Twitter Trolls, NBA Awards, NFL Top 100, Zombies Robots Aliens - OTR: E1

The Producers
Wednesday, June 27th
Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat shared their thoughts on why the NBA got their award picks wrong. Plus, Aaron Rodgers was way too low on the NFL Top 100's list. Also, Ryan shared his thoughts on Twitter Trolls and would you survive a Zombie, Robot, or Alien invasion?

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Off the rails episode one Cody Graham alongside Ryan horror bot. First up so hard to brand new pot has voted on by you our listeners on wanna 57 FM Twitter page. Off the rails is the winner I like this named Ryan I think did some corporate name. For this podcast answered in the context we're gonna bring you. Yes pretty tough actually to choose a name there are some good suggestions are mentioned yesterday not Twitter as well my favorite was Lauren grant. Yeah in from Ziggy I think sober richt made a Neitzel picture of that as well which spent reads we did. On my Twitter page to follow me act Cody grant 25 seed I'll fall Ryan and Ryan horror but. Spelled as it sounds HO RB eight C addicting about that time. Plenty of talk about today on this podcast we have NBA awards came out. The app on top 100 list has been finalized. Later in the show were talk about eight subject I'm sure everybody. At some point in life has talked about which invasion could you survive a zombie robot or alien invasion. But I know Ryder summing you wanna get to run away and it happened this morning on Twitter. Yeah I will go up generally good mood. There some money on some early morning soccer games had to battle back yesterday to get myself back into. And the wind power on site stayed up really late watch West Coast baseball watched cubs the Dodgers. The Diamondbacks on the Moneyline so was up lay everything worked out though lost the money this morning though is that in Germany. There that overwhelming favorites. First half Moneyline. Because overall on the morning line they're like minus 550 so isn't screwing with that so I was like get will be when and by at least a goal at the end of the first half. They work that I checked my Twitter mentions. And she baca was taken some shots that means that the and I (%expletive) hate these parity accounts. Like I hate accountants like not Selena Gomez and says like Selena Gomez or not the weekend but the parity counselors like the weekend yeah solve these motivational quotes like he could never love somebody that you lead as a lucky back. And I'm like a you know to talk never said that some are using his Twitter handler Twitter handle it ages of marriage and be in such a (%expletive) loser. That you can't. Make a Twitter page with your own name your own avatar picture whatever and how he college. And you are to dock on -- car yourself what does this nag grow. In the blow blue move on to Manila to help disguise actual high Twitter name Twitter handle is nearly pissed me off this morning is if you're gonna go at somebody. Police have the balls to have your name. I near. Under Twitter Twitter handle. Yes so he responded is Ida and our vacations as well because I was tagged in this post it was our question what's the name of the new podcast he would writing Cody. And he responded with some. I'm living a r.'s words look I look at this page in everything is just him trolling people and like all his light surges like porn star paged. So I had to delete a couple tweets that when I'm Gary large rise some losers mom's basement that's like Ritalin and yeah I was like putting gonna do today Twitter porn stars to who don't give a (%expletive) about you and things like that and as a man this guy proudly visitors that life does what he's doing this time benefit Zalmay at a calls this morning she's like hey you know what are you up to and as like cat now much. Connection to work out here soon and I go into the studio to a podcast with Cody. As like I spent 2 hours of my morning two hours of my life arguing with a (%expletive) account name to baca. With a picture of Dukakis it was my life coming to. I really need this or doing something and in the morning and in the daytime decides batting soccer. And fighting with Star Wars fought compared accounts. And I wouldn't I usually just let that thing go yeah that's right dead I like Ali letting go when I'm watching Germany cost me a hundred opting dollars European stock at 10 AM I had no patience for you doc a slick move guys. It appeared it council before we move on what really quickly I just needed a needle hate the most is Ian Rapoport period count. That I can not stand for I do I know I've I thought for a one time. One time national sport where every tweeted an Ian rap port fake tweet a camera what would be wise I can't look back on it as I did delete the week. But I didn't check for the blue check mark got excited because of some Al wanted to happen without thinking I retreated it. And we'll move on from there but yeah the parity counts and edit Zach. And knowing believes like I get the point that you're trying to like (%expletive) with somebody and have radio host streak to a UN and the booklet big ass as Bullock why are you. Why do you create like a fake. Sean Mendez (%expletive) in profile like edges I don't understand I don't get what you. Get out of that like. In the new post on this worthless she indicates like. 151000 (%expletive) can read tweets and it's not even really Selena Gomez are the weekend or this person and eggs I don't understand that somebody needs to explain it to me. And his two docket guy (%expletive) him. Our final at bat at our (%expletive) cage fight this guy I really do because. Hey he doesn't even follow me yeah so why's it taken shots at all ever heard one of my take is if all the fan page. He does follow the fan page so that's how we mean these are the aegis Easley is a know who you are there's no who I am he's just one of the exactly as we follow meetings and yeah I. He fouls namely porn stars are the fan account and the bill Mike in the bill Michael's account ZLX bill. Hates all laws and loves. Six and railed so whenever. Gas and off like it's let's move on global model will move but much problem like at pages as a and as get this is the sick (%expletive) this is the perverted fox that we deal. To back up. That's is and I thought your top but no whenever I wanted to see a lot I don't just make it and how it usually isn't where named Tom Cruise and just come out. I just how it in and how does Germany lose to South Korea in soccer explain that to me like I'm not the biggest soccer heroes chuck you know say. I had decide this holiday sign told sat right MI theater church or inside found the source to Sansa. ENG had this episode where. You got the job with the Yankees because he did the opposite. Of what his instincts told until then and always do the opposite always do the opposite. I historically had an eight very bad gambler. Because I'd go with my heart and my emotions. On taking nineteen season so I figured ominous start doing something different I'm gonna start. Being the opposite. When I'm betting on stuff so I'm going to go to our Summers are betting on soccer's I don't know about soccer yet and and when you called me this I had no idea another plan this morning I don't watch a World Cup I don't know anything about soccer I was like hammer proper way to. Get on that bandwagon. Exactly should just take all underdogs like today anchor it was like plus 14100 syllable of the biggest single Ryan dollars you and a 140 is you know my nickname the poorest and radio on the ascent to submit and that's a lifestyle. Because I am very pork. We'll get that I got the money just that the role. Yelp 25 there Tony five there are still free Sony five bucks. That's why you don't bet the heavy favorite you you can scrape up some quarters in your car right now probably take them to the grocery store into the Coinstar bloom ten dollars right there. And if you would have taken that ten dollars thrown on period today. You'd be a 140 dollars richer that's the beautiful thing yeah gambling and what you think the ten bucks and have isn't as good ambassadors bad debts Germany say it was a bad that in. It was they did win how much money would you want. Well I threw quite a bit of money out of sub I would of one about a hundred block out there but like a sad I am I mean strong comeback last night's it would happen this weekend. As I was here for dia post game shows I was here all week and not anxious and nervous wreck because. So this Chicago Cubs were playing the Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds arguably the worst team in the National League they were the second worst team in the National League at that point. And they sweep the cubs and a four game series for the first time since 1980 theory. So game on our cubs like to go to tuneup and lead about the cubs game one is how this whole things spiraled endow them. They lose like six to two or something like that as like Aaron dug in and Amare. Gotta give beat again so that I'm like OK chip learn nothing here they're gonna win at least one restricting games against the reds they get beat again. So that'll like a camps and on a dollar and they're not get a slot mother as the four game series. They have like a 6171. Lead on Sunday Pedro stroke gives up like seven runs in the seventh inning they lose. And houses and huge hole and had to work my way out of finally do it and then Germany of all flock in people's speakers and you know look to have three favorites I think they're one of the best teams. That's the problem restart button on sock too much about soccer. I know about probably about as matches. Now you know casual fan I guess just because Allison to a bunch of podcasts and what is World Cup time I do watch the coverage but I still have no clue it's like the hardest thing in the world to predict yet no African clos. And sell lot let's move yet. All moving on sue we got NBA awards and an assault top 100 I wanna do it's a top tad. Of that. NFL list that was put out by NFL network of course we all know where Aaron Rodgers ranks on that list has highest most of us would like to us thought he would. Before we get to that we're talk about the MBA awards they have the award show now second straight year they've done this which I just think it's. And I mean there's no point aids is they want more coverage and it was an anemic turnout on I don't really like to do is award shows when they and they come through. But anyways were gets those awards and the key. Not LeBron James team's heart and I think. There was no surprise there but when you look at numbers there's Kathleen arguments in the made for LeBron James rookie of the year went to a guy that. Is considered a rookie but not really bad Simmons outlasted Donovan Mitchell. And coach of the year. Dwane Casey who is. No longer with that scene they he won coach of the year for a the other awards I think they got them right but those three were my biggest issues and Osaka mock this mean. LeBron James hasn't won MVP now five years Ryan and it seems like the NBA and this is nothing new because Michael Jordan's only wants five NDP's in his career he got. ER Karl Malone one year yet how or why does the MBA do this. And why did make a so predictable to the point where. Well look at the numbers means LeBron James had a much much better season on James Harden but right they're gonna get to James Harden like we know what's gonna happen. I mean. Why is. Eastern switch it up every year you'll want the same guy when an MVP every year because like you said Michael Jordan could have been the MVP every single season and soak of the brown James. So he had to look at. Different. Different factors I guess lulls us most and pour in to their team the rockets were really good this season. But see here's my problem would James Harden he had a great year and he did deserve the MVP award I'll say that I mean like New Zealand we descent LeBron and when and every single year. The rockets were outstanding they lost like two games in the regular season tour like this year for us it was like right. When James Hardy and Chris pollen cling compel all played together yeah. So James Harden was great but he's been in Houston Furl while. I probably could won a couple MVP awards because I mean since he's when there is a thirty point per game guy. You know you get 78 assess when he wants to defend he's a decent defender. And but the problem is is that. Aegis can get it done iams and like I don't know that Houston win sixty games this season with just James tired and if you take Chris Paul off that team like he did in the Al Western Conference finals in game seven they're not the same team. And if you take Clinton pal lot of that lineup that's the same same team. And so James Harden I think by himself I think that's maybe a lot like a 4548. Win team probably. And so take LeBron James off of the cavs were they like a ten to fifteen and probably they're probably arguably the worst probably Eastern Conference and you who else's score not. Do you I should that James Hardy and undoubtedly is the most important player on the rockets right. You take Chris Paul that team. That's he doesn't win as much to ask Chris Paul is the most important in Cleveland but let's let's let's get the bat that down to James Harden let's say he has the most important player on the rockets and you take off Chris Paul. Their wind tunnel goes down right. Yet Ursula OK so you look at the cavs this season let's say a drink Clark's. Taken market as a rental go to now let's say Rodney hood take market teams there went on a down. He can even find minutes in the citrus and Thompson's is the original go down. He confront Kohler the only guy on the cavs. That you take off the team in their win total drastically drops is LeBron six he's the only one that matters it's still. Cleveland LeBron James. Guess that's my problem with just the MVP award in general is it should go to the best player again because I think Agassi chooses go to LeBron every year because of gay James Harden. Most valuable player on. Probably the best second best team in the Western Conference last year. Why isn't Kevin Durant and the MVP because though you you know I mean look at the warriors. Without a 73 UN team. But couldn't get past LeBron on that final series mainly because dram on. Got suspense about game five but so I mean you could say any member of the warriors Camby Peter learned their team staff carry you could say Yaris is the MVP take you got us off the blocks and what do they win and ideally Tony Tony site games and here are six and voting so good step up from Tampa when he most improved player glass doors those that like who's most importantly they're tilted against James Harden is a definite sockets were such a surprise great sixty win team in the Western Conference. And that's why he wins the award because he was the best player finally on one of the best teams best regular season team will say in the Western Conference. So he gets the award and he was great this year. But down was he better than Anthony Davis having to Anthony Davis off the pelicans the pelicans won a playoff series because Anthony Davis without boogie cousins. In the it and I mean granted OK and I drew how it was awesome round it was awesome in the playoffs Mirotic showed up in the playoffs. In fact I think the pelicans played better with Mirotic. And then why an artist does. Since cousins as well as they ran the offense through Anthony Davis an asset like I don't think long term the better off with out of markets cousins but. In that sense they'd be they were able to open up the floor for anti Davis like him do his thing. We give them more freedom offensively than what they did have what DeMarcus Cousins in there as well. But my question also was once a definition of MVP. And he doesn't MVP most valuable player mean the same thing as bass player. He really when he really think about it because. Is in the best are always going to be the most valuable to that team. I think it'll get where they dealt just convince myself that Kevin Durant stitcher MVP in the season once again. I don't think the warriors win the guy win win the NBA title this year without Kevin Durant because I think the racquets would've actually knocked him out of play Chris. All doesn't hurt either you might think that they not cost the state warriors don't know exactly Kevin drag a mean I've said this all along I I think by far. He'll LeBron are on their own tears you know LeBron summer wanted to Madras right they're number two is that warriors team is really good like we set a 73 UN team this season before drink it's there. But I mean. They got. And so it's just a huge difference. Beyoncé Kevin Durant once again India the MVP of the season I think because as good as LeBron was he wasn't good enough to beat the warriors with with Kevin Durant and you know all of fully healthy is that Seth Curry sought Chicago Durant and B yeah as wanting to convince us. And look at Kevin Durant cemetery in that argument you know. Curry is the one that makes that team dull but Stefan curry can have a bad game in the finals. And it doesn't matter to us channel draster and a half forty points to Madras can do what needs to be done to get them over the prefer real hard and win that game. Exactly you can shut down curry. In the class because he can create his own shot but if you put a bigger like 676 they print a defender orders and guide it's gonna get has had a little bit. And you could shut down period there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop Kevin Durant is actually another British amateur and two we have dry today is the best offensive player in the NBA he did get to the program like you can't block a shot he could just pull up from three point land Micah is set his wingspan he these guys so long he's so tall. There's actually nothing you can do to stop on so we never seen prize nominee give my MVP actually Eminem to rid of that for Harden no LeBron James and Andy Davis I go. Kevin Durant and I was pissed off about rookie of the year ties that your. It's a rookie years sector I just wanna relayed these stats to you LeBron James first James Harden. I won't put out all the numbers but points and Nash LeBron James rebounds and bad LeBron James assists. Build a percentage three point percentage and minutes games played triple doubles advanced LeBron James. And I and my argument on that LeBron tremendous years and DP over James Harden rookie of the year what is your gripe about that because. My gripe with rookie the year is that. As good as Ben Simmons was the season. I know what the rule is I'm sick of the ruled that. You can be considered a rookie beatle played enough games in the first year look back get sue I think there's something to be sad about a player that sits on the bench. That goes to practice even though he's hurt he's not participating in drills. That seeing how the MB game is played right up close where as Donna Mitchell doesn't have that advantage coming in. Although still led rookies in scoring had a great season mr. Alec the Il we seen it here and in Wisconsin of Aaron Rodgers. The clipboard sat behind Brett Favre he was prepared to actually again might. Little bit different and Simmons will be different basketball what we see it looked like Griffin he won rookie of the year in his second season and Robin Simmons does it in his second season. I take medicine is to win because I thought he was going to have because MBAs predictable sometimes with. Picking their award stat I thought Donna Mitchell. Really did deserve it and he was a true rookie I would like to see him get a. And Simmons is a great player he was excellent this season isn't even really the fact that he sat out a year in Canada the redshirt thing that jars me nuts it's the fact that. Looking as good as he was. He's got some talent surrounding them. Angel and be especially. Where is Donovan Mitchell. I thought Utah was gonna win like 25 to thirty games maybe this year especially in the Western Conference because. You lose Gordon Hayward I mean you have Rudy go bear who's African superstar dad as a salaried protector agree. All round player. But I wasn't expecting anything from Donovan Mitchell or the Utah Jazz. And it African topped this year man their playoff team and nobody expected that I figured there are gonna maybe even taint. And I'd try to get another superstar because they las Gordon Taylor. So I like Donovan Mitchell and then just the way that he played in the playoffs like he looked like a year four year five veteran out there and he was great. In Jason Tait. I would actually put Sackett. Out go Mitchell first Jason Tait and second he became a superstar but the Celtics asked him to deal run that offense and land com. Carrier ring out lost for the season. In just the way that he played in the playoffs I'll never forget when he dunked on LeBron. That was amazing but also that was a mistake zobel LeBron out I generally like LeBron camp so he's known since you are yours will not start out like demand it was almost like Kia to the throne there and I think he's going to be hell player I think he's going to be superstar. And I think he's going to be probably the face of the franchise maybe him Jalen brown Gordon Hayward because I think carrier ring does end up go to new York and becoming a net eventually. And I think. The best thing that happened I think for the Celtics was carrier being get hurt. Because I don't think realistically even with Carrie and Gordon Hayward they would beat the warriors this year I think they have a better shot next year. And I think that Jalen brown and Jason Tatum get the chance to develop and play Al those men's doubles meaningful minutes in kind of have to carry the team. In the playoffs is going to be valuable for next year than you bring back help the carrier ring hopefully. I mean does he ever fully healthy and Gordon Hayward knifing through the team to beat not only in the Eastern Conference. But may be in the league. Especially Chris Paul doesn't stay in Houston because I hear that things are going sour there with contract talks he wants a Max deal can they at Florida. Clint Capellas going to be due I mean. There's a lot of variables the look at but yet I go Donovan Mitchell number one Jason Tatum number two Benson and number three and that's not a slight on Simmons I think he's great his jump shot it's just solely. Is broken he is how would jump sharp right now that something's gonna have to work on for sure. So those three players ever question for you about those three in the second the first someone a mansion because you met you talked about the play oxy talked about. Jason Tatum taken over the playoffs and Donovan Mitchell take an open the playoffs. And then Simmons really having some low moments I mean he's quarter one point. As they when they played Boston the second round yet the issue we can't show you exactly and in Bret Stephens who's a genius head coach who actually I thought sherbet considered one of the coach of the years. My question to you is. Because playoffs are not taken into consideration when they do these regular season awards. Should they be. Now. Not final Debian user regular adult you tell you how people talk about. You see what time it Mitchell to become chaos at that we see award as the finals MVP out of my like an overall post season award Ehrlich a first I mean it's stupid in the not gonna do that is as the NBA able liking college you'll have like a tournament team a hot person second team that would even be cool. But I got like. That would be conical you know glad that you would make that two Crist melts it yeah I actually reality first team to tide Smeltz and had. That's playoffs out of anybody I think in the first round in eighty seers but yeah I agree as some my second question you is Jason Tatum. Then Simmons and Donovan Mitchell is right now. Who has a past career on all three of them. Out of all three of these guys. I'm going to say. And that's tough question Imus say it's between. I don't know about Donovan Mitchell. I just don't think Utah's ever gonna drop a big name free agent so I don't know as far as winning goes it yet is he gonna stain Utah. You know they're gonna have to draft to really well put it out there's a lot of history a lot of variables go on the new time would Jason Taylor and he set up first SaaS. In Boston and same right and as you may know individually you don't that is not as a team player whose team is gonna be the best but I think. What surrounds you kind of is does play into it right plays and hi good you are individually. Jason Tatum has a chance to be an absolute superstars that sea of carry bolts for New York. I think Ben Simmons has the highest ceiling though especially if he. I mean if he just develop said decent job shot. Not be happy with him she like 45%. Yeah 44% you know been able to act on a couple threes just so he had to take a serious because in today's NBA. Even if your small forward a point forward a power forward you have to almost be a stretch for you have to be able to play. Alec you face to the basket not just in the post with your back to the basket anymore. Simmons is a playmaker I see a lot of LeBron anomaly a little bit of Magic Johnson. He's got to develop a little bit of the jumper like I said I think he has the highest ceiling especially for the fact I think Philadelphia will be Alba actively and SanDisk. Draw attention I think they they are going to be able to get there I didn't Marat can play with that indeed it would transcendence of Vicky keep all those guys together. Keep the checked and some shooters when they double down on and beat immediately shoot himself I think Simmons has the highest ceiling next to Jason Tatum I think golf they're going to be. Superstars yet to be fun to watch for sure their careers progressed and I really liked Boston man that seemed is going to be tough to beat. The next several years and it worries me about the box because. They have a long way to go before there on the same level as a Boston Celtics team and BA though season's over can't wait till he gets back. Baseball's in full swing and a doll making headlines as well they of course have their. Every year apple network just top 100 players and we just found out the top ten Karen Rogers the pride of Green Day. Who we are now. Is arguably the best player in the league right now he was ranked tenth on this list. And Green Bay fans were not happy about that. No and rightfully so yeah so did the are voted on by the appears. From what happened last season which I really don't understand. That fully because. Ignorance is still supposed to be the best players going into this season based on what happened last season Mary Rodgers played what 56 games. But you still know who we is by as audio work he was the sixth best player in Napa top 100 last year. Now he's dropped back to tamp about a label bought out. As Aaron Rodgers number one and plan BP. Not exactly I feel like you should be based off projections a little bit of last season and mainly just kind of Fitch's who's the best player right now right now that's what it is as I hate the rankings for the NFL I don't vitamin like NBA top ten players earn baseball top ten players. But in football like how do you dictator how do you decide if lady on dells more important whose team and Aaron Rodgers 'cause lady Abd Al I think is the overall best player in football. Because the guy can rush for a thousand yards. He can catch a hundred passes that he really wanna TO he actually blocks. Leahy is he is the best NFL running back in the best overall I think athlete. I don't robot to Basil raw athlete he's the best overall I think football player in the whole National Football League. But is he more important to his team that Aaron Rodgers is because we saw that. Mess of the season last year was with press calmly under senator you take care routers I've Green Bay and their foreign twelve. Five and eleven football team is if he doesn't play for whole season and brown cleared shock Kaiser no matter who your quarterback as you take Rodgers out. That out of the lineup in your not make in the playoffs whereas if you take Levy on Dow off the Steelers I still think they go ten and six the type that you possibly eleven and five this season just because Roethlisberger has. A lot of weapons a lot of big receivers he's got Antonio Brown. But is that to say Levy on bell is and isn't coroner isn't as good of a nap leader football player and air routers I just think it's domino like the top 100 list. Just because Heidi dictate who's more important parties say Aaron Donald Moore -- and his team and Aaron Rodgers or IDC Aaron Rodgers is more important. That -- Donald because we know in the National Football League if you want to win a super ball you have to have the best defense of line and the best offensive line yet to be great in the trenches come playoff time you have to have a. Pass rusher (%expletive) Yet it all starts to by default with the quarterback I mean. You know there's if you're doing a draft right in you have eight top ten pick in say it's a fancy draft to where. You're an owner of one of 291. Of thirty teams at 29 other teams are saying. And you have to take yeah got a dead kiosks like that you think OK to leave got bell and Antonio Brown. Those guys. Are obviously better football players and not say a just give me make a quarterback in DC like a match you staffer. Oh before you finish this point but here's a great here's a great point boy you're about to say here. OK so do you have Lilja and Valerie had tiger really look at tiger really is a great example two years ago. Com. When there was no starting quarterback for the rams what do teams do against tiger LE eight stack the box he was averaging like 3540. Yards rushing a week yet a great rookie season. He was Africans died. And then his sophomore year when jeered goth was kind of like. Amass his rookie year we didn't think he's gonna pan out. All teams did a stack the box against dearly and he couldn't do any thing. Last year jeered doppler how to play a little bit of football he had a better offensive system completely new coaching staff. And he was pretty got it to carry the football and if forced teams to take him serious and I really was awesome it's such an agency that must say what should you take away beyond Al number one yeah happily portals as. Recorder exactly they're gonna. Now Libya dull I type it's so hard to say that because tiger is a study as well you look at Dallas though. How about that press got you take is he to Eliot away from him. And that is that it has. I'd turn there yet as the general press does this very important player in textile sales. And not not. Not the running back in on their size you mentioned the rams so it was time jury that failed. Because you have to quarterback so. I. Exactly because okay. My new theory about running backs they're some running backs are highly take in the top ten you know let's it was an argument come draft time a guy like tiger really is a top ten running back a guy likely via Dallas top ten. A guy like Alvin Camara if I could read draft right now would be top ten. But then. There's a lot of serviceable guys looking like Aaron Jones can rush for a thousand years or 1000 new and how long time caddie that I thought I let tiger live good that he's. Forty years have been nice but what I'm saying is you could kind of shut anybody back there now nick rush for a thousand yards if you have a solid offensive line. You have one to have sisters too as well as the cowboys are best off with a lot of football. Lindsey Kelly is still or Z Kelly okay they have like Nixon added rush for a thousand yards. Iran saying yeah kindest known anybody back there and they are capable brush my iron yards because the of the best offensive a lot of sick and the way. Wire every single week it finally cowboys running that this has starts at Brigham and all the guys exactly. That's a good point to make and and look at the top ten of this year's picks on the at a ball network count down. ELU Hadley BM ballot number five a running back yet Todd Gurley at number six. Running back doesn't only two running backs. In that top had yet to wide receivers Antonio Brown Julio Jones at two and 43 quarterbacks four quarterbacks Tom Brady. At one went set three Drew Brees a in Rogers aunts and and you had to pass rushers Aaron down seven Yvonne Miller at nine. On Thursday and Yury. I arsenal and so are the yeah that's been dying to these and I understand because he would have done and BP. Should abandon the army Clinton did you is that there's a big issue in in this respect the MVP discussion right. Carson Lance. Would have an MVP last year no doubt beating her is SA to say. You drive and the Super Bowl MVP did you ultimately result of all just the regular season. That's on say yeah you rim ME TE gets hurt. Andy's still win the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback in the foale's. So I eat a meal like I don't know harmed saying this is we don't know Carson much is a better quarterback detect false but was Carson Wes even the most valuable player on that team. No I think every member of that defense outline was probably the most valuable there was don't want it may take me 33 touched all I am I a franchise record for death. And the only two in the Bolivar seven times seven interceptions and that's in thirteen games. So I was fine with him winning MVP but if you give me C this is my problem with top ten players. Are those names on a border right now and I'll go and Aaron Rodgers or Tom or okay and I'm fine with with that argument OK who's the go order who's the best quarterback in the game right now. When he starts challenger breeze out there. In Carson and Lance I am and have to disagree with you and I and I agree with your breezed being in the top ten to type that you and I think he should be right there attack and I think Tom Brady should be right there at number two and I think Aaron Rodgers should be number one because we CD Green Bay Packers when you take Aaron Rodgers. Out of that lineup he's not the starting quarterback he's now behind senator there a dumpster fire. And let's put it lightly so I'm sick of this conversation like that the Packers were doomed from the start of the year last year OK they got roughed up they got lit up by Atlanta in Atlanta all the Nat. They'll agree. A win against Dallas was huge Aaron Rodgers was hit in his stride he looks fully healthy you look like he is in the best shape of his career. And I think the Packers would've won eleven and 512 and four lash I think it would've beat Minnesota in Minnesota the data the hurt. Everybody's acting like there's a terrible football team which they work but I feel like everybody's spirits were just murdered. When Aaron Rodgers went down in Minnesota Nikkei Tennessee in the locker meek can't hear it. Like the season was over like Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson is kind of gave out. I mean to homily was terrible. And the defense is Kenny gave up I feel like that was the problem with core index or breeze that goes wrong with them last year when your plan for a team that is destined to finish with 678 wins in back on the playoffs. What he really planned for other than money and contract and SEC this year is guys are gonna. Ball out. Ohio posit a concert here drop a bit like that there and Rodgers there and say you know K alone you know the Packers were a mass blah blah line I think they would won eleven or twelve games with the help you out Rogers you agree ash that's in a game against Agassi too this is why I like I don't take anything and I topped this list because. Don't let other people's opinions of facts. I deal. What you know and I know is Aaron Rodgers to date. He's the best player in football overrun is saying that absolutely not enough we're talking like Tom Brady pursuit Aaron Rodgers all time. There's argument there. I kind of career I'll take number after I towards Tom Brady up right now today. Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback but bought your draft eighteen just for this year. Aaron Rodgers going number wind in everybody's track. Is he still younger as he gets older he's still younger than angry and I'm Brady like Tom Brady eventually is gonna drop off a little bit. And I think this might be the year is a cell house. I feel like nobody's having fun anymore I feel like he's still gonna have a great year. And I don't think he's gonna have the same numbers that we've seen the last two to three years from Tom Brady. In same thing widger Brees is always gonna put up ridiculous numbers he's African video game man to look at those late game interceptions in those unnecessary. Throws downfield that he makes a larger Brees he's got the Super Bowl ring TO. But if we're going off physical talent. I'm gonna go to guy attic rollout to his left to throw fifty are dark to a court talking physical talent and as I guess I'm Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback of all time may be physical talent that I terrorists you know a guy Taylor he's actually healthy who was. If Andrew Luck is actually out now for our health move that's the colt's fault because they they have draft an awful lot about their money you don't give him any until such as protection at all. But if he was. Healthy and he can actually throw in his shoulder was normal which I still I'm. I don't know he's gonna play this year and I just some video today news Geneva thrown an apple ball he's throwing yeah I think they haven't thrown like the vortex yeah now I. And the one that makes a sound really hot air down there might an NFL regulations violate that law that was one of the coolest toys droning on the board tackle yet Alia all everybody at an arts exactly but I think like off physical gifts I mean he's built like a linebacker he can make every NFL thrill Brees has never been fully healthy so literally now -- tackle Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady's your breeze out if you wanna cut asking Wilson even in my top five lies and Russell you also Seattle. But like a tune 143 and thirteen football team now is that defense continues to. Dude I'm sure Russell Wilson's recorder back and if you combat bwic Carson messenger girl go off guys like that eagle as younger quarterbacks in the league taken them over Aaron Rodgers today. If you were to start a team to build a franchise the next 1015 years. I'll fine with that because Aaron Rodgers is on the back nine of his career you know I still think he is another. Six or seven years left in him but you're talking about having a quarterback the next fifteen. OK I can understand Napa if you start a practice today Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in FL probably the best player in NFL he's the most important player. To have because you grabbed at the quarterback position. But this top ten list doesn't bother me in a sense because I know what's right and they're obviously not right. Did they make those final ten doubts. Who would you go with you and the tick NDP pick or what do you think is next year's Carson Lance would you go Philip Rivers to win an MB PS 22 to one now he's all those cities that up and coming to would you go jeered off Tony to two on. Kirk cousins Tony to two on the Shawn Watson 22 on Matt Ryan 21 in line. Or I'd Jimmy grapple point 12 would you take to be an MVP candidate or maybe have like huge year. They cheered got on the meal river's name out of there and now I can new evidence in. Matt Ryan's deserve a little bit older Oracle's one by one again okay grapples Tony to outwit him up there John Watson torn into our daily chance miles there. You know if he's believed to solve Watson Jimmy drop blow my two picks I don't locker cousin know so no I would not put Kirk cousins up their Kirk cousins. Is a good quarterback. He's he's a top twelve quarterback. I I don't think she's now leads guy I don't think he has that ability to put up those big numbers. And we knew games. And I don't think he's a guy just an ever take on MVP. Outlook Jimmy your Koppel well I think he's a great quarterback. And guy he still hasn't lost a star in San Francisco but I think he's gonna come back down to earth a little bit next year the thing closes they're acquired a really late they said this is going to be like a redshirt the second half of the season united Tennessean he is gonna learn the playbook blah blah blah. Then a thrown about their egos like 405 and oh something like that doesn't lose a game. Next year though teams are actually going to be able to watch film on them and scout them they're watching film I mean he started what two games in New England got hurt than they went to percent. Before opt more Brady was serving that suspension so we knew we could play but there's only two games and pre season and you know from terrible college football high lights out for teams to actually scout out teams have got the full package and they're able to see what he did deal. I think the niners maybe go eight Nate seven and nine. I have to look at that win total actually. But I think he'll come back down under but he's gonna be a good quarterback play I don't know about that on him and MVP consideration and or anything like that. Look Bob Benning and NDP. And you want me donut day and that cost to build a twenty to one odds fair grad I must put ten bucks a mine. Savings on to Shawn Watson number ten bucks on Jimmy drop seems to Shawn Watson is fully healthy if he comes back which I think he will. I loved that also I think that they had the second that's why receiver National Football League in the country pop against. Who I think is a better wide receiver at this point Julio Jones he's been so underrated his whole career because he's never had a year real starting quarterback and who's the best starting quarterback. But the Texans they could remember. Say Brian Hoyer shot. Match shot hit the one dreamy to Pro Bowl one year is an alternate yet he did a Texans yeah. It was their first I mean it was tiara Hopkins is first quarterback was a match job. It was match avidly was his was is first one this somber bad quarterback. CNN Schaub got hurt in TJ Yates started a playoff game. Let's let's routes and names drop outs Weiler Ryan sits tag yardage match job. We can go although it act 2002 you had David Carr there. I'm Brian Hoyer Ryan mallet Brandon lead in minister Shah got so they just saw losses of escort back they've ever had. In franchise history and he's only played half the season I mean I I don't in feel like that's a far fetched statement. Again I just the natural born winner and we sided clients and Arabs the knock on there's a budget knocks on him on draft bowl blah blah blah that's kind of what I'm hoping we see from. A couple guys in the shears. This this year's crap mainly am big Josh Rosen guys even know everybody hates optics going to be Abbas just because he opens up the Nile I think he's going to be terrific Andes and beat the best. In fact I laid out some money four days ago. It will be the rookie of the year Josh Rosen I'm going to we don't even think that does nobody thinks he's even gonna make a start this year they think it's going to be kind of a red share your eyes and Sam transferred to ask her in the second dance a Y I'm the Sony and because I love the odds are now because Bradford. We'll try go to an Al. The looks out illegal some just some passes one tick what about a series come about Josh Allen. Now he's going to be terrible public who should start over Josh Allen. In buffalo Josh Allen yeah I Josh Jones going to be brutal he's going to be he's got buster and album I don't usually say I like days. I don't like boys aren't about what it's like are now that's I don't think he's taken it still is not gonna play this your most likely with Tyrod Taylor Cleveland people are saying that Tyrod Taylor is going to deeds yes started there for years to come and I I don't miss out on I why you would draft baker mayfield number lie I would bet you right now that type I mean yet Tyrod Taylor plays sixteen games this season. I would've taken job number one anyways so let's move on okay we'll move on so. Yet an SL. Whatever Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the NFL today and he's gas were really my idea yet pan lady and bell. Aaron Donald. I'm fine with any of those Julio Jones if you wanna Golar cedar. I don't know though I'm Antonio browser that's osu ground I mean that's craziness for manic of the best friend act and the best buy receiver and National Football League they still can't get by Tom Brady. Defense is ridiculous Jacksonville I think comes back down to earth next year though I'm gonna say eight Nate I still think they need a quarterback Blake morals is not a guide us to. Tatum rounds slam yet they did they did public morals not a guy that I want the Obama's hands at the end of the game so let's get to this conversation so okay. This is not sports related obviously but is conversation I've had multiple times we've seen all the movies. It is an invasion happens Ryan. What would you rather have it be an alien invasion a robot invasion or a zombie invasion. So this is apocalypse and the world type scenario. This comes to earth and we're all pretty much says fox yeah what what would you survive the longest in survive at all yet. That's that's tough question okay so zombies. Are frightening. What they're stupid. Actor dumbest OK so there's different variations of zombies right never there's never been like an intelligent zombie dull dull there's never been bad but there's like. Eight Kaiser I'll (%expletive) in bug now that yes speaking list there's there's there's obvious flight from like did you know old time movie. Our 9/11 dead or where they rise up their dad people on the rise up from the ground. Or there's those zombies from I 28 days later where they government fox up and yes legally raid zombie that Ryan's it. Add those things are frightening I feel like the problem with those one impeded taken by overtake you know fight or overpower me your sneak up on me. But if they word like pop out of the closet or from under my dad always Xia. They just accidentally little girls ambient when he days at 28 days later on others like to mystery of around twenty days or three weeks later the opening scene and one of them just free all of fly out. Early I imagine waking up like that one dated just like there's nobody on history. I'd like this is great man no traffic today. It is going to best buy and steal budget shifted everybody's dead now I'm kidding but I feel like zombies. I would be able to over power outfield outs smarter now be able detail robots would be tough. Because look at OK we'll kind of robots every time I like it hits you in share. What I look at with the robots invasion like it's already started with technology controls almost everything right yeah and it's sold. I don't know if you want talking about like terminator or iRobot. Something along those variations where it's pretty much as members machine. And I feel like those are gonna like old school robot's ass movies were made in the ninety's right robots now would have late GPS so they would know your location and I feel like to be able to track do you subtle well robots they're controlled by something and end if you can get to that something you can shut them down right. Maybe you think so yet to be really Smart sits like a thing in the I in the mirror and see is like it might tune (%expletive) there's always like somebody with a delay breaks in the laboratory to signal is on the government code these are to protect. I would get a gap know that what our society into USA today images I have to like look for fourteen minutes for forty different passwords just put a picture up on the website but they're right remember I don't know of the tax robots of panic like I have to I always did blocks out of FaceBook is at the romp past for. Also I'm she's out of stronger than I'm smarter than and I feel like I can defeat I feel like there's always a way that you could be to zombies it just takes a little bit of but time. He had to finally two to three survivors like there's got to be like an old man like his his daughter who's got like a flash alone and you don't know she's gonna turn up in Zambia or not. You have to find other survivors. They have three sources like a stack of bananas or likes and Salina Amy is you have to eat at and you can't just like Rhonda run to your nearest Pickens say because they'll be zombies just hiding in the frozen food section. But I still feel like zombies are defeat oval. Robots. Depends depends on how advanced they are like if it's like iRobot and there's just like get one bought nick shut down the whole system Rangel that it terminator like black mere robot like there's an episode with his looking robot dog. And has to be GPS. I Internet until little. Okay now aliens. I believe daily sound off you do absolutely amicus like we live in this huge Jared Rogers diddle podcasts never ending the universe right yeah Ottawa sun that because like. Area 51 there's alien stuff all over the place. And in Il they are among takeover. We don't know what. But the capabilities of aliens are we don't know what they look like we don't know who they are X I mean they could be living with us right now. We wouldn't know Dennis Rodman is an ailing is innately Michael Jordan is an alien I don't know about okay now he's an easy gap. Gesture that's there's a big difference right there but aliens okay. We had died in the missile attack because really quick before against the alien conversation I wanna say the biggest difference I think between. Actor alien invasion. And robot invasion overs on play together. Guess a zombie apocalypse because I think that in alien invasion call colleague crazy biting an alien invasion. Or robot invasion. Would actually bring. The world together. Don't fight against them let me finish me finish compared to. A zombie apocalypse. Where you start having. Groups. Go up against other humans and I think humans become a bigger problem is operates. Yeah I agree with that okay I thought the debt debt to route was gonna go you know what anybody that any scenario people Gennadi yep well I I must say like it. I just think that more people like I think that government be more control an alien invasion in the sense that. They would have a plan they would have a military. And I don't think that we'd be fighting on the front lines like resounding. Yes exactly. I feel like I don't know because I feel like it any scenario with any of the three options that people are just so (%expletive) crazy now but like I said people be like well everybody's getting killed everybody's getting murdered IDs aliens and things are blown up and exploding I'm probably gonna make it summer undertaken saved since all the clerks or dad. And Imus deal. Fifty pounds of slimy fifty pounds of what's really slimy guy I'm actually thinking about a slice amateur right now I don't know like Utah's slime got a guild a Turkey roast beef. People like gonna wanna go and like steel she had like steal people's cars as early lay in debt and on. And I think it turns into like everybody likes fighting on the streets and like. Trying to go high in the same bunker like it in the same basement to hide from the alien rollout or Zogby. Into Regis we end up just killing each other Nazi in the bigger picture that we all have to be so excited. Site again until it is against is hobbies I don't feel that same scenario. At least at that stand against the idea Lawrence O'Donnell are dead. Anyway I might as well enjoy my last 48 hours on the planet on the go and do this. The Symbian as wants to do that same thing may end up bad on the each other meanwhile. Should Siskel and curry is not alien takes over those multiple ways second happen you'll you see Independence Day where they just bring us huge ship. And he's just try to destroy everything or can happen like in humorous a movie signs were Mel Gibson. Yeah they actually come down to ground the try to take you out one by one of poison. I liked that movie until you see the (%expletive) alien and stupid is the continued rising gas and it's just like swing away in the Gaddis picks up a baseball bat and just starts murder they all that's all I had to do is just pick of a baseball bats or whack in these dudes. You broke the back. A movie sucked and I liked the first hour of that movie like what it could have done. And that it was I'll just like. The most corny share. Nearly lies like everything tied in here's a good message and everything tied nicely together. But it was just such (%expletive) it like you're gonna defeat nearly with a baseball bat this is tied here this is tied here. I mean the best part of the movie's gotten Al Gibson. I don't know if that's the best part is that there are any time you get Mel Gibson in a movie I mean like I wouldn't put them up on top ten on not as an app. Actor like his performance in an awe and the we collect and caddie. Are okay lethal weapon like five. I think there was a five was there is not a bad there's the first two murder rate and that's what's being more Apache and that he's eager character but anyway moving not so alien invasion. I think growth (%expletive) yeah plus anywhere I think we're gonna will be (%expletive) up everything I think we would lose an alien invasion I think relief was a robotic invasion I think we're beyond that and zombie invasion. Now yeah what would you I mean like if that point. For a die anyways. Think that alienation with the quickness yet because they're like if it's like independent stated his cast send animals laser beams and averaging just explodes yeah I don't Psycho. Your dad exam these are gonna like EEU and like eat your face that I think is not the worst way to die or gonna become like one album right so I get to spend your last days customary thing to it's like if you you got you got family and friends or loved ones if you. Were walking down the street. Trying to find those people all you found out that one was a zombie hobby to heal them how do you all easily help ease you say easily but you don't know that's my kid. Right yeah he's feeling when a lesser guided and uses ambient like (%expletive) can do anything about this is eat Peabody and we'll speak about it. Anybody else and she in the face and is diagnosed second my dad dad don't I'm not dad. Wife love you add in I don't need off like 56 years resort. Fascinating and really them I gotta show him as I have it every bad though besides I feel that right did that we just think about it like right now Oleg talking about it I I. I don't know I don't know Fabio do it right away need to be some second spot to hit let me see the movie it. Doll spoiler alert is like disable on the inner dog and rulers like this seem like as he could like impersonate other creatures and other people he could that become anything. And is due loses brother in the beginning of the movie and at the end my teachers like Diaz brother make them feel bad kids snaps out of music you're not in a brother Brothers dad Nestle you have to think. You're not my girlfriend you're not my dad I (%expletive) zone I hit then I'd out of ideas around like holy gets and it sucks like you could more and it like after he dealer. Are you don't you Uga at CS is that they are great dad our dad Cody because. You. Have feelings and heart and all that (%expletive) Mean I'm just home but give no tiger you that you get no time reactor thank you just gotta eat he's got to come out sewing and killing not Hamas survival. And he shot a gun before. Yeah I have I've never shot a gun before. Yeah there's. And two is glasses. And contacts. Know why doctors in the post about political world right. So my classes falloff seed on the line to run in the LensCrafters you have to be one of those trailer classes last after business boom that's how you meet your demise because you. And I'm not ready for this you ensure bako from Twitter battle castigate your glasses in your prescription filled but there's only. Only done it talk about your buck that you guys have the battle unit killed each other before they aliens can even get to you prime examples of what would happen in an attack. People it and we would destroy ourselves don't that's what would happen when I think. We automatically I survived any of the three million Yasser idea why Tom why. OK so. I would hide from the zombies for as long as I could. I stock up I go to casket I got a task go carts Larry buy things and bull. I don't buy it in bull my wife likes to buy a necessary (%expletive) I'll be like why do we have 52 packages. Of bottled water why do we have enough toilet paper to wipe our asses for the next when he five years. And she just likes a good deal mansion likes to buy things and bolts on stocked up I got enough food. Toilet paper I got the resource is to hide for as long as I can wait that thing out what the people. All I need I'll take Amanda and I'll take my kids. And that's on anybody else from that not answered my cell phone I'm not doing anything to hide for as long as I can't because these things are gonna die. Zombies. Zombies are like job Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa G step on HGH and steroids or like. Ski team like I might think immediately puts their life expectancy I'd say like a week or two about it and that's agreed to keep eating brains and I think that's how they get stronger not really Shuler but they're not gonna live very long. Well there is that whereas thirty debt. Have a anti anti composers up and then wandered today like I thought the only way to tells Ollie was like blunt trauma to get into ideas that. Every movie is different so I don't really know I don't know zombie activists are likely get automatic real though we don't know they're not real challenges waited out in them like when they do you come. Is kill and is cut their heads awfully like you said they're dumb they're slowing you don't really think I can rough I used to in my heyday around like 434440. The Tony somewhere in cleats are Ron I can't run it I'm not running late I'm not doing it. I'm not worried about zombies robots would be a little bit tougher and luckily my wife lays a political genius that's what they called apple. She were to like the genius bar and fix his computer and I guess so she would probably I locked myself out of my own (%expletive) phone and she knows exactly how. She probably knows run that right now chizik location services and everything on the cellphone. In so I'm pretty sure that with her knowledge with my strength. We would get through the robots you'd be like oh all I gotta do is. Rely on that they're crazy and then what was the last morning alien aliens. This one's gonna be a little bit tougher I think a little little luck. Is little need. Because you just can't be in the wrong place at the wrong time like if you're taking your White House tour that day and independents they happens beleaguered debt. Luckily I don't do anything like that like stupid two hours in Washington DC I don't did she get. So I'm probably at home on my couch I highly doubt the aliens are in our plotting to destroy west Dallas. In my apartment specifically as I sit and these 200 bucks on the World Cup at 9 AM so I think I'll be good. But then yet he had to find a safe place in you have to sign a science test. Like dead people and shutting up for twenty years ago because there's a 1976. You know that would this crash yet to find neck and it's stuck in knots. People find him to be a little bit crazy and I think the date. He is dynamite ticket strong cast of the last twenty years and realistically he knows all about the aliens and how to stop that. Yet the live long enough to find that guys' prime like the desert. And yet to come up with a plan together he had to be in the right place at the right time to survive day alien attack because. They have an unfair advantage managers drop and laser missile. They number one avoid big cities. So I think they deliberated city so Milwaukee's not really a big city even if it is like I'm not your flocked here to tackle problem and all comes and laughs okay. Oakley sonics it will we have an IKEA. See your spirit begins that's what they're gonna be focused on and I feel I feel that he is going to be the true source the first targetted at at at. First target is going to be I Kia. This cell really went off the red one alien GAAP to stop about some cheap furniture is couched Bakken broke and now he's gonna stuff. Yeah so late so. Which do you think you could survive are out there would survive any zero for their yeah bush so I would take an alien invasion sides are quickly. You guys did this on tour and Singler so okay does not happen so chuck was off. As in so it was a draft obviously. NBA draft and Kevin hold of CBS 58 or substitute teacher of the fan attainment. I don't remember how we get on this topic. I don't know if it was stacked here remember like we were talking about. We talk about robots Bart was talking my height six scared of our loan robots do you know he hates robots he loves like he loves taco attackers of that would bar and you just go around asking people if we're placed human beings as the ball players that are oh yeah it still lots. Now I think it's one of the greatest most underrated questions at all they did that movie real steel with Hugh Jackman Wolverine which was awesome movie on the way and not enough love Dick Ali let me walk out of lawsuit lawsuit like that loved it loved our summit with my dad next day next podcasts we're gonna do our top ten favorite movies about due to the valley and now that you love realist I need to hear your full catalog you wanna hear muffle catalog now bring that total would do that next week. Are you call a tease in the Cintas yes in an episode four refine out your secret as well. That's one of our other teases. Obama third on a third lane exits and a third leg and a Anna being is that what you call. Well we'll get to that I have to go to five maybe possibly up it'll push that back one episode I would not survive any of these I would die quickly. Alien invasion. Eight. Fiat robotics take over not very strong. I mean if Arnold Schwarzenegger came out I can't she John I've never had one so no I wouldn't survive that and in a zombie. My classes would follow off within the first two weeks deep line I can barely till spider in my house near I don't see myself being able to wrestle bad. Here you lose your. Kalin I feel bad for our she's in serious trouble yet she sheet guy wears the pants in the family I feel like she would deal like this is the money. But US Fisher let's all let's rate of anybody radio right. But I feel like yet axe you would have that she would surviving you'd be dead that within the first scene of the movie at all absolutely your credentials aegis yeah. Is your totally skewed the good thing about odd article and there comes a few days is aboard he was literal I am sorry I am weighed in that anybody available is a funeral dot. I'm the geek to decide ports X-Factor and anything else you need to hit on 5% at a hundred bucks and a soccer game cabinet so who isn't gonna hire you forgot all. They got off the rails are so darn it cost me some money earlier so. Let's let's pray for good things her for uncle or about that. I I I think that's in Brazil the beauty Serbia. Minus one and maybe Sweden I don't even remember man I send these bats and like. 10 PM at night you know I'd imitate numbers today. I did that as well and I was royals this older now who's evil with Lorenz okay I mean there's a chain out of line up the arc leading off and yacht rocks and T bank sixth seventh six or 76 or seven dead and I was in the game. I sure hope not because I took them and the over a team. First pitch come and appear in about what hath power on FaceBook so today here on Wednesday July 9 sorry Wednesday June 27 I'm in danger of those a little bit of money. Will recap that next week. Did my soccer bets come through the brewers score over eight runs. And favorite movies top ten in Tony's favorite movies. On off the rails just just yell at the rose one hand out there give as the one movie under top ten collection before I do that I have a question for you. If it's like a trilogy does that count as one movie Youngstown that is one like hanging ninety godfather to act on it when I hate cats auditorium and punch you in the face thank you got the Bourne movies. Born of a formality do you include the Jeremy Renner no hell no so immediately met dangerous Matt Damon's Jason Boortz. Okay how do you want on my list okay. The departed. Various movie ever made I will see you any clue and ended felons. We have to discuss that next week as a tease out ace right. Syria Syria.