Woelfel: They played hard throughout the whole game

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Sunday, April 15th
04/15/18: MIL 107, BOS 113 F/OT - Insider Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and WoelfelsPressbox.com joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza.

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Now let's see are what die hard I guess is he basketball that are Gary woeful things as he joins as an agreement West Bank hotline. Gary's thoughts on the game. Absolutely incredible. Maybe one of the year well not the most captivating. Played document work history. I was gonna call the Elias Sports Bureau. After the team and ask him if there's ever been around eight playoff game. Where. Teams sit back to back three point shot with a cap of foot and left on the clock I can never Abu remember that. Yeah I was pretty while the way that regulation. You know winding down there at the end with a Milton in that child I have second lap but. They lose in overtime in it and I really believe this was a game. That was kind of there for the take it may the Boston Celtics and not shoot the ball well they were awful in the second quarter shooting the basketball you kept turning it over. And allowing them to stay in the basketball game nation less than 42% from the field you shoot the ball pretty well 48%. And you still lost again. Against the Bucs wanted you try and I'll cut it. They'll laugh I totally agree. The squandered a golden opportunity. When game wind and game two eventually imperative obviously it was that game Saturday for all intent and purpose will. To bury your heart combat Ortiz Depp to play out so. India but didn't watch. What hasn't change in game two again. Jabari Parker play and he didn't play well when he was in there but he only did play fifteen minutes. I mean visitor what will play 33. And how to equal off. Exactly. Exactly I don't know what's going on and snell who played 33. How would he play also are our. Yeah. I don't know what's going on there. In the last six games of the regular season Jabari Parker nineteen points in banged on. If you go oh my goodness he's old now. While you know he took spears in game one. In one against the playoffs yeah I. I don't know why I think if you're the Lockheed bucks right now you have to figure out a way. On to make sure war on yet you can get more guys involved then Johnson Chris Middleton in this next game because if you're gonna say. That we're gonna you rely on those two guys to be remain scores you're being you're going to be in trouble Bledsoe pass the play battered and Jabari passive play batter and score the basketball get more minutes if there are gonna have a chance. Yet and recruited more it would await remember when. Want to book shut on with a seventy correct yes. You know would fit right in front of a man and right in front of Jalen brown. He now general broke out hours after the yeah I was asked who was. Terry hero leader there. If you believe that. Yeah imagine how it changed it sure what they're. Yes it's interesting that that that would arrows you're there at Deanna on Eric Bledsoe Allison CNET. Well naturally it was mean and and a spirited what Natalie. Opened each of Winokur got shot. The other thing about this game too wise. You lose the game yes but you'll a lot of rebound battle why three I mean you're. That was the one area where I think there was a lot of concern for Bucs fans was all please don't get killed on the board you'll never win. And you all a lawsuit by three with twelve boards for more for ten for Tate on seven for more risks and you're still able to overcome that keep a close. Well exactly another they've played they've battled hard and mean yeah. You know they would get not such rotten start eternal Portland bike didn't let me you know. Plagued by turnovers since early in the game but. Now it quite hard look you know oh and I just a matter. Yeah I disagree with you on that there were. They're fast guys or getting back in transition there were times guys leaving jumping for rebounds to stand there watching guys around and jump for rebounds. I don't that's gonna happen I mean if you look at the Celtics are moments like that true you know I mean. But. Yeah you know but weeks in the book too little you're right. Around nine accept an earlier in the end earlier in the show Kissimmee called Bob Ford has said this is the law not a whole year it's not just gonna are automatically changed by bucks standards they played about as hard as they're gonna play and again. So this is going to have to be good enough with the effort you saw tonight. Yeah yeah this afternoon. I mean I talked a couple of the people the last couple days in the senate. You observe them EU want to could have been neutral part in the match right. It was a point guard Eric Bledsoe you through sheer. Terry we're here who bought and sold. Or the point Kirk yup. You know Pete everybody you don't want to the AT&T brought. And they were you know that you mentioned came reader big out you know which is understandable right. But market Smart is that what do you know. Our market Smart they're saying may be back before the end of the series. Yeah yeah marker and Marko are there aren't into this thing goes seven they say he could be back for game seven but we'll have to wait and seeing. Rated quit but everybody don't look you up your record our effort out of the box they'll win game two this could be a quick series. I agree like five and it's going like baby Milwaukee gets wanna in Milwaukee and then it might be all right coming back to Boston itself and it's a big big game coming up. I'm Susan I thank you so much Derek. From there they save you betcha Gary is Gary woeful on the great midwest the cup if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan call great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935.