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Tim Allen
Wednesday, August 1st

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His seventh south since fanned overnight its welcome in Milwaukee here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan Tim Allen baby just bills med. Executive producer Ryan Korvotney. And in the production department Griffin entitlement and a special guest in studio coming up a little bit later on Hun as well. As so we're talking in some local sports and we'll get to know of baby taos hear a little bit yeah excited also a little bit terrorists who have Brian folks who is a currently. And the strength and conditioning department at University of Tennessee Ryan what's gone on dude. I don't want I just look at. It's a long drought we're just didn't go on down as well now you're entering your ending the lions and food says as were role and I'm like six or eight cups of coffee. So we were were gonna have absolutely no time for you to be sleep in because. As I imagine you use a line if you're not first you're last. Speed and strength in addition yeah. Our guys so when did it come to your attention that you'd you'd just wanna. Punch him in the ear when he does that laugh when when Billy does this high pitched skakel. That he's got. When you first met this dude did that not bug you. It would lose. The most contagious laughter I've ever heard always being waged a so now it's been everybody. UGE could never get and the music. You know laugh at him that's for this year and so you went to college whether. We're just study you them. It. Now now folks actually did some study. Now I think that was more of the issues well that's why he's at University of Tennessee bright and and has a master's degree underneath his belt while I was. You know finishing up the bachelor's degree as as admirably as I could so now. This guy don't let their credentials fool you Timmy. Solve this guy and what was the it was the first couple of months that he was in college is the dude that was walking outside of his dorm room. And and may be you know up chuck and a little bit so this guy could party as well. Even though he's he's now a grown up and coaching young athletes. Two to division one status. That's true. I'm right with David Chu wrote off. Didn't lose this. It's called college life at that as soon as spirit where you've thrown. Actually right now I'm from Illinois but I powerless. Chicago. Cub fan bear fans. Are pro am but. And the packer fan and you're from Chicago. Prayer volley that good and amp and the worst story I think that he has for me of me. Haven't the last time that we are at packer game together. As. It was cold Sam the keg stands yet the case stands. That won that one yeah a fair turnabout that Bruce was a lot of for a couple people trying to make sure that I was able Lou. Keep the keg stand going as long as possible. You know. And that under no circumstances would I wouldn't doubt. That's. As good values he'd be easy lie down and you would be he could probably go and all the mop too much longer. I'll. So all right so where where do you what are you go from here now is that worried where you wanna be I heard your engaged and so this here's a deal. You sure about that. And. Yeah oral. So we will be together. 28 years. In Rome. Italy. Ten days I think. There are dispersed. Okay what's the what's the gimme on the way out here give me. Give me the best thing you can say about baby taos bills med. The best thing eight days yeah. And you feel. It is. No matter if you're. On TV. He always worried about governor I want you to open. Easy these different. On then knives were czars lullaby music. Does kicker does Griff know him yeah grip no serious did you did you play football and now I played football with them and use my coach at a point. He also came back was able to coach for the alma mater and now is is going on to bigger and better things that's why he's got to wake up at. Out there it's what 330. Better yet you for you find it's. Believable that Griff kicked a sixty yard field goal at 60. Our. Yes there is claiming it was last week yet. And I believe that he put on credit. Matsuzaka he's and you look at stock. Yeah don't bullet blew them I don't buy up. Extra body of the last ten minutes that I did some math and reading god everything. And you're right every other podcasts and I think I'll get an entirely different story. It. Could be. Mirror. But we gotta go man. Take it easy through later do God's idea signal to yeah yeah you gotta be careful. Saying his last name to. Well that was the best part and like you said if we get into the podcasts I think we can have a lot more candid conversation. When he would introduce himself to me the first time I met this guy. I was on my recruiting visit. And comes out to me walking down the basement. Of a nighttime party and goes dirt current tour. The names. Well some poked it man but. He's called me folks and set the seed don't like the inside brotherhood scoop. Yes a view yes. Because it really appeared use trying to hide things while I mean he was BM is as if he's trying to be a professional audio and audio I don't know if they've they've figured he's anchored to enact a code from Tennessee. That thing's gonna get brought up an eight years ago when he's. On the sidelines for SEC championship game. Not coming up next swords are gonna talk with a Ryan or bots cousin from crescent Iowa. Men we'll see if that goes and aims more smooth and the full interview here. Yeah I was ordered his folks have any inside information all the way back in 1996 public to get some inside info about pay eight and handing out and that trainer I did get to meet him he came through last week or two weeks ago he said wryly strolled through the whole facility. So is not a Dallas how that story not come out way prior to when it did. That Peyton Manning on the issue. There's a lot of stories that. Like that that didn't come out for for years the Manning family like the or ministers in game at their own they control everything so they control what information they want it up pressed to get a hold of than what they want kept secret. Speaking of Peyton Manning apple will take a really super quick break we're gonna come back here and now a lot of you had Peyton Manning on your fantasy football team not that long ago. It's fantasy football time it's coming around here. And issues always pop up we will do our best assaults over the issues if you wanna join the conversation in this fantasy football league's commissioners rules. Money players. Draft online live draft we've seen at all. And we're gonna hash through this thing because an issue just popped up today. Just this morning. Not a good morning. For someone to start taking pot shots at me about my fantasy football philosophy in an avenue B a commissioner of one alleles. Ed's going right at me Matsuzaka. Tim is not the owner that you wanna mess with you the commission had his Jerry Jones of that leave him for playing for money. Then it's game time. If we're not playing for money. Fine obvious snowflake policy and a mile a lot of silence yes G this'll be fun. We'll talk more after the debate on the fan. Simmons house for an overnight. Here in Milwaukee. Stuff pre recorded it's live here. On the fan and we're just we're until 6 AM so stick around got a lot to get to today. 5 o'clock we will have fiddle playing the lane the will boy of the topics discussed. On Timmons house fan overnights. So stick around for that fight fantasy football time almost a year. Are you can't wait yes yes as a football weekly given back. The seconds yes of timber second so about a month and and I know that June lot of maneuvering. Into what leagues you're gonna get into yourself and get the invites I know I contacted you. And Ryan. This morning. To get in formats and now yes yeah it nominally number I'm Jack man. Sixty bucks. So they know that it's sixty dollars was fifty last year he had a diagonal line I guess that a commissioner needed some extra money or something yet paper's action team. That's right they each phrase between the two brains. You know that's that's the other thing. You play for money so. Why is it that you can't play for money. I mean play for money. Not for fun and why do you make a big deal lot of someone make him a traitor why do you make a big deal that someone didn't. I insert a line up or one against the rules serve that we couldn't name a myriad of things here. I got into it with a commissioner this morning we have a rules meeting coming up in two weeks. It's a sixteen team league. 110 bucks. Five keepers. Franchise Lee. No salary cap there's no. Contract in which you know you can only have a player for five years and your force a lot of ago. None of that because as you keep five players. Sixteen teams eighty players off the board. So that being said we always see you have to submit. A rule change. That you want to propose. To a league vote for the rules meeting. More than 24 hours prior to the rules meeting OK Juan two weeks soundness that hey by the way live we're just. Shoot the ball on the phone this morning and I said hey man domino proposes rule change and X setter the guy that that's just stupid I'm not deal with that stuff. Alec whoa okay what do you mean. It is like I'm not deal with it it's just this little stuff I I just why can't you players. Just settle down elected to let the lead go. You players. In. So CNET in the league is in the league are so so he's also player he's the commissioner bodies in the league free that's our rule. Is that if you're gonna commission league. You get a free because it requires a lot of work it does adults. And and I said hey no one student you don't then no one's making you deal with this this is your choice you wannabe commissioner than B commissioner. If not then you don't have to no one's holding the gun here had. And they said no it's stupid nice and I think that's rather judgmental and he goes we you'd take this way too seriously. That's where we get to hear. That's where the rub is on this thing you'd take it too seriously. If I'm playing in for a grand total of almost a thousand dollars to win the Super Bowl I'm gonna take it serious. That is that wrong that's. A business venture at that point that's an investment. Sort of and especially. Now I am off button issue with this whole idea that the commissioner plays for free that's just not gonna fly for me but. When will when we're playing for scratch and then this is on the table. If are proposing a rule change. How is that not taken as seriously as anybody else because he knows all he said that NASA stupid. And nom I'm like well that's rather judgmental to think that my rules change. Proposal if it sets stupid and the league will vote on it and rule right as such and not voted them okay so you guys started this league one. Twenty twenty years ago this this particularly in how hard invited Sparky. Okay I'll and he got too cool for that well then then he ran into some issues right some players that there were Hoover competitive. And then he got tired out of here OK so he was the commissioner and now this guy. Is the new commissioner it's yet or is James Taylor between the third or fourth. And I said how about this rule change senate if you're going to be crappy about it. About this rule change that every. Three years we change commissioners. Brighton then you don't have to deal with that will just get someone else to deal with it. And in the thing about it is. And it I didn't wanna say this to moment it's the reality of it. They're gonna say it's whom I'm fan overnight like if you have well okay maybe if it would have done it. I don't know. I'm not gonna get into a shouting match with you over the us. Because. That's what we do here and that's what I do for a living we debate things we have a conversation. And with whom we have point counterpoint perspective and opinion. That's what we do them. He was actually yelling reason. This is stupid you guys there and see us escalated right away it's a crossing the volume of like. You done. Ago shouldn't she respects someone else's opinion and has knowledge of the situation that has knowledge of the league. That has knowledge of his plan to make money should should respect that. His response was I don't have to respect nobody. A staff and I just I doubt it fantasy football right here it does his cousin Johnny. Edna boy will get to know him on its haven't just five times I know a little that a cousin Johnnie L yeah. How is pedestal Johnny there's there's no doubt. Were all opinionated I get that man I suppose making a little bit more sense now. The marked for me is when you're in a debate whether it's over fantasy football or sports. When you can hear a person you're having a conversation with say you know. Really didn't look at that way or you know what's your right. I got your right you're right you're right and in look at that to me. It means that your genuinely having a conversation cerebral Lee intelligently having a conversation. This ridiculous that you know someone's gotta say well I don't need to respect anybody near rule stupid. Well okay. Well. On wanna win a thousand bucks and trying to raise some money here I am I don't know what the issue here are trying to make some scratch and and so just just to sum up on on this particular issue. I said that. I think. You underestimate. The type of guys you have in the sleet and I've known all these guys for a where they all sit there and scour network the web sites. They also at their look at the schedule who are they gonna play the next week who my starting who Wear the bye weeks. Waiver acquisition should I propose a trade their all in their lives like way and do it right there they're all into it like me and it in egos. There dough they'll be a rule change if I wanted to be a rule change I go what do you mean by that he goes you don't think I have my crew in this league. Are okay. All right you have your crew in this league I'll propose that and maybe it will be voted down. Have my true in this league and I just edited that way maybe it will be voted down we'll follow the rules and announce that and and we need to change rules we put a check and balance system in. And I think a lot of other folks that play fantasy football have had these issues that exact issue if not more. You guys are gonna get into believe. That a dude. Has. The average point total in standard scoring. For a defense as well what would you say defense averages four. Puerto 101112. Right so we're on that ranch right he had defense is one year saying is scoring. 44 points in a week the fences deep fences. He had some flaw in the it when he was gone in there and type in the stuff in 44 decision points for solo tackles everything I mean it was amazing sex it was the scores were like 212 the 200. And and a forth of your points were scored on defense because he screwed up right. And no caught it yeah and it just went on and it just went from there so be prepared you guys need to scour and look over the Oscar. We were I've done discussing and lay said the goalie that we're we're talking about we have I'm rules meeting here. And it was going to be a branch of commissioners that we're gonna govern over the leader whatever it was me and three other urges. And the one guy who in at first had initiated the idea of designing a new twelve team league that we would all have. Had this plan that there had to be a Pro Bowl week. And that week seventeen. Would have money on the line. Stupid to edited twelve Nazis now hold bodies so we. Knee jerk react is that stupid that we could week's seventeen to grow a winning team geyser rest and that was my that was my initial thought to run was not clearly Zach gonna be run the ball. If I forty times if I had a chance and assume roles I was gonna win the league why do I wanna give up an opportunity to win more money. If if all my guys are getting ready for the playoffs there be any reason to do something you wanted to add structures scratched and make the rest of the season more fun. That adds some leave the NFL playoffs not week seventeen you know one that started you know when that rule popped up and fantasy football. Would that the whole thing about resting players the goddess it Nell. Prior to that it was the Buffalo Bills whose Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas and voice those guys that down Andre reed every year there I mean they went to four straight super balls they were just in the driver's seat then that's when a lot of fantasy football rules at the early stages got changed so now in and I soundly in government do share when I when I say it like this but when you started playing fantasy football. There was no way that you could you know point five PP ER. And have it 107 point four and you're down to the wire of know when game time exactly what the score was run and not known yet no life scorn. Yup somebody would keep score is when I first got into it I was in grade school I remember my first pick was Brett Favre I won the league and I want like a plaque has before we nameplate for money was somebody's parents put it together we want to my buddy's house. There's like twelve us we did a league. In his dad was the commissioner. In test score now actually kept score fair and you can try to check your points but he didn't yet there's no half a point. You know PPI always like things like E. A. SPORTS tend our points per ten yards or some like workers giving was a we. Ouija grafted individually defensive players to use of the draft took like. Eight and a half hours long now we did that with my buddies and you sit around drink and idea 24 hour marathon draft outs fullbacks I mean you're listening point like tackles sacks nobody else played like dead it was team defense and then you know eject your individual offensive players but that's the way we did it. In Canada had to keep score but it was like a touched down six points no passing touchdowns six rushing six in over a hundred yards like four something like Betsy had an idea. But he couldn't get on Yahoo! Sports or ESPN and checked it so it was kind of a pain. We actually at that time back in those days late eighties. The Bible the end all be all was the Milwaukee sentinel newspaper. Now the journal sentinel there was a journal and the sent north and was the morning was the afternoon. Call while out of confused me and it went by. The morning paper. That's what the commissioner grabbed. And went into the box scores. On on Tuesday morning or netted you know tallied up after hours Sunday slight. Tallied up whatever was a neck and osu Europe Milwaukee sentinel was the Bible if there was a typo it up vaulted to the commotion news. That was it and it was after a typed out newsletter and standings. It's crazy. It's crazy how it's evolved now and now you are watching. These. Draft live draft lobbies that you can jump on it anytime of the day. Oh you're doing right now we get drafted team with somebody and Idaho's somebody in Brazil yet and for other Jews in Canada right. At any time of the day it gets crazier every yearly ESPN attempts to murder their whole staff. That means but yesterday laid everybody off then like the remaining twenty people that they came on there that we're still on the payroll had to do that 24 hour fantasy football shell. And guys are just like you know down in Red Bulls they'll look like hell like they're about to die. Imagine sitting like waking up at 7 AM and watching 24 straight hours fantasy football golf. It's ridiculous well I guess a while can you say yeah that's true though consider your conversation. Tim in taos. We're open all night rob all night. On the fans here were all until 6 AM. Gonna join the conversation get out of Twitter asked him and hash tag asked him in town bush. We're redoing that after the top of the hour any thing and all this then ask your question will answer we'll be back on the fans. It's. Welcome back him in taos fan overnight. Continued company Milwaukee. The avenue B. Don't work at the factory gets ear buds in right now maybe your. And Jack camera over there on 94 and hanging out on the zoo interchange. School construction. Law enforcement officers firefighters. We have now can listen to the radio that was can yeah tonight on an overnight it's cab drivers. Boomer drivers. You guys. Thanks for listening we do appreciate that. And it will work here until 6 o'clock Bart went caller from chuck it way clear in the morning is gonna join us in about an hour right now. Anthony Mandela as meandered his way into the studio so we do have. Some of the staff member said to enjoy our company Billy from a ministry of you know we we've got a few. Well here yes 7991250. If you wanted jump in here joined this conversation but. A fantasy football has evolved over the years again we're going to be starting the fantasy football weekly program on September 2. And that will be I'd get you ready for week one there but some people do take it serious and that see that's that's where the really. That's where some innovative that's for some people draw the line some real life to doing just for fun. And a reason to it's to watch the games and follow through with the team and there are some bragging rights on the line but some we will also take it serious especially when their roots and it's an investment okay if if fits for fun and I should downplay. My yard cool cool my jets year then let's not do for money. Any time there's money involved doesn't that mean then that. We're doing this for an eye on the prize. Or MIM app maybe it is me maybe I'm a little too looting on this and it's far easier because we're also were were excluding a part of the conversation where. Or sort of played for money this is some ads now just becoming legal in the states. Of being able to have legalized sports gambling in sports betting. So that the fantasy football as we know it right now I think is also going to go over a little bit more of an overall. As you sports gambling becomes more widespread throughout the country in the NBA. On the forefront of it today and a did you see that and GM MGM resorts going to be the official gaming sponsor of the NBA and WNBA how to deal. And fantasy football has continued to be one of those things against run underneath. The table kind of like the NCAA brackets that still be a lot of sail well there's cup. It's just. Well no I'd see I don't see it just a couple of dollars it's only for fun a couple of dollars turns into. A lot more. When I win the Super Bowl doesn't have yet to see that's my motivation. Don't need bragging rights I don't need that I wouldn't want to leagues for for bragging rights I only I don't play for any thing. Well. A guy note doesn't play branding less than 250 elite except this new one that I'm joined now let me let buddies we do want and it's pre fifty. And I've seen friendships break doubled her fantasy football. Why why is though it's just it's all her own story rules if the rules are in place on your site and them put together an intact the right way. Why would there be any debate I know things come up. But fantasy football is being played now let's let's be honest and brewer at. Everywhere for for decades now I think we worked the bugs out have a waiting the most far. They're little nuances because there's different scoring systems first certainly says he only believes there's yardage sleaze and ex senator senator. Trade there were all running into the trade who's gonna tank at the end and sell office team for road 25 dollar gift card or you know whatever nest. That I get debts that's gonna pop up because there's there's knuckle heads out there. But for the most part we've worked to just about everything put the rules intact shouldn't it be down on auto pilot. I told my commissioner this morning one of them. As a dude wanted to is gone league safe dot com. Right via pay through PayPal. You draft online. You never have to even see these people ever. It's just set in stone and and you don't have to worry about it you have a dialed in and they and that's where the change is coming there's going to be more and more. League save dot com's and and that is going to be the way that this goes because if we're gonna play for money. And it's it's going to be lined up. I don't wanna give you my sixty dollars less a daily fan as is blown up and then have an issue of well Stevie didn't pay this months or this year Iran and pay the one year so it's only going to be assert a sort of have to cut down on the winning season and were only gonna get via live. That's what you're seeing now more than more than ever. With daily fantasy is all the money that's involved and and I mean you can you can in need to pick your team each week so you're not stuck with Tom Brady if Tom Brady goes down weeks three then your shopping around for Ryan tanning hill and Jay Cutler and Sam Bradford an order saying you could. You that's with the beautiful thing about daily fantasy there's so much money and this is blown up and drove me nuts when I was an Iowa for three years. In daily fantasy starter blown up all my buddies around that you like you know what screw it league man all the monies are here. So I signed up an account knows a legal there but one of like three states and I couldn't play. In value look man and every commercials like this guy I won 950 dollars on four g.s on daily fantasy anomaly that. I'm like damn man exec only make 250 you know 500 bucks on this league. And I'm stuck with that crap team on foreign six and I'm screwed. That's what I think the big change is gonna come from his daily fantasy especially now that onslaught. Yet derided house I think it to a large degree it has I use it's supplemented because if you do have a crappy team I think it's supplemented giant. No fan duo or draft case on and there are others out there. But you'd join them and say man I'm an investment knows 78 box this week conceive buying grab searing warrior son back yeah just a little taster back but. That you're right on the money it comes down to. If you're playing from this is the part help me to understand it if you're playing for money. Then shouldn't you playing for money. Not the fun part don't don't tell me I overreacted then don't charge money. Who likes to give away their money especially when it's triple digits I mean then again maybe I'm I'm still. Talking about it from from a young perspective of fifty dollars is is is a little bit more. And expose bull incumbent when when your plays triple digits and its citizens just throw on five bucks and a hat and and right. Brought a team B it's an investment that fifty bucks as you're in radio you tell on them because. He would come from the guy man I'm telling me I don't think there's reasoning of 'cause hey Johnny but it might not be you know it's a inaudible the thing that pisses me off about. You know the whole league at the daily fantasy is then you get to guys that are you know three and seven and they're out of it's a little start they stop certain lineups all together. So you've gotten you know nick full starting quarterback when he's out of by. Are you got you know Sam Bradford starting and he's out is that a cut back in a newsroom is playoff appearance yes so you got to got a fraud do you buy you know two percentage points beaten up on this guy and you're in a battle for your. Fantasy life didn't creamed up. I Selena lost a playoff game I tied. In the semi finals to go to the championship game at 138138. In this guy moved out of the championship game and my season was over because yet more points throughout the season like points four points against. Well you put rules in place for the Democrats year old right there man but I just join the league for this year. Highest scoring team of the week gets ten bots. So you manager completely out of east eleven incentive to set your lineups and still try to win. Even if you're on the play yet that's a good ways you know I spent right. All sorts of gonna get some money that you have via its it's all sorts and and then you get into the discussion about. We shouldn't have to do that because people should have more integrity. It's not yet integrity when money away what no doubt no doubt you deal with the human nature of money. With human beings and money or if you do crazy things or money I'm not sure of this is a breaking story here right and I watched a werewolf and I elsewhere I don't care from new in five dollars 25 dollars fifty dollars I don't win it period. I don't care I when nothing I just wanna win. Well the nothing part of it in yeah I want him vehemently but you already won that late. If it's for nothing and Anthony you win the title this year I'm just saying that's the list regardless of what I could win I want to win. Indeed. 7991250. Timmons house up all night Ryan Moore bots here and to be Mandela's Griffin idol man. Thank you sleep and phase sleep he's dead we're go until six here on the fans. Fan overnight since. Bill Schmidt baby showers Tim Allen. Pride or on handyman I'll hang out as well. As we're going all night with the aids and Josh in the morning. Fridge in the gap until shockingly clerk. 4147991254147991250. Wanna get in touch with us as well. And on Twitter but the bottom of the hour. 330. We're grab ass shocking wake or anything and it's gonna be asked him in Tauscher anything you tweet your questions is in the hash tag at. Ask Tim and how bush when he questions anything's on the table. Tim Allen and I'll answer any question that comes through Ryan Moore bots to refine the best ones for us and right now though Tim has as we continue to add to. Talks of fantasy football and will all keep Bubba some some football talk as well. We started the show way back at 1130 when the brewers game ended. And we we knew that this whole fan overnight experience that we're doing tonight was going to encompass a lot of brewer's stock. And the people on the phone lines wanna talk some brewers let's do so that's what we're gonna do. Burris are not here with when John Franklin. Got a question about Jenny Nelson. I don't on the tour. This week on back Jamal. Or talk about him at all. A report from our insider Adam McKelvey as some reported that Nelson is on the mound working on some breaking balls right now. Today there is video of him throw on the first breaking stuff of the year her sense he had the injury off amount. So I just on up on a broad timeline. I am just yeah I totally aghast. I would say. At. At least four to five weeks at least but think about that in September. To have Jimmy Nelson spiked back in either in the bullpen. Or aura as a starter and John as it paces he could be coming back right around the time you lost him last year. Good thing but. Was sure would magic is CEO with it when he was on he was on and he was looking good he was. His career path. Was was appointed an error was pointed in the up direction big time he was just start that blossomed just start into. A man that would be big time so there's your update on Jimmy Nelson John what are you doing tonight. What I'm just deliver papers right now. I'll write papers all right cool thanks thanks a suit and into us. And summer pattern. Okay. Thanks man appreciate Taylor trades well see that's how close they'd listen we didn't calm it's Amy Lawrence. I interviewed her. A couple years ago wanna say. New normal Michael's via gigs it was a nice conversation with the enemy knows herself to ever value and granted by chance the singer. I grant now now now. Held the voice held a talent yet and a OK let's move on Clinton if I could not having them do it we are more per stalking Jon and Oak Creek. Is silent a sub bonds fan overnights hello John. Say hello guys lavender really like to show Europe and overnight shall and there's been great job. So up. Yet did you begin Arctic where I'll wake up call I hear it coming and like it or right here. Well that's what he's claiming he's gonna do John or not to we're not going to. Count our eggs in the basket before he actually just not quite he had I mean there's a guy their roles in in time to do a radio show. At at that I area well you guys are doing great job they alike as Brothers here's the drink they're 105. Point seven the fan so. Well thanks woody doing tonight. Well I'm just proud to listen to you guys are the what the heck and it's gonna let you guys and but very little birds are playing awesome and Indira. And it beat about it whoever wrote and the lead you know the actually get wins coming derelict there are looking like it seemed like go places here. I mean it's it's exciting it really is exciting ID IE. I just I'm waiting for the collective. I won't say casual fans with the collective community if you will. To really hang on every pitch and I don't know for their in fact I know we're not there yet are we we shouldn't be there but we're not not fully I don't think now. Right you ever get an air command what it does he that we put together I mean this team looks. Really specialists and I think there's typical long way this year awesome it would have been put in great cabinet took the Miller with a guy that he picked up. Yes that John and shoot. I mean it very broad power hitter but I would've rather than we did and trade movies that he's as he's felt like the Major League pitcher. And I well like as seen him. You but he could've done. With the bird steal long term but. You know you look like a real talent but however I guess somewhat the way in Seattle this guy is. Yes so far so good GM David services been make him the right moves and and we saved. Brad Miller was the FA designated for assignment was at the right move yet still was the right move. No doubt. And it was it was a move that then put you in a better position. To make your run of the World Series John thanks for the call a man as you continue to. To bridge the gap through in the middle infield where you've been trying to find. Afford affordable. Situation when Glenn Orlando RC has bat took a dump this year. And under 200 you have many will get consistent reps over at second base by anybody. And EU EU take a swing at Ed Jonathan scope and significant work. Let's go to Austin on the northwest side Austin. Fan overnight cement tops what's up. They had somewhat stop inflated actually obviously but I think it's really coal which as a doorman or export to overlook it's very cool. Armed but that's something I'd never hear anybody talk bought his way. These terraces and it is our sphere than in remember sykora Bayern haven't been brutalized them. Look what he's doesn't retrieve them. We really shouldn't do development in the lineup somewhere in maybe took some coaches I ever openness snap from violence. A console can spend the you know every game is there a chance for its emblem off. And are well you follow brewers and what where would you put him. While I guess I've looked tweet here there and even even seven would be these abnormalities. All the changes. I guess you know kind of the good news and it certainly a year or. Nine and I mean news is move that pitcher's spot update bad RC in nine. Yeah a little bit of cardiology or what McCain but right now he's here in the U since those were trick or abandoned mines from a Buick. Why does occur at all Favre back on the lineup. And you know that that's that. As a no no I'm not gonna happen bet you people's land of western true again or ninety truly believe that in mind for a. Yeah and it's 290s. Seven. I think I heard about categorically. You know. They almost said the couple infield hit 300. Those sweet I loved that all of them want to him and I just like you were. You were vitamin. 129 as much as Corey. Yeah I was. But our area he's kind of in the short in the that he you know I cannot leave buddy keep putting in the eight spot you know ought as far back of a problem at all. I never got run out and yeah he has got run at the top line up and any has got that opportunity you get that protection Gemma. Yeah like you said that idea of moving him down in the nine hole you'd you'd. Eliminate the opportunity for him to in the first inning you so get your best hitters in the first inning. But you do so give him that protection the second time through someone's got to batten down there. And what. But not the at a steady 199 attitude certainly less sure you know. Your hunger can come from shall stop them from supporters something known. Yet doesn't have to take it OK I and I gimmick and I thanks Austin yeah I get an Austin for joining us. But when they say it you know it doesn't matter where you bat in the lineup well does. Or they wouldn't change a lineup ever right. When they're out at a McKelvey and I went about it last week. I was indebted to stand for him about doesn't really matter where you battle line. Yes it does they they draw the line up card for a reason yes there's there's reasoning behind it it does matter where you bat. But prior to that lineup card being written now you've got to take care your own house for sure you've got you've got to be in a position to succeed. And that part of it I understand via a position desist succeed wherever your batting in the lineup then let the manager fill out the lineup card. We all can agree that Orlando rcn Neil's stick hit batter wherever he's heading whether it's in the batting cage or in in a baseball game right AAA. He's got to do a little bit better he's doing now he does does any. It's a look a little bit more comfortable as well in the batting in the batter's boxes as he has not looked good all year long swing at stuff into the dirt Braylon out on a swing. But you see better vicious consistently. Here's the mechanics and work out for land RC on talk Orlando Garcia. Our talk Jonathan skull might lose stock guess Milwaukee brewer's. Veto over the Green Bay Packers you ought to ask tenants out Jenny thing. Ash Jed asked him and tell us anything on Twitter that's coming up. At the bottom of the hour rough fifteen minutes then overnight it's in south. Turns out in the morning going all night. From 1130. Joseph went all the way in a 6 o'clock. Coming up here in about ten minutes or play past events out chatty thing at about 35 minutes from now we should be joined. By the morning show off half of that part of Chrysler should be joining us at least that's what he told us why originally. Army was convinced that that's when he was going to. Be able to make it in. He said that he was going to have to take a break from watching him. Org Amy we go to bed a little bit earlier so if you had to go to bed during the game was a late 1:9 o'clock start. We're gonna take you right through what happened the mag game one spark it's in here will go for a full game recap that we hit about four and a half hours ago. And let you know exactly what happened on LA as the brewers get another win and five and one on the road trip now it's Emmitt started out. Last Thursday. Last year the road true about last was it was deemed is going to be the road trip from hell. And that it was going to be the idea that would it would sink the brewers and that was going to be the end of their playoff hopes. Blake came out of that one unscathed they came out there sin. As good as you would have hoped that they could. Five and one so far on an eight game West Coast road trip. Can this has this already exceeded what you had thought it would be the top of the line that you could get a disorder is was really what I was told. Four right here is that as the five and three. And and I think every team won I mean you want away you wanna go age now right that's that's your goal but that again use you come out of it five and three and I think you'd be happy with that. Most every other team would be. Against San Francisco's on life support really you know in a manner of speaking mom and and the Dodgers who are just did good. They're really good and but so are the brewers and and they're stepping up right now. It's East Coast. That did amend so far yes that's that's the water in Philadelphia. Miami. Mean last year was these coasted definitely do it. And today they urinate trip just out of the break who just out of the rate last year at exactly this time there organ their bus walloped. And now has not the case and in some big board were predicting that on the post game show as well that. That may be a real little bit different since they choked heading into the break maybe this stuff up out of the all star break and looks like that's what's happened. And with that reverse psychology how that. Change turned to morning eighteen to forty star Tony 172018. You saw David Stern's big decision in 2017. (%expletive) up pump the brakes on compete. Pump the brakes on making the moves that were going to. Not necessarily put you over the top and makes you a a title favorite. But make you a legitimate contender this year as you said you you slump going into the break you get the time often and you get the regroup. You also had five all stars in the all star game this year and one of the best and the best record you've had in franchise history. Prior to that all star break Somoza well you've had so. Where the organization is at at the moment. And you can weigh in on this and and talk for hours with a 4147991250. Lines always open for yeah arm but. You all are looking at a different I I've. Feel totally different organization. From just three years ago when Stearns took this thing over. And not only did you rebuild the Major League roster. You rebuilt. The minor league farm system but it seems like you also rebuilt the philosophy of the brewers. It been competing for a year and a half now. That would be really think about it every once in while the rebuilt took as you as you mentioned Leo he took over three years ago. So it's taken three years who read now really not really men they were 86 win team last year eighty. Six win team that's not a slouch team they were right on on the doorstep they've played a 161 meaningful baseball stayed dead and they were right there now you fast forward to this year. The most wins in the National League at this point of the first team to 31 team to forty thirst first team to fifty. Made that they're they have been there that this is about where. David Stern's wants to live right here now is they're gonna be a time in the future. And it may have happened this year is still my happened there might be a waiver deal and he's done enough to say the answer is yes that he does go for. And he has going for. He really does he went for it starting when he took over and you went forward in January when he signed yellen to McCain he went for a when he signed. Wade Miley. He went for a when he. Attempted to get to Boone Logan and get him gone now again these are attempts. Rush who competes. Not to rebuild try to kill four when when you bring in GE U trade off a guy that. Was is a prospects in in some regards NG eventually try to go after argued that had success multiple years ago and and Brad Miller try to see if he can give you. Major League wraps and I think you've crossed a bridge year in and in its it's of mine a little of foot bridge maybe. But you've crossed the bridge Cherie heat finally traded a big league player. In Jonathan VM. So were at that point now look at the cardinals but they did. It trade away Tommy Fam yesterday. They they earlier they move steam for Scotty. Are Randall Gregg chick. At this Shelby Miller these players that everyone thought well there while must be nice to be the car who are these guys a cornerstone kind of guys. Are they are they the don't match holidays so they Albert Pujols is in Saint Louis and mourn no. But they were the next ones they were the next ones on the last. Not so fast we're gonna continue the cycle the cycle of sustainability. Very opposed poster child poster team. For sustainability in my blog they're not gonna accept not go to the playoffs with three years your view is you're seeing sweeping changes if fired their their manager. The middle of the season here in the middle of the season for the first time in almost thirty years so when does David Stern start movement some pieces because you're gonna have to do that now he's b.s not afraid. It's obvious he's not afraid to move prospects. That doesn't he he's not afraid of that at all. But they're gonna be the ones that he wants to move not the ones that MLB pipeline dictates. To keep remove. Big break. Joining us now covering the brewers as close as anybody at brewer at Auburn nation. Big break thanks for joining us and wanna man what are you doing up. What we're doing up Ramon are. The dark of its huge guy he's never really pleased. When who will vote to thirty to about seven birdies and use movement wouldn't but. Have been up for awhile and they're about avatar program so that you'd. And if you quit calling into the overnight idea is to sustainable. Because rates. And it burned up pretty quick but let you don't know which show. You have something different man fun and it's nice little I know. Out of sports talk radio I would dig it. It and I mean a five word because we get addicted to this stuff didn't think about it 3:4 in the morning. Ain't nobody in town is nobody in town fortieth largest city in America or whatever it might be. Nobody in this humongous. City of ours is talking brewers Packers box or badgers. That's that's too bad really as so. Maybe we'll do this on a semi regular basis may we will do it all the who knows you as many as well as a lot assess. Never knew you could probably figure there's going to be up clearly with West Coast same anyway and of course they do wouldn't. Almost two hours that I. Yet yet the Oakland as games of the year let it get it and it depends they'll no doubt. Lying dried up for us. Oprah for the public. I just wanted to make a quick comment on numbers and within Chechnya wanted to sort of part of that are abundant elements Kobe doesn't send him a it's nice to see turns. In his willing to. Continue to be changed between level and it was peace and that humans book which have a good place sixteen. That was a disturbances earlier position you know from Houston and new old ultimately it's sort of the gold pardon the production to scenery and that's frustrating you know the centers for you guys feel comfortable on. The variable to upgrade that position. And then post emergent beware you know in your swap goes about trying to find accommodations on the front and a dubious mark in the north of north. Didn't really work on defense blues then. I was so you know seems to be the most likely guy who's gonna go option bounds when they have schools are Oakland ball all of our markets whenever. When commitment. So if that's the greens you salute well while it was cute got hurt. Came back to the Oakland defense was really slope in the last week we. So do Cologne targets that are. So it's less concern is in excellent always trying to improve. And no improvement to the fringes and he's. As important and cold improvement that you do what started the scope and depth and guys that in the Oakley impact the the back of the position clear group. You know it was good intentions of open conflict watching so and just keep getting better or that utility merchant and you've got almost Novartis it's another piece that you want to nobody should be able to forget I don't just you know adamant that the absolute last second on August 31 last year yeah base and we went to different web. Oh it did in UU I I'm pretty convinced they don't win the World Series without that that move right there. It was the final move to make him playoff from post season eligible it was I mean it was right down your right is right now the minute. I'm just wondering here guys. The scope deal if indeed if indeed you're right that cell and he knows the one down then your primary. Backup shortstop. And really when you look at it is Paris yeah OK that being sent out was shot second. If that is your packing orders shortstop RCM Perez. Where does scope plays out that's it that's what I'm confused by a little bit here. And in Craig Counsell we all know how he has. And things like data work its way out big people got to take you know breaks here and there is going to be a day off there's going to be injuries who knows what's gonna avenue. Seven days to him we we don't know what's gonna happen so why don't we wanted to fill out next Wednesday's lineup card today. Well I'm just curious how how scope gonna get display and also a little bit anxious because we wanna see how they're going to be able to move it out and and where the line up those guys because. Right now old the last two nights I looked at the lineup and thought that it's one of the best lineups. That I had seen the numbers haven't the last few years it's got scoped short stuff written follow then that's that's a way I see him maybe I'm wrong but discuss scope at shortstop. All over this thing. And you know look go to our it was on the mobile network earlier. It was for real exception of heavily tonight. Who's you rinse numbers and look at the offense and new orders and defense and run scored an awful lot. And he was quick to point out that school play doesn't go below one. Then some mementos Clinton's. And the big green except shortstop. But they'll both 2000 and that's what's up in the minor leagues. Republican thinking what are they are assembled stern parent council of early reports confirmed to vindicate their pursuit of mutual interest up to prevent. The un quote weather the catamounts. Before going indicated. They don't seem almost equated to shortstop for the wounded pivotal trial. Yeah you can absolutely see. Almost start fiscal draw or infield. And then you have to also of course applicable one time. The traditional this year. He hasn't been visited input and the pitcher. In Tokyo and into the prisons 500 and so it's awful. And in school Clinton chocolate and broke into the political platoon. So you've got to gonna get some that's that's certainly the playing time I think it's a matter of when council he wouldn't even do it all you everybody know. But in a match in front of recombinant. And Scopes splits guys against left handed pitching it heard incredible so. That's a great point. Big raven there's going to be opportunities. For him to really got to fit and multiple. Platoon girls are good look at all hands on deck and council set at this going to be good players on the bench and that's what. Deep run teams have they have good players. Ride and fine and waiting I do like Theo write him to pop off the bench this team is Wrigley left handed happy that's for Shannon and don't look now the cubs have three left handers in their rotation. As can be a challenge it is Adam we were ask the question earlier on tonight for Roy ego. The Milwaukee Brewers right now is sand sixteen games over 500. Most wins in the National League. And that the roster as you look at it right now. Do they have a legitimate chance amaze the World Series. I very why the hell not. Who to put avert very plainly what he says that whether you. The position but they've got and so and besides. Oakland you know which. One of the guys that I. Or the new Mario and the remoteness of the physically. McCorkle and that would and they also with the incredible and they didn't you do this isn't there out of a tropical development so we know from. Program known tending to that stretched. The book. If you can with the whole heck of a lot more screen problem. Than last year's team. The with the council that it used bunker and yes there's been used a lot of openness that's a lot of innings super sound guy about guys look at their usage but it. When new musical about student individually. It's actually not. But I wouldn't want you guys haven't can work out of the structure of embassies here at Albers and actually. Welcome back and to twelve but and then excellent. Since refuses to this have in common and continue to push to have the most distant and certain this is going to be a testament to the group that put together. The the huge difference guys the huge differences as as long time Bruce ran. Huge differences were right prior to the all star break a week and a half or so prior to the also breaking year many many years fast. We would say. A man. Brewers are just five and a half hour. It just five and amp they're gay or 500 yeah you're right tough for our our if we take this series we give back to 500. Just five and after just four games to six games out and all of a sudden. Spam they'd lose ten of thirteen and they're dead. This team loses ten to thirteen. And look where there right now. That's the huge difference in this is that they did build up. They did they did trust their their right talents here. They did stack up victories like Craig Counsell talks about it and it didn't kill it didn't kill him and in. Hey they made the playoffs four times is 97. In most of those years you'd lose ten of thirteen rush from home that also are break. They record done it and yeah no doubt no doubt now you look it up dog chewed now look at this were twelve games out on the cardinals or are right there with the cubs and and it's pretty much over. Adam thanks for the time and appreciate. You dial and a sub at brewer nation on Twitter and so so you are a supporter of fan overnights. And who we the more local talk that we can get better. And let the fun for you either and focus QQ you won about seven FM. You have good local pretty much all the time except for the overmatched. Yet if this group to continue all about it. All right where did you or gonna give you the first chance. When we come back from the break out of its going to be asked him in touch anything you've. All we do locomotive of the little hug and he got IRA they about it. Oh well Adam at river nation on Twitter follows a team like a glove man follows it as close as anybody at a huge brewer fan at that you know we talk about us being. Bieber fans and how much fun we get through. We have covering the team I think it is just much I think people know do in the post game show were definitely not cardinals fans know. When there are some. Unlike some people domino like some people we're definitely not cub fans. Unlike some people we know. And yet. We're brewers. I won't say were brewer bros. You better not you better not otherwise. I'm gonna leave and we still have over two hours laughed of the heat and no real. Fan overnights. Tim but you giggle and about in this hurried as nervous though there's some pronunciation skills that minimum rent because it's okay well do it. Inaugural. Got my hands were who's supposed to. It's the inaugural. Right is that closer that's that's closer what was work I don't are no room just remember it's never your fault. At. Coach fan overnight ask David Kalish any acts. Just before 4 o'clock fan overnights. Timmons outright here on the Sam let kind of weather we look at that today with the dew point. If that word warrior horde the barometric and there are warnings. Right now 66 degrees easy step but get ready for work. Abdul had no work right now it's a beautiful one. Local pollen alert though and while watch out is that weed pollen is getting high also the duel level. Poll do level is at 40%. JetBlue have thunderstorms later on tonight a high of 84. Stepping into your Wednesday night. Going to be some scattered thunderstorms as well I have 66 so juries don't wanna get into us from control Bryce talk. No okay no we don't want you because we run out. Play asked him a job jedi thing and by the way the latest Twitter poll is just about ready to throw while there are for you guys following along wherever you Iraq. We're gonna focus on the big show today. About who is your favorite on the big show and why going to be scary Ellison. What what what you gotta do this team why you do when she could have these few millions of people playing dead we we now like he joked that could be Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. He kind who's gonna do this because whenever you get to him like any make sure that he's gonna do all right Rodriguez getting on a light out Jim O'Donnell lied and Ali. You gonna do is your little minions all Jim's minions are to call him and tell why database shelling and it why do what they don't want. Box and I don't wanna talk a jar barker blood work harder than about anymore. Running back Clough might be your favorite on the big show and that's OK okay. Well I would proved. Or it could be Roy Butler. Royce the Spezza juvenile champion. That these dogs and but that report by. That. Let's get ready for asked Tim and now. Let's start with you guys gave big rig Indiana's right yes yes. You want to know what's the most money team has ever lost on a sports that. Not much. Not that much of sort of wimpy gambler. Honestly I really am if Billy you know there is none. We don't I'm glad to say the question I love that I'd love to gamble right. And it makes every game more fun knowing that you have a little bit a scratch on you a little bit more of a reading rooting interest. And something that you can you can get after yes. I yeah I don't I don't gamble that much added I don't know I don't throw a whole lot of scratch down mouth like I'd rather spread across a few different games. Give myself a full day eat. Other entertainment. I've been caught in some. In between he has blood on his money some card games from that I was Miami game wars. Don't ever play that game. I didn't play that game in three and a half years and I and I hope that I don't play it don't ever play. Is it in between so it you view at a party guys you know and I'm talking about that a way to before. Got a party of today we're gonna sit around and do little guys just a couple of bucks to be dads don't do so don't don't do you can't I had my checkbook literally my checkbook on the table. In the middle of the table. And it was. Just walk away at that point B I wanna say it was 350 dollars a call them the pot was and then in the checkbook was there to how much of it was your money. Almost all of it. I got real every time Silvia don't that think the biggest bet in Vegas I ever made by his sports that. 150 bucks that's about it. It's in my would be probably honor. 150 and hundreds of there's your answer right there we got brewers means and they wanna know you guys be doing this after the brewers win game seven of the World Series or out on the streets Harding and flipping over cars well you guys prefer to yell wolf we have to be here for the post game show I would think. I don't know if they're going to a lot. Deeds of the World Series I think all bets are often where we're going to be broadcasting have no idea. Would think we'd be here but I would not put it bounces be anywhere else if it were up to us I can speak in my behalf it would be both. Rick Karr thing you know I've probably regard for no. Move the car it's breezy feel moved the car into the middle of the street sideways at about 2 AM. But no not by yourself don't Dublin do all drawn this move the parliament street and he walked that you have gone. All right. This one and unsolved we will definitely be part cocaine he gets laughs there's some really got you out of campaign stars this one comes from give Ryan Moore about his own show he says who at the Fed did you consider on the trading block. I mean. I I senate for a while I feel like I'm always on the trading block. Yeah I would say I got you would be I got brought up last year. Robbie backed off called me AA prospects. Of the fans prospect is hard to settle the he's already of the big east so that when I put him myself. As like a Lewis brings that type right somebody that it has gotten a little Hastert called Acer the big leagues got there as a really you know. All doubt yet in the majors. I've been to healing has always on the trade block I think he'll debris and another Tim Allen seed is because they thought cagey veteran chuck Freeman. I mean that would hole. That would get a signal and reinvent the prospects are right we have the prospect that you get about three Joes and so maybe we don't wanna do that yeah yeah I know also that the forget I said John. I'd this one comes from more about way bettered updates than chuck Freeman do you think I'm sorry act which you guys prefer it. Round up votes for intersections. Round abouts. Yeah I'm all right with the run. People freak out on roundabout I'm gonna go back to the intersection. Okay yeah. The round abouts his people don't know how to view on the bank can stoplight just dysfunctional on round out there that people are stupid here's a good one everybody loves a good origin story your back story this on a monster by my season tickets tonight there and he wants to know I wanna know who chose the scar face to block for the post game fatally music third year listeners hear a thing of the picture. Arizona's. Three years ago. Out on the back deck of the house students of off time worked all day it's time to grill out. Kind of popped open the cooler and now you'll do me a bad chip yet. And I was here for this and I I heard a song and I'm like. What what is and urgency every year in this. Who make Gary Gary's in charge of the music out and Gary Ellis and what's the song would know to me through you don't know to block well known to rock bottom. And it's as so what's the name of that and he said well I think it's called small island and ice and it's good song and he egos. Do you use that on many use them on and post game shows smile Milwaukee the world will smile back. That comes from the answer your question Gary -- area Allard said. There's a little yeah I never knew that the next or Korea. All right a lot of questions I kind of asked this one but this is came from like fortified different people may just wanna know about the overnight show and if it's possible that this could be a every night thing. Money through Fridays at least calm yeah I mean if if there was I think it would it would go Monday morning through. Through Friday morning it would. Maybe some definitely be interested and open for mom it's cool that's what I think it's just because it's so different to the market. Com. Tim I I don't know if this is bad for me to say I like winning. The view Chaman. And you know in this market and in in this business you always got to be out try to win it's something that no one else has. And you know I I think he I think you be some really cool. If it were up to chart. Bart Cody GO bill Geary Romney Stevie Roy. The answer would be yeah house. Hell yes banished them to the overnights. You're not a year we put out the CEO they don't have to deal this morning in front of the deal with the now. Are ready this one comes for. More more about lesser writer and he wants to know what are you guys can't against the Diller's. Well that's that's all don't have at a time on big unit indoors or do you like to know I'd like the doors if you ever seen the movie to dealers. From Brazil Kilmer plays Jim Morrison that your. Yeah I'll go yeah I think I I think I go to the theater anything but that's been played on TV on bright lady your VH one's and this guy pretty much thought you guys hated the doors to you didn't wanna go to theme song I know do sideways and I will say that. Our here's a good one this on terms that he's tweeting and he wants to know best here on the station new as the best care. And I all the suffering so. That's this culture I don't care. Yeah that's that's going to be me. All right every day of the week and twice as Romney would say it's him yeah holster. This question Ari this one comes we are a couple phone calls to serve early today in those two. And we'll get we'll get OK Jacqui don't just an ailment that is it sure does this horror about needs zone show bright idea yet this OK okay what about a lot more and get him back Saturday morning in you want to know if it should I don't use it you lose it. I've heard. You use it you you lose it that's one thing they keep telling me as. As the people around the station now I've put out a little bit of retirement wave. Within your man process of losing it because it's been awhile. Percent. OK that's enough I think that's where the the inner machinations of but now I thought yours is talking about these 46 and vice I think you like this engraving. Pilots do one more that like this one this one comes from pour but has clearly we paid has got more money who is your favorite local news sportscaster. That's a great quest. And that that is a great allies now and that's I sit at one mile okay. I think you him. I think I think Brian Anderson's at the top of that list I have to say Bob you records this because I would know brewers baseball with without him. That's going to be cores you when that changes. But Brian Anderson's up there. I really like all platforms yeah I think all platforms you know hard news local news okay. The local news. From Newton. I give you like a mountain Rushmore like four yes it's I do my best to go send Tom Gibbons is one. Com. Bobby you coral beyond there. The third is when you Laramie. And the fourth. Tim Allen. I'm going. Ted Davis I was lying you start Brian any loose ends in the other. Ted Davis Brian Anderson Bob view her. And Danny bush. East of my list right from the tournament itself. With our current out of the bones Greg Victor. Often asked him and tell Jenny big picture welcome a fan overnight and. I'll put it on bigger unit do Hitler book. In Vegas I don't I don't. Hopefully all that would be when you're so so you're saying get a bus going all the way out to Vegas. Well yeah I garish that tour bus out to Vegas and you feel like you know brewer talked a holy I'll go home brewer either and that's. The coincides great college football season for the good of gambling bill and and Henry you don't drink the whole time we're not driving memorabilia. Like a tour bus though not like Abbas known he's an RV legacy is weak spots yeah like an RV bus delegate coach boss right we're not lining everybody up and give us forget yourself like a legit we take millions did you're seeing people and we got a legit tour bus RV yes to and from Vegas. Correct we're flying and accredited. And that will meet up at a hotel whoever makes to a rally point that don't rely on yeah yeah that sounds. A lot yeah. Yeah yeah. Get a and want the little that you guys are. Who costs you 3000 dollars room at an afternoon and we'll party. Our our credit that would be okay yeah I don't know what worked on but it overnight is traded and that should be gone. All right thank you Vincent appreciate rocket you know are under. Like again and now again I'm. Yeah I'm not I'm not gonna argue people wanna go to Vegas with us but is needed and right. They almost see he was when we were getting it in there is Victor wants assault a flight to Vegas. Meet there do you get a bus to the hotel the party bus and yes yes that's what he was getting at and that's what I was trying to confirm because I'm not gonna drive out to Vegas I won't do that. How go to Vegas I'm gonna flock. I wouldn't mind taken are being imparted in the whole way yet to be awesome but that's me. Same here see that ice can drive. Well no we're not drive seemingly got their cars are also small I have access to an RV guys really do my body says taken any time you monster at some storage it's less than ten years olds take it and nobody and everybody I've talked to nobody wants to drive the damn thing. Which I understand right. Well see I would say Griff good drives for he's asleep he's good to fall asleep so I don't think we're gonna trust him as sort out some some coffee for regret that. Apparently passed away our final ended it at him as the good touch anything. Is James Chapman James. There are you don't throw it that's gonna. Who would keep Carlos Gomez a little aren't looking back. Did they not be outside. With with Carlos Gil are we you're saying why did they keep Carlos Gomez and Trey Lorenz okay. Calm. I would say they Trey Lorenzo came primarily because he had more value trying to get Zack Greinke somber little sea disaster bar was. Tim a pretty well known prospect and highly rated prospect yet when he also in in respect to the same in the same vein of Orlando Garcia was content not known that he is it was known that his that was not going to get. Pass a certain level. That was sort of all hall that the brewers sent over to Kansas City and I was totally redo those dreary job for us those Lorenzo Cain Alcides Escobar. However. Brewers don't make that deal I don't think they get into the you know CEO. From there you know. Night thanks. Because in the driver's thank you very leader integrated well probably you drive an RV. Elena goes to conference among. I'll really man James telling him to drive some and Matt Howard talked to anybody out there. Well well well that's what I'll market and how well he does is today via the Vegas legged two days and but two days demonstrate their power. That's about Arkansas yeah. Wouldn't have to stop every ten miles from me to. RV hours are. Now that umbrella which and who are these. Graham we got your go to hell we you do that for sure I'll I'll I'll I'll for a little while I torture I just don't know we can cover you for light. An hour. And I could taken now when you need be. James might just be it James yet but Toronto and we strip club to get Jane remember the Chris Lawrence Aaliyah and her her screeners every and his dad is good if he's dead it. James so how so. Fan overnights if this thing gets going out and gets you on. Keep doing it because and it Arnold pollutants regular journalists can theater stay open panel are. On reminders from the influence. OK got it thanks man here Canada we we did follows. Another night when one Griffin is yet is liable negatives and on wheels and we can line that up just just draw yourself RV genes that's incredible. Well I take him seriously you don't you don't do a really great yeah. We should. Someone please take it my sister borrowed it on these and taken any time you comment well. I'll admit now we've got a legitimate. Talking to him and a legitimate. Chance to take a listener trip to Vegas. So I think our first rendition of asked him to coach anything was a success. It's not over yet. We have more. Two hours and twenty minutes on to say about this this little segment. Don't know you even think it was just the success all I do. But I don't know if they're gonna wanna do it again holes. Art waivers supposed to step in here and join us at some point. It's it's five after four beacon of trips. We're going on sports to have someone you ever been a one you've been on a few couple yeah I've thought I've been on a couple. Now this is this is right up the Alley what's the best for sure you can take. We plan in one. I'd like to that it might include that RB. So or more after this done. Spent overnights to consumption. Don't like this out. What is this is this is the ride of. By animal fiction it could visible only eighteen championship season theme song. Welcome back as Simmons house in the morning. Fan overnight some leading up to chuck in a way cooler at 6 o'clock and speaking of which look with the cat dragged in mr. Bart Wayne Clark or long color barred tape BS. What's up boys we're glad you're joining us thanks for waking up without us. And as a beat Tammy Ewing that we all and really here we we didn't either. Com but as we are are getting into this maiden voyage. A fan overnight how much I wonder if this is going to be the big show all of no that's down. That's our latest that's their latest when are tall right now is. Or provide you get that out there now know are there I ran out listeners. Now you might story about educated that of their who do you like best on the big show of the four guys and why. So throw that out there to capture is I'm curious I like all those guys Bart so you commend the fan overnights here. You're you're not an early riser. I don't know I've been doing mornings for like ten years they would OK so you're used to this year used to this grind misses and this is a new do you well whatever I'm not I have to be in no matter where I work again like forty minutes before. And so I used to dude TV and my shift started 930. I got to like nine. So now all I have to be here by six I get up and like. Pretty close to that so. Our current ops or whatever some I have to get in Iraq. Get up and no I'm not up at this time normally not known I don't know the evidence say and so you get up at like in the in the 5 o'clock a hard to crack in my against sex. Oh yeah race here which there's a lot of cars on the road I'd I'm surprised. Hey you don't account for how many people are actually out at this time so there's a lot of people so how is it working with job. I came in to talk about the brewers now okay that's right that's what you guys are doing hood but if not it's fine second get along just fine. Are you yeah I notice you're you're gonna travel together here you get seminars coming up. You know we may get you guys are bringing kodi on the seminar yes. Who gets a room with Jody I am. Offerings in his own room for in his in his ads understood as he bring as well. I'll but it would Jesus say is serious girlfriend you know. All the arm. There's an email print out India producer group. Chuck and Shannon Freeman. If you get married. I don't think he did. The envelope inside. Now I think she. She goes by Shannon Freeman yeah. I'd show he's got to be very associated with it like not legally but notice that kind of strange to Air France let's pretend you were married. White House. Our sell off that subject you guys played golf though a couple of weeks ago and now bark what we like about a year your show as I like golf yesterday. Judge issued. I was a scramble the only way better than I'd not as prevalent Brian Stratton. College. All the college. Eerie new golf coach Noll led I go for the women's coach. In mean mini golf coach I know I'm in many awfully OK so when when you guys Tim during interest. There's too many people talk it yeah Sudanese Maine wait that's right and talking now I'm so so you guys are. Going through in and do his gambling on the show. But the issue that Tim and I have and and what we've tried to change up his. Instead of gambling against each other. Women make more sense to gamble with with each other and and then have the ability to that you both make more money. I propose that to him I don't think you went over that's just that's just on the cars he's just non interest that. Want it all those guys money so I need to. I get bad bag at first I bet bill and Cody in shock. Bet them all of the cubs win the division by at least and they did that in April and they did it because chuck and I were on bills show one day in bill was. You know it was doing it to just under estimating the cubs. Brewers at great. And I said guys the cubs are much better than you think they're in the at least ten games you know because I'm though like one person understands hyperbole is. Just like when I eat out at two ES basic members get an F grade on trade deadline day as a trades in the IR. I know that's a joke. The big show doesn't know it's a joke people on Twitter don't know it's a joke and suddenly am defending a tweet that not even real all day. I can speak and hyperbole yet and built up next on the box and then because I have no self control I said. Well that's how. Paul evidently the big show. You know that's that's your fault though. All right I was looking at two weeks and when I'm about wow thank you really had a good spot at that point I was three and a half the cubs lose as they did. I barely even know at the brewers that I wife's FaceBook watch highlight let's get some solace it's caught on video brought out and absolutely it was 9101 pitch at Dodger Stadium game two of this four game set. Wade Miley on the hill for the crew and it took a couple of innings before either team scored fortunately for the brewers and Oz fans. It was the brewers in the top half of the third inning after a Christian yell its base did it set the tone for Lorenzo Cain. If you pulled off the magazine shoots one into the gap in right center field thanks Christian villages on the line tight turnaround there here he comes he's gonna score. Run scoring double from Lorenzo Cain gets the group. Hey these guys have been awesome for the crew as you know Bart. Bam manner Robin toward the top of that order with Lorenzo Cain Sydney at second base. It was Mike whose stock is an interesting play in and insisting. Non replay. Off the bat most dockets. And I. So one on the out. Was the call on the field and Craig Counsell did not. Jealous at playwright Aaron and Bart it was interesting because. What would you have to lose right there and once that game on the road it's a scoring play it's not like it's a stolen base where a guy gets in the scoring position. That's actually a scoring play. Council went on to not use any challenges the rest of the ballgame I think he should've taken that opportunity. And he said after the game that there was so little chance. That that would be overturned. The key word there is a little the keyword there is chance why wouldn't be challenged as scoring fly. I feel like they've challenged those kind of plays before the blocking of a play. Hasn't been getting overturned. And call in general hasn't been getting overturned. Replay right now is just for show I don't even alive they do they they're not changing anything agreed just wipe it away so yeah I guess still if they're still a chance. You might as well do it might. They're just as such are the brewers the brewers a thing their replace rates are one of the real about being overturned yes real bad. That stayed one zip throughout the middle portion of the game wade Miley however was deal in last night he allows just. A couple of hits no runs. One of the biggest reasons why it was zero in the run column. Was this play by Lorenzo Cain in the bottom of the seventh inning to end that seventh. Its. Name yeah. That was big time for Lorenzo Cain so he knocks in the walk and run and saves I game tying home run right there. And that was the day for wade Miley as he throws seven shutout innings a couple of hits. Couple walks five strikeouts. Gives way to watch team Soria a scoreless eighth and Jeremy Jeffrey is in the ninth inning. Locks it down for brewers ones have victory it was it was a big win this two straight in LA. That's five and one on this eight game road trip man this is this big time and. And the West Coast roach or from palace now turned into I'm op. Opportune need to make them pay after you faltered down the stretch into the all star break it's pretty amazing. They're gonna come back for three games against the Rockies part. Here over the weekend and then finally get their first day off since that all star break and the schedule release are it's open enough for them. So today the council's thing about Jeffords getting save. You said that the match ups look good right there it was threes consecutive right handed hitters OK good I'm I like that. I don't. One a closer I want them to use these guys win in its best fit for these guys and the brewers obviously made a trade on the final Day of The Dead line Jonathan skull is now a Milwaukee brewer coming over from the Orioles. Jonathan VR is tenure as a brewer is done as he is sent in the deal along with. Luis Ortiz and and another minor league pitcher red prospect collectors guys and you specifically Bart. Luis Ortiz ranks seventh in the brewers prospect list. I I just think that they wanna give up here or bird loser sedate her Corey race of the world into any trade. Without those guys so David Stern's doing a little prospect collected. He just was not willing to give of those guys I was more said the job than the art saturated. I don't think they gave him a fair shot into 118. And Billy like. Like a wrestler like Russa button and I keep trying to make this wrestling comparison but nobody cares wrestling but it's the perfect comparison. Like root servers act writer or when there's a bunch of guys in wrestling Tim that. When they're not getting the love from the writers and the producers. Do their own thing runs on social media or with the Crowder. That can't treat their character. And then Debbie Debbie takes notice and they say. We're we're not when out about this we're gonna we're gonna do whatever we we're we're gonna pause this out of body would have marry this guy we're not gonna write him on the show this week. We're not gonna do anything with him next week and his feud randomly. We don't want this to happen this is not our plans. I feel like with the he got benched and then it's three straight days air hamper reds. And I thought that they did everything they could to not let him go back to shortstop. Where he's comfortable. You had Tyler salad Dino I don't think it's very good. Brad Miller who grew. All my gosh Brad Miller was a darling of the brewers bloggers guess what he's gone may or that was fun on the fourth of July. Okay wall fireworks burn out very quickly so he's gone. You tell me Jonathan VR couldn't of played one inning at shortstop. In this last three months stretcher it was clear that he had fallen out of the good graces and then you're gonna trade I was clear you're gonna trade him. Which I think they had every intention of doing. So he shipped him on it quote unquote rehab assignment so you don't have the talent is based that we don't want to hear anymore. I really think there was something going on there I don't know why. I might just be making it up but it feels like there's. Thing going it appeared that way to me too that there are those something a little bit behind the scenes in value and I talked about that as well climbing out. That's I don't know what it was. They mad at him for not taking any extension. I don't ever more mad at hand that he is mad at himself I just don't think I don't think the extension was the issue I just. I think a lot of it was soured. On his defensive play early is the systematic and I write his decision making you just it it seemed like. They had kind of given up on the fact of he was going to change. Out of when. Tim you compared him to Carlos Gomez instantly you know and it seemed like they had. Given up on the fact that he was uniforms a lot of that that was kind of going to be what he once was that the first and third play were you hurt the thumb. There and they got thrown out and just a horrible decision. Yet those are lower deficit base running decision. I feel like. And I put it on on Twitter yesterday that I was mad and I am man he was my favorite player right guys like that he was on this team I'd like to minorities. Had problems I like them Sumi for liking the guy. But I feel like with the good at this brewers I feel like sometimes others. Sort of a mob of fans were. If they all watch one game where Jacob Barnes is a bad outing like against the cubs. Then even that was an entirely his fault that we all just decide what we Jacob bars you know Jacob Barnes pitches well from time to time. Now he's in six nothing game and he gives up a run see. He socks and the mob comes on I feel like that especially happens a lot with Matt Albers is happened overlay that with Chris Davis. Which I don't need to get into an apple with Chris Davis I feel like that happens and also. Just because David Stern's makes a move doesn't mean it's good. Just because David Stern's makes a move doesn't mean you have to defend it. I think a lot of times what we're doing is we're so enamored with what he's doing that he makes the move. And I I know this because I do this with the Packers I'm an apologist. Said David Stern's makes a move. And and we do whatever we can't justify it rather than viewing the move yet been determined I feel like we're starting to do that would David Stern. I really wanna because not to do. That that the knee jerk reaction shouldn't be to defend the move and justify the move. Take a step back don't speak digest process. And and look at the move itself don't just say well or brewers fans sold defend him build the move. Right away ever wants tell me how good Jonathan scope as what I'm the only one that knew how to pronounce his name Tony four hours ago. Bart I'm still and and do it's well documented about the last six hours of broadcasting. And still not sure I understand that move. I'm not quite getting it may be it'll click to me at some point there's definitely some layers to it in and how it all cents. Well and what these a couple of moves have shown you is do they have a lack account at Travis Shaw agreed to literature every shot you knock them out of third. OK so placed second all right we were on board on the eye and a trade for a second baseman who's an all star and you have every intention of playing him. Okay all right so what does trip to shy in a pinch hit homer on the other days of the and that's the rolling like lemon. It it is weird it is weird and I think that. Maybe it'll work and a lot of Stearns moves have worked. But frosts all to say yeah we love it what a great move I think that's I think that's bad for us to do. And I think that's bad for fans to do. He just say his favorite brew were. Was Jonathan via depth. He says the couple he said my favorite reporter. Was Jonathan VR I was though is his favorite. The poor. I think that's what he said he said my age my favorite I said my favorite. Ruler. Is I said goth I said my favorite brewer. Was asked sheets and the diocese straightened. This guy. The latest game show that is. Want to hear some screaming through this nation and the fan radio station. Site to play my favorite acts for. Our contestant today hails from fondle lac Wisconsin. He was a two time all American soccer player. Whose name is part two ABS CD. Wexler. Thank you thank you morning Bart could be here okay my favorite former brewer. Do like to take it for 100. To 500. I'll it's bright and early I'll start now 100. Can you and your first guest is. My I think. Gentlemen we are. Days ago. Welcome to the winning column or second guess sales from sales corners Wisconsin checking in at six war and 368. Oh. Five. But this former offensive lineman. Is so I currently looking for work. And he figures are finally he could use the money. Your favorite ex brewer. Jose Hernandez. Nicely done judges. That thing in it for you. Our next contestant. Hails from the mean streets of Cape Town. And time warping his way around the city for years and a thirty year radio veteran and still. Continues to leave the house without shoes out Tim Allen steps up to the podium Tim thanks for joining us and you guys. Your next guest. I'm your favorite ex brewer. This day. Mom man. Kurt new and hi this happen. I'm Laura and with the there is a lightning round. Turner or John job hop pat list that's Glenn braves Kevin Sites that are at. It one more. And was over Miller. He gets it now I can't top that I was I was gonna go Wes Helms Brad Nelson Colin Walsh. And Ramon for us. Was it Chris Duffy. Crist Chris Duffy yeah well thought. Out right earlier I know he's back. Now it's back out and as well is so shop the matter is that that's amazing who have squeezed in John here. John and John. Tim and jobs in the morning fan overnight so it's John. We've heard. Remember. Quote what was side of the world that there was. Some extremely tired of saying. We can keep the conversation between new. The outlook is less about what shall French let. We gotta talk for a. Oh my favorite player. It. All the bad old levee number 24 yeah former Detroit tiger. More that was his way he walks yeah. I think back to that might pop album. Let it effect although all are we. In the evenings there. Give me great. She blew apart artwork that and who would. But that doesn't mean consumer. Yeah now as I couldn't and ugly words used the word for it sooner we it's now. Was on the disabled Syria yet. You know I hope you'll. No I mean is that in suitor burden back to nineteen age and that was it sourced by. Let Robert Sutton for their and a lot of them now. And he said Brett so from west then you're out and Mexico. That open deducted 52 for fact that we're outlet is from the civil sonoco. Robin not. Love home school the corpsman. I'm looking at them are under. And Paul about it. Hey they also have video McDonald's place mats to. Did you rent though. But help or hurt. OK let you have a working. You know it's probably won't want to print sooner. Football bought. Nelson I was there and where expected nineteen didn't wrote requirements fact that let that admit. We'll probably waited so out of a lot of credit means something that you Saturday as well. You go on the you know out of every four and I go you. Wearing usually and it wouldn't remember a call and by that shout out. It was shut up you. At one guy I saw one couple who. Are in Europe want guys are. Yeah. Well you don't know that now Doug Melvin. Well our job and with a break. And let her shot. Lead. You got an 88 thanks to all male and a bad game former big eight months on Saturday that's going to be awesome. How Mike Mike. From heartland hello Mike. Yeah and oust. And I am all or you guys doing their thing ever night I get up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning I had to work. And no no disrespect. Lady Laura on. Usually right now OK I. I see the led off with a letter of the night. Record. Mall or that as. Are you guys there are some and our girl okay do. I. Echoing that I can't let them out Kirk when your around but I do that Buick and I want us. This we incident. I would yeah the big show a couple weeks go right when you guys were doing. A post game show during the big shot. And I have bad. Men in my mid forties I you to be in the curb Pepsi bankrupt he would. They curse and but not so much overlap in one year. Obvious reason. Back and leg and cute but I live in almost every game cabello you so much but he. He's at and there aren't that pretty soon anyways. One trying to I am all in what we're stream I mean I did get a little nervous break before the all star break when they had. When they lost last year that seven general like that now. I mean it is for real I mean they've got heart and soul a they you don't that never say die type attitude I don't know early think they're gonna go the World Series this year but I. I really oh they've got what it takes to win that division. It earlier the cubs are good they are but. They're they're altering I think their truck and a little too much inept pocketbook. Elect and I'm a player in the but those players they need that they've bought aren't. And it really is here especially. Well. I've a city what you guys you. If you go to. Or I think you've got to hit a winner Humana now the dog days of winner when it play. There you go yeah yep are on the bundle up around the radio and are all right all right I gotta go illusion in my good morning I don't know if we're if we're gonna do this thing we're not we're not gonna have massive word where a go at it. Or embark. You can. I do we mean we got to take a break will come back of learning through Columbia we'll talk about taking you on a trip. Look at we've taken a sports trip with us. Yet we've come with us. In my wife Lynette. About half overnight we're not gonna allow old there's no place are Leo get a nose and you know and I'm like I'm my own man. Yeah you're gonna hang out of the boys first you wanna you is wanna get to gambling too because we have several degenerates. Well amongst us. I gambled also ice that I did face the watch on the way and I also played some slots while driving on the land you did and it's what's the history. Street ball tumble. I feel pretty safe to yeah. Around bill awesome yeah. So it but Dow's been overnight we'll be back. As for 42 good morning Timmons house. Fan overnights. Tim Allen David taos bills med Bart wing cooler in studio gas. And a cast of as bill Michaels would say thousand deaths Al's most NBA history. That then that means there's one in turning your enemy doesn't know his name and name either me or checkers though anger and that's what a cast of thousands remain so you get a plane and and you wanna go see a I game now world traveler Bart would you consider yourself like our. Bill Michael's board up friend what a world traveler. Is that due to. Not on purpose but I've been to a few spots yeah okay to seed sporting events. Well I take. Road game and Richard every year that's right that's right you do do that that's pretty cool on Seattle this Thursday and later and these are sweet college buddies high school. High school bodies nice so Roscoe son Ali you guys fly out there correct. Because where were you haven't conversation with the listener and a little campaign to do Vegas strip they wanna drive. Yeah you know you can't drive to Vegas. You know at the mountains and I presume and now and brought to play well did you know you go through Iowa and the is that say that trip of Vegas trip. You want to maximize your time in Vegas. You can eat up a lot of time being on the road. That is Wednesday. I I will say this of favorite chip mine I was that the I don't know if you guys remember this the up Packers. It did cowboys game down at old Texas Stadium. On a Monday night where. Chris Bonino kicked. I wanna say seven you know Sony won six tournaments six far scored late late in the ballgame Ozal. Dust up that at midfield and what a time it was warlike down there at Texas Stadium you'd do you think there's rivalries that. And I underestimated that rivalry guys I did I'd but it was warlike in that stadium run into that. It just just hacks adds his pardon upon but. Groups of packer fans just like bowl was just go pack go was amazing it was a a ton of fun it was a Monday night game so it had. It had all that allure to it also but that I mean that's one that at that I'll never forget. We've taken some short term of brewer trips up to Minnesota you were there but last year really yeah I was up there last year obviously today that Anthony Barr ended pretty much packers' season. And that was just a trip in itself. Interesting interesting story came out of that but I feel you also was. Different when EU makes the trip also guys with either family or friends because. That changes the dynamic completely of the trip. The father son trip. I doubt that part of it most of them have gone on my dad now we also then took also some cousins and uncles. And when that August on that that can get dice. Yeah I've met I've heard the stories yeah and when there's alcohol involved then tickets at all bets are really Dicey now chuck Freeman. Bizarre grave and us bank hotline. Earning it was all about some of that in order embody moratoriums. Al of that same game 1986. Or wrapper of a quick peck and they've been prepared has lost the previous week can't that be a member of the beach. That's one marcher Murrow went down and in that Kansas City game right. Our. Because I think your Murrow went down and then and then Derrick Mays also went down as well. Well we got because remember after the cowboy game there are problems crop Robert went Don Hewitt earlier you. And that you'd get the offense that many when I got I'm right. They never lost his rise I would you were at that game really that Monday night in 1986 yellow are. That was wild and I. I'd went without a group of people we were the state cells working for gave away a bunch of trips to go bouncy the Packers it was. Sponsored by Coca-Cola. And they were there was a like a pregame party and then they do it upright that they were dead at that time it was a lot of party and outside and the cheerleaders in the whole deal there was so assists of one of my favorite chefs and a lot of fun. Oh yeah I mean it was like it was every year in the ninety. All of this year the Packers are gonna play about wins and they've been a blues number break. And then they would get them in the playoffs on their Irving. And every part of the old Texas Stadium and they've boos again in the playoffs so. But in 96 picked out all of that debt lost how would that year. Outlet and lost because after that be a Packard government that in the playoffs that your click or use. Up popped up by our lineup and the cure lightly Green Bay in the out Egypt you you out what Carolina played it out so. The cowboys and albeit the jury was. In the Packers ever get out what the label you'll make the hit but the cowboys are in 97 their public robbery ever payroll. Yeah they were on the tail end of that no senator has wizard column messed around with the packer Rao all the way through yeah. An end to frames that that loss in Dallas now also and then 96 season. Correct me if I'm wrong the next week they go to Saint Louis. And they were down in that game two they were down at halftime and that was the Doug Evans. Interception return for touchdown and at that point that they don't they they don't lose again. Yep that is what government meet up act and act right and Eamon. And they are on the way but it went to the deep funk and all like eat your. Who wants. Maybe you put your partner pretty. Always it was early early up up in Minnesota a thousand other offerings so so you brought a lot of these strips covering games but not your target to go on I'm I'm one of these. These stress and and just simply enjoy. It was dormant poitier and that they're well treated me if we get out there for rural lot with some cover its. Move ribs on a stick kind of a low level there are a little of the church. Robert sort of credit. I mean the record number two on the world in 96. And India and Devin error diet for the Packers went. Played. The emperor when they lost it all who we beat all the media eight don't go cross border Tijuana. Not compact well you know what went out and an outback cool you know you're back at 5 AM but yeah I mean does. He'll also hold target and I don't let Motown Ellis. We were pillow. And we'd be out. So. But you know iPad though you will learn most trips are. You are worded it. The current. Italy regular via audio. So so would you say then shocked that you've been at more packer games. Or Mario speed like in concerts. All Packard. OPEC. Sure because that I would really seems like every time the NBA draft it's your scenario someone else I don't know if I forgot. That's. A. I'll I'll I'll explain at the end you all there. Had been at the one of the week unit that I have done it yet. And an app format. And you don't have yet. That's what did they give him but on a huge ball. All that's the peak but he should. We get. During the you know summertime but you don't want it to a back seat and alike in a big speech about yet that the politics of the water to. Ankle then so. Like boat people. You look where Ers are there. Block the dude that year saw. You know there has been some drastic covered many I'd trust trust and believe me. I trust I covered my share of MP crafts a putt might show up next predictor. While that of the guy again I get a better that explains Henry. All of it in the bucket habit a couple of days. What time after I I think ever. All law if we. We all are and everybody listening yell get a day off that your job Nevada I don't miss any big events yes so that explains in is that the Super Bowl what what are what are the what what about the NFL draft. Arm. And the threat at an attribute I've come I've I hope you know belt wrapped. I'm yelled at them Friday night shell out but that many. Years ago and I sure how you approach what you went. But there's 190. Because Miami. What did you go getter in Dubai we thought it was within. Choke and or other quite certain you know which there. Well I'd bet a drop out government to show up they're. I. About. More children lakers are. Yeah hey dad I'll tell us we go Jack I got a question for real as I'm. Working on our show today. Do you remember on street dude are you guys are gonna shows and yes six to ten also need to recognize. The guy that we had on two weeks ago when he's like now the pirates not there's no way that this brewers series is gonna make them contenders. And they don't trade for Chris archer I think about that a lot it really pisses me off. Well you. You do sparked expert pick up the. I think about it and I think about him locked up. Hello I missed you yesterday on the golf course we had a good time. That you know with me and Ryan from Brian Stratton and Mike Anderson formerly channel twelve in another name up and running from Bryant yeah Anderson is in our group and I think and a guard all moaning. All quite yet but that might yet it didn't get out our era but Mike. But it was he would like a lot of stories that general spoke or. Yeah no doubt that he'll be at the state fair heavy the statement Thursday he's in retirement. But his. News director called them while on the golf course and there's gonna make him work out there. That these who's been director call that he's tired or not. Yeah yes he did it left ship you're all a big deal out of it they should. But he is you look like you're. Acre for yours and your ears. Porter are so like I'd ever get by. Boat capable he want to take people like yours up. Back if you put it was a well respect order. It we gotta a week got a question earlier. Throughout the overnight jeered shock and it and it really took me aback a little bit about. Who are you know my favorite sports casters so I say sportscaster that I can be any any platform. TV radio play by play you will do whatever it might be insisting question that we got on Twitter. And you've been around as long as you have I mean who might be at that at the top of that list the 123 area of and only could be you Kirk could be anybody any TV radio do whatever. I. Grow up but. What can I turn against them. He who won against them beforehand. So tax gonna come up with a mount Rushmore. Rushmore yet sir a Cain. Eddie geez that is manner or by any sure. And CDs that. You would be blocks brewers. Who's the current value life and who has had a lot of talk about bought yeah. Yeah the guy they went in I'm into early played by. It doesn't end though it does not have also led us jet fighters and anything you can be TTV sports news or could be to talk show host anybody. You know what when I was eight gently seventy all your soul and pulse sports car. And Milwaukee so there were guys they do double boys struggled all at church work. And yes he. Can do about it he is doing our. It worked out worked double your belt that starts these. You do start southern Lebanon. Right which yet. Even though they talked. Or the big sport but sports. At that you know this go to Q at the rebellious at. College. Well I'd I'd which you know you are all but don't go but but but the job. 88 a look at it. And not. Be so cold at that. Shots were like that he's a bright kid at the all out. Armor and all. Start. I say the guys who really. Sports but it was a church where. He looked at that also I. Or step up. And I thought. At all. What are what about he's tremendously about them all time about job of Bruce Marcus and you remember of Bruce Marcus. Well it worked. People. Ought people left and they can you work. Joked if it. Double eagle river. I don't pocket. We will go party. At a little streak only. Get it our way it should spark but Joseph spell. But yeah Aaliyah the ups are but. Eligible shall. Yes so you were beyond them mount Rushmore. But are not important but walker all right are you much at. They edit excuse Bieber all eyes. Are yours. I got it they're. Number are. Now get video or Bob Hope back to you. Motorola to work at the Olympics appetite Eddie yeah. They are out expedited all about sport outdoors. Walk off our air. New. And I remember pat shared for some reason. He did he did like like it's Sunday talks to sports talk show I know. Well also. Told that we didn't invite it to quit. Devastation it out of not the cure all but the station tried to get the work he did yeah. Yeah you know it hurt. It sure. Court jester the debate ought. Sure we're not. So. Just like it shouldn't be worried now that you cookie in a lot but I just in every sport get it. It's not about Joseph sure these guys get the ball girl deal. I can equally or opt out. I would but I really really really good but he doesn't appeal to beat up but they go to Egypt and but it sure does go to this. Right right Iowa chuck strive drive careful in the sale of advice and keep the seats warm for you are. Chuck Freeman. Now ago chart in the wake of those were pleasant he got an open up a little bit and did. You have to what is fun. A war takes notes over the yet don't be lazy around. He yeah we ran into his old broadcast partner. I use him for a year across the across from Lebow. Yes. Those interest thing you know what there's breakups and every every partner Everett got it in every field to the that your no doubt. Hate speaking of opening up a little bit open up your pocketbook. And join us for the golf outing at details on that coming up. Also. Gambling. With a couple of degenerates. Next year Timmons house overnights here in the fan living enough folks welcome to the 5 o'clock hour Timmons Hollis overnights. Here on the fan and that's 5 o'clock that means fickle. During asked him and Taj I think senator Elaine asked him in touch anything we will get back to that a little bit if you have any questions for us as well. And in the left lane it's it's always turn out the show went earlier on today. Was discussing gem if after the Jonathan scope move and you look into Mike was stock is is part of this team. Martinez Soriano and everything that's gone on the last couple days. As the National League stands Milwaukee Brewers legitimate contenders. Pro World Series opportunity and we start out with the brewer guy here on the Great Lakes dragway pick a lane Tim Allen can Milwaukee Brewers. May get to the World Series. Folks let me tell you above my friends over at JNJ count. No no hold on hold on hold on oh sorry you allowed no no this lasted. Tim if the brewers are gonna. Be out in October playing in the playoff baseball you're going to be wanna watch that may be in a new sun room. I can do I can't admit it. I 4147991250. If you wanna jump warden and join the conversation. We promise you guys throughout the overnight. A couple of things one degenerate gambler talk his gambling is becoming. A sports gambling is becoming more more prevalent as as we all now and now license as the NBA is the first. Pro sports league to book a deal with a gambling association and I have one partner. And it's gonna be MGM is going to have the exclusive gaming rights of the NBA and once again Adam silver continues to be out forefront of all. That goes on and and being progressive and trying to make his seat is league. More relevant or into the point person who wouldn't want to cut the deal with with now they get a view of piece of the pie exactly Jews they get the juice if you will and so what else they're gonna get timid. Reading the the ins and outs of the deal it doesn't seem like they're gonna get a kick back I mean I imagine they're going to get VoIP going to get money from the deal signing with MGM. But I don't know if they're going to get royalties. On each bad think it's placed rue the gaming association that's that they want in and out think they're gonna get that. I agree with but when you when you book a deal like they did with MGM. They're now is the opportunity to. Have NBA highlights and logos and all that kind of stuff when you walk into an MGM casino. When he walker to the sport sport. You're looking. At boxing pacers and you have all the statue of highlights into a game wrapped. Before you place but the more and more I read Indo all the gambling. Sports gambling in this country it does not appear. That the state of Wisconsin is going to get their anytime soon in my AMI correct in that guy's rule re rhyme nor about on this too because she's a gambler as you actually out bring me in I'm making my bets for their loved his yankees over Niagara with the Orioles. First pitch at noon so obviously peninsula and get that one and radio earlier down yet got your fingers. At a think organs yet at least her. I'd say five to six years probably in Wisconsin. I don't even know then Bart you know anything at at just everything I read it did doesn't appear that the deal is conducive to sports gambling here. I feel like the people in charge currently are for it. I think what will happen is a similar thing that happened with. Smoking. Or Wisconsin you could smoke here. Like in public. But and the states that border Wisconsin mail said now. So there was Scott is like cotton is a little middle ground once the states that border us and I'll be different for gambling because it will be. Financial. You'll have people that live in overseeing Kenosha Milwaukee anywhere go to the nearest state to go gamble and once Wisconsin's third losing. Tourism that way and and that kind of brightness they are going to start in there and finally say. All right we'll do it but there's nothing in the works there's no. Legislator getting up and and and championing it there's there's no nobody that's in charge right now seems to care about it in Wisconsin. And it's it's so strange because just seems like such. Tremendous way to makes money as say tons of money millions of dollars why wouldn't she want it in. And I biggest deals cut already with the casino gaming. Here in the state right now that thing that's where the the snag is depending on your perspective. And I've said it before and you guys know this and you guys have talked about it and your shows as well that. Now what's what's the difference in gambling were semantics here where were saying that church bingo is okay were saying that the lottery is okay were saying. Raffle at a bar on a Saturday want yes quote unquote meat raffle. All I walked out with 400 bucks yet right dog we'd there's we all do it the dog racing in the state years ago all of those things are okay. Strip cards square pools always you know swing and a buddy's basement during your checkbook out on the table what's the difference between may take an example I first wrote on any yankees game on my goodness and meet go to the off track betting. And in place and you know when he blocks on trifecta or ten bucks on horse number ten that's about and understand like why is off track betting. Legal or you can bet on horses but I can't go. Upon a lot in the year ago to the Bucs are in on that aide John has over twenty points that's about like to see is a little Kia houses fights or Sharon. Oh yeah yeah I mean sure they get their money's worth the amplified certificate. I had to use of that tomorrow but that's what I'm open to Selig little kiosks like a little packer game. Aaron Rodgers over 310 yards passing boom quick way to make a hundred bucks that denies that little key yes that's me that's a good way to kind of bring it and I think while I think that's who knows headed and in most states right but that's why don't understand why acted bet on horses but I can't that I and you know the brewers just as the only makes sense to me on a medal and in New Jersey I know that there's a going to be a sports or right outside of of the new MetLife stadium. And it's going to be if sandals opening it up and it's on the meadowlands. Site. Where they're going to have an ability there 127 TV send tellers there and you're gonna be able to go up their pretty much any weekend of the NFL season. And and placed bets and also. What it does is it becomes somewhat of a tourist attraction when you say so if your bar like you said when the when you're talking about bordering states. Getting involved and bordering states being maybe easy the driving force for you. Jumping into the waters. Of sports gambling. You're out on the forefront you're gonna be the first ones to be able to cash and it just seems like a missed opportunity of him you know Illinois the statements like. Desperate for money making impede their lottery winners and times so there should be some movement to get it going there are so they have. Mormon intake I just. I don't know it just seems that the people in charge currently in Wisconsin. Don't want it so go to the polls in November. There's there's enough pieces of apply to go around when it comes to gambling boat just look at Las Vegas. There's enough to build toss malls in that city and and everybody can win on behalf. At Piaf everybody can weigh in on this insists it's just funny how. The hypocrisy of gambling it's okay. And and again I don't wanna of brow beat anybody and and churches have fund raisers. But you can't tell me that those folks that go to play church bingo are doing it to donate to that search. Because but that's a case that when you're not. Doing a donation money by twenty dollars for the pull tabs know when you yell bingo it then give the money to the church that. It doesn't happen. It doesn't and edits this always curious to me. And that the payoffs to players quite frankly guys in the sports world and and do what we do here. It's crazy how more players. Referees or coaches haven't been caught it's. Fixing games. At the craziest thing about the NBA jumping on board with tennis because it and meager association and I'd be questioning probably the NBA just because of what's happened in the past with the officials in guy's going to federal prison over. James and points and we're spoiled ourselves of what if we don't think that games have never been fixed no one thing that we know they have. What we're fooling ourselves if we don't think it's going on let's just say in the past fifteen year window. Someone has done OS because if jurors can get paid off lawyer asking a paid off politicians can get paid off judges can get paid off. You can't tell me some knucklehead thrown a football down the field can't get paid off. I've gotten his argument went with the legalization of of sports gambling especially in new rock. Like college sports or news or your target on amateur sports and and that's where if it would be easier I guessed. When we're talking about people fixing games right in point shavings. Where we're talking about organized crime rightward talking about some we're talking about somebody walks up to. A kid on the Marquette basketball team is as tame and you wanna make ten grand nobody it could be bought small. But it could be that small (%expletive) and attic so that weighed though what you're also finding is. When it's when you give it. Licensing. Rap and use you allow the government to have in an oversight of it and it's not on the on the dark market. I feel like it it's somewhat eliminates the ability to. To do that so freely and and for you it's it's a set and the amount of money that's being pushed in on some random Tuesday night Arizona State and Colorado State game yeah where where you're seeing. Money be hedged in late. And an eight draws eyes and immediately once this. Once the NBA has this set up with with MGM and they're able to to track more and more of where this money is being gambled and and where. The money is it and where. The actions going I feel like there's just so many eyes that are going to be out at somebody more that it will be more difficult for further. Fixing games actually happen. I think I've read somewhere where even the Vegas casinos sports book have reciprocate action that if they do see something like that come in a late bat. And on. Obscure game they will communicate with each other to say hey man what did you get on this. It is someone just bouncing around Lance and cast down we'll keep our eyes open 7991250. If you wanna join the conversation. We see there on hole we'll get to you guys next. Are you gonna stick around right till sexy get things going on no I don't prepare for my show on a normal day so why start now so well both him back. Kevin towers fan overnight. And then the into the hole. Who can come into the home. Oh. I. It's fighting team is nothing wrong with your radios haven't house in the morning and overnight. This is down the homestretch here for a has been a lot of fun we have on there so much what. 1130 edged about last night stretched through it as it'll all in all at any point. Really now now that's too bad. He hasn't turbulence right around. You know 4 o'clock hour. But other than that it's it's been pretty evident. Since it just stating a little bit no it's running out of things to say what god it's a 10 points where it was just like 191000. Voices. And I came from voices in the right you got caught up on. I indeed 7991250. Am might rain today is that right now forecasts that rain yeah there's going to be some PM showers they're going to be watching out for a chance of thunderstorms. Or 40% of your hanging out there's a low pressure system moving in through Iowa. Up in two. Milwaukee was gonna bring some some southeasterly winds continued to. Warm us up holes and he says Doug Parker started hold anybody 86 degrees and with the winds coming in from the south last. That's stirs the pot and it's gonna cause severe showers look out as high as 66 tonight. OK maybe you should do that do that. Very good VO weathered yeah. On TV what what he's saying impart saying the sports things are really working well I believe forty minutes ago said he wants the job. That's your roof you dead I did say that I did say that there's not a lot of weatherman on TV like this job though I live like this job all that's crazy that I. I wanna do a radio show he not yet and all that the other guys are on the radio all the time it's amazing it's amazing how that works all right so you can gamble on yourself. Jonathan DR did any loss Andy he had it. Did not work out so if you wanted join our conversation give back into brewer's stock US state fair barred. Null or not. Bill your own way and no I'm not going at all nervous at fair. I don't know known now for the station just go to states go to hang out walk around to some cream puff some potatoes. Mil I won't ago. Now I know there are a big supporter of the stations so I don't wanna collaborate. I don't know. It's just there's not a lot of stuff there for a guy like me. What like food beer. Music. Man I can get all that in my house. Concerned it cholera so it's fair and overnights for 147991250. Bart wait until there it's outright are on the fan. Not Jim but when I go oh yeah let's get to Dan rather than hang around him out into Minneapolis. Yeah those guys aren't fantastic. Guy like two minutes so far why would you give the upper or angry at the outline. This is a big serious today and you know what Ronnie just turned mr. potter or an. All of these idiots on the big show don't understand and I don't week. I I too we did Jonathan VR Patriot Act waited. Now brewers trades before the deadline a brewers trade Dunn trade deadline day app. Godspeed John. So I think. In that all week you can get the contacts like all guardsman about John that you are whatever this is the same show. That beg me to call one day when I too heated. Jet Janice would be better as a cornerback I am well I. And they went off they went opera like Tony minutes and I'm getting calls tweets are people saying Bart is so stupid. I I spent four hours a day really trying to put myself out there and be the best version of myself that I can be and then. The big show harnisch is that with every tweet that I put out there. I I'm not I am not so overall thrilled with the trade and there's more questions than answers. Let's go it's a good player. The brewers against Vieira I am mad agenda via our got traded. No it's not it's not an half. Despite the big show in over how much they laugh you can more understanding. Of you. Are. I think I felt connection to him in 2016 when he can get ray and I thought that via our got a badge when your rag down right lies in the yards sixteen people were demanding so much for him and if he would get out at the base pads that be the worst thing. The team won like seven the gains they sucked. So VR I always thought was trying to test the limits see what he could do on the bases. He was good offensively. And I always I always looked at him is the first guy to truly signified. That the rebuilding is happening is referred him as agent zero. He was the first guy. Point seven team struggled 28 to act like you saw some really good job at the VR. But they seem to bear eat him every time he got an opportunity. And they plugged in salad you know in Miller and eight or and whoever that. At shortstop when the shortstop meant everything to him the brewers took that away from him and I think that played with him so I'd. Ever gave them. A fair chance and I don't especially this year and I don't understand why. Defensively all that's like giving him half the unit weight souvenirs defensively and I think you know like you said he's running yet problem. And the Bay's. Well I have been outlined our advances with the VR now he definitely had his problems I mean I know that I I feel like. If there was an error that like let's say eight you are makes an air something makes an air as Erica Kane they never think that again. But there was a play this year were a ball got thrown in to second base and VR. Couldn't catch the ball and make it today when that was big gains again council said he he's got to make that caddies but everybody has its war and got him sometimes with but the brewers with our sports teams. The Bob unconsciously. Picks the guy and gives them no leeway when they'll let these other guys do whatever they sold garden nor. And I feel like VR is one of the guys that we just like Chris Davis is one of those guys where you. You would you think of all the bad things he does you don't ever talk to him about the good stuff it's always the bad that when there is a bad thing that he does. It's magnified so I mean I I see all the province gathered Everett wells does. It's as it did make me go raise the and not like when he did because I understand there was good stuff and there was production from him. And we got Heidi sort of buried this year. Right it all right one more quick thing. You guys should take Paula Newton dirty heads stringers on. Just skip 47 seconds and should be good. That's all I knew then I thank you demand thanks for the call. That he's the man they ere so bad for me. And I started there. Yeah he did they. I remember your first and then there's no way the guy isn't a game show they've taken on here are well I just I can't tweet between two and six. Because one of the guys will see it. Read to eat. In sometimes like to meet with. Sarcasm. And it just doesn't get through and so I'm on the golf course yesterday in a golf lauding. Sucking. Bird because it's not but also because. I'm so like now I Bible Tenet was lost on Twitter defending myself. For some guiding and say. Well that's good and that's again all that action then and we can all get along and we are great colleagues and we'd like each other let's. Of course going. Right now for sure okay oh yeah love again let's let's get to our our final spin if you will of adventures with VR and not a lot of people have heard the native played like once in the last year is that right yeah has been a long times we use now we've been a farewell to our buddy Jonathan VR. It's time once again for another episode no. Starring Jonathan BR it's like a stop sign would be on the spot like this. We special guest this week Carlos Gomez and then us. Base running instruction by third base coach at cedar we ran so little bit of a run. Last week Jack with a little short stuff buddy. He was on his way to Thursday. He was traded away. Did you guys bring this up with council. You brought it up with somebody said we do this vague adventures via. A freezer now we told him. You tell VR yeah when we are guys bring you re such a good dude I'd still like your own counsel and connect iron counts ago. And. No I don't I don't think I've bounce that off counseled that I'm pretty sure it was via our own when we talk so we are one of the best. Really really good interview. Sergeant John V yeah I'd like he's re I'd definitely opens up and then I'm a guy that really. Europe are due this golf ball he's Bob ball. It's baseball guy that yeah he has that is super nice guy super super nine assists it's too bad that. That we act like he's dead he's not bad prize laureate and once again in Carlton being nice doesn't mean that you. Have a leash that doesn't run out if if you're not. Being productive and and get the job done. Doesn't matter how nice you are you're gonna be replaced absolutely all right before we get to just a final push here on brewers baseball that is. Do they legitimately have a chance to get into the World Series have you seen enough now. Because I was I'm still waiting Bart I'm still waiting for the collective community to jump aboard and that's okay I know they'll get aboard. As sister missing out on some fun whatever. Our odds are legitimate enough. To go to the World Series right now. And but you Bart something very near and dear to you is our golf outing right. Coming up in less than two weeks ago he and him we still have openings yeah well squeegee and Tuesday August 14. In that the river club Mac one you can sign up 157 happen and act on my perks that counselors Milwaukee. Is going to be the four of you see you guys sent a foursome or one or two victory in. And will pair you and then you actually go off in a five sun. Because it's with somebody that you've seen on TV or heard on the radio or one of those guys that the fans or former app later coached. So Perry up with a celebrity breakfast lunch and dinner. You get all that throughout the day it's related tender raffles and games and you're a fan poll all can't not really that's really all you get all that's way against our now you guys are golfing. We are going are we we did you know okay and then so then my have you could be a sixth so my question here is home. Do we get breakfast lunch and during dinner to younger you. Yeah it goes with a nice guy goes with it and now we're talking about it Billy were still looking for it suit of golf with us. Well no we're looking for four. Are we let him for the year you always joined by force and will join a force of any doubts yeah those are you don't have to recruit will this match you're headed to win I don't know we we wanna we wanna pick the best one. Well we are we want us we want we want us alive. Our team all of the in this figure out the guys that Michael's usually tease with the wind picked though for a I'll tell where we're in it to win it here now or not we're not messing around we have you seen this guy on the golf course. Yet and got a good stroke it's similar it's a mix between the I called like a Ben Hogan's swing a little bit and Arnold Palmer physique he make sure that he rolls his arms down our own. And then doesn't fully extend well I've been working on my game as a matter of fact goes I had a tee time this morning but not known I would do this overnight thing 6:39. This morning was my teeth I originally had over there had to cancel that no I've adjusted the game. You can see the game it's a best ball tournament it's it's it goes for charity how many years we've been doing this twelve beer twelve at all. That's just a little bit give kids the world village and we send kids out of the Disney area and give them opportunities that they would never have. Kids that I'm you know had a hard time getting those opportunities. Yen normally I would do the big show that day brewers have a day game that day it's a against the cubs. But it looks like they're gonna give us the time to get out on the course yeah or your chance and be out there and have fun though it'll be a fun time all right final push to the on top of the hour chuck and way Clarin. 7991250. A 110. Games in the brewers 63. And forty sevens. Do they legitimately have a chance to go to the World Series. The seven Tauscher on the fence and the kids. My neighbor. 5:35. Good morning. August 10. Something coming to the fans here. Really excited that can't wait mornings. Here on the fan. Chuck in. Bart Bart's with us in studio right now they're coming up at the top of the hour. Brewers baseball they win last night one zip it's our third one zip victory of the season. They were on their mark after 110. Games to 63 and 47. The most wins in the National League. Through over a third of the season now on our hit in August 1 hearing that dog days of summer. Is it a legitimate conclusion. That they can end up in the World Series and keep mine Arizona Diamondbacks. Now they're battle in Colorado Rockies are battle and via trade and play on the field Pittsburgh Pirates are battle and Phillies braves. That he laments in the cubs and Dodgers. Is it legitimate or is that just a situation where. We just sit back and say this going to be one hell override the final sixty days of the calendar year. When when your break it down and and looking through. The full 25 man roster and you and you looked up and down each team's lineup. The brewers are gonna stack up just about as well. Sat out with a every single team they're gonna face your in and the use final for easy easy games. I was when he eighteenth season I don't know or Dodgers looked good man right but right now there's three and two against and a and a seven game season series and we've been reminded people that you don't need to beat these guys forty times a year and a seven game series in the World Series or the NLC house or the NLD house and has brewer fans. Very much Null. Like in 111 all you gotta do is get hot. And and the team that's able to get hot and and is built for the playoffs. Is is going to be the one that will have an upper hand it doesn't necessarily matter about experience at employee can throw records out. Once you get into that seven game series are the five hamsters are the divisional. Yes I don't here. Very much talk of the cubs lining up their rotation for the playoffs anymore I don't hear that kind of talk I don't read about that from the locals in Chicago anymore. I read about that and heard about that. Two and a half months ago and then foregone conclusion. They're just gonna run away with the division. We're gonna lineup who's gonna pitch game one in the new bridge is on the road not so much anymore with the cubs they're worried about their own house getting him. Then worry about the post season lineups right. That they're worried about making sure that there are dialed in and that there into the danced. Before base are worried about how they're going to address and other gonna lark. And who's going to be involved but also in what what you know now is the cubs also have some question marks on their roster and the people that they've had in there. For the last you know four and a half months. They do is that legit yeah it is and will they tale. I don't I don't believe so. That was a different dynamic this schedule makers of outside is something the brewers should have filed a grievance against the league. When it. Took a look at that schedule leading into the all celebre all star breaking coming out of the all star break just simply because it was the all star break. This team had to play. 36 straight days. Think about that moment. 36. To one that lead into the break and that's a league rule he can't play more than twenty straight days so well why not vote this team. And then they threw a makeup game and there are so that's 21 games in the twenty days with the days are what I'm referring to. And then out of the break fifteen straight. Simply because the all star break was in the middle. I don't think any other team had that stretch and I'm not making excuses for that twenty game stretch. But they were beat up take a look at those gains are sure are you followed those games. Those guys those guys the body language was not good if not only in Miami but in Pittsburgh. Now they're all looking towards the break which I just I still understand the professional level. I can do that and I equated to. My ironic gulf yesterday. Eighteen holes today. By adults while I was tired and I was looking towards the end. I can do that I'm not a professional but just some guy it's amounting these guys are professional players they should be able to. They should be able to manage them better and I know they got tired but to all collectively get tired in a sport or everyone's getting tired. The breaks the same for everybody actually shorter for the cubs and cardinals. I just I didn't like that that was an excuse and I didn't like that even if they were saying it was an excuse it was visible and that's why it was happening. Out counseled and wanna make an excuse it in Ed in excuse this year. But Tim he didn't mention it last year when they get knocked out guys. By the cardinals in that final day. Revver that was though the line that he if he finished with an and you could hear out of the pain in his voice as they realize of the season Ed you know. And finish right there in the in the same the last game of the season he set were counting our guys soon. Oh look they're tired. They're tired of so he used if you're getting tired at that point in time to it to Bart's point. You have. You're gonna have some issues you bring in the reinforcements later the last couple of days and I think that it makes it a lot harder to get tired especially the way the schedule. Lays out for you September. Maybe that's why they're trying to billed as the most deep lineup that they can as far as guys at the plate and there are there's going to be a lot of adventures with I think. In the infield. Are you good enough to win the World Series. They've got a chance I mean they've got a chance the write in their for the NL central while an hour to beat all three of those American League teams they don't have to be Boston New York airline Houston I just one of all I still think the team is not going to win a title and tell me am. A front line aids. And I know that over the last few years those opportunities may be haven't been there lash of the trade deadline sunny Greinke. Who. I think the Yankees are capital and around that the Yankees are changing the ways and agree pages and that leads the summit struggles. But the brewers like there because they would had to give up Princeton instead they footprints and free yeah Alex so that works out this year in the offseason. This wasn't a guy that David Stern's wanted to pay that's fine. This trade deadline there wasn't a guy on the market worthy of giving when your top four guys to our that's fine. Now all I I don't think you would have given one time guys merger that's for bid. Pittsburgh gave someone I don't know what players who top guy but for for the brewers and I think maybe David Stern's his. That is it legitimate concern about him easy who invested in his own guys but I really think Kazmir is going to be. Worth every penny and incorporate burns they seem to love and should be very good too I still think you need an ace where you find that ace he might have to get creative. There wasn't one available tugging and reject the ground tight case may be the brewers think they have that in Corbin burns but it certainly a World Series here with this run. There and I just I I'm I'm very. Sure that they're going to need an ace at some point you're gonna need disseminating guy yeah we can have been nice is bullpen in the league. But if these guys are in consistent and then people say when I. Talk about the Sasha today or may be right now always Miley last night. OK we also said well Freddie were all and then he goes out and struggles that there and they're an inconsistent bunched. They're gonna give you really good outings but there also gonna labor through for the next start so. I still think you need a lockdown guy I don't know of those teams that have that lockdown guy have quite the bull and the brewers do and the depth of of that bull and that's why you can argue that the doors are built more for playoff baseball. But you need all you need hitting any bullpen needs starters. And so the brewers I think right now are there looking at like. All right let's just make two of those three really really good. And then we'll see what we get out of our starters. And that's a nice way to get in the playoffs and maybe maybe to the NLCS. I don't think it's a nice way to win the world here and I just really think he needs you. Guys do ask it's shock and Bart any nine. We had asked him in 2000 unit today 845 okay. Of where we had that throughout our fan overnight showed today. We also had the big show they do Great Lakes dragway pick a lane does or in the midst 4147991250. And we do that also and up next is. By yourself. And our good friend. The executive producer of that program. We'll stop finance and I'm not just the program the network. That's that's right us the full network. The the full network yeah house we'll do that still 1000. Leading up to shock and way cooler here on the thing. World of sports a lot of people say a lot of things. But doesn't pass the big unit test and let's play by yourself. Brought you my brightest strategy college athletics offering athletic scholarships at nine junior college sports book learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the bill Michael show. Well it sort of is for the next couple of minutes in my being might sound like it we have talked about the Great Lakes dragway pick a lane at the big showed us. We'd love our co workers. Chuck in part they do you asked Jones Arnie do any thing 845 today and and now it's time for. Buyers cell. On the bill Michael's show and Joes and Zola. Why force old. Chairman as you continued to look at this brewers team and the wave that. The rebuild that David Stern's general manager of your Milwaukee Brewers has put together I had originally said the rebuild it was going to take about six to eight years and block I a said that. Block I said that because I wanted people to make sure that they were going to be patient and and look. When I stat that I did not understand that that David Stern's would make moves. That he made four Christian yellowish and Lorenzo Cain and Joaquin Soria. And more. So by yourself. The Milwaukee Brewers now. Are no longer rebuilding. By that yo. I've lied. By that knows yet like that bigoted Joseph let's go to Jones cedar Byrd Joseph we do that if a student of Joseph Jobe. The blog I think particular culture almost took a couple things arm and or your pocketbook starting pitcher and whatnot. All. I think the numbers and all purple when you're talking multiple and whatnot are extremely council's philosophy. If you want as starters to get all fired six innings. We get suitable for our property brought the pitch ordering the other night. It's extra carpet think Bart got earning couple marketable and I mean bomb Arnold actors seem. The pot that pot get the by the inning and the sixth inning that put you looking for armed got a big element in that is. With that Jonathan school like I mean you can be a stock you know law. Stern just being cooperative. Development player after time he cannot play in all arm. Where's he gonna play do you think secular or Earth's shortstop because Travis Shaw's now the second baseman. I think he's gonna play shortstop to be honest I mean. Salt Lake. Some of stopped in on Twitter what not what our armed Stearns was seen and what not he wasn't and tell what you what they were giving direct answers. You gonna play shortstop England play a little sucked into it but I I actually think you get beat at shortstop. On my iPhone is. Good biking or what not to the media yesterday scope. The site to become a more lucky if you listen to her excitement a common plea for can 200 million talked about all the young the brewers aren't what aren't. But he's excite the play. We are right Joseph thanks I agree with the U. That I think he's in their shortstop. Just because look at the lineup that didn't take last night's lineup live Garcia out put scope in you bump things down to. And buckle and he's seventh. And it Reagan just over year your six that are because then you're going left right left right all the way down. And giving him all the way to any you can move it around depending on who you have at the top if you're gonna go with geology at the top than that it filters out from there. Or. Two nights ago they decide to go. Gillick and the stock yes. At the top of the order and and stack you would lefties there's so many bats now guys that I'm out of eats it up of the batter's box. That. You get rid of Jonathan Vieira was a switch hitter and it really doesn't feel like you're missing a beat because you have enough coverage on the bench and in your starting. Eight depending on whatever side of the play you want whoever you're gonna set in last night's lineup PE shows enough thumper in in his history recent history. That he could be a five or six hitter and do messy chaos then then he would be the six spot last night. Given the six rock and he's so he's Heaton up big time league I was the our reigning. AL player of the week so the brewers have you know eulogy and Jonathan scoop urged shoe now. So it's true while goodness gracious it's it's five seats you go. So I'd missed it both ways Brian and we have also the professor and your Mandela maybe he can clear this up. It's its skull still rights go yeah let's license Josh. Okay yeah that's absolutely nuts away thoughts. You guys think they'll goal on a consistent basis regular first shot second scoped show our and the stock as a third. And just a or you gonna use skull more at second and suddenly Travis shot Hoosier brigade third baseman. Is going to be a platoon player at second base which. He has been sitting more lately against left against lefties I noticed that those numbers aren't that good against lefties. Nine they're they're sitting him down in the past season their every day. Before these trades went down even before Woodstock a scheme they started to sit him a little bit more against lefties. Well we're gonna find out because there really is to answer your question. It won't be consistent. It's never going to be consistent under god is like council guys like Joseph Maddon. It's just not get you so is he solid Bruce vote she did on San Francisco for four games. He might be the pioneer of that it's just constantly movement in the in the line up so I doubt it but just for example last night's lineup. Things would have been a seven hitter scope would've in the six hitter captures a pitcher's night. And you went left right left right all the way down. If it was amazing. It's a if you look at it that way but trying to squeeze every ounce office it's clear. David Stern saw a liability with this brewers' office. It's clear to see that it speaks in January we made its human right in the offseason he saw in the offseason he made the two moves there. What did it do for Domingo Santana well he's still trying to recover from a and I don't think he's as bad as what he was showing this year either in the big leagues or in the minor leagues. But it was a little bit of an indictment on Domingo Santana Keon Broxton rep Phillips though sort of the Major League ready you're ready made guys. Do magic going into this year with that offense been brought off the bench. This that outfield I should say I still think it's laughable that we are still talking about to this day. That people still feel there's a need for starting pitching. And I'd descended from like ten minute and last. And a reading these starting pitching. So so ninth in night of baseball isn't isn't good enough I'm a lot. That I I gotta find this stance a lot of that is defensive adjustments. A lot of that is from the defense. The team is good on starting pitching because the defense behind him has been picking them up well that they are not as good acts as there ERA suggests. 385. Other record 6347. Now. They are playing above their. Besides our race so I'm the only one of the stations not a fan boy anymore cities. Don't. Honor all we have to go there was fair overnights now it's and it's the brewers in his right over there. So you wanna stay for ten and so there's you're gonna be ten more math class others others cubs fans. There's cub batters there's. Cardinal fans we found out media. As well so I would like aren't a lot was discovered it now during fan overnights and worse so gladly join us because there was a lot of the it was a lot of fun thanks to Griffin idol and he actually slept half does show but of that he's also get Brady's go to work he's the youngest one in the group and he slapped. Anthony Mandela. Gay men are rolled then from a little soiree was asked randomly jumps and Brian are you and he he was not armed. On top now is gonna go home and non player with majors sons and you know relieving himself on the kitchen floor pieces of lord. Its stride and hard have a good show will see in a couple of minutes. And that's it for Tim in taos overnights here on the fanned. I hope you enjoyed.