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Saturday, May 19th
WFCA Show - Mike McGivern is joined by Tony Resch from Raising the Steaks and Leadership Development 

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Doesn't stop us from. From talking football. This isn't because they Wisconsin football coaches association Cho presented by raising the stakes fundraising and leadership and Gary your host yeah. Pass WFCA president Tom swell and WS SV high school insider. Big time Mike McGee. Welcoming the pick in say Wisconsin football coach association shall present it. By reason states fund raising leadership development I am might we get relaunch said Michael Rose this week. He's sitting in for Thomas will he's the owner of raises stakes fund raiser Tony rush hour Tony. A fantastic Mike thanks for having me and thanks coach for a taken a weekend up there eco he. We've done this before Sony's so we in this disease in menu and I Chad we could do it ourselves for a large but I appreciate the help book in the show. And we've got a good show our first guest is Julie's Davis running back number falls where talk to for awhile and Jake Davis. Head coach from Germantown at 1030 will join us. At 11 o'clock Ed Garza. From healing patriots. Will join instead gave keel from homestead 1115 Greg mauling. Formal Condit walked rhetorical lot of high school football today. The guy just walked out one of the bit more of the better coaches I think in the area Bryan Fletcher centigrade Jabber SeaWorld death clutch. Clutch is a great guy I've met them 11 time before our little introduction this morning again to get re acquainted. But I hear nothing but great things about him and I wish him off the bus assessed as he's clearly a great man and a coach burqa that I gonna sky to a mere fire firemen you know when you need a net serve in the country and that's awesome. You know when he said. I like Lisa look I can I can look these kids in the youth program the I'd say look I'm going to be here. You know down in her senior area that's that hasn't happened a lot was some some guys. And for him to be able look at them as salmon have been here so you develop and and become play for meat on high school level. I think that's the reason his. That we used to rebel youth program has grown to the point that that they need to be standalone now and died and good for him and I appreciate those guys prominent. Wisconsin does not so the badgers don't normally offer running back from the state of Wisconsin at it's it's it's just not something that they do a lot. And the young man firm for nominee falls Julius Davis. He did get that offer and and if you haven't seen this kid play you need to go gold to go check a modern YouTube go to huddle. And and watched the way Julie's Davis plays football. It is what would I like about the way he plays is he can be really shifty and and and increase full. And then there are times you just puts his head down a runs through people and you don't see that combination back. A whole wide and he's joining us right now from a nominee falls Julius Davis Jews say doing today. I'm eager are you meant I'm good how are you guys almost done with school now or to the summer I pretty close. Yeah we get to school. Julie's take care your business in these two weeks I know what that was like Becton sunny is shining and do you think you maybe I don't need to get this homework done I know it's hard take care of that business. He would not go to importance. Gotta get that done first aren't doing anything else. In men there you go hey. We talked to this show before this is the use for Choi and I know you played in the youths of program in the nominee falls. Jury member some of the first memories of of plane in third fourth grade. I thought I remembered you know I I was only those from Milwaukee and I and that was your all's well. I remember you know competing with other on him back incident you know he's a record number competing Beckett or you know for the starting spot. I think that's like one of my biggest memories you know being able to compete at such young age now you know the way I handled it was pretty content. Did you know that you wanted tinted to be running back an early age. Play as volatile as highlights an overly Allen player on the back but that's that's Smart that's what position you know. Column but not open playing out of position. That that's where my heart so. You know you were talked into it Julie's Davis he's a badger recruit and die easy just about done with his junior your app a nominee falls. Choose what would you think of yourself as as what type running back. Do you do you look at a Barry Sanders keys when I see you play in outs in I just talked about the slow earlier. It is normally you'll see a kid that is either really shifty and quick or kid that's more likable those who's gonna run over people. Very seldom. Do you see a kid that's really shifty. And can also just kind of go through guys if he has to. What what do running back to you see that that you go boy that's that's that's warm Mike right there. Are definite they Marshawn Lynch you know I want to laden work out that you know highlight substitute. On China might not in my game. I also watch a little bit tickled Barkley to. By people they don't like him to. Is pretty good and so. He's really get we're charging Julius Davis running back from nominee false he'll spend his senior year at the falls and then head out to what to Madison. To put on the red white and view badger a Tony rush sitting in today for for I Thomas will Tony Julius good morning body. More. I'm fantastic about one of the reasons I wanted to make sure that we got Julius I'm here he is a very good football player clearly. You don't give a better offer with a Albion and a special football player. But I really wanted them to talked to Julius this morning. He's one of the most respectful upstanding young men that I've met. In my twenty plus years of coaching youth football. My son Mason and and Julius are good friends and Mason played up as the fourth grader and a fifth grade team where we're Julius is a year having him. And he everytime I see Julius is like take coach he is via you know handshake and a half fog kind of thing. And Agile as I want awaited share what the audience right now poll where where you ground and work or do you get your your. Character from because boy you are are one heck of a good good young man and I just want you to talk about that and help other. Aspiring players understand what the importance of being a great kid is. Thank you aren't. And what we'll say it came from my parents are home. You know it they came from the population they started me with you know with respect and respecting your old news you know make Richard came Palmer's arm. In that is being humbled to. Sully you know the I'm more about. But you know nice person I've liked to have on my deceased smiles on our RD space so. You know my dad and my mom help me realize that that it does Hillary like life is too short to be mean and disrespectful to everybody you know it's spread is just be happy that they might have happened right. He Julie said you know what it's it's and that bit of basketball coach for awhile I it's gotta be hard sometimes. You have to switch that off a little bit. When you get on the football field. You know you you've got it watching some your highlights you run ink real bold bet. You know and then that's not a bad thing that's a good thing and Andy you know as soon as I watch you play. It is hard to think of UB and you know happy and getting people smile when you're running through guys who you lead there's a switching got to turn around right. Are you of course know that's something that you know of apple that you're gonna have to. Over time. You know you got to know the right place right time to be respectful and our style white after a football game our. You know the sportsmanship part of it is not mark the start. Calling you out like continent to any of that stuff you know I'm gonna help you not even if our scoring on a regular on the LP backup now sick their job not. Ali you know after the game on this sacred came you know he got it won the top. Column but it you know they have this bit of slips. When it in the game. You know because I'm not only play for myself but important Markey amendment community. Yet numbers and these are kids you've played full fall with for a long term. Yeah yeah we've been you know our car worked its way in the weight room it's insane so. Play on the planet like I personally our team motto is right. Quite a guy next to you. You know I recovered in the huddle and we in the house situation that's sort of said he told McEachern. Or quite pretty each other we're in this together. It Julius can you lot of talk about some your teammates that you think are going to be major contributors this coming season that our rate their sweat and sweat it out with your work and now in and the weight room. That that you as an ambulance to look to account on this here. I think brought him to agree on but are to select if you are published today. More Obama. Dominique Coleman might well you know. And take a constant game and more. You know they've they've been putting so much work in the weight room man this track is involved in work and aren't. You know that they did to stay and then after that church inevitable ought to just a a home but yet we we've been doing on the side things football. We have seven on seven league schedule her this summer. So you know where are pretty pumped you know work really hard to get this call on the. I eight Julie is that hope a couple of those names for summer your offensive line because those guys Jupiter call out in Seattle love those guys. Oh yeah Brandon I don't get past letters. Take approach here you know some of them were not sure they're gonna play this year are. But I know two of them I have been on the lot work in. In -- walker and track here at home you know they're PR and left and right and choppered in disk so. They know a great job this year you know their work ethic has skyrocketed over this year so. Well hopefully they. Come and now it's like mid August and yes beginning of August or July 30 shall rise 31 first they have. Practice is August 1 listeners or and it seems like a shorter shorter she soon put some make sure those kids are played Jewish too we hold you over for one more segment. Echo more questions you have more time. Are excellent he's Julius Davis running back from an -- false he is a bad to recruit a couple of years now I love the fact. Is it don't do that very often. The guys of the Madison Nate they hope that some of these yet I hope that they'd they'd love the chance to go to those guys will take a preferred walk on. Or around though they'll wait to see if things get to do this these slots filled. And they came out early because their belief in this young man. And offered him. Last year now and I love the fact this kid's gonna stand moment in the history was to play for the badgers. I like that stuff let's get to break of the set of recruit to your conversation. With Tim this is the Pickens say. Wisconsin football coach association show presented. I reasons stakes fund raising and leadership development on sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. And I and me. Use. Oh welcome back to the pick and say Wisconsin football coaches association show. Presented as I was by raises stakes fund raising and leadership development. Toms will off this week Tony rep she's the owner of that company is my co host you can always reach him Tony reasons stakes in dot com. Go to their website reasons stakes ink dot com as well we're joined by Julius Davis running back for the nominee falls in. Going to Wisconsin he's just about Dylan his junior year he Julie's when you're talking about all the work you guys are 21. You know that the few guys better be doing that kind of workers are greater metro conference is no joke meant. For a central rookie Sussex Hamilton Marquette Germantown. Social west OC's west Alice deal. There's into it in there might be people may consider one or two of those teams in easier putt but man every week you guys got to be ready to play. Oh yeah of course. In there's really separates. The men from the boys you know who's really though who is willing cut. You know golf but I bumpy and quite harder you know because we are these you know you never should want it to be easy. Armed they know our coach has prepared us well Polly's mature when Barkley has politically. Couple words beginning come and up you know. They Julius. Annoy your little young to may be everything can too far ahead but after your football days are over so let's see you go to the badgers and and I hopefully have a grade 34 year career there may be staying stay home again and play for the Packers eventually meant after after your Donnelly your football soccer eat you got any thoughts or aspirations on what you wanna. Do you after football as far as a career after that. I'm rapid thinking isn't something that's too is you know fitness or. Physical therapy. Home but she's also one of the alcohol in the community. You know voluntary and I'll probably like homeless kids that are published before you know armed you know to do whatever I can the community trying to make it. Jewish civil what's out pretty good student needs to hear your business class term. Only. 3.5 GP right now. And a boy. That good good for you. That that's that makes me smile because that means to you understand the truth to words student athlete. You know it's not a it's not a right that you get to play football it's a privileged and you earned that privilege by taking care your business in the classroom and and I respect. The fact that obviously you're your parents. Said they look do you take care your business early on. He what is what is the yum what's the magic number for you as first Carrey's. Do you don't you want to point a game you want thirty game you want what what would be if you could say look this is what I need per game. What what's that number. Our home our little need indicators you know it is becomes group that you want and the ball problem. Their numbers do like what I have to do when I get involved I don't I don't think it's their lesson is to say that I need cared. Well you know I'm just saying that make chart do what I have to do to march out and make sure. You know help the team out. He can now see you catch the ball pretty well the backfield. Oh you are are a pretty good how soft hands and you brought. Soft hands you can catch it. Our on our yeah well that's something for you to work done. I mean I think I think that it you know I'm not alive Hugh Clarke Kent street clothes and yeah art market went to a camp in Chicago on our brand only dropped one ball the whole day. I'm not touching the bottom like six months so. Those ligaments. It Julius outside of RE you mentioned your track your work can hardly your teammates eight you know you've been amid mentioned Brandon Niles. I love that kid when he had the longer here used to tease me look like the undertaker the wrestler but and NIC a moloch does he competes at Mason in the shot put. What what events do you run to stay in shape and and keep Iraq and as a running back. I resumed around you know I do opened ones and to our home and the more volatile by Cuba this year. We have a lot incoming freshmen that are nine refreshment. You know they're pretty fast and you know they can. Take on it. Some of the races where are all the people sit and I can helps and yeah foot and long jump so. I do know more about one month jump shot put now this year to help you know score bird and other places that we need to. And then especially you know come out and make up for that and as long as sophomores to. Hey how why how's the track team and as tough. Now if Posey is pretty competitive. Oh yeah we're pretty good that we. The agency is increasingly could only cost a cup yeah. Or Brookfield east is ridiculous in track and field let Mike over is their coaches in national coached high school coach of the year a couple years ago. And that that that program tracking joy no Marquette has really woke his. They'd the I don't think it's mandatory but pretty close of your football player and they want chin on the track team as well so they got some pretty good athletes. And bribe your approach central is there could never an ace on assume they're good cracked. There is that department has that been with you are. Ball and taught that you convert you sort of talk he's Kim might spark up this year and business and do an insanely good this year so is that it's a three way competitive you know. And it's awesome keep our. We're talking with Julie's Davis running back in and track and field guy I'm the nominee falls. You don't play basketball baseball and use other sports. When I was younger I did I plan for it by now. He is going to Wisconsin after she you're you're a M a nominee falls. Hey when you get your schedule. Julie's is there one game that you circle. You nosair in your mind if there was one game that I can assure you of a victory next year what came we deputy. Every. Guy you get one these are rivalry game would you give up a little bit more for. Our home. Yeah it always against that to be between subsequent term now. Yeah coach Davis is gonna be walking in the door here to be in studio wants to read the didn't get to chickens and yeah. Jake didn't videotape we shake his hand say though he would today come game day you notes laughter confessed forget that Sussex Hamilton and the men nominee falls. Match up is the eight is such a good rivalry game. That I and I love I've been to a number Sussex Hamilton games and they come out no matter what but when it's without any false it's at a different level. You know I know basketball football coach those guys. You know you see each other walking down the street there's Sussex County guys cross street you won't be able to go now Matt we would you guys. Knowing your about it for me as someone who's lived in the falls heard you know 24 years now I've been to probably twenties sauce or shawls games and it doesn't matter what their records are going to end at whether somebody's undefeated or. Hasn't won a game that is the the battle of the battle a year for sure for. Each team he had no doubt he Jewish what so I eat eat or your senior year coming up. I just want you did to make sure that you take a lot of snapshots. In your had. Is this thing goes by quick. You know it's to Europe lasts. Next year few reveal last time you play mark Kabila last time you play Brooke central. You know that kind of stuff the last job Friday made homecoming game so make sure that you take archives is snapshots. And and enjoy all that stuff. We are well yeah I think it's really important. Are he has definitely enough started that in a little bit you know. In being younger looking into the older guys know you really don't think about all these. But you know they can about it out like matches I wanted to spend all the time in the world would document. I'll put Ned deficit and then. China and they make about how to this year as a candidate cleaned up. Well Julius I for for me personally the reason again that I Owen Mike said hey you do you have some ideas of some people to. Either have in studio or talk. I want to personally thank you because maybe you have proven. Exactly why I wanted to showcase. Not only who we are as a football player wrote we ours as such a high quality upstanding young man so I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate what you've what you've done here today for us. Hey guys so if this hasn't been released chip and out and I'm breaking news here to see you know. I'm not Thursday night September 20. Thursday that lakes high school football game of the week on the satellite reporter. And how many false Sussex Campbell we go so worried a showcase Jewish UB showcase died September 20. I'll be on the stylized get a chance to introduce myself and person but that game that you talked about that you circle that sets its sale to game. Thursday night September 20. He you'll be on Thursday that late son and my 24 that night and I look forward to being able to watch yet in person a close. And Dow VO OC guys take on Sussex Hamilton. It would be awesome heat. Again he's had no it was guys go one more year he's you take full advantage of it M a nominee falls he's Julius Davis Jews. Have a good week and I appreciate your time. Yeah you bet thanks Julius have a good want what's a good kid right there great Tony did good pretty young man that yeah really judge. And we talked about that conference and head coach in Germantown jade Davis coming in studio he's waiting at the door right now we have a goal of amends I'll let amend. I'll let him minimally yell at them though I guess I don't yell at him off but this is depicted say it was canceled football coach association show. Presented by raising the stakes fund raising and leadership development. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I and analysts. And news. Oh welcome back to the pick and say Wisconsin football coach association show presented. I raises sakes fund raising the leadership development a Mike we your relaunch said the switch goes to Tony rush. You can reach out Tony go to raising the stakes in. Dot com. Our next in studio guests and you cannot commit davis' and yes at that and they showed all one big family stay here Jake Davis head football coach that your retired high school coach payback. Real good thanks Rehman who could do that. I appreciate. I'm gonna yell it's the start I hear that half Seoul on I get invited by our my cohosts to taught to the leadership. Thing that he had going down punch coaches great place in Germantown. Right. And dad never once did I expect that I was points you watch cry at that. Coach I'm glad I had an active you important thing that's emotion number two that's a crime it's emotions come out and able and you know what. Did a great job thank you you wa. You really good at that when you said look this the first time I've done this. Did you shoot you know you might feel make a living doing that it was really impact full. For a guy like me so I just what a yellow chill will open in jest but I wanted to say thank you and I meant to reach out and ask you for that deck. In some and ask you person if I can get by give you my email can you email me the deck that you that you utilized that guy. Absolutely I I'm on the that's that's what it's all about sort spread in the influence written positive messages some only gets anything. So if if I could explain to some some people might feel like cool what is he talking about here. In the leadership development part of raising the stakes. We wanna help coaches and kids. You know develop culture and developed mindset at all a kind of stuff so we actually had Jake and in our seventh influence meaning so we invite coaches from all. Spectrum that doesn't matter if your football baseball basketball golf. We want and any coach that wants to be there we have like minded people who want to do great things for the kids that they coach. And NB better men and better women. And out so we invited Jake and and he he had again Mike nailed the out of the park here are Jake was unbelievable. The emotion that came out that day the message. I know I can tell you personally coached there were 55 coaches in that room. And and there was not one of them that didn't contact me to say while you need to have JP the first guy speak at every event that you do going forward because it was so impact well. I would not look I get a chance to speak what I would mark folly and I do you know I don't do for a living but I do to watch. I I know I let me go first and then have him follow mead type stuff and I just. Look this story Jake and and and and I don't need for in and I apologize if I'm blind siding on this I AM but. When you win you said look the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my life. And the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life all happened at the same moment within a minute of each other. I calmed you you and your wife are expecting twins and in the end sun mating your daughter did not correct. And when you utilize that in your leadership part you talked about call your second family which was his group were poised. In the locker room when you came back that was the part that got me. You know that was the part and when you said look my money you know my wife's here my desk. And you talked about that second family as coaches. That's what we strive for men and all this to all the emotion that you talked about. That you had when your wife since you need to go you need to go see those cuts and go see them. And how they first came in fully embraced you and said what you need from us. Was a rude just. A story that that look I'm sore story for your loss Simon I got a chance to see your son. At the combine and him running around and that again brought a tear in my act as mad you know if that's a cool kid right there yet sykora hit. But as you don't work grown men were talking about football we're taught by the tough sport. And that that got a lot of people in that room coach and there are so much love for you that I think you for everybody Tony you decree could screw stood up and argued that point. We would've done that and I appreciate that I'm not much orders I was on a toilet and all of my belt but. You know it's just that's the power football that's a RO what would like consider when the greatest team sports you know there is and it's just amazing in that time were under attack in certain areas and so what I think it's important that. People hear his message and meet see what it means to people and all of the how how big an impact it can happen. And for me to assist you know that might my daughter now doesn't just go by the wayside for any reason I wanna make sure people know what that meant to with in pet she had on. Myself and whole group of young men she wasn't here very long. In this world and what what it can do. So yeah Tony when you know Pete could coach is can take. It that's the only one of two of these that I've gone teeth on seventies and right that seven. And that's the only one that adventure and I will come back to another present learn a lot. I'm not only for what I do as a husband. And as an employee but as a coach mean there were things in in in. In everybody's feet Ed Garza who's coming on the show. You know you talk about another guy that is eat you know he's been held back with what he did for a living and so. I didn't know what to expect. In the end you'll love these guys and sure to take this in that direction they wanna take it and they can be pretty much all football if you want. If you wanna get more personal view more personal. And when Jake started talking about. That and the culture that he's he's built in building in Germantown. And be able to put this to gather that look all this stuff that I keep talking about and keep teaching and instilling in these kids. All came to portion when I watch back into that. That lock world. And I think just how powerful the things that this coaches we try to accomplished. Sometimes and some of these kids' lives that's what you guys talk about these are. Mission are goal again and everything that we do is to touch people's lives in a positive way. And and really when you say we we we let them have the latitude we let them have the latitude to speak what they want to about the x.s annals of life. The X is annals of football basketball. Anybody that's coach first significant mark time you know darn well anybody can drop a play and anybody can drop a defense out of play. Its power you power your touching the hearts and minds eager athletes and that's what we talk about what coach is when we have a present you know projected a phenomenal job. And we've had guys like Dave keel and Steve Jones and clay Iverson and Steve brock's. And in the pants for its rock that pantheon of coaches in the state. It's not a mistake that or get these guys together because they all can learn from each other everybody steals from each other which is. Key. And that's why we do we do. I'm sitting next to Dave keel during that's always the biggest note taker on the play please take good notes like crazy enough thinking and and and and and again the emotional side of accused. Unity it's an emotional guy now and and and you look around during Jake Jake Davis is speech and here here's what I want to make sure that people understand. That. This isn't a coach's clinic. This is not a coach's clinic no matter what you said we're not talking about how you run a bubble screen better than you know the next this is all leadership stuff that. Hey we're gonna to your estate studio for awhile alright excellent. We got to get to what so we had a forwards who have brought sap a mosquito on an every week we we do these I try to reach out. Did to people are raising money for the Croatia U fourteen curls rat soccer team. Janesville road in missed eagle Alley Buckner is on the phone O this Ellie how you doing today. The most liberal or angry that. Great hey let's if you're going to be a mosquito anywhere near near genes bill wrote. Go to the pick. The right out front let's raise some money how many girls for the soccer team were there. Actually cat. About had a problem here draft that and I expect that everybody. Man that's awesome beyond the giants to build donates surprised robbery donates the bonds. We got frank sauerkraut mark Mon olives pickles. And and little yellow cup first pick concedes is a great job don't they water soda and a 100% of the proceeds today. They'll be there from eleven to 100%. Of the proceeds will go to the you fourteen Croatia girls who read soccer team. His late in Iran by any chance. Yeah put her on police highly or you. I'm good husband team doing. It. And the upper right. That's awesome so blatant one that that players on your team has to be to have a big golf. It has to yelled get them over which player on your team is the one that's going to be yelling at people. You you tell fatally that it's a very important that she yells to the people in the parking lot to come over. I spent some money Johnson Bo Brosnan tell you sausages for two bucks chicken breast sandwich two bucks. And a 100% of the proceeds could go to this you fourteen girls soccer team. He Lleyton thanks a lot good luck make a lot of money today. Your walk of CI Sig about your mom have a good weekend. Are you to that cell genes bill wrote in mesquite go. I stopped by. These girls will take it carry you know you'll have good products jars filled as a great job with the Italians. In the prize is chicken breast sandwiches and Doug get a 100% of proceeds. Ghost she what are you fourteen girls read soccer team. The Croatia U fourteen girls right soccer team you know all about raising money. You'll have to do we are you are still fixated on the crow in the brought so if you were closer so that I can and are are there throw up I tell you what if I told Ellen Buckner that we do over its want me to bring your fuel override she might do that I gotta I gotta tell when I worked together I get a twenty dollar bill OBS. Or deliver some Bratz are now Jake and Alley the heck out of my Alley but here's one of the finest people I know. I honestly when the finest people I know and we worked together and when I sit here look we're doing this fund raiser. You Suze sit in 8910 weeks ago I assume we you'd pick and save his said we need to Bemis ego she was a miscue she's like out dude done. I would love to have this for my do my daughter's soccer team or some Russell's. On her son plays multiple sports was willful ball and and our husband's a great guy talked to him all the time when he is great. And so pure and in mosquito grown up Janesville road stop at that preconceived store tell Alley Buckner. That I told you stop by maybe should give you'll do is now you don't need discounts to pluck extra. Ask your food dollars are under sell their fund raiser they should be at three bucks put the put five in there. Put a five we'll tell our events this gives you enjoyed your show area only since his call. And bury your near mosquito you had out there put a five and for the old saint Peter or Paul days the days and I used to hit jumpers right you're. No used to jumpers of my back out of this kid has its kids all the L instance can score on me. Well your five foot three and their size does that 53 up just since I thought I. Alex all of six foot I don't really platform shoes are you not only try Jerry Owens and shoot the ball and Brian Ellison and Cary who says their. But Perry can talk some smack Matt and Natalie would be pocket than he knocked down a shot at. It would be kids say anything back Larry Bird he would he wasn't Larry Bird he thought he was that I usually get this is the pick and say. Wisconsin football coaches association Cho presented by raisins states fundraising leadership development. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. This. Welcome back to the pick and saved Wisconsin football coaches association shall present it. I raises stakes fund raising and leadership development our sport treaty 1057 FM the fan. I'm likely to Vernal watch out by coast this week he's Tony Roche he owner raises the stakes. Tom swivel on vacation we'll be back in two weeks we're joined in studio head football coach at Germantown high school. Jake Davis Jacque we're trying to Jewish Davis about this greater metro conference. It's tough conference man. Very tough conference it's been it's been interest in your frost a good life but it took to wanted to get better for sure that we're elaborate a season of on the different than the conference urine before. Don't give different and in some respects and you know it open our shores though as a really good conference but it's this it's different from that level competition. Did you think that they do you think this one's deeper. Then no short cuts nor short you know he Sarah homestead yeah we talked to Dave kill later in the show he's one. I don't know 37 in a row or some notes write a budget. I think the spirit to the teams is less let makes the cover two so that I think you had your you know your bigger schools atop the nor -- there were compute all time to bristle at the government requirement more equal since things yet easier great now you look at is to Brookfield schools. Right by the last couple years spent in Sussex Hamilton a coaster miser is nice job Marquette coach mass you know and Madani falls in Indy. Postal west. They don't seem like the you know the right in the first and and one year they've got all their their wind back in and the backs are packed. And in next or other backs are back but they're trying to replace or wine and like a lot of schools I coaches are innocent and programs. Autopsies was better last year than they would they have a lot of good athletes through extra yeah and you talked Jews Davis who looked their track programs rubio gut. So that's in in a note that west L a skill people disappointed in in in their year last year. But they've been competitive in the past and so it's it's a conference said he needs to be ready to play in and you we talk about. A couple of conferences like some of the best conference in the state but this is one that that when you look at at the top part of it and you wanna be in that top part of that. Menu got to be awfully good to be in the top three in that. You do and am really really impressed with the coaches that are neck after a suit and in those guys the limits it's ridiculous and it's a lot of good coaching going on there. A lot of good kids so that makes her the perfect storm of. Always nice when you play approach central is so quiet on that sidelines but this Geoff Canada being our current. You know what I like I think you're either judge guy here not and I am like am I I I have a ton of respect form. And he gets after it he he does make me laugh sometimes we we had a key were Judah Thursday that late scheme there. This will lead to the you know he was no longer per feel least use openness on stats. And he came over and tear Kelly coast to mark cat I've coached John wiser not coached much he was he's a play by play guy. And Chad Campbell we're just Chechnya on that swing goes up in the in in that in the coach during the down oh press box. Yellen. And I'm like yeah. Markets and yard to your town to go home work and he realized that I was just congress work a little bit and Terry Kelly's been our coach slots has Morgan. Wiser resume his eyes were pigeon he basically you just what you'd sit wiser he said are you are here might. And that is that you looked to be gave me a little weaker walked back and I've thought that that's awesome you know that's how we used what I tell you what he coaches them up. Heart he loves them apart you know exact kind of guy and then on the other separate piece coach rose told would now. They are opposite and opposites and did you go against those guys all the time is hootie and you find is your team that conference said. Maybe that you wouldn't maybe not that rivalry game right now but it might be soon. O'Malley follows come around abuse one that that's just because of the approximate as actual Nichols school proximate newest last and always has been the you know that's that's going to be a big one that's gonna and a as as we don't play homes as much though we've won the kind of takes that role we or part of that Thursday at lights a lot of the whole set Georgetown games just as it was cool to do it. You know that the teacher in the student type stuff enough. And you guys is that those are really good matchups yeah those were fun no matter what the record I was game career he houses team going to be this year do you think you know I think we're gonna we're gonna have some good things go I got some great linemen coming back I'm some younger skill guys and some that have been around that are gonna do some good things so it's going to be. Again with what we're doing the offseason here you know leadership mines have stuff it's it's been powerful to see this group come together in more than anything that's oboe. That I I have the opportunity of course coach works will mean for fundraising. But he's he's got an unbelievable group for young men that are on the leadership counselor and and I can tell you mean between between what good people they are and then the size and strength in the commitment to work out. If you could speak a little bit you know I know when you started coaching you probably have changed your mind set. Can you can you kind of explain what the journeys band of ovals were the switch kind of flipped where he said you know what we we need to get little deeper and just an x.s and else data is never really complete you know split it was more of a focusing issue for me it was a come college and you wanted to you know I kind of two athletes who go whether it was schooler and a wants it by pursuit house. And a career and that's side that I thought it a bigger influence on people going to school because teachers vehicle and being in a community aspect and so. But I knew what I was wisdom and I don't know what I wanted to do and in a real focus wasn't told about. Two years in my head coaching Chris I sat down arm up in due to be Yoshko that's ceremony on his staff we're talking x.s and all first and after that was done. He kind of kick people necessity if you want to really change a program which include treatments that don't need and we'll talk like OK that was that's what's so. Amid a appointment went back later mom and him and I together set now for four hours and all we talked about was leadership and that was that that's what really. Spy on me for that in my head coach deck of an all time that's I want to be but that relief robbing the focus on so what what kind of things do you guys. You know you'd be talk while mindset you talk what leadership what kind of things you guys you guys talk about your meetings your leadership meetings and then what are the expectations for your players yes so we go through armed you know start to kind of back in January I had a ticker guys they have to write a letter of application me. I'm just shall some kind of commitment level I don't really. To hold weeding out process much as they get this Camille want to look for to be net. But I want everybody that wants to try and we even if it's academy doesn't have those skills yet and work through that that's kind of I think those guys can be very valuable to his wealthy can turn those guys around the right things we take everybody that wants to touch the Vienna. I juniors and seniors we meet at 6:15 in morning twice a twice a month and work through the process we were we do all things arts I've kind of switched up this kind of gotten more than mental trains that things. Used to be an umbrella of leadership but I feel that. I just I was kind of job when all the guys separated to sweet talk to a different. Nome ma mental training aspects to begin though there are programs and we see how that dies in the leadership and it's really good stuff so more liberal mindset. Where do eat this article only get through that kind of stuff don't yet know how what it means to believe we talk a lot about server leadership. On transformational leadership of the kind of a two miles long from now. Where did and anyone who get just a minute before you to break worded that the mindset of look I I think at the high school level I'm gonna be able to affect kids. And give back more to the community. Where does that come from that's that's from my father for Tareq Aziz he's been you know he's a thirty clustered preschool teacher and coach and watch and what he did and how he is the impact and I mean I got a you know watch him. Being in day out of an impact on people and I learned just by watching you know despite seeing what he did and wanted to do what he did in this he inspired me to do them. And all the rest is history man. Wedged itself he's Jake Davis head coach at Germantown we're gonna ask him. He stands to view this entire next hour if you want him he's got to go we can go but you know anytime we get a chance to spend. So time Jake Davis I feel better you know it's just so is good for me so weakened chicken lefty just across like I want to Wear get to break I was said the break Ed Garza. From my healing patriots gonna join us and Ed I've known that for a while he's good man and reduce some really good things in and we'll tell you how you can help. He is the Healy pitchers program that Ed Garza. Any I know Tony you've you've jumped in a really helped out as Walt. Yeah I met at a number years ago his son my son same age and he's though navy veteran service in Iraq and Afghanistan and anything we can do to help vets and first responders and of served our communities and some jury where on board you bet Campbell get to add on the other side this is the pick and save with Scotts of football coach association show presented. By raising the stakes fund raising and leadership development. On sports pretty won a 57 FM the fan. Doesn't stop us. This is the pick of say Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raising the stakes fundraising and leadership and Gary your hosts the past WFCA president Tom swell and and WS SP high school insider big time Mike Mike. All of that the Pickens say it was that assist the pick it's a WFCA shelf. Presented by raises takes fundraising. We've stripped him of it I do plus you already know bus myself I want it added that leadership development be part of the longest. Title first show ever. The Pickens say Wisconsin football coach association shall present reasons things fund raising and leadership development driven by. But at the I. Hey we've aboard trying to reach out today anchors are right now. One of the things that you've done with the with Ed and I know this is at CNET Ivan Bender one but I promise I will. Utilized he was Q2 62 which is none your your part owner in and that company and an army falls. You utilized. That the silly you raise some money. Four attic and the people that healing patriots he talked a little bit about teams ski Foreman absolutely team escape. Is an escape from facility here in an Appleton Evan my nominee false. Were were in the falls plaza three right next to Papa John's and a couple of other restaurants. And oh all our mission and our goal but there's a lot of great escape from her on the metro Milwaukee area. And and were happy that third they do a great job. But were were a little bit more unique in the fact that when we started at my remain from college pad for novel he has escape comes up and Appleton and Green Bay. And it was it for us it's a great blend between raising the stakes. It in these escape rooms because we we definitely have people play from off the street. Come from all over in that like to play escape from spark. A lot of what we do it was we invite our coaches to bring their leadership councils further seniors are your entire team. And the kids can go on the rooms in it's all ball work and together collaborative right trigger on how to get out of the room Solomon puzzles and and working together and without the coaches sit with her headphones on. And though we let him watch him and they can see and hear everything that goes on soared to its great tools for them to identify their better leaders. We also do a lot of corporate team building us up your order accompany your manager and you wanna have a great time. Again we. Do some catered catered meals. Hollywood's lenses and number two parts of that that sets you apart from the some of the other is capers. The other ski approves is you'll win your wife and two whether couples go through there couples go when you go in and India and you're going to have a will be the fun. That and you could do that with you guys but the difference that I see is your more about the team Bonnie programs the servant leadership worked day. You know the fact that you'll you'll. On the you'll cater to people wanna catered I was there when you were building and out. And you Revver re walking through it and it was it was a David. You you're you had a deadline and they are number guys really working hard numb their chat in your like dude you gotta tell. Data what you're talking these guys figure that work the noise here in the Monroe you Kazaa MIK as a code words you go to school you insanity amber you said. Now I'd go back and I do their home improvement show and the lives a little shot or you have me pick up here Mercer. We knew we wanted to look it's always going to edit a minority do the home improvement show them a different era when you're whatever the only thing that means that I go to call that I held Jack who call. The idea of of T miscue to seeks to get facility marry falls and we tried to reach out Ed Garza was sup the must be going on. So wanna talk a huge patriots with you because you know about about that and I got a chance to listen to him speak. At the last leadership event that she did healing patriots dot org. Is there website healing patriots dot org their mission statement their mission is to give therapeutic outdoor. At expeditions. To injured veterans and first responders what does that mean. OK so Ed B and a navy veteran he came back and and he himself struggle from PT EST. And he knows how many veterans are not only store suffer from mad but also the physical. Side of things the injuries that they've suffered and stuff so. Add it is as he will tell you it's his therapy. To take fellow veterans and first responders that have been injured in the line of duty. And get them together they share that commonality of the stories that nobody else will understand. And they take a month fishing trips and hunting trips and do outdoor activities. And you know as someone who has never served but as admiration late nobody's business for for the great men and women that serve us. I wanted to help out and in rays certainly awareness for what healing patriots stands for what they do. And Ed it's got such a passion and commitment he's such a great man. That I wanted to be able to help him do that and we also raise funds we have a program. Other coach Davis actually is involved with right now. Called boots on the ground Ed's got a group of I believe there's eight people on the board. So they need people to help raise money and actually he's probably not on with us right now because he's got an event going up and cedar berg to Grafton today it's a five K. Oh by an organization called sweats for vets and I know that they have a ball 450 people had signed up at twenty bucks ahead. And that's what's for vets to donates all the proceeds for today to human patriots and it's usually pick a picker of charity every year to. To support us what's for reds organization does. I got to meet them by actually supplied them what their burgers brats dogs cookies and chips for today and Brown's lawyer. And so Ed is just committed to helping. Not only the the veterans in the first responders and have been injured but family members as well also Jacob Jake and his kids an Alley tart. It let Jake talk to add to what they're doing well. No he yet he spoke that night to end up and first volley 5000008. That's that's that's regardless if he does you know what because he'll either talked me out of talk that the guy out of beat me up. Or he'll protect me. And listened to me he's 99%. You wanna talk the guy out of it but if he had to protect he would protect. And he young he when he came back he said look I I was angry. You know I was angry now is going through some of the step in and you listen to a speech that night that was. Or yeah and he inspired me so much that I I I you know had him and Tony come into our leadership group in the morning and we we started to grew up boots on the ground campaign actually doing is using as a complete servant. Leadership role prod our program where actually combined with our best buddies program a school. And our football players or some money or human pitches and displays and a 100% of what we're raising goals and we enough in practice it's total servants with certain leadership hunt they I would tell me how you guys raise while we have cards there's index Brent we're selling they have great discounts science with seven dollars or five dollar value for people on and it's going to we're going around ordered orders you know knocking him and getting people to sign up and it's been really good now a lot of people are saying no if there's it's it's great causes. How much is the cart. Cart is forty dollars. And then Alex and Jared. But that that's a product always have as a fund raiser for for a lot of groups if you like to get involved with the boots on the ground campaign and I'm only help raise money. For your organization but healing patriots. Fifteen dollars bit is what the profit as a 75% goes back to the organization that fund raises. And then they can donate whatever portion they want back to healing patriots and then raising the stakes takes a dollar to. Are depending on the volume of the sales we we wanna donate as much certainly hope Bob Hope the veterans and first responders as well. Jake you realize. And I'm sure that you do but I don't know intent to what level but you realize. The these pill lessons that your teaching these kids because these kids are going to ordered door which is typical thing to do. And they're raising money for somebody else and in this servant leadership in the in coach Kiel is just a I mean he's a strong believer in that anybody ever ever met. Don't lessons that your teaching these kids is it's not all about you right you know there are other people that have done more than you trust me. And they need our house we're gonna go help on. And and I just think that these kids say that you're put all this time in two and you're wondered you have to wonder sometimes and that is it worth that because. You know I you've got troll family and is it worth that it is it is you're gonna find. You know ten years from now people coming up tee sand and I know you don't like being argued that matter they're gonna I guess yes and players say eight. Look at it look because what I learned from new. Here's what I'm doing with my life right and I'm a missionary or am I am working for this group from doing this to give backs community. And you're gonna have a number of these kids that their lives are going to be change from this experience. Yet actually to set our annual golf outing on this last Friday Tom. And I had some of those experiences come back right there I've I've had with former players come back tell me how much it means and the life lessons they taught them how it's been a better father even for some of these guys in this it is in pactel to Mazen and Saturn and realize that might on coaching career and it's exciting to see that kind of come. Permission coaster really long time I have and so I get I I hear from these guys I was at a wedding and yours ago now. And I had a woman come up to me and she said hey give a minutes it's short. She's a Kentucky over a year ago yes he was I'm engaged to this diskette. And I said what are you thinking and she laughed and she said Camby series with the I go yeah. She city played grade school high school college basketball. And you're the only coach in his wife that's home he's a good part. A civil he's lazy zug as she's all they all told them that but she said you remember the once she took months this agenda we went once. She said he was like the eighth or ninth guy and and your team and he said he was gonna quit because he wasn't enough plants are. And you told that once that if you were if he quit that you guys were not and went state. And he stayed. That you would win state if he worked harder he get more time he's he's a really good basketball. And I said I remember the bill could cost about a hundred bucks easy catering and menu. And she said you know what he stayed you guys did when C championship and he tells that story all the time. That you were the only coach that said look you're really could bask. You're great a lock Cruz good on the court the problem is you need to be your lazy and drills. And so that for me I thought man I remember saying that to the kid but. It wasn't one of these you get up and among top and you know it's pre it was something as simple as you're really good basketball park. Now you got to go prove it. So the things you're doing now Jake and I don't like you said your. You've heard it you felt certain on it she is gonna keep going all the time in and no you truly believe in an imminent Mets that's what makes itself. Active and that's that's why surround myself with men and women that. Are exactly who Jake is in coach kill coach kill will tell you he had a softball player but does he coach softball for 3435. Here's what ever was. And and he didn't know it he was just doing what he does. By and this girl came up to him after she graduated from high school and said you know your your your like my dad you're my father figure because I didn't have a dad he wasn't there for me. And it just goes to show was a coach as someone who just cares about people. Home actually can be without even knowing that end when you do it intentionally Bryant right and your transformational. Like you talked about coach I mean. That's that's what makes us all ticker we have it we have a huge responsibility to having coached understand expect to go 12 ways really can go the other way too if not careful. And even just a little thing if you're treated during the day or someone that knew you'd after kid you don't realize that one moment to make a big difference I really try to be intentional and eat in anything I do and I think a lot of coaching and we go out estimate. Promotional code is state Wisconsin is very fortunate our kids. Well and in I think that's crowing because of the stuff that Tony's doing absolutely what you get there's a couple of coaches and that one that I was at the first time they've spent to know be back. In I don't know if it'll ever. If you wanted to double and double again and double again but. And and the reason you're trying to accomplish yet. Is is just so we you know kids in this community. Get better in the coaches get better at that part of it like you said anybody can drop a flex offense or. You know I'd I'd I'd like I said a bubble screen in dried up all day one. But it's all that other stuff that that's gonna affect these kids and the skin to be elected Dr. Phil show itself. Yeah yeah you know guys are cry and it made this is that we need this stuff so let's get to break. Other celebrate Steve keel head football coach from homestead is gonna join us if you like tell what she heard rumored somebody Healy patriots. Are you wanna help out there's a place on their website healing patriots dot org it's you why you feel led to give a little bit and help these guys. Trust me go to that website you know tell you what you need to know he'll talk global divide add. Ed guards in some people that are working their with a but it really does give UConn with the soul of that organization. Is if you're able to donate some money to home this is what that's what you can do to help and it goes to great cause healing patriots. Got. Or did you break again Dave Koehler head football coach at homestead on the other side this is the Pickens say Wisconsin football coaches association show presented. By raising the stakes fund raising and leadership development on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I and analysts. News. I'll walk back to the Pickens it was not a football coach association shall presented by raises six fund raising. Leadership development on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I'm Mike we get overnight to co host now and Tony ranch owner of reasons faced Jake Davis. He used that football coach at Germantown and really. Understands and buys into the stuff that we're talking about today which is a lot of leadership stuff tonight as that I said next to Dave keel. You know he had at an all. Two other notes man at fat pig and I thought that you could write a book and this stuff but he's always weren't. And I've got a ton of respect for Dave Gillick a city's. One the nor sure conference received four years in a row or something buttons that you you may god spent 818 to I think right now and so eighteen some like that. Now no pressure to get to nineteen and you know what decent look at some new team. I'd tied at these guys so it coach kill you doing today. We're doing out and they might you know the Sony my friend Jake pickle because I have a great day. More code Google or any day we talked to unless segment about sound. Team escape and we talked about a little bit about how people use it. Teams came to see sues him nominee falls. You guys utilize that you are you familiar with and obviously. Exactly the last two years we've taken our leadership grew up there and had just a great time. Split with a couple of groups temples trying to escape I think go last year one group got out right at the end. And what do you think that makes special the coaches can kinda. Back in and watch the interaction of the guys and kind of see who steps up and take on a leadership role in a very positive experience. Our kids and our staff from the ultimate duck what can you do year to year. Coach what do you what do you think you guys is the coaching staff learn. From watching your kids try to get out of the rooms and you'll what you walk away from after an event like that. Like that very question. When when kids you know ample ought to get frustrated you know made me be clear to people like like it was designer maybe it teammate didn't. Do what you wanted to do maybe you don't do something and we get frustrated yet and you can edit so as teammate. And that kind of same thing happened. In the escape robes there's so many things we have to do and you try to do and they don't always work and that it's like horrible things or pay. What it is gonna keep going what is gonna keep pushing what is gonna try to find. The alternative way to get the job done. Soul similar to what happened Friday night. During the game. He coach when I came over into this segment for around the corner. Which I'm Aguirre and at at at ten in met Kwon don't sit football program was an easy one free cheese there's a lot of great programs at home stepped. There are with the football program is the one that. Is certainly up for them on top when you talk about. I'm winning a conference in seventeen years at that point eighteen and either tied or won it outright. And all. Look I wanna talk to you about some of these players have an all you want to talk about was is servant leadership side of that. And it really impressed recent look this is my team to seniors seem. And seeing ours and they they they serve the juniors and sophomores this that's how we doing here. Add that he's got on for that that segment for around the corner in that and asked about it a number of times. And it was it was something that's at the core of who you are correct. But that's our mission I think is teachers and educators. We want to future players and our students or something more important than than just looking in the mirror you need to recognize your part of the big picture I you know Jakes one of our guys and he just like there will be played at all so it's a potential problem. What is accomplished you know it were the right now by some thirty players are all mine entries. At will the market back on serving their community as one of the things that we. Really tried so I'm doing here in our community our program we rethink their departure is in. Step on recognizes not just bought them it's about making the world a better place. Back in the day I have adorable little bit and that I didn't water any or all of what you bad apples. Aren't too. Do they have the kid is quality people they ambiance. We're very happy with what donated even more gratifying. Like apple would take the other day and and see what you do is program and see with the Kimberly is of the world there as a world. Other schools are doing I think it's just that this could sink it's growing and it's a positive force for all of us in all of our communities I'm I'm excited by that. They coach two questions story of their little more personal letter you don't like to talk about players but since I got coach Davis and right next to me here did you speak to so what position he played and and what kind of player he was I know what a great human being he was. And then secondly and earlier are down and in Georgia I was your grandson or granddaughter is four K graduation I need to ask you how that how that went yesterday. Well I think the video last night that they'll outstanding hourlong program. Our son our grandson bulky or graduate so really and jointly. Time and we've been talking about it today. Jake is this one story what Belichick of course as. That or what but the one that that the kind of person is or plain speech at two and 99. Middle second quarter Chica was back at Allen says the quarterback he's an anti I think April when some. I'm happy election and it looks simple yet Dick what would you like me to do out. Because the quarterback in Jake is meant to tell me. Or position coach or the trainer order actor turned out to equate the two and a quarter of that football game. Which I don't got the first state championship with a broken arm. But two weeks after the game he can in the weight room like it is illegal and kick in about the public know what. They add up in this thing immediately to or liberal and summit is Coca. A little bit of politics commitment to his teammates to people on the line with him and and for the guys that that were in the trenches that they didn't equate a terrific football game that they entities so he carried out he's a wonderful courted trump on the lucky to have him. We're big disappointment for me personally was not feel there among our step back in the day what I'm happy for the folks Germantown because he's doing great job well. We're targeted Dave Koehler head football coach at at host that. Guys and Friday night. May fourth by 730 negative attacks from how Buckner back to we talked to she's doing a fund raiser in miscue on jays who wrote to date. From eleven to one. With us and she works with me and and she says hey. She's she's tech's coach Steve Leah. And house likewise. And she goes nevermind LS UN and Monday some hall of fame coach talking to us tonight. And I put these heel she goes yeah I still tell Dave I said hello she's got okay well as Susie target much servant leadership. And she said no somebody new safety protocols for youth football it's a football mom function. It's unbelievable all everybody's so when teen aged with him right now. This will please tell my solo she's of course it's a heads up program he's talking about. I said that's cool so it's a Friday is right at step than thirty in May. In this ego and here he is talkative football moms from. Another high school not homestead another high school but that's a program. And I just trying to give life are meant this guy just lives this in the you know what he talks about. He he goes in the eighty gets in the Carty and he does it in different schools different communities. And she's she said look out of a really surprised how impedes these moms are with coach keel you do a lot of that. Day by try to adopt and musical or a great job helping make a gain better. A funny aside of that elect and I went down and she's an audience and she's gonna give me that my mouth aria if a pocket. And I brought her up over and over afterward the mom and what our immediate one that October. So it was vertical. So the royal family there that night but that. As a football through USA football is working hard to make the game better and safer world trying to. He's better seat for techniques and art in the world but under assault at times and and we wanna put up put the best or we we we don't want our kids get hurt obviously and we want to be as safe as possible and so. We're working hard at peachtree acting techniques it blocking techniques. Popular kid to keep to head out. Out of the demon deacons going to want to keep it as safe as possible so. Their dirt on page out you know simple all adds up up program and monitored be part of that people around in the spring and summertime peach and you coaches. Techniques and safety measures. Help them become better coaches and an insult and this little little bill way I try to give back. Some of the great things that this game has given me over the years opportunity to be apartment. I do have to correct you Mike that they could have been seventeen straight. We we get. I'm not he should so. Well I sit 35 the first time and by the way I'm I'm alive like the mosquito moms I'd rather tart your way through news tip that I cannot. Let's just go you know. I heard in well you tell third putter in the wee weed perverted doctor heard rather than you anyway. She's. The equity at thirty all out there at. The half. You might want to check that drive up like it's going to are 34 so yeah yeah they're full of and I think it. And basically if you get an opportunity. Off the tree that Tony. When he hit that bomb drive on number ten the other day. He was the longest drive in the fairway on that particular shot. Was it the fairway at at epic meal with an apparent that that tree with a longer or. All you could have met her no and. Well that's Cabrera who was a live Tony I'll tell you what for BN. Whereas at six the New York joins us to our our Arafat coach coach can hit the ball long way for me and you know the stale ideas. Per sure that's awesome hey Dave they keys so much for your time are really appreciate it keep up the good work. Me you know everything you do with the with the things that that you preach and you truly believe you do great job with in in a lot of respect from. From mud this studio Q obviously my son was a coach and his staff and I appreciate that. That yet you bet like it thank you thank you for what you do Tony is fabulous guy raising the stakes minicamp in a great things. And again I'm so proud of what Jake accomplishes German dot makes me proud to have played a small part of it is in his going up and become maniacal or go to the stuff you've really got. You bet that mrs. Q no that will call in her next. I've traveled back Turco look at it and they don't get to our other says very Craig mauling a coach O'Connor walks through joining us. Since the pick and say Wisconsin football coach association show presented by raising the stakes fund raising and leadership. Development and a geez you pakistanis here hunt Sports Radio local fox have an app from the fan. Care and Reyes. Us. News. Oh welcome back to the pick and save Wisconsin football coaches association. Presented by Tony's company I sports cricket so I thought I hope I have suffered an FM the fan you can go to reason stakes ink. Dot com breezes takes into account. Our next guest this is strange is safe for me it's in your tune out the the head football coach and a condom one. Greg Wally back in town man acting in it she's had where I think he needs to be a coach Torre today. Hey Greg you there. Yeah I'm here I'll bet you that's aren't good here I thought a three wood deck question judges and how are at. Quote. Well welcome back to the stated Wisconsin's been a year now that she's due back it's it's been a good move for you correct. Yeah yeah I'm not going that you aren't of the Syria so. You don't typically towards silicone got a lot of parents are still don't have to be back. Coach job I wanna welcome you back as well. I knew I wanted to have you on today. To route to talk about. What what brought you back to Wisconsin. Specifically and how things are going another your back and O'Connell block and an earlier our servant leadership guy we worked together when you're an era had. And I'm looking forward to hopefully get back to work with you and now you're con what can you talk about. Again what what brought you back what pulled you back in and how how things are going to O'Connell want. What is it that you don't you know of course you know Minnesota with a beer is great art and what I learned repairs that. Especially football coach note you know taking certain test this shoot. You know I have the stuff that I appealed the architect and chief and we mourn the truth is really the urban provider anymore time. I'm being closer you know. Part of it was very reporters just of course just you know I have a lot of friends here for a now what sort sultry are comparable to me you know it. Overly low. The only country in when they're great opportunity arose which you know kind of surprised me. Nor Kevin Colbert. They are going there are certainly the signal to. Don't repeat that mistake working with I admired all the coaches here. A great group of guys. You know class action actually put kids first so. And outstanding back. Hate coaching you know you want you we were really good aero program obviously and and you know when you come back. And they put O'Connor walked into that conference which is this the best is the best football coverage Cecile Wisconsin and now argue that with anybody that wants to argue with. With state. Yeah you can't O'Connor marquee change. You know there's going to be differences as far as your style to arise down and in what they're gonna run. Do you feel like the kids in the compete community bought in pretty well you're one into what you're trying to do. You know I think so. You know that it can certainly in addition Imus a fact there. Are so well. A home. You know but even that that's not exactly sure what color or style has she wants one thing that gives the best and what's your offense asylum only ticket. Brett the Bryant whatsoever so Lamar street running backs or so. A home in our I think Arctic has whatever it takes to try to get it in the end zone which aren't particularly good at this year. You know offensively. And defensively grossly Gregory every defense in the same recommend maps. Home you know I don't I. I I hope there aren't buying it and guess what Seymour enough but not picture. You know that community you kind of walk community is. Boy fee once in you'll get it going again gives you that's which you do oh. And once you start showing them that you know these are good kids in the community and their they're working hard on the football field are working our classroom. Man they sure what that's a cool facility. To come see team that. And did there's no doubt in my mind that that. You of these kid's a star by name they get big and the kids in a car more like be in the weight room you know they get after a lot. And you start haven't suit some success on the field he needs it's amazing just circuit free haircuts and all that stuff and it. Ottawa this year. Sure yeah not a again I have no no concern became of them are outstanding in order. Averaging in that area article on heroin certainly human. You don't spring and is subject to certain testing always always been a number cooked. Or what you. Good yet to do that thanks so. No issues here. Their own account for that so later became an out Tony and I talked to work through the accountability peace not with generally pleased slip. You know more. Are operating right given data might be one kit that would not sure where users are usually the same care. Well you know what's but other Rucker are reports that concerns. We're very comfortable over time things really uncle what. Coach I ran into at that EYFL meeting and how how's the close the set up going now as far as your youth program is concerned so I know how important is due for you'd have a pulse. And you know I know Jake is is big and in Germantown Indian part of is used program coach. Fletcher was in here earlier from the scene whore look and he's doing a great job there. What do what is your vision and how are things looking with your youth program note that your that you're back here. All the things are good. You know really good there are certain numbers there. On your first point can look around really good record ever used in corporate culture and so this until August. But they look really good in Marxist system Lotto I'll work on the one hand of mart worker or artwork in the community people who are put forward to you know just try to get a status can organize them. Tighter and tighter and the school. In that regard so everything's happening at the Irish school in Rome and then working it kind of one continuous staff from. Seven through twelve. Also that peace is bigger than we actually ended up which should worry SL. Army. With all the while we show our schools and normally calls and. Basically 69 classic vehicles now when. Problem or trouble down quite a bit them and older so. That it's everything to recover while all your support source of Tony listeners vote. Could free you're trauma Greg mauling head to head football coach at a kind of walk coast last year we played aero has had that feel for. Little different our. Yet know that it wasn't an action. All that ought except for you know to which are on the wrong. Okay his room yet ask were there at the opposing team's locker room wasn't sure. Expect. Nowhere on the closing him actually when I'm at another insult campus built into the ball. Circuit where Europe work so that was sort of you know little Latin and you don't we. But he would always is that that first woman and there on you're just playing another school. Yeah so so. I'm fortunate enough obviously they have some great connections with a lot of people run into a lot of coaches or on your staff when you're at arrowhead and it sounds like you gains on getting back together how's that. How's that feel for you to give give the you'll gain coaching staff together from for Merrill had over there. Book straight immigrant worker term her you don't hold physical. Coaching it's so much it is our relationships you know what I mean it's here. I'm doing it for the whatever you're getting 4500 dollars from her that's. Paula not a Smart as small broker working with guys that you really enjoy it. People trust people to challenge us and if we were able to challenge each other and home you know it's better that part has been an. Outstanding and really enjoyed. On getting back you know what so many of them and then the the new guys and people from coach of balanced ask that our state to we're just but it did slid in seamlessly and all the staff piece was released. Decorate our joint this year. Well that's awesome coach I really appreciate if you measured time. You know with high school football basketball you guys know that there really is an offseason anymore you you just figure itself out so. You go to chase he takes some time this summer if you can't. July 31 is coming up quick man. It's coming out there. So definitely. Yet take a little time and and could like make sure sure I'll be in touch. With with O'Connor walked one have you once the high school football season starts but again picky so much perfume it's your time. Well thank you guys and think pro duke for a sport and states thank you. You guys you've got fixed roach it to break in the said the break below continual wrap this thing up this is the pick and say it was sense of football coach association show. Presented by reason sakes fund raising. And leadership development that's the way you'd offense sports period you'll want over 57 FM the fan. And I and news. It's. News. Tell Sims stories it during the break ways that we will not talk but I don't know I learned a lot better wanna forget you can and that I wanted to you don't want to hear it out of me and I sort of -- and no facts but Chicago very core. That's of that meant not a big fan his welcome back. To the ticket he should be on your keys in doctor filling judgment Dr. Phil joke that we can maybe fix them those they've had a lot of former quarterbacks for the bears those are you will just leave that. This is the right he with the BYU. If I have to feel welcome back a efficacy of its cuts and health coaches association show. Presented by raises six fundraising leadership development we've reached out to Garzon got them. And really talk a little bit more about Healy patriots as we talked. If viewing feeling led to give and help them out healing patriots dot org is the website Ed Garza or yet. Until well our resort. Good that we talked and we could get all of you before reassured talked we said nice things about you that segment. Well you know this is gonna drop out of hundred dollar check with your target about. There hopefully use spell my last samurai. That's the way we we roll. Hey at how quickly can you tell us a little bit about. You know where this where this came from what why you started out working with huge patriots and in some of the things that you guys look to accomplish. You know you've got actually you pickers started about three years ago. And it actually does start it would mean way and are not go to Canada struggled with most extra rest. Also coming back from Iraq in all the things that I was going through and how an opportunity to go to Canada and almost getting Garnett because of how I felt about leading in and packing my bags indeed it was a scrambling in the lack of communication and in all of the Stanley really pushed me to go in the guys I was. No that's where like you got a couple of restaurants and time which you end up. I did the trip that I played the first couple days I'll say it is not. Stroll with seven after a while I certainly better or started eating better. Category triple what we came back except the guys I was you know you've really got to come back and do something as just this could be something that. Other veterans get to benefit from it. We looked at one more time we did a much of the smartest guys had some private donors supporters at the two guys out results or credible. And so it doesn't seventeen re admitted or shall we were gonna sort. Whistle veterans and business leaders and fishing guide. He wanted to be involved with the program and we went. The process and got a Ottawa C three. And we're moving forward we expect to doesn't seventeen do a lot of armories and sure our story and farmers you know what we wanted her 2018. And I'd probably say that Leon. And our first triple a crocodile may twelfth to sixteen that we. Injured firefighter from North Dakota we had a injured police officer from Glendale Wisconsin and to blow excuse me. To Vietnam veterans at a World War II veteran which sort assault. The program misses aren't really. To get these folks that are injured or struggling with posttraumatic stress in a non clinical environment but in a recreational. Wood Brothers and sisters who have been to similar situations. You know a lot of our love our guys have a different story a story of grown as you well. But just your they've overcome and persevered through some of those challenges we wanna be that model and and look at our Brothers and sisters who are struggling. And what one of the benefits to these usually take sort of sort with less trips in the event our heroes meet someone talk to you. Or or someone to help them what some. Some things and and advice on how they can move solar what what they're like overcome some of the challenges and we used this year as warm up but they're beat him to come out. What we do Richard the United States to do it was five days of regular candidate we built out. And we but it we missile blast. It's a lot of people support us. And there it is just enemy unit and all of this is all expense paid for our heroes now our volunteers that are called the rest. And the most important thing is that our board of directors are all volunteer so everything that we do all the every all the clarity that. B rays put the money record there programs would continue to act trips like this and get people out as battled some of them and so the molten lava that it. Look different again when we talked about and our own I I highly recommended if you're feeling led to give. According Healy patriots dot org now that you've heard Ed Garza looked that good the money that you that you donate. Take two of these guys who stays here it helps edit it helps these guys give these are our heroes. In some of these patriots had a chance to go have a wolf want. To hang out with some guys have been through some stuff though like they've been through. And and just to you know talk about it or don't talk about it and have a little bit of fun and get away from it for a little while you know late fuel efficient fuel will hunt you. And hang out with guys that if you feel like talk a new home look at Ed told some stories when when we when he was said I speak to your event Tony that. Man you know that he's been through his stuff. And and he's willing to talk to your body and how what helped him to get through it and I think it's really important again healing paid trees dot org. And I see if we can help these guys out with was some money they had I know earlier at the U sweats were rats. Functioned today how does that go free guys out there. Alitalia it's it's been amazing we we got. You know three of our boats that are set up on here but they want they ended up having a little more than 500 people participate in which is the largest crowd that ever hapless what's the bet the rent. You know we don't Michael's not here today it just. An amazing turn out the weather held now I mean there are still people here. That are celebrating and get a chance to talk to our team and enjoying lunch and I mean this is this has been amazing so. Are we don't know the results yet of how. The the benefits. Turned out but I'm sure we'll know pretty soon but this has been an amazing event I'll with a little over 500 people salute truly blessed. Ed think he's so much for publisher time one last time Healy patriots dot org. If you want to help but at guards in the people over there have a good weekend thanks. Thanks brother appreciated thank you so much. You've got it. Pay own we get a chance talk a lot of volatile reason states fund raising leadership development leadership side we have but the fund raising site we have and so. You'll get your back here to talk about that he gets through some pretty good stuff there. There were. Borrowers try to stay in the cutting engine and someone who has. But a former athlete and a coach and parents I know the stresses of fundraising is a just like coaching nowadays is 447 around the clock. Fundraising is the same so we've we've got some great new products new things as coach Davis we've got our new send X card which is really. Rob and a great thing and and help raise a lot of money and we've got some new mini cookies we've got some online. Fundraising opportunities and again it's not just football and or talking on football the coach or show today. But any for any organization that needs to raise money. Our youth athletics high school athletics fine arts. Churches youth groups all of that we help everybody raising the stakes ink dot com reason mistakes ink dot com. Jake Davis thank you think man I I really appreciate any time I ever get to spend a few went. And you eligible for you get home we'll do you sleep in okay. Oh yeah he's he's been sleeping tonight were really lucky he's a great kid so I don't even sleeps through the night you have to kind of Stew on any of our you know that whole cycle thing. That whole cycle thing goes. Of the Nextel leadership. Program actually thank you for mentioning that June 21. Up in green bay of our coaches you can look for your invitations soon. We are actually gonna have. Dave Keogh and we're gonna have a head coach and he pier and Dave's kogan the owner and owner of festival foods will be our featured speaker that day. June 21 in Green Bay as our next event that's beautiful guys thank you Tony well done today I appreciate it might yet you did swing might be out of a job plus tells him ask if I could you know take the reins well we'll find out I love and death decision he had an. They slide guys I appreciate this is the pick and save. Wisconsin football coaches association show presented by raises stakes fund raising. And leadership development. I sports for anyone of 57 FM the fan.