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Saturday, July 21st
Mike McGivern talks to some of the best football coaches and players in Wisconsin right here! 

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Each time to hear from some of the best high school football coaches in the every AFLAC. It's the win these boards and he blitz high school football coach you sure no hi nice job fellas Brazilian boy you're. We'll save still worse let's turn it over to muskies go athletic director running. Only one play affect the next morning. And high school insider. Time might make a burden. First of the year that Wendy's first he puts high school football coaches show as always present it. Our local pick and save stores. I'm five so this week Iran McMillan. And nick will join me in next few weeks protects him back and forth and in day he's going to get here when he can't. We are not alive and athletic core physical therapy supposed to be but they had a power outage lightning bolt. Here that I hit hit a pole outside the whole building is out we're gonna get there in a few weeks. And 3077. North Mayfair wrote is were we're going to be an act. What wanted to keep a couple of people over to the first segment we're joined by Matt could use their head football coach said at social west. Also write any field from athletic post is stuck with us in Paul Schmidt he's a physical services while regional manager for the state Wisconsin. And and Paul I was talent right thank you so much once they use walkie Jew and I kind of started this thing absolutely and I really appreciate that political physical therapy. On sponsoring get involved in in the stuff that I do and it's interesting is the more we talked. The more things that I do that really fit the more he nearing home improvement show guys that are slowing and hammers all day need to know you guys. Absolutely there's a lot of there's a lot of injuries out there. From the sports injuries all the way to the work injuries and surly youth sports in high school sports and in in my job is to make sure. Am my my goal is make sure that right so busy you cause we says enough. Yeah well straight to stop sending all these ties and I think that's important he the athletic post story on if we could talk a little bit about that Paul. I think it's really impressive when you go on the up political website. And I've done this a couple of times I recommend you watch at five to seven minute video he gives that to heart and soul of what athletic cope believes in how would started. And what their police are. And it's really grown at a rapid pace. Absolutely. We started with one clinic Markoff and PT ATC get out of Iowa. Had a belief that of physical therapy in outpatient setting. Could be brought to the street front he opened one clinic in the city of Chicago. 28 years later were over four and 25 clinics strong over eleven states. And growing each and every day to provide great physical therapy and therapy to everybody in the local community. You know you guys living your bubble via political bubble and what's sad about chew on the outside an inning and I told. Ryan this leery sales who's visiting for with a wave is a huge fan and an end I'm proud to see you really good friend of mine and end. I trust him a lot when it comes to this. He called me when he heard our Promos seem reveal live by you guys. And said he Joseph understand the kind of company your work from west. Nice warm really happy either they're sponsored and you know the stuff that they do. And he just raved about it he told me story about more coffin breed a couple of guys to the Arctic army navy game. And said look this really just his way of and the amount that you guys do down Chicago. And that in that area to give backed community so I really appreciate what you guys do right what what has changed over the years that that you've been in this. It's farce injuries are concerned are you seeing more. Kids wearing parts Al lake their shoulder. On their knees for plane single sport or or just plain may be too much training too hard. Yeah absolutely I think you're walking on either side of that line I think it's difficult. To come up with one. Issue with kids are definitely getting injured or at least reporting injuries at a higher rate than ever before and it younger each. Than ever before. Last time you had me out and we talked a little bit about the multi sport athlete yet I truly believe that that's important that kids can play. Different sports throughout different does seasons. Develop their athletic schism but also develop their shrank it in different ways. Then just the ones or would. He coached Goodwin when you guys walked in it's pretty obvious that. The kid who just came right is Kim website the number one ranked wind in his state of Wisconsin. Social Wes can Austin Earl is on crisis just tweaked his ankle that. Yeah we are in a scrimmage this week with Waukesha south for contact isn't in the second play team defense he rolled into one. Went down in these big originally thought it was a lot worse Israel was and we're thankful that it's not and Hillary back real soon and keep you up at night a little bit. I lost a few you hours of sleep or. And it you know what he is saying he is the size of a small mountain. And he walked to marine to have him join us suffer the next three segments. But he wanted a crutches my guys for athletic co worker beware right to me what what happened what we do you know is there anything that side that you need to know from. From for must sin and he explained that you know what dumb animal OK it's it's no worries we got a little Buddha on this thing but he's a tough kid. I'm hope and they start physical therapy in the past couple minutes well you know what were you will keep amended you will will just have busted I got a table right outside the U go to work. But your paw both Paul Ryan are like man will will go to work with that with that kid. Hey what armed the location it in while we're toast Paul signal from first was a great location it looks really good when the white school on I can't wait to go back in the NCA. On the are their plans for more locations throughout the southeast Wisconsin. Yeah definitely we have 22 locations right now all the way. From that was got some border all the way out two wallet so so we're opening up a clinic later this fall in now near Berlin. Which is where I live and also Al cord so we spent all the way west. To Lake Geneva. Will be as far north as while it's possible we plan to continue to expand. I'm into communities to provide the PT services that people need to they don't need to travel too far from their home area and so that we can partner with local communities. Youth sports programs high school program. He is up Paul Schmidt he's a regional manager he's a physical therapists and regional manager. For athletic co BI keeps you busy you travel a lot lot of miles on the old car yup I've said hell why you view lives and abroad. I lived there about fourteen years I'm Brooke feel these kids so born and raised here in southeastern Wisconsin. My passion is a soccer and values soccer since most in my joints warm did you did you play upper Phillies I did I played those class of 91 played a little soccer a UW Green Day. Played one year semi professional soccer for the analyst kicked off and on just coaching and given back to who would you play for me here quoted at it yeah Rockford Rackers well he Rampage was the local Milwaukee's team. And now as planned on a rock with connection and I. I was dress shows Markey from Rampage where you yes excellent obviously Tommy got sacked still lives and number of key I I would leave. At halftime the first jurors that the rape and Joseph would leave. Because the side it was like watching paint dry for me. And then his office was downstairs. And Newt call we see where you don't I'd see him work he succumbed on nor Sherri separate. And inhuman use breaking down film he see your basketball coach very a lot of similarities here. And heat are two I was taught to give him a pouter soccer by a World Cup coach. Nobody realizes that we've got a US national team coach living right here and elm grove Wisconsin. Yeah you agree he. I really enjoyed the time my gets it has to spend with him. He what some. What keeps you up a notable bit as a regional manager for athletic helped make sure that powers on and all of our buildings bank today you know what that's perfect right through those soft boy you're way if you did not that big. I don't impart. How well you don't without political. I'm coming up and almost eighteen years now while as a physical therapist was the first graduating class. From Carroll College so Ivan do MPT for overeat seniors what you're industry has blown up absolutely hate it too you know we talked about that this youth group Brooke Phillies huge group of football. Has a PT on the satellites for every game now apps and that was unheard of ten years ago. There was there was and we we noticed that when you can get to the front line medicine quicker. We can get appropriate assessment diagnosis. And then the appropriate care and treatment with from the Andes to the ATC's on the sidelines. He coached good you holly B coach said toast west. So we my tenth year coming up and it figs are really changed over those ten years as well. On the it's farce for what you can do it what you wanna do a practice and we talk about all the time. I think in and I've been convinced that football's never been safer but yet it's a violent collision violent sport in it is. And but the way you guys approach it as head coach is quite a bit different now than it was when you first start. Oh absolutely and I think on the points you made there is true that. You know we've we talk about the dangers of trying to probably don't talk about the it's other guys like a political does now with internal research and and and saved a silly game and and how it's changed and how you you don't bank has as much as used to practice only changed it remained in the game people don't don't talk about that. I like the fact that you do what these guys are making decisions you know as as echoes are taking you. Out of that equation it's you know it's a fourth quarter and it it's the conference championship game and what are your better players gets hurt. And it takes it out of your you know your not gonna say look Russ Suter thank you back in there. If the guy from athletic kosice what he's done or Libby Tippett I think he can go get their making those decisions. Yeah absolutely I mean we we played an arrow where. He gets a Bahraini king mountain in the coach cemeteries on the up he'd say 03. It's he had to back in there your five yeah now you know we tell our kids our parents the trainers make all the decisions not doctors we don't wanna be we go to college football. You know let these guys do their jobs and when they tell kids out he's out NATO's he's good he's good. Hey policy. One of the questions I used to escalate doctor McCarty from from march when you're on the sidelines and there's an injury. I'm that goes in the field to do you just go if indeed she did. Nervous she get you know he's had no it's you were so trained to do this. That we understand we go out we identify were looking for we identify with a promise and everything just that's what we do. There you go back to the principles of anatomy and physiology. You go back to the principles that you learned. In PT school. I'm sure the physicians what they learn an emergency medicine. Yeah athletic trainers are truly those Frontline a sports medicine individuals that when they're on the field. They're going to their basic anatomy principles. About whether or not this individual is ready to continue to play. But also screening them on the sidelines with the MD and ATC PT is the most important thing. Yeah I do that the aidid and the sideline reporter for that Thurston and high school football game of the week. I don't really know a lot of Latin about triple bonds and all that so kid would got get injured EB. You know and in those feel ledges walk out there and look around and ask questions. And finally the PT from Brookfield central I think he was. Maybe Germantown and Germantown so what are you doing I know I'm just looking around trying to get some news from right he goes about your camped out here. And I'm like why it. Nobody's ever told me this. And after he stepped on me pretty good and after the game when thanked him. As it did it's why thank you for yell and Emily that nobody's told me this. And that you know register reading don't try and he's and he said you're OK with me I go to you talk we're really valuable lesson more to the etiquette. He cica that's when I was trying to do but he snapped pretty good he sin here often you know get those satellites but you can't be out here so. Fellas thank you again I really appreciate you comment greeted Ryan let's reset this for a couple weeks. On the wall will be an up political and Obi power at that point. And I really appreciate again you guys get involved in sponsoring this stuff that I do and doubt we will do we will be good partners. For a long time and interface for coming up as smooth looking for threat yet you Paul thank you absolutely thank you much they really get to break other said the break we're talking tolls so west football get their quarterback. There are. Number one rate live in the state he smile and have been out shaking his said saying quicksand that Matt. Oriented energy she took them on the other side this is the Wendy's RC puts high school football coaches show presented by or local pick N save stores. I'd sports radio and a 57 outbound. The fans. And weeks. It's. News. That's the way things are simply high school football coaches show. That a few shows I almost forgot to present a credible local pick and save Stewart. We are supposed to be at at at political physical therapy. Facility 3077. North Mayfair road in a power outage soar in the studio wanna think those guys can't. From what they do you for coming out of my newest newest client noose up partner on this Paul Schmidt and Ryan Bennett field I really appreciate. A home athletic Colin what they're doing for us in and certainly for high school student athletes youth. Athletes construction guys. The dude all the way through and want that we didn't talk but today I needed to plug will be they were free injuries screening. And any of their clinics or if you get injured in UKQ rating is your doctor and you were free injury screening. That they'll take care via and will promote that will be throughout the show we are joined Natalie coached good head coach at Towson west but two of his players. His quarterback and his up and Steve it's Wyman that it says just came out he's ranked number one in the state. That and with sports dot net. And I saw him as a soft or use that he looked like an awfully big athlete at that point kiddo students feet and now he's going to be senior. And I we're joined by Austin Earl and Sam a pile. Sam skewed to meet you. Yes I you've been excited about you guys keep going here pretty quick yes. You are. Good teams here yes he would chance for you it's tough conference. It is that we should do about it that's good that's awesome Austin are you feeling ankles okay that's pretty yeah yeah that's a scary. These carry a little bit. Yeah my first reaction was. I broke my foot I broke my foot coach gonna Kevin's first game I kind of thing and then. We learning annex ran everything was negative so good group and it's out now it's your rice that here on crutches for a little bit elevate ice all of that. If he got to miss the first couple of days practiced to be ready for the first gay girl okay yeah because you've been up RC since what year. Freshman there so you know he's or he you know he's run it right defense plea office we yea you can step right in and and kick going. Senior year came quick. Where you're freshman you had to be taken SeniorNet man that's a long way for me it's here. Yeah I had him on an hour on the analyze. Every year's thinking at dinner last in all seniors is talking you Tryon and it goes fast it goes fast and I'm no Horry is months a year and is sure to go fast. Coast goodies these these guys. Leaders on this team. Yeah we have an incredible group of seniors and these guys been together since they were. Fourth grade plan and what they've done to our program and what he's as mean is actually incredible and these are two of our our best leaders in our program and school. You know. We had talked about Austin a couple years ago and he says look. You know he's got EE he's this he's young he's sophomore. He's fit he's really talented on the field and as he grows and matures gets a little bit older he's going to be you're really strong leader our program or he's gotten there. Absolutely. Yeah he's taken that next step for McCain there was just showing up to look at this spring and others in and so on the win. And you know a big change first and classes sheet you hear him coaching market in practice and work with the younger kids and they they wanna leave a legacy that. This is how you do it that's what they're gonna. Now I lay in as best votes I love when that that happens. I love it when when Ewing junior seniors and you're that yours done your juniors take complete ownership of the program. And they take what they've they've been taught by bill leaders in Austin's case three years. On I don't know Sam how many years of diversity us we are second year OK so so what you florin from the guys that now or ahead of view. And then you go look maybe they didn't spent. They didn't they it is as much time of waiver was we need to spent. It is spend enough time together hanging out together we need to do that. Cinema did you play quarterback last year I did yes so. You love having him in front era and Alia I really just hi I would hang out you know what I'd buy a pizza once went so once we to make sure he's. You know hanging out he's he's your friend. The the office that you guys wrong and obviously your pretty comfortable with yes. It seemed that you guys are gonna run something similar looser Carolina always take Krstic of options okay with that gives us the best chance to win and are with the best football caps and state. Well there's some people doubt argue but you know what I do it when you look at the pre season ratings rankings. Yeah very very very eager to I could have that argument I don't know by the wind. With the with a couple of conference is brought you know that one up in the valleys is loaded certainly classic game so we'll come and see what about us. But when you look approach central and for a key east Sussex Hamilton's can be awfully good falls you'd be good Marquette so skewed that. You know it's it every week I would that your schedule coach. He forgot Germantown I forget I'm story coach yet know what yeah you know what if which you look at at that conference. All up and down. I'm looking for Ryan I her I really don't. One thing we're not trying to the Sierras look past anybody or not look past anybody by not think about any game we saw as a woman's right in front of us CIBER is focused on rookies for an. August 17 at for a few leased and you start rookies Sussex Hamilton nominee falls and their wallets OC east. So the rivalry game if Therese one in in in its. But it's only arrived root ball teams win the world that guys have had your way a little bit with toast ceased their better last year. And from what I understand he gets the kids coming back. Is is that still a big rivalry game in while we're Towson. Yeah that's by the biggest game of the year any sport has four or game and parts are piece jumper Parker's jumper capped. Man oh man coach how are you feeling about this this this crew you said the senior classes is talented class. Yeah I can't wait and we have sixteen starters back. You know I think it on the side of the ball and we have an opportunity for our kids continue to work hard to be a lot better and you look at the schedule up and down and and rookies we we. Kind of got a few when Edgar Mitchell last year we played Sussex to overtime had a chance to win that game. We we actually play caller overtime we might want that we go to falls. You know medical bag call swears in the game it was a prestige and our part we are right there. The current and a little bit of a tough spell Brooke central and interment I think kind of Conosoga and down time then we reported hail. Real well and then north we we came back in and Marquette we hung in there and and a downpour so we're right there. And he got a lot of kids back. Lot of kids back yeah this is this is you're that that that you probably said look when these kids are sophomores. And freshman this is class we have chance she's previous up. Yeah absolutely and and I think the big thing processes. The says it's a tough a walk around we've talked about. We did your kids to time. Work at that level that they need to be successful about a football conference in our kids in the camp this week it had a lot different tune and you talk to me say hey guys what's. There is some more focus on the coach and when you do this year yeah I don't know much much better I need to be. You know. Austin is 63 but she 95. CM is 590 says 154 I'd make him a question that but he's in charge of that tunnel. Have rightly so it stands charged and how to yup that's your huddle in net. Champ. You take over on that they are all yes as as a quarterback that's your huddled up when I'm speaking Amylin and speaking. That's awesome if you liked our role I love you played quarterback your whole life yes it's great you like thrown it run and and all of that. I Thornton but in our offense brings a lot of fun. Lot of fun yet G gets a big boys out their flock of four or protection yet. What did you play defense is while I did this is it deepens aback but I don't know if you not much right that's more a running joke with that coaching staff. Yet you don't you don't quite get an outsider know all why is that I just prefer accord Iraq united and better suited at this and why you left and because. Yeah me right never yet he would never guards. Yeah I quit trust me I'd ignited as quick as I look at that that very quick. Coach when you win you when you look at the group culminate I wouldn't two or three years ago we talked. They've who's even four and he says it's really weird because when we have. All the skilled athletes. Our office Weiner all young guys. And then the young guys get to be seniors they're ready upfront and then we have sophomores Elvis still we never seem to have. That one or two years where I've got you know kids at the skill position and office of line that are seniors. Is that won't. Were your at this here. Yeah you know it's crazy how high school sports work in the cyclical part of it. You know we've got four linemen back that are are all really good looking kids and they can all play football and and we've got. To a moment of played. Thirty games are twenty games one of us played thirty and in other kids star lashes sophomore who got a lot of experience. Up front a Lotta Lotta hype and a lot of weight so we're looking for using that. And then skill position guys Shiite and you know we don't even and you will talk about your roster. And we'll continue talked to these guys will we'll talk more about your roster. On the other side of the break. Arm last question for you forget to break when they mean when they made that change I think everybody thought. That told C east who's gonna come out of this conference and possibly going to the woodland. And when they did BIA in their. Typical fashion meets its Z you know autopsies asking for relief torso west is fine where they work. And then they made that she's you know your dad wasn't so happy about this by the way you meant but they made the change and put you win to this conference. Arm what was your feeling back there. Arnold shocked. Yeah I X absolutely shocked you know that. We knew and that vote I think it was it was posting a 101 in favor of us in movies come in and we come at a level of the state level and it was 110. To move us so is complete what happened how to how to go from one side and so so should the other. It on the you're going to a conference and analysts have noticed how good it is and your kids here and all the time I think that that mentally and call on us as well and and our kids there are older and and better and stronger and I understand where it takes to win and our football program. And well that's good in India again this conference you get known it you don't get a non conference camera. We did against hawkish on north. Okay and that's a start with like everybody else she gigs jump right into Brookfield east Ross gonna talk. Aussie you made a decision you're going to Miami of Ohio. Yeah I worry it worried talk about that decision process. A little bit on the other side of breaking a promise we're gonna talk about. This year's roster some of these other kids. That they're gonna make this team go we're talked a while what social west football for the first hour. Then the coaches step from Milwaukee lutherans gonna come and again we're supposed to be alive at that political physical therapy. 377. North Mayfair road did a power outage last night. Connected the power Iran will go back there are a couple of weeks in your show's life from there it's a great facility get wanna think them. For become their new sponsor new sponsor ball that this shows that I do so I want to thank them an and certainly will continue to talk. About the decree job that Paul Schmidt and Ryan Bennett field to four athletic coach this is the Wendy's Farsi blitz high school football coaches shall present it. Buyer local pick N save stores I'd sports Radio One a 57 FM the fans. And I and it's. News. Welcome back to the Wendy's horse he puts high school football coach Joseph presented by a local pick N save stores odds portrait you want a 57 FM the fan. If you heard our Promos we're supposed to live that political physical therapy the had a power outage. We are not there were in studio get over to their location 3077 north Mayfair road. Here in the next 34 weeks with your show's live from there the first hour or talking to hosts west football. In studio head football coach Matt good and a couple of his players are Austin hurdle. He is offensive and defense alignment effect just came out I'm with sports and that rate number one in the state. Alignment right here at today at social west and his quarterback that is going to give him water he's hanging out widow say about him. When you win. When you came up through the ranks at host with did you play youth football the youth football program a toast once I did yes. So as a fifth grader he started out a quarterback he used you've stayed with that you've played us you guys have played together since then. Yeah well I play a fourth grade I played up with the fifth graders and then. So yup started fifth ground with India on you know alum I I told kids Eurasian again like I coached kids your rage. A debt. High school sports is is good is is it gets I think that you're going to Miami. On so it might be different for for you because that's a big time division one football program. And you're gonna go there and compete in the crowd to be big and and you'll play at a high level. For for other guys. Even if they played division true division three. High school football is the best is gonna get and so this year as as seniors how much you take snapshots of a lot of his senior in your mind. So that you remember. The feeling of playing Friday make teams at home that beautiful move my guess is not all that new anymore is it. In two years maybe through your three years. Yes something like that make is that live off aid for life surrogate for your right there and I see them. Working on it but but but that home crowd and when you give big rival common man what you guys to always always remember this as as being in. Man this might be the best Jesse Katz four for me let's talk if we can't met about some other guys on on this roster some the other seniors. That when we go on watch while what's coastal west. But we when we scum CU play where we get a look at. Countdown Parker yeah he's kind of a Swiss army knife of a football players and OK can play anywhere you can play any position on offense minus the line. In play anyway and secondaries apart returns kick returner. We have to have the ball in his hands were gonna have success and he's he's a whole lot of fun to watch two can really screw. How big. Ethnicity small guy he's a Smart guys yes 5859. Maybe 160. Hard to find it hard five behind you through your right behind this offensive line that you know that that's awesome. Our defense would Heidi guys stacked up you guys and guys that. Some guys and that's how the ball yeah we've been sidelined beckoning Jimmy Furman who is it easy with three year starter. And he's he's an answer oak tree and he's gonna have a monster year stretch of there are new defense corner this year Andy Coulson to caller for a wider who can coach went all out Rahm Emanuel ROC last year surprisingly aside and and he's on a great job of in these guys and in positions to make plays and Jimmy can have a whole lot of room to run thanks Austin and two other guys for a point. To be exciting in its day ended and look we've we've talked a lot over the years this is if you as excited I've seen new pummeled week prior terror. To a season it's kicking off I mean it is how to contact days this week and we had a outstanding five days probably. I'm tuck these guys about I'm gonna just say this is an analysis. I've been our best five days as as a groups are sandwich and agree with that 100%. Really yes so when you got to deal with those five days you got home. And you're ready to go to very close rise in thought man I can't wait for this things start exactly are you multi sport athlete. I am what else to play I run track as well you do. How much you. Yeah I. Started after basketball lives and wrestling are soft rear. From wrestling in the and I also for shopping and what is at. For sports yet you don't hide wrestling go. Law well bullet found from Ari false death. Iowa State actually lost to them in our conference mean a loss to a man. Dog conference tournament off on the fourth of the and then I use my first match in state and I lost you double overtime to. Will your say he was a senior and so he's not in his arm and a. Wrestling is that in and that's only your second your Verizon and yeah and compete for you that's a tough sport. Yeah I sing coming right awful football is they give you a little time off yeah like. By two weeks I'm like done. How are greater good experience. Three fighters are you really good for you same question four Punto. Are you really yeah I love Smart quarterbacks at those are my favorite here's your basic things weight before we do his coaches. Yeah every tool will do some internal cauldron. Ask this question a question may stop and think a little bit. You know Sam if we if we knew we're going to be here I do Pickens a student athlete of the week. And we were donated it out get back tees will have young later in the year gain of would be either ensue here via cellphone but a four point oh. Quarterback you you probably came second sore about that but fury we would give our pick and CC Napoli who week or two you will will make sure that we do that later in the year. I know really ask our pickets say student athlete of the week where there motivation has come for for being such a good student. Athlete can ask you that. I definitely counts my mom she starting out. Whereas an elementary school she told me that I can play sports and do that but school comes first though let's work on from do you think she's listener and oh yes what is turning our hands Carla bio. You know what Carla figures for you. This is. Look I it. I get to deal with kisses to visit the saves a lot and for them to walk into the studio shake my hand look mean the guy. These young men say they Q3 you don't let this commandment and tart toast of west football. Congratulations that'd that's awesome. They did your mom and certainly your dad you've got to be good athlete values they're good student he's outlet in life. I'm localized problem my mom tried his remark type and my down my grades really you have. Mad at doesn't really do in the whole grade thing with Maine is your mom was saying pay up front they are so current person Chris and good for you guys. You know it's it's always fun when kids get to be this stage because when their freshman software you think mandates growing hope they mature and obviously these. These kids are certainly. Certainly done that and it is a privilege to play football SATA right. You don't have the right to play you give him for the privilege to play because you secure your business in the classroom. In the community and stuff like that. He met let's talk about your stay after for you to break. You you talked about the change in and let's talk a little bit about some of the guys that that that are helping out. Yeah we've had quite a bit to change your sometimes that happens causing sometimes it doesn't this year for us. We did so we removed any calls an over. On the defensive side he is he is he's a grinder he's phenomenal. What she goes on but here he is awesome the -- coach. I'm he just knows football and you know a lot of faces. Just. Scratch your head about when he asked questions list of the in this and he he's actually amazing in the red he. Goes about things. We have I mean just to Browning who. Cause with a and it Grafton. The Cayman this year that that is another coach is Kenny workable state titles and we've been Florida's high school player. So that helps a with a former west grad became an Hubble are all lined a nick Rossi the moved over to arm. To coach our option system and and he's played and repent and really Brosnan and I want things to us. I we've got a guy named bill Morris who's on the staff. Or senator Joseph cook for a long time there over South Milwaukee as are defense coordinator. He's been around what he's yet on where reports and and we just got him as a teacher few years ago and he says network coach and we brought him on any atrocities he's an awesome guy and a half months yes we're really fortunate a lot of great people around me. And good A who glass question for you to break tough decision for you with with Miami. June well. Cause I kind of wasn't like nearing a decision until late and then once I never visited there until. I took a junior day visit earlier and then I offer a couple weeks later and I cannot things settle for a bed in it was between buffalo Miami before Miami at the end. And then I went on a visit there and everything just felt like on race and as. Yet nice campus I've not been insane yeah it really ties him. It's hard not to ask you this question because you're Scots and kid and Wisconsin. Does great with linemen in the state. Mom had a date today the offer you preferred walk on yeah him and Andy's cited no ma'am ma'am we going to go to Miami. Was it did that disappoint Choi at all I mean did you grow thinking I wanna play for the badgers. Well I mean as it did not discipline at all because I wasn't I don't really. Mark my Santa Monica stuff was like for Big Ten schools aren't as the I don't get my hopes of relive something like that happens I'm super happy I'm super excited Abbott. I'm happy with offers I have run home current offers I did happen happy I don't committed Miami does. Not popular get chance to play divisional football so Konami did you like to recruiting process. In the beginning it was all fun ran. Towards the end coach has left because he knows towards the end it was insanely annoying like I could not how stress on every day until I committed. And now yeah and and the stresses going out on it and come buffalo. Easy you know do it their way it's his views did not seek out you can write a great recruiter. And I've venues disappointed did you call him and let him know yeah I column you know. He's disappointed with that but congratulations with your with your decision and I know that you'll make Natalie your community in your high school with serious cuts in Prague thank you. Tell you bill it's future Brigham said a prequel continue rhetorical while toast west. Football first hour or more you Lutheran football. The the second are immaculate at football coach from. From much host west in studio along with Sam the file. They go in Austin Earl. In studio as well this is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school football coach shall presented by a local pick N save stores. On sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. And I and it's. Well welcome back it's. He's Farsi puts high school football coaches show presented by your local pick and save stores. Again we're supposed to be alive at political physical therapy 377 north Mayfair road. They had a power outage will give over their next three weeks or so. Now when I think them again for being our newest sponsor. Now with ordinary show with the high school. Football show and our youth sports show he do great job and athletic Cohen in outlook for 21. Partnership. With them rhetorical blow to hosts west football for this first hour Matt could their head football coach a Sampaio who's the quarterback. Don't call me defensive back with the help you go when many say that an in Austin girl who was a Activision one Miami of Ohio recruit. And we're talking years the break about you know how much did you wait through three processor you've looked at the beginning down the stretch so got a little bit irritating I think. For him. Coach did you get involved in in in that part of. Of of kids' lives. Other recruiting process yacht you know high school football a lot different than in other sports and the fact that those courses wanna talk to you know I think of there's not a Yousef out there in clubs sports and that's where they the other sports are there could bring high school football of those those coaches still come to that go to they won all. The first two things they wanna know is worse grades and what kind of hideous Yahoo! and and based iMac conversation either stay or they go. And fortunate for me last few years we've had some really good kids and of gone are with some really degrades and bounced any kids in an Austin another 10 god yeah you pets and kids got to go and gone to pretty high levels. Yeah we have a kid named Barry Jackson and Wyoming have home was. Actually had a great year for them last you've got a kid that article states hill injury bug right now. A divorced her for a young I used to go and we had a kid at Saint Cloud Greg Lewis. On this and is. Fifth year I think as a medical redshirt and we're gonna McCann parents how up there as well and okay some kids. Online and wife's best best one you've had here he if he's in that conversation. I think outside a Joseph Thomas and park central my first few years here he might be the best I've seen guys go really if he's what what makes Austin Rebecca. On the way gets after you hear is he's a Taipei got so when he's and he's in. And it is you'll push an entity on the football field he's gone his passion for football is. Is he isn't my putting people he had. Ever. Yet he sees like a nice she's kind of come right. But you were you put pads on and he goes at it adjustments or so ponies and who's the best offensive lineman you played against. Probably Logan found OK on Paris well yeah. If you guys friends. I talked a little bit terraces Islam but the but not Tennessee you get the chance now he's gone yeah zone so yeah and it. That running back from falls is good to keep going Wisconsin it's really you can't he's hard to catch man I mean im pretty different aria yeah I had we had a mind via cell phone. And really well spoken great kid. You go to talked a lot about you know this year's guide team and and I talked to live by the and yet that this this conference is me fund more fun one for guys that you watch a person that waits in fact we're doing. The Madonna falls at Sussex counting game. And I like those rivalry type type games those will be fun what do you think you'll miss most to a high school football Austin. I thought. Say. Growing up with my best friend since I don't even know great really really. Long time ago grown up with them seeing how we grows France you know draws teammates and finally just getting out not faux football field I'll try to analyze plan for your hometown. That's going to be if you're on that on the. Targets in same question for you. Exact same answer going over these guys planned these guys since we're really Lil now playing for and it lights it's a lot of fun and we've got just a short amount of time what she. What's your favorite memory so far. Arm it was probably big drive for my first plan Garcia last year Austin came over and it is. By for the first Leslie never is that hey you got this had in the back and we went out there and you remember that you remember the first the first couple place yeah. In big slow down and after that right it did yeah I'll tell us how much you favor memory so far. Their memory for a flight team wise we like and I find it under and yeah mine's probably that could. Favorite memory that I've ever had were probably be it. When we yeah. Can't remember if this freshman a sophomore year Murr we were down 21 to zero against you walk you and I halftime amber coach K it was like. Saint Louis guys wonders of especially guys got to believe it. I went out and I know we're down 200 enemy came back we and a winning 21 to zero. And that's thing and that's awesome that's a good dude that was at you walking he doesn't present nice two bus run home yeah yeah president's professor creep bus right. They ask you why you're so excited coached good these are two really good young men and I appreciate. You and your willingness to to come here it signify athletic so. And if there's anything you need for me please let me know. And anyway we I will reach back out because I want to make sure that CM. Is one of our pick it's a student out two weeks anytime you get a quarterback has a four point oh average that we need to we need to highlight promote and celebrate that itself. Kos thinks let's sincere thanks Renaissance you bet set good look against per Phillies that's the only game we're talking about you know why. Is that so Dawson told me that's the only one we're talking about. Get healthy oil well you gotta terror we get to break gonna set a break rhetorical Milwaukee Lutheran football this is the Wendy's. Percy blitz high school football coaches show presented. By their local pick N save stores. I'd Sports Radio want a 57 FM the fans. Each time we hear from some of the best high school football coaches in the every that's like. Gave the win these sports and will be safe still worse let's turn it Gilbert who must eagle athletic director running. Oh I want to play back the next morning. And high school insider. Big time Mike McCann Bernie Mac. Yeah actually when these are seamless high school football coaches show presented. Fire local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. We were supposed to be an app political physical therapy they. They had a power outage so will veto will get over there in three weeks or so and Niger shows live from from their. And were waiting for the head football coach mark you returned to get here he's run will be late so are now joined by the head football coach a perfume central. And I he's always very kind with his time. Oral report it's going good behavior we. We just had to the coach from my wallet social west the end and and dad he wanted to. He made the argument that he might be the best football conference in the status it is couple hours that would argue with yet. But he said banned from top to bottom you look approach central Brookfield east Germantown Marquette. Now he fought says the sale tent he shot put those guys up against anybody. How you feeling coaching this thing's gonna kick off here and a weaker so. Yeah you know what else they have I think you know this is imported my fifth here for full control. You know I think that our. This is going to be repulsive but because bettered my fighters here I agree I would say yeah I would say the last four years. You know obviously Arab League is very good I would say it was the best in the states. You know that big set I think this year. The argument ought to be in the best in the states are very valid or are they were. You know we've heard two different team represent the state championship game the last two years. You know what it's like coach said it is distributed deepest beleaguered ever brand an anchor realistically fight people that would delete. You know we. Dedicated. You know other. Offered by everybody in the country it seems like they're running back get older. You know. Everywhere what a playoff Kmart which is particulars all readers are burger quarterback this year. Bob this is by far top this'll be good going to be united you don't next you're. Other people say no surprise we commute fluctuate security can always go look at say you know. Because what a state title for the rest you're got to look at it doubtful you that bad dot you know hundred. Gupta our wheat this year is going to be really really good I agree it will coach Chris deserts will could be depressed in the state this year. Coach you don't wait when you look at Brookfield central guys like me always started the quarterbacks by then move followed in and there are some pretty good quarterbacks. That you've had over the years is who should ski kid as good as you've had. You about sawgrass real what I. You know I don't like to say that to law and I just don't it's not hear the other security just you have skilled let me. You know he's a top ten baseball player of the stating your and in my career best quarterback in this here in the gym the last two years. Throw Frederick 49. 49 touchdowns and five interceptions and older just go gaudy stat and you know also eagerly really good Larry tiger doesn't matter what level you're from. You and your football to. The NFL you have great quarterback play got a chance and don't we keep secured operate keeper bulk eraser electric chair this year but we'll get a lot of holes to go to work. Go find a way to do that particular. Yelled coach when I watch him play you have got a chance to watch him play he. He does not shy away from contact. And I you know it's hard it's hard I'd I'd I'd always data coaches debt will bill we use a rule little guy. Armed with that machine ski way you know those these are tough kids. And when you talk about keeping Jamal you know upright you wanna you wanna teach him how to get out of bounds slide a little bit don't share. No we don't teach sat up until it has got a new resolve abuse Smart obviously real look at our lawyers you know arts and you know. It's it's like it's like getting a stay elegant and then putting about a tractor Iraq recorders these. Two quick technical report for ball you know we. We had are contact days as we can we are above your ways. Everywhere and squared up or about linebacker rates are targets like. We really need to do that you know the music yourself secure the football whether or are illegal arms I. You know it is it is what it is and you know we think that we train and often the thing that we do in the weight room structured not to stay healthy. In our. It's just little things that you know that being said. I do have a very quick whistle practice when auditors and editorial that. Yeah that's the area that's keys you've been around awhile that's for sure targeted Ted Kennedy that football coach at Brookfield central. Hey coach on the it did this start date is now the ended July and and it seems to come quicker and quicker for me every year. Hub for use a coach. Thought there was four houses thought that my wife princess you know someone's you were impossible summer are sort of epic where Summers are are more busy on the school here. Yeah we we went to school till June banks. We started our our summer training yoga Monday after we went three weeks we've what we've always given our kids off the week of July 4. Just you know we forget sometimes that these kids are 1415 secure all immediate halftime to be kids get off. We come back we referral we had our camp all last week. We're off to a weak start you know military. I mean we're we're as the summer in our. They are I'm glad that our community art art kids. You know low ball buy into your backdrop and a small farm to all and god. Northern Wisconsin or use fewer of those places you'll get there are a worker farms and you know those types of things and it's. Just comes off bop bop but obviously Robert fortune to coach some other states and you're not having her dole affects us here hunting season affects us. You know what it's yards and we've played three games this year before school starts or not believable. Yeah I we ought and one of bombs can be on Thursday at weights and I think it sets second week we O'Connor Marcos Brooks central cracked. Yet there's you know mayor obviously caught small oil we don't have Errol that. You don't that it merited portal rattle Tom walked where they got a lot of factory got one of the best offensive lineman of the state just committed oral Lori. So it can be a break early season tests were really bolt programs are. Because you were around attributed to our conference schedules match Stossel. Or let our children play and all that. Yes I I do know that a jet they slot have really appreciate a couple minutes your time I try to try to take a breath is in the week. You're not Kabeer raw much ya give give a hug your wife and kids and and now we'll get after this thing. Well we certainly well understood just glad that I have a fairly that's supports to a national my daughter's. You know they've been here it's forty days they're ordered it great Gordon's sixth grade and while decorated Vietnam baht you know when the water all the practice and be able. We share my love for sport that I have been my wife so I was director which you know we keep things organized so. Bob I appreciate you mentioned a number of darkness one of the short order dot. Jay Witasick no answer for all character on the first. Janet judge now that you brought that up by just gotta tell the story the first time you talked to me connect can't tell assert. The only not only have. So judge said football coach a Kenosha Bradford of calling them in and he doesn't call me back. And I'm on the sidelines truth for. The Thursday night though lights came in and there's a reporter. And every radio guy standing waiting prior to the game to talk to Jim I'm off to sad little bit. And they are asking questions he's there was his wife. And ask some questions and he looks Meese is you got anything I say oh yeah coach I should I just wanted to ask you Heidi junkies can kick your coverage like that. He looked to me NIC your wife you gotta be kidding me I junkie you're covered. And gen kiddies Jerry lapin and you looked to be said while Doug walked away from that moment I met when I talk to when I call you picks up and I really appreciate it if there was. You know in at what the audio as you mentioned Bradford. I'm just what you'll shall also alt border got your vote on the he'll stop he called me about three weeks ago and dot. Cynical so wanna buy you'll program. Twenty terror you'll shoulder purposely wonder where you're so juices kind of mistake QDU and you know I I was certain he also went down this morning good to be open to Kamal. You know our. The opportunity to play football for Brookfield central maker donation like that. You don't our players up there and I'll yarder but overall partners apple ball all the people yours obviously our greatest players on the football field. Retired up by ten with Ali is off the field you know Mike Barton it would be today. Because. You know because he's an unbelievable kids. And got source people reform on Sundays. You know our. Notes sold sitting that I know ultimately legacy he made unbelievable Asian. All programs Saturday and every place for solar just wanna make sure that people here goals in the bottom to commit to register to see a turn or turns passes on blunders. He had some on the sidelines last year and and your sidelines for a playoff game it he had to perk got for central jacket on. And he was more involved and silence cheer and at any hint guys and the helmet. That and then I just thought you gotta be kidding me this guy that plays big time plays on Sundays and Peter Paul what are money but he was having a ball on the sidelines. Earlier we've always been very close and I you know ordered that was not us last year was their role player out here recent quarter got a big games or bye week. He said he might like come dollar watch a game that's not a unity he called me and asked me to come down. Watch a game on the sidelines and meaty you know he just use that that's that's so bubble we have in the kind of person isn't out of this figure welcome here anytime. But I did tell our kids don't you walk in the locker room that was pretty awesome. I'll bet they abuse table talk to secure before that in the stock rollover are certainly not you're a little bit about physical obstacle like. You also I was pretty awesome markets and I'd also that they all are. Remember the rest are wise and about figures I talked archers or what how we ought to be such a that's whistles special offer accurate. You always interest and he was dinged up when we're doing that came on Thursday night. And Dow would diagnosed Bradford. And we interviewed him in ice and make negative few misuse like yes sir. And everything was yes sir no sir thank you sir we got done he shook my hand he said they slot for having me on and I thought holy cow. You know again we deal with a high school student athletes all the time but I was really impressed with him at that age at figures a junior in high school. And when I got to see him live in high school day in coach when there was this seemed he was gone. I mean it was incredible to watch him on field level as a high school player and and just how how talented he was. Ortiz off the only goal right to a lot of Backstreet never. Probably gets after a leading Scott by. You know that there's as people go we take pride are all Wisconsin. From preschool up to the Packers and you know as it was God's of people he's certainly someone that we can be proud of that he's he's a product of the states because these. Certainly really really proud to have you played high school football here click cultural all here obviously now. I'll never great career in the NFL. Judge Kennedy faced wife for a few minutes your time I'll see you week to Vienna silence for the O'Connor more pepper central game. You'll get a little bit asleep cousin we cannot get much. If her attic I would second that figure out what. Of people or read articles we know. Our picture ever thought my god it's yet again appreciate all Ross. Thanks for other have a good one let's get to break other set of break we'll talk some Joaquin Lutheran football. Luther Head football coach this is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school football coaches shall present it. Fire local pick N save stores are sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. And analysts. News. Welcome back to the Wendy's or she puts high school football coaches show presented as I was by your local pick and save stores on its tortured you want a 57 ethnic and we're joined now by the head football coach apple cubic or did he is busy man. And so I appreciate him driving up and spend some time when this. Air to announce future heir to there's a lot lot going on right now personally I'm in a busy busy time that's. Yet it could go yes I get ready for the season on a house another little anomaly but do during the season so other than that but I know that's measures undertaken with the biggest. Myself while trying to get the house sold before the season starts in might be happening so effective as open and certainly a great relations. If it doesn't its we talked to. How do you feel about that you guys Rudy you to get after it. We're we're ready I mean I think. There's a lot of excitement for us that span. Noticeable we torture we lost a great we will lot of seniors last Jacqueline back special special kid. Coach I'm telling yeah I Blanchard I told you this on the phone at one point. More than anybody that I've talked about last year guys have seen have you seen the kid from watch mr. And that said and and it it started with a coach wants the cut who said church. Oh my goodness this kids like a lower effective guys the kids that he had in studio with him after week one. The one kid said I've I've never played executed that can dispute. Yeah he was he was special effect at Q Luskin namely had a tough time in the first quarter. It just consistently. Move and at the union's own whatever and so we went I think of an empty. Literally for quarter and half engines. Spread it out and let me there are PO order on a yacht with a Dell feels shot that was all the sudden we're just walking up and on the field that this kid. With everything spread out you know we knew it was special but. You can liquid judges said a minute ago. I don't love run in the quarterbacks specifically we like the read game and if it goes a him goes an imminently. We do some things were good you don't try to specifically Manchuria. The ball kept him Sandia after that like we just gotta die she let him go I he threw better than some people thought oh absolutely he can he could in sixty. Sixty. OK so for him yet. In it ju co law. You know what whoever whatever school he's they they got special athlete you were down to a coffee OK so who's taken his place. Long we will see who did this will be interesting we have one option he came in last year when we just say hurt the you can have more opposite. You know 64. Long lanky pocket kid that Oca. You know. It is is kind of right now game manager tighten again of the kid it's a little bit like like a sigh of that can Ronald that we can do some of that. So we may you have a two headed monster type approach for next year I love the Q growing game and I think making teams. Prepare for both yeah I think will be com as of right now where we sit I think might you know when we start the season anyway. As a coach you look at what you have and then and develop what you wanna run around what you have or do you. They run which you do we try to get kids to play in those. On. We have a philosophy. Of always have and I think the worst thing you can do is going there putting square pegs in round holes and say well I Iran in a lot about 21 personnel guy that. But I do that's what I you know. I personally am a spread guy I believe in the spread principles I have have been run and at some psychic appear in 2000 women thing was a Sus and Franklin running press release said you know you can't do that appear in this and that was like oh we got tiny linemen. And I got a good skill kids them yet so I can do that yeah let's get after so where were. Or we're always gonna figure out. You know what. Who are best players are how they get on the field and this year is going to be. We're gonna look very different than last year but will still be spread out will still try to isolate some things and a letter athletes do their thing. You I think at the college level armed you can say that you could say this is 1 AM this one are run and then recruit foreign that's exactly high school level we. We don't know who's walking in and lose and you don't have Santana you know at a coach bats well Martin Luther. You know bill you never know. And and bass was little different you know you can you can be beat you off like steamer you can be a swing team UB emotion team and and you can. Work that way can you gotta make it five guys to to do it for Paul's life differ and you know you got all he got eleven guys on one side and then you've got their Backus and I get to teach point to and if you're changing every year that's our. It is it's hard with with how is your TV last year they're pretty good. Yeah and there were second okay on our side of the woodland. So. We got a couple nights JV kids coming up one of their corner exit both both quarterbacks were. Split time on JV last year and got a lot of reps that good things. Couple young skill kids that this nice things on. And JV level last year so. It we feel good about our youth we're actually going to be extremely young we're not gonna have many seniors just the it was a very small senior class they're very small so. We're going to be very young lot of juniors. And a and it's always it's always good we have a young team to start out at Q watchman and thanks a lot fiercely loyal to have cuts they'll make that's gets well man. Start out at Q watts when they have Witten all. Coming over there in the when we come up championship last year the new coach with the data that they got a lot of kids back. And there you know wit no there in the weight or effect there and I'm sure they're in their the way right now. And that they they believe that philosophy of of making sure that they're going to be as big and strong as it can be and saint Q Watsco have you played at que las yet have now. And that's soul you know what they're playing their turf for the first first time and so it's all excited and victory comes out it's a really cool place to watching game. Violate their staff violate their kids have get a chance. To meet a couple of kids that graduated. But man they really nice kids believe in Q washed in football believe in the community. It's of that abuse could it show me a great test for you guys but after game's over you'll appreciate the whole experience on it. Yeah it'll be good that we're looking forward to we're looking forward yet allow your staff guys backer review and make some changes. As always. No wonder too. You know with the education profession people and move them. The other new teachers every year and things like that stuff in that my daughter's what I hear Keating's honor here Katie potter book on board yet she's excited he or she graduated from one Lutheran and down. For hurting tickle back and teach their. She's she's a little nervous but excited about it and she'll do really good she's she's a really cute teacher. In a good communicators and I think that. In those Cusick and hers and as the teacher. Are going to be lucky yeah yeah yeah those great initial lake yeah you what you help her on you watch out for. Absolutely yeah I really I know that you will go up yeah after two room always with with my job and schools will what you do either. May actually Wear several hats do working emissions that's by the biggest thing I do. And but. Like this that I aware any number of pets I do some things. With the college side of things we get more involved in net this year tells us just the general you know not athletes are anything but just our seniors I was in the college game for ten years you're. Learn a lot about the mission processing and getting kids through that on that side so I'm kind of excited to help out more. Man that's a value of good for you guys and and believe in and in in make sure these kids are educated because that's for that whole thing exchangeable that yes you know absolutely and if you don't know the rules and and and some of the things that you have to do. Tainted seed to be eligible. Two to know worth the difference scholarship opportunities or stuff like that so I think it's important that that should be pretty exciting part for you. I'm excited and gets -- on the students little more than my other job delightful little bit disconnected you know I'd go on the way with the other day it was first time I saw. Mean a lot of my kids or whatever so this is gonna give me Mora. More hands yeah ha holing you've been head coach there three years three in my four and Georgia to a school. University of Florida for graduate from OK and high school. Donna Florida Berger senior Furyk hit the F yet up well pretty much self. Now you're used to it has become very budget when you says they told you couldn't run the spread here Wisconsin. I think they're talking that show cook who was my coach for awhile he. He said bandits it's tough because if you if your gonna make it deeper in the playoffs you see some snow maybe it's tough to run the spread when it's only crazy. We got a at that the misconception was in at the time that you know it it's chuck and duck football end. I mean we were we were on the best rushing teams the state last year and helped having a running quarterback the cadavers eleven yards carry I think you know he had. A running back every six or Zakaria another one average by that I mean. It it's spread them out to work to run the football a lot of of of what it is and I'm a big numbers and angles junkie so it's all about. Trying to create situations in the box that are in favor of our smaller scale near we just we don't have big linemen never have him the look. Differ with the usual few few fewer guys economists really good on number one rate climbed into the state. Austin girl was with two wild oats host Atlanta and he was in here. And he uses big is that brown building out there I do not doubt and it's nicer kid yeah and wind and when I ask his coach is you're sitting right there. And has since you like hitting people who. And the kid get to speak smiling should consider yet I do but he was his nice just have really pleasant kid. But see he said look Quinn when he puts that helmet on man he's just as fish is it is a line of defense and offense is there is in serious cuts and indecent but keys is good alignment is I think. That I certainly I've ever seen and maybe more in the top three or in the state has ever rub and he's going to Miami of Ohio. Was fast and often prefer walk a guy. And he said no I think human take losing to buffalo and and so. You don't have kids like that is cool I've deaths rose course know this thing maybe one day but but not too many people have a kid like Austin early in their school let's get to break. Other said the prequel to to our conversation. We're talk the more you Lutheran football a wanna get into the would win the slope that men and and talk about what your first year was like. Come in at that school to again we're talking more Q Luther football with their head football coach and will do that. On the other side of the break this is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school football coaches show presented by our local pick N save stores. I've Sports Radio want a 57 FM the fan. And I and news. It's. News. I'll look back to the Wendy's RC puts high school football coach shall present by your local pick and save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might we get refined soul of this week. Again we're sports via the F political physical therapy location 377 north Mayfair road they had a power outage. One of their their electrical poles outside get hit by lightning and have big burns but. And we'll try to get up there next couple of weeks and talk with pride that infield and and Paul Schmidt. And it would have been a lot easier or failure to act as we were both live about a mile from there mom but I appreciate Jamaican triple already hear details corners and you know with a lot of one on. He lets talk a little bit about about the issues team before we can fund watch you play. Coach who were we going Q noticed tour but he thinker going to be senior leaders on this group. Our leaders yet. Yeah as I said seniors we gotta a pretty small group can Daniel and his brother Chris Daniel as. As far as leadership and play a lot of snaps for a number years now he was who were in fact I'm Wasilla sports on that. Football running backs to watch my arm Rea did I think it was two top fifteen the statement and others to watch he was listed. He's he's already got some interest he's moves incredibly well for a kid his size and assist them. Decatur big kid yeah yeah price goes about. 220 yourself. But he's also point guard for our best ball team so I got beat him that's always got to treat them any he carries it well and he's a kid that we're gonna move all over the places that suffering played H back for us which is a big blocking receiving position. He's like a tight them just without him in the ground in and that sort of thing but. So he's in duel that he's going to be in the backfield and and gives us incredible versatility with the size that criticism and he's very Smart kid too. So that that dentists teachers the school and you get away with much sell you know he's there every day time in and ready to go and mikes and bright kid. Yet he yeah we played in a summer league. Basketball at a more through through played against them and I'm pretty sure that was the he. Bruins are. It's clear choir music that are that was him though Gary tell the kitchen sink too I mean the real family is just gifted. Acting singing athletically the youngest brother's our freshman quarterback is going to be special he could sing the National Anthem and then I heard the shouted at president. I love kids like yeah. Good students all around probably involved into play and everything ports and I was out of not a mall or not a you know specials nation kid and all that so yeah we love of the and we are that's awesome Walsh who were looking at. Durable than. Is a kid that he's gonna play a lot force both sides of the ball he I don't anchor tenant linebacker Reid's neck yeah and work side about him and stepped up. Leadership wise and and a lot things were said to him John Jones is the running back this kind of in the shadows the last year to. Yen and one of the reasons we feel like we can move Ken around a little bit is is Johns pretty explosive kid. That. You just. Been caught behind all the kids in a numbers game right so we're excited about him he's great he's ready. Yes yes I think he's he got more more playing time as the year went on last year and he's part of play a lot for some both sides of the ball a lot of will linebacker force as well as a running back you can. You can run so you don't mind hitting people hope yeah that's can. I like. Violate those kids you know those two sets from key I would assume when he's carrying the ball it's in a room of bounties applicants use the name itself. He got to London is like that. Heidi the health of the program coach you know we we talk a lot about football's a numbers game moon and you know what the more keys and he'd get out if you can get to point where you can two platoon. Meant you don't buy the eighty year guests are healthy. Heidi feel about it about the with the program health wise and and and participation once. I think I I think we're we're gonna and I mean like any other school you know we walked the halls and identify kids that. You got to look the harder we simply another sport like while analysts kids you know he's he's got it. And that's sort of thing so it really work on some of those in the players' work on kids and that sort of thing so. It it it's since I've been there it's a it's a pretty positive thing got a lot of basketball kids that didn't play in the past that a well played. And been successful history had. From a handful of them that that. You know nobody ever expected to come out so. And you're sort of and they stuck yet yet they did a great job play a lot of minutes for a couple conference kids and so it's it's. It's a divide this a good vibe like that we got a lot of kids with the seniors gone over the short was gonna happen but right they're just getting him I think for the first time a couple of years their late. They see an opportunity and it's the are contact days this week for. We're just funded Vietnamese site from football just fun to be around kids that's fun to watch that. You know I told told you that that. As a coach Mark Luke to replace in the summer league and we a chance to play more to Luther a couple of times. Could five I I felt the vibe of the school I think. When we played against those kids. And Natalie competitive we got after a little bit but they'd admit they had fun. Yeah I mean those kids who you can tell they like ten in our little bit yeah yeah it's so it was a total Donald reflect a fat sick leagues and they were. The only remarks themselves and excited whatever but like coming you know I mean every kid that scored with who didn't matter who it whoop and Holler and yes. Just having fun being out just being in there you know why that's so much more fun to be around when. Kids don't know. Looked at me and he be here are some write it like that so right or one kid's scores and nobody can desolate yes you know that has stepped geezer ticked off dating get mom. You know we've we all go through death we we we do and I tell a story a lot but if I have a team that's 500. And they all get along and loved hanging out and they're fun to be around. Or under 500 that was that is painful. You know Lou and if we have a really good team. And they hate each other it's just not nearly funding the ultimate is when you have a team. That has a lot of success that they're really fun to be around be like king and out and I didn't know viscerally my curve him and do this forever. Those are too far and few between between sometimes they did that's a special group that I remember I can tell you those teams that I've had over the years. Exactly exactly you spend so much court time with the kids the when the losses are great the game night that's one night a week you know you with the kids. Four other days a week and in school everything else on there in a good mood and having fun and enjoying each other you know that panel sets the tone for that to Friday nights and that sort of thing Syria. I'm getting old so which is two years ago as you had some really weird. He's he's cute braces and that last season with the season before a studio network it is like I'd still be up that night over over some of that stuff. I've never been a part of anything like that three losses under 30. All under probably forty seconds all with teams us up they scored. And went for two and got literally three games in a row and one of those which need to work on against black one of them was really odd was and today we had to put away up a pork and we fumbled. We actually had the first down and yell when you want first out of run the clock out the kids got the first down. And the all conference running back end of lead in the nor sure that your running which will be rushing which we've never done right Buick was a pretty good that in that conference to himself he was a special kid and all that but but you know roofs off of 3040 yard gain and disputes is get out of your turn to our ball ripped out my. They without a score and had a really nice teenage years and they played degrading to a wasn't like you know we gave him. The other Tillman it was a it was a tough for you almost ended up in a rubber rumor something tension that was nuts Ellis. Those you said I mean I'm getting condolences from the coaches and Texan. You know it was funny we. You college guys they were hurt with a split. State's schools around here were texting me like my goodness coach you're BR heighten the man. Yeah you know when an and we ended up I think brought an off. Four straight wins in ushering in the end and took Germantown we need to be Germantown to get the playoffs and we took only the fourth and and I think to be used by a touchdown but. Resilient you know we're great men never really let it get to omen the coaches are scum coming out every day and yeah. Hey this this conference urine and and won't get your break in men and talk about it more on the other side but this is a this is where you should be. Exactly North Shore is well wonderful conference schools quite a bit bigger but to buy it in the conference century and now I think it's it's just the woodland. I'm east. The west is quote oh via woodland Isa little bit more wide open and it's you guys it's Brown Deer it's cutting age Greenfield. Short mask or Witten Owens South Milwaukee. For a couple of years agreed Phil was top dog lesser widnall was a top dog really competitive and in that conference more youth news yeah. Wiki so that's that's where we should become a big. This is there they would talk to me I'll get a muscle but Talladega. But geography and numbers guy when it comes you know schools and we should be playing what especially in a numbers driven sport like football so. The North Shore was. It's great football and and we held our own for many many years but. You know that when you got all your schools into platoon and do all that and you know we've got a healthy program by human error healthiest years you know. There's a handful of kids that don't play both ways and and I don't think people understand. The other side of that. The amount of time you can dedicate practice to your craft to just one side of the ball in my filmed two Y all hear out the your coaches just can dedicate to one side of the ball it's it's. That's probably a bigger difference almost than that than the games that kids or play an adrenaline for you Allegheny or whatever and fight through stuff. Coach you'd you realize I'm Franklin as he is one of the best programs stay Wisconsin. And and Antar who lose ground. He has the defense in and he's a head coach which he doesn't they the offensive guys they very seldom come together as a staff there. Because that. Ready to go there ready to go. And that in that she's means a lot from now and again not only neared down the stretch because guys have played. Half of the snaps a semi unions have played on certainly is it like he said his staff. They just Custer in their guys what they're gonna do on defense aside you guys do the opposite side. And that's how were more Q Luther jets of this quote the conference therein of a similar programs if you don't Brown Deer South Milwaukee. A Greenfield Qaeda hey a win no it's short mask for who's really can be you know their competitive. Yeah it's good stuff we're gonna get to brick a decided break. We'll continue our conversation talk more Q Lutheran. Up football where talk will be about changed does it change the culture change will that at Milwaukee Lutheran and and it it's it's you it's fun to watch from the outside you know it's it's it's cool what's going on over there and like I said the five. His I was really good and and these kids in these athletes. That wanna be involved in multiple sports he get a chance to be in good involved. M walk through through through one will continue to talk at football coach. He's your chin now ski we'll talk to him on the other side this is the Wendy's Farsi blitz high school football coach shall presented by local pick N save stores. On sports Radio One a five Sam app found the fans. You and I and news. Back to Wendy's farcical as high school football coaches show presented by your local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 F and and I'm Mike we give her a lot said the head football coach more key Lutheran air chin now ski. You know wanna say had a Keating your wife thank you and Ryan nineteen months hero Ron good boy to death blessed SRO and congratulations another one on the way due October. My birthday is October 4. So Katie if you're listening and this is a boy Michael might not be a bad name might not be a bad name October 4. Would be a great day for you to work. He tempering that little one into into the world come nineteen months year old Ryan to see understand his days four point coach again. I don't think he gets the the big picture but he certain. Only. The annual walk pass the ball a football basketball without just going bonkers and that's awesome it's this. Funny to see how ingrained it is an kid that you know at that age are ready and you know of course I'm happy and yes and and whatnot and it's fun to watch but yeah I mean and you know we see a bass club who beat goes. Goes bonkers you go like cool things before you that my son Matthew is like that it didn't it didn't he never slows tonight's whose four. I didn't not cater and you'll wake up at 2:3 in the morning. Andy come on my said that that he have a football home and not have any school he says he but we took you beat the Packers have been there. And either beginning or you have a baseball UP brewers up because while you know UP. And you begin as a kid that's my point. After about two weeks that I might may and the effect of that commodity that can be a break and he. But US so many cool things with four to write envy that pardoned Ryan. You guys are sure hole was stories meant via to memories. Lot of fun so appreciate you bet anyone now they are you Q coach once forgy coach more than once or just opal yeah the football. Andy when you grow to where your multi sport athlete. Yep play football basketball baseball and growing up down south in everything overlapped so that aren't on what I was used to so we would. You know. Played baseball and I go out and pitch in do all that with a baseball team there were one and then that night I go to basketball practice them. That's just what to did and it's spring football so I don't may one that would kick in so. I love that. It's so encourage kids to do we have kids that come in so focused on. One spore. I'm going to the Nvidia and yeah that's that's the decision we are I date it is your five H your not only the MBA yes I'm going to him via. At least try some new try to battle plan you know there is there are kids at at San Martin Luther that that I. I encouraged to go play football is cubic graduate and he he'll be leaving her a couple weeks to go to go to college. I should look coping Deion Sanders too good just below a lockdown Warner. That all you're gonna do was cued up and bump and run and don't let and he could've done that and and he said no I'm I'm a basketball player who. An NC coach I'm today is his son on your coach. Go play football. You don't get it judge assailants and here and he should know known on I I don't wanna get hurt. And it's understand that. But you know what if if you just be this where once is trying and he wouldn't do it and I'm telling you. That he's the kind of kid that could be played at a high level. I'm a defense and and defense side of the ball for somebody is easy to do really great feet. Great eye hand coordination and when you see you play defense and the vast what court he could block people down and he fitted dominant football the in I don't know how Los Andes support make his take advantage of everything high school has to offer absolutely. Yeah it's like doing like candidate is he can Daniel yes yeah. Since. The I'd probably in theater yet it has real. As few bit parts there at the logo for practice or what's while the finish something up or you know rehearsal and a go to eighteen GU I it's G it can freshman common man. That that's already played football or you kids come and you gotta teach me how to put ads on. Our our challenge snows as we've changed them or about or 9% choice now and down. I was there and early two thousands and you know very very different than. It's still if this is just it's a great energy in the school all that but dumb. So so meetings are still the same but but some are different and we get kids now from. 5060 great schools and a freshman class right end we get some kids that played. Some some football. Organized. Most adult they just wanna try it and so we're really really teaching from the ground up these days our youth program. Is as big as it was because our kids don't come from the some of the feeders they used Wrangler. Whatever so were were really our freshman coach has earned her and her money. Commanding like nothing else slower they earned that fifty cents now at our little area yet yeah I don't know what you guys gave her pain more than some schools like a step. It's now it's now much so. It's got us. Hey good luck this season thanks you're joking you're you're not much you put the schedule together with you guys got to be ready to go off to jump that's a good start for us as an IQ watts bar and then wiggle at home than at South Milwaukee had Heidi and three the first four on the road he did or who junior jar you do fourteen scrimmage. We are doing a scrimmage with. Kettle or a young Sherlund an excitement and OK we got that couple years ago and that's good for us rather wrote a WLC as a way to do it yeah that's perfect. He could look with everything going on thank Azumah Katie if you listen and I think October 4 that's the that's a great birthday. Hey I can Katie congratulations on and that everything going on in and doubt coach I really appreciate you. The audible that I called I news this morning and I really appreciate you coming through again appear no words thanks so much or haven't you go I'll reach out ten good luck this season thank you bet this is the Wendy's verse he puts high school football coach shall presented. Fire local pick N save stores on sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan.