World According to Sparky - Andy's family vacation and small kids

The World According To Sparky
Sunday, July 29th
Sparky and Kay talk with Andy's sister in law about the upcoming family vacation that is stressing Andy out. It's a great conversation as she discusses her concern with small kids that are making the trip. Check it out!! Let us know if you have any suggestions!! Tweet @SparkyRadio 

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It's a world according to Sparky I'm one of my son and have to understand that counts he Sparky Pfeiffer along with keyboards anti Spitzer. And Andy pulled it off he got his sister in law Sarah to join us on this week's podcast Macedonian it's my favorite sister Emma you your favorite sister in law is my only since I was gonna say that night and Wednesday about the in joining us now is Sarah his sister in law sir thanks for coming up I guess. Oh OK so first things first let's talk about this aren't so this is gonna be you're guises first family trip on to Disney World right very jedi who has been there before. Non government that it will irate he indicated that and the magic. Like I hit OK Sarah have you been there before. Only one that was really let I can't remember really gaining haired and you know at the bit city that he and other print that app. Yeah that's awesome so are you gonna do that again for the kids when you go this time. Oh yeah. Okay so we know we're gonna do zap. For sure that's out of the way what other plans you have in your head for Mike your previous experience there or you wore Andy's brother what he that's for sure wanna get done like this must happen on the strip. They have to gonna need it could. Definitely. And then. Around here and there in have to offer in app. And and then you won't come back in horror you're leaking aren't. That he now. Yes it probably will be an you guys are going when a guy's going October. Yet our best week of October okay so are you guys gonna do then that's a scary Halloween party then. Okay now that you're going to love can I we have while we had a tenure with us and then our two year old location. The oldest did go on match over the last year but they both actually love the right case as far as when asked why are one adapt right yeah walking along walking and what it is as you go to the part of ushering in he's described to you but. Bridge is huge bowl of lighted up things and it literally take like two handfuls of candy and drop it into the bag. Off for the kids as they come through now. Do you wait times for rides aren't as long as they normally are during the day either. But the one thing I will warn you of that we experienced ourselves last year was. The airport is a pain in the butt after this because what ends up happening is in Orlando and we didn't know this they put it into effect I think last year prior to us getting there. You take all the candy Al. And run it through their scanner like T you know you had something or silverware something rather it's to a certain day they just unload bags of candy. Into trays when you go through the security check in all right you take after shoes or whatever your belt or whatever they make you unload all the candy to Trace every piece. And then that also has to get run through writes I would either recommend putting in your suitcase which price probably the his way to go getting right zipper like bags are some in putting it in your suit tennis otherwise if you. Are gonna take in a carry and like your backpack or whenever. I would have hitting its own separate bag that you can just easily dump under the tray and then dump right back into. And radio address all of that works what about food Sarah what what are we think it for food you are there any ideas. Or whatever they can't go for cat been out they'd see them in the line and getting it or how old they. Rian diet. OK well then what will go to the next thing right the character breakfast or the character dinner or lunch probably at Hollywood studios. I want you to breakfast it's Steve's Steve junior characters now it's a little bit mar. While coming specially for your three year olds now ticker right outside but there's seven and side except she's a little nervous whole bunch of channels. The current. Let us take you but Disney junior which still work percentage and five yeah and when you're there during their Halloween week when we are there for the same thing. Died dinner which is one we went to yapping characters all dress up and their costumes so Mickey is like a vampire last year goofy was a cowboy. I and then they come around every table to get their pictures taken with the kids every character in their cars run again taking you ought to run after him or not than they come to you. And and it's like a buffet style meals so you just go up in the kids get whatever they want to eat you whatever you want to eat and that's a pretty up. Cool casual even had a they would really like that. It. Now you tell me when we're having our fourth of July cook out though that. It was noon and they were in you guys are leaving that to my brother said at least writes you're gonna take him back to the resorting Internap. Absolutely yet. They have the and it Agile. Okay are they did you planning to come back as it was a little my brother didn't really seem like. You guys want to come back and that was a point of contention here on the podcast couple weeks ago. Ali Al income act but will apparently leave again will be for the IRA will now. I don't know how how are now gone to Ohio or and a hard two year old is asking forward the fireworks but age is brighter gestured yeah. Yeah yeah he's very air force times but this is the thing OK so just plaza and so okay so when you were there as a kid right. It was just fireworks over the castle and that was it. OK so now it's not just that yes there are fireworks but now the whole council lights up and changes and there's a whole show. With actual people in characters in front of the castle. That they do on top of everything else so like I did on hassles and remaining right track when it's. I ate different images and RBC rack so it's a whole show itself it's not just fireworks is like a whole vague. Reduction. I that you see at night so you'll get music you'll get it. Acting you'll get talking from all these different characters wherever they're acting out plus the castle changes throughout the entire thing. And of course used to get the fireworks after all I kind of want telling US it's way more than just fireworks like it was like when you were here are we were. Oh so if you have a sit in stands stroller maybe Erica what that sound beyond Ireland can take bike in off the cuff nap. But they also have baby care centers that have like little living parents or confide in seventh but they can happen well it to air conditioned it's quiet yeah that's true and then you don't necessarily have to. Hale for the whole evening to just let them get a little quiet time. Like away from all the stimulation. And the part the other thing I would warn of because we had this happen with one of our kids. That is would you put suntan lotion and how to be careful like the forehead area up because one and I had a one of ours was. He started sliding to a drip into his eyes and he was burning in crying and losing his mind. And then we got to go to the medical Saturn which is right by the baby care center. Not a mandate give you stuff and and you wash it out for them and one other special rooms that they have a whatever else insult that would be. Point of advice to because you know kids are going to be wiping their fates of their hands and whatever else. If he gets in their eyes and they deal with all the time obviously we aren't the only ones they just said yeah this happens all the every saarc has one of those yet nation are really on every park should magic kingdom where it happened to us detailed in I receive mail habit out yeah I can assure. What's your biggest fear Sarah going in business. Term rallying them making it that an agreement hands. Don't worry about that mean your field there's kids everywhere that. I I really wouldn't worry about that at all trust me you're gonna see other Kensington like well you're better than that kid you're antsy kids having meltdowns in the minds yeah happening nobody's really can block now because every it it's it's happening with everybody I just. For me when we took we want a couple years ago. I'm and the kids were what 9/11 at that point that we didn't have Jackson at that point that out I can't seems unable to forget whose rights are used for a month so okay. So for months all he really did know what was going on real memorable as that for him GAAP exactly as the the nine year old and the eleven year old right. And it was. Around collect a 10405. Degree real feel or something like that pretty much we are our actual tempo when her five real feeling I'll that's let's. So that's what we're there in June or whatever right. But we were there not knowing if we were ever going back so archive mission we are there was down wars were to get them on everything that they should get on. As we know we're going back now passport reads this will be one time one backs clearly we do you know what we're talking about back down. Or how to figure out how to get back their but I would just say. My advice I guess in the rules it would case as about as my vice we just be you know make sure they get on. Like the seven endorse rides for sure it'll definitely remember that splash mountain will definitely remember that. On space monster airmen as they may be scared that I was when I was a kid and cried out a line and took a while the union that ride them but that would be another wind up on a rail rolled it like that das has gone on in the circle on the whole journey of it is pretty cool. Small world I would make him go on regardless of how goofy that is you rot small world as a kid right there. You guys. And it's still there it's a unilateral long way for small world Albert Peter Pan. Why is always a longer wait in an hasn't changed since you were their execute its exact same ride. But everybody goes on at the doubt be I guess my they would be just make sure they get to. Some of the cooler rides I guess that are there are so they have that in the memory banks so they do get to go back and at some point they can kind of relate it. A good. I was gonna say to like I know you're concerned about nap times and schedules but. I guess it's an hour difference you're really not gonna know when they're going to be ready for their nap even though they're typically ready for a nap time at a specific time here. And you're gonna have to miss out on experiences and opportunities just because you're going to be at a rigid nap time. Yeah like ours are like a two year old he naps at like 1 o'clock where my case may be and we didn't there with him. And he. Last time we were there you pretty much what went out and now has so much to do look now eventually he did falsely in the stroller like around 5 o'clock or whatever and slept for an hour whatever else and got up and it was good to go through a fireworks or whatever. Just just remember that you're going to have. The adrenaline rush of these kids when they get in there they are not gonna wanna leave. Disney roles or whatever the case may be so. Your fear of the temper tantrum may happen when you go to tell them okay we're normal to take him out and handle on how to article we're out to stay here. I just that I guess that would be about one thing and you can obviously you played us out in and figured out yourself. As you do it but it if you go back later that's good as far as it hindering your ass past actions right in the other thing is. It is you do take that map I don't. Mean I don't know how your kids are I think I would even try to push nap time act a little bit farther. Like 2 o'clock at 3 o'clock and that way when you called Roland backing and now they're able to stay up later to get to the council part the fireworks. The other thing about it is. Depending on if they like it or not that is a great time to go on rides because the whole park is at the castle watching this fireworks in the show. You can walk out of space mining you can walk on to a lot of these rides while everybody's got the fire and at the other parks at got to park it was all there shall Sylvia. Absolutely does play in because. We just find out is everybody gets their first thing in the morning. Everybody's running to get on right we check fast passes today. And at 10 o'clock Disney time wait times and like to add yet and wait times at 10 o'clock this morning and today's what Tuesday. It was our. Hour and a half to. Dinner for three hours already and an attacking. What the wait times are so we can figure out like nap times writes seems like later in the day. Of the week and drop they drop as you get closer to the evening because what happens is what she's saying. But a lot of people don't come back don't they go they do the morning thing they're there at 8 o'clock first thing they did in their out at noon their home they take an avenue and don't come back. And and the crowds kind of died down wait times died down by about 5:6 o'clock in that last. 34 hour window to sadly decreases as the night goes on so. Now that's that's that's I guess our advice and you show us better air conditioned house I mean Foss Internet. Yeah yeah yeah out air conditioned cells against him he's got to talk to my brother about coming back after 1210 days B twelve and out and they seemed Lion King. Now they've never seen the movie Lion King I would rent the movie. Watch the movie I don't care if you like this are not happy I got the movie I have them okay got not one with any doesn't wanna do is rob I knew I love it and the kids would love it now and I'm just shocked she's never shown her Keolalai Soledad that's fine believe I've thought a signal liking every time try to watch it. I'm so does the Lion King indoor. Like to play musical or whatever is air commission there's a ton of people but it's highly entertaining you got. Fire you got everything going on all these characters all dressed up in talking. It's highly interactive with the crowd what you all have a part to play everywhere in the crowd and stuff I think the kids would actually love it and it's completely air conditioned. And I love and not what we went the last time we are there nevertheless we're gonna give up one of the top one is there an Asia yes that's a noose that. So Sarah are are are you are you ready to go are you Connie down the days are you not there yet. Yet and they asked and the case of he's starting to get ready now. We leave a week from today we leave for Disney World. Pam were all excited to go ourselves so I know exactly not feeling and I I can tell you are going to have seen the last like on the other. Two year old is asking for specific things like he knows he's ready to go and your kids tenant and there yet but just. Based south. Two year old asking the right allotment I don't know I've got a question to us are so how did you tell them they were going to Disney were public was present or how did you guys do it. And barbaric. In there uncle Andy is being you know they few lakes. Did little axe and we cannon told them that they were kinda like it and they don't know what there. Let me tell you what happened to us. So like three years ago I guess within three years ago. We we decided that previous February like a year and a half prior to going how much it would take to save dropped. What the odd time how Brenda house would cost and all this other stuff. And we turn out how long would take it to say about so we decided we go the following June after they got a school we would go ruling here and a half away. Now we desire for Christmas that upcoming year that we would give clues like every day they would get a different clue in the month of December and then. At Christmas time on Christmas Day they're trying to put all the clues to gather and Andy we get other clues the rock Christmas Day and that it would spell out you know you're going to Disney. The whenever. I didn't. I'm very cool I write like oh yeah got to go crazy we're so really we're Smart parents not really bear like cool slippery or play video games now that was the extent of it. And we were mad we're likely have to. How expensive this is and data not merely you know whatever the next day I'm pumping gas the oldest one whose eleventh time. It's outside with me and you Timmy goes so what do what is Disney World plays leg of the ride Julie while happens there had. Zero idea. The youngest one was like what tiger he dire than douse the douse the happy place and Mike it's nothing like it was like six like now something like six like what is it like it's like Disney there's no way to explain it. And now key who is now eleven and nine year old who's now eleven is hooked on it wasn't as much. As we do it is totally into itself speaking out of its when Sarah when as a kid this is a famous like inside family joke but I didn't share with everyone now I'm just currency went as a kid at seaside it was just the castle. They're sure there is no riders are. Mussina really I thought you CI TV commercials and that's just ridiculous even today you seized a dead body you see the castle with a Disney World and that's all you considered Jackson's and like. Or why did back then Disney didn't. Advertise the rides and all that other stuff yeah nearly as much they do now on the Disney junior channel or whatever so I guess I'm wrong about lasting and it's as chief for that the last couple years now yet he should apologize. And I think he should dial up there yeah very good. I was the other thing I wanted to get into all it is bars of the the food in and all that other stuff. On. I think the other part of this is are you guys at a resort. Mean right so when you do this as a result work I would just kind of take notes. I kind of see a frozen accounts what you like what you don't like because while the resort is cool and were in the resort our ourselves this time we prefer to rent dials. As we've figured renting out vs. With the rental car vs a resort. And I know rental car we say it like 7800 dollars Disney's her Andy's Disney became content I understand that I understand that I say for the zap me if they wanna go back as a family. This is where I think it kind of changes a little bit and Andy to tell me if I'm wrong but if you have a rental car it's twenty bucks to park. All day no matter what part we go park hopper your parking pass applies to the other parts that you go to whatever but. The reason the White House is beneficial to have a family is it's because you can get like. Five that we got a five bedroom house was that yeah for like thirteen hundred dollars with their four bathrooms. Outdoor pool screened in whirlpool to hold if like thirteen hundred dollars for a week. So that was a really good deal connect. But what he does he gives you the opportunity out OK it's not if you wanna leave at Newman went to case may be. You put the kids in the car you go back to the house you cook sandwiches are what every wonderful logical rollout the past and pool time he'd taken map. It back in the car you go back to come back. Now they're still awaiting a one how back in the poor whatever is they get older later on there's no pools shutting down at 10 o'clock what you would have a road and resume work. Whatever the case make it just it opens up the opportunities. A little bit more for you now the downside is. You can't get to the fast past window until thirty days out resort you can hit sixty days out and that's only reason we're staying at a resort disputes we want you to the Toy Story and ride. And the top Friday animal kingdom but just something to consider down the line for you in the family as you have kids we found that is. Aptly the way to go and this time we're scared to death in a week of how the boys are gonna interact and eleven and thirteen with each other sharing a bad but both. We'll cross average only gets to a case I think so much heaven on earth are one thing. Yep and that contemporary. They have anything that sixer plays out in its from a 005. To 1030 at night for ages sport at ten if you asthma my eight. And adults night and Martha ego yeah it's 65 dollars per kid and you can make reservations at a time. And he'd like I said at the age is 4010s in your kids fit in right into you guys all just wanna have like an adult night. Appier to adopt they're ready to play monorail goes right through their movement that would tell you cannot stand and if you guys wanna go to at Patton had some drinks Bryant now more about the kids being there. Are all the fun countries and god or just wants some space mount or rise or whatever else and don't throw her a lot you know doctoral rollercoaster all lets us know if you wanna check it out under the Disney World website thanking you he's more information. Co. That's me. Yeah that's that's that's simply list where we're complete dork like. OK we love that hey senator so much for coming out to do with us. Your mission daycare. There she is sister in las Sarah joining us anti sister lives she gets ready to go she's at this pace is out and you can also still October and now. She's ahead of herself with your brother of the problem yes he's just that's at stake in the minds visionary or any other on. I can mark and that for when we come back she seemed very cordial and accepting the Phillies had to see you seem like she could come up also on this trip that she'd be fine right hole yet that's my brother yes it is they don't agree just yet and loosen up and inept defensive but it's a week CC is a district on and the nap time so I think she's gonna find out and create snapped I'm time especially when it's Disney World it's not like you said a beach and you go back to the hotel room it's. I understand nap time like I. I was in person to adapt right by its vacation at Disney World. Let's start about let's talk about you guys he has already ego because the last show before you go yeah we got to make a list still what we wanna get it like the storm only get there. But since we have no idea what all is in this room purse seine how big this room is compared to how Holst and Hollis you get a Fuller for greater you know all kinds of space by its store sodas and whatever else. I just I I have a feeling. Out there yet applicants that annual refrigerator. My bill to put like three things in and that's committee extent of our our deal I don't Elkins park and I feel milk is defined. Anyway now yes right and I'm guessing sodas are the resort like four dollars on I can't out of a vending machine or something stupid we know about the resell them on. OK so do you eat yeah it's like thirteen hours he can implement your entire stage can fill it up as much as he once if you get back from the park at 9 o'clock. Filling up to get updates are only good for the all resort. There resort yet just the right here stay right I'm not worth doing a good that I don't mistake like Roman have rum and Coke after I came back in your mouth patio. Wait a second or any type beverage. One and I don't know when you have to bring the rom yourself but our call and an excellent idea that's an idea of there and we're ready to test dabbling in chapter thirteen year old that may result in finance and getting Claus nice not for thirteen that's compared to. He's got the eleven year old had his he's ready to go again top and at the bit. So now the thirteen don't realize it's hurricane season and we're not gonna have a car it's like some others hurt him we can't believe how we're gonna be stuck there. Mike that's against placing its stock in I guess to receive mother resorts and everything else are pretty much ready for anything cell. The other Wednesday daily thing if you called front desk usually a most of his believers or it's the bring up a microwave for you free of charge unless they aren't usually in the room but you have to call and ask. Ozzie Lance how many of their right dot. I never thought of that either that we've been trying to get him away from. Parking is now not what it still don't know like. And an article but it's still we're not gonna happen popcorn only get back or stuff like that or frozen pizza or whatever it is maybe. Is any Spitzer shares came Boris is a very long podcast but it was awesome it's not a any sister in las Sarah enjoy the rest of your day and we'll talk to a couple weeks couple weeks off here is we're headed for Disney World the week from today. Thanks for listening to the world according to Sparky hero qualify seven FM the fan back up your health.