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No games on the schedule. Doesn't stop us. This isn't pickets say Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raising the stakes fundraising and leadership no. Gary your host of the pass WFCA president Tom swell and WS SP high school insider. Big time Mike Mike. It's WFC show. As always presented by raises stakes fund raising leadership development. I'm Mike we govern. Once had my host Tom squillacote they do when I'm doing great make or you meant good it's good to see you great to see you all our All Star Games while while they did go well yeah and other than the the weather in the the last game of the ship it was a little tough that was had to cancel the the fourth quarter in essence put the rest I think the crowd looked good. I think these kids. I haven't talked to him that I was with four to talk in a couple of them. Had a really good week they did they did all the feedback I got was. Everything was was really well run. Went off without a hitch. Very pleased. At that hit our budget I think great hitter Colfer we did you know 457000. Dollars I think was the final total. Necessity is still higher than that yeah it'll it'll get to 460. Well I know Ingrid and I end of the Columbia skis counted our auction money on Monday there was over 101000 Americans. Yeah that's awesome we'll congratulate thank you you know to calm. The show that day you started at the Nokia to be so let's do this is is to do stuff like that rice to highly promoted put a spotlight. I'm really cute things and and that's 11 of the reasons we do the show one of the other reasons for guys like our first guest you've been out. Former Brookfield east Houston Wisconsin high school player of the year. And he's announced the starting defense event for your Wisconsin Badgers we talked to Alec teams Alex are you doing. Grow we're doing really well I'm doing really well coach you're doing while I'm doing well as well Alec he's got a big smile on your face I do this is a pleasure for me hey Alec and of course. I gotta tell you a quick Steris selling coats during the break a joke cookies to be my cohost. I'm not during my high school football show which starts here in a couple of weeks and he was the opposite corner perfume central. When you were or are our affiliates that agree that we live for you was play and you. He KB you shake in his head as it was going IDC a breaking down film up wrote feel least. This Alec James kid. He said they they ran an option he glued up in the middle. And it and they fake the pitch they faked the handoff. He basically took a big guy that he had bought through by the way. Came down and the quarterback tried to get outside EC's best quarterback he threw that the plot you better way and that he ran down the quarterback who pushed him out of bounds. He's I got nothing but this guy himself it was we're always worried Lazio Libya only tell you Mike you know Alec did that against everybody not just crooks central Russian. And he said that it was he said then nickel and given the ball whether they think you know could be headed toward the back a little bit law courts say you're so Smart coach Pete yeah yeah I'm Smart I'm really crossing dialing analogy yeah I think that's your Smart. Hey -- Euro your decision the stage here in state go to Wisconsin no you had. Offers to go by different places all over the country. We were really happy guys like we really happy it's you decided to stay home good decision for you. Oh he had vote. I'm in the recruiting process. I was blessed to have coached little like coastal and a little bit too little. And you know the bigger came down to Wisconsin. Oregon and and Michigan State were like my tops three. And just get the chance to do those schools than. Our muscles comparing. Everything back to Wisconsin because that man is going to be the right places. Include the everything I'm comparing respect there and I mean on Tuesday I'm happy you made the decision to try to duo over do it again. That and Alex not even mentioning some of the other schools he could've gone too late Clemson. Like TCU I mean Alex list of of schools that offered was extremely long and in you know Alec you few years you're recruiting started at Wisconsin with coach B LaMont. He left. You that you committed to Wisconsin with caution be limo was there and then the coach Anderson came menu played with him now a year on year in essence your third Wisconsin coach. With cold risk. And and you know hi how Holler things transition from coach below mall all the way to coach Chris for yeah. Other traditions that have been pretty good I mean it kind of shows you may want you to moment when I was gonna recruit that I always remember who has you don't commit somewhere just short coached and the television showed the business side of things in. You just got to commit to a program so for all the young guys that it is got to recognize you can't just commit to coach. You really gotta love the program but this floors of transition. It was a pretty easy I mean we we very great coaches they've all been good. My really like coach Chris suddenly he's a perfect fit for our program. And I'm really excited about this upcoming season. Hey Alec you we talked about for for differ considerably since high school kids there listen make sure you don't just root for the coach can you talk a little bit. More about the transition from high school to college not only on the football field but in the classroom. Yes so. As far as the the transition there went pretty quick for a media a couple of guys. And Wisconsin there it is we graduated and then the next day we had to Wear coats open Madison's. It's just at the they have in effect at the acute medical homes for graduation a fire remember your next yup they're in debt to grow its look and yeah I think that. Edison like two days before graduation we come back and they go back to work out some actually put. Almost all the support we have in a church because you go to distributed pretty easy. Academically. You really wanna folks are starting off strong. And that's kind of one area children high schools must Russians authorized book stroke than always tried to do much so out of Russo wanted to try coached. Our main focus news channel crossover and try to establish the base. Well you must that I got. You must look on that Alec is your academic all Big Ten. Well we had the other that's one what really the biggest problem also Lowe's has taken a real serious. And one thing went oh solutions not sort of stick you classes and you know a lot of schools. They destructive players' Bible is the pros are Beirut try to challenge you. And that's another reason I'm happy don't want to. And do the whole gist of tutors and everything there all of it and hope you should you gotta do work he. Alec I had a I coach I'm a basketball coach dedicated to making years ago went and down. Gee he'd just qualified just got in in and he just did pretty well at Wisconsin I said. You ray hi how's that happen that like in he said coach when I got there they offered me tutors. And I took every single one they offer. Andy and I took every one involved because I knew that I need who will be to help. And he said now that that that Owens more open and needed help with time management. And I needed to help on how to study for a test. And he said they're so good if you if you're willing to accept the help they're willing to give to help. And and he did a great job of getting through Mattison I think four and a half years it took them. Allman you have a freshman that's. Simon's going to be your biggest thing to your visits are because none of them seem you're looking back. Is that freshman year because you have. I remember our schedule was we worked out in the morning. And then we would have class in the would have liked another work of a master at noon when you have tutors and you have mandatory study table in this and that always feels. So who really just didn't give your time management owns huge. And sound like what you said it is all the support is there you just have to wonder except. He would what are you going to school what's your degree in. Opera or. So angry you manage my judge well yeah Alex please you don't work. Yeah I that I got out of blogs that bird in a hole in my wallet keys Tim VI RQ make it a hundred ideas would be. With the bush. Hey well played if you've got sent extra money against Bashir for use well we know. Next year and that he pick could save LET's student athlete of the week or so that. Haley what you would you got to watch Wisconsin we talk now off on you off the field. The transition on the field guys you everybody you're playing against probably the best player on their their high school team. Bigger stronger faster. What's Al what was the learning curve for you on the field. Oh well those. Our Richard in my purse you're and that really helped me out a lot of me a lot of guys come in and how the same way you wanna play right away but you gotta be honest so. And Boulware occurred as far as learning curve. Of bogeys so the guys are bigger faster stronger. And you just got to use got to try and tkachuk was queasy cam that we got to take losers. Yeah the rage got a he's got to go through the grind it just a. You did you did you know. You win when you when you started so you redshirt your first your you know that that first year she your redshirt freshman year. When things started to slow down for you or did did did it it did it ever slowdown that first year. Like as far as this oil. Yes so and there must first fall camp. In college. The whole thing just was going to refer to me those are gonna lot of rest with news is still allows the lagged behind mentally. And man I was on the scout team for the first sheer. And that's where that's reason to get most your confidence and everything and start slowing down computers. Now everyday in practice you're going against the first team. So resources like that Wisconsin you're going against some of that storm and every day of practice in the country and that really helped to game slowdown routes Citic. Not so much for spring is when I really so like real comfortable out there. Two new active on to a good player too slow. You know Alec ITC's up at Mischka intact and he's playing a new position quarter. In. You know I'll I during his spring ball I said the employee you know you must really be catching now now that you've had the fall and now you've got spraying in. You're really learning the defense he said dad we never ran their defense in the fall we we're all as the scout team we're running everybody else's defense. So was that the case for you as well. Yes so we would have cards every week so firm that would follow through. The coaches upstairs there would CommScope protein softens. And drop it plays and then you kind of just look at the card. And you run whatever decent scheme they wanna see so you don't really get to work on your own schools defense is much. Or two votes there probably bull crap you are usually have a week was just scout team. Goes against his coaching book. Yeah its mode you don't really get to work criminal scheme but you still got to try to focus on it techniques. And some of the little things that's sort of fundamentals got to control. We are talking to Wisconsin badger defense alignment Alec Cheney's former. Was stats and high school football player of the year Brookfield east player years a proud Spartan. Through this day I'm sure well. Yes you're right here is that it's at they open up badgers opened up by this year at home against Utah State. On September 1 Florida when it comes to to a camp Randall to follow weaken and to BYU Smeal long flight. It she was it to play at BYU to thirty on the sixteenth of September were gonna keep on over for one more segment M ask him. Bass player he's played against him and favorites other camp Randall favored stadium to go to war figure that out. On the other side of the break this is the pick in say Wisconsin football coach association show presented. By raising the stakes fund raising and leadership development. Our sport tree 1057 FM the fan. And I and weeks. As years earlier the main. All while back that quick and safe Wisconsin football coaches association shall present it. I reasons stakes fund raising and leadership development I'm Mike we giver alongside my coast's former head coach at virtually stomp swindle. Our special guest defense alignment. For your Wisconsin Badgers use Alec James. Alec I'm sure you had special interest watching the draft this year couple linebackers number of badgers being selected. Is except that that that you can get it let yourself think about a year from now or you just worried about what's what's straight ahead via. Knows it's something that's always a dream of mine is cool to see the troops with a lot of like different sort came in with a draft in the recent. So definitely it's over it's open pregnancy. Yeah I had in Alex Dan play professional football he played Indiana well in the US a fell so he's got the pedigree might that he does as he's got the pedigree I I'm sure he's told debating get paid back then what they're getting paid now. I. At. You know it's pretty good your take you know he's you know you get your degree in finance keys there's going to be a day I think. Alec that says you're gonna have to figure out what to do with that signing bonus and it is it's gonna make it the next level. When when you got there in and we are talking about during the break. On coach that date date date thought maybe he was an outside linebacker and in an ounce up the that you. I yeah you know I I can to values that. In Alex recruiting. That everybody had in their mind what what role he would feel in their defense I remember Alec and I went down in Notre Dame a couple times and they are looking at Alec is at hi Brett you know or he's gonna play up and he's gonna play down you know different schemes and Wright had an. And you know on and in the badgers Jack she recruited Alec is an outside linebacker your first year Alec you were playing outside linebacker on your feet. Which was a new experience for you so you're learning something completely different than what you had been doing in high school. And then they decided to bulk you up what are you go to Wisconsin had maybe 218 pounds perhaps. Do borrowed from. Its audience it's money yeah they've been put some weight on me. What do you weigh now I don't but to 75. Here. Are. Mandate and he they have you spend that only feeds jewel but that you spent a lot of time in in in the way mature. All of the coast a lot of these views will move us in the country the literally those abilities. It's all the weight because of putting on isn't just bad week and it's just muscle and you can focus we have if you really Korea off its. But I if you looked at Alec you wouldn't being QE2 75 he still has a lean kind of look to him. But man. In case there. Alec I coach is telling me that used to acre lake a harder or whatever the states are related to realize. That you're not doing that you Orion. Isn't out of the jobless people do and again. That was quite an intimidating sorry he is not a a fat that was an intimidating sight to see Alex James with at the time and down the horse tracks definitely it side. They do well revenues definitely an experience with the. Hey Alec guide and as I've mentioned him a high school basketball coach and I try to tell these kids. That you don't their four years playing high school bass or high school football are really special and I want them to understand. That sometimes I admit not all these guys could be running out on camp Randall. But some of these guys that are going division to division three or not playing any sports at the next level high school football. Is is really see a special four years' experience and know you enjoyed the four that you played of Brookfield least. Oh yeah and it without a doubt I mean closest lets you see in the when they let you really brought him back to. Just have all of which has to go ahead and guys who also assume those who have missed playing with those guys are mean those guys you it loosens. Probably middle school and just to go to the whole program together. A lot of guys that don't really realize until over the last year how special election news and I mean numbers on this planet refute these numbers called swooped in the fired up as plans seem to veto other bodies. About this sort of automated news it was a real special amendments in this book over and anyone that does an east organized school. He he's told me he'd never yelled at kids at halftime I think that's an amount of arm can you tell what are overly powerful. Paid them that's other than then coming out of the tunnel like camp Randall geography replace it that you've got a chance supply. Almost for the stadium. Of the camp Randall Michigan's real cool last year. Just to see the big house and see how. How loud it can give let. Other than that notes in Nebraska they get a real good sand base and making big here real loud and had some of those two players are much up to. Outside the camp Randall. How how much your favorite bowl that you bend you. Other special in this present introduce real real world. Down and out of the Kabul. We we at all of these qualities game rooms and all these different events news. I've been talking over guys who've read the rules well suited that just maybe you do that might minerals low. Yeah wow that's saying a lot Ito years ago. Years ago you as a badger fan. You would just hope that maybe. Date date qualifying get invited to a ball game now it's now it's kind of expected. You know okay how how good can we get to what bowl game can we get to. Rather than let's hope we get invited to one. I think Wisconsin I had a read this recently when you're looking at going to bowl games and to the NCAA basketball tournament I think Wisconsin. Has the longest streak going. For doing both of goals in giving in the same year select I don't know what the streak is how many years it is but. I believe Wisconsin is the longest. One going to the NC basketball tournament and going to a bowl game. He Alec I know there. On that know when you win it's he went to a couple of years ago to the finals and NCAA basketball. That had to be a lot of fun for you football guys is wall. All men here who do you root panic with a lot of those guys who are here. Resources for you guys in my class. They have their guys that we had class with common in their coach solich garlic national Bronson. Others is cool to see them excel at such a high level. And just the program over the whole renewed hope you'll carpet on the map and it just kind of prove that we can we can play around here. You know I out I watched the Florida game with the badger football staff at the clinic I was up in the hospitality room with those guys. Lot of downed Lotta down people and that one I was feeling good Showalter hit that shot yeah then not so good about ten seconds later. Those those of emotional roller coaster armor around lots of attitude could. Out they got I got one last question for yeah. Of all the games on your schedule this year which is the one you want to win the most. I mean a lot of people get their question now is to the first game but it. I mean premier told Minnesota though it or B Minnesota. I think overall. We're finally tied with them in the overall record. And you know just to be their class a puts it over there's going to be pretty social. Through Minnesota load began circle lower count and always on always wanna learn. You want that Paul Bunyan ax one more time all right Allan. And this is must tear up our league of its optical. That's right at pet's a it looked fit and looking at last your schedule. At this time to this your schedule. Yet I would prefer this year's schedule gets him to get some of the big boys at home. You know you give Michigan at home we get Iowa at home yeah Purdue and northwestern at home Maryland and home. He's still got to travel obviously to Nebraska UCL above that. At placing yet again Illinois the Indiana's on the uptick will open it and then you gotta go up to Minneapolis and get one. You know I. I can't wait for the isles look forward to Wisconsin football. And and I've right away when I prayed that this I was like aren't the first in 8 o'clock that's perfect. He's Ahmad the year till noon you have a lot of times I only get the chance watch second half sell. Yeah this has been a true pleasure for us to have you want coats will does nothing but talk really good things. About what young man you were at Brookfield east and and demand that your becoming up to Wisconsin. And I can see why. Good luck in the future good luck this season man I really appreciate cute on. There are things you're appreciate the opportunity in because willow I appreciate everything you've done what we. We know when do you I'm out out of so I really appreciate that as well. Thank you own men that's that's really nice Alex thank you again where you get to break other side of the break. And doctor Mac rogue rogue gazette ski rope got scoop got ski I was close doctor map rope got ski. He's Appalachian State right now would formally. From new W Platt Phil Rick talked to him he's written a paper he sell a lot of work in the football brain injury research and things like that in an. Pretty pretty a special stuff he's talking about surprising. Stuff. Very good it's one of the reasons you start one assert their shell yes and he's unit talked to spot that. On the other side of the break this is the Pickens tape Wisconsin football coaches association show presented. By raising the stakes fund raising and leadership development on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I know Reyes. And news. Welcome back so that they can say Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raising the stakes fund raising. And leadership development. I'm Mike we get along side my cohost. He is Tom swindle former head football coach at Brookfield east. You know coach one of the reasons that. That she came up here we sit and an office the first time. Talking about you know doing a show like this was specifically. For this reason. Yes and I remember you walk in his seat him look our numbers are dwindling if people think. That football is more dangerous than it's ever band. You know and I was they connect to shirt and you looked media IE he said I think it's safer now than it's ever been right here's one foot. All is under attack without question in and for good reason there were things that that we're going on but. Boy you know over the last 345 years things have drastically change football has gone out of its way with rule changes and medical attention and climates is Asian rules and soul on it's it's really putting the athletes health. Out their very very prominently and more in our next guest that you booked com. Has it was July 20 2016. That that he wrote. This research paper I guess you would call it. On any and ended the title of did you research reveals surprising avenues but football and brain injury knew it sent this mean I. I've yeah Kate this you've got a chance to read this all absolutely yeah we we we've printed dad in. Are our quarterly publication the point after was actually written by Lori Kaymer and it's on. Doctorate got skis research right but it's great and he's done other research as well and here zen out appellation steeper formerly from UW Platt Phil. Doctor how are you today. How to roll out some might think it's great to be and so. Yeah how but how do you like you miss Wisconsin Lopez. Yeah do I do it it's a lot hotter here in North Carolina and more than withstand. But it's not can get quite as cold there are you there. That's true out on the flip side I'm not expecting much this. Is your hat and shovel like that. But the pain let's talk a little bit about about this and again the title pariah researcher real surprising evidence about football and brain injury. Where were you personally surprised when you when you saw this. Yeah I am wise. Let any into the research. With its IDS so they've done some mom some recent evidence then at. A source. In and rats and mice at least that you've been beat up and passes it. I'm net political experience just from plain plain what the game of football I'm just seat so progressive intellectuals artists. Brain damage that accumulates overtime. And act and lead to a greater susceptibility. Of concussions or. On this disease that he chronic traumatic and a look at the com which so many people are worried about which still not been definitively linked to pack to exports by the idea here was done. And some other people's research that but conduct impact will lead to these other problems. So when I found out with my research that there is no evidence of that humans. At least that the bio markers approaching it out looking Ellis I was quite surprised pleasantly spread and that. Yen and what it does doctor got skews it it it kind of you know. Dispels that fuels some of the things that is just except today as as you know fact that. You know you play football even if you don't get concussions it's they repeated. Baying you know of your had a you know is gonna cause long term brain damage in some way in what you were research has shown is bad. You know minus the stood the concussion hit sold you know sub concussions. Sub cut costs of skews me hits. Is no different than any other sport. Right. Yeah that's right I mean approach in doubt look at. Is approaching that it used in the clinic when somebody comes in with a head injury and it'll measured approach in the blood. And depending on how I don't levels of the concentration approach in our look now. The future of that is Arnold take recovery so I approaching level. The longer the time to recover. The end down. In other studies looking at its soccer players. Basketball players marathon runners. Swimmers. This protein has been looked at is well to compare it to our exports and looked at. In our own karate practitioner as well as boxers. They tend to have higher protein levels then than any other sport which you'd suspect probably it's to direct it to at. Well I found. In my research was. Wednesday August protein does not go any higher. In the east in the football players after a game compared any other sport whether that be running. Swimming or playing basketball so it really looks like. Either sound transit brain damage. That happens when you exercise. And I don't want to. And the next offensive I don't want anybody think that they exercise it damage your brain bowl we've. We do know it exercise actually improved Arctic ability improves the function of the bright. Side opposite that I am I don't have any at that impact has yet. But if you think of muscles we damaged my apartment and stronger. To reconnect at the damage your brain a little bit to make it smarter. So maybe that is new leader of the connection between activity. And it brain damage. And in pro active development. Now you if you want yeah and you found this. Working with UW plants all football team with coach Ammann door for. And you had the opportunity. To do what what what exactly. When you've measured. This the bio markers of protein that's such or what. What did you actually do with the football team yet Plath. I saw. Coach Kevin archer yeah I got a it is and the you've been very. Forward thinking and progressive in this issue of contraction injury and yeah. He had purchased helmets. That down the kind of tell. The impact that players are experiencing during game. And approached me when I first started that you could you perhaps you are interested in doing research and area which. And other significant exercise or eating out you which is. You'll land in at least three branches and one I'm mechanic one expected the argue what is. It is we're learning which kind of mortal or anywhere so that. Pattern of reflexes and how the brain to art to the party it and exercise it accurately talks about metabolism down and it's our biochemical changes that happened during exercise and then comic can actually talked spoke forces. It's been that player. That play good experience. More connect but helmet sensor. And out interested but it really wasn't in my field of study. And down. We started our senate collaboration with the people at closer collaboration went down. With the university of west of Scotland. And there is a professor there that has been looking at our market the injury. In. In karate expert practitioners. And it restarts in the what you ask what you thought about looking at these proteins in so well place seep in any brain damage there. And it's I was a great idea so that I approach courts and indoor track sent in order have a different. All I'm what we talked about orbit which you. Willing to allow me that's your players so district is required blood. I'm mark and yen down rightly so we do little hesitant and and coaches would be but after armed. Speaking with and then in the team as a physician doctor Jeff what it not at a what certified athletic trainer there right and ran Breckenridge. I'm and we kinda came to misunderstand that our tests as well aren't as junior varsity team first attitude one home games so. Well I didn't write it like before they game. And measure it from approaching levels and then after the game and measure for protein not that I really wanted to measure protein levels after. That's really where my. Research started late how can I develop another test more objective tests. I ought to diagnosed concussion and you're in just take blood but approaching levels and say attitude to actually get past. Unfortunately for me there were no concussion during acting. So hard and I took blot it. I did all the players Mike and I are smiling and unfortunately for you but fortunately for the participants here that's and a. Exactly everybody out that that. But that's about it to apply these blood from the players afterwards. Anyway to look at this sub parts of that aspect. In what our own lies. When I looked at other papers written in other sports. The increase and approaching what is actually. That a lot of other sports. Indicating that even though. For popular current undergoing except consensus it. That time is no more dangerous place and it exports to the following year I actually got to do this on the varsity team. And acted on our own gains because land on the I don't. In the blood yet sensor fusion it. Have to read that it. 820 degree Fahrenheit right away it's sort of a lot of logistics with that only worked out. Really with all the equipment and have formal. So I collected that data before and after each game for four on the and then again. On the same result no concussion. But I am again approaching levels or increasing anymore and in any other sport. He guys we got to get too quick break. Doctor we hold you over for one more segment. When it's hard to about 201 of the quotes in in in this this paper. That she say although a much more research must be conducted confirm invalidate these findings the specific studies suggest. Played football in the absence of concussion injury. Is no more changes to the brain than any other sport. Went tart to move it about that quote on the other side of the break this is the pick and save Wisconsin football coach association Cho presented. By reason mistakes fund raising and leadership development on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And Reyes. News. Well the fact that they can sit Wisconsin football coach association show. As always presented by reason mistakes fund raising and leadership development. I'm Mike we give alongside my cohost. He is the past president Deby of CA or bsc hall of fame member. And a former head football coach at Brookfield east Tom swindle. Coaching got a question for forgot. Yet you at all. Mike and I were talking net at the break doctor Gretzky in my question is this you know of the way the media has latched on to this it's almost a crusade you know work. It'll do whatever they can to discredit football it seems anyway. That you wore you know first wife in your opinion what why is the media doing in that kind of thing. Any thoughts on that. Yeah yeah I mean. Yeah yeah I don't wanna pick and the media because. The media has done. The big favorite in our research out there are ship that I think and it really. It all started it would sound. As a PDF start to matter and I don't turn I think within name why it's but it went over the Kindle so that so called scandal I'll. The football players. And down. Yeah Howell and a salad strike that brought this issue or an injury specifically concussion leading to unit. Yet I knew about it the whole time and we're not telling the players. And to compare that I mean when it's somebody goes to war they know they had their chance they might not come back in that. When people box. Did you get their chance to what was called and chips which in this stick which can result in alzheimer's disease and parkinson's. But because people playing with a football and a helmet if I that there it was protected and and it's in a calm that mrs. Nobody knew on the NFL knew but didn't tell anybody. And I sensed then the media has its title next and let stand the scandal and down. Really try to inform the public but it does kind of seem. As if it's the media is demonizing the game football is something that should not deeply. He meant it in the united talked about this this quote. In this paper where were you say although more research must be conducted confirm validate these findings specific study this specific study. Of suggests a played football in the absence of concussion. Injuries no more dangerous. To the brain and any other sport when you talk about more research. It is is that something that is being done are you doing that. It is that so that that there's other people that are. Are are seen this stuff that you have and simulate we really need to dig into this deeper. Yeah there are on what I looked at quote now the first paper published and that's actually. The only paper both parts of the publish the data from the next year. I wrote that quote in light of I'm no league that I had just looked at it GP game. It was one game GDP gain in other a lot of substitution. I thought that it would artsy game and not so much substitution. That the approach or go higher science and confirmed that they don't. And so that is more research that I had and I just happened policy yet and will be doing that this all com. There either the group and that. Texas Christian University to see you has that's research on this as well as. At the university of Buffalo, New York. And other quite quite a few on. Researcher in you and it looked at this more ice hockey players and soccer player he yen down in the complexion. There's the numbers are pretty pretty much the same time. And you know getting back to the the media man. You know. How has the media embrace these new findings in your opinion I mean I AB. Working to get the word out what what's your opinion on that. I think they have embrace them nicely at least. At least locally. Arm. That is as far as medicine in new stations come out interviewed me Ian. And it's present at this. Com which is you know more than I can expect with just having one study published. In and out being. Well known name in the Urals as of yet I think that app and doing it. Justice at least locally not yet met on the national level but it definitely bad amber at. Kolb how but other physicians other doctors and in this field have you gotten any Al push back and that's. I haven't com. I haven't received any anger and negative from anybody. I have received his. Talking to its position one on one a lot of a lot of support where they. Frankly agree with me that there isn't. There's there's more arm. They're more hype than reality I would say. And I gotta say you talk about this threat before I came not about the safety of football. And nothing. Frustrates me more exports then. Parents say that they won't let their kid plays football because it's actually more likely. To calm the injured on your drives to and from the field and you are actually you know DNY. What approach rather. Play and it would sported safer under more scrutiny right now. There's opal. Yeah he got you don't have to worry about safety whistle while everybody is under the microscope that. Salt or war eagle from here I mean what what are you working on currently weren't what do you plan on doing perhaps in the near future to further your research. Well my goal com. Now let's stay here and I'm and it stopped attacked the coach at stake. It UK in there but down. Our goal is to continue doing what I was doing app plant built it but looking at more markers their. There's a slew of I'll market can indicate head injury and looking for the most sensitive want to do today in. And costs and compressed individual like it's set. The project I'm looking at now army used in the clinic to appropriate usually. Major injury and that port key and happy sensitive enough to look at. I don't traumatic brain injury some gonna continue to look at different proteins. Main goal of this is defined approach keen. Or maybe two proteins that I can look at a player that I can assess that throughout the season. And that as a pro routine increase and sort of economic actually. Wind kicked them. Recommend it to be taking out of the game. Because that that marker it actually indicating susceptibility to pass protection injuries which actually avoid concussion injury altogether. And secondly. That we can use approaching when somebody gets. I hit where sir I athletic trainer thinks her coach thinks that there could be concussion there. And we can take a blood sample and say yes it was a comparison it was in the concussion that tester and I think we hurt the sport crest assessment tool that tradition. On that which which is implemented over there. Or would this spring here and I think a lot of sir I lecturing will be using its. In the fall and a lot of subjectivity to not yet player. Do they have a headache do they feel like there are in and you do that balance that's a memory to actually depending on where. The injury in the brain is a person made shall. Normal or abnormal. My goal is that we don't have to do actually does look at protein. All practitioners. Can agree that this person had a concussion in part I wanna take people out of the game. Because they never actually I didn't and I want people back in the game. Because up. Jack here but they actually attic and content a lot of people worry about CPE and to me. Tiki is now or will we be worried about second texture and its impact and commitment and the election. And I don't act in the game. And they have a and other big brawl. Two at a which results and hemorrhaging in the brain called life and death those other things to worry about Nazi. Fascinating stuff via no doubt tacked to think you so much we really appreciate your time. And it really is fascinating. Good luck I hope you enjoy appellation stated notes that now but. Come to that year you're going to be feel pretty good about that decision and we'll check and doing well. Thank you so much gallery get through breaker there said the break rich Pierzynski from positive coaching alliance. Is gonna join us this is the pick in say Wisconsin football coaches association shall presented. By reasons stakes fund raising and leadership development on sports Radio One 057 at them the band. Doesn't stop us. This is the pick of say Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raising the stakes fundraising and leadership and hearing your host for the pass WFCA president Tom swell and WS SP high school insider. Big time Mike Mike. Welcome back to the pick in say Wisconsin football coaches association show. As always presented by raises six fund raising leadership development. I'm Mike we govern alongside former head football coach at Brookfield east Tom swindle. So culture alma mater is down 31. In the fifth. In the state finals for baseball yeah our next guest is the lacrosse coach there was hit us. And he knows you from your brother show yes inducing eight you know what he's a creek how he runs are really good program at Marquette he sure does yeah. Now we're now joined rich for his cure rich or you. I'm doing well under a real good I learned more about the crossed talking to rich in ten minutes and neuter the manulife report that. He just did a great job of of explaining Natalie the game across but how. He believes the program should be run and how he runs his program over at Milwaukee Marquette and then we did a segment. I and that four around the corner child care Vernon B a chance to go one of their games and watching Cayman. And yeah it was really trust him it was really impressed with rich city we should. Well I need to get shot by mercy which showing you the kitchen talking high school sports with me some time and and you set that up Thompson thank you for this well thank you to Bob Albright's and who. Gave me Rich's name and and number to contact them. He the young rich I went out there website. Today in and you can you can see this was say it's positive coach dot org. And I really like the mission statement. And of the positive coach allies have positive coaching alliance mission. He's transformed the youth sports culture in doing development shown or all youth and high school athletes. Have a positive character building experience. That that results in in a good experts and I'm taken umbrage that that mission statement. I think he's been lost throughout the years. In in a lot of different sports not only in this area but I think throughout the country. Richie there. Yeah yeah so is it has to end it you know can be a struggle at times and I think one of the challengers are two of the challenges that we see. That are intertwined are often. Coaches kind of falling in line or in racing too much of a win at all costs mentality. And I think when that happened. Things can go down the trip convert them. Pick on a little bit of water and things get a little bit more difficult and other challenges that we see. What we've seen in sports it's that's why I've been on the air and on TV all the time is is the entertainment sports culture which. Is a business and it's very different than what the use of our school. Sports experience is really all all well. And you know rich I I spent quite a bit a time going through DV website that that might just mentioned and let's not let's not forget one of the the tenets of your program is you know we're we still are out to win this isn't about you know like. You know just given a trophy out for participating know the cool is still to win. But you can do so in a very positive way in which players and an everybody's having a great experience. You can and I think that's the big takeaways and that's the message that we're trying to sheer. An organization. And other non profit that house. Chapters and offices throughout the United States. Is that we're trying to really impact the cultural and sports. On back. And one of the things that we often hear. Particularly because of the division which we phone to go to northern California. A lot of people say oh you know what it you know some hippy hippy tree is. Effort everybody's aware and earth and they could be. Further from the truth. Yeah well we embrace competition. And we just want to see coaches parents we understand. How special and I'll pressures that competition it is. And it really respect our opponent but it appears that the new important component key concept here. And what it coaches can do that if athletes can do that parents can do that. And that's just one aspect is does expect in the opponent. You really enjoy. And to share that opportunity. To be out based. Body. A worthy opponent Republican challenger institute to be better and to and to be better than we were yesterday. Richards his keys with positive coach no lights again positive coached dot org. For more information. And and I was on that website quite a bit this morning as well and we knew we there's a line in in something I was reading that that jumped off the page at me. His coaches have to realize that their teacher their players what they teach your players carries far beyond the field. Into the classroom at home or even in the future jobs. And I think that that US coaches we look I'd been Jews want time coach you do want terminal rich you've done it while. And there are times where you know we get carried away with wins and losses. There are times that we yo look at look at a game coming up on our schedule as a must win and and I know that every coach gets carried away with that ID in in his own certain or her certain way. But if you you can take that back it's take a step back and again looking to compete all the time but there's a lesson is that you be worried. On how to win. And there's lessons to be learned on how to lose. And I I had a bass while coaching here a few years ago. And he said look what I Ellis to Iowa's. Start our schedule are not copper schedules of bass bald guy with with some really difficult opponents. And in hopes that even if we get rolled in and boost that there are lessons that that can teach because we're gonna find out where we are right off the jump. So I don't really get upset if we lose and we play hard plays a team and trust each other. He said Kaz can is that I'm OK with that but it's who all of a sudden when our kids are getting a little bit. You know they stopped trusting each other if we get beat by twenty don't learn anything that's a really bad loss. In rich I would I would assume that he he is somebody that is is talk in the same stuff that you guys talk about. Absolutely love that story one of us but key mental model in key principles that we have here positive coaching alliance is what we call on our double. He goal coach. Mental model that double gold mean. We are encouraging coaches to coached him. In particular lessons and it is the fall into the trap of you know that must win game war. You know we have to have this stellar performance of this athlete on our roster got could exceed XEU. Statistics to it to a lot to be successful. Today and what we're fighting but what their coach is defining success in the win loss. And and the challenge here is that that coat might be embracing too much. Focus. On the outcome. And in less focused on the cross. And what's so important is culture into the process not the outcome the outcome. We don't always have control but as coaches athletes we can control. Multiple steps in the process that he's been a while to be successful and if that's code is where we are warning for. Based on how well all athletes only learning. How well the welcome back from mistakes. And how well they are applying effort towards the over all process but that's 83. Whatever they might be. I'm optimal picture itself and again the winner of the law. And define success. The deacons have a good experience and learn and fun. What their character cut that today in the big bounce back from adversity that you know did some guys make some mistakes that. Don't usually make mistakes. How are they carry themselves. The big bounce back now. They are able to have. You embraced the use of some positive body posture and in use and technique correct positive self talk to kind of get them out of that won't. Anna Nicole got her job but our job is to give our athletes. Those tools can be successful. Pan in the ball back from the counter. In what I really like about your mission Abacha organization rich is the fact that it's not just. About coaches but it's about the athletes as well in the parents there's all kinds of information out there. For coaches parents and athletes and defeating get everybody working together on the same page. I think that's a lot easier for coach then too in fact. Instill some of the things that your talking about. No doubt in our tagline is developing better athlete. Better people and in to do that it's not just the coach's job right parents are going to be involved that apple cocoa cup to be involved. Via the athletic league war. School administration. Needs to be involved in the process everybody needs to be on the same page and we talked a lot about the Contra don't. Are lining vision. You know we can't go to a place where we're being successful. And we're providing a positive experience for these kids we can all go to that place if we don't all believe in common vision. And so the public coaching Alliance One of the things that we do in terms of providing. Content. And workshops and resources to our partner organizations that we alignment is that we want to impact the coaches the athletes. The parents the organizational school leaders and also we all we don't quite a bit potentials and again it's all about getting everybody on the same page. Everybody buying into the common flaw in using common language in the goes a long way. He averaged we'll hold you over for one more segment. That's awesome but to find out if the coach to their listeners they wanna get involved in what riches Stewart will get your way to get involved. Again here's rich for his keys that had done lacrosse coach at more Q Marquette. Involved. With positive coaching alliance in their website positive coach dot org. You go take a look at. And here locally if you wanna get involved or talked to rich wolf who will ask him how some of the coaches it was in the show Heidi guys get involved with him. Will do that on the other side to break this is the Pickens tape. Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raising the stakes fund raising and leadership development on sports Radio One 057 at them the fans. You Aaron and no serious. It's. News. Welcome back to the tickets it was stance football coaches association shall present it by raising the stakes fund raising leadership development. They should join his time Mike we giver launch site coach Tom square at all. He's WFC hall of fame member pass president Deby of CA former head football coach Brookfield east. We're joined by rich presents keep positive coaching alliance. He Richard they're coach is there elicited a show that wanna know more about what you do when what positive coaching alliance does. What's he should they go on the website apprised of coach dot org to get involved that way. Absolutely there's two specific ways that I would encourage coaches to learn more about positive coaching alliance first will be going to our main site positive coach dot org. You can click on our FaceBook or Twitter. But there to sign up and learn more we also can. Could can. Sign up for our newsletters and and our contact page weakens found a link that is on the bottom of the home page. Tons of information about. How to get aligned with can you representative. They can talk with coaches that are interested in bringing. Positive coaching alliance program in two that are there and leave early school and then the other really need to. Website we have is the road to. Element zone resource center. But an online archive of thousands of tips tools and resources videos. Book excerpts downloadable one pagers because to have access to. It's depth zone he's easy to CEO and he positive coast dot org. The album of amazing resources that are for coaches parent athlete school and you sports organizational leaders great resource. He Richard number a long time going necessary coaching basketball might have been in my second or third year. And intuit for 35 years it's a long time ago. I apparent. And she had won a big cameras please read VH aspect that tape one of my games. And came up and gave me the tape and said he had taped this for you as such great they choose I hope you're not mad at me I don't think that. You know I did tape prefer the reason you think I TT go home and watch it and please don't be mad at me I said okay. Richie taped me. And what a complete idiot I was on the sidelines. And I. But it was. I was so embarrassed and when I saw Wright went up and hugged your. And I said they Q and she was really has said Wahl. Yeah I think yeah I cannot believe how ridiculous I looked and sounded. And she said one pledge he took it that way keys you're really nice young man but boy you get after it on the sidelines. And you know I'll never forget watching that it. And I don't know if I made all the changes and still coach I don't know five made all these kind of changes that. That I would you'll be the poster child for positive coach dot org but. I I think I I made enough changes throughout the years. After you of that videotape and tried to figure out you know the correct way to do some of this stuff and and I just think that some of the I was short of weren't in this stuff back when I first or coaching. Our bet and and talk about an awesome opportunity old son. Personal. Reflection shore and really an opportunity to develop some self awareness of the coach. And thinking back on just the stories you shared was probably one of the most important. Impacts as a young coach that that that you couldn't pass and I mean that in a positive way as well because. A lot of coaches do not realize how old they were acting. On the sidelines. And it has such a dramatic impact. On the tone and tenor of our athletes bend haze in the game and how they do or do not. Honor the game. I respect from the officials and the opponents in the rules. They. They look at us in their 20s30s that's about it at all times you looking app process coaches. And the the coach. We were leaders would cut the lead and one of the things we are required by example. And that will run on our mountain prone quote board and scream and yell at every call an official makes. We can because it is totally gave them a validation to go to they're going to the same thing. He rich and also what happens because I've seen this. If the head coach. Complaints about every call and he allows his assistant coaches. To do the same the kids then start and then a moves into the crowd out. And it's it's amazing to sit and watch. If if everybody is allowed to yell and scream at the officials from the coaching staff. To the players how quickly moved right into that in the audience into the crowd to the parents and the Brothers and sisters aunts and uncles. And the whole group of him that everybody east is is yellen. If the slippery slope it is and one thing that I mention. Every year one of two. Mandatory pre season parent meeting that we have at Marca. Is. Reminding parents that pay. The coop the the officials are not infallible or they're gonna make mistakes but they're not out here. Change the outcome of the game or do the best job that they can and at coaches. We have to recognize that. We're not gonna see if they are not gonna get every call right but they're gonna do the best that they can and we need to respect that. As a coach I mean not agree whether he called it an official makes. But I'm not gonna get in his or her ears all game long hoped to get a call later in the fourth quarter. To me that's not really honoring spear. Of the game. And you know some I have to remind parents to let you know look I might be a bad call per capita significantly. On the sidelines. What impact does that go on to provide to us as a team that's going to probably in Illinois yes social and not help on the ground. Under him saw that relationship and that's something that egregious or something that. You know have an impact on not on player safety for example sure I'll address that but I'll go to the appropriate time. At a time now to incorporate and have a dialogue with an official posting yelling at them. You know rich what I like about a ball this is you that your your just not a talking head but you are somebody who practices what you preach you. You are coach and you've already. Somewhat you know on the if not all at answered my my next question palace and ask you what are your parent meetings like I mean if you know you must have some real dynamic. Things that goal on that your parent means and you've given us some insight in terms of what you talked to parents about in game regarding officials. But what it. It's a great question and first thing is how. I don't do I know a lot of coaches just don't do it because it copper summit the country thing I mean Coca. Good in the coaching is everyone listening that the coach knows if the cup did. And you don't. Yeah you don't always have time. To do all the things you wanna do but this is something that it causes are doing it we need to do it because we've got to get parents. On the same page and help them understand book I of the future bride isn't one Irish I start out well assured Michael can pull off. I let parents know. Right up about and I put it up on me a PowerPoint slide. And MI Margaret coaching philosophy and I talk about it now let parents leader they can understand. What where I'm coming from coach. But we also talked about. One of the positive coaching alliance mental models witches. I'm being a second goal there to a couple of them got vocal coach which coach to win it. If you collect weapons we want parents the focused on being a second goal parent focusing on that second goal. Of the teaching and learning of what lessons we've the first goal of winning back to the coaches and kids that's their that's their world. As a parent enjoy the experience come to the games. Cheer on. We're child and picked moves are picture so for example crop the ball on the ground so you know parents been part of the ball and the ball because the ball. But just try to pick up the ball belief is that the ball. I'm telling him to pick up what he knows what he needs to do. To encourage them to do is that and don't be afraid that your on the other team argued that all the time on culture on the opponent and make a great place. I'd let this kid and echoed no matter how often play a well done and that's a good thing to do that can be a cop thing. Assad and his hands. And for coated and you know our athletes to do what you see something great. You've got to got to applaud. But the other couple things that we do to really get parents on the same agent and wanting to really important plank right that's an issues that we believe that every level. Of sport. And I'm discourage parents from contacting coaches. About their child playing time what we do instead. Urged parents. To power their child advocate on behalf of Hamburg cell. The top of the coach about what they can do better or different I'm more of could get the plane apparently think they should. You know that's that's really important and you know I I've moved a long way from when that woman gave me the videotape. But meet cheered for the other team I haven't gotten that far you hit a I guess I've just being honest I have not. Gotten that far rich resists you think you so much your time we really appreciated positive coach dot org. Is that where you can find a lot of information. Look at the peace CA way. You can print this to activate now I've done that. And take a look at that there's some really good there's eight points in their and and their really good keep up the good work coach to make your time. You're reporter thank you get you back. On the other side of the break Brian Henson since two U commission for the greater metro conference. Career reach out to Neil broader. Sounds just like his brother he does a little bit he does and he we're gonna congratulate him and we're gonna talk a little bit about officiated as DR king gets some guys interested in coming officials and and then Neil Gordon WFC hall of fame it's pretty awesome. And we'll do that on the other side the break this is the pick and save. Which cast of football coaches association show presented by reasons takes fund raising and leadership development. Odds portrait of 1057 FM the fan. And I and analysts. Else. A welcome back to the vacancy Wisconsin's football coaches association show presented. I Tony rash and raising the stakes fund raising leadership development. I'm Mike we giver once had my co host former head football coach at Brookfield east Tom swindle. We're also joined now in studio the commissioner at a greater metro conference Brian Hanson writes it to see you again always greet the new year are you about. For ethic it's an agreed summer anyway it's it's getting close but it's cat yeah everything's get a start rolling here you begin a man and a yes definitely liberties get ready for August the start NC in two days and he's got her swing does not look relaxed you taught that I went to seven different schools as an excuse chancellor who he picked it at slot spread them practice. In the you know help out on some occasions yeah but you don't. Millionaires all that you can go home and illiterate and Ingrid isn't put everything together and you know we she's more relaxed all definitely most definitely hey we're also joined. On the phone Neil runner. Longtime football official. Recently selected Andy going to be inducted two WFC hall of fame he Neil congratulations. That's that's a great accomplishment. Prosecutor Marc Cherry. On street humbling actually because they're so many good officials upturn are not very many social kept an utter and on the negotiating sort slump and you'll humbling and I'm. Really appreciate that. While you get there I guess I'm going to be up there next year k's I experience at this year. And I got to be honest I I wanna be up their firm for you guys in an clapping to stand up and and just listen to some really cute he is certainly item of the heels who do began put a Dave I'm sure well could she truly could he that it's a good on a neo so again congratulations on that now a lot of officials have gotten that honor Neil but not a lot of officials have your pet crap and eat there and had his picture. Neil robo call volume remained how long you've been no official in football. 43 years. While in Seoul now and so you know I've got jobs lost jobs and that's. One constant. Dropped. Everything you know has been your country. But in meals flying in from Washington DC. Morey did an arena game last night so he's worked and even as we speak almost how do you like doing those arena games. That plot plot and it's just you know there is and the official that are in their demeanor. These are guys that work championship game and not people that aren't true. Church officials small there's a lot of guys you know on now. On a lot of guys that worked and won all built in and outs. But the games insults at the home it's been a quarter the size of a regular football field and are still the spoken not blocking aqueduct aren't much. Yeah I worked for the more you must things the first years there are your more and that Keaton and yet it was. It was mid trust him do you the orders for that humor or trustees as well world that's a whole different show will have to take that call hold differed show. He Brian as commissioner greater metro conference. As football starts to get going now what does that do for free use for your job everything said now you're ready to go. No matter fact this is an interesting year because the WIA has then realignment this year Russell in the greater metro conference so west el centro hits to the woodland conference. And we of Germantown and won't tools so west coming yen. So this has been a very busy summer getting ready for that matter fact one of my projects that I'm working on right now is that the revamp of our conference website. In just re branding everything in the greater metro conference. He had to do it how will. How all of that affect this is so this scheduling is far is non conference games and stuff like that. When you know it's interesting for us because part of the realignment package that was put together by the WIA is we have a mandatory crossover game with a classic Kate so effectively. You'll scheduling nonconference scheme and our conference like you did in the past the way we situated. Is that depending on where we finished two years ago you'd have a crossover match. So for example markets playing arrowhead but the way they structured that is it's that the 21 place teams from the classic in the greater metro. We'll play in week one the theory is is that. It would give him an opportunity to. A recover from beating up on each other so. It's a matchup of first place crossover second place third place all the way down and so we have a rolling nonconference game with a classic deepen its mandatory. So when Dick's coaches and our conference on have to go on fine nonconference opponents anymore who so. Add up that did that idea is if there's a conference throughout the state that I wouldn't maybe want it could outwit. Who would view that comforts disk is that I think that that's probably the best. High school top conference in in the state was guard argue that yeah but today you know you guys go if you get it would be the best yep played about say yes right. While in the end Ellis really out of our hands actually dep policy who just announced her retirement from the W I after a very distinguished career up to Stephen's point she set up everything with the realignment and and the W I told us we're gonna Emma mandatory crossover game. We have we have the ability to adjust how we do the crossover game but the decision was made to do it from effectively a first place second place third please crossover. I think we'll see how it goes the first two years we've got to all set for seventeen and eighteen and kind of reevaluate how the crossovers were from there. Heidi do you think these realignment. Look if you can't your crystal ball five years down the road. How different is is gonna look oh it's gonna look different I mean you can see right now on I'll just be perfectly honest with you we got realignment hadn't even occurred yet and there are ready schools that were asking to be realigned again. So I think it's gonna be an ongoing thing I mean football definitely is something that is a key key factor is real driving force and there's no doubt about it and in people to go the city they want relief for a for a place that they can be competitive. Which I was translators they'd like to get situated in the conference where they think they can win I mean well. I told cease might be the best example I any of this that that I think they did ask for relief and I think. I think they should have gotten relief and they didn't. Mama and I I wish that that maybe they would but you know all year again you're talking about one sport in a while Ross Easton football. And and you know had been worked their just retired bright while that's all I must it annoying that staff the way I do there's a lot of coaches their debt. In their sport respective sport did not wanna leave. The greater metro conference in trucks sold a little what what I think is gonna happen at some point in the futures you're gonna see some kind of football only. Conference guy creek. I am I the way to go yet in almost districts and a football guy in that sense and that was discussed and even as an association we've done some things you know to get information from our membership in terms of what they want to do. And to build on Tom's point I think debts and I think everyone looks at two OC saying that they they need relief but you literally John Simon he's been an outstanding boys volleyball coach and they're always in the top five teens every year and boys volleyball on the state. The basketball team to be honest with you if I went back and looked at the records to a cease basketball. May be the winningest boys basketball program in the conference. So autopsies has been very competitive and even an outstanding citizen of the conference's wells so I'm still happy either in the conference. Obviously that's the way realignment worked out but I'm thrilled that therein and actually I'm really excited about tools to Wes coming into a shift cables and been awesome to work with there. Hey Neil broke quick we're gonna get through break in a second but you know we talk about. You would be you know official for as long as you have. Did you duke it worried that there's not enough young officials come in to take the place is some of the guys they're cute little long in the tooth. And it's you know that according to they're you know when I first started four years ago on it took me four years to get into worse speech. You know we're just workhorse again. On nine your first your crucial probably work you know RC you know you offer worst team because are so short of shall that partners. So many you know different benefits to. Being part of you'll be in officiating and apps some of that I mean once guys sure many guys are playing and I've worked with guys. There worked. You know football what I have levels on tell them in many colleges and you don't want my high school as well all of you know too great once you're done playing on a great way to stay involved with a gain column. It will become a passion because it's no longer. Working through this whole thing and you know there. People you meet along the way players coaches as well should you cultural rituals and some of the memories all sheer experiences yeah break we're back community. You don't want to get to you all that division one culture the professional level academic and a whole lot of money as church and a lot of commitment. On its cricket you know that are just some of the benefits it's just there or report in future won't get a new officiating stay with. Plus plus you get to hang out with guys like coach would elude me on Thursday night's rent to the editor or I'm sure that's a big deal for you poised. He's Neal brought her again. We had him are you keep him for the next segments while. Debbie FC hall of fame member will be inducted next year also joined in studio Brian had C commissioner of the greater metro conference. We'll continue our conversation with these guys on the other side this is the pick and say. It's got some football coach association shall presented by reason stakes fund raising and leadership development. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A. Where. A. Welcome back to pick conceived WFCA show presented by raising the stakes fund raising leadership development. I'm Mike we your launch semi coast town swindle. We're joined in studio by Brian Henson he's commissioner greater metro conference in new hope runner is on the phone. He is a football official recently selected to be inducted dude WFC. Hall of fame. Hate Tom when when now when your coach in football. You don't we're brawl was talking basketball is all about making sure that we have young officials you have take over was that a concern for you. It is now is how I've you don't talk to individuals like way low Becky at the WI AA Neal Brian. I've become aware of the shrinking pool of football officials are out there and and you end. And Neil kind of touched on that right before the break but I think. No we have two very knowledgeable men who who know about the the impending perhaps shortage of a football officials and you know we the WFCA would really like to help out and in recruiting individuals into the profession. Frank can you give us an idea of of your role as commissioner of the greater metro conference that the difficulty of getting officials and assigning them to games that mean you work several years out. Yeah it really is a challenge and you know I'm really excited to be in after rich because that was a really positive message that he delivered including with coaches being positive and in even his. If you wanna say he's kind of his. Philosophy in dealing with officials and stuff. And I know there's a lot of coaches that listen this show and I would emphasize this think about this the players that are playing for you now. Are really the potential football officiating pool in the future. You knew your neck and every kid that was a swimmer golfer that you and we gonna say I wanna be a football official it may be a young kid that doesn't have the opportunity to coach because they're college schedule goes and allow or maybe their job after college doesn't allow. But it really gives them an opportunity to stay a part of the game. But I think if coaches only treat officials is kind of a necessary evil kind of another piece of the puzzle. You know it kind of cats and dogs relationship that's always gonna be there without emphasizing the other side of it they're missing on an opportunity to have some really quality kids. Getting involved and be the football officials in the future. It's a great way to stay involved with the game without meaning to put the time and commitment and the idea coach asked him even though there is a lot involved. And Neal I've I've heard you say that's that's partly why you became. Involved in football officiating you wanted to stay involved in the game. And that's you know exactly right arm. You know I'd say went through our school I didn't I didn't really helped off at school Ehrlichman like a brother that. And put on there was an official in the in the neighborhood and remember him doing. Some of the teams. And when I got out of the air force among white championships are what at all that athletic cannot put all Israel should suggestive. Our when people when I was in the airports or to what can they do and we get back while I remember depth feature should be in compliance with it is a time commitment. Op but you know it's been you know good overall home to representing. Slogan. He got me involved with a column be. On the PIK with the local shall kitchen and all you know. I'm part of marketers association at heart. And a big part of bomb now helping me get through much success and collaborating again you'll find more games. Getting up in Seoul on. That's that's a big part being our local social situation you know because we started with you know with the ID get you registered there and then. Progressed he threw different levels. Hey Neil when you have a younger guy just start out in and maybe he's working his first or second or third year on the horse you level. In and I eat normally your your guys stick together so you're with the same crew but if you get a chance to talk to that guy. About some of the things that that you'd be able to teach him. Is far as you know being impeded good communicators and and making sure that. You know they're doing things the right way what are a couple of things that she would tell a young official. You know and that's the depicting a replied that we shall there be time will bring a patrol longer younger guys. Along through a varsity game and trying to work with him in the U Sergey be liable on that and talking about I mean first thing it's. You know knowing the rule with an attribute experience you learn how to apply articles rules and you know you know spirit of things on net and talking about. You'll comport realistic looking sharp and being condition you're in form looking good groomed well armed. You know that. You'd just using a lot of wife slept and so I think you touched on in my. Communications. You can own. A minor leaguers are you learning how to communicate most people skills and preparing. You know be prepared. And a big thing is you know. A mentor don't be afraid to. Get the ball twit you know trying to look at what shall be more experience and it'll look trickles answers on that it's so much of it care. Kurt over two armed. Well I think within like that. I think if built except for a built a strong foundation and our culture and quick on your feet in them. You ship presence of mind as well comparable. Action soul are a lot of drinks carry over into life on chink in the duke one word or you could say you great communicators. Neil we've only have about a minute laughter so. What steps would somebody who wants to get involved at football officiating what steps should they be taking. Well first wanted to I would say its core of their BI website at W I epic that we buy dot org. And it gives you everything that you need on the you know registering with the doctor IRA and do that outline. Arm the second I would say that the guy you have this information on networks like it's. Joining local association wherever York state number of that statement. Your sister for five within the stoppage strapped to an area. And I'll and then bomb dispersed or you buy your own uniform and equipment. Others some information has urged order with. Opponent's injury Davis met on the website to sort that cool would it depicting orbit FBI web site. Clicking on officials have. And then it has you know and following link to law. Then to a crucial argument joining now and register. Neil thank you very much again congratulations. Brian thank you thank you Brian all it is our big list. Hey Tom it's been what any good season for a great season can we do it again next year why can't you bet will walk right back. A year from now and I look forward to that. Good luck with with the off season now they are you and good luck with all the things you got going here you come out policy on Thursday night will. Excellent they solicit and this is the pick and say. Wisconsin football coaches association shall present it. By raises the stakes fund raising and leadership development on its portrait of 1057 FM the fan.