Wood: Kumerow is probably on the 53 already

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, August 17th
Our Green and Gold Insider Ryan Wood joins us from Green Bay following a 51-34 Packers win.  Who stood out to those in the press box last night?

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One of the best at doing it as Ryan would joining us now live midwest bank hotline. Good afternoon Ryan speaking of the tango has gone on to hang. I don't know what I do and Judd aged dosage is yet. No no I didn't up but I gotta tell you I don't know the exit. It's not like slight rather than their votes vote. We got to buy shoes yeah yeah I know. How I'm lower rates cautious it's a step back on his want to in movies and dogs and what is I want to get reassure debate Joshua she's like balsam. I said. Ride what a way to the shoes that you don't have the ties but there what is. I'd actually took what they do look tied all the time I thought it would be perfect for Ryan what I'll let others packers' defense for meek. Ought to always Dix six Josh Jackson basic stats get. Of the defense of wine outside Reggie gebel is god awful imagine against this. I think that the issue that is overriding it's something that. Too cold one maybe it shouldn't be surprising producers out of the week through the regular season it's still an issue. That'll be a much bigger you know to know it's something that's that's stereo from over and that's the breakdown the fact burst and then on the fuel for the first touchdown. The fact that there's load assignments and missed communication and then it decreases and so that's that's why it exists. Iron those things out. But it better now it is huge and have and then when the Pittsburgh Steelers are running battle throat and let's. And that's the thing Ryan is fair lie and did so we've always seen two games. But it feels like saying defense that we saw last year I mean it is and I'm no pretenses via their Vanilla of their running. Just based he would make sure these guys are doing what they're doing the base stuff right. The Pittsburgh Steelers came off the bus blitzer. They did an edited and Ella and so we do need to you have. What we saw last night not what you'll see you want us to medics SharePoint. But to me it's not about skiing it's a battle. Whatever. It is no matter how basic it is. Building and outside that this time. And not not having breakdowns. And frankly if you're having breakdowns in this communication wouldn't Camilla. It doesn't bode well for being able to hand over assignments when they weren't so. There's the other so long way to go. If there's there's there's a couple weeks three weeks or and so it. They host the bears the first time to get it ironed out opened its red alert. I don't know are helping to running backs are. But I wasn't I didn't warm air and to play but he did okay argued. Why are they just seem like is. Most of our most of the guys hurt that's what they want running the ball a lot consumer right thirty forgo most of the carries. And images mortgages to rolled a foot spot though Philbin was coming head to establish our running game. I you know it's pre season and I think what I learned last year from pre season that Iran gained specifically stopping that. What you see in August. It doesn't really get a good indicator which seem all I mean not a rookie took credit Jamal Williams errant rounds. None of them look all that green street season and eye opener very fortunate they had good years. So it's just absolutely it's premature you know they didn't have a link she'll ask you a solid starter. You know especially in the run game. Are they Abby Lockhart went to series and they didn't app prime a lot of this altered purchases or week one starter so what an offensive line in the Austin and other coaches on the altitude. All the running that's your daughter so yeah I did I don't think that the Easter and you and the run game and August is just not. It's it's it's a crescendo leading up so late season and really into it by arts scene. Yeah you Watson's run game we definitely a year. Yeah outlawed I wanna go to the safeties now Tinder bars missile attack goes. In that they mark tackling their grade. For the most party's nod tackler I tell people to sought out the other guys don't want you hit they'll avoid you. Pistols on tacked on to a guy does. Thank you how you get a guy on the ground I think their detractors trying to be hitters. Instead attack colors. The safety position has to improved. What a week almost a week into a week before you just start at the thing about Chicago. I'm not I don't think you're wrong there I thought the corners looked better safety last night yeah absolutely. In a big surprise and it quickly but that's certainly bouncing. You know when you look at these. Couple's split today is that you have to quarterback does she do it was a decent position. The tackling was obviously commencement or on the first touchdown. But they also said so you know it took kind of a it's important matter but I mean. C sloppy. Exactly in the precision and you need to get it refined and ready we want. And I think putting the stitches on notices is certainly fair. What about the wide receiver position to Murrow has that shoulder thing having tests are done today on that. I can't imagine a BL it will be serious but I guess a new Tennessee Denver really know. Up but having said that. Eight who trouble here these rookie wide receivers I think everybody just assumes up Kumar is gonna make this thing. You won't work got a castle hopeful. He can't keep dropping the ball some mean. Everything else about him on board game looks like it's good place he's getting separation. He's got that a Lotta men outburst certainly there's a lot of lights but the catch all for two straight weeks now. She's not just drop the ball on the some just incredible job so that you really really bad drops that you just can't app so. You know there's two more games left an entity to get that turned around and so she's. I don't think he's played as well opposite happened. It's going good. You know it was acquired nice work well as about as alien and she sent around take a morale to Europe Russia titans. Last 1982 yard touchdown Steelers all he doesn't make plays he's healthy which. It is concern that they are doing tasks on a short talk with them in the locker room he said that it was. Singer in Beirut feeling to go to war are sidelined by. It is concerning asserts sassy and is supposed to be. Cleared obviously. But not her her injuries I don't know how to keep most of the era might be a lot. Revert first received and life however on what to do back in 2014. And I hesitate to bring in what you Janice. Remember that mosque every single week wasn't playing well he was that you play every single week that the touchdown in the a program's early in the trees and the kickoff for her. In the finale every region of tennis and it plays and do that. Put yourself on that shirt and be at that time playmaker like that. Jake who wrote done at this point so I certainly think you're gonna get standing. Let's talk. Got a little bit. More about these wide receiver position is Trevor Davis still can't seem to get out there on the field that are available you can make it to what are the same time nobody's really standing out as far as a return our goals either Ryan. No you're right you're just Jackson and the idea that your back and I don't I don't I don't well certain supplement to rely on now all the time. Until proven otherwise. Trevor Davis is on the fifth district of the special now. And I think that when you look at receiver. Out there specifically what what what they bring offense. There's no doubt that they're mortal like the rookies in chick who grows in the Trevor Davis is that distort. But until they show that they can provide something special teams are repaid or have a job so that's rude and they are so that they can provide something that seems. Bear and haven't. Those kids two sports like share Ryan what thanks so much for coming I'm old Archie again I'm. I don't wanna keep all 852 to tidy and how lucky but I don't know I like him. I noticed or tied is yeah I don't know if our regularly and yet only these two more notes. Yeah you know I think tied into the premier position and he kind of sports. Zuma might he do it. He's certainly practice squad iron and maybe you know don't block. I cannot borrow blocked me and use that as much out how did grant an oil. Good ploy. By Brian what does bank allies cider renovation journey with a similar convenient for approval from Rick mid West Bank dedicated providing terminally personalized almost. Those right here in our communities since 1935.