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Saturday, June 23rd
Mike McGivern talks with many State Championship winning baseball AND softball coaches right here. 

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Take me out to the ball game. Take me out with the crowd. So let's talk high school baseball with some of the best high school baseball coaches in the state of Wisconsin this. So fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin baseball coaches show on 1057 FM the fan. Now. Here's high school insider big time might make different. Old walkman the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show. Presented as always by your local pick N save stores. I'd sports pretty 1057 ethnic and we got a busy showed today we're gonna talk to a number of coaches that won state championships. Baseball and softball the first hour it's all baseball. Root taco Spencer relief from wanna keep bill Coker from Athens and juror wash for from Webster. And I'd David Casey marquee baseball academy really have him join us at 1030s got a really good idea for next year. And where he talked to him about that the second hour. With a high school head coach Tommy picked that is you join me in studio with a couple his players. Ross and talk to the head coaching or con Roger actually week who won a state championship but our first guest. Wanna keys had a good seat Goodyear men and a number sports and Spencer les ahead for head baseball coach. At wanna key in the they want a state championship Spencer congratulations thinks for a few minutes. You bet thank you appreciate having me on with the this morning and it goes on to talk about he'd get coached here. Well that cell was a heck of a team you guys won the tied for first they guess who Beaver Dam in the badger north conference. Of course looking at your schedule and you guys got hot at the right time no doubt. And we when you look at so you know the regionals the regional fire those three up and win against against Omar. And then offensively you guys she's really got after it for a couple of games. And 31 win against Green Bay probable. Boy it's it just what a great run these boys one on. You know they did this is a group that mostly guys are seniors and now want a Portuguese statement that the planet are eighteen cents or either freshmen or sophomores. So they've been on the big stage quite a few times drawn up and everything like that. And you know they just felt really ready in early cup income postseason that they were gonna make some noise and that they were going to be ready to slug fest or it was a pitcher's duel. That Olympic winnings that would gain that that you have about that they had in the crew that you write that accompany their competence and and so showed. Game after game after game as equivalent to the postseason. Coach June Knoll mama you know a near the strides that it as coaches and I'm F coach for awhile myself you get a feel for a team. You know middle of the season to the end that that this is team that's got a chance to get hot at the right time did you feel that with this it would this group. I really did. I mean you never know what's gonna happen in the postseason there's ups circle of good teams some of the best in the state to get beaten in the post season title in regional sectional but probably a little bit the speed bump middle easily lost Arum admitted a plan championship. Indeed it will try to Monday at the end of April. And that was really kind of a turning point for our team where. You know we've only all kind of realized. There's work to be done here and I really loved approach our guys had come off those couple applauses. And I think that's really what what spurred us on to. Being able to have the postseason success we definitely felt like we had a chance to make a run in the postseason and compete with the big boys in the state. Hey coach how do you how long he's been cut at coach you know wanna Cuba though. Others would like when a second year as a coach of liking this year. OK so you're you've been through all this how do you handle come playoff time you have some coaches wanna hold their number one pitcher. Did so when they get to the second game that day they get a chance do you just throw your best out there and hope for the best. Yeah we do. You know quite a few years ago you know as a tete a long time assistant until tomorrow mark has been a need for thirteen years and that's mother gets a lot diamond. You know the one thing we we really settled on as you're not guaranteed the next games let's win this one of the best ever at a regardless teacher record or anything like that. And that's that that's something that's worked for us really well here I'm over the years as it is. But when the boat when the first one because that will problematic at this cycle and it would go cry to much first are out. Yeah I I agree that when you guys got so when this group got up to. To play up and apple ten. At fox cities stadium. That's a whole different animal right coach went and when you get up there and I've been up there quite a few times. It eventually been on that field a couple of times. It it really is at it it just has a different field and then any other park you've played incorrect. Oh absolutely I mean it's a beautiful field the beautiful facility is so much bigger than it would play. And you know last year we made it state term we look at it surely. You know having that experience was really important I think our guys to be able to manage those those emotions and those. Those killing the planet and and it's such a different place and unique setting like that. And and that's one thing that I think really let our guys to feeling very comfortable and very confident with would that setting that we're hitting the great teams were playing is that it was still baseball in possibly brought up about hoosiers so when they measured up far right either rim was and everything like that we got in a couple incident they are still many feet there aren't there. They are so you know they were there were just really loose relax incompetent and you know does the setting was. A place that they tried to be in as opposed to order spoke being. He sweats or want a key is. Yeah obviously when when you when you're in Iran high school sports of you talk about wanna keep talk about coach rice and the football program. And a people yeah it's it's it it really years he's been a great job with that program do you feel like the success they have in that program. Carries over into other programs within the school. Oh it absolutely does but I only address about prince for a long time by many spent. A great asset to our baseball program ever since I took over 22 years ago and you know you look at they what they do with their weight program that our kids all look at work out in. You know just in terms of building them exactly. They build a pro sports not just football. You know also would deck guys who who have great training. Cutters cutting edge training doughnut. And then we have multiple guys and our team you know I do a quick count there's probably 56 Lebanon where guys have a neighbor guys of that. And diversity team were part of the state football championship team last fall. And playing in big games and in just the great coaching the great leadership they get our football program something that definitely assists us sports school. Boy that's that's good hate. Brian McMillan was say Mike co host Lester I think I hope he's gonna be my coast again this year. I do we see a baseball guy. Yeah right three university player forest back in the day that that brought they need a program must have been really down if you played our season soft. A youth the good player well yeah it's hard worker and a you know he was part of our 99 that made it the state men accused sophomore that you're about stake in it now he does he was the guy who helped us get there along time ago now. You know special when I talked to him about wanna keep. He is a wanna key kit he you know what he lives here now he lives in O'Connor marker and Eddie ease mosquito. But when you talk to a Bob grown up and wanna keep. Man his eyes light up and if he loves to tell people that that's his hometown. And now you wonder and Apollo one about the city of wanna key and the people there that make a guy like Ryan whose whose lives now's the other places. But that's truly his home and he he'll say things like look I. I learn how to be better man there I learn how to be a better player better coached I'm wondering what about wanna key makes him say that. You know it it's funny you say that because back when I was intelligent late eighties early ninety's he'd appeal across the Mets got lucky. And that took a pride that they even before a candidate look realistic chippy chipped a book on base all other sports. It's just a tremendous lot of pride in being one key and what it meant to be wanna keep warrior at the time I didn't really get it in I was young and did understand about what it's like a want to live here. And it is it is just something that really green in the east is the pride. In in giving your best and being part of the team and that being an individual but being part of the team that opened the greater good you know Beckett welcome all our youth programs. And by the time these kids get high schooler so excited about you know regardless of the sport. And it means a lot to them and it's you know it makes my job easy as a coach because Boca ligament high school level. Those they've learned those lessons already dominate they know what it means to deal like you warrior at home though hope it is such a great thing to have the chance to be successful as it might be. And that makes it that makes these control buster to do our jobs the best our ability. He Spezza with with the other coaches that I'm gonna have on coach out Coker from Athens in any coach wash fern from. From Webster you you guys will always be able to say that you won the last spring state tournament. Yeah I argue yet are you feeling about the new avenue place summer next year. You know that would the summer season is big this being the last season Levitt. Actually. You know I've I've wished for a longer and that the W I would go to single seat yeah I because I think. I think that you get you get really the true the true champion of this thing. Yeah I completely you know what I got talked about this 300 times coast and it just completely screwed that up obviously. There with summer going to weigh the influx of of more teams come in to spring. A good thing for baseball. I think it's a great thing I think some of those kids who you know have never played at school baseball. Because they're playing on the travel circuit in the summertime I think getting some of those Q and I'm assuming some of those it'll play a school ball well. I'm in the springtime and I think that's great purse or great or game to have more those. Elite players hopefully playing for the fiscal teams in the spring before they get on the travel circuit in the summer. I think that Petraeus will be almost out of and a Republican court it. Coached you lose many kids I'm dead that don't play for your high school team and they play for travel teams. Up that hasn't happened to us at this point good there're there are few schools in the Madison area. Who have lost a couple kids this spring to it and that's really the first time that's happened. And I'm hoping it doesn't happen here because you know the troubled borrowers is fantastic and you know it really helps you get exposure and everything like that but. Others there's something special planned career high school. Hey do you think with with summer going away and spring BN. Mom when baseball throughout the state is going to be played one of the things that we talk about on this show it is in the fields and umpires. Are you guys can have any issues up in your neck of the woods with with either prior fields are umpires. Don't them would feel that shouldn't be too much so probably then when we you know we get snow in the middle made it here with herb Middleby collections in which made it but the challenge for us. But you know a blurred is probably the biggest area where where there's a shortage of Madison area you know and that's but right now more so it is at that that freshman JV levels where. I know they have some some rules that you can play with one umpire option 12 and everything like jet because. You know that can be Jolie Pitt this stack them every deviant freshman teams play different days we've had to play them on the same day sometimes we can umpires actually booking and obsolete had to do little shuffling and everything like that are ready you know I don't know what to get better or. Yeah say a key either wise and it's going to be in the done this neck of the woods I I keep your firm. Umpires and it's meth like chargers they say look we're gonna really this is going to be a huge issue coming up next year. He Spencer thank you so much your time congratulations. Wanna keep getting a state championship. And doubt that's great for you and your complete community and I appreciate your coming on my show. You better appreciated it it's been a fun we can happen in one key here is circle didn't credit it like there with other sport and I appreciate had many good jets talk about it again today. And we talked to Ryan McMillan saying hey you know we we finished it this year we gotta tell us your narrow like accurate. Back when you prepare pay expensive they slide have a good day Acer. Thank you do appreciate you bet terror we get to a break a bill Coker from Athens. Is gonna join us on the other side this is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin high school baseball coach shall present it. Fire local pick N save stores on sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. Oh and service. Us. News. Welcome back to the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show. Presented by your local pick N save stores on its portrait you want a 57 F from the fans. I'm Mike we get where we're talking to state champion winners. This week for the most part David Casey from watching baseball a candidate to join us at 1030. But we talked to spent relief from wanna keep and now bill Coker from Athens joins us he built congratulations back to backseat championships right. Yeah thank you right. Man that's awesome he wears Athens. Absent is about 25 miles west and a little bit north of Wausau. Okay. Well I'll tell you why you guys in that conference she went Tenet know in the mirror would north conference. Ted and those that are pretty good baseball conference coach. It is leaders of Maryland North America itself we can do a little crossover effect there's. Consistently good teams you've got marathon in the in the south you've got rid Blake in the north. I'm relate has been consistently at yeah less state powerhouse. And you wanna get in there. And recently Phillips has had some really nice teams so. Yeah it's it's it's you get pretty good competition throughout the year. Coach how long you've been you've been coaching at Athens for home on. This is what life this year I I I teach in Stratford which is just up the road about fifteen miles. And I coached there for eighteen as head coach at Stratford for eighteen years. And then my family as we do my kids go to school and happens so actually had to coach against my older son. Of times. And that didn't sit real well at home and lie yes so that I I resigned from there it's just some weird events. Took place and I ended up as a head coach it happens. Boy that had to be typical coach. You know what it was an easy they actually my oldest and Cheney's. You keep saying Creighton for two years and now he's a lacrosse so he's really saying you know we're familiar with the baseball scene and he and I were pretty good about it but. The moderate home. Yes the I I closed that's why can't a magic coach and against mice on my my wife would be on his side. The whole world for sure guaranteed. They data I would I would expect her to be you know that she should be well yes that's that that was that was tough but. They figured it out and it's it's it's gone well I guess. Elaine let's talk about this year's team and and the run that you guys made. You know looking at your schedule coach yet deeds some cancellations obviously with the with the weather. On the and it looks like you guys obviously you do it started out really really well you wants to give him marathon. And then you lost that wonder Wausau east. And it looks at at least for me that was made 25. Didn't lose again after that in and that was you know your last regular season game and so these kids got hide rated the right time. And there's a couple of hairy games their coats it the 1211 wounded at this for. And a 321 obviously in the semis against Ithaca that you guys needed to become back in and beat them and rally wait to be don't. So this this crucial a lot of cuts down the stretch. Yes and up and if you look carefully that atmospheric that's all eleven absurd in the regionals we get beat them earlier in the season thirteen to nothing at thirteen to one. It's. But they are they're very athletic team and I'm n.'s senior dominated. So that early on they really didn't have a put together. But by the end of the year they give us everything we could if be can handle I mean it was up. We knew we were up by nine runs at one point and they got. And they they you lose guys like trying to hold standing let's just it just running right through your fingers as the game was going. Boy do you do you feel more is there anything you feel more helpless than I've had that happened to and it. They're just is nothing you can do to stop. It's crazy and you know I do think it's it's it's it's baseball it's not that big of deal but done but they're really is that momentum side. And you know just a base hit here our air here and I mean that's all it takes to open up the floodgates and and it is it is tough to stop sometimes. Yelled coach reading but the championship game against Thorpe. Not the cleanest game while time nobody I don't nobody's gonna put that on YouTube and see young people here's how you play high school baseball. There was some errors that's you know it's a long day for these kids correct. It is on the I don't old. We we had a really unusual situation and happens this year. I am not sure if there's a lot of people that were from they with that my assistant coach Steele was all we lost his son. Who was part of our team. You as a freshman on our team we've only got it going and making guys on the outs for baseball and happens. And we lost him in a UTV accident. June 2 and that was that was a real turning point for us I mean everywhere this is a really really nice nice young man. Always smile until loved the outdoors and his dad is is a beloved. Figure in our community. He coaches street sports he's the head coach for football offer wrestling. He's he's an assistant coach in in in football he's assistant coach in Vienna he's just he's Iraq. That foundation that that school and he's always up there sick kid glove on the uses big man. And so it was really. Toxic past two weeks there. For this group of young men detritus while they had to endure more than most not most would have to at that age. You I read that article and I didn't know file wanted to bring it up and and since she did bring it up coach that it knew what a tragic accident. And this year like he said he was a freshman. Played on an island four city. And I read how how'd you guys were you know they're good teams up in at the state tournament you put their arms run you guys. And it did if pick up what a classy yeah you know they pulled us senator and me and coach. I need to eat he says prayer. BAT's you know they give us a card and I mean he has this is for dale understandably. Civil built right there heels on the activities we wouldn't give it to dale. I mean come to find out they had they had sight and there was a substantial. Dollar amount in their Jane we've never met these people. If it was there was a tremendous outpouring from all these baseball communities. We had you know we we it'd even be it college coaches I'd I'd college coach is colonies in a really sorry to hear about things I mean it was. It was really a unifying. Saying it was it was it did very very dark time for for happens and and the community itself but. The rallying that is taken place and that's really what happened we wouldn't sectional and we get to the view there's going to be two really tough teams. And it just taken place and the accident happened on Saturday. That's sectional rounds Tuesday and we had the funeral on Wednesday. So we pulled up. You know until lately it was constantly got to say it's still whose ranks just below us in this state they got a really good team. They've got at nineteen years I'm thinking yeah this could go this could be bad and we also just figured out that there was a lot there're there are things that were more important in life than baseball on network that will be thrown at her face right now and you know he just kind of said. The coaches got together with the kids and said listen guys if you look. You know it whatever happens today happens we know that there is no more important things and I never received any you know it and if we would have lost it would've you know it it would have been. I guess not into the world but done but they went out in that section I've never seen the guys split like that Emilia. We need to. Real real good teams. In the in pretty good fashion. A 125 dude you're 2401. Is as you go through two games in total 241. And obviously. You know coach you a situation like that these kids can go to waste won the kids come together and say look we're gonna play really well played hard for this kid. Or they say look I I don't want to be out here. And obviously. Go ahead. I'm just gonna say it would be huge blessing. That we were able to do that because. With the funeral the next day it is this group of seniors that we had this year they had been once stayed you look forward only with only one senior on the team so we have a real good group coming back. And you know that would have been some pretty heavy closure on that Tuesday at sectional simply if we would've lost and then we move ahead even heavier closure on Wednesday with their funeral. At least this you know at the funeral the guys were together they whether jurors these days that together. It was they actually got the pastor acknowledged them they had to stand up and they they had just standing ovation that it was it was really nice that. I mean they're there was a glimmer of lights yeah. And that they and that scenario but it was. The they open. I I get those get a lot of credit they. If they they had executive they had to endure more than more than more than most of that age. Yeah I created an in I'd look I don't know how we had two kids my own and know how you get through that when you lose a child. And the almost. You that's very difficult time for him and IBC was cute for him to be around these these boys. And you know he never missed practice. Beyond that happened on Saturday morning. And then that Sunday we do I we've got a team together and we went down. Down to their policy and on his wife you know we hope everybody you know we've all got to jerseys on. And his wife pulled us into the living room and and set it down and said listen it's OK to cry but Tucker's not gonna want you to feel sorry for freedom. You know he he's gonna want you guys to go out there and played baseball investing your ability. And I mean she she had us you know we were are ready to stop being a little bit she had us. Yeah and she's she explained the accident and your little strong. And then she looked at dale that you know would bail them big our big assistant coach and she said and dale is going to be there the coach and they'll vote. Eyes yeah he's just it was. You know and I've I think you do about that but he got he coaches do a lot after that he was. And he he made sure that these boys. Played in and you know and where there has branded as I mean it really it was a strong strong commitment by the by the west all family. That pushed us to that point. While. Well you know bill we we we love our sports here and it is you guys Europe and athens' budget. You know latest stories like that to remind us that is still a game. It's he came in and we enjoy playing and he graduation said Athens. Congratulations back to backseat championships a really appreciate it complements your time he has built Coker the head baseball coach. At Athens have a good week cancer. And thank you might appreciate it still. It thank you very much for you to break other celebrate David Casey walk you baseball academy. Will join us this is the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin school baseball coaches show presented by or local pick N save stores. I'd sports radio and a 57 FM the fan. And I mean. Us. News. Walked back to the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show presented. Our local pick and save stores ides or treaty 1057 FM and I'm Mike the giver and we're now joined by David Casey Milwaukee baseball academy. Now I talked to David a bit he. He helped to watch the show in Milwaukee baseball academies a big part of of getting this baseball show. Off the ground and wanted to take him first and foremost for that David Wright event. Ingram Micro yeah I've been good been really good were you when you're at a tournament. Pulled up to her in part angering. Excellent. Power think power things going more to baseball academy. They get there real elegantly. Where are continuing to train a whole bunch yeah they're thirteen Don Imus dumber then. More than all. And and again. He'll wind a couple years ago when you come in studio. You you're just getting walk you baseball academy going and and I hear nothing but good things about. Where you guys to read you might accuses cheered pitchers turned to train in and things like that. As we talked to David if you have interest you Google more to baseball academy. And other located off of a 4200. North Holden street. And there Webb says Greek is acute debt. Good opportunity to get a feel for what they do what their mission statement is who their coaches are stuff like that at ticket side. Really great place if if you want your your son or daughter to get trained up a little bit with baseball and you're in the city Milwaukee. Or the North Shore for that matter marquee baseball academies. Is word ago David when we're talking the other day first it how's your basement by the way on Monday AG rain and you allow water on there. Yeah. I actually. It was partly you know what I do that on the picnic and am happy on public when he drives. The other you know. Oh man pretty much at all the baggage. Well well. Bad yet that was. Thankful for that I agree he would we are talking and you've got an idea and now with the next year with it that high school baseball with the summer league being taken away everybody's gonna be played spring baseball. And of first what do what do you think about that are you a fan of that. I almost split I mean kind of spent mentally. Haven't played it's almost summer for wedge school. You know I'm gonna miss it because I think poker you know summer obviously when he won it. And that is sacred memory and in the summer. That being said. With the travel baseball circuit and that panic. And I'm not taking over I'm. This summer teams in a lot of ways they're missing out on the best players and and and move into the spring will solve that issue. And at the end of the day more marked in early carpet all brand so. They're really it was becoming a market county championship. You know they championship in the summer. David a number of years ago when you when I hedging studio and we had weighed the backe I think from the WR IAA on. You said look why don't white that you guys come up with a hybrid sees it start to spring a little bit later. And you'll and obviously earlier than you would with with summer. And that way you get you know you get the best of both worlds they're still not going to do that they're gonna start spraying these are their season the way they do now. And we had about this sure and I've brought that idea. And he said look if two teams who re willing to give up through four games we can start later petite but schools don't want to do that. And then I have look at all these schedules. Of just about anybody in the state and nobody played the first. Couple weeks in April you know we got all that snow so I think he start mid April and in that Tiki still. You know then everybody wins. Read I mean I think if you look at it strictly from a fiscal point of view. That would be the best solution. As bank. You if you do that kind of drummer that. Middle ground. Used though Gunner on indicated to wanna leave it all or apathy and though that there are still on issues of but if you look at from strictly high school baseball point of view would rule it out the best option. Hey again we were taught them Monday and I don't know if I'm if you're okay with be bringing this up with you've got a pretty good idea. Our next year you may run at a high school summer league is that correct. Yeah it's called the Orbitz well the patent. And really just that we so probably. A month or two ago at certain meetings I'm against what I consider that. Influential article coaches around the area. Yeah getting them at the important bit yeah. And about it just this last week desperate kind of black the and the basically the idea. We're on the others' travel ball on I am I mean I am a part of my belt. But. We want to create a people we daily Monday there stately white school. They do it in Illinois. They do it in a lot of other states for the high schools let back in beaten in the summer. And then that the travel while it in the locally determined. So we're looking at data out. Right now I'm at about ten schools that are better emitted into it and and open by the end of the summer season I have somewhere between forty and thirties or go back. Boy that's a great idea by the way. Where where where these keys you'd be played. I mean so requirements for teams aren't. We're gonna have a heart and indeed he did it. And the only requirement that schools. I'm. Bring their own roster and provide their own on. Other than absolutely equal providers now. And I am. So you know schools that don't have their own home field. Well. Potentially be co op with another school that can provide something for them. Otherwise. The other other field on area which won't be utilized the much out of our corporate. Boy that's it's a really good idea I'm glad to know that that tell you've gotten a really good response on this. And you're at ten teams hoping to get to twenties or thirties I would keep in which he had said. Yeah I mean I think that's is that that the Pittsburgh. There is legion ball and I think a lot of schools especially in about his cabinet do legion ball. Options because of the travel so. Well when it comes to legion ball. Legion ball a lot more prominent up north and or man now in area and deep early and are well or dock in southeastern out then. You know school like income notion that holidays legion ball to travel hour two hours hopefully gain we ought. I think we can we can down the southeastern Wisconsin area start with the league. It and ultimately. Put a really good product out there that he is well. And ended the bottom line is kids you chance to to play more baseball. Yes absolutely so in the format it. He had 20/20 five game and these were in Iraq and these interment Kirk both divisions. And ordered Iran collegiate showcase for both division. I've been this season to give it some exposure to some eight schools around our area and you know try to make it go it's so. I think it's a really good idea great format. I really have heard no negative beat Batman. And if coaches that are listening while more information on this summer baseball league pitcher gonna start next year. Can they call you at 3323188. Yep they gonna edit my daughter Ireland that at POW they all that out. And then have all the information man you can register on what state. You can you can pretty much to find out information in meter item that there. Boy that saw some. Again 3323188. Go to other web site I just grew more Q baseball academy dot com it's easiest way for me. And there there's a lot of information not only about Steven Moore QB school academy but this summer league that they're gonna put together. Next year if you're coach if you're player that wants. You know your high school be part of this. Again give David a call at 414332. 3188. And he Kenny attorney questions I think data I think it's a great idea it didn't surprise me that you've got nothing but really good response on the soon. Yeah I mean I think. Coaches wanted to have better. You know in a bigger impact on their players in the allowed them to the actions that at tech wade. And makes it a boat and keep coaching them in the summer and make as well. It great up and the other way around players coaches school their. That's awesome 3323188. 4143323188. David they slot appreciate it look forward to seeing again it's been awhile. Yet they might. Mike error Bridget. Because that's David Casey really get to break other celebrate juror wash for. Head baseball coach at Webster high school won a state championship. If that name sounds familiar. Yet he pitched a major leagues in fact he he is a World Series ring. And you went back home. Webster high school and use that head baseball coach their re negates his spin if you miss future watch current. On the other side of break this is the patella. Windows and doors it was cuts in high school baseball coaches show presented by your local pick N save stores. Our sport treaty 1057 FM the fan. A. News. Welcome back to the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin high school baseball coaches show presented. Fire local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we giver and we're not talking with the head baseball coach Webster high school juror wash for former California Angel. World Series champion went to Webster high school he's now back. And that coaches their baseball team. And they won a state championship in when I have my for Coleman's congratulate him Jerry congratulations. What a good year for your voice. Thanks the other had a great year and couldn't be more problems. He coached the the conference said sure is that a pretty good baseball conference at Lakeland west. Ted good baseball conference. Yes you know we've traditionally had some really good teams coming out of there are grants could always had a really good program unity. He's in our conference they've always got a cup teams and in a couple of years ago they're down at state. There has completed want to trips to state. You know it's sacred falls in our conference they've they've always had some really good teams and have a nice programs or gap we have. That's a good ball mark. You know arm a year ago you guys got to stayed in in division for. And down went on the semi finals this year division three state championship you you were there I think all your ranked number one. In the state beat if we're really good to know saint Joe's team in the semi finals. And then say Mary Catholic in the in the finals coach did you know coming down the stretch at this is a team that could go pretty deep into the playoffs. Well guys knew pretty much last year. You know we made that Patrick armor like you mentioned last year intelligence and semi finals. But. We were really young when we did that we were only we've got one senior that we lost that team that. It was a regular player. So low I knew the next year because a lot of our key players were sophomores leader of that trip so I knew that. Coming into this season we're gonna be really good at a chance to do some special things a lot you know they said the goal after getting beat not felt that. They wanted to do everything possible to get back in and at top of the work the box often in the mountains it was achieved the goals they set for themselves. Boy that's cut coast got a feel really good for you for a number of reasons one this is the high school you went to and I'm sure you have fond memories are you wouldn't live. In that area and coach at that high school and two I think when your son he had a pretty good year correct. Yeah now my holders on the loose he's blown up and it turned into a man so he had a really really good year. One Gatorade player of the year goes it was yeah. He's been a generally good pitcher for a while. He can get it up and I'm out of our meridian but this YouTube use you really took off and took strides offensively to what. Pedigree here with the bat not only not only just come home but also with a bat in eternal run at 55 RBIs and in so it was a it was a special year. Him having agreed here and my younger son was oppressed in this year's yet an excuse for so it was it's it's pretty fun. Coach I I've had I had the opportunity to to coach my son and basketball. And you know there are some peaks and valleys in that journey that has that been a got a pretty good to relationship builder for you guys. There's definitely peak and valley that is it is may be one of the most of open government government life ME two it's. There's there's some challenges there and in trying to separate coach from bad at times difficult but. We we have pretty good balance that we try to not bring to get involved and also in separated that way but. I do have some real good assistance and help you know what if that two of them have talked my old high school coach in the coming back and help you know the last couple years it's awesome he. He kind of takes my boys in the does most the coaching with those two guys and I I handle the rest of the team so we're all really good. Coach you have vied in this year's team I think he said it was senior latent. It had recovered in that turned out there and Webster I'm sure. No no law we do lose force seniors on this here squad. In the you know they all contributed to this team. And one of a mob was. It really special offensively and he's gonna wanna play college. So he'll be he'll be a top. We're going to replace he's gonna go to Saint Mary's Minnesota. Sauce. And so but we do have we had two freshman that would start this year and expect them to make big jumps excuse and two. You know they're Goodyear's distract them but you know they're still young and temperature and not not strong yet so I expect them to grow into good things that we had some. Sophomores and juniors that. Would be playing on most teams. Had to sit the bench this year wait their turn this is yet so many good players so what I expected to do some sort rumor pins again next year. What what you're his jet. Will be SeniorNet all he will be ideal seat and he get some looks set to play at the next level on shore. Yeah he's actually already accepted a scholarship but he's gonna go to one of the state so the great great opportunity for him great baseball school and there are actually gonna play today later today so yes. They can make the championship game and so they're on I'm excited Korean ministry turner that that's a great baseball program and and so he's he's gonna get to continue his career that's a long way from home coach. It's very long that's the final two choices came down there and so airline also what is our way home as you get into different directions. Well you know what good for him and and obviously he's a good student athlete or he wouldn't be going to Oregon State you know that. Yeah yeah he's a four point oh kidney it's their grades and really likes or science program out there in he also lost partitions so he's excited to go to the west two. Many age and the apple didn't fall far from the tree were you a four point oh student at Webster battle today. I I wasn't quite four point oh on better and I was I was a good student but not quite that good but yeah he's I'm I'm real proud of the of the the young man eastern and into it and what an iron or real happy with it. The path he's laid off for themselves. Boy that's that saw some you know coach Giles love stories about guys going home. And coaching that the school that they. That they play that I think there's something special but that because you know the history. You know the tradition you know the culture and though it's probably changed a little bit from when you were there. You understand it. And and I think that's O special when a guy goes home and it's willing to give up his time you know is he as coaches the high school level we don't get paid a lot of money. So it's not like you're doing it for all the money you're getting paid. Know that street ministry coaches you know they definitely a broker Tom by the elders there might be one on the moment on the totem pole from. Or hourly wage but coaches you know they're. We always. Try to do we can't for the kids and be as unselfish as possible and you know you gotta be unselfish with all the hours you do span put in but when I retired I. Came back and wanted to invest in the community and in I started coaching which is now the junior class they're going into their senior years. Let some gold was in all the some great. This article to them when they report period a year after I retired in while and you know try to group them all the way essentially built a real strong you programming Webster in. You know it should be should be good program for quite a few years. You know I read an article do some research have a neon the show and and I love this line by the way coach. The article it that the writer says pretty rare have a World Series thirty pitcher come back as a head coach especially in small town in Wisconsin. But wash for says the background doesn't change set acute fuel I don't know I mean the kids that I work with pitches no mis Jack's dad. I love that line coach because for me to have you want is I talked about when I talked to a couple of I'd days ago this is a big deal and I I watched you pitch I was big fan of yours no immature Wisconsin guy. And these kids is no use Jack's dad. I I like. Stay up to it they do they they they don't go look at me I don't any differently than any other parents so. Which is good that's that's what I wanna. As to wage should be hey congratulations. You that whole community. And that team coach could but next year for trying to goats to repeat. Good luck with that thing in and have a good summer. Aren't Smart you bet thank you very much. It was awesome he I loved watching him pitch and he and he's got a World Series ring. And and he Susie got done playing heat he ended up retiree going right back to Webster. And I'd give him back to community and working with his kids and and I ain't always enjoy stories like that. In any can you get a chance to work with her kids and then when the state championship Wear them. It's a special deal here really get to a break other said the breakers switch gears. Or is surcharge to some girls softball coaches that won state championships. Top Hickman and a couple of his players from went on high school are in studio than 1115. Righteously week the head coach at horror con will join us. This is the Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin a school baseball coaches shall presented. Prior local pick N save stores I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowd. So let's talk high school baseball which some of the best high school baseball coaches in the state of Wisconsin this Appel. Windows and doors of Wisconsin baseball coaches show on 1057 FM the now. Here's high school insider big time he might make different. Oh welcome back to the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin high school baseball coach show is always present at fire local pick N save stores. So we talked about baseball that first hour talked to some state champion coach is second are targeted transitional Wilbon in softball. And debt Tom Hickman. Had the softball coach at wit no high school. Won a state championship and we've got to tell a couple of his players in studio with these well. Coach it's nice mutual person thinks her come and thanks for having us on yes story that a deal will be switched and lots of now I didn't as yelling at you and we'll check your your nose you'll see I asked is here for the hour skewed. Good to meet you congratulations what a funnier this is that it's been an amazing ride with these girls is I'm the Wii and X we hoped would happen that didn't. You can never expected so we had a really good really good time this year. Coach I did some of the other which really interest you if I showed you the schedules for some of the other teams that have won state championships. In softball or in in baseball. A lot of them lost. Their last scheme going into turn. And I don't know what that says I don't know but says what not a bad eye opener for these kids to say okay. We can't get you know we can be beat we need to start getting going here. Did you know middle to the end of the season that this team a chance go deep blue. Out. Honestly. You know this team has had the talent to get to state and multiply times is just we haven't met him over that hump I'm going into the sectional sectional finals let. We started to come together after we took a trip up two point net and that tournament up there are two games at their played well LaMont. I'm lost two close game of them I think that's only realized hey we are pretty good to probably mean get there if we do some things look to differently. And over the course addressed the season after that loss to Wal-Mart you guys went on a roll. And and and scored. Unbelievably. Amounted to an 11120. Nothing 2117162013. Many skews thirty hit a little bit. They've always been able to hit that they kind of turn it on and we had to change our format this year with a bit more to a small ball game and I think they enjoy the enjoy that more. As it keeps him involved keeps a month. In an energizing the bases in the really take to that. Coach how did you sleep much down the stretch and and and here's the reason why. You while you beat cut a three no and so was close. He wants the tuna. Portage to one Mosley 31. So it's not like you know those two point in nineteen to twelve and eleven nothing sixteen to one. Yankee playoff time obviously. You you know everybody's good if they get that deep in the play of their could put those scores I don't know if I'd BP sleep in month. It. At that at some. It's tough but when you trust your kids and you you know you believe that they have the ability to get there. I think he kind of despondent their hands and you know. Sean and I John Eric my assistant to them we we just. Roll them out there and then let them do their thing in kind of kept them in check if we had to. I pre appreciate you read to your players and is really talked to them. Right now and then threaten the rest of the hour Hannan Keller. Yes for you junior. Congratulations. Saying Q so it's yet you know icing a lot of like I hear. Fall on deaf dog get out that's about it. We just keep saying in no way we just keep saying you don't like it turn up the radio or the other car that's an apple and she never stopped she knew that it good for you handing you keep cool position do you play. I play left field that I was actually hurt for at the majority of the season. What happened I have shoulder injury OK I just haven't been able to get older you throw on shoulder no it's my left shoulder OK so hitting. Yeah it's tough to hit and catch. Muzzled and I would what you think it do you know what happened wizard specific incident or was it weren't there it's in so I was out for my sophomore year to and then I started out really in nineteen yeah and then and it just kind of filed by. Unit's interest in I just do and Thursday. Citing new sponsor for it for the show. And athletic COLT physical. Therapy yup he is a company that's gonna come in Embree and have their people commit to talk about exactly. Injuries like cures and and and how to walk and get back on the field is this something that's gonna keep you off the field. For next year's while. I really hope not I'm ready to be back now pricing a year yet you are your two you're tired of it yeah I'm sick and tired. Yeah it's just fun to be there you that were also joined by freshman a layer leery Lucy. Console sort of I think I'm anywhere nickname I'm just worried about your last him and I doubt affect its wallets right yeah now. You for the whole year you do Iran so I wanna hear about. Now Lucy Lucy well it's I think you're just like with me most of the year. Congratulations and Q. Here's the tough part your freshman right see you think when you see championship these guys it's easy should do every year I. Well it was really talk I could feel like I knew that we can do it from the beginning. How. How different. So a year ago you were plain where rage. So club team okay against girls your own age yeah. And now you step out and all of a sudden as a freshman year plane it's a pretty big games. Against girls that are seniors. Big difference a big jump for you cracked yeah. Faster than the pitchers are a little fat. The big break the whole game is just a lot faster and different via and so all of us. I think it wasn't too bad the used to did it start to slow down for you by the end of the year of opened when he realized she could play at this level yeah I felt a lot like. I was as nervous McCain's I think I used to it a lot more. So I I Julia a segment for TV show called around the corner which on the give her neck talk about high school sports. And a couple of years ago we were in fort Atkinson in no stalking girls softball. And the Grossman captors are all very nice and kind and we're laughing and in essence of who's the big time pitcher that I keep earn about and the girls said that's BS of warmup is only get the batters by some Tiki the the whole attitude changed he became mean. Catcher who is as cute little plug early choose road myself since she's like really all right let's go get warmed up. Again the batter's box she told their outfield command no hitter. Nice to know I can head if I never saw the first pitch. It I'm not kidding I cut. I played in the soft but they look hard ball. This girl she looked over the coach went like this put two fingers on his cheek. And she threw a riser that I never saw. An outlet that was a ball and the catches your levs who's that was raped on the middle why I didn't know was bought strict and were sought and one that killed what do the second. I hit one to the second baseman the pitcher got really angry. And hagel what she was at once he touch and in my stuff. So that I said OK let me go lefty and you choose junior left yes no I can hear you lefty. I'm not Smart enough to stop talking smack this and I wanted one of the third baseman who cracked up laughing. I go what are you left much whose I would throw you out by a mile. And I thought what happened to these truly nice girls and coats once they get through media and the other said the white line. The air competitive athlete. Absolutely they're they're great athletes and they have that drive to win then and they don't like to be short changed I think a lot of times you hear. You know a great baseball isn't everything else let it most of those guys can get in the box and hit off of alien head off of some of the best pitchers in the area. Yeah I just knock it happened look I keyed so much a tremendous amount of respect. For for girls softball. Went when I got the batter's box and didn't see the first this is it was too quick and don't get all the miser to that which you know what I still can swing a battle that. And I thought holy cow. I get a lot of you know I do this high school baseball coach to sell and I'll do a lot. A smack from people say wants to talk more growth softball. It's only because I don't know enough about it and I need to know a little bit more in the way I learned is to bring guys like you in and ask questions. Or are here to help deeply. He's who Lucy he's you know how when did you know in the season or did it just go team by team that she thought you know what we've got something special. Here like he knew from the beginning like with the Tampa and us playing at being on the team I knew that we can go far like from the beginning. We just had to believe that and then nine. This is bank Goodyear for Whittle sports. You'll football team won the conference. But. And will surprise who you're turning this program over to the and its common. You got stuff I did I am a little bit surprised you just I know what you think it. Your take it out you don't want anybody else would you state championships and you're gonna turn it over right now you now that I'm not that way the media has elect's family in an easy there and in yet. I think it's public now so I mean only this is yet public so he had John when that's taken over the program. Stepped down as football coach. He really wants to work with his kids yeah and continue on the run that is an on I'm a huge fan so I talk us smack about a but I am a big fan of his. And less time he's excuse sit right where you are a I was shaming him did. It to finally walked on that I'll type thing right and I don't know if you cast yet our he hasn't got as good because I haven't gotten the invite. I better get the invite to bet they. That's somebody keep fuel over til til noon 113012. Really talk a lot of ball wouldn't base forwards are bought. Were your goal on why you're leaving that went on peso or what will softball. Is always after me. That's okay your you're learn and that's. Hickman you know if we've known each other for fourteen minutes I can throw you this you know you're right. No moral and up to this might windows doesn't get pretty good at. Your light shaking down a hallway always tears coming on your cheek as you don't want it familiar now look I don't know if the tears were there and taking it probably act no they were their use Tom Hickman. Had a softball coach would a high school state champion chip in them and ask him about what is like when that last out was. Was done in news scene you know walking out to fit bring the gold ball home here to widow will talk to him. Above that 1130 the other side of the break righteously week had softball coach and pork on high school got a heck of a program up there. And we'll talk to Roger by his program and his state championship. This is the Pella windows and doors it was that's in high school softball. Coaches show presented fire local pick it safe stores I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I news. News. Back to the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin high school softball coach you show. Presented by a local pickets say stores on sports heard you won a 57 FM the fan. I'm Mike we hear were we now joined by Roger shortly week he's the had a softball coach or con high school. Won a state championship this year coach are you bent. And why it good it's been a couple years since LA since I went up and had a chance to interview you would do a segment on on your program. And out boy I'll take coach that was a heck of the year that you've had. Talk a little bit about this year's team did you know early on that you choose be pretty good. Yeah we already knew lashing that we are going to be. Very good because we have them in Maryland you're going actually ought to tell him. We want and you know everybody back at one yet. And we can all the kids here all the players are very good players and here we do it yet oligarchy. Very good hitting it good defense and a good deterrent amount so we know we got good chips to run it and we got better he. Coast let's talk a little bit about you guys do a heck of a job and work on. In softball I know that you coach quite good that you guys they have a really good I traveling team is wall correct. Yeah that we're in the quad duty during the big term and right now we just to break between games right now skulls were already played again. And no you guys didn't you give them a break con. Are we did get time off then go back player to add values in a sharp. Coach you find that. Ease the more you do this in horror kinda more girls wanna get involved. Of the better the skill level is of the kids that that that you see once they get TO. Yeah I am again just waiting it out keeps perpetuating yet certificate wanna come play. And I'm Eric said we're already seeing it at the lower levels attend a twelve year old. You know we came back and got a ride on the art directors kids everywhere their court. Dirty for the summer dollars on the deck of self there already looking up these kids in and have a good time with them so it's it's our readers but it did keep it going for. Hey coach in studio with three Tom Hickman that had softball coach it would not high school to his players. More one is a freshman what's a junior that was hurt but it still very much part of that program is hoping to. To play next year. I can you talk to them. Of coach Rick when he's moving he's unit that it was head org where you go on Oregon Oregon Oregon the Oregon and you know Oregon Oregon. And Hickman you're mean to me or my wife is there to be much muted and she's an English teacher what I know now she's awesome she's just meter she's like aroused sake yeah they could a nice one though they could tell you know we could look at it half yet you look future coverage dignitary that. But Roger can you talk to these girls. And Todd tell them a little bit about what it takes to stay on top of the mountain. Well I know our jedi jedi got to have a good a good Jeter program. Duplicate playing the summits are cute. Wait if you gave the governor by another thirty in the fall. It also all of them are happy playing and being sharp but. Well they're they're trading even though they're playing basketball volleyball we have an indoor training facility and they're down they're George unit we. Get help on pitching fielding or hitting so there comes out their lessons and you know just keep working gathered in and that tiger but the more you hold up on your hands valujet's. Because look at that that's scheduled the MP Johnson creek camp which was sex of that that. That's the only game in that run that was that was close everything else was you know fifteen up to nine to 114 up intent enough and eleven up and that chatting creek came of 43 what you learn from backing him. Sorry that we were zero control in the game pretty you know pretty well etiquette in the GAAP net lot of young players objected and and and the coach's daughter. Now they're very cute kid in there. But we've made one bad stretch out in this one pitch. As three run bomb in the outfit daddy in nature street street and like we came back and scored one. But after that are built to what we're not Gavin all they talked about their very good about. Getting better and not have another close game and we cannot we stepped up and they even better I think we present such high level at the end I. I would track now watch and I'm going to watch like that they work. Playing a type of like you know play a few years so hopefully you. Hate in my book at the schedule corrected you beat a team 41 nothing. Yeah Asia yes we do it Lyle border and Baghdad and a problem that we've side. We would actually stepped out debate them like you're tiger that must make them get one and make them get first Chuck Nash back. Well we had 28 and up and and what did that and how and timely that we are stepped up basis so. We did the walk near their pitcher was allowed just hit the crap out of all of that. We're go to work. I don't know how you tell kids and you know this step up to but if you get in the in the batter's box tick of good swing right. Let what what we want to make a big outs are we doing we read that we get to Saturday that we just. Jab at you know apart over it step up early and we just do it in Albert. They wanted to immediately get the first out and you know and that we talked about what. But fortunately it hit the crap out of all that NATO and just hit the ball well help us sort of things where it's you know I got that rim we're. Just happened yeah you don't we're not proud of that but it is somebody's got to do well. IE when I was coaching football long time ago or to Medicaid and a cap we will more OP is 45 nothing they threw it double reverse pass like within minutes ago. And after I asked the head coach Kevin morrow I said to. Was that necessary. And he said you like that as Sid no he's so when we get better that's meet. I'm not gonna have my kids stop playing because your that he could you need to give better that's not a meat and I learned a very valuable lesson. From him now. I my teammates. How about Michael to culprit to date apple quarter give recorder played all wait to restarted he can't. Make them get better. Rectory and he hates you know what he hates when I bring this up funnier fact I saw him not. Maybe Europe goalies who would you stop telling that story. As you know he's taught me you're really valuable lesson you're right that it's not and you it's I mean it's on us to get better he what's the future look like for you guys. Armed senior league and team or do you expect. To possibly get there again next year. All eyes I think the next two years in these started or sophomores two juniors. And the kid got come replays are just as good as the kids are the street seniors are leaving in the news here or really good seniors that. It's coming up or act like tech and sitting here are three of my sophomores right now in. And they're all really good players and there are there are leaders so that we got out their pitchers back also romance the future looks good for where I think we're very strong. And we should have a better shot. Next year I guess directly but we are. Gonna make our schedule a bit more difficult just because you know it cannot cannot judge averages of eighteen this year in a new conference. And so are not our schedule we're playing like some period this one champs play some religious schools that your you only get better. These girls in the studio with me from Witten all they're taken why did you want a place of competition when she come down here and play. And. We are our kids got there absolutely. Wolf that we loved the play out in just get captive ought to play the best students. I shall we talked to some very tortured. You know arguably blog to play let's not only get better you win or lose you only get better you play good competition they've they portion of that. Roger how long you've been coats and softball. Like what are you here. What good for you and still lot of energy obviously if you're you know you're you're do you have a these girls play as much as you do. It was really fun for me to meet you personally became a big fan of yours and your program my nose up their couple years ago. So is she is my pleasure to have you on the show and congratulate you your schooling your community. We'll dig very much Greg appreciate what you do a good job covering. Oh where we're happy about it. Thank you I appreciate that Roger have a good weekend a good luck in that tournament. Art data viral. It's hit Sera extravagant life. Where you knew what it to break of the set to break retire morning handed to to Lucy about this year's team and will probably let coach Hickman talk will be open not much. Now much he's he's he's mere the most as I'm sitting here. Waived by the way boy you why you movement. Com. Families out there you know my wife is from organ I gripped Washington apparent timing works well. My oldest Riley was on the team she graduated in my son is going to be a freshman so this was a nice break. Sarah for a pastor can start a new you know what she did by wind FC championship in my business column might drop. Yeah does the Mike can. Wave that's all I've heard of pluck off. And works I guess yeah. Well good for unit is it's awesome let's get Ted to break and assemble continue this is the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin our school. Softball. Coaches show presented by your local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. And I and me. News. Oh welcome back to the Pella windows and doors a Wisconsin high school softball coach you show. Presented by a local preconceived stores on sports ready wanna I've seven FM and they should join as we've talked to a number of coaches that once he championships this year. Baseball and softball firstar baseball second our softball in studio Tom nick been. Had softball coach at wit nor high school arm when you move when you leave town. Last week of July okay it'd be hard for you. Extremely no idea a lot of memories here in a lot of time with made to me friends and some great friends it's gonna be tough to holly we've been here. Sixteen years while. So there you which he's had. Do you honestly it was for sure Seahawks. After that. And a I don't mean to me keep going for the next half an hour we can't we can rip Pete Carroll the whole time we you can read what there oh you can I'd been acting get you to ripple. Probably not really should leave him the ball off to. We borrowed these we'll win would you think of that call some. It was the it was the wrong call me you give like give the ball the best place. That's on the one yard line on the one and he's so you don't think he's nitty from making that call. No I called up I think he's a race for taking. The blame for it though I mean I I think that's a good staffs do that they had guy takes the fall when things don't go well I think he did get up eat it she debated from call absolutely. But to take that on the chin like you did for many years as it's pretty it's pretty impressive yet he's. There's there's very few head coaches in NFL liked I dislike. It's not a big fan sorry that's just as I saw I dislike more than in Green Bay Packers as saw some unhappy your movement anyway hey Hannah I you've been tepid. Hi and good why you guys don't have to give between his reckoning here at each other. So I'll wait for break and you'll multi sport athlete. I was but then when I started like treatments and getting. A lot more on competitive and then I just decided that's awful influenced by family and I wanted to focus on top lineman other. Eccentric. Yahoo!'s you know what you he played nine ball but likes soft on it. It is those extra. Why are you smiling no matter IA. We love our kids to be multi sport athletes but at some point it's really hard to manage all the time because clubs sports drive everything at this point. A volatile a basketball clubs off well. And pops up Oscar because its oil in the summertime. For the most part I mean some teams in the fall our program as a play and follow we don't do anything right also operated so. If they can go play other sports we think that's great but at the same time we had a picture of a fine time to think it's getting to be too much club absolutely. You know perhaps you know we then use force showed that I do from. The prior to doing that they do the newest earth peaks sports medicine show. And those orthopedic surgeons that would come in every week which say a lot of ties and say look I never see multi scrap it. I don't see the kid a boy that goes from football to basketball to baseball detract. I see that the that the pitcher that. Just please baseball the coral that did you know a lot of catchers and you know he's a throw on every play. Said volleyball players swimmers. These these guys who look I see kids when they when they. When they chests specifically go into one sport. In stay in that sport. Or that the athletes that we see a lot of yes there's a lot of them and use that same rotation down our policy of libel. Hit her real holiday ISIS' and missed. This option head when that he started coming back united be so discouraged. Yeah it was disappointing but. Like playing with my best friend on the team and they just help me out so much so I try not to get too down about it because I knew that we play for each other as a team. That's Ali do you know what's that she's a captain then that is why she's captain and that's a very grown up thing. Four a a young girl like that to say. And and that makes guys like be really happy and well but she could walk too well when did what did you play in the beginning of the season guide and that it then you were out. Yeah it was a tough conversation with the coaches like say like yeah I'm not as good as I can be excellent in nation hasn't announced upon. The great thing about him is that. Last year she didn't play in any all's well when asked actually better game presented here even though she can't limp arm she ran basis for espionage during the game right. From the team wanted to be captain this year despite not at all last year. They understand what you brings the table outside of well yeah right you know what that. I like that because I don't know I I can't I can tell you on on one hand how many other teams or players. Would come in here and say the things she sets a thank you that that's truly impressive your mom demos fever are. Your good good student. I yeah season not only posted just gonna get doctors and really yeah. That's awesome Lucille you could student athlete. Who can fairly fresh we don't know which you do yeah. I don't you do next we are tomorrow at noon today what you do right I don't think. But obviously being pitched to now beats you guys understand that playing softball is a privilege. Is that right you don't get the right you don't see while I get the right to play it's a privilege that you earned from doing while in the classroom do while in new class. In your school in your community in at home. That's that's how you get Jim Brothers sisters yes all older you know and older and older Boyer grow older that she is she ineptly to she planned yet two. Did so when you're younger did you go watch her play go man I wanna be just like her yeah yeah I'd do it again I like that kind of stuff. And had a public you brother sister and younger brother yes teen athlete. He places like football baseball ask and did he go too wordy but degrees in school hills and and words you go to high school. He goes a you know what's your most your classmates came to its. Martin Luther right oh well my classmates I know I know which has slipped through the cracks your brother good basketball player. Now he has maybe he needs and get religion dubbed the you know that's recruit. That you've legal I can't do that. I can recommend it highly suggest that he what was it like for you to come on the last out of that state. Was it a relief was it I was in a moment shall always remember oh absolutely Motorola's remember I think. The bigger out. Where is the day before against porch just to get to that championship game is something we want to do. And it was more of a relief after that semifinal. Game against those and he was just it's. Pride generals while the panel here. Which contrasting coach it's you brought it became before his whip in the state championships and once someone does it cover perhaps just its minicamp. I very rarely remembered as the champ. But I can tell you but journey meant. I can tell you in the middle of the season when we have this big brawl fallen out everybody hates each other nobody loves each other Luis play for each other. And then that journey to get their. And when you talk but the game before I can tell you by the semi finals I can tell you but the sectional finals but the state it it was almost and tacked on medic for me. But the journey parties what I remember most that's that's very accurate I think throughout the course the season were like any team we had our our. Our bumps in the road and where things didn't go well and people are unhappy with some minerals and get them to buy in was part of the process and I think. Over the course of our past 31 games it you know it takes awhile to kind of didn't want to gel and come together on the same page. She's in the room but I'm still gonna talk about or was it hard for you to have a freshman. Did to Lucy start right away or she know come Lucy's nickname is baby. On the team offense went. You can tell she's still cheered especially Vizio only freshman and made the team out of out of tryouts OK so. We we actually given the options that you wanna go play a lot of javy your view wanna stand varsity and and learn a little bit right and kind of grow and get better and I think it was a tough choices she can handle a little bit and all our girls went after hers in a year to claim parsed shaft and it's all about. I say after spring break about 910 games in machines on the play or refill marketable player on the field and I think the biggest thing for Lucy is her ability I mean we gotta swing a little bit and got that fixed up and and she was an asset cryptic I'm not that hard for some of the don't need to talk about whose time she took a poll was it difficult at times for. All she said attach it to my my my daughter spot she took her to underscore right. Why am and I need to see your attorney and Dr. Phil real quick no I Riley's Verizon great teammate she understood that's what had happened and and you know. I think defensively out Polly hang my hat on I get the job and at Erica she's done for a longer but offensively looser but this brings more to the table she's just faster more power about it. You know on our team you have a role what whatever that may be and and everyone feels it serves it and if you don't buy and you don't stick around very long and everyone on Biden how is the beautiful miss is Hickman with that Susan she okay. Yeah and I mean it's. What I tell all of our kids they limit the day they come into the program and that in that spring sportsmen for recent seasons as I don't ever greater. You can play you're gonna play out and it keeps our seniors Hungary and keeps her freshman reaching to get to those seniors. Hum the eight UT that I coached him my son played and we have better point there. We came off the bench. And I you know I told all you have to do is be as could be even and then you get to knock Jamal Boyd. Which right now you're not us who you ask more off the bench he handled it much better than my wife and his mom said. Yeah mad at me for two years it's. But you know that's life as a player so and Lucy I think you know I told rallies you'd opera out in opera with word of you know. Or play in and different coverages and I don't just I should get up. She brought her in here with she's working today so. While that's for. Coach that's impressive he had you know that's that's really impressive I that would be hard for me do. And down obviously worked out could you guys one C championship. And have you guys done in your coaching crew bend their before view one mojo but no this is the first time Windmills ever bend the state. Championship game they spend a state twice on packing 9495. As a division one school. Lost both times in the first game went on so. On this is the first time ever won a title. And that's good stuff and it's a great story you know Guinness semite dropped for you. And it's going to be hard for for you to leave now and that. We're agree cold outside could be a problem that I get but you what to leave these girls and to leave you started. A legacy here now you know it shows that that things can be opened the school and you'll come back three years she got a visit and go to summer fest in walk in and you can point today and say man that was that was my team that's that's right that's as much famine that sauce and bskyb to break in the said the break. I promise from which you guys talk come and ask you your fear memories from from this year. And when I don't want this when he state champion I want to the other that something for a a bus ride home I was gonna save us right there aren't going to be I asked judge Dakota. And met Max you guys that you know they were here for years ago and I said Max which here's senior what's your favorite memory. He should cheers goes I was catching decode whose pitch and and we're playing a team and there's a Wal-Mart and like senator field across the street and a guy who went to the Wal-Mart. I'm decoded is the funniest thing I've ever seen about. My wife has tried very effective surprise you Max out at all yet so that was his someone ask you to. You fear memory from this here this is the Pella windows and doors Wisconsin. High school baseball coach shall percent. By your local pick N save stores. I'd sport tree 1057 have found the banned. A. News. Well welcome back to the Pella windows and doors a Wisconsin high school coaches softball so. And get that right presented by your local preconceived stores in studio town picnic. Had softball coach with a high school wanna crates the championship. For Witten all in two players I had at Geller who was a junior and Lucy bouts who's a freshman. And Hannah Muster with you your favorite memory from this year's team is what. So we started off the sell by talking about how evil like the same price though I don't buy it. We have this big speaker and then we plug in a maker on to it. And we just pass like there on the buzz. And it's honestly the greatest thing like you'll never feel closer than anyone and then when like you do in a duel with someone from the bus. You you invite you imagine you and I do little sound I hear and have to old man who people wall Rondo to stop because had three. Get a soft what you who brought them a the speaker. But assisting coats clear idea coach MX speaker. It's a really good idea what's on GA you would ever John Boehner well I have a personal favorite which hill is on fire. I at least accuse Jeff. Jeff India find it. You know what I I don't mind you hope really. Hit it's bad it's bad perfect. Just do what you gonna fit right in with three asking anybody who Billick. If you like wide as the guy whose tone deaf like to sing the most and that would be right yeah exactly. Let me look back at them though. You know and is that a head back in the Mike. She's she's given her all she's Iannetta added that not a lot of minutes they are working hard so well. Through you know the lords is just it's it's it's good news to me all day and feel great that. Saying beaten only yeah yeah. You know sitting at. It's a different path that people attended all the do all your teammates are yelling at you know exactly. Why John. And so that's all right maybe next time you could've been at a I would sue you yet would you know. In the put a lot of viewers who or listeners listeners say yeah yeah there or viewer. I lose you know which you favorite memory this year and a definite maybe elect the boss it's like they're just so much fun and like the team we just like on that a lot of -- thing both on together. Did did you learn how to be a leader. I aged just take it you're going to be asked him to third take over that role Sunday it's gonna happen. And did you learn from from the people that were captains and lead this team. And what it is to be a leader yeah I definitely racial Blake one you would like to be leaders and for out in front of everybody in. I don't know if you I think it's important for you tend to know how you retreated. This year so that when you get to be senior and Ann and coach Quinn limit what ever it is at that point decides to bring a fresh and opera have refreshments day. That because that's a difficult place if people aren't accepting of you yeah they were really welcoming. They're really welcoming at the beginning of the season. And. And avoid Jeff ball a way. And made it a lot is scared to I'd be really welcomed on the team and it was a lot is a lot more fun coach did you want. Did you hit it set the girls with their captains as seniors did you go to them and say. We might have this freshman join us yes. And you know they. Evolving jams and different work outs you know starting in January and she comes in as she hits in the you know when they they they knew. They knew that she can play ball comes off the bat differently it becomes optically machines while and they and they wander around and she's just she's a great kid and we want good people. Yeah that's you know she fit that bill perfectly very unselfish how long view coached soft. Envoy from eleven years all the way no but okay I should say start that humans are first grade okay I'm back at five foot seven years it would. OK so that's just my first fiscal you will you coach next here. I would like to somewhere doing something. Are you get the idea are you are you when the school you teacher and not a teacher now. So what word you work what are you gonna stay at home that you are you really you know all I go I expect few co dry well. No you know what I'm telling yeah a I have two kids and that was. I was I could not to it I I I was not any good so I know a lot of respect for us thank you people that can do and I think it's that's. Harder than a job I've ever at. First for me personally that that that's difficult. And so next year. You get your feelers out your weight you get there about couple feelers out we're just gonna kind of see what happens between you know a lot of stuff on it opens up maybe a little bit more close to the start of the school year right. So we're escalates and that's awesome was she playing now yeah four went on it okay and so did the girl and you play. As your level your age group yeah energy play up. I play and Milo. Yeah a bitches just hidden code of Florida. Yeah I mean it's. Along although I still it's different it's a little slower it's just like I think it's just everything the guys. What what you prefer. You for the high school. I mean definitely there are two different animals yeah it's really different like our teens our differences. Yeah. There's no microphone on any busts. On when you with the rates right up right and I I think I've traits of these tunnels at the time that. Your time and high schools and get back manner to not play high school sports. Would be a travesty given talents and these kids and when your favorite club team you're not you're playing for yourself. Not playing for your team we play for costly if the school. I had a guy imitate this story had a guy come I and the sideline reporter for the thirst and at lakes high school football game of the week. We have with a line twice last year by the way. We we are optimal wanna go this two years ago and we we rent to cut lips from a company that we can put our camera guys. And one of the guys. Who brought the lift out was it McGwire angle and he played football book wanna go to who's all conference second team all state big time football. And he's now two. When he 627. Years old or stand silence he said. I did everything except my car and my dog. I would give up to get one more week high school football. And I said really he says other than my dog my car and there's nothing I wouldn't give up to go one more week he send trust me I wouldn't take. Every other playoff in practice. And I wouldn't come Marcus and the wolf thirsty he said I'll I want is a Friday night home game. And I wanna cue to practice Monday and I'm a practice hard with uniform one more time he said I never knew until it was too late. We had a conversation in the in the compass and Wayne come in here that it goes by and in the blink of nine if you you know. Not pay attention to get a message in this experiences come with hey I never ask you your favorite memory from the season. Probably the post. The post games after the semifinal and the final we'll see an old old. TO players the Mac right. On the hugs yeah. You know it's it's it's funny is I feel your emotion here could have been there. And I appreciate your willingness to it to bring it on on the air is how you don't like not only willing to just gonna have to. The girls we'll tell you that I'm a usually Iraq your prior I'm a prior area absolutely. And I have no I have no shame often have a prior view why did you do there's no shame given for the for that. Congratulations you know just mis it means a lot here and that's all and and there's nothing wrong with that. It's really good to meet you thanks good luck if there's anything you know if you need a cheese had sent to you when you're gone under got IE. We'll keep that in mind yeah I'll never hear from you probably not yet not on that front anyway Lucy's eyes to meet you destitute you bets on Hannah a hope by utes play next year saying yeah yeah you bet guys they slot negate congratulations. With no high school seek. Softball champions. Until next year till somebody wins it you're reviewed the champion's stay out of some links here at the history that's in history as takes her prominent. This is the Pella windows and doors it was cuts and preschool softball coaches show presented by your local pick could save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.