Wednesdays with Ryan and Cody E1: Kawhi, Madden 19 ratings, NL Central

The Producers
Wednesday, June 20th
Wednesdays with Ryan and Cody Episode 1: Cody Grant and Ryan Horvat took a look at where Kawhi Leonard will end up next season. They reacted to Dwight Howard being traded to the Nets and where he fits among some of the most disappointing athletes. Plus, Madden 19 ratings are out!

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When's as a rank Cody episode one myself Cody ground along with Ryan horrified brand new podcast here want a 57 FM the fan talk and everything from sports. To movies to video games and Venus is tide comes up throughout the week wherever we want abortion about John on and not too much like the name I feel like we're psychologists. Yeah you know we really took a long time trying to figure this stand now we came over the worship cost Wednesdays. With Ryan and Tony well. We're gonna have to record on Wednesdays most likely sold just work ago. Yeah we get recorder and entered an. Ready to yet to be careful what you Pickford name especially with Tim in Billy's podcast because you just get crucified. If you come up with anything that's an original owners that they found to be stupid. You wanna keep your name off of that podcast must it's good things so what are the names we came up with before signing on Wednesdays with running Jody. Do you wanna nationality I just kind of lives in the one that you came up with a last night because it made me reconsider even coming in today almost isn't that bad. Rowdy crowd because it's it's my body actually to round up. Doll I wish I was bodies around public's view but it's that are on the tube which he kind of scares the (%expletive) out of me yeah especially after sun. I love Rhonda go like I can do a whole podcasts on how much I am in Toronto arazi. But my buddy's wife part of that same route is getting rowdy with Brian Cody because Ryan Torre combined has rowdy. Yeah I went so I thought of the suite life of Brian and Cody now kind of a play opera rub that on Asia I kids in the garage guy grilled on that. Nobody says dumbest idea. I've never heard is that it is ridiculous joke I don't think there's a dumb like I thought it was I thought that was science relates of riding toady at Joseph does help anybody that didn't like that you could. In the name I thought about late last night was something different. Channeling that yeah. The lowest open Wednesdays with brining toady is easy again negatives no people no were on Wednesday is still told no when a look for the podcast riposte is obviously on. Twitter and FaceBook out 1057 FM the fan. So a lot to get to today. In the sports were local Y Leonard of course everything a storm with hand. Really the most interesting story I think in the NBA offseason even more than where will LeBron James and opts we've been through that before we've seen that before lies kind of a lot newer Wii like new things Madden ratings are out. I don't know why you Ryan I am huge into Matt and I love Madden football at a plant since 1999. Oh yes and baseball league talk about tight division race between the cubs and emperors right now to split in half game so we want to start here. Let's start with the NBA the Kline Leonard situation. As we did an MBA podcasts like what 45 months ago yeah it was at that long ago it was we we did a couple we had maybe like. Nine episodes over MBA podcast and I remember. I use you were mentioning before we came on to record this podcast you did say while under will not be in San Antonio next year. And I trying to act operas like I'm Obama go that far because I think. They're gonna work something out we have Gregg Popovich they are you have a pedigree that the spurs have had the last several readers. Did you even make the playoffs this year I mean. Kline Leonard debts their peace if he leaves they're going to be in trouble and and I think it you're gonna be right I think why is gonna be gone and here requested. His number one team wants to go to is seat Los Angeles Lakers or clippers she set as us as a second bar second choice. Yeah huge market everybody you know what's funny is we heard nothing but great things about coli Leonard especially when he was coming up in that spur system about how he was going to be the future he was a humble guy. He didn't care about being in a big market heating care about endorsements he just wanted to go out who. But money talks. Now so I tell people and they talk about Yana stayed in Milwaukee he Ebbers the money does talk the endorsements are nice to your name out there is nice and you wanna be the highest paid player even LeBron Chris pollen in the wanna win but they also want Max deals. I said that the four months ago I said the craziest thing this NBA season is how dysfunctional the spurs have became. I feel like Gregg Popovich is kind of where it off on some of these younger guys you know it's crazy. We're gonna have a topic we did the pot podcast last week about how LeBron has never played for like a classic great head coach Phil Jackson. Tighten as you know and I don't think guys can handle guys like that anymore I feel like he kind of want a laid back. Gathered just lets you run your offense of sat snow doesn't really have too much sabres still has to say it's got to keep sitting in line like Steve Kerr is a perfect example kind of a laid back guy. You know sticks up first players in this kind of lets them do what they want to feel like that's what guys want now guys that are are not new like Tom Thibodeau. Gregg Popovich I don't know how much longer they're gonna last because everybody wants big deals pursuing all this TV money out there right now that how big these deals are. Nobody wants to go out there and get injured so a guy does have a knee injury. Her calf injury or something like that he's gonna wanna see his doctors not the team positions. Especially with the deer growth situation Grant Hill way back in the day Tracy McGrady guys that just didn't reach their full potential because injuries. Terrorists or CNN I feel like guys that push their players. People are gonna wanna play here alright I mean is this it is different examples like Brad Stevens is a great coach but he's not like Tom Thibodeau were his guys are playing over forty minutes tonight. Yet he he rotates he has a rotation where he's playing more than seven or eight guys adapted to users and he's not playing his. His top level guys 43 minutes and burning them out in Egypt guy writes off that huge especially impacted Baxter's losing gives it won't do that knowledge and Jimmy Butler Derrick Rose is is half dead. You know still he's played an amount at a fake leg and he was playing like 35 minutes in the Playhouse and he's the backup point guard he's Ivan the starter when you're shows you how much subtitle of Derrick Rose in so like it's crazy with the with the situation in San Antonio and I don't know if it's Popovich and other reports are last night Greg Popovich flew out to talk to acquire Leonard they said he's not alone. So you're probably dry out Peter may be LaMarcus Aldridge I don't know Los you'd during a nine original we may be I don't blame core I wondered for being pissed off the because he was looking out for his future he wants at least one more Max deal endorsement money things of that such. In. They didn't really keep it in. Like in the clubhouse or in the locker room they went out and people were saying stop behind coli is back to the reporters like you should've kept that between them tone Tony Parker says something Mike. I know how tough this injury can be because I dealt with the injury and played through top of its kind it's a shots. It's not a good look man and analyzing too loyal guy pissed them off and you mentioned. You know it's all that money talks and these guys wanna get their money. There's nowhere require American goal right now except for Santonio wishing get that super Max contract Santonio is only team. And off from the super Max you be making efforts of what 220 million dollars most likely. But I think a another thing. There has to do it and it goes even beyond the toughness of coaches like to grip out of pitchers like to Tom Tippett knows yeah it's affected to have his back. You know yes quieter when moon Derrick Rose of multiples. He was going through his injury. Is is multiple knee injury there's excellent yeah yeah it was us Obama's first one because. Back then Tom Tim no. Has back joking Noah has back to our day had they had is that organization was back in Derrick Rose said we're gonna let him deal with his own time. Is a different situation I acquire a letter to letter wasn't right mentally maybe use right physically but. He didn't think he was right mentally you mentioned Tony Parker he said he went through an injury before he played through it. Let them invest a solo shot nick Weiler on a what is. A cycle islanders and with these guys his whole career he's always had their backs Fred I think he was kind of offended that it really had his backs and eagle I can't blame Kline Leonard for. It it is if you're looking at it in that sense of they're going to be like this right now public trust in the future. Exactly the crazy thing is like 101520. Years ago torn ACL pretty much endanger career guys that are really come back from torn ACLs now with the medical. Advancements and things of that such guys just bounced back and they're expected to be back and eight to twelve months and it's unrealistic for most guys know Asian Peterson had that MVP season we're rushed for. The almost 2000 yards in just went crazy after a torn ACL he's a freak of nature though. In all everybody is not till the same now so tough to say this guy should be beckoned for five months because everybody's body is different especially on the basketball court if you are. A point guard Blake Derrick Rose in your whole game is your slasher you know you're you your cut in this layered cut that way across and over this way. Even for Clark wondered you know a two way physical player that gives a 100% and accept ramble the offensive and defense of and it's tough for him to come back from any sentiment I mean he knows is body better than we do yeah and. So one thing I regret with as well as people. Il throwing shade athletes for not coming back as soon as they think he should come back. And the people that say a lie ahead ACL injury I was back running on the track to you know 234 months later that death toll dear frank you're not playing professional. Basketball professional football teach him Peterson wants camera and aren't difference between MBA NN afoul. When you're running back compared to a point guard or even any part years Trimmer or acquire Leonard as. It's more east or west and basketball. We you're playing defense. Each time down court whereas football you'll make you make that one main cut and you're off running straight so they are penalties. And I doctor to see but I would assume that puts a little more friction on the needs and is gonna affect their need differently that it would in NFL Glazer Peterson of course is a freak of nature. As I mentioned it does start as podcasts I think this is the most interesting story in the NBA has kind of a breath of fresh air because we're not talking about LeBron. As much as. You know I like to talk about LeBron it's nice to talk about someone else who choir Leonard I think in my eyes when he's healthy he's a top five player in India. It's kind of in the same category is talking about LeBron because I think that this dictates what's gonna happen with LeBron where coli Leonard could possibly go I just. Clot goes to allay you gotta think LeBron that's his destination now and your calls George can go down there. But he also got to look at Cleveland they've made calls to Santonio trying to make a package deal for Carla under. In it there's there's there's so many variables that plays into it because coli has stated he wants to go to LA that's his first choice. Yes look at it from the spurs standpoint as well Edmund LA did don't want essential suit to LE YUS look at the other teams now the other twenty teams that aren't Santonio. Our LA they've heard coli say I want to play for the lakers. They're not going to be willingly give up as much as a lakers would be because they don't know what why should come back he's won your left has contract yet they can't. Date may not be O commits him to stay so how much are they gonna give ups of the spurs you want to get the most out of client. He's kind of half. After just respect his wishes you mean you made a great point if he wants the money the safe play is the spurs five years 219 million that's the super Maxi two did from the spurs. To be taken a pay cut. Now he doesn't feel like the spurs are built to win anymore because really I mean. They're not there there old. I mean Ginobili is old Tony Parker's old LaMarcus Aldridge kind of disappears in the playoffs having he's not a proven force in the playoffs and especially in the Western Conference. I mean he's gonna have to get past guys like Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins in the whole African warriors team cell. They're not built to win. So quiet lettered maybe he wants to go compare himself with the brow but that's a great point I mean if you're the spurs and you are gonna package him. I'm saddened him to ease I'm not send them anywhere in LA I don't wanna see him four or five times per year in the regular season. And India playoffs. Because here's the craziest thing that's happened in the past year besides the dysfunction a well the I didn't speak English today besides this functional it is though and San Antonio all the sudden after you know they've banned dislike. Everybody's always. You a secret organization look at the spurs for the crazier thing as of people forgot how good a basketball Kline Leonard is disease a top ten player on both sides of the ball he's really good doubt even one up I say five yeah now look out the top five I see these crazy questions on Twitter and I even at our station like would you would you take coli Leonard on the box I Yankee could have anything you (%expletive) lot except for yeah so yeah I would exactly. You can add anything you. The only the only thing I would be taken back with is that one year but if you're talking about your article why for the future of the box I'll trade Milton and Jabari. Odd Thon. Robbed in those four guy and Mora Y two yeah for a while I would do nick sets how good coli is yet understand how good a play areas right now while owners about a player that Yaris. To Cuba apps Levys don't want to admit it that's not what it's true she Hawaii letter watched as it it is one of the youngest. NBA finals MVPs he's won a championship before he's a best or the spurs today already eighty regime may ID him the best two way player. In the NBA it's either him or LeBron. Totally agree with that so it's gonna be interesting to see where he goes but I would like to see him on the scene now calm all time. I hate the super team thing yeah and I almost need another one as a fan your trial looking for. Who's the next team to take down on state Houston which I mean close split Boston I think when's the NBA championship if everybody stays healthy thing so I don't know I think the worst thing I wanna. And a mutiny on the scene in the in the Western Conference to stack up physically you know Golden State and as well as the war I mean the rockets played. Just in the seven games are actually up 32 and a Western Conference finals series I'll lazy since the team to take them down. If you have a Laker team. With clue why Leonard. LeBron James and Paul George in the mix that it seemed realistically on paper and they can match up because he could have Kauai guard Kevin Durant epic is LeBron James opportunity to rest on defense you know LeBron guard. Re not on defense and and Paul George can you know he didn't fall clay tops around you have to just fine defense a point guard. They're good at least slow down Stefan curry that's a team that would be really exciting to watch and I know we want to say that. We don't like you super teams and I huge advocate for the minor. The last four NBA finals those have been the highest rated finals since 2004. So excuse me when you say you don't wanna watch the wars in caps again in the finals yes you do because of ratings prove it. I don't know watch the orders and cats ever again after that should say this I tell you that I think it will happen again clears and I was going to be a lottery team after LeBron leaves I don't even know LeBron sleeve and those types choose words he gallon. It's going to be interesting to see what the lakers do because the lakers do have a lot of young pieces to move I don't think that they're gonna move Alonso ball but I do think that Brandon Ingram will be gone and I. Feel like a little models all say sorry now he can be like a like a Tony innate guy branding her medics could still be a great player he kinda reminds me of all the people. Not they're two completely totally different players doesn't just as he has got the opportunity 68 wing guy BI just feel like if he goes somewhere where he beat the guy doesn't have to play with Julius Randle get him his touches bonds a ball. Guzman and got a great team not a great team but he got a lot of good young prospects and I'll act like he goes somewhere. Or he could be like Phoenix. Would be interesting early Devin Booker handbook here in and Andre I can probably gas. Eight and Marie says man but. Yet you look at the lakers to they have some turmoil of course with. While a ball with a disc track on Kyle coups smog that's not good for the organization Magic Johnson was most happy about it everybody's plate that they are boys are right and what's the one thing LeBron James doesn't like. That's the thing playing with young kids he likes play in that's why he made the trade. For channel love and you waited so he's right him that's right brought wade in his eyebrow rose and true now that of course he makes by. The facility it's traded to the younger guys and that it worked out like younger guys that could pull it out I'll be LeBron likes you just like immature guys right now young guys are OK the immature guys are not blondes Obama has proven he is amateur guy at this point which. Ill I don't wanna rip on the guy because he is young and he is. You'll just out of college is as a rookie season last year but. And LeBron is Le plan immature guys and as he wants when championship you went with immature players. For a move on from the NBA speak and immature players as we record this podcast today the Charlotte hornets send. Wait Howard to the Brooklyn nets for senator Timothy mascot into second rounds transitions immature players. Is up in addition artist why power right there is toward power to the biggest disappointment in NBA history. You'll like when he was with Orlando and Yi was you were comparing his numbers to Shaq. You know when Dwight was our 27 points fifteen rebounds in and let them into an NBA finals NBA finals brown where you had. Starting line about Jameer Nelson. Hedo Turkoglu Turkoglu JJ Redick. Rashard Lewis Mensa players Nelson's on the team I messenger Reynolds has accused the second best player and he Wallace and in Dwight Howard coached by San Antonio at times he was they. He was a man middleware. Guys are collapse on hand me an impasse now there were live and die with the three ball Jason Richardson was on a team I don't know JJ watts. Jason Richardson were Jason registered democratic president was not that I saw wanna take back on that Jason Richardson was a shooting guard at a time yet. And I caught myself there but that roster you look at that Rossi to Dwight how are not roster weren't what are they doing Matt Mina in a playoff team. I that was. Get the White House special player and an I don't know what happened with anyone over Houston we would saw like pregame Kevin details teaching him post moves is like. You've been leaked for 910 years I don't know how to work down low in the post and he has to be one most disappointing players. In the MBA with a tally he had he was the first pick in the draft and 2004 that your ornamental affirm bank Gordon. Called brand rookie of the year but toy hardly knew it was going to be the main star out of that Rouse uses a raw talent guys that he is a disappointment how to Wear your rank among. With biggest disappointments in NBA history but he's definitely up. I got him right there with dare grows because he was the youngest son VP I think he was the worst and VPN I history because of injury or delay our Liz was unstoppable. And then he got paid a lot of money. Not only and is deals but in endorsements. Came a household name went to his NBA finals couldn't quite carry the team by themselves. You do get past you know to get that chip. And I just got a little complacent got a little lazy and now I mean he's been on the racquet he's been in Atlanta Charlotte and now Brooklyn nobody wants them nobody wants the play with them. Eulogies and asked home locker roomy address hate Florida sad that they didn't like the music is a trek so it's like (%expletive) him he's not worth it anymore he's nagged going out there and grab and twenty rebounds as weird everyone's a while he will Geneva thirty rebound night. Some like that and eight. I attempt Thomas of course you can't from the outside as well Dwight Howard just was so dominant down low and defensively. I even one defense supplier of the year cracked me if I'm wrong he won once or twice as he still hard on apple ID that you know what's he was a foreign Clearwire Reggie team was so -- and could be just what they did is they had shooters and Turkoglu and all these guys is that's what they alert Jason ready until they would three point. They were there real live and die by the three moderate today's we'll see Warners in that sense as the where they're gonna live indicted the three. They view the brackets and Cleveland was double down on Dwight Howard the whole time yeah as chicken without shooters for open jumpers and then if you sort of focus and up on top of the key of the shooters are on the perimeter than Dwight Howard is just don't. So. I don't know I think I go to Derrick Rose number one as far as disappointment I mean there's funny guys from back in the day could throw on there is great event careers Grant Hill had he's kind of the Tisza. Loud because you is trying to be even better but I mean he's he's done statistically. Filled career bright and Rory is a dietary solid throughout their Tracy McGrady out. Evening Greg Oden mean with the press he died effect he was taken one pick before Kevin Durant now he's got to be kind of thrown out there but Dwight Howard. Would Derrick Rose are not as upset wins because a lot of it had to do the interest by Howard it's. Mental more mental Zach Lee Hak he had the injury. But not. At this time that Derrick Rose had a word Dwight Howard should been dominating the NBA for ten to twelve to fifteen years and eases. Didn't do it because his head was in the right place them. Actually real quick Torre get off MBA who anybody that you wanna see the bucks take out their zen I will be up there for the giraffe anybody they you're looking at her dearly. Well I because I I don't know much about what's going on in the NBA draft now a minute because I haven't really been paying attention to. How to basketball the last few seasons I know the big names like odd entry in an all. Michael Porter junior train young what those guys to do. But with a box of drafting a seventeen. Will give your name but I wanna see them get a shooter led us to maintain because. This past season it was so tough for the bucks to score offensively when John S was playing one on five basketball getting into the paint. When he takes about two. You know whoever's out there is out three point. Linemen rather it's match you double doled out rather as Malcolm Braga and handed it always temper on three point painting that sharpshooter. Becky and wind Jonas does commanded double team he gets five for open three ball. Our Greece and Ireland. I like Chris is not everybody here guys where North Carolina. Sure right now and before we do this podcast mentioned by the hell you were in North Carolina this year I don't like ghosts I knew I'm Evan a slow day in the sun yesterday. Didn't prepares you worry your pretty close yes I'm willing to shoot this thing I can find is that my Brothers. But I love grace and Allen he actually works out well he did his first completely his first year duke in his senior year and 40 my uncle my uncle runs a basketball camp he's the coach division one hoops so. I was like is this guy nuts and he's acknowledged as a competitor. You may have a screw loose split yeah Natalie key knocked down jumpers and he's at three point shooter but he's also a great slasher he won the dunk contest Conan to Kallis and he's got some hops. I like them you need a guy like that sounds coming out party was against Wisconsin. He's yeah well it. And yet any is in the national championship has when he was a freshman and a and you saw him he saw the potentially had an an MVP of the final four and you mentioned two JJ Redick who. Don't know what like Tim in college and he's turn out to have a Christian area that is due got very good right NBA trigger sounds a guy that. I would not be upset off the box snot out of love it and I'm at and T Jersey guy like degrees and Allen Jersey. Not busters I tell you I want to I'll take the over that you'll. I won't buy agency at a basketball Jersey ever again unless I can sign it Toni Kukoc Milwaukee Bucks it's only when I need dad in my Kukoc collection colony to grocers is do you have for. And it's a black a rat in a white bulls. Yeah actually have to whites saw okay because I Canada grew on and as it got near my kid that. Now that I like get older I realize my kids I can give a (%expletive) about Tony could yeah she's gonna wanna like give me your honest. And are gonna Wear ai 55 drills Croatian 611 swings answers he's averaged twelve point four points in his career let's Lebanese man myself and I'm duke culture is what. I collect as mad because I've I've fought Matta never some years since 1999 saying I love Nash and it's the only football game out right now tech we'll keep because they have they deal with. Our company has a license to these players. And I need you know the names of the players any Antonio Brown I need Aaron Rodgers I need these guys are the teams and the man in ratings came out the other day. And of course every year they come out we always have opinions on these ratings and why we don't think they're good right and the Packers in all of course. CNN. They're not even that eighty team they're semi nine of the fourteenth ranked team in the game. That's like the thought degrading the bears get every year's like 7778. So it's kinda ridiculous I usually don't. Listen moan about the mad and ratings are easily find and to be mostly accurate. You know sometimes like it's harder value a rookie players. You know things like deck has come and often injury but this year man is brutal obviously Aaron Rodgers season 99. Here's some things that kind of really made me shake my head Randall Cobb and 83 I am fine with that the Mike Daniels and 83 in the knee got hot hot Clinton Dixon 85 coming off the year he had. Kenny Clarke gets some love 86. GM Mike generals on our stand and on your Adams and 87 Dovonte out of she's got a 92. C'mon Sam should be hired to my that the best wide receivers in this game Antonio Brown 99. I get that Julio Jones IE six OK but they'll Beckham junior 94 AJ green 93 jagr Hopkins 93 I think should be able to hire. Nineteen announced upon digs ninety. Got to expect a lot hands to be right and that step on digs mold. At 89 or ninety I think his old or too low Mike Daniels I don't get an 83 when you have Randall Cobb was 83. It's almost a total impact of a player I think Mike Daniels makes more impact the rental condos or final this year and Aaron Rodgers back under center but. Yet these ratings I I love gone through them in a quarterbacks it's funny Ryan on the morning show chicken wings are on the producer for the morning show we did. And Gil Brandt. Put out this article Obama got tough so pissed off baloney you don't get any of that today all right just one item I want to point yes this joke rampant at the top sixteen quarterbacks of all time right. There Rodgers was left off the list I'll mention to Bart Starr was left off that list Brett Favre thing was number eight re on the left off that list Ron Amadon mobius John knows easily shall we shot you know he should be off the list I don't want to get back accountable players fired at all actually not. So Tom Brady was number one and you'll brass top sixteen court and this is an all time there stop it. I think he just missed out he was over seventeen so that met in nineteen player readies quarterbacks Cade McNown third Drew Brees and ninety. Second yeah honorary degrees and 971. Aaron Rodgers and 99 Aaron Rodgers is constantly up there in the high nineties he's had a Tom Brady. This matter innings I agree that Drew Brees hit ninety I. At this point is true or not putting it ninety. I don't think you mile maybe we are you putting him I still DeLia I still got a middle 1990 I thought we are gone back to that article and I would have should resent high mad rating I'm fine with him do you find ID B 95 X I don't know I think Carson west deserves some love up there. I don't know if he's should be in the ninety's Uga Ben Roethlisberger now more confused about Carson once because I thought he was like the next big thing like I mean you natively connect people Soviet and nick pulls all the (%expletive) out the super balls specially. So now confused if this is set offense a system with Carson once really is active and I think he's still a good player a can your op but as you MVP candidate again. Also I think that or highly operating the Eagles like I get that they're Super Bowl champions there in ninety teen rating and you taught by the patriots were today. 84 I'm gonna go under on the win totals for the Eagles in Vegas this year I think to Eagles. I really mean this to I think the Eagles got a Nate this year. If you're anything like. If you're not. Greatly we can't wait to gambling is legal here in Wisconsin. Ends Ryan of course Gamal right now on the soccer game legally. Illegally getting getting getting any had a friend and Delgado Wright just thrown a couple of blocks yeah down or stressed out. Jersey are just as seas were calm Bruce yeah Bruce Irvine right. Yes man in a's play he's placed an outside line that yeah yeah what team he played for ten remember camera Hazmat and rating. As well if you know Bruce survives marry rating let us know on that according grant when he fifteen. He's at Bryant or baht spelled like it sounds HR. Our DAT is that correct. That is correct I you I get up that Edison got a little bit but batteries are now it's Madden sees in Aziz to close interest release of releases and August I can't wait for. Abby plain outright take some days off to play this game we have to can do is offer wrestle mania before and Summers slab Ariza I can't accept his offer Mac. That works for me also and forum all right sounds don't blow your mind go to fill in by now. OK let's. We got to wrap the sub now. Let's talk a little baseball real collect two best teams in the National League right now nudges in the NL central but in the national terrorism cups at times yeah yeah. Are we now. Some people know the secret audio. Now nobody needs to know nobody needs to save them for episode for at least a and so forth episode four catch us you probably know more about secret. As a bullpen catcher really now absolutely not an expert in kidney oddities here right now yeah I eligible projectors make. More than I'm a lot figure that everybody makes more than you guys are gonna say yeah (%expletive) cashier yeah radio's Gus street news flash it. Now let I think that the two best teams in the National League I really hope that they meet in the post season. I think there's a chance an outside shot even the cardinals could get and he you know he tees in the NL central and you look at the pirates right now to a how good they're playing they're innocent you know I think they will says oh I can't have blade is still on the hunt against Akron it. On the Burress right now. There's still lose that up the pirates pirates aren't just right now back to 500 on the season OPEC citing there 15 and a half so all these standings now you put me and see that while cardinals are like four and a half I installed a little bit but right now in the better division day baseball and the NL central. Iman has all so it's. Okayed the cubs are half a game back after last night's split with the Dodgers errors in first place by half a game Saint Louis for games out his or seven games now I think there are. There's 36 and 37 game puck that under. Better division in baseball. I would have to go to the American League west because I think the Astros are the best team in baseball men thrown on the money actually today as we speak only want to Allstate they lost last night they finally did they finally lost last night nine and one of their last had Nan you mentioned they had won twelve at one point the 49 point six. Seattle right there 46 and 27 to get to angels at 39 and 35 Oakland's 37 and 36 even in the basement. Texas is 31 and 44 a yes that's pretty good division doesn't really good division angels I mean they're gonna probably be on the downfall Leno show tiny. Injury the man Seattle's struck the puck and get there six and four on the last time and yet Houston though man I would never pick a team to repeat in baseball I just think it's too hard it's African impossible but. They are really good they score well the pitching great. And I think that he's in his legit contender once again this year. Yeah AL looks tough with Houston of course the Red Sox and the Yankees have all those teams that AL east. And struggle by Charles summaries going to be fine this year like it is every year when it comes a baseball. Post season but I guess you cursing cubs right now. Within a half game of each other. Is to be a fun finish we have a long way to go as baseball as a marathon and whirling in June here so funny at baseball left to be played. This is the Wednesday. With ranked Cody episode one has to do here for this episode again. We get to batting later on we're get to Brian secret by episode four Claudius sports movies video games all that and more. Thanks for stopping by.