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Saturday, December 2nd
Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show - Mike McGivern is joined in studio by Tom and John Deiner

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Some of the best high school basketball in the siege and he's played right here ring southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach should be area. This is the Wendy's port city blades high school basketball coaching show presented quite. Can't see stores now here's 1057. FM the fans high school insider. Big time Mike we. That's the way these course he puts high school basketball coach show presented. Fire local pick and save stores on sports Radio One 057 from the phantom. They should join this let me run down today show 1045. How yuck when he is the had band's bass while coaching derby gosh cash will join us. 11 o'clock for about a half hour Mark Miller. Will join us really talk moving about her early season. Teams looking good. Teams maybe disappointment. Torre talk about the W view I shoot are coming up over the holidays. At 1130 will touch base at time most lurk. But the Terry Porter classic one hour right now mark south division. In studio. I've been looking forward to the shown before I tell you who whose end. I don't know how many years ago was has started the show was a long time ago. And the show is for 78 and certain warning tonight a hard time getting some coaches committed because it was new nobody's doing that. And I would call people call people and each week was a struggle. And then Tom Dieter him. And because he said it was located Q this. I got calls from coaches going Haywood every need a met. If dieters Dieter had a good time and he didn't you know he did think it was so bad getting up early well that we move the time slots attend a noon. But I'm telling you right now that first year. I don't know if they show coach be honest with you we continued edgy you're willingness to come in and talk high school basketball with me. Just kind of opened the door for a lot of other coaches say okay if Heath if he'll do it than that I'll do it we're joined by the head basketball coach is cedar brook high school. Tom deer and his son. John Diener I love talking father son stuff so while this is going to be a fun two hours for me coach thanks for coming then you've got. Good thank you get you very much and yet you bet ID I don't know how many years ago that was coach I don't it but it was 101112 years ago that we started the show. And I think Jim before on the air but out I need to do it again because if wasn't for your willingness to come in that's for sure right don't know official would've. Would've thought continued so I I really appreciate that. And its own once so far this year how's the team reacted never everything's going okay. Yeah we though well we've played three games were we're to a one we did two conference games we had to grind out game last night against Hartford are we can't get yelled at home on it's right here yes I'm trying to make so yeah I mean were. Three were a work in progress and but. You know we're gonna get better I think we're gonna end up in a really good ball club this is gonna take a little time. Be Wes spent the east and and Hartford to a won it before in and John when it comes you for is here a second before we look. I had I need to look back a little bit from last year come guys have number we will run last year. And for me personally I've I've this might 36. Year coaching basketball chopped one of the best performances. That I've seen. Was VC to route Washington game that you that. EEE was an incredible performance. I'll buy you and a willingness not to allow your team picked to lose he had only 46 that night. And 7370. Against the team that was. They word they were gonna stop you that was the goal was his son John Diener and didn't tell they didn't do that when you look back at last shared no you didn't. Quite get it done at the end got to the finals on you look at your junior some special though cracked. Yes and then when I look back in my junior year it's really just. We exceeded expectation you guys and at the beginning of the year I don't think. I expected dusty and to the state tournaments Obama. Make it all oil fire on an obviously you know score for a six points or the determine records with some special but. Really a tribute to all the guys we had on our team it's related seniors and great players and obviously. Good coach John did you know early on these are really good approaches we'll talk about that with Erica I agree it's Cuba will talk about a lunch yeah you better tackle hugs. Did you know early on in that game could you had big games for. But to have a team. That big and that big of a stage against a team that was doing. They they know you do with the game plan at us the game plan has been the same since your freshman year and the game plan is let's that would teeter beat us but hit a let's see if we get a double team will change yet you know or it be if we can let's make sure that that we. Don't let him be just let somebody else who's who of that was due Washington's goal and need you hit him for 46 genome early on. In that scheme that cheated chance to have some special grown. All I came obligates them I approached it like any other game to slow the game come to mean and obviously a shot the ball really well. As the game progressed I guess and just a building confidence than. Captain you know ball in good positions ought. Not really I guess just have taken it one possession time and then points to moaning to ever look back in the stats from that. I did. It's sixteen for top sixty of toy and I is it easy and doing and I think. Maybe I should amid some free throws knack for fifteen I was gonna go right past that like is that go to your daddy would be pretty you'd pat. That up put 7370. With a beat a Washington team that. Which when you looked at the cedar bird team who looked at the Washington team walking through an airport you might pick that. For sure. I think when we came out for months I think. Now many people really give us a chance tonight in as Washington's. Obviously won almost physically imposing teams in the state I think they have agreed team this year I think though. If I had that I think they're one of the favorites one in division two this year. So I agree with you on that I cruised it in the eight day I watched him at the catamaran in term. They look like a college vast wealth in that area that 610 freshman yet he does not carry himself like a fresh he's. If not the best one of the best players stated I think. Just. You don't see many like that you know it's in trust you when you look at that run from last year John it weights not like. It's not like you push push you but yacht at first no game against slow west and west he won by about thirty that was one that. Then Brown Deer 7170. Beaver Dam 5754. Car in the 70s75. Washington 7378. Boston finals and he was 5553. Something like that. Every single kingdom was right down the wire you like games like to have. Claude I think. It obviously goal isn't to have it like back close but wreckage. I think that's what made the run so incredible. You know is there off that brown near regional final in them. Win by one inning we're down two with eight seconds left. And they're really good team and they beat Washington hearing in the opener so they're good this year but you know beat the winning game like that by one point at home. Really builds confidence and go to Buford and they've lost one and the leader when that game I theory. So it's just. Mounting confidence building and kept getting tighter as the unit. At a coach as sound and you know this better than probably most. When you winning a couple of games like that role and then you're in another tight one these kids look at you different. You know in India there's a minute to go to tie score and you take a timeout. And these these kids now believe. That they're gonna figure out a way to win this thing. Yeah that that confidence really built over four year period you know I had a group last year that. They basically were with me for four years writing on Jordan Johnson geared short. Man barber and and John. Van tassel. So all. Yeah they just kept building confidence from from the time that I had them. And then you know outcome we accumulated in that that stretch run as it is tournament. Joseph when you're an eighth grade. Your dad came in did we did a show out. It was a motorcycle Q who ship out in themes fell and on the year you know iced I asked about Sheehan he's in he said yeah he's had Chansi. You know his place of our successful sometime in his career and in there we went to pray can I say how good is it. And you're tested gas with yet. He can play varsity bass or right now as an acre he said I truly believe that. He cities that he's got such a good basketball IQ when he's tough kid at. He doesn't say a whole body just goes by his business. And I sit really decent yeah I think QB surprises I think nations refreshment you'll probably start forests and and sure enough. Did you feel any. Pressure as a freshman. Playing for your dad. Yes. So what I remembered my first verse the end of the home and then we didn't play very good team but I those most errors of and offers diversity on certain. Bill people on the school earlier on his plate you're dead plays a lot of stuff like right it's all up to stuff the block all that out. And I think a scored 35 in my first game but. I didn't really issued a law lies I should've had a vote fifty yards that's. Saw you is gives me crap about that is that Maceda. They have 59 in the and toss them but I you have to grow up fast you know I think average closed the when he in his freshman saw. And you get over that pretty quick yeah I growth Aston. You know Jack coached my son at at calvary Baptist Emma nominee fall 67 kids in the school we'd seven boys eight boys and bask team. And even dare he got easy start is soft warm and we had five seniors. And he can he do we started for a phone started him. And I didn't know until after is over I had my son committing camps are Roni in eighty commit and we did a father and son show. And my son started to talk about some of the things that he was going through a lot crewman in the school and he cheated me from that. I didn't know pot it until it was all over and I kind of felt bad he suppose you know on the tough and jump will bit but it's it's hard to be a coach's son. I agree with that I think. But I do think it develops a certain mental toughness when you're in that close game tied him with a minute left fans excrement you're able block all all annoyance. But yeah obviously it's it's tough there's lot of outside influences but if you liked those on I think it's definitely worth it. We hit on that show week Tony Bennett joints. And he played for father and Ted Green Bay. And he said after practice. For twenty minutes whether it wanted to weathering needed to I would shoot. For next twenty minutes so that my teammates can go locker room complain Butler coach. Is at the end of data coaches might that that it wanna hear about it. And he said he'd be doing that some times but did it so that they can have their twenty minutes way for me. And they know that this is my dad he's he's my dad first Mike Coates Sackett. And it. It was pretty interesting because I had Dick Bennett and on. Ochoa to copy in the zone and told them about that and he said I figured out but two weeks sent. I figured out why he was unit we never talked about it. I figured out what he was stupid it was twenty minutes at the end of every practice. Kids who do locker meant he'd go win and you would now it's him coming man so that hates to complain about. His dad guys is good I really get to break in the set the break we talk about this year's team. And now I'm excited I'd I'd arrive first time I've talked with John Deere but after her by the three years from his dad Tom and and every bit as is strong personalities. In and good it is Thomas told me. And had a basketball player and DePaul might steer amassed about that. A decision is while in the recruiting process. And I know talking time east over comfortable whose decision. But if you look at the rankings he's ranked number third in the state as a senior and wondered if you ever suspecting. Things. One of worlds would yeah. The interest in Rico. Less than that on the other side of the break this is the Wendy's RC puts high school basketball coach shall percent by local pick N save stores. On sports Radio One 57 at them the fans are. And. Match. These are seamless high school basketball coaches shall present it. As always. By your local pick N save stores. And Mike the giver and in studio with Tom and John Peter times head basketball coach at cedar Burke high school. John is a senior this went quick Tom. Yeah I coast and where I think it it goes quick. You know it's a little bit sad yet all I think about it now. Him going away and and leaving you know more than the basketball I mean it is dissolved. You know I'll be watching him play basketball right and that kind of stuff but. Just from a daily interaction standpoint you know. Seeing that he's going to be leaving the house it's hard that's a hard thing and it's you know all parents go through that so it's nothing really unique you know to me. I went through it it's really it's the my son went to oh Mirren at the Baptist Bible College division three in Watertown. To a 45 minutes away. But it was different I coached him. In high school and alma parent watch that my wife and I never sat next to each other during the game she said I didn't cheer correctly. Via com I think at (%expletive) made but that's kind of what. Then I sat in and had a watches who's really hard and hardest part was not having him in the house. Cannot say hey you wanna go to a gamer you want to you know that kind of stuff was. Was yeah I mean today we're you know we're talking about what football games we're gonna watch you know and right in the badgers are on the seventh and I like stuff and you know we've been doing that for ten years you know yeah you know we're gonna. Grimace that's probably harder on me than him. He is exciting for John you're excited about an end if we can't DePaul came early became early good fit for you yes I think. Talking multiple all you have to start with the Big East Conference obviously a great basketball conference. And that I think a lot of it is just trust I think the stated and how to best well ACL you know Louisville thing but. I have a lot of trust and coach Toledo courtroom there and admire cousin Drake played form and does Andrea and yet nothing positive things to say. About and I think that was big bird. You yell at your cousin truth you changed I called and twice to miners are palace was never heard back from. So if you get all and I and I have his office over on some numbers are and how often he checks. Here's a hot it's never. But I and ID instead decisive look if you get a hold at love to make it hold teeter show but I did not hear back from him. And he hits a golf ball about six miles did you know that spirit I actually. We've golf Korea grew he he hits it pretty well. He played and are not always straight not consistent that's a problem. They're holed you know what he played in our I'd 1057 after the fan. Thing and he was either and I had a lesser behind us. And I wasn't paying a lot of attention with a three or four times I watched he hit it a mile and he'd just look to be in Golan what. And I go man you ever know would you must play golf every day. Q did you coach UT what do you do he said now he said you're just looking at Ed so reichert shots. Grown up in a basketball family. John was the you knew early ninety's you're in the gym with your dad a lot when you right when he was set at Hamilton. Rerun for the Vincent years. Yeah I I was around for Republicans in years your ball boy airline I was. I don't really remember much about the NC bride to remembers some games and then obviously in Milwaukee and Alton towers as a manager there to Obama. So I I was really expose the game at a young engine early phones while with the at a young and did you start playing. For your school team like in fourth grade gently and age you early. I didn't inflict a U a lot to like fifth fifth period I think. I played for the school to visit Franklin at that time OK in about fourth grade her third or fourth grade through seventh. He did a huge did you do you enjoy playing in eighty basketball. It'd be asked net it was in the best experience for me and played for a lot of different teams I don't know it's it's a different brand of basketball. I don't think my sound like too much. You know we on the time it's it. To this day mean it to week who it takes. A good two week sometimes as high school coach is to get that age you either some of these. For me and I know all circuit my forest are clone up we don't do that we don't do that there are some good AU programs and but there are some that are not for that. Yeah you know it's like anything else there's good news bad and all that kind of stuff. John had his final year he really had a lot of on the plate for Craig call the Wisconsin blizzard yeah. And just really had a lot of fun became friends with some of the guys on the team that. The quarterback is Kimberly. Who just won the state champ chip John became friends with you know men. And they're just a group of guys that played the right way you know impassable and just wanted to win and have some on and so we end up having a really on last year EU but previous to that. Not so much. I coached. Matthew when you're younger and weeks that we gotta we stopped it just got to be too much and the last year for him he clear price staff felt. And it was. She had a ball he hit a ball and it was all guys he was you know just his staff felt it was. Boy did it in when we're from South Milwaukee and Alex berg who played at Whitewater all these guys it was his kitten gaps in care. And take a charge once and all. And they would beat teams that they had no right beaten. They just didn't and because they did things the big Vick correct way and plated the way it was poster. Threatened to be played. John when you when you look back at edits in again this is in Europe last for you guys and I'd hate to see it that way but this be the last time yet. You play here or play at home against this team. And what will you look back cat your curtsy your berg. And and is it that led the French have said she made with these players is that it's time we've gotten Spencer doubters that combination of bullet. I'd say it first would be is the relationship both my dad on the court off the word. Just the little things like after the game you know logged in Sunday talk about the game talk remote. Different fiscal best volumes at one and just just all that stuff I think on the. All we yum Matthew Knight had to figure out. Where you read a book called coaching or suns coach take a good guides for wrote this book read that for you know coached and yeah for the board it was so important because I know you from that book. The good the bad really ugly stories there are some great book horrible stories of good parent father says not figure out. Our deal was once we got the kitchen table I was his debt. So after teams if you have bad game you'd jump in is monster cart jug in my wife's car they can you get to the kitchen table before I got there. So that I had to not just talk to open as you know how schools side are you still look at it this girl is back curler whatever. But it was we we figured that out. Some time when I had Steve Showalter in. And you he said look I made some mistakes with Zak because of that father son coach he sounds much much better with Sheikh. He said but we we went through some growing pains. Come with with with zags did the first one wondering if if the first the freshman year was hard for you guys or was it has been pretty. Now you know I I don't really have I don't really look back and and think think that we made mistakes are not really it's spend. Gone pretty well. I think I've become pretty educated with a hole a few things that Christ that was a bit frustrating for me and and I I I would've done things differently. And in regards to the EU stuff. UD coach a you right no idea didn't you know we we finally figured out is last you're like I said you know he's Craig hall is a great great. One of the better summer. Summer coaches and so we really end up Angela on that last year by previous of that you know as we talked about wasn't so much but in terms of super high school. I think week. We did a pretty good job I really don't have any regrets in that manner. You know and I can't find in my package but I read an article. And I thought I've printed off myself and it talked about it it was two years ago Tom and I think you won your 500 game minutes started out. By by saying how happy were that your mom picket that came in he said I don't think anybody's seen more bass what games. And you then then my mom. And did you is that where the love of the game came from for you guys well. You know I was I was the youngest of four boys and then you know and his sister and so we just grew up playing sports via in the driveway you know. And weren't you grow up by the end funnel down in unreported and my mom is still alive she's at all 96 or seven knowledge it was in the same house I'll since 1958. You know until we get up there and you know that oops still there you know and so yeah I mean we just we played all exports and but you know ended up really love and basketball my brother Derek you know it was a very good player and ultimately it'll and a stuff so that's kind of work began. You know my. My mom when I was younger she'll late drive and even in the rain and it was a snowstorm and she's to get the car. You know sixth grade seventh great and we drove the 35 and was not. And she we got their receipts he counters was planned mark and there was Alamo quarter inch inch. And we walked the N and the kids that were sold out. My mobs have no my sons didn't see this game. And Sheikh in he said ma'am or sold out she said you know understand I drove in this blizzard my sense getting in to see the scheme and he said just go ahead. And we sat up and stood atop the bleachers. In in electric gymnasium and Alan acquire Milwaukee Marquette. Who sees saint Catherine's Jim channel it and I knew at that moment that I know if I was gonna play but I was going to be involved in basketball somehow some way. And she would she would kids who go to bad write the large Irish Catholic family if she wake me up to watch the Walton. She loved watching that big red it for UCLA my dad repeat and at the tavern with his Berkeley bodies. In my model make popcorn and a little bottle of Pepsi. It's you know what's watches game and understand that that's for the for me that's where the whole place when I read that article. I thought that's a that's outstanding as it gets a break in the said the break where it I'd swear will talk about this year's team. We gotta get so he has some of the players if you want to watch you to reply. Who other than John Dieter borrow some of the kids that are are making this team gold will queue that. On the other side of the break this is the Wendy's or Steve puts high school basketball coaches show presented by a local pick N save stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. That's the Wendy's farcical its high school basketball coaches show presented by air local pick N save stores. I'm Mike we giver and in studio with John town do you notice I said John first. Isn't. Top I don't know if you remember this but when we're out at that motorcycle thing. He said look he's a really good basketball player but let me tell you I'm a student yet. So really he said yeah nannies to best openers great student really sparked yet. And now I see it. Obviously he's he carries himself wonderfully I last year when I saw you at the Brookfield central when Martin Luther played. Cedar were we sat at the table together nice and what is he taken. In and he wants to go in medicine said John what if he and you can change it fifteen time fifteen now and next week Sunday if you want but if you had to look in your future what would you think you gonna do with. With your life. Oh lead unplanned majoring in a science at DePaul. Alec Freeman thing. Obviously of my cousins play overseas in Italy select some awful things about if I have the out and do that sure but. Essar and obviously. You know it's up the changes as young image but. A finger while medical school. Good for you so they did the term student athlete you understand these guys I think my cumulative GPA it's delivered music or twos off. Really it's on the classroom Kirsten and as well as well. Where does that come from and you know what EUS. District. Bought a graduate adapt my dad comes from Kristi you know my wife and and I think their family and whatnot but. Now I was always in an average student and but John just from you know just from day one just was. Interested in learning and was some very serious about his studies going back to elementary school in. You know it's hard she's worked as an as a basketball player he's worked. Ask harder even harder as a student I mean he's. He's always starting I mean we are tart while watching a football games and things in while you know I got to do this and that a minute study and then you know trying to plan is dale so he's of the. He was a like an academic all Americans and he's just at that office charts at that. And he that's heat that came from my wife and his mob because no absolutely. No doubt so baby work. Were similar effect I've Luntz who John and asked why who sits you could kit. His readers are woman here that I work with and she asked species would carry a couple boys in high school you're doing some things issue and we do and how did you deal with that and said. Never really had to. It's yours can ask quiet and I said women. He said my feet is really important in never wanted this will point my mom and you skiers are living daylights out of me. And I said why wasn't put those are three is happy child bonus or three years happy adults are at peace am really happy so worked out. Really well and he told me said he never got it. This remaining Iguchi thought is as a starting point guard the college basketball team has won the cool guys and I go yes. He said dad look at all my friends I hung around with nothing big peaks he coats all I said we did like math tournaments who stopped. He says I was the one geek whose dad took the time to teach him a little bit of basketball so. You know maybe they don't worry about it but that's the direction that you're gonna go time this year's team to own one. If we c'mon watch you guys play obviously I think John is the guy that we start with but after that you've got some talented basketball players. Yeah we reach really do and you know the first area talk about is Matthew barber in that barber. 68 kid can play point starters sooner does really versatile at the high school level. A four year starter. And that versatility really. Helps that a lot of ways. Actually we've been out without our our point guard Ian Nelson who's in the eleventh grader. He's done a foot problem. We're gonna get him back on Monday but so we've actually China had met Barbara played point guard these first three games. You know John Oakley points on but. He gets tired we don't want the do everything so match and play and point guard but he's just really a very skilled smarter all around great player and a heck of a game last night. And he helps our team tremendously in that we got a couple of seniors chart Willer. Quinn mortal. Those are guys that are gonna help ocelot this year they were on the bench last year and polished up and often. Playing a lot of minutes we have one freshman that I like to talk about drooped over there are held a ninth grader actually started last night hit a couple threes. 64 guard that can really shoot the ball and is really shown a lot of maturity and focus and we're really excited about him he'd. Real quick John you know where this kid is that I still weren't back yet you were the 64 freshman. Haven't a play and but George you're surrounded with young kids back that I you know it was a young team. This is a senior Lleyton team more and now this fresher and has to step then. You beat a good role model for him sure. Closes first speaker start yesterday at I think he could've started the first game road just you know we don't wanna ruin his confidence and but he really played ball last I had three threes and I told me played like it was this fits your adversity basketball and I've really been trying to amend term because the game I talked on because I know let's that I went on and if I was a freshman saw. Yeah you did there IE you know when you really have much of it this senior class after June Christ he's it was it was through the future when your dad took over. And so it's nice I'm sure for him to realists see how you handle yourself and and good for you I'm I'm glad you're doing that 64 freshman that not a bad way to start I. Yeah he's and he's really focused and wants to learn and listen. Very athletic. Were really excited about him and he's got a brother on the team cars endeavors and all the junior. And he gives a lot of minutes too he's a 65 cute real athletic and so. We got the Deborah voice conference upper down do you think how you feel about the conference. It's kind of early to tell I mean I don't think there are. Like really any great teams in the conference I don't see that he. But I think it's gonna be real balanced than in every game's going to be hard fought. We won our first two games like twenty points but. You know we're talking after the game boy it was it didn't feel like that right we really had to work hard and and battle and grind to get the victories. John a different stream being down than that the team that's hunting and now being that high you are hunted. Everybody's give me give you the best shot of different than when you were freshmen and even a sophomore certainly starting last year and this year you feel the difference. Yeah I was gonna bring that up actually does think a lot of people from the outside in the can and Noam you know look at the scores of our conference and thank all of these teams aren't that good but. I swear on me we don't we go to Hartford last and it's like sold out you know movement you'll realize that in the and as you know these teams played ten point points better than they do against you know on an average night saw. Everyone is gunning for us and that's really apparent when you watch the film verses you know when they play someone else and if you think in the you know an ethic of the than they suit up against us and they really play their fastball one in their you know what. All of a sudden now chiefs to three years ago they didn't game plan against use those discordant beat them and who we're playing them Tuesday were playing this team on Friday. So as coaches we never looking had a we work had. And so were looking at that thing on Friday June 2 roles during the week to beat the team on Friday just expected to be seat were there watching film now. They're watching film now so guys it's get to break other said the break. Had bass while coaching UW Oshkosh to join us for a couple minutes he's back yuck meant. They get a game tonight really talked to him on a couple of different things this is the Wendy's Farsi butch. High school basketball coaching show presented by a local pick N save stores. I'd sports Radio One 57 app I'm a fan. Do you ever wonder why a coach does what he does. What's his coaching philosophy. From offense and defense to special teams it's time for the coach's corner. Brought to you by the Brian Stratton college athletic departments. Back to the Wendy's parsed with high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local Pickens save stores. I'm Mike that you were one side Tommy John Diener. Has that been outspoken receiver John cedar going to DePaul. Renowned John joined by the head men's basketball coach you to be arch Dutch pet Guttman pat are you doing today. Regret it might think Arianna yeah I really appreciate your time I know you guys got a game later today so. I think Tonya wise is worked out really well how what posit team doing so far so good right. Yeah we're we're you know it's it's it its early December here so we we've got a lot of lot of broke them a lot of improving to do what were up two or else start if and if they have learned a lot. Through winds. Haven't played. Complete game yet. That you mentioned we've got to who really get how tonight we're playing the number two ranked teams returning. They are the national erupt last year rock in college Rock Island, Illinois come and do call tonight to work. Which side are we challenge. Look bored in how we respond to a plane a trajectory. He coach China on this segment. Memory and ask you proof for one or two stapled rolls. A little bit later in the in in the segment but on this kind this coaches college coaches segment. I'm only allow. College coaches on that give our kids from the state Wisconsin a chance to play at the next level. And looking at your roster coach you guys do great job. Of giving our kids that are playing high school basketball the opportunity. To play division three basketball so I commend you for that. While I appreciate content and as a as a Wisconsin born and bred. Young man. Obviously you respect like crazy just that the basketball history tradition coaching. All of our state. Guys like coach Keener Uga who couldn't excuse there yeah of our league you know the tradition of the the BIC with the Dick Bennett's simple Ryan's in. In the tradition and I wasn't good enough to play in the weekly a conflict I've played enough. Another down league. Which is where I belong to man I'm on. I'm very appreciative adapted it to go to Wisconsin took that great young men of this state and compete about we can country. He coach you're at UW guys does this your sixth year is that coach. But here you got a believer that a birdie at the Yankees made it does go will be quick doesn't. With regard to. It flies by and we're settled for rap we're currently ranks on the preteen and country. Adult you know we've still got a duck it doubles balanced team in terms of size and quality dark Orleans. If the coach doesn't through what would get a chance to be all right. That's awesome hey when you talk to kids coach what you what you start with when you tell him what it takes. A because we get a young man who's going to DePaul also to different you know it's a division one a different level but when you're talking to kids what you tell them. That it takes to play at the next level. Well he he no longer want to go to DePaula wants them their options. Catchy what makes series gets your number just he says the pulpit doesn't work out war actually just getting of course you know I think. The first thing and and John in New Orleans college basketball through our. I mean it's like you have to fulltime jobs your full time college student. And certainly the dedication it takes to be a college our little count fastball clear into significant. And down so things which identified and you like the game or you have this deep passion for one of the it's going to be hard work it's easier typically as a younger player program. And it's an eye opener. For young women come in just to see you know it it's it's what every day. Commitment. If you're gonna compete at a high level. And be successful so we first identifying the young men that just won't became have a deep in the justice have that the passion. For what are we really I think as I've grown as a coach and learned along the way. We really try to examine the character. Of the young men that we recruit we want high character young man can be great teammates. Our basketball is synergy gains right and and guys that make up rules. And done you're gonna hear a lot to talk about your culture culture culture. Culture start with the the young men in your program get cute guy you're likely to have strong culture you don't get. Not. And so we try to identify certainly that the character and that's in a note how about that talking to coaches our own observations. We just getting in developing relationships. On you know we want guys who were serious about academics are about giving it a great degree. And I certainly lapped it's just you do you have the subsequent. Skill level talent or he's going to get there to compete. You know in a greatly. He added time you've had these conversations which not so in in I'm sure he's get you that cousins have played really high level. John sought assume that you grew up knowing. At least have a people tell you. What it takes a play that next level and that kind of commitment that he is that it takes and how hard it is it's it's really are hard thing and something Europe. You're excited about him sure right yeah I mean. I agree with everything he set. Especially at the division three lovely got to find as that. There's no athletics are some unifying as that of the play that impasse while. And then get through that division one level that's lacking a little bit I think kids aren't at the wrong reasons a little bit you know all of with all the the fame and but I think get those division three level you gotta find kids that really love the game and I think the vision long level at. Key to you what if you didn't have the talent they division one. You view great division you know because you do you truly love your game hey coach are real quick. And I drove that you guys you wanted daily basis. Because it it makes your kids better can you give us either on the opposite side or defense of side. Pat ethical alone talking girls. Toilet on the BB. First thing is just like a overall philosophy we. Every drill we do for the most part is competitive we're keeping some sort of score. To be shooting roll up break down hole. In what we do it if your team or you individually when it drove you get a we have a spreadsheet we manager keeps track of we will car point short end of the week. The young man has the most points accrued. He gets to Wear the shorts and next we can crack there's some some benefit in terms of if you started early or often defense like that. So we we just everything we do is keep a score I want our guys competing trying to win every. Sort sort of just kind of abroad our guys really get in in. And then coaches we can give discretion are reported to take the charger the war when a key loose ball commonplace. We can get let Jon get when you get support for that. Something we do that stole sauce would confront the mind of done it now. 89 years and in its simple but man our guys know they can track the point to take a lot of pride. But that's sort of I literal but what one thing that I currently assistant coach you came from Tulane. Played her coach with a really on a technician down there we caught finishing school almost every day we are working on. Finishing in some form or fashion and really goes across all the position groups. Dark wings bigs. You know we're we're really we're all doing similar things we're worried about when we attack how we start with purple work and then how we finish. What happens in between care less about quite honestly. But we wanna give our guys multiple solutions will be a ball in Moline terms of footwork which mutual we teach to strike stopped. In multiple tickets and we really into it and you plan to understand that extend it extend back up and try to block everything so. Are keying in the lane getting balanced picketing shot making. You're kicking it out. Spree in the ball as we say picture in the sugar. On sore every day were dead and sixty minutes. Caught finishing school we just felt like you know six or seven girls we rotate from different but very simple things on the basket to. Starting at the oval package starting from the wing. In all our guys are doing not just art arts. Boy that's good. Yeah it is tied time theater ticket al-Qaeda notes yeah he's coats as long as I have been endured were taken notes like crazy. This was a coach heck of a start you got here this year foreign only be seen nor roots and you know scene nor roots has been a a real. But we're excited about. Our start we have played we played really well instructions but like many teens early on we haven't put it all other tonight. We need to put it together and play the right way but successful about forty minutes of broken again. He's that young men the head basketball coach UW Oshkosh trust me my kids the kids I coach are gonna start here in the term sure the sugar. I'm he would share his starters coming out and governor byline you the first time coach cement them and own that that thank. They now and I thought someone else got no sense. Of our culture virtually wanna share the basketball. That ball has energy ever as everybody touches it digit gains that are we like structure shirt. What and hate that weekly winner on a competitive rules I think. February I like that idea as well I'm not sure that. What will were really doing well the week but the funny thing is I've played ball with McGovern and couldn't he doesn't like to share this summer so much briefly club I've never been one consider sugar just shoot the ball a little bit so high that they are now women that weekly award put out. I can lead up to you know I could write a theater I'm just didn't take coach thank you so much for your time good luck today could look threats the year. They might coach they accept me I'm good luck to your coach and he got some. You've got a tough guy he argument he is they had best folk cushion of yachts that's brigade to break and celebrate Mark Miller will join us from his start she was. Highlighted promote the WDY shootout coming up two corps university at the end of the month. This is the high school basketball coaches show. All as always presented by a local pickets say stores on sports for anyone of 57 FM the Fayette. Some of the best high school basketball in the siege he's played right here in southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coaches in the area. This is the Wendy's varsity blades high school basketball coaching show presented quite local and C stores now here's 1057. FM the fans high school. Insider. Big time with Mike we. The Wendy's where's he puts high school basketball coaching show presented. Quite vocal you can save stores. On sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. I might be given a launch site common John Dean or to divert high school as a head basketball coach John is a senior. And for DePaul he had a coach from Oshkosh period that was really good solid guy down. Yeah he really. It's a great insights at Houghton. Felt like he's really you know got a great program there. You look at that roster fourteen the eighteen kids are from Wisconsin. And I I just really. I love guys like that thank you were kids a chance. Look not every kid's gonna be John Diener that every kid's division one kid but there are some kids like John said. That never pure love for the game a wanna compete and play. At the next level and in. Yeah do look division three basketball Rogers of. Bud yeah in really good yeah and it. I love division three basketball because it really is comprised of kids that love to play rather be football or basketball you gotta love it there's not a lot of perks involved cracked you're playing for the love of the game she got a bunch of kids there. They're playing again because they love it a lot like high school basketball. They're playing for the right reason. My favorite I guide people people ask me that. And you're cut our pay kind of frequent this high school stuff and I go yeah I think is the purest. I in in we're gonna get to Mark Miller once second I apologize he scolded but I think he's you would agree with this time I don't know how many kids I have said. To looking joy high school Basque what's the fast. It's the best you get the play with guys grow up with you to play with you okay kid you could play for the kids and your class whip. And not everybody is did and obviously when you claim big east it's different. 95% because I've coached if they played the next level it's been a division three level. And I think high school Basque woes is is he could does is gets for 95% of these it. It's just outstanding have you know I've just had so much fun coaching high school kids my whole life and again their you know their planned for the right reasons. And and that makes all the difference in the world. He you know I we're talked to mark about this whom we disagree on the 352 shot clock that thing got run out quick. That things going as shallow dad yeah I'm happy about that I'm not yeah we yeah we. As you know I think that's led to share that showed her quiet. It did it John Dean original plate the plate with a 35 seconds on the clock in high school I got to duke might on the yeah yeah. Which you better be we are you better because he's buy you lunch now wasn't gonna buy you much thunder and how enjoyed by Mark Miller with hoops dot com. Rick we jurors was Scott's best book. She is coming up December 27 20/20 ninth this time bureaus have more are we start the pilot promote and celebrate. That three day shoot out mark are you doing. Were doing good hey what do what was your thought that 352 shot clock if they. They just get rid of before never got started. I. It. Apple addicts need it and drop and it didn't. Ball. In our. I think. You're underdog in your view. Slowdown temple the intent to be competitive. That's easy to do. You know trying. I just to wanna see that you know the teeter teams from old were you go four corners that you don't just hold the ball until the judge decided to. Did it to go get a bucket. And it didn't surprise three time you are opposite ends of that I think I just think that. I thought it would be good for preferred state Wisconsin's other states have done it and they've had no issues with that. It sounds like the good the money that it was gonna take in the find guys to do it were part of the reason but. I knew as soon as that came out there are a lot of people call me sand you know I I'm not for this at all. And they they were calling yell at me after right make might might way to what I thought was correct decision that. And to get that thing in here but. With with these guys men and I'm one and you guys are three at this point three gets one a little surprised. For sure you're catered PMI side Diener. You took that but no actually not. Hey mark you were you let the saint Catherine's lake mills came less site. Yes. That. Six. Really really high level. Stellar. Really good shooting. Three point baskets. At a single. Outscored 36. And number indeed. They were down 1411. Minutes to go. Really ratchet up pressure. At a couple turnovers and got the ball. And up one team. I'm really good year. Two teams I think Ehrlich at Tampa. To play in this great tournament. You know right in mass. In March. Beyond what I'll. I'll gladly no on oxygen. Support. Under team a year ago just turn it. Com in yet they had three freshmen and co op Morse who. They matched. Returning starters. And of course think yeah. Well at freshman one. Another freshman. Is going to be. Re after. You start at. Guard. In just. Knows like great game. He yelled in. Which you know. Well yeah it was a really good game. Should particularly. Your. It and you know. Our championship. Tomorrow you know regional final section. Back. CK after exit our conference. And there are regional. And Blake noses in the regionals Waltz so. I had a CIA and I'm not happy to hear all that great stuff he just said about that gave mark. In a lot in general Kerr talked about does that. The decision to. Our deepest and most and balance job divisions and speed. He won game is obviously very very couldn't count. You know he's got Germantown a special kind of comedy that that section level. The last several years but when you look at two entry there's been a lot of stage. And all the teams that really legitimately come into the season thinking we we got champ but I could be easy. You mentioned engineer regional loan com but we you know we're good enough that that we can make a run. Arms and adapts the overall depth and quality lane. Particularly in the mustard and divisions to me. I am really trying to watch. And I think it's going to be that way again this year. Who do it Tom Lucy have you looked ahead who's a year regional stuff or jail or where I don't physically look look I had too much but. You know we've got caught don't you know in our in our sectional final. Future world. Plea. And you know there really really good again this year. But yeah you if you look at the teams we had to be last year when you get the state term is just amazing I think. I'd made the statement that any of those teams could have been state champion at the division two level I agree on the road near Beaver Dam mine you know Washington those teams are all gone through on a yeah you know I saw I agree with market at you know I try to figure what will we know what happened to division one I can't really pinpoint as to just isn't. A lot of great division one teams like they're used to be back in the ninety's and and early 2000 boy there were tons are all men want to resign only. You know they go on a more divisions and all I castill but I just can't really figure out why. It's like that but it is truly is I. I think I now I don't know Mark Buehrle greets people it. But charter schools and school choice. It's taken some kids into different areas that that maybe the eight they weren't in back in in the day and I I've missed. When they had eight division ones out yeah that was on those are you know those were great days I thought but it. You know everything like everything changes so. I'll market we hold over for one more segment that we get a chance are much but the WB wide Kinect gets one more segment. Her problem beautiful it's get to break this is the Wendy's RC puts high school back spoke coaches shall presented by a local pick and save stores. I its portrait of 1057 FM the fan. To make the change. Mean who else did yeah. That's you all this so much. Okay. No there who want it from them. We got away from Christmas music for a minute no Mya whose job is very upset that. So it never I never it's after the quake got Steven stock can button life. Welcome back to the Wendy's or she puts high school basketball coaches show. At two China. Tom Keenan notice take continues seat John Deere first and stop that I think talent John Dean your seat super high school on that boys basketball coach. John he is a senior Campbell leave that that went quick. And I had enough to DePaul we are joined by Mark Miller Wyss of hoops that net. Big tournament meant to showcase the shootout coming up December 272829. I'm happy to say that we are again that the radio partner. For the shoot out and every year I think I say the same thing mark meant it this is one of the better line of sin and look at that this year's. Lineup it was hard to read it to pick teams are so many good teams in this thing. To put in a commercial that we have Ronnie obviously it would Credo Marten Luther and that an epic scope and other teams. And I don't think this is a great lineup but congratulations on that. Thanks see how we you know obviously try to get better teams and I'll I'll workout every team but. Might we got a good mixture of a small medium and large schools that that will provide. Oakley and a high school basketball at three great entertainment. Hey way to wind when you look at at some of these teams. Blake to a Lisa went Nolan Xavier and wap content. You know mineral point is awfully good of Brookfield academy we're gonna play them the night that's a really good team. You know if they want an end date to you know Xavier in the per school as I've seen the per school and and their vote it they're really good. I'll widnall notch fashion north and the caught in wanna key you just get that you know each day. There's here's through four games that I think people are gonna want it definitely get to it. I was there last year. Mark quit their a couple of games were pretty close to being sold out so my recommendation to people is get there early and stay late. Yeah I can get the direct implication. You know you support team that there I think nine games like that they're all its. You couldn't end. And I mean I mean that. It's like it's a hardship because it's now it's on not being watching John play the last two years opt in of course giants they term last year I really gracious way he'd that. Now plays the game about component not surprised I mean obviously. It gets pretty good. Bloodlines there with his with his cousin. Yeah I'm but you know having guys like John Diener and and Jordan McCain and Tyler aero. You know we've had Joey browser in the past. You know those those are always bring out those type of players bring out a lot of am. Com but not it it's kind of there's there's a lot of really good young players at some schools and you look at some schools like why. Why has the Manitowoc which are involved are white liar you know aux again and then you go watch and play and you're like well. That team's pretty darn good tree trees gesture was really good. Yeah right I mean maybe expert last night common a couple went from maps were welcomes talks you know even a small schools they all have players that that local want to play her talk about to be off. I'm this small schools have guys that will go on a plane had hit the tree here. You know potentially even higher and that. And now of course you know that the bigger names like Tyler heroin or K. You know I think that yeah. The Oshkosh North Brookfield central game will be won that that will be really fun to watch com. In order to really high level. He wants schools but it think you know when you look at both the most changer like quality egg bowl champs are potentially won a state championship so. I'm not so on three days. I think by then the teams are kind of rounding into shape which you know nineteen others that it kinks out in November and early December and you know by christmastime. The playing rotation hopefully the injuries from football have all yield. And and the guys are ready to go hand not that I'm here to speak to this little bit. It's it's kind of neat because. At that point you're you're just went in basketball Christmas is over you're not in school. I mean the end of the year to practice prior to competition. And you know credit for the kids involved. I think it's really fun time to just say eight. This great we how we got it back to Boller now we have to worry about doing homework. You know Christmas in the past so we get we get that out of the way in and now we can just concentrate on. Watching some great groups in any input players to go out there and relate to the girl. I mean you why don't you guys were in this the last two years. You do you enjoy coach and an end in stuff like this. This this tournament results standish a Elena. You dog I discussed say mark you know mark Miller's. What he's done for the state in terms of promoting high school basketball is just you know second to an unparalleled you know and and now this tournament the way it's gone you know law over the years we used to play unit. In the end that the Al McGuire and I know we've been I've been involved in the for a long time but. I think the way that it's progressed and that the number of teams that are involved in the and the venue and and the organization. And everything runs like clockwork and just got an honest this is a tremendous event. You know the fact that there were we jurist foundation has gotten involved in a market has actually taken this to a different level with the scholarships. That they offer and I think them. For doing this and and doubt we may try to get so out there man again in studio we can't thank them but. You know there with that foundation getting involved in in in the shoot out the WB why she dug it really has taken it. Two different level or student athletes are being recognized. Absolutely absolutely and let you brought that up because and the majors foundation. Has been involved on every reached yet on every team. It's a teacher from the event that tea warm up win in this school colors. Obsolete it. Create chart a course and then you mentioned scholarships I think last year we out nine. 5000 dollars scholarships to for him to various athletes student athletes from the schools that are participating in the about it. So every senior that partake in the event that the opportunity to. Allowed scholarship application right in a day. Put the possibility of the U out manager's Family Foundation picking them as one of the work. And they used that money obviously helped create their college freshman. And then another thing that they'd done that I think it's really need it is. A plaque for each of our team of 27 games and we've like the most valuable player plaque. Quit Rick's picture on it and an award that chew up the player who was chosen MVP at each game. Kind of smaller thing but I think it really mean a lot to the kids that are act. Com you know to two B Rex surprised as say you really clicking here. Here's here's a plaque. And you know here's a look at some learn about a guy electric which heiress who. You know maybe younger generation are now com you know doesn't have a great awareness of Rick wise it meant the ball. I'm an only in Wisconsin but you know I'd get stops. Coaching. Stops to eat up ball stayed opposite Utah and at Saint Louis and in addition to his time at Marquette so. It's very very thankful for the majors coming on Asian. Getting back to to the students and and high school basketball. Out a way to eight Q. Yeah. Take a couple of quick questions before got to cut you loose. People have asked me where they can get the Wisconsin best or your book. We'd keep you what talk a little bit where people can pick that up. Yes it's. Whitman's. It wouldn't Milwaukee area there there apparently are available at and it. Com which network should change in the Milwaukee area and not so I'm completely legally I think both there's a bookstore in west Alice I'm at the book. Solid maybe or something like that could hound they're available there actually we have a listings Alton. The location where they're being sold on WB BY dot arms of people and just going there and we have lifted up radically bite cities so you can you couldn't locate you know we're worried. Where's closest you where you got that one and that ordered on line and that he be like. You bookstore order outline. That's the best way to do it WB Wi Y dot com. There's also ticket information. For the recruit jurors was Scots are best for your vote shoot out. December 27 20/20 ninth backing corps university of Mets want. Hey mark really appreciate your time. We will spend the next few weeks. Highlight of Pomona celebrating this the shoot out and again great job on on this line up and it's going to be Goodyear. Thank Mike appreciate that can be in our media partner again. You know they show it another big outs that school basketball it was on an autonomous. Was you know giving me some credit for appreciate that but I think it show it in other. Must stop and and must listen to. For article and state. Grown anything that what's the game obviously. That popped up so thank you for having me on for being a media partner and you good luck to Tom and John the rest the cedar Merkel we will. You guys on the road in them aggregate. Thanks mark I really appreciate again WB BY dot com for information on how to get the your book. Or how to give tickets to shoot out this your book is it's just Trulia has its its. It's a phenomenal thing judge you I'm sure you have a copy since Sharia color of it ameliorate their own recovery should have a copy of it I haven't I'm not a cover. If you did you exceed it Hillary my first year coaching at Saint Mary's springs high school in 1985. Was the first year that that book came all real diary I remembered the first book that mark yet there 1985. We can at Ted asserted starred together I can feel because I was just a really young guy coming out of college and start coaching and then. He you know and then so I've kind of seen how far that book is progress. Floyd tossed some it's awesome and you know what to have have your son's picture on the cover of it that's it that's a huge deal so make sure you walk. By about ten of those and hang onto moment. You know if I want his autograph and this was he in charge me for that. No I'm not a lawyer. He had made maybe a few years from now may be because I'm now chair of the shorter this year showed her casket of beats up and we'll say the rest of our lives Taylor skid to break time Moses who joins for just a couple of minutes. Talk a little bit about that your reporter it's going on right now obviously pretty good games today. If you wanna get out to game today. He can come watch O Marten Luther played 7 o'clock if you don't wanna watch that badger football game com or you can go over to tear reporter and get great teams going out. And we'll talk to him on the other celebrate this is the Wendy's first he puts high school basketball coaching show presented by our local pick and save stores. I'd sport treaty 1057 FM the fan. Are you happy new daddy I I wouldn't figure all that stuff out but now. We hear that little Christmas music and father son. Catch and cradle. They should join this is the way these first it was high school basketball coach shall present it as almost by your local Pickens save stores. John Diener Tom Diener in studio. And these are good guys giving a lot back to game high school basketball. We're joined speaking of that should choice by the head basketball coach at south divisions. I always the first thing I do when I get this your book is that go to south division and a look at the performance. From a dad you know that John and I didn't say it's business. Was it might be my life lesson last year was bilingual all would be out our strength but we're quietly go I don't laugh for much Patrick Barney yet Sears is really funny to Ottawa it's a -- city kids that you don't we don't get one of south of pension. Mostly don't mix your edit or disputed view but I gotta tell you I guess and arguably was that the first thing I do music go look at your quotes men it's awesome. I've never said anything accurate everything has stated. If you practice what I got to read it. Our kids usually do pretty good job of being patient. On offense understand that you could show up might take more than thirty foot high of forty seconds that's a ticket guys like me. We don't have anyone you can duck in the inner city school of more than a thousand kids that's very concerning to me. And you're Connecticut six jury bigger year old career over a subdivision. Are we do have a couple of mr. encrypted and cannot. Now that that's okay at stories like easy surely the blue ticket charge once in awhile. Are they do every turn over one off of. There you go hey Terry Porter classic going on this week. You don't each year we have got today and there's been us Saturdays work. You big concern because it's been a blizzard you don't know of tears are gonna get there Maggie can't beat the weather for us this weekend. No the we've got a couple of characters and roll yet about stuff sport a five years ago we had like three years stretch where. I swear every Saturday we were. As John Milan look now at the weather channel and figure out what we're gonna you're trying to plan ahead a little bit and it's gonna make it was traveling and couldn't make it'd. What we're going to be on time so we blocked out the latitude it. Hey right now while I think it probably just get underway right the Mets were Milwaukee king game. Yup and has merit is winning eight or with 1245 in the first half. 115 wallet social Wes against Milwaukee Vincent coach you. Uga you were used to coach walked you Vincent and you played while we're toast to west. And mark goes through good job mark will Marc Mitchell's two pretty good job at social west he's good coach. Right. Yeah we we had a tough game against them and they were very disciplined. Really played their way. You know we had a chance at the end to maybe sneak a win there but. They they played a heck of a game I think he's doing an outstanding job. Hey armed Thai couple other games Brookfield central against Milwaukee Washington at 630. I'm really good game destiny and homestead prior to that. I should be crazy then that the nightcap when he got whipped a limb Milwaukee Riverside. Got to be pretty excited about said the match if you have going on today. I I hold all we usually. Applicant matchups throughout that area you. Read her out that we don't have a lot. Nobody wants you that audited me keep that went that even import these cases. When the coaches agree your take on these games these past it has in the past. Other times that you know you know you're gonna get a pretty tough game no one. No companies saying that in it or not have a strong team all. These each batch of only happen if coaches are willing to. Pick on a tough nonconference game early on what you're strengths and weaknesses are so hopefully throughout the games are usually match. At least she did it games struck it. Yeah and and the one that I didn't mentioned 3 o'clock frankly gets marquis Hamilton. Tie what is it costs again. Odds it's it's six dollars for the old days. Like every other year we don't use session once you players they're here all day watch. Is any games that you want seniors citizens and students Nike. Our five dollars and kids ten and under. I think I'd give him for five that's pretty good I appreciate practice that I. You know I love the fact that you paid ATP at the door and you know I think you know if if you wanna you wanna step bodies the pastors some of these guys are making your way to do it. Get back in Africa that. Clear reporters going on at Milwaukee south division. Todd appreciate your time. Let me know of disease yet anything else going on that always like to have you in studio lights Arkin yet how is your team look this year. Yesterday about west. Where Rodman right now. You know we are really really struggle or. We got kicked it to play partnered just an experienced. And have a lot figure out yet so. Open net by the core group of guys that operatives practiced and keep playing hard and let them know you got better in January. That's awesome time moser again you want to head over it sub division you wanna see some really good high school bass while. Six bucks to get in. He'd stayed holed day great schemes throughout the data nightcap at 815. With wit no animal walk you Riverside high appreciate you mr. time. Thanks for having me and have it guys. Because see attack. You know Tom I've asked people throughout the years. And since you left this and who's the best coach in the city and a lot of guys talk about Ty he's a really good bass. A coach. It just really really outstanding he's got that relationship with the kids and teaches the game and get some play the right way. I was at Vincent when he first came to cell division and that was really. Tough. Tough spot for him and he had been in college coach and some junior college basketball at the corners on a and you know you can put him he put himself in the draft you know that yeah Dodgers yet you have my wife Christina is from the same high school all they actually he's in the same graduating class at we're gonna go high school. So I am real familiar with that. Back in the day John you can do that you put your name in the draft and he using either be walkers show I think he put his name in the draft and it was. I its first time I had him on it suits you really do that he's like yeah it was kind of a joke and but it was fun and it from that moment on I've got a long. You know I gotta say I hope he stays in her you know for a long time the city conference really really needs them he is an outstanding person coach athletic director of the whole thing and you know I know that he wasn't in favor that shot clock so I'm. And I don't know that he would have continued coaching of the shot clock would Kimi and so he's here and hopefully they'll say I za city conference needs tie her. There's nobody in my side. I got so much guys are on its side you know anybody was four but me. I ever really discussed it much with. Norton and you know and I did that bridal wanna talk to me because they know where I'm coming from yet and that's the dead satellite communication why are you wiry so against it. I really like the discipline it takes to. To make 3040. Passes that's not an easy thing for young men to do right and it's not an easy thing to teach. So I'm in favor of all of the discipline that it takes to play that one that way and and controlling temple. I think that college coaches have had a little easier. By not having to to do that and so I guess I'm not in favor of the way I look as I'm not in favor of less teach gene and less discipline. As well. At all alive that I think you're condemned it point four seconds knots with LeBron James. Colleges that just into the thirty and that's with really good college players but even if you if you look at the high school team while these high school teams you know leaders don't have the talent you know I'm. You're gonna see a lot of bad shots that if you if they're forced to take a shot within 35 seconds. But it's it can I ask it in just from my segment as coaches then we have to we had we would have to teach kids. What it could shy it is early in the shot clock middle a shot clock. And then how to get a good shot at the end of the other. Takes more than 35 seconds at the high school level to do that if you're OK you wanna get a good shot. Not every team can yeah you can you can teach that you can try to teach that but. A lot of times. It's gonna take a little more time to get that kind of good shots I think what that you're gonna end up with some quick shots and shots that aren't. As good end. Thus coaching influence I think talent on this to take over the high school game you think that. I I is for me it I think depending on. The coaching staff and how could you wore at teach team and I I just do I think. Getting kids to get ready to playing college is that all college level you know you get to have that shot clock. I just I I was excited about it is that CNET at different high schools and different states. And you know after that first year I I really think it is enhance the game that's. That's just me I was excited about it we view we have kids that take bad shots early late all the time so you know we gotta get get those kids to take better shots and and you've seen us play were not followed as much. We were over yeah well you guys were really preach and work and we knew that we worked in Zurich Kia and I tell you why you have a nice team I love your team yeah we got introduced and you play defense and you guys get after it and or shunned as a great job your fund that conferences and that's I think justices agree com. You try to guard your kid did not reach. Well yes that is bad point right let's let's go break this is the way these person puts. High school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick N save stores I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Right here. John says yeah. I'm an Arab rocket this line of family stone it is a family affair. And that's today it. Coaches it's been opted to sit back. And watched this happen with you when John. Per guy like me that's been through it and I really do like that those stories. Of well where a father to coach his son and they're they're they're they're from you know at the end of their parties and their friends and Andy have so what's talk about. I can tell you this that my son made me a and that evidence jump drive at my desk if you wanna see it. He made me a highlight video. Of himself as a freshman in college in the senior and he said. I'll do this for you but never shows any but he. And I go okay US promised ago yeah I shorted to every. Yeah. I completely I hope he comes here they're God's going to I started. Looking at you guys that I lied there. What do I care I'm so proud of the way you know you played and so every once awhile. IE I I watch it. And I'll concede you. Thomas to enjoy every last second this stuff and I know you have. Competent in joy every last second that you and your family if it is a family affair here right wife comes to games. You have you know I've been fortunate my wife has been just you know tremendous supporter. Even before we had kids you know the Vincent de Hamilton days. You know weekends and gains in all and his stuff wouldn't you know I actually met my wife had Vincent high school she was a teacher there and I was a teacher there that's kind of where we met so. She kinda knew the deal from from the from the jump jump often know she's been really supportive and that's been it's been a lot of fun. Special place and I say this special place and haven't for coaches wives. Because they they hear about all the bad stuff when you win a state championship or get to state final nobody puts a microphone. But she's been through the run you know she's been through this this she talked Cuba basketball and all John. Yes it. She goes all the games then. Nobody I don't hear anyone cheering louder than her hand right spirit or his her infamous Jan as a rebounder and you'll hear that a. We look like a regular on her staff is I I know our rebounding would be much well she's in our practices some in the is it's our think our feet I'm telling you might and rebound this vessel might like on art. My wife we go to do you teach box you know could take several are gonna be an ugly Connie. Is there anything else know they played ball but you guys ever box out and I'm like no we've we actually tellem a practice don't box out that's where drillers so. Yeah I it sounds like dumb it sounds like you guys are having fun and this for me I like I said how much a big fan and and I. Go back to that that that first year that you would comment and you came in in that turned the shown to sultan and in and I appreciate. You doing that. Your sister's pretty good players. The one yeah in my. Saw sister that's a sophomore she actually Torre's yell it. A year ago but. She just she plays basketball and tennis she's good football displays for fun though OK and then my a great sister plays best on tennis and I think she's been merely a basketball player she loves the game and think shall have a bright future. Hayward when you head down to DePaul on the ever you put the have you thought about that. Have you thought about the day that you get to get down there get on campus and you start working out those boys are or is that something I can think about till bass both seasons done here. You know I really try not to think about a lot but one on the official visit knocked over it and you dogs kind of put it in the reality you know I'll be Meehan and come June saw I was prequel but I try and focus on the high school season for now and have fun with that. If the paws on the plane and on TV or you watch and join us have are so against a Syria what some of the guys is you the chance to play with next year nurture we are where they like the ball on the floor stuff like that the that's awesome you get so you'll make a decision. At the news sure what you do next germ short. Yeah I'll I'll I'll be doing some kind of basketball something. Is does the sport yeah well you know if you so. You retire you're may come right here you guys have been in my academia the media Jeter show. You did the mix got to go we go to shirt we'd have to share the Mike. Yeah yeah share of the sugar insurance like that I'd get better and better than I kind of late. I talk of one couple practice tomorrow I'm going to be talking about churn sugars are set to take away today we. Talking about it tonight meant to thank you for that coach guys they keep John. It's nice to meet you young man everything your dad has told we applaud this true inducted luck this year appreciate it coach good luck thank you he will be cut those nets down. Argue maybe Martin Luther right before you guys I don't know man we've got a long way to go all tell you that face her licences the Wendy's horse he puts. High school basketball coaches show presented prior local Pickens say stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.