Who will make the 25-man roster?

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Monday, February 12th
02/12/18: Tim Allen and Bill Schmid breakdown the latest Brewers topics. Does Yu Darvish signing with the Cubs spell disaster for 2018? Not likely. Is the 25-man roster set before Spring Training even begins? It's possible. Former Brewer Paul Wagner joins the show, too.

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Brewers fans. It's time to warm you up. Put some hot stove baseball talk from free agent signings and trades to the front office and ask the brew crew took a giant lean inventories seventeen. What 28 team bring. Get up to speed now with everything brewers this is hot stove weekly presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Now here's the franchise. Tim Allen and bill baby Tauscher Schmidt. I welcome in brewers fans it is another edition of clouds still weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals Tim Allen baby tells bill Schmidt Anthony Mandela behind the glass. And brewers baseball is about to set forth here the 2018 championship season spring training. In camp opens this week out. How excited argument. At big where we are now all week and a half away from getting on the plane. And getting the heck out of here and that's is that I mean just the relevance of now we're in baseball's. Been flying around Phoenix. And and organ guys loosened up or finally. Raging out some free agent signings across baseball or at least one of the pitchers Darvish goes to Chicago good riddance to her home. I now hate him more than any player in baseball. You know I didn't like was the fact that some brewer fans are saying well he sucked anyway. No. It's all. No easy style he's all right he's good. Ice ice still is excellent but he was not my favorite pitcher honest on the open market. Okay that could be cut that that's the only way that I put it is why I've been. Farther on the Jake Gary had a bandwagon a lot of people all year long he's only taken two or three year deal man that I'm OK with giving him four though. He's only 55. Months younger or older. Then dart precious lands lanes a thirty year old that people are talking about you know Cobbs a thirty year old would be more talk about. And jammed you can correct me if I'm wrong Jake period is the only one and that group with the Cy Young award mr. the only one of that group. When World Series championship but the army is land might have won Armas is good I don't know dotted extended that. That contract as far as the cubs that but there's an opt out for Darvish well and it works to the clubs because adding the sixty year to the 126 that they paid him. If they were gonna go five years ago only given 125 or they can only give one point five for the five years otherwise they went on in two. The luxury tax. With a free agent pitcher so I think that was how they fit may go live to give the six year you know and at 21 they won't go over that 197. So. I think you were called an idiot today I was yeah pretty sure you were assured indirectly telling LeBron James sub tweet. But it's our right were big boys we can handle it. And the premise was decay and the brewers win the derby is in the way the rotations. Are right now. With the Chicago Cubs St. Louis Cardinals. And our Milwaukee Brewers and then that was that was the main topic OK so I know it looks daunting on paper. I know it does I get it I get it. You've got less terror and you got Darvish in Canton and Hendrickson chat and there's your five down in Chicago. I get it in and right here it's Jay Sanderson zag Davies shot scene and then nominal put in Woodruff I'd. You and I think agree on Woodruff I think he's got a shot at being rookie of the year and then. I totally agree but NN and I understand and then the fifth as Souter a guy yard though or whoever gonna hold the fort until Jimmy Nelson's back this given that they don't make a pitching signs. Or trade. It looks daunting on paper. But one year ago today. It looked daunting for the brewers to even have a pipe dream of winning 86 games. Didn't we all think that there was a lot of brewers fans lost at 73 and a half was projected numbers like that somewhere and then. So EU at a lot of analysts a lot of writers a lot of broadcasters just saying that the brewers. 86 what no way there when any decent. This this squad other four years away yet other talents at Carolina. Now I'm not say Johnson I'm not saying they're going to win the division that's not what I'm say. But you can't rule it out just because it looks daunting on paper. You just can't. I'm not going there. Lot of folks as I just said went there last year. It just didn't work out that way did it in the brewers were much better than people often maybe this rotation as much better. That a lot of fans thank. Again I'm not saying they're going to win it but you just don't rule it out just let's just wait and see what happens. If I were play in this game on paper let's look at the paper let's what is the paper says you have chase Anderson was twelve and four last year pitched within under three ERA right. It's outstanding that's that's a pretty good guy and he didn't even pitch all or even get 33 starts now he was out. It in that even drips back into the prior year for chased him student when he started developing into a four pitch pitcher. Which everyone seems like no that's the overwhelming majority. Believe that's a good place for him to be. And he's now found something. Exactly who does that Davies right the bat boy no one thinks that he can pitch in the big least he won seventeen games last year. I don't really what is ERA he has only seventeen you won seventeen games and his team won seventeen times that he took the ball up and started and got himself and of what four and a third innings. And there was a span of time where Zach Davies pitched into the seventh inning. I think there may be more than seventeen wins on his ledger yeah I know is credited with seven team where they've yeah I have won a cup team. They may have won a couple more games that he didn't get the decision on when exactly and there's some are some beset in this game. When you get guys in a pennant team setting that play harmonies on the mound. Maybe they do need to score a little bit more rock a few more run as they worked on that. And they get so. You have just seen that comes in and I know the splits and these Saber metrics and analytics they'd they can. They can disturb you at times they can impress you at times. But there's a guy that lets wait and see how he is at Miller Park again. It is an optimist thank. I know that you know folks at have listened to me over the years is always it's tough. Go brewers they don't win it all that type of thing and and that's okay. But acted last year is a classic. Example. That you not gonna play this game on paper as much Izzy analytics have come into the game and I agree with a lot of the numbers I do. You know the war and you know things like that the OP Aston and beyond there is believable weapon in what what that means I totally agree with there's some that we've had we now understand kind of what they mean we deal and we're we're all becoming more educated on and stuff. You can't just solely based Saddam nap because if you did you would have counted out in a lot of you did. Counted out the brewers for not me having a pipe dream of a pennant race last year that they did that somehow someway they if they found its its the same concept as. You know what are we gonna do about the logjam in the outfield. There's yell at you brought in he brought in Lorenzo Cain you've got to Mingo Santana there's Ryan brawn there's rep Phillips. What do you do it all as you don't need to answer that now let's wait and see what happens guys. It's crazy it's it's only dust twelfth of February so. The first pitch is still sixty some days away to give way plenty of time to figure out how this thing's gonna take shape. But you have guys in your. Forty on your forty man will call it 'cause we're gonna look at who we think is gonna be that the 45 are gonna go into the 162 west. But you've got guys and your forty man. That from what David Stern said at an on deck and we were stand right there when he said it. We're very confident going into this year with the guys we have with the guys they've got because there's a reason why they did their homework they figured out how they can score more runs. And maybe offset. The pitching struggles that they'll have at least for the first couple months. There has been some. Ground swell about whether the brewers should answer back to the cubs signing of the artist who. I think it's the cubs answered back to what the brewers did with Cain in Ellis. You could make that argument that the cubs and brewers are punching each other in the Knowles well and somebody post put it out on on Twitter today that I saw and is it really responding. If we've talked all year long about a team needing to make a move. And then they finally do. What does it matter about the other 29 teams but there has been some. Back and forth between brochure Stearns in this organization. And that one isn't that whole rain thing. That was awesome. Counseled and hold any punches Stearns didn't pull back on him. I think they know and there is a site game going on there's I'm convinced her to ask me because because Tim to look at can title last year. That too from all all indications. There was a deal done with the White Sox. Tom walked out and set called the onset amen you need up at. This team is about to get on so what are you what you want all that solid as he got here I'll throw you a lawyer manner as or whatever you need extra. So and that's good business on their site lights. It's just I think this is going to be amazing now that being said coming up after this this break we will talk about what we feel. I think I've got to pegged at 22 with a 25. Man roster breaking camp and again these decisions can fluctuate. It can be lack of production there could be a cot there could be obviously injuries and trades there could be a number of things that that could affect averages right now for the sake of it is spring training week this week as they report we're gonna talk about that 22 days. Now 25 man that that we think is is going to be in there but. We will talk also are on the show tonight with Paul Wagner former brewers pitcher big leaguer some at brewers on Dak nice to see him down there a good friend of the show's good friend of ours. So we'll talk about that also the of the fact that the brewers a busted out. The keep the cubs out of Miller Park campaign and I think decidedly. Different angles on apps that they're just is there's you know is it. Is it is that salty. Are the brewers not internally the organization. A little salty about all the cubs fans at Miller Park. Or is the brewers organization all about the money and this could enhance the ticket sales at least the pre sale. They want some certainty and I understand that now they want that that's an idea. You know those of you that are purchase season tickets you always get a call from your rap and a boxer and that to you get a call from you take your route and say here's what we got on the table for. That's that's cool because they want the season ticket they wanna foundation of tickets sold heading into the season. Is this in an effort to get some additional clarity on how many of those games are going to be sold out or potential write old out except. If all those games are sold out by opening day they did their job my initial thought was what a great idea. Then that was my initial thought premium initial. When they first came right yes sees a changed a little bit parade just a little bit nod my girlfriend and I bought six tickets. For one of the cub brewer games came with a parking thing in the whole deal. Com. But that was I got to think in about a need and you delve some layers deep here. You get to thinking about it is able what happens if really we detect no difference. Guts of Friday night game. And it's Miller Park or a Saturday night games Miller Park brewers cubs going at a six Sam first Spitzer got the on deck show for you get you ready. No forget after the game we'll talk about it. And and there are no changes you still here and we do this every -- brewers series and mag it was the ratio cub fans in the build up. Ever again and nothing changed. Yet we've given the opportunity to the brewers fans to take care of that. I think that's put the onus on the fans. And it's taken the organization. Hands off approach saying hey man this was announced. We don't wanna hear the bits and that did that this is a New England at brewer fan this run Yule. And I certainly understand now another layer has used it as an investment. You buy your six rate tickets I think your allotted 18. You six or eight I think yeah. And then you turn it around and maybe the cubs brewers series just. He was there's some brawls maybe there's you know you never know oddest things gonna heat up and I tend to believe it's going to heat up whether or not it's gonna happen this year it's common. Those these two organization this thing's gonna get to a boiling point it is there's no question you wanna talk about a rivalry that the brewers have with the pirates. Yes we're gonna get this we're gonna get heated this one will get heated in hand and you know we'd. It's it's just what if it does bubble up to that where these tickets are in such high demand that the brewer fans at a purchase these tickets. On this early pre sale. Turnaround and they just can't pass up the money. You know they put their plot of pony up I think it was 200 and I think the package Reba was to earn two and a quarter some like or whatever. And all the sudden it's online that day that same packages go for 375. To a cub fan. That I understand too. But doesn't it kind of set the brewer fan up a little bit. Yeah it does. Good duet. In prison because I I get a jump I get warriors say I'm a little nervous about what if your if your the brewers. And we don't wanna hear the legend. Then it's like it's like voting right. Where you you vote you get the right to vote you have the ability to vote and you speak your voice with who you vote for. I vet. Is is your complaining right I voted and I wondered and when I'm vibe and I can complain with what the decisions are being. Now they've given you the open about. They have they've told you here's the polling station. You go right over there you walk in they'll get to the felt and the new invalid care that's the how does your idea it here you can vote on this issue you can get on this game this came in this game. There's three different times or four different times are gonna come here what I'm. There's your chance we see it on social media. We get call after call after call. No hard core brewer fan is incensed. By the cub fans come and America and out doing your brewer fan base. So this you're right this is an opportunity and again initially that was the advantage years at home man we had a chance to take back Miller Park here. Go out and get it done isn't. For us. And if I always say when we say. You a chance you had your chance right. But you not only the you may not have purchase them on the pre sale. Additionally you may have sold them once this thing got rolling at least then you turn a profit now you still can't complain and you still better and present players said not belly up with a six pack of beer that you Bulger profit it's it's a Dicey situation for for the brewers are. I don't think it's critical mass here Billy about it. I'd think you'd just does set up the brewer fan for for some finger points so you're not worried about the issue of its sounding small. Com. No not really because now because that's an excuse for everything else so witness pre sale I don't want people who are expected to be. 97%. Brewers cents. It'll still be fifteen to 20% conflicts minimum. Minimum yeah that that's where you wanna keep it to you. I'm just afraid that people see I told you I told ECU had the chance and you brewers fans didn't do it I just don't like immeasurable in that regard. That's all I'm saying. And maybe I'll be impressed. And hopefully I will be ultimately will be that this did work and it did keep. The noise level toward the brewers. But the last how many years. Since. Alfonso Soriano was written of hitting a leadoff home run of every single time first pitch of the game it's once it gobs. I don't know how many different games I went to. That that was how every single freaking brewers cubs seasons are earth series started and dams there is always pitching game 1 evening. And you're throwing freaking days bush. Or at. The human rain delay car Claudia over our box is yeah and and you're going up against these guys so. And just just a caveat that let's let's let's see a measure of bulls once this goes down all right if you wanna jump in your 4147991250. 2225. I think that's what we have pegged. At this Doug Taylor is gonna make this one. It we know it'll be a long game of beat it will be back it's not still weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals hear on the fan. Celebrating thirteen years of brewers coverage Tim Allen and bill baby toe Schmidt at keeping you warm with a baseball conversation. On the hot stove weekly. On the fan. Amazing how time flies man thirteen years do in this series young man when the show started sort of now what they used to dye your hair man that's a victory that's true that's a victory I could lose it tomorrow on still beef on. If I had this long you have that it for a long time welcome back out still weekly presented by it Milwaukee admirals hockey and the brewers here's some breaking brewers news is just did they get a sign a pitcher they answered man. They countered that. Hiram Burgos boom and it's come on let's lets you sign these we need we need some celebration here. Early got guy I. Pass. At a baby. Back in the uniform one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet your life. He is really nicely they were interviewing him last year that was at Yucca yup I think it's like ten years Raanan for him. I used to golf a little at the surgeon. That's what I call them that yes so there's your pitcher. Up 4147991250. If you wanna jump in your talks in brewers baseball again it's not still weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals. Here we are February 12. Spring camp opens up later on this week when he eighteen championship season begins next month. We rules start our brewers coverage down at Maryville baseball park late next week and beyond the in the area. Of the a 25 man breaking camp with the crew got to thinking about this this morning early early this morning cup of coffee. Some brewers spots and to sit at my desk and in kind of know. Figure out. Figure out exactly what's going on with you who's in and yes who's in who's out still recovering from Vegas and and now Ike came up with a number that's pretty damn close to 25. And that being said is there that much competition. At spring camp this year. I don't know if you want competition. The teams that are poised to go deep into the playoffs have a tonic competition. In their spring camp. My guess is no not in terms of their starting lineup I would say maybe one or two spots the ball and there is. Rosters taking care mind I'd so if you if you wanna come along at home you you can do so but we'll start in the outfield. Brawn. Well he may Jack played some first baseman brawn yell it's Cain Santana. Yeah I think everyone agrees error plus four and yes on the infield Shaw Garcia VR so guard. Famous bag you are. Kenya while. We're gonna throw Peres in there. The versatility of him even. We have them on the pitching side of things chasing Anderson Zach Davies. Jolie shot seen and able hater Jeff for us Albers Barnes. Suitor. All locks and the last one is the big one for me Brett Souter is going to be on the state. You where's there's a place for him on team. You know how many players that is that's 22. I just named. That's without counting. Keon Broxton Brandon Phillips. It's a guy art Al wood rough. We would assume Woodruff is in there can we yes I don't know if we couldn't we can assume that right or no. I don't know we can't because he does have options so depending on how well. You'll Bonnie pitches and beginning of camp or however well. Others perform. Mean maybe they bomb bomb it's possible I I can't see a point where they do it I'd do because I I think he has to be in their rotation and he's invention. Logan. Boone Logan and a stealth three airy yes JJ Hoover so the three Ers free agents can resume at eight. Right I didn't didn't even count them now that's where the competition is in my book is that bullpen I think that's a fiercest competition. Because again is Jacob Barnes locked. Probably should be probably I mean he would really have to. Pitch it pitch events I would have to think he'd really have to struggle you it be tough for him not to make that rotation but of these guys just wanting to know. That's a good sign it then again a lot can happen the Q&A with that Craig Counsell in the journal sentinel this morning. That was. That was cool. Because it was council saying what I agree with. Is pointing at times for the stuff to work itself out we don't know about injuries we don't know about roster change we don't know about it much of now any anger in regards to. Zero changes there's probably going to be some changes probably going to be some curve ball's thrown up. Prior to march 29. And that's opening day incendiary. So. I'm pretty convinced that that's a good problem to have but that bullpen. That's the one that makes me a little nervous. Just just for the sake of the argument what happens of Corey blows up. I'm I aid to be the doom no but I got to cover your say it's a very viable question because you saw last year you thought. You've got to tell the police brought in here for five million bucks to be that guy and he couldn't get through mid may yet. There's. There's a difference between having to get people wanna say that you need another pitcher. I don't think it has to be SR. I agree because the same argument you make about Josh rader and his value being able affect multiple games. Why isn't that come into play with a free agent as much as you say the word if if this guy repeats what we don't know as much as you say that you have to also say. What if he does. Repeat. Okay the same thing to be sad. So whenever you hear that just combat that I know there's a lot of brewer haters that you guys get in conversations with that worker wherever my head down the bar whatever. Just AMP your answer. Come armed with that answer was Travis Shaw did do it he did last year. You know what there and if he does what he does what it begins even yeah. So there's your 22 that we haven't tagged again Tom. Locke can happen and and probably will. They. It behooves the brewers to go out and get a pitcher either reliever or starter if you just do as. You went down got cane you went out guy yell which. Finish the deal you worked any bullpen with Hoover free airy Logan Albers. Now go ahead and do you're this close. We're gonna talk what Paul Wagner coming out we're gonna ask him the 64000. Dollar question. Why the slow movement. With a regards of free agency heading into the two when he eighteenth season. I can tell you one thing no one Paul. He's gonna laugh at guys that turned. Curtain down a hundred million. It should be your knee PSU well. Yes you well guys out there turn in down 21 million dollars a year 22 million dollars a year seventy volunteers who have said note of that and and how heart surgeon doesn't even matter. Play you just take a break me back it's not so weekly. Present about a Milwaukee admiral. Holes the brewers rebuilding. Or are they competing for a playoff drive we're talking about it on hot stove weekly. I'm sports Radio One 057. I cannot wait we're getting dangerously close to. Brewers baseball. Camp opens up this week welcome back it's not so weakly presented by the Milwaukee admirals ads within a big weekend bill. A big weekend two wins put up five goals and each game. There was an overtime. Tied the game of sir I'll spare you the quick hockey details for Saturday night. Your take your team in San Antonio you're down by a gold going into the final minute. Put them at the last minute was all played as with Seattle's on offense and an empty net. And finally tied it up with nine seconds remaining own score to win it within the first minute of overtime it was their resumes losing is losing his mind and and Joan Jett came and rocked out. Then the next day we came Baghdad it all over again we had wrestlers there somewhere a little bit inebriated. We also were doing the salute to Nashville so that Nashville Predators mass gotten their game post was there to so we share the floor and then score five and one of again nice to all weekend big time. That is big time they're headed toward the playoffs are now look at our lack of good got to keep got. Good let's get a playoff series victory this year no no no just just win one game a winning gain on Howard Stern Tim Jim baby steps just trying to win one playoff can win a playoff when playoff. And that's our goal this year let's continue our conversation regarding Burres baseball by hitting the great midwest bank hotline and sale load our good friend Paul Wagner pitched for the crew among other team is folly great to see it on Dak. Indeed it immunized it was it was enjoyable ones that you found up and I was Paula Wagner who Paul Molitor you kinda it's just now. Your only goal and. Earlier now you know if you fewer number what 46. I would have reported that yet you know okay bill Wegman. Jerry Augustine. Paul Wagner. In some good company their Pauly. Also her pulse I didn't realize also rose 46 really did think and I think big. Raman in my forties to vol does sound right I met Ray King Ali is watching his son play baseball field that I was. And his son hit you with a pitch for that it wanna go on say that and I asked for the autograph on the ball it's you're gonna say you ran into a minute at a food joint book a table. He might be there right now at the tour. I've Pauly we were just said talking about the breakdown in this roster 25 Conant. Is that a good thing I wanna get to the freeagent stuff you're just a second. When you go to camp and there aren't a lot of positions up for grabs is that a good. Odd thing to head into the season with that spring training or not. In this situation I think yes I think that the holes that were killed in the outfield work yet. Yeah additions that were placed in the outfield are very good especially when you're coming off of a successful year like getting in seventeen. Again different scenario if you coming laughable Portia she's been. I didn't think that sixteen was poor to come out of course he's been and there's no changes made. Could you have some skip yeah you can think you know attacks going on here but I think. That would certainly that are quarters established. For the Awad. But we have a very very good idea borrowed our war in what we have so feeling bearish minimal. Minimal positions it is is going into camp very enthusiastic and the outlook is. Very very serious and very wanting. All the the lineup looks like it's it's gonna be pretty daunting there's there's a lot of guys on this team that can hit but the young pitchers are the ones I really wanted to focus on and we should we start off the show by trying to talk through and talk brewer fans off the ledge after Darvish goes a bit tubs and talking how bad the brewers rotation as compared to the cubs every. Braden Woodruff what you saw out of him last year 88 starts I think it was. I saw as a kid that truly has some good mound presence and just rose and pitches through every single inning. With full control of the mound. I I have heard so many good things about Brandon Woodruff. Some other players in the minor league systems throughout s.'s climb up the ladder to the big leagues so we're basing their exactly what you said I'll presence. Whatever he did too impressed she won eight starts. When he's relaxed. Focused and feels comfortable where he is. I know. Yeah I don't oil a little label anybody on top of the rotation guy a wonder too but he has a legitimate big league starter at once you relax as we get to see it. I ever only good things about it some very excited about him and I hope that he does not give included. In a trade it has happened before spring training yeah more midseason because I do think his upside as is very good only from what I've heard from very reliable. People or actually kids that have seen employee had played with him. Mean if they do one word to end up trading Woodruff I mean you would almost have to guarantees that starting pitcher. Is in that deal come back I mean because in Nottingham for awhile he got Woodruff under control for a long time out no question. Exactly that's why that that campus situation comes up again a very good friend of mine a teammate of mine Brent Honeywell. His son is probably the number one prospect with the Tampa rays and they are trying desperately to get him in to the big league rotation this year starting. Bread is ready she can pitch. He's outstanding he's a great kid great family so either an archer Reba JT going somewhere whether it's somewhere else besides your. I think Tampa is definitely looking for some serious players so that Brett can get up there this year and again that situation we would get a controllable pitcher. All we want Brent. She's regularly on him and if we guess when it's got to try and bring him but I think every organization in the and the current one. Yeah known no doubt so let's switch gears of fronts suitor here and and there's a guy that. I again that much the same exact Davies kind of look at and is that okay instruments and you little soft toss and laughed he and but as Craig Counsell says he is. And out getter and I don't think you can you can point your finger in any sort a negative light at France suitor he just performed any performed understood. Circumstances. That. Was this call of duty man urine there. I am okay fine I'll change my shirt on in there and starting game four yet. You thought some Brent Souter is he an out getter that ends up at the bottom of the rotation are versatile swing now. I like to like in the the bottom of the rotation if there's an almost beat may. You say it out getter I I appreciate that yet. The Milwaukee Brewers are focusing pitchers to contact. Without power pitchers now pitchers for strikeouts were not looking for swings and misses. We're looking for trans tech pitchers we want to reduce or pitch counts we want to lengthen our games we want to go more eating 16 plus. Even into the seventh the talks before the bullpen. We need guys that throws strikes and get out now that being said you've just added to. Possibly two gold Glover in the outfield yes you got gloves now wish offenses were moved back about twenty feet at mills park like. But now we got guys that can catch to all sorts our pitchers. Are throwing in her vote getters you need seven guys behind that pitchers that are gonna catch the ball I'd figure out a few solid then. Now let's talk about another another 46 the one that's playing right now Paula what Corey can able did last year was just outstanding cumin into a role that. Frankly wasn't he puts an expected to do you know Europe think it is going to be the seventh inning guy maybe the eighth inning guy and boom net tally police blows up in mid may. You're the closer for the rest of the time and any pretty much dominated he was. Was at the sixteenth biggest break out star by LB network and on her baseball just what he did last year what did you see from him. I I think he's an album to just look at home to baseball dominos fall we get police. And you would the second half and got him for a little less but what Greg Holland was coming off of Tommy John surgery. Greg Allen took a little bit more money went. Went to the Colorado Rockies. Had a phenomenal year. Greg Holland comes to Milwaukee police goes to Colorado. Greg Holland have definitely we don't know what court yeah opportunity. Phenomenal phenomenal passport when you got a closer to and I. I say this all the time we have pitchers to contact. When you have a lights out closer that striking out a guy per inning you know he's gonna get you punch out in that ninth inning. Swing and a missed the swing at a later darkness of what that you almost always said they had said that a strike don't just need to just about it's just now. No strike out does nothing for you offensively. So when that guy strike and you're guaranteed one strikeout in that inning in the he did what it 75867. Times. Phenomenal phenomenal. Am now back when her ball then the ability for the hammer curve ball in this tournament absolutely and the ability to climb the latter when he just wants to put your players up. Oh man. Now again give you got. Most beautiful serve to restrict it to you drop the twelve secure drop the hammer on the bottom half the bottom half outside. And now you will be 969798. Up got I didn't move it both ways you've got keep moving back and forth you've got both sides of the plate into the open now. It's almost like I felt bad for the batters in the box again and at times are outstanding debris. Well I bet her for harbor when he was in the in the box with the with hate the one time he Paula he switched the I I angle on him three times fuels made him fall on his rear end up. It is crazy if you've got to the situation and a pitcher gets into a groove like that he can put the ball where he wants. He you can play those games and that's what you have to do you know what the detail level on the opposite side of baseball is just huge guys hit balls you know 500 feet. If you can play that game to put that ball where you want. Pitcher as the as the advantage and it's a fun fun. And to watch yeah real quick how confident are you in in the bullpen there I mean they do sign Albers and that's as good veteran presence right there and I'll like that. Which you've got to enable you've got hater but the after that you know just Frist Jacob Barnes. They did bring in JJ who burn Boone Logan and free area you've got some tools out there but. Who is that clothes just in case has been a question has been on my mind for a long time just in case can naval has that. Had to figure things out and go back to the eighth inning role in the move his way vet who closes games for the state. I think in their mind they have cheer me I don't know you know Jimmy got his velocity back. I'm I'd. I don't know I opens up great kids great guy and great success last year I went to the one year was it when you're here I don't know. If you can produce how he can't I think that's that's something that bottom half hater comment on the left we talked to Josh. A boot on deck he loves his role he loves being in the bullpen and that's what he wants to do. So he's pumped up and he's mentally ready for the bullpen. Bar and I think I think Barnes might have been just little overused tentatively in the beginning I think. Craig was trying to figure out his bullpen early part of last year you know let the first three months I think you'd probably about forty appeared. And he's got fuel well if you can just artists that a little bit Barnes I think is a little underrated here. Absolutely and what Logan brings I don't know what he broke yet but I like it. Cheer me you've got a I love the fact that you're back I love the fact that he's comfortable here. Whatever baggage she had before whatever issues you had. He feels comfortable walking sort of like Lorenzo Cain you know the brewers treated Cain. They treated him they treated as a mother very well in the first drafted him and yet the globe for this period for some odd reason it plays well here. It cheer me can you got that again who knows maybe jumped back up and velocity as long as he's not hurt. I think that's maybe your second option unless what we have seen somebody else who can close it out. Leo I agree with you Ville what are you now I think Jefferson as the guys I lighting case they're personally there's there's an issue when you when you look at. A guy that struggle when he left but. Paul comfort level like he just said that plays into it especially you know. The situation they're coming into the clubhouse and with a bullpen guy I think it's I think it's gotta be different. We talk to position players and a peace of mind comes when when you're playing every day but when you're on the ball but you never know when your come. Good volley put up all same numbers once he got back to Milwaukee. Yeah I got screwed I get screwed that bowl. Well you well you're right though gear meet your neck or back that would come from multiple credit. He loves to own cocoons what he's warming up you know at least he knows the surrounding notebook Miller Park looks like. Comparable comparable Craig is keeping me pretty much know every thanks believe me. 95% of his game when you get to a certain level as mentor if you got his mental stability he could be lights out again. Aside in a Billy Billy asked me questioned news view we here with sticks academy and what Billy would have to do. Yeah join immensely and then have you teach him how to put it. Keep it needs to come starting in March we are having fun embattled baseball holes are having camps for me. I'm in an opinion are called Barca coach on over there they will judge you waited for eight we started in March. We're good fundamental baseball and couldn't work what does the seven to eleven year old that you. That's a that's right that's right my velocity is waste that is got. Pretty nice 126 but it is not a sure my release point that is why he would help me out my mechanics picture. My drive leg is good nuggets I'm getting the Max velocity out of my 300 pound body to get him a new glove though he could use in the Mark Loretta giveaway by I think you're you're 300 pounders should be able to throw harder than 62 but that's just me if that happened after that little orange and are more information at six academy and and Cigna in all seriousness. Though while Paul. If it's if somebody's listened to us and they wanted to have a private lesson do you view those. We do prevalence and yes I do I generally were put the older kids were quick to college students and the minor leaguers and come back. I do work with some high school kids say I mix it up a little bit -- trying to get a variation and stuff but generally if you're looking in the younger ages than younger ages go with. Is we talked earlier this conversation. I like Alex philosophy easily moving like strategy. I like tweaking grips like doing different things to breaking balls will be ups and down to using the nine quadrant I like doing different things. And it's hard for me to teach young Q just because of the fact that. I've seen all they can bottles only up to the big leagues so for someone to tell me that this is polite way to do it there is no right way to do we can always make whatever you do right. Areas Paul Wagner former brewers pitcher and a good friend of ours year at the fan Paulie I appreciate it we'll talk again all right. Absolutely going to be good. They're way is Paul Wagner joining us on the great midwest bank outline criminalist vague if you're looking for a simple and convenient three approval process. For your new home construction or renovation loan called great midwest bank committed to providing. Uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935 you're listening to hot stove weekly another distant seventh house here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And a little nuisance no actually no we took that out are them hot stove weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals and we talked about ticket sales for the cubs brewers games. At Miller Park but. The rest of the season go on sale this Saturday single game tickets on sale the Arctic deal 9 AM. I'm an altar. You are I've never been. I never read the Arctic tailgate I used to always laugh while I was drinking coffee at the people were sitting out there. In the cold but children here this yeah I'm gonna go out there and have a couple of Beers. And take some videos if you're out there say hi yes I'll be the big fat guy in the Brian Rogers. Hard it's hard to think back out yeah. Yeah Nolan Nolan did it again wears around LeBron there. Just carried around a beer right guys thanks to a Paul Wagner for joining us next week in a two hour edition of hot stove weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals were on at five next week. We have big jump into reality shows let's pick a lane pick a brewer lane five next week. A lot of Brantley Mandela baby Giles Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen. We'll talk to next we began to remember smiled Milwaukee the world will smile back.