Toy Story Land Opens and Andy RANTS

The World According To Sparky
Friday, July 13th
Toy Story land opens at Hollywood Studios and things were kinda hectic and Sparky learned a lesson!  Meanwhile, Andy rants over his upcoming family vaction to Disney World! You want to tune in for this!

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Welcome into another addition of the world according to Sparky that world of course being Disney World sees Sparky fight with you any Spitzer came blowers all hanging out and since we last talked horrid story land has alternate. And Hollywood studios in Disney World and the stories coming out of their. As far as what it's been like the first couple of days at Toy Story land Andy have you ever been. Anywhere. When it was the first day that it was open mother BS dole or theme park one rapper but we ran IKEA went and opened correct. And that line was he for them and we got out there at like. 4:30 in the morning yep in Oak Creek Wisconsin fills you listening all over the country to the spot Jesse understand what we're talking about. Up first IKEA mistake it was got. And we are at their fourth 30 in the morning they weren't gonna open to what was at 8 o'clock I think it was down they had a live band playing outside starting called the toys very good local group here. Starting at like seven or 7:30 in the morning we were there mainly or I was there mainly. To try and win guests are two of the gets. Which once they drew the numbers for the gift certificates aggravated out there in the last half our report open were the ones that got to get certificates. All of us they got there early got nothing but anyway so we've been through my you that's weak blanket amnesty and I pointed out attending Alec gift card here material he uses it for daycare for example I think. Not old but so what kind of been through the hysteria never. Ever. Seeing the stories are coming out of Toy Story land for that first opening day in June 30. Wasn't saying can I mean how long did that double the one person that we saw an article from that was their business insider I think it was this she stand in line for like. Three hours just to get into the park yet about point three year for gist and entered during glanced at portion writes what it is is they have this thing all roped off you Hollywood studios to get into Toy Story land. So she shouldn't laugh for two hours. And there were families in front of her behind her the whole deal. Vague column to a man say folks it's going to be another two hours at that point and that point. The families and writers that we're down we're gonna go do enjoy the rest the park were on waiting so they laughed now home a long. The timeline of this all being there and you're waiting. Those that are waiting in line to get into torture and I that hat passes for slinky dog roller coaster or alien saucers or whatever once they were coming I'll. Cast members for coming on and OK give a fast pass for this ride raiser and will bring you. So don't go crazy both people were allowed to be brought in to go on the rising get into it to the Toy Story went that way. Buddy you kind of a fast battles first couple hours that that park was opened you're waiting line so it turns out how we're later. That mission three hours. She finally gets into the park. Guy. I'm lying fur that ride on Saturday the thirtieth. Was 400 mentor undermanned. 400 minutes that means for those of us that aren't very good at math. Didn't waiting in line. Over five hours six hours. And I'm waiting to get into that portion of the car. To answer your hundred dollar ticket right there for a single day hold is is done that point so you have that this lady gets in the park. Issued already been there on a media tour previous to she had been on the Roger back I think she does want to do a story on what it's like the first day just beings a Joseph Schmoll. Trying to get and that's why she went. She guided and not you like well I wanna get somebody drink and who economic sending him for three hours. Forty minutes waited on line to get something to eat or drink. Yes that's crazy right it's that's not so then she says. In your options are limited at their Lincoln there's an exit that you create you're not eating at any price. And you read the story. And she says by 4 o'clock there was no line to get in and you were just walking in public in at 4 o'clock in the afternoon such a way that initial. Blasts and I'm not for so I learned my lesson never ever ever ever lighting that Star Wars lands open and Hollywood studios I'm not going on the first day. Any time anything new Altman that any of these parks I'm gonna wait at least a month now we're on July 31 though. Hopefully that time we go. We will be waiting in line to eat into the park but there are these magic powers. That were going to use obviously. For Hollywood studios and it's an hour before the park opens. But it's everybody's decision that Disney resorts publishing venture we truly I have not he's not much nothing I'm just gonna wait in line just along. As everybody else says one parked the open Mike Berry now. It's 243 in Florida as were recording his contract the slinky dog dash an eighty minute week. Asked that's really goes rocking roller coaster is ninety minutes in on that day while I'm opening day. Everybody was delighted that right or rock and roll calls that it was like. Forty minutes ray with less than tower of terror that still had a highway time. Roll roll calls or had the least of the three. Again if you've seen pictures of the sinking dollar rollercoaster this is not space mountain we're talking about here thrill ride through thrill why is. This is. His mean thinner body he reminds now they sit there's more kick and it appears to be real if you read. And I thought that had gone on it they said it's surprisingly mower the union with thing I mean. If Jackson are two inches taller he did yeah and he stood up yet so I mean it's not gonna dealer asset SaaS based ma. But it's going to be similar going to be found her mom or something like that maybe would be my guess right. But here's my question mark Toy Story land for both the U. Subtracting newness out of it you know reverend has to see whatever the new land is at Disney World is there something in there that you've seen that you're looking forward to. I wanna see all the figurines that are way bigger than you rightly waves and everything else and being the small and that that's what it's to me I mean it's. The same thing as animal kingdom and opened their new land yet we have been on that that rate right yep we will be finally. But it was just about the hand and how with design with things are built around you what it's like a ninety day. I haven't been to it no yeah it's worth just even walking around and there it's not so pretty and then and 98. Like it does has different facts OK yeah October around it there. Yeah I think you'll really like yeah so anyways I will have a report we get back where she and Golan what is at them flying and you rider whatever it's called the other route something that. So we'll go out you never seen avatar. Remember now. That you should probably watch it to us or you're gonna want to before my the last time we never did. I I want to thought it was cool and I have no idea what yes that certainly give you an idea I've never seen avatar I was pretty cool you CNET. I in nineteen and it happens in avatar in Iraq so you don't have a slot but with no ordinary bully you. We did the boat ride which is all in clothes and stuff. And I literally didn't quite a patents right that's and the flying venture write write the flight pacifist that yet so that right we're gonna do that Riley a fast passes for because that ride animal kingdom is like 34 hours every day. It that does not slow down battle of such and take on the phone I mean veteran rapper and now this is the one other thing I want to bring up. This is something called typical dot com had a story slinky dog dash commentary. Reach her and pass button to check this out. If your little one who should be Jackson doesn't meet the height requirement making get a pass to come back and ride when they are all enough blacks. Yes so he is wow. How solid he. These 36 inches and 35 in just 39 B 38 right. So he's 35 need to be 3801. To measure him in deemed that he can ride it don't give him a little pack all their needs to do just walk their little wanted to mention to the Ryan let the cast member know you would like it dashed past for your child that. I guess normal officially measure the child of the game at at the gain peace. And hand the child a special vast pat cash passed. Once the child reaches the magical thirty inches tall that passed the titles and an automatic fast pass with their family. Awesome. To explain summoning. That always goes so. To. The arch duke does say that you just got rental that's where I was gonna that it is Arctic. I hear an expiration date and then there nobody. That have their current high eight. And I. Like next year hopefully he's suing to stop her uncle back for three years but he and he's got a little sense yes pretty short order. Well. I don't know man I into you don't have it's cute kid I just think about that makes that's what they just got done getting out. And Canty just I wouldn't do this have time and it's you know personally but Conchita is go to Hollywood studio it's five days and just keep getting a card. Serve when he is tough enough to go to circuit just keep giving them correct David sack mall that's crazy for sure I do as long as separate although remember. By glare to match or something if they don't can't remember the kid either. Give him he had to go on different shifts or whatever else in helping him I'm ultra compact it's pretty cute but I see he's ever Miami but I think from that point though you'll. Absolutely right and so absolutely and it that's exactly younger got a five day part copper you can give that a shot yet but jets stand in line all the way up so wherever it is that you have to gulp. In order to do it right in the beginning before you get in the long righty in the beginning there it's a you have to go. Now you have the cast member to Malvern aware of the measuring. Height area stinging right. We're gonna explore that that's a good idea I would come and report back if I can do it yeah blue eyes I gotta have a kid again by Axel here. Whenever we go. I can do this to indeed the system. Just by somebody who. Culture I'm I mean it is not tall enough you wanna walk over us and it made it's I guess I'm passed a cool thing to recognize I thought that errors that we can do. That's how could be fighting these outfits and she is a divorcee Sparky five with you the world according sparking wanna buy seven FM the fan. Not dot com before we go here any Spitzer said off the air that the original fact this week put the hours he grants so there should be interesting to. I'm fired up about the state and tired I'm fired up about this case an implant of my family okay. So we had a cookout for fourth of July and my brother and his kids were there nights I said hey. I'm starting to figure out Blake who won the bullet what's the best way to use these fast passes. And I was like we some growing have a meeting before hand and plan out you know once on mind of someone really wants space mountain. On have you. Send my brother says oh yeah we're only planning on staying till noon every day it's. My dad's totally time for the trip. So then what am I supposed to do because as we send the previous podcasts. You're wasting your year fast passes if you book him in the first two hours or so of the park new. It's like can't we just wait and see page. Let's see how of the kids like I'm fired up he can't stay out it's just. He's throwing away so much money. And this is just everything that is not how I planned this out. Ticket to clarify something here's what I've learned from Randy over the course of time off the air. His brother obviously is not Disney dork like tedious Knight has been to Disney and like 125 years. So he also doesn't remember much I guarantee you he doesn't. You remember some maybe but not much he definitely is not anticipating what his kids are gonna think of it when they get there how old are the kids seven and five okay. His desert crazy so when they get there. He's going to have to make adjustments now this is what I would do. Imagine I'm just tell you on how to tell you what I would you can't I need a next move here my next move would be. Hey I screwed up sorry. But early as fast as I could get was 11 o'clock am out here as fast pass like he gets so we got 1112. And 130 are just do it what are I would just do it. NN's via against RE or 1112 and two teams have some some time to eat lunch right 111 into. And do that and what a sorry but we get early can still trying got rides in some of these other throughout fast fastest four and then we'll get on these past passes later. That's how I think Allen played in just Felix that no he did it right you're doing. So good. Sorry I screwed up I got a little bit too late they are gone so I end up have I was only able to get eleven wanting to see guys out to stay a little bit politics. Well it doesn't say that's how I'd play ego oh god as married right yet in your sister must going yet she ever been. How long time ago as well so she I think you also have a niece yet in our stores upon stores and stores at consumers. And she. Well either one of them and your sister mark your niece is going to wanna poke through the Sunnis. Five she's going to be into the prince who is. You need to do that Diddy about the need to. The whole princess' new boutique to the hair dye and get everything god that's I was thinking too but I'm you have to make an appointment for that like months out like you need to call today. And I think imminent focused just more on rides since they've never been this time as we are doing Mike Ford are you want as a stay longer. Yes that you both points later in the afternoon even if they don't get enough day they miss out on some of the rides like and fantasy land something early and new and so if you get an appointment at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I don't know that. And and issued for. And think usenet that way yeah iTunes. Music did get on the gas day I got this and she's now. So I heard your sister and watching them like there's all these stories even Internap buying anything gather it's gonna. Hate you for I have her son mark. Third dramatize something else if you get this thing done and you get it for later in the afternoon my capture fast passes I don't you don't help. Right it's a sign up until then when you get to the park that. With her zinni go hey guess what are claimed he did three. Make sure the right there when a plane you do for you. I got you deployment and they're gonna make you look like a princess later this afternoon hearing pitching hand I don't know that it added our united front government she's gonna go crazy. I really like what I was a navy while three was early sack again. Sorry about that and boom Mussa. It's just an interviewer what do they can and do all day locked I don't know you can only have some. Will time there's a trickster is at times he usually there's like come on there's one thing that I'm concerned about Newt. Is that a deal where they just don't wanna spend a ton of money in the park are concessions and drink dedicated her whole thing and you're just very different but it it. You should you're destined for the whole thing like flight now back he's paying for the food and drink that's already sent to adopt a so yeah hello Joseph. Offense pizza that's not a concern on Colleen and I got I the that it's not a concern and then you couldn't carry being banned and I'm just a concern budgets. That's how negative like my family is like I'll catch flak for how on the fast passes were used earlier in the day or estimate them later in the day they'll be like how come they weren't you know Sammy act a certain hit fitness and not you can't let your brother was in the five test. That's the last thing you can't have happened had events somewhere might result do it on here and it's your brother here's this that it's gonna ruin the whole plant were upset he won he's sandy she's K I'm Sparky enjoy the rest of your day until next week with another edition of the world according to spark to health.