Will Lebron ever be better than MJ in your book? -3pm

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, May 3rd
05/03/17: 3pm. Rammie sits out while Gary and Sparky field calls on who will go down as the greatest.

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3 o'clock. Our power of the Wendy's big show I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer former packer and badger running back Gary Keller sitting. Still no word on when LeRoy Butler relief into the holds Chevrolet studios but we are expecting him this afternoon your chest when a thousand dollars coming up at 4 o'clock this and for the keyword. And text that to 72881. Possibly having the discussion at 4 o'clock was today the end of an era. As far as people who follow and love sports that's coming up at four right now we wanna know. Well LeBron James ever be better than MJ in your book 7991250. Where you can email us live and 1057. FM the fan dot com. As I said before the break I will be sitting this one out. I'm a Chicago fan among Michael Jordan Hall in my opinion is immediately dismissed. Any time we have a conversation anywhere near these lies. So I'm not gonna waste my time energy and breath. I don't think so I'll leave it to you guys to have an out with Sparky and Gary I don't think so and this comes up because Colin Cowherd today on his show on fox sports Wisconsin. Brought up some points that Gary Ellison had never quite thought of in this age old debate and. LeBron has become this year. A 36%. Three point shooter 45% in the playoffs. He is now better three point shooter than Kobe Bryant. Who was a significantly better three point shooter than Michael Jordan. And Magic Johnson. You do realize he's bigger and stronger than all of them. The better passer rebounder. Than Michael. Is now better three point shooter considerably. Than Michael. That is not a small thing. Seven years left in his career. He's gonna blow Michael away in points rebounds assists field goal percentage. Finals appearances. He has now added to his repertoire. He is a considerably better three point shooter. This law put something in context here as we watched LeBron James going forward. Magic Johnson broke in this league in inherited Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I don't know if you heard he's the greatest scorer in the history of professional basketball. Larry Bird inherited three good players Cedric Maxwell tiny Archibald and they count in within a year had two hall of famers Robert Parish and Kevin Mikhail. Colby inherited a big Fella named Shaq maybe saw Shaq play. Tim Duncan inherited. David Robinson. Who wants want and MVP. Doctor. George mcginnis. And Karl Malone a year after he arrived in Salt Lake City had John Stockton. What about Michael Jordan will he inherited two good players good not great Orlando war if you averaged 23 game and Michael's rookie year and Quinton daily average sixteen. But by year three Michael Jordan at Horace grant Charles Oakley and a hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. Seven years in the LeBron career in Cleveland. The best player he had was so drawn us Ilgauskas. Does say that appeal only this dude. I understand what you don't like him because he's anti Rogers sorrows of but until it is he won the smartest dudes. Enemies who calling card mark an X some very good points. Com. That's out there now I know a lot of you don't like elastic as you keep pace on Rodgers and that's why I I don't care about that but he if you talk about bill. Whole thing. All sports and how he covers something sometimes he looks like a knuckle it makes statements in like Alice stupid thing but sometimes you Sosa like that Gary. Initial. Debt that idea right relived it for me. That right there as he laid it out because in around Republican all the numbers and projecting out who's gonna do what. I'm Michael Jordan could shoot the three by the end of his career and we all remember that early I couldn't. But and then he got poked out for the little bit and he eventually expanded his game or remembers though hold shoulder shrug game Murray hit a couple reasoning and yeah on. So you were able to see that. For me Gary is always comes back to orange and so from that perspective I can't happen afar Michael Jordan he had catch Michael Jordan and rain I think in six now so for me it comes down ranked. For those that don't care about rings championship don't mean much do you. And it's all about numbers. And Jordan's debt. Then it's over then LeBron as the greatest player to ever play begins on Howard is right he is going to obliterate Jordan's numbers before this is also a dot. For numerous reasons that he didn't bring up at least Nat sound clip which is he gaps of Liotta high school durning into India to do that. He was far more ready for this league in Jordan was. Earlier. And he does everything. Mean Jordan was strictly a shooting guard LeBron. And we're running free zone Robson a time around here Brohm is brought it up before where it finished runner. Will Rodman a plan power forward he loses his quickness and still be very good meal scored rebound and do all that stuff. Jordin. Developed his game it'll turn around felt like that was nuances Internet perimeter players are. And Joseph and O'Brien will have the rebounds and all these are the categories that he doesn't I. Yet if it's not much every chips it's over the rosling Chrysler play. While more of the Michael Jordan and you can add to compare since about well sender in Chamberlain and these are guys if if you wanna going to numbers of those guys. There's about championships I don't think he's done a time to get it might. Gary what he said. He's look at ME way to try if we don't turn it like fallen off the house was he armed his Emmy win for me to talk of a sudden no it's not gonna happen for one front war resolve. Known and and I wanna hear from him could easily what do you think the united full one foursome and so it was done. Foreign whatsoever amendment to a for the Islamic camera if resolved very and one for seven natural for. That Ford was a natural it's not yeah. According there. You guys deserve colleague our our our due and you do when you're two week. On our present is something really that I never really I'd never projected out I never thought why is it your target Jones and because when you think about. Michael Jordan. Or when you think about LeBron you know show. He's percentage going to be out of Jordan but he always was gonna blow Jordan's now. You write would you look at. Where you play the game winning this is rebounds and Amber's. Gonna blow my heart of the Warner. In the weeks in your Wednesday he's not been edited Michael Jordan I'm. Not a numbers guy that's the numbers for me. But. Sometimes. Numbers don't lot. And there because I'm a Mormon I'd Jessica. I don't care that's what this is what social network is for army job you want to. But LeBron go to my schedule. Does a better player. You got won't talk about heart. He then fired a Gordon do that is I think that will be what most guys won't talk about mark George Tiller. Throat slash our records started broadly lower. The numbers bears got what Laurie will he win six average of I don't think. Or two ago. But his numbers will be far better. Then my and he talks about. The players. That might play with virtual players that. The Bradley with. I mean is that really. If you sit down think about it there's almost no compares between. They are both different players that they might. It's the ultimate perimeter player where and we all would agree that LeBron James does he would call. Well. I mean he is more like Magic Johnson a bit of imagine don't share. Is really what he's more life that I met with like six niners. And and they don't want playoff and it magical played port forward and center where they were going without a he's more like that and he is Michael. The Emmy almost if you look at numbers are starved to know he almost made my actually one dimensional. He's got that maybe probably Greg buddy Doug if you look at numbers and stats he makes might look. One dimensional. And then all of a sudden jump shot three point shot is better than Michael Jordan used to agree. To. 414799. Trophy before 1479. Nigel is really weird one of my seven app and I've got treated by Mikey to odor that says Joseph was there Robby is tweeting the what to say great don't matters so all the stats. States hash tag LeBron that he puts us they aides say it's. Yeah all the stats state I think is what he meant to say it LeBron. Is the better player as Edward Robbie freeze out his and sorry but you are the cried out fed up the fan you are in this combo I just said Rami three. So that are for people understand that no I don't think so I don't think it is. We're not gonna light to attack from me in this segment so. Here is we're gonna have you use your brain. On and let us know and whether or not you think that he will ever be better than Michael Jordan you've got tight right now. Now that it's running free zone that. There are some bulls fans that are never going to average admit that anybody is better than Michael Jordan I don't care how many rings the other person has I don't care companies and what the numbers say. The heat is the greatest player ever let. I will follow up until this. By the time Two Rivers are. There aren't going to be a percentage of France. Now you know unless there will be up the difference that will say yeah this is the greatest but ever to live and nobody will be about Greg yeah our Valerie says that. But at a lower period so forty. Roberts five. How can come that not just to the best player ever play ultimate way drug won't matter much that yeah I think there are going to be Bucs fans that we'll have the same date on him being Grey's bought ever guides people have a Michael door meeting Gray's lawyer it's okay. So I did it I mean I understand it is it because you stick you got just six rings. It was an unbelievable top no other players ever done that type of. I had that the without a nation where they just dean looms NBA if. Finals no Brock had a hell the street don't get me wrong getting NBA finals. But you have and what damn hole which also works against him in his conversation too just like what what Boller will be here virtually. Always have budget Montana he's never lost the Super Bowl Tom Brady has so we can't be one. Are you this same thing. Yeah I think we're both together let's roll her eyes is say I sing rings matter bring your saying we are done matter. I'm saying he can't get front of Michael because he doesn't have the rings he will be in here saying stats are important to use your ego stats Hillary right. Richard recently since his many statements you since you're cities have been a and that is what you just sit and abroad the better player than Margaret. Did you nudges it. In this last the six. No OK I felt so so much joy. On my spoke on top so much earlier order a better player in the like but I've got here together no idea what the others say no now I'm pretty much you know yet but. So I tell her story about oh but now so are your comments unit is the Ron or a better player than Michael York. LeBron James. As a better overall player as far as it's on fox or filler for Jordan Michael Jordan. But at the end of the day what are you afraid exists at the end of the day is just try to stay consistent year but no. I'll buy out championships for me sure in this case you don't have enough men and I'm asking you happy if Michael when he got half. No you're talking about chairmanship aren't McDermott are much are you that's I'm hearing what is the better player is it Michael. I just pulled the better player well let me battered and MJ were booked but I'm effort you eat. Come on it's. Batteries for you look at. LeBron okay follow when it comes out of range which it does for me up front because if because Orlovsky is certainly an odd is like this when you talk. And when I'm talking he's going line by racist but we're all vulnerable citizen and I'm just note. Reducing he's doing this when Utah in this night tock. We're on the radio bad you know what you're had a quality about you might and in no when I should know what they're both Syria and and you do frequently. In the run the a lot of looks like stark. Four point 799 tortured to. Which you. Do you think LeBron Burke couldn't LeBron everybody that a eloquently sent to go to Robbie freeze out I can tell you about. My favorite place in the whole wide world which is most definitely not. Ronnie free zone that statement busters and wallet Sosa it's really sort of like a dream of mine that I had before ever walked in their flat screens everywhere great food. Great drinks and let dean be sports lounge if 3161. Inch screens and 875. Inch screens. 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For their annual golf body and help raise money for the make A wish foundation June 27 at silver spring country club get your group together and sign up or become a sponsor. This call for details or is going to. Dave and busters for details wire there Drake play and watch sports it's Dave and buster's rocked us how we 100 to south. A north avenue will continue to be Rami free zone when the when he's picture return for we will hear from me. So that's what I wanted to. Magic Johnson broke in this league in inherited Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I don't know if you heard he's the greatest scorer in the history professional basketball. Larry Bird inherited three good players Cedric Maxwell tiny Archibald in Dade county and within a year had two hall of famers Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. Colby inherited a big Fella named Shaq maybe saw Shaq play. Tim Duncan inherited. David Robinson. Who wants one and MVP. Doctor. George mcginnis. And Karl Malone a year after he arrived in Salt Lake City had John Stockton. What about Michael Jordan will he inherited two good players good not great Orlando war that you averaged 23 game and Michael's rookie year and Quinton daily average sixteen. But by your three Michael Jordan had a Horace grant Charles Oakley and a hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. Seven years in the LeBron career in Cleveland. The best player he had was so drew onus Ilgauskas. Asked Colin Cowherd on fox sports one bringing up what you just heard there and the fact that LeBron on pace to be a better three point shooter than Michael Jordan. That has turned Gary to thinking that LeBron James will be better or actually said is better. Then Michael Jordan. Well LeBron ever be better than MJ in your book 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan back come whenever this argument or any argument along these lines comes up an essay in my piece being the Chicago guy on the show. It just gets dismissed. And disregarded so not wasting my time energy or Bret that's it Rami free zone. Join the rest of the segment 7991250. Wendell but it won't run or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back up the Q bureau skin. You have to get him then why why would you be my opinion on early wanna always have this is dismissed and disregarded our guys are generally does say that billiard you'll never stayed at some bodies better than mine and overseer of bulls fan Barack Obama you have. She had. Are they ever since that OK but you are balls than I thought I on the cover rescinded to. But I think you're I would love to know from they bolstering him don't that you now have her dead. That really work do you think. Who's gonna sit there quietly waited three to do something gets old Joseph with a gonna do. Are you what are the folks. So. Ultimately this is this just by way worse than him. Where were somewhat good but. Then I think yes of course and yesterday at the ridiculous. And I forget the course that you guys that came forward and that's when no I think it's gonna have a great for all The Who has I think the books are gonna win. We asked to what you have more faith that the Packers later I know that the packer look at the draft pick redder that the bull bucks and win that night ball. And Gary is that both he would know no question or your hands. I would love me in my heart I believe both of these things are gonna upper half. Which you do write downs where were that knows a lot don't you. I've got a lot of tweets coming in here Christian says Mike was much better on defense have more and BP's final MVPs rings and scoring titles scaring. That's from Christian. He goes. And no Smart point he was much better on defense I don't know I don't think he's much better on defense and I think you know. If you look Jewish for me if you look at the size and speed of war you're dealing with LeBron James yeah. Is just. We've never seen anything like that in our just a guy. Of that stature puberty you started to do just don't take chairmanships are that are all that. If you look at the size and speed which you're dealing we will LeBron James we have never seen anything like that. I mean look LeBron James is almost like Julius Peppers. He's a freak. Yes Michael Jordan was a freak in his own right put you you you've got a guy that rebounds. Assists imports he's going to at all and shooting percentage. We all thought that the bronze jump shot was broke and was steel broke of a terror dismiss some garlic or the children. I'm just talking about what these guys. Ski championships and OP would care won't do that. Boy if you just look at work abroad is about the better player. Numbers will burn and well. Let's go to the phones at 7991250. Tony and raise senior on the Wendy's big Charlotte's uptown. They are good guys are great conversation and hard to one away in my opinion on the local Jordan LeBron. Debate I think the biggest thing that. Stand out in my mind is suspected Jordan had sex ring and if you take away in effect if you retired and went away for baseball after dad died. And dead dead and he could that it did it basically dominated and the need for E Street year's general and I think that's what just. Makes sense stand out in my mind it's our the better player. I think some phone out and appreciated. Territory to the fan why does everyone forget about the greatest of all time Kareem Abdul Jabbar we mean forget about him. Whenever you thought or conversation as to go into Michael and there's never any Jabbar being brought up it'll just like most sooners don't. Book. I think your best generals will Chamberlain if you're talking about just a freak of nature of talent is Wilt Chamberlain. Yes and that's. I didn't tweets at the fan and yes it did Jordan almost six years make an impact in the play out he did nothing but out cartwright Pippen and grant. Dressings which of the fan and this one I agree with. Well brow put on as the greatest of this generation MJ as the greatest of all time either way I'm blessed to have seen both of them play. I agree that this run for being able to see both of home plate. In our lifetimes is vertical go back to that old that owns enough all the way and Columbus, Ohio Eric is listening you're on the Wendy's big show it's up. Yeah go on guys. So. Yeah I mean Michael Jordan at this point LeBron Aries is that more accomplished player. He's the best score of all time. And it in my opinion abroad. The best pure basketball player at all and that. Takes into account all of those statistics you guys talk about. But he also makes everyone on it he better. He turns editor at dug out it's been all are being beget yet and all. And the point about Michael Jordan one in the league for her for eight years that that's true maybe but LeBron in its seventh straight I. He thought they'd this year he got courier or more years to be in the best player in the league maybe more. I'm so when it also didn't aren't. He can it match that are going to be the end here quote. So you know from about our players depth I think in now on the better player. I think Michael Jordan the best score and at this point the best competitor we are seen. Seeing things are strong choir and I kind of disagree were Eric that's competitor what does that say what he got frozen broke bore witness where I disagree with Eric. I think Michael Jordan is the best basketball player. Over LeBron James. I'm compete now confused I think. I think LeBron should you start talking about an athlete is just that pure. Athlete. That. Is playing basketball. And just be confused than before I'm very confused I suspect. So Michael Jordan is the better basketball player what they just you know if you're just pick a basketball and gold Georgia's got ages and picking up cargo door yet and not really have to work there and it came easy to or. I think that's Michael Jordan. I think LeBron had to work. And his gain and two I think it came easier promise for Jordan with the basketball and they aren't likely enjoy I didn't make the team is fresh I understand that but it. Feels like to mean that he came easier. For Michael Jordan. LeBron James as an athlete. Which radar up athlete that we've never seen before. Playing basketball but they're saying it's not all about the ring threat. Well I'm I'm just judging judges who owns a better player and start look at their what their what their door and how they develop here. But it's not all about the rings at the jewelry center either but that's one of the many things that they do a war where it would bring it home thank you yes they do at a know we're going to break as it was hosting its. And so he's he's gotten thank you bill's cost. (%expletive) freeze over injuries or yes it guys you're looking for pieces during. If you've gone to another store what that's okay for your. Number you get up to and to go to Jerusalem and make that decision the right war. There where you gonna go and save money. All of your friends that your surging Murray he's human when do you reaching a statement to earn your business. And and they want you give them a chance to earn your Brisinger you look at your services lately atlas. New location in Brooke true of blue while wrote atrocity in national bring director says. Quick break him more of your thoughts on this debate will LeBron never be better than MJ in your book 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan back camera the Wendy's big show the old Chevrolet studios are Robby free zone continues right after this. LeBron James is working. To head to his seventh final and he's got three rings. Duncan got Robinson Mac Digg dot Kareem bird got hall of famers shouted Karl Malone. Michael within three years had Pippen grants and Charles Oakley. LeBron was dragging. Booby Gibson to the finals. And something that's never discussed at the bronze teams were so good so fast not because of anything other than LeBron talent. That he never got another great draft pick no known by year two and three and four and five. They were taken in the twenties. As good as Andrew we didn't foods and he's really special. The next year Minnesota can get Carl Anthony count with the number one panicked. LeBron James went to Cleveland. Never got a perennial all star for get a hall of Famer which everybody got by their third gear most inherited or got one in their second. And because LeBron was so dominating. He never got another great draft pick many of the other guys did. Just think about that. Think about what LeBron is about to do. And what if he would have inherited Karine. Stockton. George mcginnis. McHale and parish arrive in the second draft. The brawn would not be working on a seven finals. He'd be working on his thirteenth. In he'd already have six or seven rings. That's Colin Cowherd this is the Wendy's big show or live in the hold serve relays studios. He's laying out the case that Gary is buying that LeBron is better than MJ were asking LeBron never be better than MJ in your book 7991250. Or you can email us live. And what 057 FM the fan back out and tried my dander is to make this a Rami free zone I'm enjoying it. His everytime I chime in on this debate or anything along the lines of this debate. I just get accused of being a Chicago Harkin Jordan Hall he'll never admit that anyone is better than MJ our our course on American but might Tonga. Has countered that sound bite we just. Heard it ride free don't take a call just yeah. He's wish I'd say you for you just don't look well he's got a call. Yeah ordered. To follow the rules and you're smarter than this all for this class. Well the role goal Paul. And commerce on that I can do here at Enron got a team that's left in the hours and we change topics moon let's go to. Birds other side near the Wendy's feature with the Earth's. They felt that they thought that I can't really believe we haven't translation put this grip got. But there's no way in a row I'm not a pollster and then you could say that the brunt of better than Michael Jordan's. I'm couple caller there mentioned. That you know he was a better people to Wear number one on the air and I want to pull this question to you theory. If they are twelve minutes left in the game and you're team went down six point what you have followed a broader would you give him water short. Who I have the play worth. No he hasn't got a team who's on the scene. You have to start LeBron indoor. And the rest of the players are the sixers a today right so I. Hurt your waiter got you okay. Well Jim this is LeBron LeBron has taken in eighteen would list talent. To the finals that Michael Jordan has never done. That it does it best it's. That's true. Asked that question and answer and say come on that isn't true. What what judges that you. That is a true. I sit LeBron has taken a lesson in the finals Michael Jordan has ever done that's factional so you can argue. Know who we know who. Has played well I think the best of what good is the first 67 there's currently holds an arguable. Every so you aren't. Sure on glee would be your number which Shaq Shaq was. It. Shaq was done. At different. Different this jacket is bright I told me it doesn't make a difference wasn't. Mobile and about her shack. Shut your mr. On the go back and look at his numbers and numbers memorized ala Kamal Aga virtually all through finals with Jackson on thirteen no. That's sort of wasn't right so what is he talking about. I would imagine there was Brett thanks birthers I'll raise tuition. Window then it's OK no. It's true that the first team he went to the finals with a who was on the team. That's what you do and that's what I said it right he used to bring them amongst. Here. While you figure that Alice and attract and how is that once again we have Graham I was going to silencer so thank you. Know from. Mr. Romney beat you are right may be collateral with Chicago Cavanaugh U guys do. It also lawless of the Michael. Trying to do and I'm getting accused of this I do think men probably freeze out did you import you have to dress me. You're dressed neat. Group. I don't think we can't payment toward you while under the Republican to wrap up and didn't want to blunt saying. He's gonna be a martyr when he finishes to the Korean. I didn't have been a basketball player Margaret the only thing Margaret are ever going to bring him abroad and discord basketball and you could say he's a better course where an identical because you like this and the ball well course. I'll let go on a plane hit at Purdue that might have been a better course clear. Now I do think Jordan hadn't heard back in nineteen. Then you're not gonna hit a pony and you know Jordan and win or planning to adequately monitored. Every year that he wrapped it. That ad with a sick thing. Might have wanted to did you meet and could get it and like it being anything toward it looking that would wait much and they weren't for the beat and everything thing like this. Amber and I really don't talk about little dirty player. I call them biggest guys did an old men yeah network spiral. An article blunt Angola can get glow that cool would it be yet it for them to be disgruntled war. Total to vote in the final that you're so when you wanna you wanna compare. This again decrypt the blind date and it equated. Because it's a remarkable whoever did it get credit for Dominique Lucas and get all the court and ultimately you do better this implant in my social nice control. I'd there's the dot I will apologize by the Shaquille O'Neal has that he was done. He only played 53 games at hearing Cleveland has one year in Cleveland he was 37. In 53 games. What do you think the energy your 53 inch clear that where he could he was overweight it's okay good so what do you think he averaged points Ariba lost. Twelve reports 5353. I 20/20 point game point. 27 in fifteen. He was a and it I don't know what you remember that. He won the same check for 715 is ridiculous they'll agree that still bulls are still on global auto regretted the iPod now you want and that's why we're talking about. The first finals team effort for LeBron right here who's on the team. She and brown. Booby Gibson Drew Gooden. Larry Hughes of gals guess damion Jones Dwayne Jones. Danielle Marshall Ira new bill Sasha tablets Scot Pollard Eric Snow Anderson bears out in David Wesley. That was the team that they went to India files. So make of that what you would like. A all of those guys LeBron the only hall of Famer. That's it there's nobody else and at Keeneland I thought this is going to be easy. City this the out in doubt now like now I'm just ready divert stewed. You're the one came out of the running for Arizona we're gonna stick with it for one more second because it maybe talk now yeah. You'll want to be amazed at five a client privilege dry atletico I want people to an F five. Yeah in you can bust out your little Ronny freeze on now. We'll just put a brake after I tell you about Wendy's. And what is it as you know they are obvious for its I want Berea doubles and that god shed people know where we're cover about one more thought for four dollars with all our rhetoric it is corner potted meat. Ford targets including spicy nuggets Fries and drink that's a deal so good it shouldn't even exist exist yet it does. I'm participating locations for a limited time and I was just told last commercial break. Wendy's is bringing us double stacks and I'll go there excited and other bring Iran's nuclear receptionists right fresh mozzarella chicken sandwich boy I told now that your real body bringing. Q what surfers to edit Ariel fresh mozzarella doubles that's my favorite mr. love the double stacked double double stacks and Fries atrocity on the couple those things yes no question Cella but more about those arches again tomorrow here on the thing. Somebody please touch on the points that I would like to touch on lightly on the ground. That's next on the Wendy's big Jamal certainly studios. LeBron James is working. To head to his seventh final and he's got three rings. Duncan got Robinson Mac Digg dot Kareem bird got hall of famers shouted Karl Malone. Michael within three years had Pippen grants and Charles Oakley. LeBron was dragging. Booby Gibson the finals that's a funny line. That's Colin Cowherd. Earlier today on fox sports while laying out the case for LeBron being the go to. Gary Ellison is buying it. Well LeBron never be better than MJ in your book 79912. Victory you can email us live. At 1057. FM the fan dot com Laura Butler leads into the holds Chevrolet studios during the break you leap into the conversation. As well it's a Rami free zone so I will not leap into the conversation. Says that's enough gas sit this out is that this be accused of being. A bulls talked Chicago Brandon but of course some who say that I would never admit anybody is better than Michael Jordan. I'm a reaction he did on that territory. And terms and you don't really believe well. We've what we're changes you would never admit it anyone's done him. Your dozens and I'm free zone this is all I'll say it and that's what the wireless is a look I'm not walk out I'm not like I'm back enough talk here I'm not quite what I'm talking I'm not get a match I'm not answer the question that is the topic. Hone. But when LeBron Eamon do for when LeBron came into the league who I said he's the only player I've ever seen who could one day be better than Michael Jordan. Nets I'll say well let's go to many on the north side you're on the windy speech or what's up man. As Erica. Looking shirt were beaten. I agree that what Garnett nobody. Jordan had also booed everybody. There one thing about LeBron makes incredible run changes body. He continued to compete at a high. Capacity. You know when he dropped a bunch of weight. The the only thing that I dispute about Michael Jordan. If I could probably won't like it sort of was lucky that. I made a subordinate state taunted the league in 1986 when he was drafted by the trail blazers. Because nobody knew hardly. You're out. You're right sabonis was an. There was a dominant player yet your your rear right about that nobody ever talks what's more it's not like but. Was a bonus was in his prime he he was the best big man in the world. Period and the story that's not been debatable where he was but he wasn't played NBA talent so nobody really talked about him and eating get over here to he was older and slower. Before you could see it yeah I. It's a bonus was here and he was with Portland they would beat the bulls when she got many yeah. All of this. You know look about you guys had a lead and had a distorting cast for Obama doesn't that's why he left Cleveland you can't blame for it. Go to the front office say and I need help and bring Shaq and Jamison agenda that trio then you know disturbed ground out. I didn't you learn from Ahmanson. Who now we have. I'm as regards the news instead I hit it I hit it to the very difficult though. Started out. This is why Joseph won always did it. Jordan has sucked in at the bottom line. It has to cliff Jean I mean if you spend about you don't think about the shot to Michael miss we think about the laws that he made. And Doyle is just cold blast. In the broad. Hero delay change. When it was a more days he's friends what everybody. You know he's a guy that I would love to play would and he's my second best player on the Kobe Bryant. I think cool is better to both. Not. Well another day as a real army yet. There is coldest cold related to what it does stick to topic. Michael Jordan man he cemented and Michael Jordan it to you rovers. In the closest planet to him is Lou Brock. That'll never change. It Polanco. It'll be mark guns in South Milwaukee or the Wendy's big show it's a mark. A tiger. Leo. Quote about Ron one. To go Chris Bosh. In the future also neighbors. Here all. Week and it's sort of Chicago. No he ED in half to now he quit for a year to go play baseball now. Oh it's all. Out. And. Won't ask you as you think if if LeBron had Scottie pippin. With cam from John eyeing Cleveland. Do you think he would of left Cleveland. 00 no OK just second. OK I know that's me that's all that's got a pretty TL all of our wisdom all you think he would have laughed not born. Out that the itself started and in yet another. Right Wimbledon when Michael Jordan became blessed selfish of a basketball player. It's cracked an early on he was selfish was LeBron ever selfish and. It. Bought. It's just read the final city wetsuit 200620071. Their our hall of famers. But I'll have to quote. You keep changing it and not now go back to do. 10062007. There it's not a single hall of Famer on that roster that he went to the NBA finals with Michael Jordan never did that member. I'll catcher okay fine thanks thanks for the call your email famers. I'm not yours I don't linger that that and do a lot that's not. He did makes guys want the top fifty all time players. And mark or makes people look at two of the deeper. Yell you win rings that's what makes you look yeah people look at you deeper yeah it winter rains you wouldn't talk about Skype him in the way they did what Scott did very well Michael. For the year GM and Michael W I I actually like a bigger world are starting to you know yeah you know nothing. It is noted in her will tell by the city you won't he touched on some of the points or six to three put on in Boston. But I would have touched down there with Oskar. Yeah. If I were in this conversation. I will touch on the rest of them in Great Lakes because I can't do it any morbid. I can't bite my tongue anymore. When it came out what I don't I don't know if you try. I thought. It would save me some trouble I thought it would save me some frustration I'm not aware of through this again all. We need to hear from you regularly would be for you to book the all know again I can't I can't hold back anymore I can't do it did pick a lane. I will debug everything that Colin Cowherd said. And may be Gehry will be open minded enough to change his mind back to sanity and realizing that Michael Jordan is the better player will get to that Great Lakes dragway pickle and it.