Wagner: If going to the pen early, you’re rolling the dice

Brewers Coverage
Thursday, September 13th
Paul Wagner, former Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher, discusses the Brewers impressive stretch. Is he a fan of how Craig Counsell has handled the usage of Josh Hader? What does he think of the Curtis Granderson addition?

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All wagon the former brewers pitcher as you sit there and watch some of these games unfold up all. I gotta tell you advance is exciting if your Burress ran right now. Dark and bitterly argued Bjorn a month after. A quick question. Don't know OK you know I mean mental things one of those won a million shot you don't ever have like that there's nothing you can do really to prevent that. You know I mean that's just that just happens. The other of the thug cutting off the thumb the other night that was that was not that was not good that was that was just a slip of stupidity we're bellow. The only scary thing is. They know keeping common breed brother you be careful. Yeah why now why don't plan on going to get you know our a rectal exam area don't like Baghdad anytime soon. I'm not I it was. I am I think the prod colleges for as you and senator Snowe. So Paul I don't wanna start out affairs do you he blessed night you you see your starter goes four innings everyone pitches they bring in the bullpen they're gonna close this thing down via committee. But is this is what is his we're gonna expect from here on out and can you do that and then win in the post season doing at that particular fashion. You know it obviously seems to be trying to come up to. I think or was a little short but it does seem like this is correct philosophy it's the way he's gonna do it. My opinion. You're. I don't. I guess you're a big brewer fan. I think the brewers are gonna go I think they're gonna wind East Asia. But I think running one of them durable peace thank you so many guys every day. To be on the top of their game starters go for. I'm hitting the ball. Sure everybody slept eat good drink good at a goodnight sweet because thank you and everybody in knickers on top of their game. So talk about Josh hater and what he's doing because we saw a little bit of a law all there you know for sure Peter time coming out of July and August in. Boy lately it seem like he's his back to a mid season form. Will you can't look at a lot of these guys are in their first second year a lot of guys coming in wit. You know maybe make it a guaranteed contract smaller contracts coming in to prove themselves. This is where a lot of people don't understand what spring training takes place when you look veteran team. Veteran team has confidence and they know they're going to be on the team when younger guys coming to camp. They are preparing worried after the first of the year they're getting ready for spring training so the little Lawler. Dead arm period that many people talk about it does publicly younger staff and inexperienced out. Maybe younger guys in the bullpen from the location jumping back and forth because like I say they've prepared. To make the team out of spring training so they're dead period comes now where other teams might get it right before the all star break so. The Linear handling Josh now Josh increased communication with DJ. That is what they have to do and as long as you've got that pitcher's mind. 95% of this game is mental or did you mentally prepared to deal however they're gonna use him at the battle. So starting pitching right now on everybody wants to go up yet one game would you throw I really don't care who you stroke as you know you're gonna get it done by committee anyway do you like what you're seeing out Christine. Exactly I mean that it hasn't been exposed sort like that. Couldn't without you don't buy stab you scratch and every time you put it in picture instead of pretty soon it's gonna come off and the blood and start coming I. I don't know this virus who want to start at a lot of the committee but I have a battery I do like the weight might please do like. I am a veteran guy who took another nose. How to adapt when things aren't going right he has me beat three you're always to get somebody out. Where less acidic early parole or let's just say somebody nudity. They only have one meet each week to get people out I think veterans being widely wily veterans are more important. You go down the stretch and I've. And they've got guys that have been there done that what does in mean they have a guy like Cain like most doctors like Jeffers I mean these guys granderson these guys have actually been in the post season one. Lou is that just invaluable to this point are. Huge it's huge it can't tolerate the I'm a big believer in clubhouse presence veterans talked about I think debt. That mixture of young and old very very important when you look at the way a professional or one who's been through that. Due to battles and you see how he prepares and you look at him. When you're sitting at your cheer on your locker put your sides understand that that is cool you'd been. All your a lot of matter what the situation is whatever the circumstances are. And I can play like that I just stay cool and Kolb I can do it and that's why I think this Curtis Granderson Pimco bill was big. I believe truly deep down it was a defensive move by the gores I could be wrong but it's kind of ironic how assume it is. Curtis Granderson clears waivers or however that happened Jason Heyward goes down so this is from Chicago went DUIC. I think becomes we're gonna nab granderson to put him in a lineup I think it's a great acquisition by the brewers to put granderson he quit the cubs and put him. While that was going to be my next question then not only did they get around. But they guy I really beliefs toes so to that they kept him away from the cubs and now he's helping your team and in the thick of things and enjoying it along the way so. I said look K four games down 21 games to play. Almost insurmountable statistically. Historically almost impossible to come back from. They haven't gotten there yet oh but you're looking at the cubs now on an extra two games which could be a game if they win both of those over the brewers the brewers do you believe have enough wherewithal to actually win this division. They also bunny bunny Damon and people have been talking to and they say oh well that we got to go and I'm inside an epic seven and you know like stranger things have happened in this game nobody. There's not it's not a person around who thought the brewers lose sight streak for the all star break I got it is Pittsburgh. Atop matchup would go to battles with them. But nobody particular store or buy into the all star break. Baseball is always a phony phony game and you can look at the schedule and you could see you gotta easier route year or got an easier schedule than us. As long as you're still playing games you're not and this one this one game one and a half. I'd like I I I think if we have a channel acting out deep down we can look at. How do you like the way Craig Counsell has managed this team. Getting in getting I don't get used to it I'm getting used to it I volleys have all seen how. Manager's position player managers. That moved into that role sometimes. Are questioning where we're trying to figure out a little bit longer figure out their bullpen and their pitchers usage. I'll again not a big scandal. I committee especially when you started going origins but it seems to be working right now. He's on the same page understand the rule. At bat. He just got a big bats. Talented eagle at champs you've got to make it work so I don't care what everything that way. Sometimes I just questioned sometimes you know using so many people are open we always sit at somebody bullets in the chamber. Every time you go out there I know what Stewart. A lot of ball games played. It's funny what you said I'm getting used to it. That's a very kind way of saying man I didn't like it but he's when he went. You know I or you understand a fly me it's a you know 'cause I used to sell the times people like Ken Mok was an idiot if you're sit down and talk to Ken Marca. By the time he walked away from the conversation that you understood the philosophy by which was trying to play no I didn't always agree with a bit of went okay I get it. That's kind of what am with Craig Counsell some of the stuff is unconventional I know there Saber metrics and others also demands that come down from. So the front office in David Stern's to say we're gonna look at it numerically income try to do things this way but it. You're kind of getting a sense of the you know four at 4374. Outs that they wanted to get at the beginning in the season were just going to get the out we don't care how we get them and we won't manage things along the way to what's best interest to the baseball team and I don't like it it's not traditional it gives us certainly hear his talk show host to guess a lot of fuel for fodder. People on Twitter blowing up in the Collison at the end of the game they wanna game people don't OK I get it got a. And we're right. And you know what to expect to do you remember what it played where Germany manager Pittsburgh. Craig played with union won a World Series. In general as one of the guys at him with a gut. There's some times. Like let's just use an example laden yesterday the other night's game win I think to go to China including Justin Wilson. We polar CO reported Hernando are then between don't. Sometimes Jimmy Leyland wouldn't say you have a lefty. You might have put in the veteran presence of Mike was such a bunch bullets left yeah I eat. Moos knows how to take the pitch he wasn't a first pitch you can Dracula bases loaded you know what's different and want Craig. Thanks to his guns percent in gold and gut he truly believes that I can live with it cannot live and I can learn to adapt. Stub is always fall anything else going on your life wrote an incident home collect in a few and then now watch him brewers baseball on being happy. We've got into baseball it can't be lucky shot I am no great facility right next right arms like the weight on the next level five diamonds. All the trials and down but we're getting ready for all ball great instruction for the kids. Men women boys girls everybody got in here as lot of stuff going on it sticks academy dot com. Diego State's economy dot com always go to jealousy we'll talk later at a road okay. Ought to build it up out to regulator they go Paula Wagner. And up our Paul was a former pitcher for the brewers in those statistics academy going on right now in great just kind of BS some baseball and talk and analyze a little bit. And I'm exactly like him what giddy when you're winning and you got one of the best records in baseball you just trust as to what's going on I know it kind of becomes Manning at times but it is what it is. Paul join us on a shot or large online chatter Harry drivers right now you work hard they treat to pier eighty push years have been getting into and call me 844 pride go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 try to go to Schneider jobs. Dot com.