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Saturday, April 21st

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Take me out to the ball game. Save me out with the crowd. So let's talk high school baseball which some of the best high school baseball coaches in the state of Wisconsin isn't so. Windows and doors of Wisconsin baseball coaches show on 1057 FM the fan. Now. Here's high school insider big time might may giver and. Yeah they can do we're talking full Ornette baseball. We are the tub yes DA found by out of its Essex Hamilton it is 2018. There via sea ice Opel Qualcomm by. And I've enjoyed by Mike coats use a past president Deby at CA. It bsc hall of fame member former head football coach at for a police found swindle coats you see it could conceivably I think I've I've been great in a thing Q author. And remote here at the com mind this is certainly one over signature events that yet CA I think we this is your four we've been out here and it's. But the facilities perfect for this in in in coach John to motto allows us to come in here and he works the event. He's joining us right now John for votes it CI event. Outstanding men think he's so much for relentless in mind here. And I don't know better facility and in the Stevens Johnson. To have a program like this and you guys in your staff and people yours does Hampton. You know you guys opened the doors open your arms say come on out will work with you think that all absolutely. You know are really puts in perspective when you look outside emotional on the ground and hear him at that and if disagreed event for the kids but that's all well. A couple of days ago. You know you use when I'm snowboarders don't it's so like the outdoors. How do you by the kids. In in we're doing and why you guys are tired and look at the line right now there are some big big boys via from the state of Wisconsin. But indeed the overall number of kids that are good to come through here and there is what is gonna be right around six under. Now under 600 and the line men who rule is our largest. That's why we leave office with them but yet there's actor cast to be. DC at least 425. Line here and be more real eyes at John I thought they just let the pretty we've we've been able. Go to that at quarterback and receivers gotta get their hair done before they come these boys out here. And that you know you'd get up early they don't have to root vote there it looks like and vendors some some. If you could pick out. And be on the Senate's stamp that would be nice that would be nice audio wise although we have enough food here and are consistently. You sold out everything yeah absolutely Soviet the breakfast burritos are composed going to be gone in about a half followed him to Sacramento. Well hopefully it's a fund raiser for the football program because it is so everything you guys. Town next level again it's about this thing is one mean. Like really well it's like it merely watching it the year they've got roofs different groups there in the weight room. They're doing their runs did you all this update you. And there are seems like everybody's just rate. Well first of all they have read our net the next level run this year you're talking about individuals who are. You know it today at the very top love them out when it comes to. You know strength and condition needed in that kind of thing this is done so professionally we couldn't do it without read our net and next level. And it's really what separates. This com buy it from a lot of other com finances. College coaches capsule much faith in the numbers that branded his crew. Come up with here they know all they got forty time they know that's a correct forty times as some fabricated. Forty time that that somebody can. Put on there recruiting profile. You know and we you talk about numbers for people that are too student at. You're talking about what they run the forty in what they what down how many times are lifting weights so would you talk about numbers their size how tall they are homeless stay away. Right right our support. We measure really everything height and weight there's. Five different. Things are doing out here. From running and jumping two weight lifting so it's it's quite. It's quite look at each athlete here hey John you were a recommend or you do you tell the kids typically the year stuffed animals and that if they're in the played the next level was speaker equate them to me. If this. I think every F it's a little bit different I think some kids need to get to the combine. Some kids. I'd depending on how heavily recruited the hour this is something that maybe don't need to do yeah. So you look at for instance you look at the running back. That arm and how many balls yet he's got offer from ordered game Wisconsin LSU. No need to be one that's right but guys that are right on the ground this is a really outstanding opportunity for them and but decades from now with faults he's one of and in the state correct everybody else. Is you know kids that might be right now tartans and division three schools that really takes widely played division to. Your division to be one they think maybe they can get the division one. This is a perfect place for them and then to get the numbers the correct numbers to be able to send out. It works really well these guys. I I I tell you what we had I have to efforts are today and I had I lost my right tackle to four games of high ankle sprain. And then my my running back linebacker to a broken collarbone in week four so they are both here and you know they're kind of behind the eight ball a little bit. And they gave me did do well today. Because they don't have the film via and be one we on the next level and they have the ability to play at the next level so. This is a great opportunity for them to get back on the map. Geno the other thing this does is is now these kids who compete against each other for the most part. On Niger kids. Better here meant that competitive juices I'll tell you what. They're gonna spend a little extra time in the weight room next week. Greenspan will put extra time to its stuff they have to do because now they're both connect geyser compete with Christopher king he not only. Other field this year you would do it in in in August but then for the following year. Absolutely it's it's an eye opener I think for everyone. You walked in here and one of my guys is he six foot five but. He had he looked I mean he says are two pretty average here. And I said absolutely so. No it's it's great it really you could eyeball the competition and you get competitive juices going and the other thing that I see these guys good to know each other. And I see guys Vermont north talk in the guys in the southeast year and just with social media and everything it's just a great network and its progeny at. You know he lost soul. Down here. A number of college coaches who are right candy and it's not unusual for athletes to be offered scholarships and right here at the com mind. I don't have any final numbers of you know how many college coaches are here. But last year we had in the area right around a hundred college coaches yes representing probably. Close the forty schools that we're here all the way from division 12 division three right new book rather there's college guys walking around. You've taken look and then there's a lot of high school coaches that are your health then yeah I volunteered their time. Coach mass from Marquette is here wave at you go to a lot of these guys come out as part of dub yes CA disabled you need a few large you make money help. And their right here also marlin in some of these coaches high school coaches that are here helping out today. Have driven 34 hours to get here right in order to do this yet we could not do this without the the volunteer work of WFC members. John how does this year's team. Are you guys you'd be when he bomb. It. It's a tough conference your dad is you know very optimistic. But yeah I pick will be improved. Good tickets it to says so I got to a great senior class and I really enjoy the boys quite a bit. But you know with the agility is in change directions dauphin in the weights it's it's great NI they've been doing a phenomenal job but. You know weights don't hit back home in schools and it's yhency view so. It'll it'll it I'll we'll zero in I've had the opportunity to watch John and his staff work. He. Opal in the offseason and in seasoning here and I can find. Finer staff are working staff I mean they they really get after it is and what I noticed about. The players here at Sussex Campbell it is that the cooperate they work cart and they want to be good. Yeah I agree that issues that I host talk about when when anybody ask you about program we came on and on. On a Thursday night either I I'm not quite sure you played walk you Riverside. In a in eight in the level Andrea level three you know. And I was I got here an hour and a half before your student section was built. And the Riverside kids came and there are a run and allowed to kinda get. And your key in your fan base was going to hate you go welcomes us export and they're yelling back and it was all like. Everything you hope was high school now you know just having fun going and noble that I put all clean stuff all guys just. It it it it impressed me this community really support you John and and your staff in this football team. I really appreciate them very fortunate. Odd to be surrounded with such great coaches in and agreement administration team and we do have support here and a fan base is great and we need to get back to. Those ways that we that we had that night you know that was bad that was a great venue whose it was some special though. That was a lot of fun and I've always appreciated. Sort of the competitiveness. Wolf when Allison while outsource seats in Brookfield east. And we would place Sussex he knew we were playing a team that arise again as well coached and and they are always great games yet all. Man we've by the Vicky we've done out here right I hoped you back on your suit on a Thursday night because it the empire made the community relieved races. And we can monitor themselves are really your game John thanks again I really appreciate you will always come on the show and and open your doors at dispute indoor facility. Tool by the kids from all over the state. To come to try to get teased late next level. I really appreciate it guys it's always gonna be Kapanen has long Zamir. Anti Obama and this thing so. I appreciate it tells you that thinks thinks quote daytime we got a good to outlined above. At that 1015. Coach VW platform. Problem Micah and the door pursuit join us yes Al achieved Alec teams and the choice is he coming here he's coming yet also at 1030 Tony wretch. Raises stakes fundraising knows that there'd be should development. Some are they had Thursday night and we'll talk will be about that it was really good Jake Davis from Germany out was unbelievable. Woes keep it we'll talk you talked Tony and then at 1115 Adam walker from forty universities do joint news 1130 the end fraud. From North Dakota and 101145. Point. From next slowly surely wants segment with them. That's you know it added that it would be up that Tony and cut yeah it's sort of even if a at times or thirty years let's get to break of the set of grateful to you get were alive. And it's just it's Hamilton for the 2000 ET WFC. High school football combine. And died towns will and I will be talking to people that are here's some coaches and some parents. And Dow will be chipped it what's going on this is the Pickens it was that's a football coach association show presented. By regions states fund raising and leadership development I'd sports Radio One 057 at them the band. And I news. It's. News. Welcome back to depict him save Wisconsin football coaches association show presented. As always by raises stakes fund raising and leadership development we're alive it's just it's Hamilton high school. For the 2018. WFC high school football com by. I'm Mike we can rely said my cohost teased pumps will we are joined by the head football coach EW plaque they'll. Mike and the door first your miked at the CIA that I'm doing great thanks for having me on today to element you know we really appreciate your willingness to come on the show. What a great com by. For it would great to chance for high school players to use cuts and become so guys like you you're what. Are made up this awesome offense has the opportunity for our young men to continue to dream and be inspired. Two to do great things in high school but also dreamed about. Continue in playing this great game of football and that's what's exciting for me is to see so many of these young men you're performing at a very high level but. Also Lynn in the note that areas colleges and universities in the state of Wisconsin within. No the midwesterner here to recognized their town and give them opportunities here in the near future. To be a college student. IQ you've driven quite a ways to get here and you know you're you're certainly here looking at at players' side do you have a list. That in mind immediately come here with. Specifically to look at some of the athletes you prime BC who registered and you'll. What is your strategy here today well you know overall division three were green as I've been in the business for thirty years ago typically recruiting was still going on at this time a year and more more now we're we're starting identified. Sophomores and juniors. So we have week's average start our junior earliest known in 2019. Recruiting class so we have identified. A number of these young man. The great thing now with huddle and you guys remember the days with that VHS odd life. You know a very it was very tough to evaluate talent. Now with a Columbine and be able to look at their whole film. Before this event as well as after the event because we're gonna pick up some young men that may be Woodson was in on our radar. And will be able to see them run jump indeed some of these drills. They'll put him on our radar in the great thing man is that we go back next week in. Reevaluate them on huddle and and then we start contact him invite him to campus throughout the spring and summer. And that the biggest thing I worry about the recruiting process is I don't want these young men to lose focus of the most important things that is that is their senior year. It's one of the best years your life and yes that thing about playing touch football with I don't want to distract from the machine here it's one of the best years to life and I want them to. Enjoy them moment. That's what I worry about in the recruiting process. And in coach it should be said that you've been at plant fell for eighteen years in. You have completely transform that program I mean from work was when when you took over to where it is now. You know you've been nationally ranked four out of the last five years of into the playoffs I mean. On your hard work is starting to come to. To fruition here yet you know give a lot of talks I was too young head football coach in 1999. I thought it was all but schemes. And as I GAAP mature and now learned my lessons it's really about the people though being a great people and we have a great campus great at education you'd be putt fell. We had you know word out to that we are I think the word was out there with a great academics but our football program we've done a lot of things with facilities. And we're very proud of what we have accomplished last century years we've averaged around eight victories this season especially in this conference and you know I think we're program that's in the top ten. Unfortunately we get to teens in that directly in the top five and it's great coaching great great student athletes and we're very proud but I tell people Simon make it joke at learning disability took me longer than most to build a program but. I'm happy. Not satisfied and happy where we are right now but were also excited for the future. Coach I was upping your neck of the woods. Tape and show they do cult around a quarter job giver at youth sports segment so I got a chance to to just hang on thoughtful for a while. And I drove through the campus first of all if you haven't been on the campus. As you know we plateau it's a beautiful. Facility it's a beautiful place that you play. I have I got a great five from that from that the town itself really good people. Hard working people and I just really enjoyed the time what she did a young man to visit. That that neck of the woods. I would think that you get a pretty good chance to convince in the conflict for. Yet the city of plateaus grownup when I went there in 1990 we have when stoplight now we have seven we have a Dunkin' Donuts and avert him McDonald's and it's a it's about 121000 people the campuses grown quite a bit when I first went there and 99 at ticker romo's 4500 we're now over a thousand students. But you'll if you talk to anyone you're known for engineering but we got a great criminal justice rated station so many other majors. Along with at Aegon and many of the things that we can offer so. Not to mention education is my wife's professor in the Education Department has these so. It is a unique place and that's what's kept me there at plateau for nineteen years. Next year's going to be my twentieth year in and that's unheard of in today's world but. I've learned if you're happy and you exciting around good people. To me that's. What it's all about. He eventually went less than one part of the show that we do. With high school football in this this want comical when it started this it wasn't like. This is what I'm doing that for but I'd at college coach on. And and I didn't do my research well enough to look at his roster and when I had him on the air I have a hundred players three were from the state was not. And I just said look I don't talk anymore and basically cut him loose move down and it. I had so much response from that and I think it's so important that we give our kids a chance that wanna play at the next level. Hit a chance to stay at home in the state it was constant and and and have a chance to play. Looking at your roster you guys Havel and you guys recruit the state Wisconsin heavily. Yeah we doing and where unique where we're located were twenty minutes away from Illinois twenty minutes away from Iowa so. We do have some young men that you know I always say you're recruiting base in division three is a three hour radius around your school. And so you're gonna see some young man. What we have a number of young man from they'll Claire is Steven's point. Were seen. Green Bay we have a young man from Kimberly we did a year ago so we get some very good football players. Locally as well we have a young man from Carleton plot full high school. So we are gonna be very invested in the state of Wisconsin is just unique where our location is. With twenty minutes away from the border Illinois and Iowa and in southwest Wisconsin. We are gonna at times draws young men from Dubuque Iowa sure that's only half an hour away in and some other places from Illinois put. I was Constance grateful why I've always said that that was johnsons are really special place when you look at the Wisconsin state clinic in the east confines. The coaching in Wisconsin is exceptional with the commitment. To high school athletics overall is really really special. Coach for what it's worth former player mind drew Rakers is in your program and and for me. You know. When I when I think of a program it's you know what do the kids say that are in the program pure Rakers loves that plant bill. And he's he's quite a long snapper and he had opportunities. To go elsewhere you know late they're recruiting. In his senior year he had central Michigan and other places you know asking if you Beatrice to music you know what I wanna go to plants built. And he I I know he he feels like he made the right choice so whatever you're doing you're doing it right in it's again a testimony of of one year player. Yet true it's exceptional he's three point nine GPA and a football team one of the best long staffers I think true they'll have opportunities to play at the next level or at least it looks at. He was just elected a captive. So coach credit to you in in he's going in his junior year you don't find too many football teams that the long snapper. By his peers. It's elected. A captive and test your so. He leads Bible study of our our football team for the ones that wanna participate. He's just a natural leader he's a great person is something we focus on. In he's just a solid young man comes from a great set of parents know them very well. So you know again. I don't know if there's too many college programs out there and stay there long snapper. Is the cap yet that now elected by his peers that's awesome. Coast last question I go looking at your background. Your son. I'll play it was on your staff for for a little bit and you know we still lists no he just get a full time job my wife and are so X that he was it GA and if you know but count coaching when they're GA they don't get paid very much irony so there's still on your payroll. So I got a full time job it Cornell college of very Leet school academic school in the state of Iowa. In so he's 24 years old could for him played over in Germany we went over their last summer watch and play my daughter's a sophomore on the women's basketball team. I'm the only one in the family without eat a B plus program degree my wife got her masters at Platte bill. My son graduated from plateau my daughter's about to graduate. So. They give me they teased me that on the 11 of the family without a plateau degree how awesome is that you can speak your chance watch your daughter what. I am I'm on this but this I've had some opportunities to move and bigger schools but. I taller fences if Notre Dame called me and off the quarterback position that would not take it will not leave my daughter. I enjoy the effect of watching her play acted when she was in school. In high school. She ran track for robs their supply flight school and played basketball volleyball and but signing so. The family aspects of very important in its something that I enjoy and I'm glad that she chose like bills that we can. The net trail too far but we. He's Mike Amador freezer at football coach at UB platform Mike ECU. On the have a good time get a chance to to look at all these kids from Wisconsin Marquette and make him a chance to play the next level but besides this this is awesome that you get your. Here talking about this event. And let people know what is what a great opportunity and I know my son went off to a come by a couple of different ones in. This just started up a couple years over anorexia and so. These young men. They don't show up with their awfully terrorists if there were like myself and what they're excited for this opportunity it's it's just a great event so thank you for it and it did everything sent out. Think I really appreciate. It to break the other side the break Alec James you get ready for the NFL draft each year bearden. Two good looking kid maverick Ford talked in the him. And we'll do that on the other side this is the preconceived Wisconsin football coaches association show. Presented by reason state fund raising and leadership development on sports review 157 at the band. I and I shortness. News. Welcome back to the pick and save Wisconsin football coach association show. Presented by raises state fund raising the leadership development we're live Sussex Hamilton high school. 2018 dubious CA high school football combined. We are now joined by Al teams use of Brookfield east grad Wisconsin grad get ready for the NFL two rafts. And what the nation's mid years now it takes to stop them by an event a real good thanks for reaction. I you know I said the A meg cued your choice go to stats he's we a lot of fun we won a lot of games which is exactly what your hope before. No doubt the did the career that she had it was nice to you had a phenomenal full walker the academic side to cure your business. Yet it those are the big thing for me to over them. A lot of people don't even know if my first real high school I don't know coach who knows that no one point eight under any just didn't want to do school than it is wasn't for me. And then armory Telemar that you intuitive matches disappointed that that's the words we words that it. So after that. A surrogate recruited and co host of like the fact that at one point in my freshman is. So after to below 30 in the coming in the cows are kind of taught me. Start off strong and then. I was and cut back through my time with college of room dean's list if I. Academic all Big Ten three times so it's learn limo listener who we've got words academics. I've been a college art hotel high school basketball coach for a long time and I I would love I holed some of these kids don't coach him. Are listening to this because they're now juniors and you're still at that one point 82 point. And they're saying coach one mannequin recruited. Would there's fifteen other kids that are the same level that you wore. Did or three point force there and these these college coaches look at those critical look. I bring them on campus not to worry about that stuff so good good for you how where you were able to tell it. To multitask you would keep all that was it was not a typical park your freshman year. Pollutant to register because when you first come in two Wisconsin. They have such a big support system you really you don't really have much free time is everything's a lot of for some like tutors are. 32 hour meeting with academic advisors resort that's the kind of help you through. And plus what time of recruiting those good high school so we kind of got me through. They're great guys who you. By and and you know were obviously Alec went to Wisconsin and and again it and a great courier is all Big Ten last year but. Know what's lost on people was or is the fact that Al with the national recruit. Allah was huge player of the year and our state and lab it's analysts some of the schools Alec Erica because I was intimately involved in some of the having Notre Dame clamps and TCU. Oklahoma I mean. You're talking Alec could've gone anywhere he wanted to in the country in the country and any chose Wisconsin and I know he's never looked. Bad you know of guys like me that sit and talk about this upload time. Hole we're holding our for a he's we want you stay here more staid town Steve state who go to Madison. And then it's very common out all the rumors started he might go here are much he may deep commitment to a go here. And endure Wisconsin it and you made that decision you step was it the. Yes so for me you when coach Hugh left to lose the organ and and you love that visit beyond human that's the only place you went Allen yeah so like excited little red it was real real cool weather when I was out there before anything was. A compartments of compared everything back to Madison and never rule one of the players only who have something in Eugene and I can't stand back in Madison we got this this is something we must do it. It that's awesome. Well I know that badger fans were you all over the state we're we're we're happy when you when you made that Bob it's eight. This is for another shall but I'll have to tell you about a very heated exchange and with Kyrie Anderson. He thoughts at that Ella Watson coming to Wisconsin a lot of back home to me and that he wouldn't have viewed all he would yell on it and he thought I'd like yeah I finally thought cubic feet that are settled out of her room you're better settle down hole I don't know what you thought you did out there and hold an asset yet but it'll. They would you book back feature your career and and you look at some of these kids they're your. Your dream is the reason they're here today is to try to be the next few. Mean that's what they're thinking in their mind if I can if I can impress some of the people here and try to get to that next level. And then I can become good the next Celek teams when you look back that your crew Wisconsin is your one gamers are one place that you got to go to with a bowl game. All of that she would say look these are doing you're one of the highlights of a biker was not would be this. I would say the biggest highlight for me like aside from running out of time Archos stuff was. When the Kabul and deceive all the confetti fall coverages when it was like slow motion and like just appeared happiness and aerospace and it was planned to confetti do is like snowing do you think that it was awesome there's a real real surreal moment is legacy and kind of just was in slow motion houses. Cancer like evocative Roland. That's that's good stuff that the on the the transition from now you registered your freshman year transition from going high school to college for considerably sooner visitors to come buying. What what was the most difficult challenge of that for you. Also from me yells play into position and I came in as a outside linebacker. And 34. And thus far the picture just gonna really know much about dropped back coverage and on convinced of quite honestly these gentlemen and back. A little linebacker who it was mostly just learn a new position in the speed of the game. And you know for outfit to a lot of kids Richard hasn't been to a world that's kind of where you learn how to manage not only. The football side of things with the schools that if things as well. You know Nike by I gave your high school football coach. Of the open this stuff about what you'd backfield. What you give him the law. You know as answer was when you I don't oh god how did you know you're right if I had to guess I would like best is called good quote if everything. I really. That's just can't give it to Alexy the biggest the fast as the guys. But you're gonna give the ball goes. When Hewitt I've I guess probably I won't look did you like plan and that's the ball is on news is code change that only plays. Like you'd vote play in O line to waiters. And in the always would return on that the the way around when mr. Your coaches that it would go to Asia or you coach you regret it at all but that was a good youth coach you really wouldn't have thought about it they well there. If it yet and I just went right out of not a bad if I would just just do not beat apple kicked out Wall Street. Eight that the the band of Brothers. That that you did they beat guys you've graduated with a B guys that went through the wars with you. You guys who beat France for the rest your life. It became friends and exceptional guy to its two grade through Davis that the guys out there. That's not supposed to happen. We keep each other witnesses who were a lot of you you love we would you think of that that Friday when you wrapped rookies played against for central. I try to tell kids it's not the better and in basketball rivalry game on Friday night the place is back. Those high school days that you missed those. Yeah actually. Solos that did interview for her Jeep because dorm respective sports and I was going through some old pictures and send them. And I came across the ones from that game how has kind of relive it and meanwhile fun noises there's so many people in the stands and losers it was a fun game and wants those. There have been a better. You know I'd end we've talked a lot about Alec right now and not the football player and athlete play. You know it as much as I will remember Alec for all of that. You know I think he needs to be said that that Alec he's truly one of the most humble and modest. Young man I've ever been around for the notoriety that Alec had that he earned all of that. He was he was just them very modest and humble guy almost shied away from all the attention in and I think it bought some of the the recruiting trips that out tonight took him on occasion I would take my son TC and and and I just remember Alec always happy time for TC ME TC was like at six greed or whatever at the time seventh rated. And was just in law of Alec and beyond the silence it motor gamer Michigan's speed or wherever we work. Alec always made a point to include TC in the whole trip and most kids wouldn't have done though. And that comes from me you'd talked about this when he bombed. That that's where that comes obviously you know use your mom and obviously huge influence on the kind young men that that you argue became. And I'm Ron high school kids all the time and your right. It did not Avery but he would do battle and it it. It's not like he's forced duties slightly while it was cool he is needed that's a panicky ones that you program. You want to be ambassador for for warp recoup these who you're it was done right. And and you will always be known as it was not too cute stayed home and and hopes take yet that your program that is well. And what you graduate with replies government papers on its mind. I mean you'll under right now you make it a 154. You uniting here could. Opt out of profit and artistic Benedict archrival. I started at various doctors to a bottom dollar that's a joke that suit you guys if you're your dream which is played the next level. On the I believe it's well I know coach when we absolutely you know whenever that the antsy ready did it take and then after. Yes over people's yards and no one beat focus room was or is life festival on Truman you know it's freaking me. Having tobacco plant does that mean it's not ruin if you give her as winds so then kind of inject injury severity of these partners so. I've always been ready for life polls well. If you could judge you closed your eyes and choose. You play for one team who use where you go. That's about it lasted it's typically don't get opportunities that's all that matters lad but you've told me that you know appears to have been probably he Mets animals talk to you in the often talked to him though few words from the net for weeks ago. Owls who have been we're we're going to be draft that. The rose four. That's awesome. Thank you so much for stopping by could block. In the future and and when football's dobbs and Stewart do the financial thing please reach back they're Gupta and Eric I had tried opportunity to ask you mean to you about giving him 400 actor you have a a code cute you'll wonder if he's out achieves. Just a proud was not a bad really proud. Of him in the things that he's accomplished Natalee on the football field but off the field wall if you really nicer days is that you can root for better. Well that the players would anybody can pick up about hundred that aired its you do see you let's get to a rate other said the break route target when he wretch. From regions states fundraising leadership development. This is the pick into Wisconsin football coaches association shall we live says it's Hamilton. For the 2018. W of CA high school football I'm buying only odd sports review 1057 of them the man. And I motorists. News. Welcome back to the victims save Wisconsin football coaches association show presented. As always fire friends. A race in the states fund raising. And leadership development revive says it's Hamilton high school 2018. To the FC high school football com by. I'm Mike we were alongside my cohost. He's the out former. The past president WFC in their bsc hall of fame member former head football coach app Brookfield east. How nice of accused Alec James he's the best. Whole week and now and I am meant that when you know that that is humble young media. Look if you want you you want somebody Knight said this wall. To be good ambassador for your high school you program your college this data Wisconsin standing right there yeah. That's that's the that's the kid he's that's that's what you want your son to grow I was really nice if you could sum and end up working for him one day. And so I figured I better be nice to right now it and so when I come and interview with whatever company he's running. The banking unit job. I keep your job now with the reasons takes foundries and I think. Maybe like to have you are likely to have yeah I think I rip on him alive so we have fun going back before it. He is. He's eight a sponsor additional. And with guys like without guys like him we couldn't do this and stuff so once they cut Tony rash. Raised in states fundraising leadership development that chance to go to what are your bets on Thursday. And look at both speakers are great Jake Davis at football coach at Germantown. Who while we seek good. Jake Jake asked the thought he could lead off the night and you know obviously as a coach talks to parents and kids all the time but that was his first. Big introduction into heaven or roomful of people but he did know to be able to do some for presenting and blown away I mean the powerful message that he had here in the stories that he. Shared in on talking about the influences. You know the felt that because of the world that influenced him to it to be a better man Steve I'm a football talent and deep keel and those guys. You know that this. You're there that's exactly what we view why we do we do with two to hear stories like that impact the. Our medical never in my wildest dreams did I think that note coded to an event like that and cry. I Jake Davis. Tell yet and and you know what he can leave you a chance are you wanna know story we're talking about. He brought me to tears. And and he said let me tell you eat eat eat it you cried his wife was there's fathers there's these but let me tell you whatever or from that from this. Event in my life and they went on to talk about the leadership side of it and and and a servant leadership in the family side of it. And he look I've had Jake on the show he yeah I did these great Geist he's. But to listen to him. And tell the story and the impact that these kids have on his wife using credit goes thanks for the invite it was really good event in our arrow. Always love having and I everybody that wants to come there I mean this is open the coaches it's open to the public and in our influence meetings or are all about is sharing those stories and and and coaches what they do for deliverables. That make a difference and obviously coach Davis shared with the impacted his kids. The love that port out for his tragedy that he had happened right you know the family these businesses. That's what we do we do. Yet he's about twenty yards from us right now. With this in my throw what you know and it is clear yet if you look guys it's it's awesome in in he realizes. Luther times and I think coach time you'll you'll understand because it does happen all of us where there are times that were so ingrained in what we're doing as a coach. And what we're trying to trying to accomplish that we kind of forget about ruby. All part of our lives yeah you can or you really lose sight of those kinds of things when you get wrapped up in in into coaching yeah. Everything else seems more important than that right it really isn't yet. I just command. Excuse me Tony for putting on an event like that that says a lot about Tony as an individual who had. I've had the opportunity to work with with Tony rationed reason in the states for a number of years. And not only have we reached every fund raising goal we've ever sat out with Tony. But it's that other side that beat Tony really cares about individuals. And he really cares when he when he's taught in leadership he means that he wants to develop leaders. You don't develop young men into leaders. What's interest because on the use sports show and on this show. When I talk to people about you know their youth program either raise their fun stuff like that if it's so easy for me. To say to them you Tony Roche well. You're you're doing all this other stuff and you're put all this sweat equity I'm into it. Rather than running your program and you need to raise money just call him. And he will teach you and show you either make a main make the money that you need. Appreciate the compliments and kind words and you haven't people reach out to a size many people as we can help that's who we absolutely love to do. And we've got so much you know if people think that we are all football what we work with every sport every nonprofit that means a raise money. And we have a lot of different things it's not just took you don't discount cards. We got a couple of new things that atlas talked about this as though you'll John Arizona said absolutely yeah we're we've got to get to a break on the senate record continued talking to Tony reg. He is again the owner raises takes fundraising leadership development this is the preconceived Wisconsin football coaches association show. I'm sports or do you want a high of seven FM the fan. Us. Doesn't stop us from talking. This is the pick of say Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raising the stakes fundraising and leadership and Gary your host yeah. Pass WFCA president Tom swell and WS SP high school insider. Big time Mike Mike. When he wrecked my authorize a welcome back after the I think it's a Chris Cox of football coach association show presented by ray's face but reasoned leadership development revive. At Sussex Hamilton ma'am what agreed in Europe so this is 2018 degree of sea ice hopeful while combined. I'm Mike we Euro launch site times little time you got a few really good about the deep did you think we started this years ago that that you would be. You maxed out his first few my kids and just how well this thing he's been received. I'd I'd new goal to this level. It's just something that's needed man. Under the great though leadership of Tony you'll who. On this absolutely. I haven't seen him he's he's everywhere yet another round today. But under his leadership he knew it was going to be agrees that and yeah I mean it. And at what makes this event is this facility. You we couldn't do this go out the cooperation. In the generosity of Sussex gamble that one and the you know these kids are in worthy indoor facility you want them all. And that we all if it's them it's ridiculous yeah and so you can get all of this in and done in one day. And in it now linebackers drought in it or immediate comment where it's different body size in these kids who look a little bit later on their feet these boys. And then the running backs are common in. And the tight end and every orbit receivers and the Beazer and after and then the quarterback and tight ends and then at the end they're they've got to patsy to roll. Japanese are you eat yeah trick you'll have the quarterbacks throw for the count coach here we are also joint when he ration. It raises stakes fun reason leaders that moment I found out he's vehicles show with me when that. Yeah it's yeah see I gotta think about this now me twenties. Sometime in May yeah may nineteenth code made ninety but it's it's it's Saturday after Mother's Day Alvin and get out and pages and see it going it's. I don't read this step in in my place OK that's fine but. Maybe I should have succeed in this at a 46 years after your diary or TV fail or victory for Raj. A technical. Show you're. Widely used in my fighter back if you beat her head unit keeping a hearing you now is it you can call eight. Before we went to break you should he select. You know we sell cookies don't we were a lot of money for people. There's some other programs that that that would do right now. That there are some organizations schools involved that's a couple things I wanted to share with everybody atlases and today we have a brand new partnership with set index foods. As you know local grocer fantastic people. And though we we have new product it's it's an index card. It's a forty dollar product. And there're over 75 dollars and deals on it in it's going to be great products were looking to raise money orders so simple easy. We don't have a product that would relate cookies or he does Pringles. Which we also have available. Arguably it would take Ricardo profits will be 7585%. Depending on the number of cards sold an accurate view their product will be very popular political seventies and its locations. So even if you live in one community has it's an excerpt you have family friends and other community we will reach out to them publics of homer. Discount cards for football team observers to communities so we're excited about that we also have a new cookie finished but eat in a tub. That we we have Natalie normal sales but you know what we have an honor to. Website at our age where people can order inhabit ship right to their house still raise money for four. People to what you were an example both by the there you have a lot of us a sample a lot of over at their clinic there murder victim they're like my wife tonight wolf enjoy them yet another that through work you people go to get more nations are they go to our website raising the stakes in that comment stakes as well to me it's a little bit of a plan works but if anybody. It's army they would know that took you know steaks are kind of my specialty. Hand out they can also call me at 2622277732. We would love to help any and everybody and use our school. Churches. You groups we we have received county four H works well so. Yeah I do that means real what Tony I sent in in you know this is we have this conversation alive but I've I've know a lot of people that have or are in. That they kind of that that a reader that you that you work in. But they theirs is a job that's that they do for their job and then at 5 o'clock. This thing is important you mean this is kind of you'd like it weaves raiding the fabric of who you or what your wife. It is about helping people. Making sure that did that the next leaders in our community here coming from our high schools and some of our sports teams. On your also apparent now a young man that just participants come by. Yes my son Mason is a sophomore at homestead and he's a he also kicks and punts but he was that he was in the first group today with all the big guys beefy guys out there and and out competed it was great opportunity I think as a parent you wanna see your kids compete. Right whether there whether there are great athlete or an average athlete but to come out here and put themselves up against the other guys that that do what they do. To see where they stand and it's a great measuring tool for them. To hopefully inspire them to work harder if they see kids that are are more gifted and talented and stronger and faster on stuff so. Today it today is appearance sitting here too watching and I mean impressive young man crawl the board. And to have the opportunity again to see all these college coaches that are here the common and look at these guys and get an idea and of course are paying attention to body language. Are just as much as what they actually do well there are so from a parent's perspective. What a great opportunity and and coach don't think you are met further recruiting tool to be able to to do it affordably and no great people are behind that. And to get that information out to those coaches as well it's that very thing so thank you. Well thank you Lynn in yet we we hope that the at WFC eight player profiles really takes off week. We have upon a 165. Mark come by participants that 30%. The mine is elected to to do a player profile. So. As a parent. And you know you're already thinking about college and letters what are some of the thoughts in your mind anyway what when you think about college for me said what are some of the things that are important to you as a parent. Well for for me you know and in. Fortunately it what I do and relationships of all the guys the guys that I work with from a coaching standpoint I know a lot of the college coaches that are here. For me it's. As much as I do it is gonna hold them accountable. And and hold his feet to the fire and make sure he's doing what he needs to in the classroom. For me that's the most important thing because even if somehow someway he does become a professional athlete that some day that's over. And and you need to have that foundation so I I want him for some or most of the gold was school where he's going to be taking care of and that certainly the athletics items you know he's he's he's a very gifted kid he's got to work a little harder and when he figures that they now you know sky's the limit so. You would think commodore. Come on like this if that doesn't turn the light on for him to give him. You know a little bit more competitive and get that in the weight room. I don't know what he he's walking around will connect guys that it geez software issues seniors. And there were some gifted athletes are out here they're at and will and you're in you've got to believe that that he book to run away. Okay are right now I gate it's just not the nine or ten or twelve guys I've got to homestead. I look at all these guys are so you know it's it it it did when that like cosigned he's he's you'd be dangerous the EE is. I mean that the first and foremost again not only two on one of the most of Moran north interest but Mason more so than anything else is agree or man. Teachers loved him. Adults love talking to him he goes up and shake her hand with a nice firm handshake it and I couldn't be more proud of what a great young man he is. So that again to me is more important than that a lot of other things out there in the world yeah I agree. Now how's business right now is cute and your fear of they have businesses fantastic. You know. It's a sick cyclical business you know sometimes they're more sports going on than others. But for us we've turned it into your own thing again with the leadership the influence meetings and I get for us it's way more than just raising money you know anybody can. Drop off order forms and and come back a month later and say you know here's your stuff. We we try to take it to his people level as possible so that we can have that relationship and their connection and help people for the long term not just the short term. Ed you know something we haven't talked about today is your your team is ski 262. How's that going I appreciate your bringing that up coach it's it's going really really well. My expense to our facility love to have you in the family out but our coaches. They've keel. And dumber coffin from sophomore walking in and I could go on they bring their kids out. We let them put the headphones on much like I am right now and we let them watch. So they can see and hear everything Nichols on identify their better leaders have some great laughs because there's some stuff that happens those rooms that just. Quite funny. And then we have we knew we do a little pizza buffets for the kids it's a very affordable our normal rates for anybody listen authored which is wants from the players if rooms. Our Sunday through Thursday were 25 dollars per person Friday Saturday were at thirty dollars per person. But we want again. We're thinking about coaches were thinking about kids we make it very affordable so it's fifteen dollars as are ours are athletes student athlete special. And that if they want the peach of a face an actress an extra five bucks with a profit on the right next door to us so it's very affordable at forty dollars a kid you feed him and they and they have a great experience and we've got. Again. Up a number of coaches that do are influenced meetings will also on the team escape and and share some leadership stuff with with the student athletes and it's been extremely well received. He broke quick I do leadership's side of of your business and when I attended. On on Thursday night where does that start how did that start my remit for God's pet but novel who lives up from Appleton. Other than my wife he's my best friend in life and I've got a lot of great friends but pat. There's a huge servant leadership guy he works with with the has worked with guys from festival foods and quick trip at Southwest Airlines were their mission is servant leadership. And because that was. What he was into and just kind of my personality and wanted to give back we just felt like man what a great buy and to be able to not only. Do the fundraising side but at the leadership and at the helping building teen culture and character young people and that's where it started about three years ago with our influence meetings and it's just continues to grow and grow and grow. Why will keep up the good work. You know Tony it's really it's good to see you. You know we've become friends and you know I I massive deal about it but you your my heart is at a big fan years and and I never get nervous. Round recommending you for any of the stuff so that that's where this thing has gone. And anybody who says look we're we do this to fund raise I go why. Likewise why do you do that why did you have Tony committed to carriers though so it's good to see you thank you very much I guess that's the inmate and I might be sick that day we'll see while I have it. All of my dog on a bigger Severino is not a social bought this afternoon I don't know. I'm no there aren't feeling much better by the way. They were gonna get through break and instead of breaking Adam walker from concordia university will. Join us this is the vacancy was got to football coaches association show. Presented by reason states fund raising and leadership. Development. On sports Radio One 57 app that the band. You and I I had no business. So where. A. Welcome back from the Pickens say Wisconsin football coach association show. Presented by regions states fund raising leadership development we're live at Sussex. Hamilton high school. 2018 WFC a school football com by. I'm Mike we your rewards tied arms will air next guess he's deep offensive coordinator. Actually according university he is Adam walker coach thanks so much for stopping by now you've got to do well appreciate the I mean yeah you bet. Paper for a college coach. To be able come out to an event like this. And in to see all these Wisconsin's student athletes that are walking through trying to get guys like you do notice them this is a good event for you yet. Holidays I mean you get to see which kids are explosive. How they move how fluent they are. In just sort of get it. A feel for. This self confidence as they walked around. You know we asked this question earlier of Mike and the door for from plant spill but. If you come here today with a list of guys that year that you're looking in a team you have sort of a recruiting lists that your working awful. For today's event mean you have one of our assistant coaches retreat to now he's a little. Encyclopedias that I met on the Internet and that's a so I have been with media update me him all the kids that we need to be and special effects and. Where you gotta have guys like that coaches on view here just got a text him here Perry. Went on sale load you got a lot of love and respect for you and your wife and and here's wanted to pick yes he is altogether in law. Well he you know he is one of the good guys let's talk a little bit about. And corps university boot camp before your background coach were you grow up or who's cool stuff like that. I'm risen from the corporate group in the Bronx. Came out the most Wisconsin but occurred to throw it back and early eighties. It's relative memo wife anymore. That they did I heard she's at her other that's got an order and then kick the he played football Carthage I did quarterback room tracked him more. She's judge Kathleen Washington. And then from there. In Milwaukee. And certainly the received raises. Some protein for use in. More. And yet while I was coaching that's who were re coach nice book I've started. Coaching. As an assistant Washington and Greenland. Could get a starter. And and there aren't a lot yeah that one year you know went there yet from where players have reported that he says okay. A that's that's great about it at Johnson but it did it opened my eyes up to understanding of the sizable Princeton. And then I want to go to mr. And then one left pastor. I got in coaching job with north in his eyes and I'm from north into. And different. Animal coaching a college you know I I'm a high school basketball coaching and and so what you guys do at the college level. Obviously he's quite a bit different than what's been done without school my high school you do it with you yeah I mean. I can go back today coach art School of Law that's football but the kids that you have which. The beauty colleges. This event here you get to go and select. You put your puzzle together but what you want which you which you need you know so that's the fun part the recruiting par at the beginning kids to fit into here. Your per ruffle Austrian those kind of things. Now you've coached two with head coach great editor at Carthage yeah. Yen to he talked to and then moving with them to concordia there he did not tell the teller. I had left them with a concordia who committed Turco for props excuse OK. They and he followed me. OK yeah he's got to thank you that. So I think if it coach if somebody asks you the type of defense or corners you why are. We'll use your philosophy on and coach and that's the wall. On what you tell them you eat you for years he backs up and you bump and run you would swat. I can stimulate what what kind of you offensive coordinator would you consider yourself. I would say I'm a person. Are really good teams were able have good man to man. Coverage that's when you have that you can. To a lot more. When you don't have that yet the sort of work on zone blitzes and some perches in the government here that's where we've been for the last few years but I think we'll get back to the world star and if you. Do it yet who can you gotta get some dudes man who can cover up and and that I'm excited about where defense is the greatest. And you know I looked at your your roster. The preparation for the showed today in IBC you have a lot of Wisconsin guys but. I'm you know I look at some of the other states represented on your roster you guys really recruit nationwide. We do. Myself from Pablo Croce you Richie. We. Have. Southeast. Wisconsin New York pretty much. East of Wisconsin and we have a couple of coaches in California. Now coaching Texas and Colorado. And think it's best there's so many quality colleges here in Wisconsin that you almost over recruit each other and trying to get. You know the best of the. And it's got to get that dudes right I remember talking to. Coach K over at that Caroline and lose and I think it was a told ceased at that time in. Anyway I remember him saying to me he goes you know. If every kid I talked to ends up Cornel Whitewater like they say. They're gonna go to oiler they're gonna have a 110 freshman Alberta football and your item is say kidnapped state everybody recruits the same kid. And it's it's this tough tough with the title well it's a tough sell. What we try to sell kids on the fact that. We do have a team GPA of three point know what country puts it every year. Since coach has been here I want to be maintenance and kids graduated. While you know so potent that just big number both of big cells from the Arab media more so here. And a lot of kids by and on top of that. You know we've looked to be one conference favorites every year right. And one of the things that story may know what I think is that. I think it helps cells can Courtney are your facilities you. Just tremendous. Athletic facilities on campus skin can you talk about a little bit well when I came in. They're very twelfth 2006. The president promised the upgrade to track him all the facilities and even through his words mean president sports fans and they've built something new pretty much every year in the you know bill that they will come in and they do it's it's helped part of. Bill this old I AM I remember Ken Corley was State Street in Milwaukee I actually two of us yeah I in the early eighties I actually interviewed there with and he left to acted up defense coordinators position. There and the only reason I didn't do it is that he didn't have a job for me I campus but. Yeah that was a long time ago it's. You know I know it's got to be bloody 83 years something like that probably and. Argued while there in an Alley and lakers have the best approach target were part of that you view I chewed out on the big fan of Sean Cassidy and David both in the guys were the vast wealth program. Which you go out there and you for yet how beautiful. People the backward away kids in the laughs and you forget how beautiful that whole area. Is and there's and they do a really nice job I think of giving their kids on campus. Chance to get involved in a lot of different things and I'm a big fairly good corps university I think dude you guys to write and like Tom I the future roster and part of this this show. Is we wanna showcase and islets from these kids that want a chance to play the next level. And if they truly. Are our love of football good student athletes there's just there's a place for all these it. Forward out of my three kids often. It excited about the white wars and our scouts and deservedly so mean quality programs. But there are a lot of quality private schools. Here in Wisconsin in which you can come. You have big fish in the small pond you get a chance to play quality football integrated education. And do things that you wanted to do. Rod yourself with really good people mean to people that they care and courted the reputation. Of the staff. And and the administration there is take your people about these kids. And I think that as a parent that's really important for us to know that you guys are you take good care of our kids. Our kids got to do their part but you know unit reduced up form. But you're you'd be there to help support. In any way that you. Can't well that's why I love my coach I mean his philosophy. Com our pride counsel for personal responsibility daily effort is reporting today. And like he tells the parents you know or tells most people is don't care problem which you know until they don't much care for kids and our program. Know that coaches and general general genuine. Care for them and I won't hold you accountable don't give me wrong right you know put. If you need something we're going to be here created to help you get album. Graduated its most important part here at least it won't play professional football. And it and if it if it happens is gonna happen you know it's a lot different back then they went out real real they have. You two men huddled and all kinds of different things you know and if you complain you complain if you can't. You know you get a chance flew open right option right he would sort live. It dead and eight that matter really you you have you may have been short lived that you put on that uniform and chip it was a time. Meant good for you he is Adam walker defense of coordinator. Like record the university. Many of you get a chance on their website they're athletic website read his bio. This is a good guy meant guide. Maybe income from was guys have been easier to stay. He is here to stay he's it was gutsy guy right now as you can see you then make it reminds you belch or get through break. Other set of great route the dark and the end Freud. He is up from North Dakota university. This is the picket Steve Wisconsin football coach associates Cho presented by. The reason states fund raising leadership development on its portrait you want a 57 FM the fan thank. You and I own service. It's. News. Welcome back to depicted saved up yet CH kill presented by raising the stakes fund raising leadership development live at Sussex Hamilton. But it WFCA. 2018. High school football conned by a Mike the bureau wants semi coast he stomped swindle. Now joined by. The F Freud who just found out that it is the ad longtime coach of saint Joe's. Longtime coach at saint Joe's and we're all kind of talking about. Coates was at the medic and went to mass or courts that's what the Medicare and now Martin Luther in the saint Joe's conference and you know I think it's him that we always kicked saint Joe's book but I don't think that's I've. Eke out on the sidelines at a I can't all of a low ball well get in the way you know that's in the field goals on he Hugo's where he would probably. We are to an extra point you might not experience yet that's. That's awesome to me you know I got a guy who work with these saint Joe's got it he had Alex Oakland. You always. When he listens by Cuba he smacked the Saint Joseph their contentment. And so Monday I had during your alone on the book love our clients I've got a lot of great memories of that league Geo Metro it you know Marquette I've now with more demanding. I was real. It right it was Bob. It's when I cut my teeth in coaching in the early eighties was the head coach at dominicans are needed in 83. Dan had been assisted their pride in that I think about the other coaches that we eat your dad. Bob last billion billion on. Jim Haluska. You know Dick national if I mean here I was steal 2425. Years till I didn't know the in thing. Coaching against these guys I gotta I kind of lesson and harper if speaking of that my dad played it Saint Mary's springs for a pop up by all the island I went highlighted it started like. In my dad's junior senior hating on islands like first couple years when he said he was young and this. I'll still go on the employee error is I mean you dot firemen and I like them into LaGuardia. We've got a knife who the owners of high school coaches of their adult like few months off and I go why don't you do well they'd never I know why you know like BC wins Ali and they're tough and they're now of me is discipline and all that you know you get to a program to that level. The freshmen come in notes yet that was expected them on stuff like that hate Vicki so much for Cooper stop them by a cop on like this. For a guy like you would what you what you coach at north Michael sliders to yours okay yeah so you'd those boys are coming up next yup. Yup they knew we all have kind of areas that we recruit and I recruit southern Wisconsin for a program months of the ties that makes a lot of sense it's perfect for you it's great for a Austin and these are so important beat his. We get out the high school visit with coaches try to ignite wait you know. Some guys up at workouts in the spring but in order today you know you can see so many guys in the same spot. Go through the com nine testing that we do that our summer camps you know couple months before that he can sort of pinpoint guys compatibility your pre boards in. Wisconsin Gregory state for count that we what the high school coaches it's not just the upper levels that he can find kids from. Division 567. You know yes across the board great coaches. You find a lot of kids in this state that are three sport athletes. That are have a lot of potential upside to be Greek possible players well and one of the reasons why this come by and it's all popular is weakest division one coaches like yourself. It comes in in looks at these players app yet it's it's kind of like Armenian FO Tom ninth on spinone you keep your eyes that much guys and obviously in the give aspirations like college football what if not better way to get from a coaches and that the company's things in. It's just being in North Dakota being around Minnesota some of the surrounding states a lot of those. Coaches association there like Alison how did that with they're trying to replicate this in other states because they know the exposure that provides and you know the work you guys put into it to actually get coach I want you and I and our I've been there seven seasons with the enemy here and play their 20 you did were you quote part of that is that once season Carthage college and notes that very graduated. Com from you Indy. I went back to you Indians when he 1111 gadget and it's kind of go home where you were deeply now live at home for a year and a half and I've actually. I was in the business world for about a year at talent in this telephone and be like my dad coach football analogy I want to coach Phillips or which level. You know that's now realize that and they obeyed GA and then I worked my way up in it for you at and did it in coach Roy diseases. It quickly establish itself is as one of the top coaches it comes in the state to recruit without question I mean. He reputation in it is it is incredible. And theirs. You know it and I Knoll that the Arctic cold is just the quality program and and you've got a number of Wisconsin guys through the years Yan and it's got to continue that way. North Dakota and integrates David populations it's you know for division one talent so. Minnesota Wisconsin are huge for us and especially with we have a lot of tradition like. We entry for starters our team right now for what's gone from guys that rapist come mine 23 years ago and you know and it's. We've got six common in the 2018 class that kidding guys that are there in July in couple from sun prairie come from the Milwaukee area and throughout the state. Anchor good for you toughest part of your job. Coaches in this time a year is it it during the season. And in I'm wondered I asked this question in in youth sports show they do what keeps you up at night. That I mean that top eight Allen call it tough could say it that or coach in football and being around coaches that's it's a failure during the Kennedy that stuff but. It because it goes in cycles slightly. It's nothing ever the same like I like this time your your how you know visiting with high school coaches mean new you know. Potential guys but it. The new beetle with your family that's tough part but in season along longer hours out in the fall but you're also playing football and yet on that is that. That we want wife and kids yep wife but to kids three to one year old O'Meara and castle or admiral over the plate right now I see a lot but there's a special place and haven't for coaching wise man. They got to be rightly really they're independent and tough and fees are working and he's training for a marathon right now like wow it out so it's pretty impressive what they do with the canoneers. Your blessed in that regard he can't do with special one home run got such great things look forward to a 13 Euro. I've built my controller at three grandsons that went on a street. Tom's not that all that now but yet kids there are art on this on his plate college football but there's so many great things for you. To look forward to an end. And being able to fit for coach and make sure that you take here which chip maker of at home insurers have your father's Cuba no question about it he's kinda when you look up to roll Molly you know. The guy you look up the most and you kind of mile high you do things as a coach after and what you sob. On the sideline for your younger you know who's got how you treat players tight develop relationships you. Go about teaching the game you know that's that's what's special about it coach what you for when you book when you come to a place like this. What I always wonder did through your eyes what do you look and for the good question you know it's a lot of. Recruiting is projecting because he you know you want to be able to play their best football and Eric Collins you know he obviously record high school player but he. You you you look at body types. The big guys that can movie and you want those free sport athletes that are. You know doing date I first say different types of you know events and in basketball the big one track and field the big one just guys that can. You know with their hips you know open up in bend a little bit and obviously looking for the the obvious the speed that right the height but there's some other things that. You can kind of project and say he's gonna be at this late in three years or he's gonna you know be able to play this position and and sometimes it's. Maybe not beat a position to play in high school league and it's a new VA did this for senior editor DB where it right there's backer might turn into a DN utilized. You evaluate this kind of look in and be open minded what how you approach I think is important because. You know some guys lift a lot of schools some guys don't you know it's it's and I've had that luxury of this. The slayer right here at home might happen if we don't want to water pretty baked with programs in our way to not make the phone and I. I don't post a lot of qualities. If I kind of added it is. This facility. You take a step down the road all these criteria I hear you. I'm I'm 100% with he would although it marked the quote you've got to really in it we knew we have a great indoor facility we have great alumni great support and world and the way up it's very very good spot. If I were to ask you. You're your view if you were to look five years I wrote and yours wrote. Beat him head coach Sampson obviously you've opened for no question no he you're starting to develop. What type of head coach you're going to be. Yes he lawless you always are in your house and with coaches that you meet and as if experience is a Pat Buchanan. Yeah you gotta stay true to yourself and your personality but he also kind of hero is studying guys who have press conferences whether it's. Watson you know going to practices and just learning growing and I think the game's always changing and you know you're always trying to kind of stay within into you know it to learning grow and learn new things in in when you don't do that make you fall behind. You always play you know power five school and become Rudy guys have on your schedule next year I University of Washington so we ought to Seattle and played in the second game in the years Adobe top ten in the country and that the quarterback brown I think coming back he'll be a senior in I think candidates I'm surprised he's coming back I. I thought maybe he'd step in notice there's always you know last threw out to Utah played you talk tough. Couple years ago we went on beat Wyoming. And they got a quarterback coming out this year for those kind of are are being when it went of the programs you'll be. FBS Wyoming in the got a couple big ten's on the horizon Nebraska down the road in. Yes you know coach really. Quickly if you could judge if you could sit in front all these high school student athletes and tell them what it takes. It did tonight only competed the next level but to be able multi ethnic here there could their school work. You'll what you watcher when you're in the kitchen what's your sales pitch is far too these kids what it takes to go to the next level. Yeah I think it's just it's got to start being a good person you know being a good teammate meaning that guy and the community doing what's right in the classroom and you know. Just outside and I think everything in your life kind of carries over to the football you know we teller that all the time when our teen EPA goes up are we gonna you know it's. We're doing the right things in the community you know. And year development chemistry with your teammates and the more I mean it's the more you realize that. Every gonna have talent it takes the the elite locker room in the leadership peace and that's the type Stuckey tennis studying trying to ask coach is about hero recruiting and houses guy. You know home. You know how in the locker room policy in the school how does he treat you know its parent or friend that's that's the stuff being kind of separate guys with. Now I appreciate that because. You know what they're there are some players have had over the years coached basketball. That don't understand. When it queuing near get recruited why college coach comes 25 minutes early. Because they wanna see how you Iraq when you're warming up they know he can play urea and their radar. When I put you on the game. Do you walked past me could you ticked off at me. They did they'd they'd look at me like some crazy omit. You don't know which time but look if you're six elevenths OK you get away with that her 61 guard with a 2.3 grade point average and you're gonna pull me. You often hear it and that's good point is this one of the things you watch for a beat Cantonese come by and that is. If a kid has a bad rap or he getting cold cuts UT coaching how to respond when things don't go his way that. You can release the that's that's adversity you're gonna face its common regardless who you know when it's gonna happen it's gonna happen and you gotta have Kitna can handle that in coaching in in the able blue book Laurie girl from a they won they have the pretty boys come last year as a receiver to quarter I think tricky you've got to throw them all I had done that I ignored his they have the he's that got you do in the five and a three static crowd baked goods and boys come orally. You know I can bet we'd never you don't you don't lower buchert under Clinton and others to voice what the Magellan there they're common acknowledged me back as I have anymore it's gone you know I think. But Tennessee coach thank you fear for with a today and yen that you are right since the iron in in coach gene and don't forget. I look at you know two guys that I've worked with one was to policy that we on the or he and you're the other guys I've always appreciated the way you recruited my guys. You know it's how you handle things meaning library much I think you guys that you see haggard yet formally Iowa today there tonight or grow our educate medical beverages that they you multifamily you know gag about you tell them accurate says. Wherever you was these two peaks seen I don't know enough about it. It's cute so many memories only to have it have a great day thank you tackle the ticket out of our last yes it's the end over there is Tony. To join us next on the picket state which got to football coach association shall presented. By regions states boundaries and leadership development. I'm Sports Radio 57 at that the man. And Reyes. Years. As. Welcome back to the tickets it was cuts of football coach association show revive its Essex Hamilton. And it you know what we spent too little too much time and he's so good. But we cut Tony and short let to get them on again story but that Tony had double well never better the yeah I apologize for that it's really keeps CU. You were talking during the great that you were you have worn and worldwide at at this com buying this thing he has he has really. It's almost like this this watch that just weren't perfectly with the with the guys next level with your Geist here. This has really become just to premiere place for right school athletes secure the words I agree Mike. Thanks for having me and this is just turned into such a you know this was the brainchild of the WFCA. And then they brought in next level a group really that has kind of the same core tenants in terms of what they wanted to do for kids from Wisconsin and for us to be able to bring 800 kids from around the state. And let them be show cased in front of Hunter College coaches. Is just an incredible it's an incredible thing for me to be a problem part of both as a parent. High school football coach and then as a as a partner at next level. If it's just a great event and then again I've worked in the forty yard by dash line today. And I you know elected try to relax these kids and ask where they're from and she's just here and you know it's like state map of just seeing all these corners of the state it was cancer and and know when that these kids are getting a shot. To get. Great numbers by a third party in this case next level. That they can put on line that they can put on their profiles. That they have a legit forty time they have legit they'll drill time. Vertical jump and all the events that are using today and I just think it's a great. It's a great thing for Wisconsin to be part of. Well and what makes it that way Tony he has the next level maybe you're your reputation as an organization. You know on all the things you guys do it tree need. Professional athletes in college athletes and high school athletes I mean it's it's. You know when I talked to I talked a lot of college coaches about our player profile thing in and win. We. When I talked to Wisconsin and hypocrisy about it you know one of these successes all of next level radios you know it's comparing apples to apples and for college coach. That is it's of the legitimacy that next level businesses. Is so valuable. I appreciate that comment and again when you look at. The guys that have come through next level I mean it's easy to say the white boys and but you got guys like Chris miracles and and now the new class of on soon to be NFL our prospects Alec James who was on earlier. And you look at the training that he receive that next level along with what he receive at their high school level. And then college level. It's really great for the kids it was counts and and I hate to be sort territorial. But I really think that the time has come and when you think about the investment that the WFCA. In places like next level have put into our kids. It's really really kind of special now to see some of those kids at the NFL level playing division one football Indian on the map. Well on the other thing Tony that you done for us multiple occasions on the show. Being a parent who has had a number of recruited. You know football players sons. You know you always give us such great insight into the recruiting process that has been very valuable and and you know we've we want thank you for that as well it you know what can I just go their first second. An edge in I apologize if I've said anybody listen are you but you and your youngest son. Was in my view and I love coach Roni dot Thatcher's soul under recruited it's not even funny. And the fact that he's that if he had entrusted it did and playing. At at the new division one college here in the state of Wisconsin if he had interest plane there. And he and he's not able to use the best player in the best conference the last two years and and I just. I'm frustrated we haven't had this conversation you and I personally. But for this stuff I do every week. I'm were I get frustrated with stuff like that I'd love that kid and I think that that. A place like Wisconsin could could say okay. You what compete for special teams this year compete for you know being a safety the following year we have to worry but can cluster we have to worry about him being a knuckle head. And so. That well since my I agree and I and I told you this Tony and to Peter up at the all states thing you know Peter was by flyers the most exciting. Players that I've seen the last two years in and you know I mild in the best player in the state and Bennett I don't I did I don't know. That little guy and I don't Tony I love yet you know what I've known you for a your your whole life I've known yes your father. Huge fan of his when he was with those your mom. So I had to get that off my chest thank you I I love Peter because I do think I and I love the fact he's seen its day. I just think he should be Wear red white. That's just me it's because you think we've come back. Any time you guys want to Wear it. You they don't you get they forgiveness here again and this good stuff we gotta get out this is the picket save Wisconsin football coaches association show presented. I reasons state fund raising and leadership development. I'm sports Radio One 57 FM the fan.