WWE Podcast: 25th Anniversary of Raw

Cody Grant
Friday, January 12th
Cody and Bart look ahead to the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw. The discussed the current booking of Finn Balor with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Also, will Undertaker wrestle at Mania? Plus, Bart names the Fan's hosts' wrestler equivalents.

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Welcome back to another edition of our WW podcast I am Cody grants along sign me Bart wing clerk. Literal book but that voice you won the right to use that so keeping going. Did I remember that we put a Serena has a narrow margin that was fifty eat who just 48 gaze came through for me. Thank you usually. Never do now I voted for you once. Thank you I'm part of that percentage that likes the voice spoke earlier part of the people they get to here it. That's good so raw and smackdown this week. Big things some big things happen we should say. Boller club is back possibly they got a big win. Also the knee is returned to send a message to Roman rains bronze straw men and of the show with a bang. A smackdown. Rift between Shane McMahon and didn't Brian continues unfortunately. And it's not too much else went on smackdown. As Sammy Zain that was left in the ring to fend for himself just haven't Owens. Ran away. When should stay and -- York and attacked Sammy in the main event so I think is to get to plus stop twentieth anniversary of raw next Monday we should be pretty exciting and you only a starter. What do you wanna start with office I mean there's a couple of things you can go after the Boller club obviously. We talked about our last podcasts and that you wanted to see for awhile seems like the XQ shin. Isn't going as smooth as you lights but they got a big win over Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins and Roman rains in the main event raw. I love Jason Jordan and I don't Jim that's your that they were thing going on a rock now huh excuse me I'm not kidding. Tied at I don't know something about it is venture singing is this character he came over he's carrying a sign. You know when there is in this era where we know everything. To do these kind of cave fame arts and if they were. But you know this has been working and tie it at first it wasn't but the way Jason Jordan has been able to play into this character. And just kind of interject himself and stuff I was reading the with spandex. Brandon Strauss com. Which I think a lot of people if you if it. I don't know people that follow us and I don't check that out on opera axis with spandex type that and and he's as a review column and he said this is our out works people come out in Iraq people and they need to match Jason Jordan is is using the playbook. Of how raw works. And he's in the main event solid time he's with Roman rings you with. Seven Rollins he's with the top guys on the show because this character has put himself. In that position. He's had good matches. He is. Easy to root against although you're not release those two but you are on Christmas Day night. I just think that it he is right now the most compelling. Paying on raw and the dean Ambrose injury allowing the storyline happen has worked out and they made the most that opportunity. And while it's about that main events was they had two story lines looming with in the match and before we get to the dollar side of it and possibly going he'll. Jason Jordan at the way they're building him in the story they are telling within that match you know he's he's so confident he's young. He has a cocky side to him. But he's making all these mistakes. And he's playing an off perfect and Roman range is set rounds Allison were not pleased with and and the way he conducted himself in a match I think there setting him up to go he'll come around to assume that Jordan yes. Yeah I AEA absolutely Anderson you root against him and he's going to at some point oh he'll he's a great. Wrestler in the range and he's playing the storyline they gave them perfectly. Will always be great is if they had a moment. He's not in the shield is in the champions club. That. It be great if they had a moment where because we're in the vast. Now well maybe they don't realize you put it on and they'd look at them I would like to see where he makes the full turn. Or if he turns on set I like to see him take it cheered the bank a set like set did the Roman to make that turn. I'd like to see him turn on these two. Like full turn like sent an asset Rollins zed to turn on the shield. I think that would be a good corollary to completely nuts on them you go to the Roman Raines is. I was intrigued with the and now he's got the belt. Intrigued with ms. coming back for the belt which she should be but also entry dead. Samoa Joseph is still am animosity towards Raines and I thought. I like when there's more than one thing going now with people more than one thing. They have to deal with but in Samoa Joseph said. I'll get to you later. And I guess he's heard so he's hurt now he probably won't be a part of the rumble either skylight for it was heading and then make animated turn it which and in light and now he's heard and the whole thing's kind of irrelevant but I doubt the ms. at a great night. That makes sense for him to come back take the belt off for Roman so he can be Brock. At. Things they do. Well ranges don't lose the belt it's just all the matter when you have a match scheduled. For the 25 anniversary abroad for the Intercontinental championship the ms. will. Take on Roman reins and I think that's the right time to do the title change because the royal rumble is coming up in so close. And if it rains goes into the rumble as the icy tight champion I don't see how you can speculate on he's gonna win. The rumble match is not gonna wind up with that title on and so now you take the title often and it begs the question does Roman when not royal rumble which I think the Smart thing for to really do Dudack. Make more surprises at. Least. Yes it begs the question. Is that the is the point I'm trying to did you ever say that phrase outside of having a microphone from it begs the question. Now there's finally phrases I hear you end. Frames bulk say like that. Are out the other what the one that freeing set a week ago or this week talking about. Your mother wears. Army boots. Yeah I mother wears army routes means your whore yeah. Apparently. While I wanna go into the details that I do wanna dig at Google I can we dig a timeout you know god. You can't slightly swear out there are using this or something now to podcast. Okay. I don't want don't advertise there were doing this on here either. But I'd like to have a rebuttal towards him and Billy Schmidt. Okay dole had some of their doing this tenant how she in the morning thing which bill and Tim and pockets again it is a phenomenal idea. They're executing it poorly. In terms of taking over the morning show. Because one we weren't in on it so I mean we could animated we get out negative thing but they tipped his role attitude. And it's been a disaster. So if these two. Suns though. It she is. Wanna come after me. I'm a tram I. Scientists. To staff phone. It was dirty mother (%expletive) Yeah you guys do pocket podcast together your best friends. Fox you. Can we be doing our part to us longer to yell we didn't say were doing enough eight's the barn comedy. Our shell on who dude. Oh and hey were you good woods (%expletive) you. I so I never dies that I did that I'm not gonna advertise a question of the in this podcast yeah and then Billy we need to listening to I guess is he's got nothing else (%expletive) better to do is Billy listen the last time. It was an RW by just doing doesn't do any or doesn't benefit Billy's career so now he's been on a few times. It now (%expletive) can happen is that is. It's I'm not Bart Lisa she has. No. Tenth. Pick on both I don't care okay. Come after my show. Uncle Marty go away go after my show. I lucked in the gating. Next. A packed a you should write for almost the Debian because I was better than any probable that may have written in the last few years. Yeah I'm the C impound gonna fan. But you're still here. And Herm. Mean is that for shattering you can be gone in two years. I'll not a mean. I'll do some give myself in trouble rally but I met him on purpose. So really CM punk or the fan what is frames. Mae young. But the one of my. What are you yeah. Things. Do you need another timeout to think it over now so we're relatively news. Years sort of behind the scenes. In that. Curt Hawkins. Then that exactly right here. Your like he Slater. Million little bit above hand. Thanks for the endorsement there maybe year delay can. You can be shared gable. Chad gable and okay. The Amy. That may young men like sergeant slaughter. Someone from the old days it. Pops up for some reason stow. It and began Lorena and today it's going to be on that mean Toni vet anniversary show as well. And the ms. Yeah I can see that I'm not the champ. If I'd had held championships. But I'm them on the on the Minnesota knew a 1000000010. Sudden Billy and Sam. Would be. 'cause I own them. So they can be the mr. Raj. Is bill Michaels John Sina. Bill Michael stand seeing him while. Not act and act act. Yeah he is an in the big it was a radio Joan. Somebody's that. I'll man. Who has seen a pertain to be best friends with for awhile and again faded into skiers Zack Ryder yeah. Ms. jokes already a Joe's Zack Ryder and I'm Chad gable out here the mayor is on. Ms. Rogers 1000000010 frames a sergeant slaughter not doing Tim are the bar. Because. They're take team that. Things they're making an impact but nobody cares alarm and then the big shows Rami. Around me. Would be. You need from all all. I backpack packed packed it. I don't know if I'm done with the but it'll do Sparky and all such kind of done a star he's our sorrow. I'm done. You know free most obvious story about how horns waddle was working at target yet for this or he's. Part of sports parents. Geez. So back to raw. We were reached over talking about. One time corn sauter was. 25 anniversary rock yet I should be interesting there's not Monday really quick before we get to that can't I do you wanna talk about. The Boller club really quick. The whole dollar club it's a seasoning at ten dollar on that as Ballard. Ballard Baylor. Dollar we know who we're talking about fearless confident. It's hard for WWE. Eight to. Take these teams had been established elsewhere. And then. Try to continue that storyline see why don't get what what pisses me off about missile situation as. You bring Finn Baylor over the WB right input and an XT start down there. He comes up on his first night on raw he beats Roman rains. He becomes a universal champion ID feeding set rounds at summer slam gets hurt loses. Watch a time he comes back he's just another made car. In divvied Ares get it introducing people. But then the follow up his usually pour and it looked dolls and Carlo and percent which should be the most dominant tag team in. The WB today you have fans are just a joke now. I needed to hold nerd thing. And on top of that they do that before. Not Aaron I don't remember that's a new things and you Japan thing I don't know wash your job and I don't like it was but. Over new Japan Verizon were huge stars are great grass or Carl Anderson it's in ring work. Is near a top of the list me talk about some the best wrestlers in the world. And you add the size Luke gallows they should be a dominant tag team. And what they continue to diminish what they can do it mean you put them with AJ styles. When Stiles is go after Jesse and Roman Raines and he loses and then as soon as he breaks off with them. I'm Cal's Anderson he wins the WB title. So it feels its debts telling me that there were holding styles back. And now you put him within within dollar and you really was a view proves a mile Carter in his hand knowledge I just. Is this a frustrating. To see a team without much talent yeah. Not get their due. It's all saying. Back to Tim in touch can be. That's a compliment. You want to respond. Well I guess. Com. By the way ability is listening I didn't listen to your podcasts and I don't care. Yeah I just think that. It something about watching fan. And those two guys on Monday it seemed like many forced. Does seem a little forced. The dialogue seem forest. Even the relationship seemed a little bit forced. Because. I. Don't know their history haven't seen these guys. I wished it really could shall like clips. Of these other promotions that they weren't. Adding it would serve a good purpose. I don't know I'm sure it'll work. Adam can I guess I'm not sure. I'm sure won't end because I think they're so down on CN right now is which is why he's in the main card. And you thought that they were going to put been up against Brock Lesnar you know I don't and never did and now Brock is defending him against. Bronze stroll meant in. Politician. They relations so. I don't see this working out well for fin. Moving on before we get that rock Tony fifth anniversary really quick on smack down. Besides and a US title tournament in a moat around it appeared Zack Ryder sohu move on. The face Bobby rude and Jim hall's at a pace Xavier well woods. And you've got to expect ginger persist Bobby rude at the rumble. But besides that the only thing really going on this is all share McMahon you know Bryant thing where looks like they returned in a Brian he'll. And you may see a split between Cavanaugh ones and same Zain. As I mentioned the stars podcasts you they will split them I think they have to because. Chatted Owens has left Zain now twice not once twice to fend for herself that's the that's classic booking when you're trying to build a split. And there's no possible way to protect us title office styles and let two guys hold the title so some Jenna happened at the rumble. Where are always has entered on them before I I just I I would like to see that now I want and especially these Hamas Stiles is the who's the best Rosser on spec on right now. Did you stocks went up top rate and he's someone acts it's tearing their brand and architect of they'll offer him before mania. My NAND muted chase story. Styles chasing all wins in Zain yeah I I don't I just don't see it is Ernie billing there. Or disagree dirty building to the guy you know he's a pain in her a lot of these scenes and owner wrestle mania. And news and not title match I think there'll be you know my take for the rubble should stay happy to be should stay vs styles the tide. Then to talk about more than a rumble predictions next week. That is gonna say triple threat. Between. Oh when Zain in style yeah yeah happy and I still. All depends on who wins the rumbled focus and we tuchman is a little bit if if it rains has been a challenge Brock Lesnar puts the title I don't see them both hold it and they have been doing right I just don't see happening. Just don't. I wanna see them split so soon. The only reason why would like to see them split is because they put on great matches. And have a great history. I'll have an excellent robberies via. And every time you CO Owens same match it's always different. Intriguing. Is it Shane McMahon out of it and will be fine chance to he he's he's taken over smackdown it's it's it's it's not smack down is the same at manage. And it and it goes in the did you remove them and clearly grandparent. The Chad gable you know with the same initials CG. As I sent out. Us arteries and okay well that's when he that anniversary is this Monday I mean it's an nominal watch why if I'm not gonna wait. My DVR. I guess a Dow watch all three hours. Three and a half actually music go over moss started at nine and it's two to institute. There's there's so there I mean two different places. And here they're going to be I think at the Barclays or Madison Square Garden. Who wants a one of those within they're also going to be at the wherever the first drive happened. In my got a little ball room. So there's going to be to show is and they're gonna go back and forth. In some stars will be throughout the night at both locations. Well there are a lot of stars come back Steve Boston's confirmed the undertaker is probably gonna come back they have. All of DX coming back in a triple H Shawn Michaels road dog Billy died certain slaughter or be back. And of you'll be there Kevin Nash stop calling their issue off him. So they're gonna go off on the shell oil and fish base is going to be there she. He's back now we're talking I'm not a I'd like to repair shop and I'll buy you. Mean adding watching it than it is. Subnet that should be fine I mean 25 years Iran's pretty cool. It's the longest running episodic TV show of all time. Who is the worse. Person in the marching market. As far as. Radio radio is the worst and do a radio Milwaukee. Do you think it's. Ernie have too many enemies are and we had another last Cowell all say that for the fact that. A sinister and Saturday. So Toney fifth anniversary Iran that signed. Coming up couple days here should be fine one more thing I wanted to talk about really quick is the rumors of undertaker. Wrestling one more match wrestle mania don't care which I don't want to see not an undertaker it. You not used all of the wrestling now watching his match with Sean Michaels at wrestle mania 25 I did that is how I started watching wrestling was such an incredible match I watched it last night. It ended very good it's so good. But then he just wrestles once a year and it's two year night I do I don't want to see him back his last match against Roman Raines was awful we can barely move in the ring. And embittered because I wanted to go to bed and wrestle mania and it took till 1132 and a half hour. Take his jacket off and yes I'm better in Brussels on 25 minute match but it takes thirty minutes and up and down this stage right. But you know his opponent is rumored to be. Fur rock. Know for mania. Know who John Sina. They never gonna have they never Donna and mania. There's speculation about taker ever seen a last year. That's going to be such a bad it's going to be a horrible match to casino relay. Canada. Because the street is and it's a scene has gotten no reason to fight on. What is seen and you know when his record breaking title. I don't know some people say could be this year because he's in the rubble. And he and I believe it just got up data should steer the two favorites. To win the rumble of the best odds at least but now always fluctuates on its way up to the rubble. I don't CC number one in the rumble again. You see the undertaker coming in and thrown amount. And that's how do you start to build which is just say they nil last year from Rome arraigned when he kicked out the undertaker. On the rumble in yeah he said this is my yard now. On through that started. You see don't remember it was a memorable. Casino I think with the build towards a mansard that would Buick. It doesn't matter who ended its gonna be paying. Two ads look sort of tutors are schober. You age is. Which you gotta have like a I teach you in and wanna beat you don't have instead of there's no reason to murder together in her GRC united taker to wrestle mania. There's no reason for tegra wrestling just had a retirement last year which was awesome. Await and it just left his hat and jacket in the ring and walked out. Don't want us hardly even a Munich and make it right. You have seen had convinced him to un retire but it just kind of kind of shady. Wanna do something so shocking it doesn't excellence. Dictator whose arms wobble. And home. At that might. Take here. And if he is came nagging is kick the (%expletive) out of AJ styles and Marie's eight. Tees that last year two styles first taker and mania. Or it's my team back. I don't know just some thin. Like be talking about for a match if if this is true and takers and have a matchup mania. It neat if it needs to happen they're gonna make it happen. Who's a bass Rosser of a face. Taker yeah. Mean it has to be someone asked him. Absolutely carry that match because taker can't wrestle him. It's father time. It's it's everybody and in sports ST gives you a wrestling until there comes a time we can't assign Morris and you're Rick flair is that guy. We'll go on forever. Adam home scene and who knows I know I don't want to hear arrests and no I don't either like I don't even think I would want minutes 45 minutes in my life I don't need to ways and only ten minutes will be in the ring. And all its. Yeah I don't wanna see it sorry sorry mark's. Sorry. I think that was. This wasn't long ago may be 45 months ago. Where. Is on Twitter and it was baby to Roush saying he wants to see taker go again. And I don't know of you replied that everybody. Was like no he's old he's dad is dying lot of stock. And I don't want to seem odd don't you it's a bad match it's not it's not fun anymore. I would like to say for the record. I love Billy and I love him. In those two guys are the best. They're duo. Is grades. Billy very professional for being so young as terms is a higher standard Tim is. His radio analogy in out his perfection. They just. Really botched their (%expletive) him podcast. And so if I gotta get enough fake feud about him because. They're stupid that's fine I'll do it. I do it here for our podcast. In other one up next week were on the predictions. Yeah sure aren't app which on the spot so you better serious well okay. Doctor again next week this is putting grandstand Bart wink or a one up by seven FM the fan later you mother (%expletive)