The trick to getting your 4th Fast Pass sooner!!

The crew discovered a trick to getting your 4th fast pass at Disney World sooner than everybody else!! Have you ever done this trick? Find out what it is NOW!!

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Another edition of the world according to Sparky as we focus more on Disney World how we got a little bit the last week in a fast passes and so forth but amongst talking. Before this podcast started and he felt like we should really start to kind of centering a little bit more on some of these rides. That you really wanna get fast passes for. At each park so. I think we'll start with animal kingdom that's pretty much self explanatory right it's the safari depth its expedition Everest yep those soup. And then I like the water right there at the tally river rapids yeah that that's that would be my third. Oh my three tier some people like the banks are right yup it just got really scared on that and they're like well well or that you're like nine and eleven. I guess when they went on that one back Camille Little scary for kids to adults seem to be okay with I don't think it's scary I didn't go on it I waited off the ride was Jackson's final and I remember. They just came out and said they were number ever gone it again in. I really scary but it bumpy bunting yeah but he kind of jostle your rounds appeared on a fan of that and slow motion sickness type stuff. Now it's just like. Omni point have you been at Soros yeah okay so I've got back you she's you probably shouldn't. Migraine or migraine that oh it'll save us slams your head a little bit against the back. Anyway about shields I agree that those Syria I would say don't waste your chest passes on us Finding Nemo relying king's show because you can pretty much get in those pretty easily nineteen show is a must. You have to go see the line can show wonder there it is outstanding. We want the last time Gasquet and had never meant to I don't think oh man into a yes and it was it's awesome I just actually look alike went down avenue up show. Yes so what I want to do this video shot from the up movie obviously I'm blanking shells us. BN in Martina might just stick to use fast pass this season for the rides right OK I got Joseph now one are now let's move on to Hollywood studios. Now this is a game changer here because we have the new land opening sell. The beginning I think. Slinky dog roller coaster obviously Cassidy want you rock and roll roller coaster I think cast to be another mom anti terror and look at that might hurt. But then we're talking about another ride that we're not getting on an involves shooting guns. On that draws are gonna wait in line for starring mania tract had not done that went in right and that's a great ride. But we have to make our choices and polls are seemingly choices that we make we don't ever in a getting around that want. Yes a UN. I think so it's if you get kids may be money is doing your fast passes for Toys 'R' Us Toys 'R' Us Mans and they Mozilla they're just tell us how. 'cause this debt Toys 'R' Us about a bunch of Toy Story stuff that's why I had that in my head but. Yeah if you have kids I would use the fast pass from Matt. All right so fast ask for that if you have kids even if you have adults because there's that one. And then the other one is that magic kingdom that's kind of like that over the magic kingdom doesn't keep score correctly it's dead dead at all. The lawn at Hollywood studios is actually accurate right bill Lyon and magic kingdom I can she human headed X ten. Price if it gets source right. Exactly right so OK so that takes care of that and sorry next up parked there we go to is apt cut. There's not a lot of F Scott necessarily. To do it app cot obviously test track. I Sorin those soup. And then probably frozen. If you have kids that are a fan of that movie that is another one that you wait in line for a probably those three. Yet don't use them on missions mission space usually you can mark kind space shippers seeking usually watch on any time today Finding Nemo all seen and yes Finding Nemo is pretty easy to get Johnny. That's great for little kids yet little chiseled love Finding Nemo for Sharon Jackson high and it was not a fan of it last would you like to I'm talking like 56. Years old bulls got those ghosts I generous. And Tyler's very nice it all depends I guess once you get on that ride so. Those are the rise we say there OK we all agree have you done frozen yet yet I love it you do as crazy women hunting and we're second avenue morgue because she doesn't like movies on the letting go so of course they do his own but it's worth says like you while I wants violence Soria. You need to go on it I'm not the biggest rousing guy either and I love it so I got its assets on I just can't yeah. Didn't bring had let it go literally all right so what are. Yeah Geddes on her stuff I guess all that's have got now let's talk about magic kingdom and where to go magic kingdom. I series you'll have two tier system anymore that you have to worry about it the other par three brenly took oneself into tier system near for magic kingdom. It's all up I I think effort made after space mountain. Then it's whatever you like after that some indoors or at I think seven endorses one that you gonna wait in lines for sometimes you with some endorse the wind for the fast pass again and sometimes is just as long as a line if you don't have a fast pass movies everybody's is a fast pass them but still some endorsed. A space mound in. And then it's up to you splash mountain would be my third probably and I'm thundering railroad out probably weighed nine. Peter Pan has been the same since he was I travelers you have to eat fast pastor Peter Pan you deal is yet if you wanna go on Peter Pan you're gonna have to burn once. I'll otherwise you are going to wait like quite a while for Peter Pan and then. If that's the case you're better off almost giving a shot during a fireworks sacrificing a fireworks and trying to under the fireworks. If well but if you've just traveling with toddlers when you're going to be there in the morning. Then you're better off going to Peter Pan first. Everybody else has run the space mountain that's all the best way to do it don't burn a fast and it after going there. Tracking dogs get in right away I'm just go to Peter Pan first hop on that. Use your fast passes a little later in the morning early afternoon for the other three rise that we talked about them that makes sense depth. Because not everybody's gonna Jeff frontier tanner real snow Jeff for space mound and or some endorsed a splash mountain. Probably seven dorks in space model due to not have a bit of the run for your tang she'll block right on first thing in the mark. I think doubted us way to go about it yeah and towing use your fast pass on the other fantasyland attractions and Peter Pan I would say it's usually you can watch on them. We needed to kind of fills up a little bit but. I was saying the world the usually yet a fifteen minute wait yes honey I left I like their idea ya know I all right so that's that's where we are are with those fronts now. There is this new insight deal would you can apparently do according to. This blog that we is found and were blog is a and you think anybody in my house packing yet contacting is the name of the blog it's very very long the article of the blog or the name of the blonde. Is Disney World fast pass plus strategy 2018 and it's like a hundred pages long because. I swords can help you with us it's called the big fast pass. Secret tap and wrap. So let me explain you how this works. I'm Israel right off of the block in schedule a tanning am 1115 and 1215. When he used that 10 am fast pass right at 10 AM you can hop on your app and move your 1230 channel five in a slot is available and often it will be. Even if it isn't you can move your slots as early as possible mind you more time for the rest of the day. Using more to your fast passes so as we realize after you get your first three fast passes. They will not let you get a fourth fast pass on your rapidly you burned those three okay. Blots you once you scare meaning you get near little Mickey band stand. I and you get in or your your room Carter or whatever it is and you get in line for that first ride what I want you're watching a line union back in your Disney app. And see if there are any fast passes available. Her that third ride fast pass that you have set up much this has to be twelfth fifteenth. And there's one earlier between say ten and noon and you can go quicker and you delete at 12151. And take advantage of the earlier time slot which now hopefully if you get one and attending an hour. You can get on to the 10 AM hour did your 11 o'clock one diner on 151 dot. And you're right away yes starting to be able to get that fourth fast pass one at a time depth the rest of the day. That makes sense now that you're still confused how. We literally had this for like four weeks. Thanks so doesn't understand our analogy if the I did it I just don't trust it in I don't know if your entire party. Is going to get that fast pass Blake. I don't know I just I don't trust you're still not but I'm buying into it all down I'm loving the idea. I as I love it up because again I'm assuming. Women's on this yet the wolves Charlie go to Disney World trip in July and August and Andy's going in October will tell and if it works or not so doesn't screw him over doesn't work but yeah reason I don't trust it is. While. I don't like I said the party size and bang now there's never any same day fast passes available like ever. And we've tried it. We're not tried this on all and always tried it when we used our third one today and grab another line and that it's just all the blame ones that our last meeting don't need fast right to see what. I wanna see as once you get through that first fast pass and that disappears Paul Revere saying you have to left. A wanna see are you still able to see fast pass times after you haven't because we're ready are fast passes sear what June 1 or whatever will be our first past. Fast pass stay window. So once we book those three per let's say magic kingdom right. Can I still go on even a we have three ball is still see magic kingdom avail times now. Orders it also to get blocked out he no longer concede cast test I'm sure the limit you reached your land it right so now once I go sit room. I go through that window and I nap first one is now bird does that now open up to show only fast pastimes. I'm assuming you must because otherwise you're blindly gambling that there might be something available which I don't think the wise. I know I find god of other people doing in their canceling their you know little about how does the cardinals' opponents there's no way it's just there's no way applicable to all this and we're gonna tell some people here in the beginning Kiev but aides what is everybody knew about that we all would have been doing in pine cone and I don't trust it won't rat we're a civil war I'm I wanna see what happens Ellis who we get through. Get our Disney app while we're relying. In CB I'm with you I don't blindly canceling anything wall definitely not but Hollywood studios are not ninety you risk that now but if we can see. That okay is their goal and then try and do it then I'm okay trying it in seeing what happens that just seems so crazy that Disney would leave a glitch and that like that in the system knows how to stop was a bench. Well. It's a glitch. Site you know just like they test stuff so thoroughly. You're essentially deleting yeah you're in third at a faster place for a different third into that leaves YouTube. Add another one but it has to be like that day you're placing down at third task task and if that third fast fast and you're still in the same park. Yeah not deleting it and then adding a third fast assets at cottage or magic kingdom yet. So it. And I don't I don't I don't your problem with it as long as you can see it before you do it points cheating I just don't think using him. Be enough available what depends on time you're timing here you go to crack me if you're going in January and February the crowds aren't as big odds are that or not I don't know me fast passes anyhow right now odds are a lot better if you go old saint August. We're going and it's as a red. As far as the crowd sizes we go which means it's gonna be through the roof with people there's probably I can work as effectively for us. Or you're going in October death. That was pretty busy when we won in October it'll be interesting to see the worst for either one of us but I guess that I'm not blindly doing this yet. While and we have a backup plan of them. Writers switch prepared swap cracked and let's talk about that here before we forget about that. To get to that focus on this Miguel any Il has come right you have kids now I don't I don't have that pleasure I've never asked any guess yeah I certainly did not not OK so I think this is the deal so it if you have a child. That what is it is its they need can't. Be able to ride the rice solar too short for the ride to whatever the case pretty okay. So let's say for space mountain right so I go in line to right space mound and looked and Cheney is over on the side with Jackson. We just say. Parents whopper whatever and they give you. Busing to put around your neck Gordon when young a land your. Or they give you a fast pass which is what they've been doing lately to get ya just on paper fast pass and it doesn't expire give you the man your first and ended a fast pass later in life where you have to stand your wrist band again. Is when they give me the paper one or you don't have to use it immediately or even that day no and in fact. A lot of these to be like a multi use on or even later than that to use himself. You can hasn't expiration date on the bottom of who's grieving can be a situation where if your in state affording you live in Florida you know mega differ weekend. And use a different weaken it if you wanted to you don't have to even use it like she says like his own interest income ten day. I'm pleased that generally and the days that organized used to hopper like you for going between appetite in magic came down yet. And we have the fast passes and a cut but and we still have to otherwise instant good strategy in in doesn't have a designated hindsight you just show up at any time. Right so different if you have multiple kids OK this is where you really take advantage of it because what happens is. Let's say you have two or three year old a four year old whenever. And then you have the ten or eleven year old who can write and all the rats right so the general admiral wants on the right mom and yet. So dad gets alliances parents swapped lists the ten year old they go on the ride they get Dexter fast pass they come off. Now mom goes I'm gonna Riley and she gets on the right she says parents want she gets another fast passes are on again because. With this fast pass that they give you yet and you come back nine you can bring the three other people with you right. Two other two other young man to make your party has three top then teach to others okay we have two boys that are eleven and thirteen grant so when we go we can really play the system and they can get taken right you tried three times awful one fast pass holy. We try to get to our fast pass. Designated time right away in case the fast past minus longer need and then one of us uses are fast pass because we have a child swap. They don't wanna ride and then that one of us that is sitting how we can still views are fast pass go by herself. Ortega jets worth us OK I if there are easier trespass to go a different all right so but then you go by yourself. And then you say you need a parent swap. Then you get another one and then you can go on the right. Like you're talking now essentially go and ride a DN makes a thrill I am they give out a bird bath. That's a beautiful and act so as long as you're in their within your fast pass window that you both can utilizing the rush separately. Either one either way it works I mean if I go back I'm with the two boys I slogan on the fast assets or second time. And we have another chance to go Juan again. But that weigh only one parent cynical on twice in the way die senate. You're the way case cited both parents can gulp. Twice in two to go three times weren't so it better off doing it that way I guess again today is that second vertical solo gets it comes back. And and bowl appearance in the one more time to kissing go two more times before it's all sun and not. And the other thing to remember all this is remember the first time we went which are Joel's and Zola and Michael Sheldon grant. So we went three times cajole would say parents want them so yeah. Does that employee is like congressional candidates on the Baird thanks so they don't now now they don't know whose parent whose kid it SO sometimes a last clue and then you know. Yup wave. But most of the time they are in law they just give it you'll go from a China yeah. No matter I have to get married and have kids act over the or just let me know Connor we're witnessing and I can't just random order to fix it. Hey you act like you know me I can get an extra fast pass that sure no problem as you know we don't use all of our additional fast pass the right so what is given to people in the barn in the last eighty years and we know tonight some were not coming back to the parks we just feel like people walking in or like here you know here's the address and it's not did with the time so you can use it any time during the day. Walk our. That's awesome but how my niece and nephew in October south China is an attempt absolutely I don't know about that gasoline but they can't the person to Paris on before. Can't be able to go on the right to have to be too short for the ride are not be allowed to be on the right right that's only way it works with the third if they're big enough to be on the ride and they're just sitting out. Title or they're luckiest hollow and offer she soft now Hernandez. But if you know their real small. And definitely a war no question. So there enough command track there's another tip all right thanks for tuning in to another addition. The world according to Sparky. I hear on the sand and go have another episode coming up next again every Wednesday we posting new episodes. Up 2157 FM the fan also be available on iTunes as well people can download off iTunes on your friends tell your family. You know bunch and I'd people that are going to Disney World or big Disney stands. Always appreciate feedback to you wanna give us some feedback come on Twitter at Sparky radio if you want between enemy. I k.s on Twitter at decade Boris is well. Andy's just doesn't believe in Twitter. Test and can't get older he's just got home found me or can not any are out fact. 22 and the show for Disney I you guys are hard core Disney people right yet laughter so what's under magic kingdom. Tunnels exactly okay take tourism of by the yes he can't. So when they built a park in 1971. In addition to use the tunnels which if you don't know they've built tunnels under magic kingdom and the main purposes. If buzz light year has a mean greet and tomorrow land while Disney didn't want him watching your frontier land right so. Also in the tunnels are two security sense. All around the park yep so in the park open in 1971 they had fresh break bread baked bread smells on main street out. And Kennison futuristic like ice cream kind of smells in. And tomorrow and so these steps using. Sent tubes in there really 1990s they actually patented it. It's called the smell a ties there would be good question. And they actually still use the technology if you bend the Christmas party and now wean party there's floats that still have in my member I went to the Christmas party a couple of years ago. Now I am one of the floats had a gingerbread cookies god save some went by south. That's also stone assists I was a lot of the grocery store the other name and I had all natural smells of almost name. I troops. And I hope that's not end there now doesn't have to now. By his daddy's visit Jay Boris he started vita review another world according this marquee enjoy your death or else.