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Saturday, November 25th
Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show 

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Some of the best high school basketball in the siege he's played right here rings southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coaches should be area. This is the Wendy's port city blades high school basketball coaching show Brazilian boy local and C stores now here's 1057. FM the fans high school. Insider. Big time with Mike Lee. Man the Wendy's farcical at high school basketball coaching show presented. By your local picks can save stores on sports Radio One 057 at him and Mike we giver alongside my guest cohost special gas whatever you wanna call. Going to be my coast as the show goes on and tell you that had basketball coach chip Brookfield central and a friend of mine a long time in Monterey coach Soria. I'm doing well my color you good first week in the books that you 22 tough weeks it's I guess two weeks. Right you're right and as you can tell have been talking a little bit Williams and her. Little hoarse but has been really good he got four boys with you these these. The U just yell at these guys never they always do exactly what I ask and I don't know the one kid to your left its mark and and chick in his head that. I've watched him play you yell at him play. Just a little just a little while they were gonna get to those guys later in the show. Effect next segment will have a couple of and join us. So far so good to is first you cesium Q when do you start. Our first game is Tuesday night we play Wisconsin Lutheran over at central sorts. We've had two weeks of practice. Obviously our football team had a great season and all the way to the championship game so. Craig solutions Jack Kennedy yeah it was great you know and Jones agree tag a hard worker good friend. He had coaches and part of was among partner that's what he's only he's. A really tough loss for our guys but they had a great season so orderly problem. You like we had six kids who coaches are back in the gym this weekend for the first couple times. But a little bit you know. Dysfunctional but but in a good ways. Ito speaking of tough losses Marie you know I told you from Lipper you know I have to talk about the big elephant in the room for a second that whenever the contract and worker could have who bought. Tough loss last year to end injured what it was a creek season for Brookfield central. On the aero had lost was that it was a tough loss house at home watching on TV. It was hard for me. And I had didn't have a dog in the fight. But that one's heart. Which you guys you'll bonds back and it's look I never the worst loss ever that was and we played who's wearing the sectional finals. And wash them and I never saw the tip in and didn't you Drudge Sheboygan for a year. He's his size to two expert so I I look I felt Korea coach and I know that that did you know the toughest one and now we're looking forward by. He did talk a little bit about that that was difficult for you very difficult right. Our guys we had a great season as you said. We released. We went through a difficult sectional to get of to a state in Madison and you know we didn't play our best scheme throughout that game but you know kind of wrestled control the game for awhile and then you know just. Kind of did some matter uncharacteristic things for us and made some mistakes and did some things and in you gotta give a lot of credit to Maryland I do watch out. You know I watched all their playoff games I think going back Larry talked our team about this a little bit that. I think their last other than that championship game against Stevens Point 24 games leading up to that they were trailing in last minute of all for a little playoff games. Seniors and they came back and won a lot of tears and that team so it was tough but you don't and you talk about not watch the film my there's really no reason for me to see that I've got a pretty much emblazoned in my brain it won't go away and so that's tough but. We talked a lot about just. If if you lose and in the tough fashion especially. If you learned some things from that make it make yourself better from it and move on. The losses the stuff all right hopefully will get better because. You know the head coach that you're gonna play gets sent Tuesday. At Wisconsin Lutheran Weis is truly like I I I think he does things right away he set or your city a couple of years ago. And I said boy you play it's tough for non conference schedule is anybody. A city I'd do it on purpose and said look I I don't mind lose and games. Is ones we really learned something each time that we lose he says the worst thing is to lose a game and hammer is not learning anything or are coaching staff. Not learn a thing if we can learn something along the way. And it's a loss I'll be OK with that. Do you think you guys. Learn something from that one. I think so wolf we'll find out right I mean it result in a loot the good thing. If there's any silver lining from and obviously we are in Madison playing you know on the last weekend of the year which is a. But I guess had a great year so I've I've not turn the page and we're done with that pet let's turn let's talk about this year's team how many guys coming back. We do have heats returning players from last year okay soul and these four guys that are with us today. Three of them actually the three of them were starters last year and Charlie. Oh was our major sub coming off the eventual. Home we have a large portion of our team coming back really excited about the season but no it kind of took a page out of a coach Walz is booked him. We have an outstanding very competitive nonconference schedule I think they're greater metro conference is going to be. Just a dog fight every night out well and if you didn't think that watch tomorrow to host a west classic beach cedar berg. And take their pick six or seven that your congress maybe lower them yet. You know wide invade the tell it what they look cut yet they did they've looked Qaeda and they play hard we played in their scrimmage and coach Mitchell's got those guys playing hard man. And they're running good stuff and for them to beat cedar Bert I think. Your conference better take notice I'll definitely PLO and things said he might be guy that he might be 12 years away. He he he may have Emery go sooner. Well I think if I looked around the gym last night or Donna UW only thing just about every other greater metro conference coach was there he saw you know steadily every staff was represented so I'm sure everybody was. Kind of on high alert just to see you are going on in the in the end they were very impressive so. Speaking at a fresh coast classic at 1045 today were and talk to Russell stamper. Who is the I easy Alderman in district fifteen city mark he happens sit next shall. Of last night at said the fresh those who turns out he's a mass. Really have that comment and he's on the board for fresh coast in a city we get shot for cup moments to talk about. This tournament the imports of the educational side of that and the crowd was. Unbelievable it was so immediately ran a little late they ran a little later I think I pulled in the my house and you lucky about 1245 after the Washington Brown Deer game but. Bulls games at night were all three of them were really close and competitive well. I'm outstanding outstanding Basque are you going back tonight here I am not we actually have our big girls Thanksgiving terminal road Brookfield central that I'm kind of opened outlets all. Well be over their for that I'll be there yes you will. Yeah we naked came tonight we. Credo Martin Luther. You know T two years ago and our first game reviewers against I am impressed that only took ten minutes for you to get to screen del Martin Luther today. You know why and I get bonuses if I did what you can within the first five. Q who has its. 815 do that against destiny two years ago our first game was school of the arts. You know schoolyard had a team. I did not know that they do that that video but that was our first camp and now we open up the destiny than pies coming up next week. So that let's just say we've. And the level of competition is gone up again 1045 Ross's tempers gonna join us 11 o'clock. Renee our pick it's a student out through the week executives sitting on the couch right right there. 1130 on air coach's corner Brian Miller than director Beth place and had men's basketball coach at MS so weak. Will join us and in between we're gonna we've been an out and some of these players that are sit none on and the couch his signature can you name the players we've got coming in. Yeah we get to seniors. Charlie dabbling in under his parole worms. And then juniors it's cold now and gauge once. No Charlie Smith and you're right Jim Smith then know those easy ones well I've watched these boys put. And I'm really impressed with them I look forward to spend some time talking about their season in this conference when you look at this conference coach. It's it. I don't know that's a football or basketball conference anymore. A you know normally you could talk about you know conference is you go public that's at basketball conference and that's a football conference. This one each I don't know. We don't in and watch and all the football games in all in all the classic deep as the as the outstanding reputation for football but. You know like you look at Brookfield central Brookfield east this year probably to the top division to their teams around. You know Marquette is always outstanding week that in Germantown from football standpoint in Sussex Hamilton nominee falls. There's Kyra there's not a lot of drop off in met Lee Goodman and you look at basketball geez you know. While we're told C East Brookfield east but nominee falls Germantown tolls so west but I'm Charlie missing somebody Manama. Assessing all animals are just camel we don't have yet a multilateral congratulatory for something yesterday in his freshman debut out. They will be fun out hate you Juan when you look at the schedule. Do you think your players look at them and ask them those two they've look at. When they play who is it. You know I'd this year and it's hard we just actually had this conversation and miserly practice this morning and others. There's not really team that you can point to obviously in the sonoran will play in Milwaukee Washington next week and at Oshkosh north nonconference. Obviously in our city you know the Brookfield these peripheral right Brookfield central ivory rivalry is really big. Some more channels and Marquette I mean that in on our on our schedule there's not a whole lot of nights off. Years ago Tom I did a show with all the approach to a football coaches were at. Were on location at eight Lexus dealer I think in Brookfield. And I had approached central coaching and and the perfume east coach in Brooklyn academy coach and and we had some players from Brooke central there. An innocent boys when you get the schedule would you look at and there are five of them for them without missing a beat super released. And the fifth Sid mark and I don't like mark much. As I sit and there then two other guys set a whole lot I think I wanna go with that and I was really quite funny but it was Brookfield east. Or was Marquette and the guys at said Brookfield Lisa look I work here in the summer and there's two Brooke really scares there. I go to guy I go out and I see that I go to cops are there so I need to get that wins so that I can look at them snarled Wilbon and giggle will bet. I I don't think cues give lengthy queues talking some smack that there are enough help recruit voice talk smack Adam I don't know that a luxury that we're here every kid asked them that is wall. Hey you guys are loaded at its and a number positions guard is is a good position for broad sense right now. It is we we're very fortunate. You know the guys sitting behind me are all perimeter players. We got a couple of younger. Perimeter players. What he didn't do with the news he has if you ever had a 65 can reform we have one right now. Evident the past united. Right now Mel oh no no zero's of this year number four for us and in the boys program in and Noelle well my first year we had animal route Lisovicz is play an up and edgewood right now was 67. Unfortunately he injured himself from above the fifth or sixth game of the year so. No we didn't have him. You know I as sorority that wants something of an Elvis and you get about three guys 656. Straight so. Who knows maybe in the future that happen it you guys he lets get two quick break other said the break reduced or to bring in some of these players from. Of Brookfield central talk to them. About this year's team this year's conference. And a couple of these guys play best hold. With each other a long time yes through the junior who the program yeah I think Colin gage probably started playing together and third fourth grade. And spent a lot of time me and playing in the summer honorary team together those of the two guys three or bring up first we'll do that on the other side. This is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coaches show. Present it. By your local pick N save stores on sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. And I and news. Else. Oh welcome back to the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coach shelves. Presented as always by your local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. Michael Guerin joined now by a couple of players from for central ones here coach he's now my cohost quandary. You get paid extra for be my coast by the way to a motel earlier salary for this thank you appreciate that he had leased shoe while players and they have played basketball together for a long time. And I want to bring these guys out and impressed with. All for the kids that are in studio but certainly a couple of these guys had to could notice of we played against you guys in summer and end was that the fall. And we went Oreo party you know. And I know that to you guys have have played some with the guys that Martin Luther right coach. We're joined by cold now are you coal and didn't get in it's cute to see you it's yet you can shoot a little bit on. Coach Kiki fired right yeah he's a good shooter he's a really good shooter we've just got to get him to believe that. Yeah I watched him I watch him and actually shot study is part Lutheran he he stepped right up and didn't shy away didn't. I was opening passable but he didn't do that also joined by I guess I don't know if he's the face of the program but he's got a lot people talk about. He cage let's stick so you lesson from and there you go when sick I've got it. Gamecube but. In I don't know if you feel the pressure at all but but there's. But people talk about when they talk about repeal central they talk about this team. Any talk about as a team but it starts sometimes with you do you like that. Yeah I guess he had balls in your hands a lot you're making a decision on how what's going to be run. But the last year as a sophomore. He did you play of course he's a freshman I did. She'll book and debt jumped from eighth grade to Farsi basketball. How how long did it take for two slowdown will put foreign. I would say after the first couple games offers the games are camera. And no coat on usually means teammates. Yet if if from. I always think in the middle of the year if you take your kid up that it just who seems to take longer coach but if you right away started. With. Varsity practice as east crater in I remember he's obviously filled double bed called safe thing got mole bigger. But that had to be a tough for 45 teams right. There really was snowed in. It all I took the job or five years ago you know we obviously knew Colin gage were. And we knew they were gonna make an impact for us right away. And they brutal assault summer and a lot of good things coal unfortunately suffered an injury that summer and missed a lot of the summer and the fall. You can tell right away with gauge. Just some of that intangible stuff you know he's an outstanding ball handler uses change of speeds and change directions just. Like very few others that I seen. Hate on Casey junior freshman year. Did you did you look for your shot or were you thinking OK I need to make sure that these guys. Understand that I can give the ball look who's while these guys girl lab and do your neck you government shouted take a shower right. In the not that Iran first and yeah I was. Nervous first Ellen okay I think and the had a total of probably eight points in the first five games. Probably a total of five howitzers that team do you remember the breakout game. You remember one were all of a sudden it was like OK you know what apple won here I just had fifteen or whatever. Iowans say that but I say the second half of my first union the last ten or fifteen games I think averaged like eighteen. It's a fifteen and good for you and he had that he's stuff everything slowed down route that you remembered the first team word where he everybody was so I mean you had to be taken and these guys are muscle all the they're so fast and jump like crazy you remember who the first game was against him auction are somehow forget that you can ever forget. Forget that did those boys talked to you at all yes yeah council yeah I bet Casey as a freshman you looked a little lake Opie Taylor knows that is. And that they had suit. Some but things to talk more about it. Kohler by you to view your injury did that did you not played all of them. Now iso play. You miss summer it was summer come look closer Mike if you could you remember what that was like to go for me it's crater. Two plane in a row varsity game of the difference in in size and speed and mostly strength that answer really. Were you are looking to get a shot offer were you looking to give the ball up for relates. The current effort. Alone or more passive freshman and should've been you know an action last year amid jump. So the fact that your coach if it sometimes is does tape players. More time to believe in themselves and does for us as we see yet. And we knew if we. I always think you know when you get these guys the quirky you get that out of them to turn to make them understand people want to hear faded belong here we wouldn't have them here. Right don't you agree that. And you don't believe me these Arab all of our guys were really fortunate we have great kids and so it became an and yet definitely they've belonged but. You know that they have that kind of the respect further older teammates. And you know almost kind of just deferred. At times and at times those deferring deferring too much gap and I remember. In some pregame warmup scorn over to coal and you know tapped him on the shoulder like okay. Can you take three shots today at least I thought he should just another bad cold you know how many players would love if their coach Tom to shoot the ball more men usually though he didn't get to three if we beg for three we might have gotten better. And he got open looks. She saw. Yet if you want to use you knew what school play him in yeah get open looks but he also can create a lot of open looks for himself yeah and so he. He's agree you've got great court vision and he's got a great sense for what's happening around him. But he's almost always looking to pass first which is a great attribute that sometimes it's like hookah not you've got to score. Yeah and now you're in no doubt I'm engaged UN and Coleman asked to same question. Yeah who do you play in summer for. What what if you and I obamas are okay who'd you play for brand select OK so did you like summer in June like the age you've seen. Is much easier like high school. Crew with your high school team and and look I've I've coached both and it looked sometimes he answers like gay you better. An and I understand that it's hard as a high school coach to get a kid excited. And fired up to go cross town to play Brookfield east if three weeks prior use in Las Vegas playing against some guys and everybody knows if so I understand that. I I personally. And I hope that when you guys are green nauert it's gonna take five years to agree. I think the best time to play basketball. Is high school basketball it's just school. These are guys used for you walk down the hall with. The kids Kamal who you're an English class within their where your jurors your the active big thick you know whatever and those kids are cheering you guys on an eagle of the statement. If you win when that when you guys who they hurt with you. I guess except the question of really horribly to educate gold gives me now but that lie if I don't want Amanda remember who's sitting right next to you yeah I I don't know and a blatant but so are the are what it does departs rumors are really well known she she has played a high level with those guys on the GS per. This march. Yeah have before it went right and high school season ends we'll have like two or three days like 848 hour practices and stuff like that. I'm Saturdays and sometimes a sleep over and go Saturday Sunday. So it's not allotted days but we do a lot in the GDG you know a lot of those guys yeah I mean did you already. He's there's some Wisconsin guys claim form yeah we actually played them a dang you're two or three times every single year and like two late tournaments. Who did you play for prior to them brand select inflate earnings yeah I've that those guys are not happy to see go to the bars or restraint and Erik Cole you wanna say about that now enough that it. When we had good chemistry that came here and I haven't. Actual when it gave me this ultimately. Obviously everybody thought. A cold same question to use force plane in the summertime. With age you compared to play for your school. Age do you believe eighties more fast he pays its full court press announcements defense. But for high school I like I schoolers because of the fans and hype everything coming out. For instance Lester coming on steeler fans sweet yeah some in Africa that sectional was who. You played Riverside and then NASA and I think right every two weeks in six and for both those games those sweet. That's awesome it's there are some than any look ever doing this 36 years of a coach and and I'll have kids said that will disagree with me and then two years later three years later come back and say you know what. May you're right I mean that's is a really great time of my life to play high school best fight it kid on March speech he didn't. He quit in fact during warm ups or try out some stories senior year you've probably been 67. Tiny quit. And he came up to me three or four years later said outside of my house and might dot. I would give up anything I don't to come back and play one more week give me one week of practice and give me Friday night home game and meat coming off the bench. I would give up any of that and so story that. ID you know he said it was a pride issue I was mad it was a new start so hope you guys take full advantage in and and just love this this high school stuff. That's really get to break other side of the break. Were gonna coach summit to cut you loose for for a minute and Andris is gonna join us we'll talk to these three guys. And then at 11 o'clock or every Charlie up by himself along with you coach and he's our pick it's a student athlete of the week you'll find out what motivates him to be such a good student athlete. This is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coach show presented. By local pick N save stores odds were trading 1057 FM the fan. Or are far from. You fight game insulated her that's actually Brett talents favored a ban price isn't as bad as opposed very well that's awesome. Who says that. I want our friends yes you listen these assessed yet there you go deeply that for you we're also joined our Andreas. A lot of Perot also warns. Why that's close and that this face so I asked you I was at the hosted game last year he hit six or seven threes in the first half today. They just kind of what you flown out there it could come out and it cards yet and I not telling you I was sitting on the floor and about the fifth one. You caught it and turned. And there's nobody there at night and I know you're thinking you gotta be kidding me of just it for five in a row. And and let it fly nothing but that the kind of smiled a little bit and raid on the court. The bad you got hot yet hot and they they they let you shoot it. Your score. Yeah pretty much yeah I think he had that he Blake if you are key entity Blake is a kid a place for Ria you guys play in the CT right yeah AUT. I said how do players should Mac and he shooting coach. He can straight up shoot he should not you wouldn't score on me is that they actually OK okay Kia today. It good career so far you're having fun plane approached central did you play new youth programs while. Yeah it is so you played all the way through jury member when you were. Fourth fifth sixth grade going to Farsi deems it taken and I can't wait to put that uniform I can't wait to play a Friday night. I'm never seats in. Fumble when I was younger in my fourth fifth sixth grade. I was kind of like an outside school soul I didn't really know much about the high school are very exciting calm until May be it for some period. So you remember seventh eighth grade take a man one day wanna I wanna while. A wanted to get out there and needed to get introduced in front of this crowd Brookfield central. Of the reputation of of the school. Is that they support their teams I mean you saw it on football and he saw last year in basketball so you get a lot of kids a lot of parents and community at mount. That support this team it's a fun place to play at that. He has really fun everybody's who's supportive everybody follows every other sport no matter what are you a senior yet so your senior. When you were software did you play varsity yes that is so you were there when these from these two guys in one you're right when your left that that that that moved up and they played right away as freshman. No problems in the locker room without nope not all everybody is really mature about it. Yet he you know once practice search and you realize they can play. Okay just you know what if they're better than some of the guys that have been in the program for little bit their veteran and as as far as how the team goes are you a mascot three guys multi sport athletes or church Basque only that's only about small mobile. Us really fan did you play any other sports gauge in your grown up yeah we musical played football both quits and green hatch and Kay again but baseball team and he quit baseball to. Yeah. A little bit soccer team. We you know missed play football. What is its right Clements. Running back would you place here you don't miss the practices. You danger for Danes are very fun yeah I played with our cornerback Israeli and Israeli prime minister and a Lashinsky yeah. See you on me tell my fear it was his he's learned a coast his father and based mobile nose you know Paula yet. Paul was in seventh grade. And he was young enough to play Little League Baseball. But outscored two point lately which is good good to seventeenth and and freshman. And he had like 24 home runs in twelve games in Nevada. Hess of white it's a complete with a big forced. He Sonoma they literally as its weakened to 26 home runs. But I you don't think you're good enough to play with the older vets he says you know like to play with that so he came with played the accordingly. And he would always be standing next be seen when we pitch and he was solemn but displeased look. Nancy go away get away from fiscal played third base. Will we had a key and another due to our pitchers didn't show up and he stated raped their let me pitch when he pitched so like it was a big game to put immense. And he was thrown a curve ball seventh grade. That the umpire would start laughing in a kid would dive under the weight it would come in and he'd have to close strike. And his mom said mrs. Lashinsky sequel to its own quick thrown curve ball. So I've walked out too quick throw a curve ball. And it's a seventh grader said. He go back to the bench and if you come back out here you have to take the arts are known not coming back out here you nobody else will tackle like a good pitch does that sound like his son. Is that out. This important day in the war and ethnic they'll have an index look cocky through yet and dad that knew what he comes from a really good am yeah it's a great fairly. And I think he's got a chance to play at a pretty high level. And yeah both from duke Micky nick doesn't mind hitting people. Tell you that. Hey when you guys started camp this year. Gauge what is the what's the goal for this year's team which is Nicole are you guys look at first is this conference wold it. Right so you're you're looking at at let's let's when a conference and then. Go from there hasn't yet had the taste of of getting up to the colts and I know it back here had you wanna get there again. If it's two things winning conference then playing on 19 in March and when norm our game. Yeah I think that's it that would just. Certainly be in and looking at all the pre season stuff. And look in in in our she see you know last year to medic who was who was ranked number one in the state pre season. And there were ranked number one in our conference. And they took four and so all of a sudden they put us in that position a Marin Luther in. You know whatever Mark Miller does a great job but nobody wins anything in November right. Bowl the WBY shootout you guys get a chance play one game I think this year. You guys like going to play those showcase. Call when you're when you're when you're at where you guys are at which is. Everybody's talking about the repeal central you know division one talk Stevens Point 5% chose a couple of teams you talk about. But you get invited to a lot of stuff you like playing announced. Yeah left plenum of the atmosphere there and luckily we get past us or is it really did Teamsters that's when you really tough tests are yet they did they are really connect. Guys were gonna cut you loose other side of the break up and have become back later in the show but we're gonna reach out to Russell's stamper who is a Alderman district fifteen I sat next to him last night at the frescoes classic born talk will bit about he reports of that tournament. It's on the great work you're doing on the academic side. I'm the other side of prequel reach out to him this is the Wendy's Farsi puts bicycle past a coach's show. Presented by our local pick and save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Which student athlete is making a difference in their community and their classroom. And on the field let's meet this week's pick and save our schools student athlete of the week brought to you by your local big saves stores they can save. There's something new every day. Need to be sent home for the weekend to Berlin Eisenhower guys. They're older now they're in college and stuff but. They put that they laid that out Tories they've saved music kids history. One I think and that way in his guys home for the weekend name the band. Our pick is safe student athlete of the week. He is nice young man it's. It doesn't surprise you a lot of guys to choose from may tenth. I see coach you have to up pick one he said against sixth as to pick one. This is going to be hard but this is the young guys that I think yeah. He really deserves is does a great job in the classroom Charlie stepping. Or it got aria of goods didn't get to meet you all copper soccer player. Basketball player and he said look I've come up the traditional way now like these guys. Freshman JV now varsity. Age your motivation for being such good student out the word. That come from all out has sake of my parents on their work hard. To have seen them work our and provide for the filming it and I've other sisters opportunities on. Unease comes from them yeah which in my Madea's name on mom's name's Kim my dad's name is Patrick and he listened youth and probably as good I hope so. Because an all these kids in I say this a wide I was one of knowed what my son is likely couldn't small Michael. Right when I'm not in the neighborhood and how to run a quarter. And for Kim and Patrick if you're listened. This kid they Q shakes my hand take you very much these other guys are all just really nice young men and we've had this conversation DN. That you look we all have. As coaches we all have issues you know whether it's this or that. But one thing that you don't have to worry too much provide appropriate central these these kids are pretty respectful they respect the game. They're good ambassadors for you in the school. Yeah we are we are extremely fortunate in our program and our school it. You know to kids just what you said they they'll look unionize the it will shake your hand but it's very respectful are working kids. Kind of respect the process of what our program is and just. In a school in general we'd we'd never have issues. Are very fat very seldom we have issues with academics or anything like that so. You know when when the day is done regardless what happens on the basketball court and I'm really proud of you know who our guys are how they act what they do in the class from what they do with community the last your team was the WBZ doesn't academic award. We've been the champions to your general for the team all state academic award something we're really proud of in addition to having a pretty good fastball to. Yeah this was to win when I called it says like to have a picket tasty NAFTA the week that was for you dislike button that he you know I could pick a lot. He Charlie viewed you what I know were you wanna go to school yet if you had your choice were would you go. Probably go to oh Wisconsin. Yup and Madison Optimus T know what you wanna get into was ours academics are thinking account are accounting business school. And there's this teacher for your next I don't include Photoshop well but I had his base man. That's that's awesome this year's team Charlie I got a chance to do some good things. Oh yeah he threw pretty confident about this year's team of pressure on our. Central's tough but now into the twister wanna go it's not prosper on the road and help us. She give you some minutes is here. Yet Charlie as a junior last yours probably are our broke for a pleasant surprise you know just. He's got a a twin brother who. What you know I got the job as the pressure they were freshman. I can only tell them apart when they were in uniform Kazaa a different numbers are. And then you know when I thought I had some figure out what their hair and in the change orders as sought worsened and Indians a great kid to ruling really good hard worker and it also and Charlie just the beginning of practices last season mutilate his doing outstanding things and you know. Unfortunately. You know probably about what six games in Iran's. Suffered a broken thumb. But I mean up to that point and he came in he's just outstanding defensive player he's tough he's strong. I think when he went out with the injury he was like six of eight and three pointers. I was that there were you just come and back at the Lew Coleman last year. Is how great is that yeah don't like show why are there in Europe she knew. And I think you were talking today the youth trainer saying you sure that. This okayed you were not hinted some shots out it's and you sit on no fewer US just five yet because. All despise that Charlie is he kind of is that you kind of defense of stabilizer for us. You know he doesn't look to score a lot he kinda has always in the right spot and then just on it is kind of epitomizes dispute a great teammate. You know kind of understanding what we want his coaches would be enabled to us. Did your way kids need to. You Dodd and the first for guys like cajun Andres who. They love having guys like like you know cold doesn't like to shoot much. Charlie does a latency but they must love baton from from I had to get let's look it is if they had three other guys like the shooter as much as they did he you don't have might feel look difficult. Hey I always loved soccer players that came up played basketball is they can defend all they want. They move their feet you know its user hands and they can run from here till you know Sunday and that break a sweat. Suck your your your loved armed soccer best ball has got more some general you've played bolts and he started early age your twin brother. We both as well yeah I mean you are playing together effort ever since we. What shot would soccer program deep for armed Brookfield for fruit and now they're just join in their own brick and it's okay. And it's getting you think possibly college you might. We depending on if if if you wanna play these three leveler if Madison if you get accepted that three dollar race yet smile. Probably he had good for you. Point 88 you know it student athlete of the week turn them in what's gonna happen next week Charlie's we're gonna pick it data networks for all the list. And that we can sit across the street from Brooke central. We're gonna be over there are get a beautiful plaque. From picking save that's. As celebrates your your hard work in the classroom. And will meet over there are a future phone number before you leave and doubt will spend fifteen minutes up there. LSU coach you know ask some your players. You're your family joining us there will get some pictures in the store in new goal on our face or our website and the Pickens say FaceBook. Page in in will announce she was this week's because these two nap in the week. Yeah he's cute kid great kid hey let's talk we talk about a couple other guys on this roster who aren't here that. That makes this team going to think it's important that. Look I love the fact that these guys were willing it's come in and incipient microphone but I think it's important that somebody goes out to watch Brookfield central place. Were some of the other players since your roster was not really filled out well one. Was who stunned that coach I appreciate our by the way for outlook that ads are you worth some of the other kids is only talk. We have a couple other seniors when we talked about. Charlie's twin brother Ian to having just a motherly solid Smart fundamental player. You know especially years through the start with our football guys to postal worker with football team. In Iranian system really solid steady player for us. Great work ethic another senior Jack Brady. Kind of looking for him in possible. And policy breakout season but Jack Scott really go offensive game can really shoot three. Our junior classes is kind of loaded with our football players. Shall we Cleary 644. Or frost was all conference defensive back for the football team had a great great football season. He'll be back in her junior he's a great athlete look weak it was some group broke you how wise it take for them to get. They're lakes back to thank rule whistle this is telling gonna be analysts say the test and you'll find out yeah how long did you give them. So we played. That the guys played loosely champ she game last Friday. And so we have come in on Monday just kind of for a one day trial we pretty much know we have the luxury of playing. Also together so we commissioner. And then we gave the wrestle weeks or just said we're practice Sunday night. To get ready for our Tuesday game so take as much time is in need for the for that week's racecar we gave more week. Hum and you know at varying degrees a couple of guys come at filter and and the other guys and I've missed you we have two freshmen that are in her on our team right now David Joplin is as a 666566. Forward. Has got a huge upside the you know I know that couple other freshmen in the area are getting a lot of attention. But I've seen David compete with some of those guys in the summer circuit and he Kyra if he's not right in that same sentence whipple's guys she should be read blown he's very gifted. Coles younger brother and now as a freshman that will most likely. Albeit too big contributor for us. A couple other juniors Jack Cooley was on her mercy last year as a reserve right so. A lot to choose from them in a lot of early practice have pretty competitive. Yeah when we have everybody there in the in the what what's been going on it's going to be can be Catholics blog. Place that's awesome let's get to a break other set of break we've reached Russell stamp from really get a holding him district fifteen all it meant talking about a fresh coast classic. Less than thirty were targeted Brian Miller that had men's basketball coach at MSOE. And in beach we will continue talking to this Brookfield central team. In I'll tell you where you talk about that conference coach because that conference's. Top to bottom might be one of the better conference in the state this jury comes to basketball. And I can prove that. Now do that the second hour this is the Wendy's varsity blues high school that's what coach Joseph. Presented by your local pick and save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Some of the best high school basketball in the siege his plate right heel in southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coaches should be area. This is the Wendy's for a city blades high school basketball coaching show for city boy and state stores now here's 1057. F and the fans high school insider. Big time Mike we. Back to the Wendy's or seamless high school basketball coach he shall presented by your local pick and save stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. There really take a break from talking to Brookfield central guys. And I talk a little bit about the turn a corner on at the clutch she senator yesterday and today the fresh coast classic. And I sat down at two courtside last night and had a chance to add to its sit mr. Russell stamper who is the Alderman the district fifteen. In valid Japanese have messed regret so we got a blog really quite well he Russell thanks a lot perfume it's your time how you doing today. So my went over the refusal was about to approach or who spoke to. Yet you bad TI you're on the board of directors. For the for the fresh coast classic and I gotta tell you. Aside I know that everybody wants to start on the basketball side is there's some really good basketball. Going on but this fresh coast classic is so much more than just a basketball tournament. Your. But it doesn't fit here. Well Bo. Camaraderie as well Williams and other so well great competition. And no starter. You forward for college for years so we're also. And accusing college education. Into the first school's basketball class. Lot of spoke to them well. Great union from overplaying bricks in in the city and thus they're serving currently in the process. Covered. Yet you bat you know eight and the team my coach Martin Luther we played indicted 815 but it. I want to come down their last say because I just always like that beat the the energy level. Inside the clot she senator firfer there'd there's I don't know 456000. Fans really into the games. A lot of kids that are just really friendly kids haven't fallen. And it did I think it it shines a really good spotlight. Our Russell are some of the really good things that that are happen then. In the city and this is one of them that figured people would would would come out and see this made it it just would put a smile on their face. You're here just like you went out and of course your birds that we were excited what were or you were to look well. Earlier. Where they're Romans. Coker what about go to low security you can be certain that I go to peoples is important to good. Sportsmanship and competition. I'm looking forward to today they've moved her excitement bigger schools and was it a lot of them have packed out. It will also enjoyed the for all against great the last. Probably the what eyes move. It gives the world beer than the last. Had been his partner can expect. But when are preparing. So it'll close in the backcourt oh. So well beer recruitment on the glass then players and scissors that. Go to stereo with report critical tools to build our move a piano on our more to their lender will certainly. Political votes won't under my breath of fresh polls close out. Are you trouble. Hey let me let me run down the schedule for people like to read the one that's going out right now asserted 1030 sort stunt. Be viewed priced 1215 Milwaukee Messmer against west LO central. To acquire more key south against appear. And then at 330 Russell you don't we talked about it's more than just a basketball tournament they have a drum line showcase. That goes out and a couple of years ago. I I was gonna watch five minutes of that and then get up and leave. And I couldn't stop watching it in fact I named to more key king's drum line as Mike team of the week. That we yankees were so good and I went to one of the kids and I said he what we're sure coach. And they are weighted to one of the kids that's in the drum line this is no torture coach. And they said right there week we don't have a budget to have a drum line coach so we are senior. And that kid is our coach and we listened to him. I went up and talked to this young man I'm telling you Russert he could run for your job but you might get it that's how a threat of a few quotes. Men or thorough so there would be more counter herbal what. Scrapbook or triple the sort of more. Yeah I agree they were joined by DN Marjorie who's who's up back in studio you're down it's out at the clutches and you get home about what time yet. Oh it's too you know what it's turned up in and Jeff just stepped up but no he he got dead Diego but 12151230. Last night. And he said man that would that that some of those games were sold good. I can emit now was impressive toast Wes got a win I I thought cedar berg. And with all the hype that that they might get them but social west played really well. I'll watch Riverside and Carol had that was a good game Milwaukee king mob wanna go was a good game. Human sitting courtside watching excellent basketball for a day and you get to go back today and watch some more Russell. Just normal hole whatever amplitude clues as important to a Myers stated that twelve it is. Some great great. Great Coke isn't on the prayer book is a corporate card sold to a brick tomorrow. Practice is important. Ready to military so OK where it could have put them on their date and then that'll give back. Right back to oh. Yet more convincing New Berlin Eisenhower 630 then destiny green DR Martin Luther. Exciting 8:15 obviously am excited to see how our boys are Martin Luther can stack up to. To widen defending state champion destiny their gut. Yeah that's gonna invest going to be a great give opportunity to also supports today. Yeah I need to work. Hey Russia real quick how long you've been involved with a fresh coast classic. Good question good question is lessons here at eleven under total. That's two votes in Europe wares through the pixel corporation original sponsors. And the issue boon for the British crowd over eleven injured stroll in partnership with more books. We had a great preliminary events original sponsor and and they'll talk a bit of sugar and put a future. So eleven Russell who. And that every view they do something different a bit more creative and innovative and promoted classes and there's there are those who level. The part that can increased. The awareness of Frisco. You just put the memorial talk and interview those it's on to the word out and do. People 20 lots great basketball but couldn't close. Yet you bag you know the other part that I am a big fan is that the tie in with the running rebels. I think the world the Victor Barnett and dawn Barnett the job in the mission that they have with through the running rebels for the city walk key. And the fact that that there you know Dave. They're certainly a part of this in a big way. And the board of directors or UN dawn in and Victor and I get a chance to talk to Victor a little bit last night. And I think the world in him he's been out that another show that they do call faith in the zone. And and the Russian that he has for the city of Milwaukee and he would he lives I mean he lives that mission I think they do great job. They do Greg's whistle let two on creek park and just showed what great of a man pick news yesterday was honored by so polluted numbers bear that period. Over year so we won't quite work is focused on some of those. Couple folk what you'll find the tube so we're blessed to have them and this this is my cartoons strong. Men that's awesome here Russell thank you very much I look forward to seal it out there are a little bit later on today and and doubt I appreciate it I've read your bio. And I really appreciate your willingness to you tend to work in the community give back to the community. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with Hewitt it's certainly something you grew up with him. And that just know that there really appreciate the work did you do in the city market. Operatives like most of the in the thank you for common double or schools close article motion and now hope to see better. And go must hoosiers into the community who did elect. Him fifteen picture Obama and his art over let's look at that I actually was born residential closure results will be. Your belt they Tressel have a great day yet so I sat with him last night and in a note Jeffs is called loose weight. That the names mixed up a little bit but he's got my business card in his wallet now so. He. Meant we talked a lot of basketball last night. He played a mask or he said in you know what this is how important a school bass Wallace he's been gone more time from us our. But he knows that they lost the state finals and he basically told me sat cleat what the game plan was to beat them. He slowed it down the defended dictate doubled here they trapped there and he said we went from averaging about eighty game we lost 3834. Something like that. And he said it was just did indeed they slow to dominate this play their pace and so you want talk about high school bass will be important this guy does a lot of stuff and his wife. And that's something he remembers like it was yesterday. You know and and Mike worst start to be those old guys in the gym I scenario that a long time ago fate and but. You know it just brings back on my childhood my youth. Just following the old. Metro conference in the Catholic conference and you know can't discrete basketball and not that the city conference wasn't I mean you think back Lincoln's and all those teams but. You're right I mean the fact we get those guys together and they remember a play by play and and it's awesome. When I asked him who was on MS for team and he named Sanjay and he named all these guys and that was that team was lowered it yeah. And I don't know who beat in my we showed asked him that but he knew pretty much play you know what what the game plan was. Davies you're impressed with with that tournament last that was it there's a lot of people. It was it was really cool era that there's just and Cole talked about the fire in the atmosphere at some of these you know shoot outs are classics or whatever that you wanna column in. You know that that that the gym at the clock she said Errol. It was just there's it was vibrant you know there was and electricity in the air and that last game between ground here in Washington was just. You know is outstanding basketball a lot of exciting plays just. No ebbs and flows of the game in a brutal kudos to the people from the Russian coast Herman it's kind of like letting time all slurs really involved and leading the team generate in the match ups you know ties a great guy just he's are kind of just does everything from basketball you talk about the importance of high school basketball and he's just two goals so far beyond just high school basketball what he doesn't. What he provides for the players and his program in and around the city. Did he did record about tight how close do you read what he. Was he says in the your book reviews I read that one point time my I don't rely so glad the jury. And this year. He said we don't have anybody you can dunk in his inner city school would more than a thousand kids that is very concerning to me I'd suggest a yeah but every as soon as I pick up the book. I do I go work this out division did he say our kids usually do pretty good job of being patient. On office undersea indicated he could shot might take more than 35. Top forty seconds. Which is a shot right at the guys oh yeah 352 clock. And then last year was our strength is our team was bilingual. I left for about ten minutes he's he's one of the best coaches city more people. But again just to finish off with a fresh coast good kudos to the back group of people it you know they work really hard to put on a great event. It it's kind of like the unofficial tip off of the high school bass isn't right and you look at it in you know it's kind of a who's who all the coaches are scouting or that are participating in. So. Which is really exciting paid January 20 and and you guys said the Lew Coleman is coming up you guys place on per cent that wanna. Harold and stick up some bad having us that audio and Brookfield heat at cent per is loaded. AR you know and and we we talked a lot about. You know our team and and where we want to be in and where will we want to accomplish and you know we we just decided we weren't going to. Shy away from anybody and if we. If the goals that we have are are legitimate and realistic. You know we made takes some bumps along the road. And and I think knowing you have the team that we have in the guys coming back that we have and we've experienced some success that we've experienced. We wanna put them into those situations as much as possible early probable Coleman tournament. You know obviously Luke was a great player for our school back in early 2000 issue was died died tragically. In only his mom and data are very involved with our program Luke stay Algeria's is on our coaching staff. We you know coach Adams and always wholesome four team holiday tournament. Before I U a started coaching with the boys and I've had some experienced putting together some tournaments and the girls and we decided to. Might take a shot at put a one day showcase together leave it to me the first year we had that turned this last year we had 20 teams Mora central of course I. The schedule without a weekend that the colemans. Or you can bet it will vacationers so I had so I owe them a little bit of an apology but you know just a great term and I think we have 26 teams this year. We use both army general Stiller Jim if you've noticed I've really tried to not talk about that game with some trickery no. So we we said yes we know what this plan yet we were requirement and you know I think it's in the really exciting. Opportunity for our guys and. And prior to that if he defy you wanna get out his WBY shoot out these guys played 6 o'clock in December 29. It's really good Oshkosh north team US coast last year. The mighty spartans from green to Martin Luther. We got the 9 AM games now our 130 or move an Illinois we are moving next year we might be at you at that 6 o'clock time slot. He's one I'm always had a joke with our guys salute with the Terry Porter classic club next week my first year we played at 930. Year 9:45 on Saturday morning. My second year we played like 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon you know like kids he corrected if they they acted like they are still accounting class and inaccurate or on the basketball court. And then Lester I think we had like the 5 o'clock game on Friday and I'll this year. With they'll walk you Washington I think we have the prime time game on Saturday song should be a lot of fun. He and I'm sure that after watching Washington last thank you slept really well I'm sure and it's going to be you know we don't like that we have to worry about Wisconsin Lutheran for slogans I won't sleep for a couple of days amendment you know his coaches we don't look at who we work again right in that the key. Let's get to break other said the break will continue or conversation can Marjorie. He's head basketball coach of Brookfield central. For his players are in studio. It will bubble talk to them will open 1130. Bryan Miller the head men's basketball coach at MS so weak on our coach's corner. Will join us this is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coaches show presented buyer local pick N save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I and news. Us. News. A walk back to the way these are simply high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. In studio at the end monitors head basketball coach at Brookfield central along with though for his players joined by two over invalidate. Wanna talk to gauging Cole about. You look they they're a year and a half away from. You know their their career being done a crook repeal central it's a long time a lot of basketball and played. But you know they eat as kids like this and really talented basketball players they're gonna have the opportunity if they want to to play the next level ball that. Got a number of them here in studio at the plate the next level. Education always start with you if you could close your eyes and picked the school. You say look this is school only go to what school would that be. Post them. And about right now Miami of Ohio. But if you'd at night you close your eyes and say any school in the country. I can put their uniform I what's who that they. Duke duke so our general manager here is from North Carolina. And he walked in four years ago when we get a full. Company meeting. He walked the immunities himself yell I'm from North Carolina mini chuck Sullivan there's only 14 letter word that will not be spoke in this bill. That's puke when I won here but do if your dog's name is duke get rid of the dot. If you're nickname is duke you're getting fired should call you but what if chuck walked in we were. We're not seeing if you do hip. He is a tar heel fan through and through Cole about you. Stance and you wanna play Wisconsin yes good for you. And a pilot watched Wisconsin and nobody said Marquette back in the day one entry everybody said mark at the alma acquire factor maybe. Accurate via and now it's duke and N and I know why you start Miami of Ohio positional on interest. In gauge who's showed some interest from Ivy League schools he says it only costs and interest me. Millimeters schools now. Maggie get degrees to get into that hole I relief and I think originals were significantly dating habits of could free you know what value of any idea which one ago. Academics again you've had so so much time you change your mind fifteen ties hootie if he has like now what would you set major via. I'm probably going to some with math actuary beat them. At a toy that's awesome public UK is not each area yeah. But my son did the math was his deal where if you yet he did Elliott thirty foresees he tears 32 is ECT in math. And he he works for companies now they work with hospitals. All of the countries get spreadsheets Olerud I've got absolutely no call I've no idea when. The show fight about it because it really well and he enjoys it but I've got no idea he was in. Today and coaches is more story I think for you. When he was at calvary Baptist sets for you with a high school. I think hundred Dominican. And he came out of by the first aid class in that pick them up and it's not an eco exit that you'll never believe where sit next to math class. As it was it he said I give you million guess is you wouldn't get it. As to who he says sit next to the kid that was the reason for the fall of the Roman empire I go why if he said Denham I love this math teacher. He told us not to write in his books and can put his name in the book and he took from this kid writing in this book. All lawyer back to reason why he was reason for the fall of the Roman empire geno his last semester senior year who's done with that. He went to the math teacher said look. Your calculus class is jury might launch. You might to fight eat lunch if he C you don't you're done with Matthew snow might take one more class with you. And can I eat lunch if I take this class and he goes court so that's if for teacher to understand. How important what you guys do in the classroom. You know this Freddie coach by sun and any basketball or soccer and that's not when he reached him. And heat this this kid fell in love with math because of that teacher school. It's really cool why why math for you does it come easy. I'm always like math and science and reading and English you know I haven't liked any of them put the head that's why to what. Put Heidi what I do have you gone to buy a reply have you seen the campus. Video into the basketball camp. Last summer do you go to a lot of camps in the summer. And to few July come. Some are better than others and I mean nine to nineteen camps is only in mean coaches and T you know players there and in competing against guys it's that tough. In that you might compete with at the next level that Iowa apart storage you guys player pretty have heavy schedule right now you guys play against the best of the best and how did you guys do this last year. We did very good in the last three tournaments. To finish off some arm. In July we exceed one to winning that second a third and then we also supposedly beat the number one team in the country actually Indiana Lee. Which some preloaded team I'm pretty sure every single guys and as a division on player and a team and and a. Court the other cell Wisconsin guys that play with here and that's not mine so that old but there's an edge over some yea Joey Hauser okay. Yes that's that's Q did you guys get to play against each other and all this hour ago. Plus via big yeah rupees and there's. Cigna apparently. Did you guard him any change in regard to you AG shouted down unique and it did. Yeah it too easy of meetings against. He's. Yet it was hard for you to play against him. Now now now just competing this thing and practice sailors and he's who who talks more in the court. Between you two. What agreements talking EEB offensively I talk yeah like I guess talk that's ridiculous that's a great question Brookfield smack in. Called the senate on defense Cole is kind of the communicators doing things on offense gauges kind of like errors in a director and to love stuff. He placed third goal a little bit sometimes he gets the little competitive you know clap and that's. And it's funny because he's kind of like this silent you know ruled prim and proper guy just kind of going about his work but. When there when it when it gets turned on the competitive juices come and he's not back him now let me. It really case to let me ask you a question so if if you have a tough first ten minutes of the game. And there's a guy and the other team sees so flake and you're overrated that kind of stuff. Did keep disease do you like that does that give you go one or do you just not listen to it. That gives me and I pretty bad sometimes. Can play good music play well when he's mad you like death. Yeah we you know what we're playing a team last year. And I can name the team but I think they get up 104 to start we took the timeout and they ruled guard that sets up into our two guards. And it just woke them up and we actually had a running clock. Hand to come and that kid and I he didn't say a thing and again for. For a long time so guys let's get to break other says the brake prime Miller had men's basketball coach at MS so we will join us. This is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick and save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Do you ever. Wonder why head coach does what he does yeah. What's his coaching philosophy. From offense and defense to special teams it's time for the coach's corner. Brought to you by the Brian Stratton college athletic department. This being cable lines homestead football coaches. And awesome. 53 weeks the singers there's teacher homestead. Nice to Richard my son in law it's his aunt and it's awesome for us got tangled lines. Check them out FaceBook tingle lines official. This what it's called our next guest he is Brian Miller the head men's basketball coach at MS so we haven't talked to him in a while coach are you bent. Why are you good age joined in studio by DN wandering in number of number of Brookfield central basketball players they. They're great year last year they got a chance to be awfully good again this year and I just wanted to tell you one of the young men that are. Is studio had been named a cold knob he said to guys who would you like to equity you do school he said something with math. I love math I love science as should you be did you hit his stick around and take a listen to prime Miller can see surrounds himself. With young men that love math than I can handle the the academics at MS so weak. And that's a tough place to get through I'm sure. Yeah out well I am surrounded by a map guys. And I think you heard me joked before then on the dumbest guy practiced today that don't charge. So I was put data that show I heard the young man mentioned something about actuary and interestingly enough the number two actuary school in the country is. So we totally. And that's that's new from probably the last time we Todd might we've only had a program five years. And so. Most places that have something in that area are just kind of a math major and need to take columns actuary tests on the side we have an actual program in itself. Yeah a lot of great map guys have come through here and and their coach is not a great mapped out nominal social studies teacher. That's awesome well opposites attract you know they had coached at right you know I love what's this show I only let guys on that that. Give our kids a chance to play the next level. If if there's a a college in the state Andy they have you know only wonder too. Players from the state Wisconsin their roster I just I go somewhere else. Because I like guys that that recruit to Syria and if if there are players that are good enough academically good enough to play at the next level. And MS so we coast comes talk into home it's a school that I think people have to look at and I love the fact that at guys like Jason plessy from. From west Alice hill are really haven't Goodyear in these are in fact he's a former. He's doing a nice job for you. Yeah he's a good leader. And obviously coach's kid. His dad years ago he's still issue currently so like I joke with him that he's the only player ever had whose dad giving me a technical since I'm. That probably never dead but he still makes for a good deal at banquet. For aid brightest dad gave all of us technicals you remember any of notre Roger plessy gave you want to I'm sure and I'm sure it was very well deserve yes. I don't think mine was written. Yeah I'm sure by god and then there have been cases doing a great job and and it is nice to you know have local kid Saddam I think. One of the things that's changed in my fourteen years here when I first started people still didn't really know you and you know when the current cinemas first dealt in more and more. About bought TV took place here you know my my first year we are able to get that we completely changed from Marquette to hear that help open some eyes and and Tony from NY to LA used to run some things here before. Brown Deer built the new source EnerNOC it is almost all of it out there. But you know in in the beginning years I have with so if Milwaukee people asking odious sport there and you know with 21 sport here while we just added another twenty to sports and and now it's nothing for a young man. Up for you know a youth basketball on from Missouri or somewhere to say yeah I've been on your campus before and playing at some of the events so that helps to recruiting that. Now we go right to you know stay attuned to the local kids I think helped build a fan base right you know parents and aunts and uncle Volcom and and so we try to keep on top of that and find out who all the engineers and actuaries are. He you guys played today 2 o'clock at home against the Medicare and team from Illinois. So far too NYT one that they conference team is likely 8464. Brian this year's team you feel pretty good about other plan. Well we're young at two seniors one junior. I do have a couple of sophomores or red shirt from injuries and banner around the program longer but it cell. Relatively young Knight you know our first few outside competitions. I think we had to get knocked him to keep a little bit before we mobile companies are playing hard and and you know our first game with a lot Lawrence and we just had to get down before we played hard and that that you know that's a lack of maturity and Aaron. And I thought we just really respond the next game itself. You know we we started the game with a trifecta that does not mean I made three pointer for us that means three stops that are all and that that's the goal it's open. I stole from another college coach since he gets seven of those in the game you never lose and so we couldn't get our kids focused on Macs get the band's hyped up about get stopped. Because that's where I'll start for a some wet weather or not shots are gonna how good you are offensively. Can kind of you know have up and down times but if you're defense in there and your Sharon ball there you're going to be in good shape so. We yeah we did start that game well with a trifecta and then kind of establish ourselves defensively and as so why am interested to see if we can do that again are we return have to build on matters. Hey coach part of the coach's corner that we do is we asked. I any college coach Rick comes on to give us one or maybe two drills that they do when a daily basis is a believer in those rules so much. Can you give us a drill that you guys do and MS so we every day in and that kind of go through for us. Sarah. I've had this one in my staple for over twenty years and yeah young kids like to hear that right. That kids don't like drilled as much but economic just pound the scent of a guy who is raised on you know Dick Bennett and you know back trying to. Teaching there are so. We we it's a three on three Israel that we called the force screen Terrelle and and we start with that a diet that. Top with a ball like in the point position doesn't have to point guard everybody can play everywhere. And we got the wing and a guy and the blocks that were kind of three three on Mac side of the court and then. They do they active duty force screened in orders they acted downstream for the guy on the block. And we settle UCLA screen up top. We've reversed the ball back up top would back extreme wing. And then when we throw the ball back to win we had a ball screens we have those four screens. And I'll do a variety things it's some days it's just. Perfection meaning they have to have been in the right position on every screen and call them out correctly and handle the screen the way we choose to which might be different and wail there's still. I'm like you know we have to do all four of those aspects right for them again off the floor. Other days will say they gotta get two or three stops in Rawle. And then sometimes we we build on natural by adding guys on the weak side to reduce air force screens up on the on the one side and and maybe we have a weak side post on the other side and the ball comes up top we have a little duck in the air so we can. Train that the pandered to get back up aligning content to pass and it did you know it helps us with our defense the positioning decent communication. That would stand in there for twenty years and you know at at that published in in. I've it was magazine's one winning hopes may. Sure on count AGQ why do you still say on the line up the line like Dick Bennett's death. What that would when he went that would before Dick was division one minute you know if you remember the old videotapes like I want to one way breaks at that that day she's a young coach you don't know that one yet find that somewhere. I I I watched his so much I got so sick and tired of UC on the line. Up the line. Right on line up the line over and over again and then when he got to division one he found out. That cut and oppose him being at Stevens Point where he had. A lot of times the better athlete he found that not only didn't have anyone it's that packed stuff or eight you're not on line here in the first get up here. You know. Slightly close stamp it in India. First GAAP one pay outs away and until we're more of a gap help team know where I would take over the years teens and hardly. Like a roller. And from the Chicago based teams tend to be more athletic and so we're gonna be gap help team and you know the metric we look for is is. Two books as defense and scoring defense Emery usually first or second. You know on a bad year we're third in in any of those and that that's what we aspire to. He yelled back to Stevens Point days he he didn't want you'd to allow the other team to reverse. Side of the four. Right he talked about keeping the ball once the for the on the line up line in like when he got to Wisconsin a going to division one. A bakery bear arms and he realized that that was a lot easier to do it Steven's point and we were probably oh. Or won't bring that up nearly as much we're talking to prime Miller the head basketball coach at MS week he did you love it to win and we've had this discussion. When when guys that might not be that. You know hide division one like some of the guys you have her mid major division one but guys that are looking to play the next level. And go to school and understand the importance of of of a really good strong academic. On place to go places like in my suite just aired just a wonderful place some of these kids. Yes there really is and actually you know my and my nephew graduated from air missile readers shall go and you know stepped right out into the world of work and got a great job and you know we just were very fortunate in the period to have a lot of small private schools. Of the division three landscape is is really competitive and create. In the room walked here in Wisconsin so this is great to have those options and you know it. They're always seems to be this emphasis on them to get a scholarship emotional plea do you wandered due to wall. You know. I talk a lot of people involved. Go watch you know I had those who have gotten a former player playing that edge wooed in the for a player at lacrosse and some other places and and his love going to watch those guys used to it so. It's it's really good basketball that people don't understand how good it is. Now and as you know what look I've firsthand have seen prime Miller coats and I've seen MS so we play. And they're very severe assumed that's really good basketball. You know you've got to be you've got to be. Defense of my you've got to be tough mentally to play for Bryant is he expects a lot. On the defense event but man when his team does what he's asking to do it's a thing of beauty. Even when it's your kid on the other team and you gotta watch out I don't watch it but as a coach to put the coach's head out. It's a thing of beauty either way they play together and how hard they play. A bright or really appreciate your comment not I look forward does seem to gym soon I'm sure and and that's certainly good luck to you and and the boys this year. Not thanks for having me in and appreciate. You'd think about mine again. Always looked into the shell and enjoy it now he's much but good luck to Mike Brooks central friends there and in their seat and I know one of airlines is playing against us today. The who's who's that. Won't kick. Oh and he's bedroom and let them and Kenya Politico. Well we're ruin for MS so we today at least die yeah I don't by the guys in studio. A bright they slots. If I don't tarts you Merry Christmas to you your family. You drop thank you very much you guided this is the Wendy's this is the Wendy's farce O and the has said the break them a cut you loose. And I'm gonna bring these guys once he has to think about your favorite basketball memory. Best memory whether it's third grade when it some he of the hit a shot at the buzzer. Something like that you know in somebody bring off for these were from central boys up in asking that question to and the show. Favorite basketball member you've got one. Coach. On you have got a few actually I'd drive the primary at the marathon to one in my two little difficult but Nicole talked about. You know we meet its state last year sectional final win was really exciting to me. You know you talked about high school bass on comparison to AU basketball and you know as a high school coach. You know the U does a lot of really really good things for our kids. And you know your parents talk a lot of all of your kids be so already for this because of a U and all that. Our game at west Al central last year. 8500. People in the gym I don't know exactly how many on EU games that have that up and yeah I agree what sticks out in my mind. You know hopefully one day will be wasting their gold ball that will be the favorite memory but. To me what was really cool that day as well as our boys came out of the locker room. We were down on the east side of the fuel also at west L central and the central keeps fans sexual on the west side. And you know here comes our guys run out on the court and that whole side of the bleachers just like stood up and won with in one and it was it was a crazy eruption. And I had you know the hair on the back. When I lose rough you up for me to totally cool. It for me always we've beat Cuba city sectional final ample legal analyst to get the state years ago when I was at Dominican we won a couple state chambers have saw that. That came from me. Backing of three was through that they were so good coach penny Hughes obviously. Really good and Dow we won that game and then that so that's my I think they were memory. Other than a calvary Baptist who won the Christians in a tournament a couple of times. We'll learn important date they are special and your coach year old son this is the Wendy's varsity puts a scoop I spoke coach shall present it. By a local picket save stores. On sports tree 1057 FM the fan. And me. A welcome back to the way these are simply high school basketball coach show. They get for the Brookfield central poise we've been talking to a lot this year and I've asked them. For their favorite basketball memory Cole would start with you but he got my fare best memory is if radar. Junior and as a team and state for the fourth in your own division and if you really. That's awesome in geisha what you. Let's say regret that like for a real quick the salons kind of a longer one. You know Paul's son Jerusalem line that's friends. He has and he hurt his foot in his first game back. Eighth grade year with a new coach and stuff and he saw modest first sub most often his first shot hit. Behind the backboard and went out of bounds as is forever story from there that's awesome. You know why I I told you guys this would neither Martin Luther baseball guys in the one guy said look. My I was catching and he was pitching and a guy who into the Wal-Mart parking lot that's my favorite baseball. Story go ahead if we can't. I'll direct online your favorite bows while moment those do we be Vincent's on all those student section storming the court and cheering. That's good today Charlie about you like their best or has the running and the course there are planes that cost. It's there's is such a rush front on the court signal fans sport only years. And. Yeah you know what. Guys like me who who try to predict that kind of stuff you know sometimes were way you way off. But but if if I had a guess my guess is you have a chance to that again. I got a lot of respect for your staff and in these kids have watching guys play and law enough. To know that you guys you'd be really tough out when because if you stick together. And in leadership wise if you guys continued future doing and there's none of that. How come on that in mind thing you know how that can can creep been. I get a chance I got a feeling that that's going to be a tough fought for anybody and I really hope. That you guys get a chance to Gupta worked out Charlie for you you guys have another year but for UT seniors. I'm hoping it's been really fun for making yeah I really appreciate tell you guys your willingness command and its share some stories and bugle goofy and and have fun so. Coach Al laundry take you very much Jeff nice job. Even listen to the Wendy's source it was high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick and save stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans.