Woelfel: Jabari and his teammates are fine!

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, April 19th
The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Our basketball insider Gery Woelfel joins us on a wild day with the Bucks in the Milwaukee media.  How is Jabari with his teammates?

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This guy is all we know. Basketball leagues later. We won't fool don't teach the Bible verses of Thomas won't. Only on just sports Radio One 057. Our Milwaukee basketball. We've installed wide area around these parts. White buried here and here Gary. Our Blackberry talking about you and your. He's implying that I'm old man yeah. Here are Williams. Daughter does go to that's about me I already have a CD airline. Let's jump up put her hand outlet or worse better bet for our. And I. I didn't at. All and I hit it. Gary do you do you fall Jabbar Parker for the frustration that he's feeling end and voicing it today to the media who are assembled before game three tomorrow night. National you remember when you're 23 years old. Are they the last. Abortions. All robberies territory three right now here mentally yes mentally I. Yeah I think that 123. In my emotions all over what is. I can only imagine what two or is going through you know I've gone bad from January Seattle. Played really well down threats of recourse loan and all the time being. What not even a role player you know get Egypt's sports you know first game out of what you quote I have seen. And yeah outplay you. And 23 years old Memphis out of that position. I don't know out. So Gary what what's going on their decision to give us the inside or means that worked. What's going all we're Jabari what's going on with this team I mean what we're givers. And that was going on these cars. Well I mean that it seems to be in that you know nobody on this would seem like there's something personal mutual content. Or at Parker in I'm not you cursor goes until corny perspective that is when Jason. Jason yet but. Art Parker. You now. And here's you mean. Those second overall pick in the draft are guys that could open the number one pick if you want we want to want to. And he made equipment that you wanted to play in Milwaukee. How many players. Would you. Do you think of anybody that's I don't wanna political wanna output at Milwaukee. Which is always. Yeah. You know I mean you have general police consider you ought. He he loves the city you've won a community. I covered the ball a long time and I can't remember anybody that's been more involved. Than you are so. It's a tough situation. OK so what do you do now if if you're the Milwaukee Bucks how do you how do you get everybody buying back into. Polling in the right direction and trying to win game three. Well play well upon what you've. I mean the mandates choke on it used to be on the floor a little moment when you minutes in game. And come hell or high water with a guy. And you know I mean equal and I mean in the last 67 games reverse and you went very well all. Nineteen points seven rebounds what's this immense gratitude. The absolute I'd never see any one of the world's lawyer up what you contribute. Especially down the stretch. It may have to what else. Yeah. I agree yeah I thought of I know what was going on but I wanna move to it is of rosier Bledsoe. I don't know if this saudis is we do have we do have addressing things are going to figure. Yet Saudi erupted but I wanted to semi open where there's been a lot of rumors around coach are you were oral teammates especially yeah honest. That is peer garbage but it is it's unbelievable out on the serve as a I have talked to our volley more than anybody in the media strategy you don't come to bought yeah you talk to order. I had never ever heard of one time. Say anything negative ones teammates that anyone. Or any in depth or or what this stuff to us surpluses you know really unfortunate. Yeah I think yeah though some reports sending new home bigger. You know Gaza and more of a club I'm glad to know that are to put that behind us. Let 200 met this guy has just either Bucs allowed you're going to bless those Tampa and its allies. In that they got some guy upstate you going on both got to move past it. Well I mean what. I mean what he's Bledsoe go from there he has to have a big game goes C I committee give Malone and at least now returns a ball over a gimmick has set no score but. He has to outplayed his Kiffin did Boston win. Yeah you're absolutely right in the that was one of the things could the bucks won the series what's so dumb they composure about Parker which you know we stood in points with in the playoffs you expect her. And such a long time. NBA advance scout two days before you have plastic you know. I don't smoke what so and he goes he's gonna tablet you like crushed yet that I seen. Erik watts will go against guys like Hershey or just you tomorrow now and you know what happens as far as closures you not what's. You see Parker and Eric Bledsoe being back next here. The question I mean you never sit up but it goes one so I know. I mean strange thing to have you're dead who now. For instance is John or it is going to be called shots. I mean it there's a lot of rumors going around now that really sure which. In the media what. There's there's pocketbooks are gonna go out to the president out east. And it and it kept at it in your sources they went away soda line. OK again question. Rabbani the president operation to somebody that actually has basketball. My experience and has done something that that's what I want somebody that actually has a raw and a basketball operation. And hold the. Okay let me rename it and then don't you guys are all anonymous. Letter. Were dull insult dual. That's not news summary it's close the morning. You know there is still under contract and the pacers. Pretty sexy at 61 you know why does friend that you want to get back into the game. He wants the president of operations. About what seasons pat on the phone right now could query what do you. In a heartbeat Don. To the list goes back it up will work what is Larry down. Well I mean he's obviously an area. Exceptional ball game without. Or Bernard little uneasy has done that on Tuesday were best. That in any coach Heath is you know the Bible the in the front office were welcomed pacers. So I mean here's a guy that is a complete screw up on the tighter belts all operation now I don't know it's. He would even Greg welcome to walk you guys touch this morning that he thought what and you know. Again I want see them on it. Where you have them on the bird yeah. An immunity you know an example. Told a real winner the look what magic now to do what they need you know kind of operations also but wait a while you know. People wanna played for the lakers because magic there. So. We're. What about what about Rick Pitino we had a guy call we actually everything we thought elaborate and well. I would love as he Metallica and Jeremiah damn that guy was sand. So do you bring in a guy like they're very when he hired guys like to add value gap front officer's credibility and value to put a team on the floor. Al nobody coaching searches desperately. There's it is my claim there. Would bring in Larry Burt Gary and Mary were bring in Rick Carlisle. On. All run that could that be an unbelievable and the perfect. And in the editor when he goes well McConnell well look what else credit Cuban about Nelson. Which years. What anybody did note Rick Carlisle knows what will only incidents unit. I don't know if we're not even the usually has always bring house were there and you don't have to play defense. Good you know the world you know. Barbara berg and and Paul George Ron now. Larry Bird. That's from the reason why he's an hour I'm down. Yeah. I don't know I had measures that that maybe it never heard that. I don't know that. People were worried well what are you dedicated to basketball and when he makes a commitment to do so open is always have. The reason why say that because. Kids and are gonna change. And if you if you if you can't get down all Paula George recovery there's going to be some other smoking here that's gonna do the same stubborn. Players these days or do you mean we would they want to talk about. Yep totally. I agree and you know what's really really have conspicuous. I remember back in the no easy to George okay. Guys would hang out with each other I mean after games but all you know they would spend quality time income or the other. You don't do that anymore. No you don't. Image is it's not is not happening happening to in the an affair electing more even. Armenian bill we just do stuff together all the time is not that way anymore. There's just so many other hang Iran does why. Yeah I mean you go back to like when junior management and simply by creed the most open up everywhere they were tight knit group but we made we can each other. Yet each other's facts. Not anymore. Gary Allan thank you for even if none of this ever happens Larry Bird or Rick Karl gallery and they'll go. Just just they're putting some sort of positive. I don't know is I think that we should tell you. But are you actually played hockey smile talking about the walk you have twice the first time and if not months so. Even if this ever happens thanks thanks for just cheered up the Wendy's being shown on a day demand are in my. Aunts are Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf we'll get all your Cherie buck stops. On Twitter that Gary waffle. And every Thursday right here on the Wendy's big show thank you Cherie Gary. Yeah and cheery white Girija soccer had been expecting a top line if they're looking for is simple it can be viewed pre approval process for your new home construction at or renovate Simone called great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored. Common sense mortgage products since 1935.