Woelfel: Tonight [Vaughn] is the x-factor

Bucks Coverage
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: DET 100, MIL 104 - Insider Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and WoelfelsPressbox.com joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese frozen pizza.

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Terrible joins us not the most get a win while four to 100 by just as Anthony Mandela number and asked you what would you say is the identity of this basketball team if you think they have one. And they are trying to you know that beat up people it. Now that that I go to W had mixed result and that's been sure what about on the offensive side of the floor you thing they have an identity there. Now I really don't. All news open if you don't wanna last couple weeks you talk to you. Several you know go to bookmarks them you know all of whom. One minute it's one of the most simplistic offense. You they've run very few cents. We gave them all. What is you know try to create the wrong shot. Well I think whatever works I guess not at this point and we'll see how that works going down the stretch obviously Eric Bledsoe. And Middleton jas all Guinea over twenty points and I bought. Rashad Vaughn finally got some run tonight and produced grew yeah that's right we shot on I senate. You're right that's right my guy you know. You know what you know what let me that was. Just it is cockroach welcome. He did not play the last few games. Q and what Eddie or got one better it is contract wasn't expanded. Guys in that situation. Not going to want they don't futures even. You know such wacky. Got the crucible. Of that would shut them working correctly. In fact he's going to have to correct and so you know you got to commend them. There's is no different and Jabar Parker they're both playing for contracts. In Rashad ball when he gets rock house approved the Russell league that he's worth the contract. Calmness summertime and if he has any chance that's what has happened we're really needs to happen as. Letting him become that six man on this team or seven man who wants him brought to the sixth man. And letting go on an average you know twelve to thirteen points a night every night off the bench for this team that'll get unpaid this summer. Well I mean it and tonight do you expect we're sure there's going to be a bunch in. And stolen that's my next segment is X-Factor. Felony. You're killing me. They report we get an idea what it might or. MVP I already did it. Peru was shot bond. And that it was jobs. You know I thought. Our audacity I thought or war or war I really thought that he was he better than he's turn out to be in India I really did not but his mig employer. I clicked and I missed on that kid. I've been through a classic example that you a lot of good what was number or something else like it. And they're adamant about him if player but fact of the matter is not a player and so on. Yeah he should be there than he has. OK Gary thank you so much for coming out yeah I desire 23 birthday you win a box. And now again. At home against Dallas and Utah Utah is playing pretty good right now those two gays still bolster be winnable games for this bucks team we'll see what happens is and after that Wednesday. I I fear Wednesday I'm not looking forward to Wednesday and all the markets dozens and Anthony Davis I. My dad and Anthony Davis continues to get hurt so who knows agility and actually play but. That could be one unbelievable match yeah out of the game in and in regards to most importantly game. Menace Rondo and holiday at the guards are. At that that pelican seem a setup to be pretty good if they can figure out how to do the whole thing NF Alvin Gentry coached as well want to Intel that plays out Gary bass so much. There is Gary wolf on the great midwest and Colin gray mid West Bank has been committed to personalize common sense landing since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced is a great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply. Local banking.