Woelfel: (Thon) came out and played big

Bucks Coverage
Saturday, April 21st
04/20/18: BOS 92, MIL 116 - WSSP's basketball insider Gery Woelfel joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza.

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Joining us now the aforementioned. Gary wolf boy is that the game with the fan Gary your thoughts on what you saw tonight. Well the well played by far they're built. All round game of the season and that you've now gotten to a Jamie Dimon one of the books majority ownership of the game. He he totally agreed he'd gotten cooker they'll step for you. You know we were spurred on by Tuesday at the crowded. For the game that it felt like I'm maker. And it goes remembered keep Korea last year against pompano how this is so obsolete Walker's he'll play opens that waited night and once it was a great crowd. Yeah what happened in game three gets trial last year. You tell me they boom out. And one half and after that. Matt I am right and see that's that's that's the thing though and I think the differences is that their pledge that helter skelter hair on fire defense. And there was no way for manager's standpoint they could sustain that amount play that crappy defense nearly as much now here in the playoffs. And the reason I think they won a night obviously was top maker was a huge part of it. But the visit cal and he didn't knock them in the mouth is a gallon that they brought for four quarters. They stepped up their throat they would wanna get a ball off the map all four quarters. That was something Boston did is becoming the blocks have a bit ms. physical all year. No I totally agree outplayed. A who's really really. Quite know under the radar of cart record recognition of the game is oak blocked. In you look at his stats yet but you only get what five points slump like that it and should ball real well what. He did an incredible good job on Jalen brow. In Jim Brown only get two points in the first quarter at one books Jim Donald in I don't want round ended up with what. Is was there anything quote to we try to prove routine every. No crowd tonight ended up with a eleven on eleven points for nine shooting. Yeah but it ground. Gently brought us rice sat June run eleven points four boards and one assess. And he entered the game averaging 25 point right so I mean Brockton mass. It is job. Now if you got to shut Dow's markets more us who have slowly kill them in the series that first two games Ronald he had seven points five boards had four turnovers to eight. From before from Marcus Morris that was also. A big factor tonight to our right so go forward Sunday at noon what what do you think is that is the biggest key for this bucks team to win Sunday. Well I think everybody else do what the world what they did tonight I mean that would maybe one of the few times long long time work. Everybody was on the same page I mean they were plane as a unit of C. In the there was a lot of co Q for those in you know they do that I I think there's going to be fine. What about sign maker do you think he didn't do that again. Not. With the heat I mean you know never LB can't go. Up but I give him a ton of credit because. He has not been played a lot you know but in the last 234 weeks and now in missiles but are there most important game. In that became what Jamal you don't play big. Yes he did Garrett thanks so much for coming on man I appreciate it. There is Gary wolf full on the Redmond was back Alan if you're looking for a simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan call great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage product. Since 1935.