there's any. Undertones do you know I I wouldn't feel anything like that Oca. We we have work issues without question. There are definitely work philosophical. Disagreements. And in in the radio and Alia and as there isn't any career for sir I guess I shouldn't really comment on that it is the only one chose its. And I don't know I don't have a mysterious other career no majora right. Dad no you're right that there are issues that everybody's doing it more fun father Steve yeah we skip forward downs are talking about don't know Wendy's. Bet you know everybody does it I'd tell him to the offense did I didn't get back those guys are trying to as the factor all the violence in Ireland and sorrow. Or not. No shoes well one thing a lover's house. If you're separated used to become equal parts of the I don't know that. I. I vote them all on why it's separate not beautiful no issues well one thing a while. If you're separated used to become equal partner. That. Mile and a science project for some than Rami. Do you know what you're laughing about it or was that. We zest just to courtesy laugh and I think it was forced listening at the end. All of the bad joke everybody goes to our. But I don't get it. Well okay say that if you separate. Dead dead if you separated you and I that there we would still be together because I take up so much acts. Yeah I mean once again like I'm cool being called back I think they're forty just make a good show I get offended by god told us. That's didn't I didn't get back those guys are Brian has the facts are all done. Czar out missile. Hiding Gary is proud Saul played my friend. Amanda myself for not getting now we're in with you after bombing. Good job. Prodigy. It's really proud under the the kid operate. They have this is nothing you then you're just. You're just now coming around to seeing it may face tested are not yet now you thought one thing yeah. And then after that you thought you near camp there and now you realize originally I'll tell ya got back. Cheryl you still go to Arizona with the ever you wanted to Clinton sent troops. Which you need to do is go to Vega. Hope that's what dawned on Gordon Greg I hear that it could record. So I'm not a I don't think Erick hang in Vegas with us not while you're picks. I. Good thing is we try to go our separate ways and all right Maria then we meet up at the end this is vertigo. Mean you know immediately just in our work. Like all the good stuff. I get the sense at the end of every Phoenix strip and maybe it is just me. Reading into things too much like hooted their Rogers and Mike McCarthy earlier in the show up but I get the sense by the end of every Phoenix strip thank Gary. And specifically Gary has had enough of everybody. Not for me. From tandem. He's had a baby tower zone or running water week is just around all have some quiet time yeah just enough for Gary with that particular group of penalties like the father on the trip. How does. Gary is the dad of the trip. Gary watch everything cleaned up before we got houses much Gary does all the cooking. Gerry Curtis marks the brits Gary tell you what you should ensuring they have some web sites ago I'm British help yeah. Yeah it's guys. Like 2 o'clock Tuesday. Review and a hold your ticket is owed is about the sliding glass door to my patio of the old laurel Sutherland letters that I love you. Set this up out here that this he had this this were a big get to talking about spring training baseball worked trip that though we go on baseball coverage. Rami Gary ago we all share a house. And we have different hours Gary's right that we all go our separate ways that we meet at nine over shirt as you and I mean. Were at the park at what like 7 am yeah yes I mean we're or breaking things down right away at the ass crack of dawn it's in the east users in the afternoons cook and mountain cocktails at night known gold deal. But there was so one particular night where Gary is just kind of chill and it was and now a fun night for him in terms of drank whatever. But we were outside. And you'll nine Romney on the patio. And I guess we're being will allow well lady lush also altar in play it loud. He utilized was out there whether this neighborhood mid neighbors to the other side down in the middle of you know. 68 and burn them I mean shoot it's that it's a neighbor just the neighborhood so that this that Gary refers to a night we're outside a little wild and. Hold your pictures is about the sliding glass door tonight medio editor all author of the goods avid ideally we're out we're in neighborhoods and yeah go to your child's room middleware we don't know people. Yes to you know what's on the other side about wall in the right front. Beat capital that your house doesn't recommend these guys do is record it is never. Skull we neighborhood out as I'm sure what's going on right. We try to pick stuff proxy what's going on which you won't be. Used just doing a few leaders just during the looked that you gave us what would you be about his and a one month yeah. It's amazing it's it's absolutely remain very wasn't there though him I would be in all of them torture him. Yeah no per share a degree and I'll got a little wave or troubles are really they're overseas thank you know thank you all hold on here. Did I hear this right news. Wasn't there though him I would be in all of them torture and all he's call we should get offended a little bad. Wasn't there though him I would be in all of them torture him. He had no per share a renewed got a little way or troubles are really they're overseas thank you know thank you think about it on. Nice homage your writing and any more kids. He had to go for blood ran into the mine why did Mary much younger than when consumers the terror. What are answered who just got married at twenty Y yeah right yeah right it's yeah. This summer tour ought to match. You just got my. I'm not there Andruw and anybody is also Scott salute the count veteran of rain and anybody's Joyce though it is still not married document the cause of more on the allegation that that would when you. Thank you truly united carries a summer and you know. Yeah. We have. Yeah that that that's about it so that was sent nice little break down. Of other thoughts on you or me but what was interesting in their writing cat two when it happened I think Gary was offended I thought it was bought hurt that's just sounded like a tough day welcome welcome to the club Gary how. School you graduate work and yes I think well idol I think there's one laughed. All of the folks that we work with that have been genuinely. Lee it'll. Upset when I genuinely generally have seven plays for real not play an end to read and like for real real yet like bar. The only the only there's only one that hasn't. In bill that's that's when I was so yeah infill holes. By the way I don't know if I told you this confirmed bill Michael's within the month is going to join us on this podcast Leo's he's been just. Chomping at the bit but it's tough because I mean he's usually gone by the time you get in your a games that ours are totally so we're gonna try to mash it up maybe fully agreed in gold post game. If there's like thirty minutes that him that we can sit down after or before that when every interest that we farm and Leo so we've. Yeah now again have we been offended by it just to finish up here on a podcast. Cast week. Have we been offended by anything they've done. No. I definitely am. I don't get offended very easily. Well I have in this regard that there are such distinct. Philosophical radio differences that I do get severely pissed off people. And it. I do I'll be a good teammate and I'll give salute my bosses in this the way it's going to be done about them and carry on our on the station you guys right. With the guys writing checks that doesn't mean I can't go home beat royally pissed off about some decision making that I Heidi you hold in high question. So op outside of that like on a personal level editing they've done right now I don't I don't sort of like an like that I get I get frustrated with with work in different things like that but like personally offended by some guy. But I will agree that I've. Questions different stuff. I'm frustrated with things. Frustrated with my life your today. Yeah that's the 123 and 789 house here. College tuition zones awesome payments actually survived for Vermont hitting a five days before payment that's far. A thousand dollar aid but it is that is brutal it took me a long time to pay mine off just. Years and years and years. So I hope you qualify for some kind of forgiveness or something maybe I'll just bought a change for the pore than style are really get the (%expletive) it your fine yeah I syncing can apply for forgiveness applicant so what I should do is just keep working here. Making no money. And then just try to apply for my loan forgiveness and then it but I think Scott I heard your hours we're going to expand. That you heard that talk bubble moment. All I mean I I don't know I'd. I've really been told march. I would hope so Oca I would I would I would I would hope so any any day that I can't. As I've set for four years and I hear your staff so now we know what to Gary thinks of us. Yeah you're a nice young man until you met me. For hosts be handing citizen a society and those guys are to make me do crack cocaine that's right I've forced the needle in your own right away talk to our crack cocaine down on the you know brewers' dugout today. Okay here all share and stories Barco. And then one guy and ended with a one guys say and that in his one of his first experiences with cocaine. Somebody is with goes. Well. I think god made that let me just say is that that was his first reaction it got. I can seem like cocaine loses you jobs and cars and cools off and miles as so I couldn't say oh bug you all know and I I wouldn't know that all I know is that there are there have been days rival plane in bad. At 5 in the morning. Trying to get charting he's asleep and the birds chirp and wave back in the worst sort of brushed hers what that it starts getting warm because like the sun starts getting through the room than Mike. Your covers are warming or China like just take one like he does he's somewhat I'll be do you get better with. Something obviously it would be chic annually Earl the sheet but your sweat your perhaps best. As you can't get to sleep. You don't of a mountain. Case in our talk about sleeping habits not cocaine right yeah no no I was talking a mountain like pillows like where you tablet. 34 pools they didn't abandon. Go together okay that's what I thought. But that's gonna do for these this podcast Tim -- in the morning favorite this tell your friends. If you wanna be a guest on this podcast please let us know yeah. And good luck that a lot tough tough interview process. Yet as we will grow your your. If you're gonna be a guest with us okay don't have their family lesson. So this is gonna sound Weirton it's grilled not drill right. Good like grill means like that you would like like when you're saying oh we're gonna grow listed. Like his you're gonna you're gonna fry him up with questions not thinking could use both okay. Eric is yes Kroger drilled astute. We're gonna grill this guy I think I'm gonna go with grill because hey you know allowed makes the other one sampled different yes I think we'll go with grow getting drilled as what they do up there. On a football field OOR. Yeah your toilet and all that mysteriously ha ha ha okay. Yeah I get drilled would be a night time I could look at her. Getting grilled. Would be entertaining the idea that you come on the podcast don't tell your family however the mono like after as will will bring an all audience. Are up podcast 33. Timid to oust in the morning see you next week.