UNFILTERED: Brewers -vs- Cubs FANS

The Producers
Wednesday, April 11th
*NSFW* It's the third installment of The Professor & Pipebomb Podcast...with a twist. Ryan "Quagmire" Horvat joins Anthony Mandella and Jeff Orloski for an off-the-rails, raw conversation about the Brewers-Cubs fan rivalry: the stadiums, the brawls, the action on the field and more. Whether you're an angry Brewers fan or a smug Cubs fans, we all agree on one thing -- we hate the Cardinals. 

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Third episode here of the professor and pipe bomb podcast we're gonna throw a curve ball in there. And attackers gonna talk baseball. We're featuring. The newest producers Ryan whore but this time Brian what's happening. Conine guys you have a nickname and a nickname yeah you gotta get a nickname with a today you can kind of play into this as we move forward here in guy and callous people used to colleague clan America's my (%expletive) faces of fat. Guy. I'm not guarantees. We feel that the networks are not not be like a plus silently you know because I was I mean I literally think anything of it but now you bring it up. No it isn't. So what what violence it sounded like a menorah in an urban ago though that deal you brought it up man yeah different looking guys got to defend their liver cancer pipe bomb and crap like my parents had jazz can't believe Mandela just Orlovsky right or not. I'll throw you curve ball this time around. The brewers cubs rivalry. I'm a brewers fan. You you guys are cubs fans ideally this is supposed to be an even panel. But you probably all for listening to the Tim NTELOS podcast. Know that Billy can't remember a damn thing so he's the golf course right now and I'm outnumbered and I'm gonna try to not get my ass kicked in this discussion right now. So. We just rapped out a couple of days ago that's the four game set at Miller Park. Obviously for me that did not go as I had hoped. But the biggest thing that everyone here at the station is talking about morning show afternoon show mid day show is the invasion. Of cubs fans turning group Miller Park in the Wrigley north I guess I'll start as the brewer fan. I don't really care. Really I really don't care casino lie and Sanford says because you know why if the brewers actually gave a damn they would buy the tickets and they would go to the game. Yeah and it's not my responsibility to pull the whole fan base along if you wanna go. Go and I think chuck Freeman comment he got it I mean he's unnecessarily angry I think. But he hit the nail on the head that if you wanted to not be that way win games and go to the game it's really not that hard before you know. Is not a huge Milwaukee though I mean cub fans are everywhere light light to go and I don't play anywhere close though we claim the Dodgers and you'll get the let's go cubbies chancellor. Arizona especially when it's murder communal people that are diarrhea the snow ruins there. But I mean that's is kind of the way it is arm. It's funny that we Billy talk about that hasn't always done Natalie and I mean there's new cub fans and then there's like real cub fans like answer to myself for real cub fan. All the thing too like with Miller Park obviously the cubs fans are gonna Comex division rival it's like an hour away. It's weighed two way cheaper tickets there's running back got these cubs fans. You might as well this come on here. But. The need. I really outnumbered and I'd really be outnumbered but of I think for me to as you'll see other for example we have an interleague matchup there's a rivalry that goes back with the twins a little view from across the strait. Across the state twins fans come in here all the time. Cardinals fans coming here all the time it's such an immense volume of fans because it's closer. So I just don't. You know it's really not that big thing there's always. Tons of bulls fans at bucks game tons of bears fans at Packard games and you know when that when all that kind of stuff goes down so. I just kind of attributed to they're really close they're a good team they know they're getting under brewers fans again. So just like either just get over yourself and go to the damn game via. Since you're so concerned just go to the damn game. For me the whole Wisconsin only pre sale was such. A heady our own worthless exercise. And all it did it is indict. Brewers fans yeah because it was 75 point five at best. You know cubs over brewers fans at Miller Park so. If you're a season ticket holder for the brewers. York the problem because you sold your tickets in dire sellout if you miss especially if your pitch and about exactly if you may end up and went. Then go to your neighbor and point your finger in his face and say you're the freaking problem. And stop bitching. Now the funny thing to me is that every all the brewer fans complain about you know the cubs invasion. However. Everybody in Wisconsin where's the traveling Packers fan like a badge of (%expletive) hour. Yeah because wherever they go you'd hear go pack go you know who. Am in Tampa wolf apple now home games right so they where they had as a badge of honor. And take their personally offended because they're baseball stadium gets invaded. Look in the mirror it's on you that's that's a thing they can't buy tickets if your ass is already an. Hello right I look at as a compliment because you know every year when I talked my buddies like go get a Little League game everybody always says Milwaukee because it's fun. I mean there's good Miller Park is a great I'm great fan experience is that there's a lot to do. And odds are you're probably not gonna get shot you know is now go to New York in. You have to worry about you know where your partner cards you know it's not super expensive either and that's the that's the main thing gaffe you go there legally I mean and before the fifth inning I was still pretty OR rated big bucks just on booze not counting yeah food parking. You know that type of thing so and that that's the main thing I mean it's pretty cheap. No cheaper to to to bigger markets I think that's why fans and acted jibes what's is only two hours a lot Sony yeah. And I've I've watched the brewers play obviously Miller Park have watched them play at target field in Minnesota. I've watched him play at Busch. On. There's a lot of really cool stuff that happened the bush target field. You can tell like that is not a town that is about. Baseball. Like dale they'll go watch the twins but everyone there is so passive and could care less what's going on and it's really not a it's really not a great. Venue for watching a basketball game cool place to walk around and be at an event. But in terms of just watching the action on the field not decorate. Which leads me into this in this is I'm hoping I can. Can I get under your skin a little bit because never has always sewed am sensitive about it. I've also seen the brewers play at Wrigley Field I know you're trying to renovate it that place is a (%expletive) on its. Not anymore it is a (%expletive) place to watch what is it all out when I was there last season. I can't imagine what it wasn't able sonics now it sucks the seats are uncomfortable you can hardly see the action. You just have the cubs you know what's so far down your throat that you just are enamored with that add the aura of Wrigley Field people and they don't want all. Even when their when it's 65 games a year and error on out Kevin orient Tyler Houston and Doug Glanville. I still like the lottery who feels agree I always think Wrigley Field remember with because it's your home ballpark which is fine bright but it compared to any other place to watch baseball and major leagues it socks. I mean it's horrible. Irony field is a toilet but it got hit by (%expletive) toilet again and I love bigger point there and all those troughs grown up. You know all that is just how it laws doesn't do most frightening things grown up in the world yeah. I got like seven batters earlier offer a live because I forgot it was a bang and I got to select public Toni Kukoc in John bushel to 611 at 68 guy right next to you there's nothing more intimidating yeah in grade school and pissing next to two grown men it and even at the it has and it's grows in the you know. Are you have to sit there you Beckham for a renovation senior CEO elect can jog while you're sitting down to your feet get stuck and you lose shoes yeah you know so yes it was aired similar at all compared to Miller Park you know as far as affair and the overall fan experience it doesn't compare. But the history. You're right out of the field I can't Arnold there's a little follow territory that your just right there it's. There's a mystique it's a fantastic AAA ball park coach I have a lot of problems with that I'm in the media is certain seats behind home plate in addition there's a (%expletive) pole right near lay in and night and yeah like obstructed view I want to see the thing I just like I was there and obviously the renovations are still going on. And they got like TV monitors. Hanging from the upper deck of the lower deck has your view is cut off. But it's tunnel lake. Then those TV's just block other views so it can't come here to watch a game on talk TV yeah exactly and so I don't well I just. To me I was just kind of like its old. And if you grew up watching baseball the of course you love it right but compared to the caliber of stadium across the majors. Like Lambeau Field a good example there's a mystique to Lambeau Field. But they don't. Still throw like half an NFL stadiums capacity and there it is keep building on Wrigley Field just sits there like deterred on the north side of Chicago because there's no room for it to go anywhere you can't I get oh come on. Like a new high rise like right next to it they kind of throw insults on there you know there's no room for its ago because those ass hole neighbors and live in their neighborhood. That thing that they control everything in a block night gains and all that. For so many years. But you know especially when it comes were there before you're asked got in that neighborhood you knew what you were living next to credit gondolas. And I don't wanna throw your arms out and try to block everything that the cubs wanted to do easily there was opted down. You know obviously I'm sure that they would expand it by a bunch of stuff like the Packers did pair rolled down. And and grow it and make it better but they can't because the politics in Chicago are so (%expletive) up in the neighbors such an ass holes that they won't let him do. I've watched games on those rooftops that drift out party sexy great deal because it's like 75 blocks for the ticket. And I'll food is included and I'll blues is included OK so that's a pretty big deal I can definitely get my money's worth without it sucks if you actually when you go to a playoff game in sit on the rooftops I want to be. Ought to be in the stadium chair with fans with the fans I don't wanna be watching it. I mean the view was okay. But it's nothing like actually being in Wrigley Field well I won't sit in the bleachers of Wrigley either because you're too far away the bleachers sock that's awful awful so overrated it was fun you know like when I was you know in my late teens and point he's right exactly sure yet. You know but now that I'm old man I want I want I actually watched the freaking game I got a great point those ice to get so pit stop hollering get into the as the case I have my family is from Wisconsin and like my uncle. Way back in the day used to do you put that play for the Al Milwaukee braves so I have had wo have a lower brewers fans though and then you know I grew up in Illinois. When my dad's side and there are confident side to make a choice. I just like Chicago Bears and Packers are taking (%expletive) my whole life because our Pakistan but in a cub fan. But the grown up I can also root for the brewers I didn't necessarily root against them. You know is telling the Yankees or Red Sox bowl teams are usually irrelevant the cardinals' order for Campbell the boss of a dent in matters ideas he Saint Louis so much Shih Tzu. It's a that is why fighting crazy how everybody's like foot and out like punching each other in the face plate. This rivalry I enjoyed it being the right areas like people are taken in a little bit too serious around here like. Kids these lucky to annoy people out of Wisconsin well you ask you gladly jive your address is directly fielding go enjoy the game. Everything that's the thing I was there there are flooding brewers fans in the house and ushers were passer well baseball cards of poor players like I mean is that. I'd buy I would. I respect people they go into other people's territory wearing. All eyes lungs and (%expletive) I'll buy love it here. And I'll heckled a little bit but it doesn't like I can't automatic cuts then yeah I don't hate somebody because of the team they're doing their job that's part of them is. Trying to get under your opponent or your opponent's fans scanned my social media battle between the two teams Gregory I thought when the brewers to the pre Celtic got that the best comeback becomes costly could've had. Is when they're like our our tickets on sale today you can pre order even a few little Wisconsin and now the look and then after. What can able gets hurt. Yeah then you know the cubs send out there who eaten and I got under you know all numbers mean heavily I'm Bonnie and he's in a gas. So early timeshare but really it's like an okay Elian oranges you know knowing you could hold onto it sure but. It just hate you did at the time you know how long he was gonna be out in an altar it was whatever none of those details route yet and frankly the brewers UConn started that. Exactly the open because floodgates because you're you're stupid and you can process the fact that basically all of Kenosha county is cubs fans party your pre sale. You like you major owned Trojan horse that was the exact same thing last season on a call allow our wing cooler the ledge. Because last year bark then there and posted this the baseball standings pretty much every single day. Now I had the brewers on that happen cubs chastened. And then all the sudden he got his keep and he's in a bunch. Wind cubs fans once a cubs past the brewers. I started post in a year ago. You know I'm like yeah that you guys are so any you're so many. That should every single. Yup the pros do it why can't work petty. The hot man add that I write and that's the thing for me about phantom is you should wanna go at each other a little bit. But. Don't deal and if you can't take it knew it also liked. I get it we all workers sports talk station but it's sports you have there's nothing important enough to get in. Fist fight with somebody over right because it's just a game. At the end of the day. Yell at each other scream at each other give each other a hard time but you're you're both a clown if you get in a fight with somebody. Exactly I agree with you you know we don't all have to root for the same team and I'm one of those where if I go to a game at Wrigley and I see somebody in another Jersey. You know will go beckoned for. And then I'll sit there buying a beer and hopefully were at the bar doing shots after the game also you know it's not that serious. And but you know nowadays people just cute. If people are crazy. I did it I immediately to new bear cub fans that come in and hey your team sucks because real cub fans like myself I'm not it's kinda keep my mouth shut because like I said before we even. You know standard role in this. I said. I don't get too cocky man because for half a mile life to cardinals beat the (%expletive) out of the cubs. We are relevant clearly in seventy games the only reason people are come Wrigley Field was to get hammered and maybe Selig Pearl Jam that weekend's murder you know Dave Matthews Band was there I mean that's how they're selling tickets. And so. I don't really are my mouth too much because I. Every year pretty much under the same from either like you know covered in beer covered in tennis like in tears crying because he'd. If more relevant you'd always be a heartbreaking finish like Steve barman. You know still back then I go out and mayor Mary old man with the Dodgers you know G stuff by steroids. Golf ball and balls out of the park so I just can't keep my mouth shut I don't say hey you guys suck. Federer for the brewers a little bit Alex small market teams that comes on when the dollar can't hope Denver's. Games like a shared sent a minute this radio station among the cubs fans that work here. They're tiny bit free because out of drinking because now the cubs can't beat the lovable losers anymore. Because they won the World Series so now I mean it's the brewers really have to be the lovable losers today if you've ever looked into a lack of success they've had. They have four playoff appearances over now they're only I think for other teams with four or fewer playoff the pre appearances in their franchise history. And none of them have been around for as long as the brewers and one of them is the Marlins who made it twice won the World Series both damn times today so the brewers really are like in terms of just producing. Us call at the epiphany I bet. The cadets are probably music yeah I was always make I would say. You know Chicago is top three market. And you never won a World Series or you know not since nineteen LA does that was always my argument in the damn Marlins have won his slice and an end and that is gear to the resulting in a gut the whole team the chicken runs and an insult you know like five years later there relevant again in the cubs are shipment nobody wanted to play in Chicago I mean you know he finally get a free agent to be like (%expletive) and Alfonzo Soriano who bet 256 and an all star team with the companies didn't wanna argue I did but I mean he struck out a ship. Los cubs fans and I was going up don't do like high school they love that dude so look healthy Montessori novel. Lastings Milledge thought Ramos Ramirez were like the father son and holy spirit yeah. When I was invited some battles little (%expletive) hot in Satterfield everything he drove me nuts. Everything he did drove me nuts the money that he made drove me nuts but still a lot of thought and Soriano Jersey because he's a media created. They had enough pluck a decade man I guess I wanna sign out and Al all older work come on he's not choice but didn't category Garrity brought up my del Ray Brown fan and that's how bad ones who can I don't they brought him in every those guys they're all our team who could go majors I have donated to the picture and. We kind of got to get wrapping things up here excellent against the clock but just one final thing that I just got to get in here and did I already admitted the brewers I love the brewers there might team. Hopefully they're put something together here but you can't deny the fact that there as unsuccessful as a franchise in the majors right now. Just about as you can have you're going on wins and losses on. But. I've always said this I mean keep saying this so first of all I was happy for you I was happy three cubs fans it was a great historic accomplishment. When you won the World Series it was a great story. On so much camaraderie everybody was pulling for the cubbies in the outlaw and then a chance to change history right yup. But you had your year were you were the reigning champs it's over now. So this whole thing now still larger the team that won one championship in a hundred an eight years. And I'll said this and I'll say it again if you give the brewers a 108 years I'd be willing to bet they can win at least one. You better hope so I would be willing to bet because most teams give a hundred and raiders went up only he's gone. It's it's McEnroe I would imagine and so part of me I think it's a little bit sad to say he's the bond with cubs fans because we would mutually god. I NR inferiority and mediocrity. On any Al they would give us crap for. When we sucked in and week at throwback and on the you know you suck too I'm we can't do that anymore there for years and it encourages Iraqis are more me. Well it is his satellite. You know it's a little Brothers don't have it that's like to my dad's and I want Obama on policy got a job and other ones as limited as parents basic health frenzy. As the thing with the cubs on wanted to be lovable losers anymore I want them to be like the (%expletive) yankees Allen Bryce Harper. I want the payroll that is the 500 million Allen again out of media. The dark lord now have to suck and so many years. I'm ready to be dominate in the team that everybody hates well I honestly because the fans are. I hope that the brewers get a title I hope they get it soon the feeling. Of you know when the cubs won in game seven the feeling. Wouldn't just realizing. Forty years of watching you know garbage. And now all of a sudden we're world champions it's such use amazing yeah yeah I didn't cry like a little girl and Tommy did. But I. But yeah if it's well around here it hit it felt amazing man and I hope. Brewers Neeson gets to feel it then hopefully I'm right there in a locker room with some ski goggles looking stupid drink champagne. You have an and I guess just a sign things off here we can on neutral agree. Thought cardinals absolutely right stuck the card absolutely we are all over the Allen so I guess so wrapped things up here. Maybe you'll do this again later in the season when there's more stake in the game app breeders' cup series. In an average of a second we keyboard Emily part and some like that may get the all star break a recap for summit this is fun so again Anthony Mandela. Jeff for a lot ski Ryan or about the professor pipe bomb in quagmire podcasting it and take it easy will this against him.