Wood: Randall Trade Means Gutekunst Rebuilding CB Position

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, March 12th
Green Bay football insider Ryan Wood joins the Wendy's Big Show and talks about restructuring existing contracts and the Damarious Randall trade.

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He's our agreement football insider Ryan what hour this afternoon round. Make. It. Rider he's surprised that with with Brian Utica and saying that they are gonna be more aggressive in in free agency in an acquiring players. That they haven't been involved in what's been a busy off season even though the offseason hasn't officially started yet. Nah you know I I that they've got a clear up some space in some cap room at some point and I am surprised that hasn't happened yet. Pop but. It could be a matter of if they don't it's that. It's you know clear space and so it's necessary so. You know I'll. I would expect that that already by. Ultimately naught in the US's. 62 hour period. Between that the start and legal tampering which was officially eleven clocks and time this morning. And the start of the new league year which beat 3 PM central time Wednesday. Is the reverse fly at left and right and and it's really hard to keep track of what is rumor. What does leverage it kind of created. What Avaya player's agent or Sheen. And what is actually you know so. Pot and it will be interesting that the scene helping to control that day. From personal I'm gonna countries in slackers you never had an opportunity to actually talk about anything in free agency before. On until this year but this does go so well when we get rumors about. Potential players. We get excited and we we go back and forth and all that fun stuff you're just so cold water just dumped in all of us he just absolutely happy you just you just go to that. Biggest kill in order my. OK so that's you that's Sam you walk ins Alan Robinson those are the two names that are out there right now for the Packers and apparently they're the front of the last. Offer Sammy Watkins as far as potential teams for him and they're speculated that they're gonna get on Alan Robinson. All of those two guys r.s one or both batter then majority in top. Yeah I think so this torture bolts are better than Jordy job. Yes that's for experience OK Jimmy Graham we know is better than them tonight and that's up for debate. My my operator which immigrant lately it's nothing that's 31 writes interesting. How how they evaluate if you better what they haven't. Obviously that's not what. Is if you or. A tag that he's going here on the open market. That is a very good question 31 I do think that Packers got to be very. Very Leary. Is careful not to overspend just because he's better. Then what they have currently Tuesday. 31. You don't worry yourself position you pay for past productions and future life. Have you heard anything about to mean Johnson. The cornerback honoring and have not I would I would be stunned that the Packers were aggressive to meet domestic Agassi go up there at the I don't know that's where we talked about the very beginning. Wearing a cap space and we. Does he and his eclipse cap space to go to China I think that the guy on the open market or be cheap by any means by if you look at it. Certainly after the marriage we infiltrate. Prime predictions forced himself to be aggressive in his approach to rebuilding the quarterback position. They gave away their best quarterback but in doing so they. That that the Packers secondary was only so good because their angle was quarterback last year and quarter and secondary that he's your best quarterback. It's it's not going to it is very limited on the potential that secondary printers that they've got to go out there with you'll hold that position. In order take a lot of progress and do that probably forces subsidies let me that that starts with school now. Pursuant to me jobs that are heard that that's happening yet. Obviously were only a couple of urgently to replant. I certainly I certainly think that that that is one. Since Packers. So they've said all along they're going to be you know a lot of he was so we hear their earnings rolled plays well would agree with you Ryan. In their why should I go to Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb or Clay Matthews. When I don't have a deal don't listen registration we know the Packers are Robert Gibbs did you just don't have the money to put Brady are trimming jobs. Right now. Absolutely. Actually Rivera. One in Apple's. According one million dollars in cap group that includes would be up to get done with it or not this offseason so you're absolutely right that they don't have the money to go out there. An approach the top quarterback on the open market in Anniston legitimate way right now are bought. That can change very quickly is that there are areas on this roster he can clear up cap space and. Are you know he'll stop and how do you clear to experts. Yet that you'd start Scott a start demanding pay cuts and Randall Koppel where else to topple that you are. There are willing to it to go that route of the adverse products as both were unwilling but they are. Yet be prepared to release them. And that's where I think you start that the reason likes or hear about your interest in now problems we seem to lock. You know either ghost is if they were assigned either same walker to where our problems and that would all have to be attached with. But since the year significant extreme taken you know or at least with Randall Cobb in two or else. You know when we talk about if there. Cutting players one or the other world focusing on top. And Jordy Nelson and obviously you have to you're tiger mark getting on a wide receivers child's safety thing Clay Matthews as. I think he's got a whole lot more leverage and into innocent Allred cop I think the person police were clobbered right now and because. Yeah 27 and and and theoretically there's because some some good football had a problem. I think of the street is mostly to replace the cash app Ty Montgomery inn and really know our goal. Pork I Montgomery and if you remember on the date that they have to type Montgomery. Sampson over the Packers scout that that really kind of under ten BC called it looked bigger Randall copped a Montgomery who got you shouldn't slot each. And expect that type of production so are you looking. At who can they replace. It should start with and Jordy Nelson they have other receivers on the structure that Clay Matthews. The defense needs all the talent can get it really can't afford to to get rid of the talent does have now with that sense when Matt used. As an ex rusher had a sack artists as he performed to the cap number that that he has no he has not. What he's still one of their two or three most talented players on defense in this in the east and that. They cannot be used the talent and asked to because that is not the leverage to admiral and from Clay Matthews that they might have audience at all. Speaking of a defense that's bad and making financial decisions on that side of the ball. We're sitting here talking about the money not being there Ryan but their best safety gets a free agent market Morgan Burnett do you think they they even. Make a run to try to bring him back or do you think it's a foregone conclusion that he'll go the way of of Micah Hyde in KC they were another DB is that we've seen leave this franchise. I would be very surprised if they were bring back Mark Burnett you look at what is open market value is likely to be you're probably look at a canard million dollars. Annually and it goes back to level we were just talking about with who what who can be replaced. They've got a lot of young safe for me. Obviously control price obviously Josh Johnson and Amare would have. Is that they've got a lot of young at that position a lot of depth that they don't have most other places on the roster and that. I would be really surprised are too willing to go through an extensive search contract or not. That is our Green Bay football insider Ryan would find his work inside the Green Bay press is Alamo 4011 last one. Door as we look obviously come down this. You isn't it going herder in review at some point today or tomorrow. Is imperative right now they need this on a quarterback I mean the receivers that's great. Would you got really you I think you bears quarterback in Randall don't bring you a quarterback. They care only connection with the rookie corner him. Note that they probably. They probably need to go to the top marketing to get a guy like made out of and then look for nice value where little more that I'll have they're out. Maybe the best thing with which trades from mayors scramble. I like hitting the shot at a packed it in and actually be that your style. Create competition back up quarterback work while I shut up. Is a nice little power it's little but it might slow or contrast fourth round at the start date triggered a nice. Probably the best part of that trade was forced flag to be extremely serious and aggressive with rebuilding the quarterback position. Because the secondary. Merits and press corps is only goes so they they had to they had to rebuild that position regardless of Q and on the Kosovor opt. And now that he's not they had no choice but to go out there free agency. And and be extremely aggressive with their pro optional that's what I would expect it and certainly if that's not what happens. Then there's going to be a lot of hindsight a lot. Of trade but. I would like to be very aggressive with their positions. So this new rules broken about 4:35 o'clock I believe on Friday as Rona Oreo. Of the show years. So here are your thoughts are that good deal a bad deal and we all or do you have any inside information. How they deal all came together because of other Tyrod Taylor. Just picked up. Goals goals to our plea and we saw this deal out. What looked. What you need to go about their arrows quarterback Cleo restaurant and which orderly claim received. So you are you know I think I was about quarter on the roster but again. It that's if that's your best or our rosters ordered its secondary so they had to do something pop. A sport where there could trigger. It all depends on how they go out now addressing the rest of their quarterback position if they're able to go out there. Inside the trimming jobs and and that lets just say hypothetically in the best world scenario somehow that probably got to treat you don't put it looks later when Jiang is available to play and they trapped in fourteen trio get him in the first round play in that spot. And then your quarterback position I ecstatically. Looks like Jermaine Johnson and can't thinking on the outside the religious slot being kind of that that Joker wild card player. That's that's a really good yet that's a good trade at that point if you're not able to go out and get players vote shall traditions that are not woken. It's about treat it that straight at all wanted to panel and you can go to next on view I'm really curious to see about a couple. OK so belt while you were on the air I see it's we hear from Michael Roth slow. So grovel says her friend or Rogers. That Rodgers and Jimmy Graham have talked in the past. But wanted to play the other previously. So there's that kind of dropped their money for rod Jimmy Graham. Circle of people. That's the first thing Bryan Bulaga that's not the one that we haven't really talked about that in other with a commitment chop blocked Bob and so there's that. The other thing they came across while we were talking to you from Tom Ellis Errol amongst others is the vikings are in talks with their agent for Drew Brees right now. About possibly bring him to Minnesota. Right now as it sets without anybody being added just rosters as they are now how far behind Minnesota reducing Green Bay ias. Yes good question I think certainly on the eclipses all of almost every every position probably where their closest. Would be. But decent lie and you know controller in my view on their two best. Packers to best defenders and I think they are preached god isn't a everywhere I mean. As to rushed that that does the second level the quarterback position. Very. Right now to the vikings when it comes the fact I think the Packers at the significantly better off the line they certainly got the best tackle. I didn't seem an air. We can't account for how big. An edge Aaron Rodgers gets eat not even agreed to do wonders potentially for the vikings but even still. Iraq is still aren't against certain breed so we'll be pretty significant edge for for the Packers that the most important positions so that that the vikings have. More edges when you look at traditional opposition more situations where they have an edge. The Packers obviously of the wild card they they've they've got to be against a quarterback camp where they get Drew Brees or not. The big question will be what she has. At 39 years old and and Kirk cousins noted that that's another option in Minnesota. If it scored the big question what they can do you and her in terms of terrible twos and distraught Aaron Rodgers and this will be a ticket the most important position personally. I don't think it's all movement who even though the vikings have. Want to miss this several opposition would have the edge because that quarterbacks in this position to make a competent teacher so much. So far from the perspective of linebacker do you think the Packers will be in on any linebackers in free agent like Tom Ali just got cut by the chief's name one. ERB artist especially because the defense side of the ball the way I see it. I would be surprised that they weren't interested in anybody I revisit that that the defense of these at every where and so certainly inside linebacker. Or outside. Talk about Akron edged. Yeah eater either area not probably going to be 35 you know Internet. Netstat skidding who he never wanted for anything you know or beat cops push it past production. I think there's certainly a 35 interest you you're you're floating without pre seriously so. I would be surprised if it that was the case. Yeah I think you're you're a lot of names you or hurt a lot of names just because one partner to its second lot to be involved in the process. But you know this time a year and every lose is interested in just about every one question is whether motorists. The question as to what extent are being in Iraq to what extent are they willing to go. Wicker offer on the open market and that's where you get teams that are either serious or not. An arrest since auction. Again the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com Israel finest work is wells on Twitter at by. Ryan wood and he is our Green Bay football insider Ryan will be checking in with you whenever we deem necessary with what we think will be. And busy offseason here for the Green Bay Packers starting any time now Els appreciate the time around thanks Ian. Our record earnings for our prime would joins us on the great midwest bank how loud if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Our renovation loan called great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935.