Tony DiZinno joins The Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, May 19th
Tony DiZinno joins The Final Inspection Show

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And welcome back to the final inspection show it's Steve's not get along with Jeff for a while skin joining us on the great midwest bank hotline. It is Tony it is needle talk to a new show. Hello guys get to be back where it's been not been too long to be honest. It it's a bit about a month I guess but for those who wonder we are. Full disclosure we are pre taping this because will be chatting live on the show from Indianapolis. Or may have already depend were Jeff decides to insert this clip it's so yes we got Tony. In Indianapolis we got Steen is going to be in Indianapolis and I am this sorry sap to get stuck here. I'll so thank you yes thank you issued. Thought caught heat jail. This is not cool you need to be down airlift out of what was. Now hopefully next year rather hopefully nick yeah how that would be really coast that she last last week where was 85 degrees on the new Indianapolis in the ball looking to be forty year. That was very nice I was painful. So we have pole qualifying and it did some really certain now the reason season. Earthquake in second gear coolant in the third hour going up to fourth carrier with qualifying well what the Indianapolis Grand Prix last week that qualified this weekend and and already it's going to be. The Indianapolis 500 next week along with the world 600 and then were in the summer it's gonna be June so. It's really certain speed up business Tony. I am more excited like Blake went to its innate basically Christmas for racing. And again you got all the NASCAR's. Indy 500 coverage all more between IndyCar Altria wanted to Monica that the bill that ought to mean there's there's such a palpable excitement that takes the initial brief foray. The years but okay this is when it really get on jail cell. Com you know and it's not that IndyCar career I'll appreciate it on but it's like OK up proper proper bumped it countless bags that we know what he's gonna make it. He got 35 card and there's no way acres in 35 car. I mean it's it's exciting stuff they eat. Be it out for sure. What's the possibility of we hit 36 I mean is there a possibility somebody brings on another car. Or is because of the engine lease programs. Everything's too tight to. To take you know carry that out. I heard the Euro but I mean it's very slim chance because essentially where where you're out as somebody in the only entrance had been you'll decrees and you don't want to just you don't throw a car together that where that crew later I'd say auto parts. You're going to be in the high six figures necessarily what put together extra. I ordered all weight program even though there's been drivers that budget that challenges if there rookie they need to complete rookie orientation program which this session for the earlier this week. It's situation ideal point or Zachary into the so called all or is it true that all the so even able to do it but like any other road it would do that they would be available if there's any pattern and noble they might have other commitments so. You know asking for 36 you wouldn't materialize probably 34 weeks yeah that was gonna be realistic and Chevrolet is really the only. And manufacturer. You that because this. Sixteen artwork on the nineteenth 21 more than they usually last year. Well let's let's say we have boats. Let's have some funnier but Susan manufacture whether it be sure overly kind that has to two cars on the outside looking in. Down let's into the cars maybe crashed. On the same team same manufacturer should say. Is still would today happy situation word they're saying well we don't wanna bees short. You know two cars or three cars or over. And and they have the means are a decent backup car put an army cadet pieces to you know scenario that could possibly happen. The parliament driver that is built on the Condit. You know hot as the worst case scenario is you want it to be. Vote out. There are seventeen on the Chevrolet the basket there on there's 94. Seats early so either way on the war it edge. Turn that part to get it's eight. Said the term rates. However they're like saying its Chevrolet guy needed it to be put it you know somebody because available war better driver is needed. Recently you don't want a resisted if someone gets injured then. You're running at you or Red Square like you don't have a situation where your car is out of the show that there's been but the problem this year European. A clock on Saturday because. It's bump they call Saturday as the Sunday so if you have an incident or mechanical issue there's. Very little where you are available under coverage keep it you know it's kind of the way in nature of the schedule. It's not that you support in play a replacement driver if there replacement cover was available for Sunday's vote Saturday. All. I'd let you know extra one but I'm not be disappointed that there's there's more. I think it and there's two more Adobe is the only one more than any kind of awkward welcome restart there were both 35 it's like okay there's 35. If you're not at thirty carrying out dug in history or way it. I go on Mars samaritans try yet how long it's it may eighteenth at. It's 1987. The yen let's say they they bump up the TU. And at 6 o'clock 605. On Sunday night there's 333 cars but then on Monday afternoon they announced. The two cars take up bumped Rashtchy an eleven start. I highly don't see it happen. And it water ski like worry go to Oki he Danica Patrick. That you have a nightmare scenario. Your herbal big situation barrier championship leader warrior 500 winner means that. There is a field say that it is. War or major. Qualify. Or all my tax day is that. They're able they're not out of the pack. Initial flash. However he swear you know I go back to a lack proper ball game which isn't what that we're car for 33 spot. Making you worse greeted Q Iran and raid. By way back. On. I don't know I mean. It's really interesting because of the 35 partners now I wonder if you look like oh they're completely vulnerable because they're all all interest. This year typical for a certain it's a. Interest in. Isn't going to qualify and who lose their fear it was very front row predictions that say is it gonna be a team Penske is again the beyond those as it. Meant it. It's been really hard to gauge this week in practice because it. No tow the speed at the early part of the week where they don't have that they were going to achieve 21 to 23 range. All the winning you universal air it has worked its. In itself basically all car for the change back. There's not much room to trim out there wasn't in the previous car so we really take to achieve this he shoot can really show you what they're able to deal. Have you not all sides particularly well here the last couple years and they they struggle the partner nine. Until that he's been able landing yet they were poll actually wrote Scott Dixon however they've been really struggling is there. Single car runs so they were only been these toilets what is outsider to. A guy that I would look at it and get all credit card in there. He's been really strong book with a spec is authority could be twelve it did previously they want back to back port here at thirteen fourteen. You also really strong last year with the actually hit political fights accurate arm that he got that I can look at the front row I would be shocked that they're not really wanted Q. Nine all toward the question market he. But only cheap card they don't have the arguably their Aybar in driving meanwhile ex court so a lot of guys they could put it sell. You know I was a betting man I would say you want and you want carpenter forty ready for a all liking all is. We are you got Indy 500 she had to run under an alligator on the market in a perpetual I'm an update it but there. What that is ideal you know this market here like spring it was. Read our story. Yet that each unit in the 26 car that looks awful lot like clothes mean uses old car is that you're got a striking. Yellow orange paint unit Smart that is a little bit for the year. I actually did bid to head on a note from the show he's been on on. I don't give it fat content are necessary you know the other cat and you got your two wild card after world. Back after a year is. Opportunity that trigger for an elected in the sport cars Carla in you know the you do like Meeks but all the sun expected autopsy like where he come out. Union says the six. For ourselves I think. Yes he did very good. Danica. You know I I'm. I would look let's let's chat and Jeff feel the feel freed up the plane then I I I think it's it's great deal c'mon c'mon in grace. Last race it's I think it's it's fine. And so far now granted. TV to go yet but I don't think you spent tune too much. Evian. They'll pleasantly surprise that Annika both in terms and he'd. Media attention she got but also the understanding. How different IndyCar is now compared to ensure this year. Last seven years ago. She noted the different team. Got a lot of good people on the team sheet that it partner it. And I'm on record saying I don't think shall win it's probably ought to issue she'd been impressed and that's part of the practice week because you're sitting with their. She's Smart and really cracked. You know bring an element want peace. And she brought him or sit wherever it is not OK if it becomes fuel while it carpenter had nothing to lose by saying hey. You know I look back. Trying to make is note you can make it. So. That they attacked with a Annika it is very simple. She winning the race of the excellent work O'Brien it would be here wolf for art because it's like. Believe it had it on your current seventy years Walter try green thirteenth what you eat. You know that would be sure of race car. In somebody's day she's shown up your entire every candidate monologue that went last year Ingrid. Kurt Busch digger solid top four finish LB like I do that I can hack it but you know I'm not. I'm not overshadowing a race I think. I think with Kirk that's kind of the balancing act in negotiate a lot of similar people back. Oh. What did. I don't know I mean I rate her a lot higher than it egg industry experience and ordered teammate you know because she knows how to races is that the front. Spencer built a lot of talent in the majority but it never really all that other mile race. Burke amber. Where did somebody that knows how to run this race in the case I think he's approaching it with the right. Now real quick Tony can we got to get to break let's say Danica. You know we go to bizarre land hell freezes over say she wins the Indy 500. Will she have a ride for every race the rest of the season. Now I think it would be very symbol I'd be a very simple deal worse he keeps that I wanted to race and you want me orbit. You all the data can't quit it what he could beauty could prolong your career beyond. This may work like. Oh great I'm on the race now maybe I can come back and defend it they'd get in because what you accomplish herself. I think I think each year back in deep and subsequent years however I don't think that it was leaked anything. Apple C I don't think she wanted number one. And number you I don't think it would it would be to her as a boring it. It's that it. We're talking to Tony museum on the great midwest bank Collie were committing sharp break when we come back we'll talk more. Indianapolis qualified with Tony Xena on the final selection show. And welcome back to the final section show brought to you by greatly straight way. And David how Simon join in us an agreement was Bangkok land it is Tony disease you know and Tony. Course you're down in Indianapolis would you work into our new. Yeah arms over the past. This final inspection listeners will know at my work with that sports web site. Couple. (%expletive) and that there over the Nazis and the opportunity is to sport scar attic which is our primary role. As for IndyCar record tracks are ones which. Subscription service and exploded for twenty bucks a year is a smorgasbord of information. That's sacred the cart except my college you would it's. That's. Colleague Patrick it's stuck in Colorado. Where every event in. To get accommodation is dead it was a treat to be able Soviet where the cursor. Com yeah that's neat thing for this year but. Grabbed it again. One of the best buy is in Greece in trackside on line make sure you look them up. Tony what's your first Indianapolis 500 qualifying memory. So this is a really cool year for being because or 2018 in the first Indy 500 recover or 2008. And I covered all our. We you're the first year ever qualify. Art for sure ever call. All corporate. First here I ever covered qualifying which would vote date that year which was boy who's here. Did Roger yes allies backed out this Mario Dominguez had all day. Oh yes. Unification here. In. So there are. War five extra car or for worse spots so you were posted in. Dot that that law by yeah so peaceful out. The company I do. You want between market naked body here. But that your car built it all week it would await entry the only guy at third here Friday animal caller. Was on that used to be good BRO. The virtues are unlawful entry. When you're like outgrow the wing back brief war victory didn't know is that they were eat steaks Heathrow definite unique. Right 219 to eighteen you know yet in the field. And yeah. Is currently quicker on the first second with a quicker first. And he didn't need her on the second. Like it was it was. So I'm sitting on the plane now want security here at buddy and it was it. Is really close in early because they careless here but it. You know that back this set the tone like in no it raised to qualifying thirty back in beat this. By it would speed it. The other the other vote in Korea Israel quickly want you what it's like graduated from Marquette University according. So my college apartment in my college orbit or are they will want to claw. And of course I would like prop up on where are not for third spot. It is there I will forever be grateful that I saw on TE Alex will wait previewed. What it bumped out when he had Drake or is it leaves them. This year where like. Own no underrated Marco or it is what it. You wait okra will vote on autopilot in tactics. In more ago it finally comes back and vote on radio operator oh my gosh a public yet. And Lucius. In no other races qualify thirtieth 31 thirty acted that dramatic and that's what I love about the fact we have thirty this year because. We're getting yet something's you know later this afternoon or like. How did this happen why did it they going to be scrutiny gonna make something happen it nobody. That wouldn't be talking about 3%. Copy of the order it viewed. You know flashback like yeah you finished fourth in the race you're reform but I remember what you squat by a record 31 the next year like that was. It's it's at so but that is so it's true some of the best. Runs that are driving in debt some of these tremors have done this stink you know sticky and some. Box in the show already Vettel on the last day. And it's funny that you mentioned that you know can we were standing in probably mere feet pop hearts. Wouldn't buy because I was down there buddy list a year and they lose your watch you could see the Manges is trying to. Everything and you knew it was a good and well you know lose this fight. Let it. Either earlier may get Ernie and and a walk and you think in either paying an analog that's exactly what he did. And yeah I mean these the you can just feel the tension and have Al all of these these these these are. I is in the lows of emotion out there were world. It insists it's it's amazing to to be their lives. One a vital part of life. It's our favorite memory but it was kind of goes a funny memory is when the Tonys dirty. And I mean. At the earth times or. EA you know Alley looks like he made then you read but he kept dancing yourself now he's a Chevy driver and it's a Toyota Denny got to work in this. It never did work it would have been a lot of fun seeing them. Trying to qualify of that car put. My my actually my first memory is when I'm seven years old and IE on will and on listening to a new qualifying was happening and it's just when I really started to understand recent and then. And it's 1973. In I come up for army bedroom or somewhere in my mama's gonna cry and and don't like what's wrong and she goes all art Pollard was killed. And I didn't really know our power it was a bit indeed they knew they they they had gone beyond they were close friends with them but that he donated this year a few Beers with some. And he was killed that morning and I'm pulled in 73. Year old grisly accident. And those laid out notices. Yeah it is that was kind of the start of it to of you know in deal then with Cisco worsen there and that really the first MM receive my mom cry. Up from something outside of the Stanley type thing in on that site while this is kind of remarks. Russ deal here and so I was. From there I mosaic and kind of hard Mia growth quipped he hit politicos jury's seen but yet qualified native India is certainly special. And it I remember 1982. Was really special. When. Geary as he goes the first guy was cured that thousand. Who break track record that was really exciting. And then I think Q what is its. Cross Bergen. Writing. Crawford I think was one of the guys. And then. And then eventually is Guerrero and Guerrero of debt broker who ended up with DePaul and as if just so that was a crazy year to. Lot of stuff happening but I was so happy when you're that thousand. Broke the record I didn't think he was gonna can't keep the Paul I'm thinking well the laws he's on the front row and darnit he ended up Paula claimed force Sony to make the front robot. At Ellis have those are pretty cool deal. Offer European. Only in four years old at that point that you treated at ninety Cuba. I remember right that he would keep the yours or is it. I don't know we are converted it to eat eat eat but upon our report back on it you know year. Between the hold a doctor. While they are. You on I think it was. And the under what are he'll Ayers or eight. All are all are all the upper aide that they want to go further it win as vote is. Or any out of rookie class equity LP teaching me early age is. Abacha to ID you know did wondered Q is it true readers. I'll what is the order a good years you know that you think that race. That back up part you know it would forward. You know 4500. In a short out gainers. You know you don't wanna be alt verse you for a the crafted. True story. First time limit Jimmy vasser I forget where were route meant them. Now listen I wasn't a credentialed media person or Bozeman last year was a credential on there. And Donna are the bunch of guys and there's a lot of drinking going on Iowa bits. And we see Jimmy vasser it was he was signing stuff you I don't know if this was at lake the called her something but I know one of my body says hey break a leg and well he went out there and yet during erase it broke a leg but at so. Yet on yeah ID EDT that day actors but osu at a racecar drivers dispatchers in 1990s. Yeah switch in the ninety's. So on what Tony and we certainly appreciate you joining us and give us a quick prediction. Pole winner. I I I. Friend of mine and I have they'd creepy in poor we take our. Our winners and we think the pole winner for eat so I think Ed carpenter got pole winner create unity so stick with. To get picked. Ed carpenter I will go with. Oh. If Rossini. It will give Jeff D'Amico. Yeah I'm very good at LA debt update will power. I'm gonna. Welcome. This. Mills associate Danica is better will give Eddie Danica house yeah an area you work with parent. Audio C down there and a few days in looking in four to have fun weekend. And aren't. Thank you appreciate it's Tony Dziena joining us on the great midwest bank hotline and we'll have more final expression coming up after this.