WWE Podcast: Balor Club, Daniel Bryan decision

The Producers
Friday, January 5th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler breakdown the latest storylines on Raw and Smackdown. Finn Balor is reunited with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Daniel Bryan put AJ Styles in a difficult position at the Royal Rumble. Also, Cody and Bart disagree on skipping matches during weekly shows.

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Look command to another edition of our WW podcast I am Cody Ransom wanna sign me Bart wing color as we take a look back at this week's. Raw and smackdown as we get closer and closer to the royal rumble big story on raw was. The bullet club is back apparently the valor club I should say of ten dollar Luke gallows and Carla Anderson all teamed up in the main event it's something that our EU have been clamoring for. The last couple of podcast we've done. Why I haven't seen these guys is when there was a new Japan ICM and even now but I know they have a history together and fined Mallory was kind of doing nothing. And the other two guys weren't doing anything either so with the obvious choice was to. Pair them together took the fans want it it's what. The writers should have done awhile ago but finally. There's some sense of the story line of the three so yeah I I like the move. I held betting goes somewhere and seems like they're playing the role of phase. I'm not sure but I hope. Hope that it's okay the thing I didn't like about fame was he went up to Kurt in money now Iran said I lost my championship I didn't get the rematch. That's okay allied to the royal rumble c'mon. He had you with spanky you'd get your rematch that you're supposed to deserve you would be a little bit more upset about that. But I is not apparently now I I. I would like to see him get the proper justice and we've talked about that. And the that hypocrisy there analysis wrestling could come up and if you're gonna dress that. Old Ford thin. C'mon fan don't join these three agency can beat up the ms. her eyes during these three guys and go Richard your belt back. So hopefully they are back together though another sting on Roxy was Brock Lesnar return how about not match ouster and Alexa bliss and Roman rains. At a IC title match. With Samoa Joseph saw all of that. We talked with a Boston Boller assay with a dollar club I mean I'm happy they're. They're actually dealt with at all if it's they're teased it altogether and I think it's gimme something has monastic winter. East I don't know what the plans would be for them morning in a fight means shields hurts old Justine amber yeah then the ms. terrorized. Yeah Jason Jordan shield. Now Jason Jordan's. Now in the shield. He's a tag partner seeing you at at at and no serial Cody if they see is but I I like that the three together and then hopefully theirs. Some momentum for each each of them because. You hate when the Demi don't be brings in talent there's a big buzz around them in any kind of fades and I was. Towels and Anderson. A wanna. Asked the most ten dollar or stock Chirac's agree. NASA Brock Lesnar returned to he had a little moment with detained in the and they showed broad strong when he squashed rhino went. Heath Slater and then came came on the and didn't choke slam Brock Lesnar pleasure got back up. And attacked Cain and the rest locker room came out of their own that match up same weight have been doing the last couple weeks we know what's gonna happen lessons can contain that rumble. I do I spent any time I'm talking about this. Nona died on the Russian either they made their match there's there's not much you can do to build for it. I know it's a three hour show but I would almost is not even. What are you promoting in these guys is nothing left to do are using the same thing over and over. This is a bad match it's a good card for the beyond because nobody cares about it's the royal rumble there's two alone now with the women so. Doesn't have to be the marquee match. There's no reason to waste. Lesnar appearances there's a reason them. Make Cain come from whatever he's doing there's no reason have bronzed wash people we. This is a bad story lines a bad match and it's a bad bill. I think the best match of the night on raw was that a woman's match oust ever selects a blast. It was a non title match bliss obviously the woman's wrought champion Oscar is entry in the woman's. Royal rumble Oscar actually went over Alexa was clean later tap out. One of the best matches I've seen of that year so far as young as and it's this 2008. CIA I didn't watch it says Ford I. You should go back and watch black it was active a match. Like wrestling right no Cody and like Miley watching the wrestling on the paper reviews asset. I don't watch on Iraq there's some good matches on rog and matched a smack downs if I'm gonna watch a match. You know commercial. Now and now about it now. What do there's a ten during the commercial well. How are they always noted timing routes you don't saying because mr. man's talking in the year the official. And he's been playing into the talent. Evidence majored or make meet China's suspend reality here and I'm watching a live sports show. How is there always a commercial and nobody ever gets in and out. You know saying yeah I hear you saying but they actually now I know how it were Millwood I know it's scripted an ordinance is doing. But if you're gonna get me into a match why am I gonna sit through a match when it's going to be one part of a commercial. Then there's big commercial and then there's a second same and then sometimes they've been doing this because they have to stretch their bodies like hurt. That it's a third saying it's I had to sit through a match that is too commercial breaks. Just show me the finish as I go watch the finishes so we asked did you. Watch raw or smackdown ever live for do you usually when eating in a (%expletive) media don't want DVR and fast forward yes you watch a lie if not all. All quite as fast for the liquor murder I do like fast forward to the end of the match. Why wait why watched the first segment or the second thing it. When that's not going to be would end it is. The story telling I'll watch that the paper view so really going to watch the any magic comes on. A lot smackdown meaningless since some good ones there are always then and a double DQ count out maneuver not this match. And then each put on paper view sending Garrett at at. I addiction they will meet at a paper view sues us highlighted in the general Amin and drive the paper view is the moneymaker why did you buy is given away. Raucous WB does that they sell these matches aren't. Regular TV when they should some on paper the UC all time DeVon island spaces in styles aren't I want smack down you know you have guys like. John scene he goes up against Enola so czar he's done that on rod I was and wanted to match of the year candidates a few years ago but it's still. Good matches they still produced good matches on TV. Just because it should be on paper veal and it's not a paper view it's on TV doesn't mean you can't watch it. I don't wanna watch and don't waste my time 33 hour show or nothing happens unless of course you watch it that's why don't all right moving on to so you don't watch dostum a flexible as match and Knoll and as a good match I needed CA it was a one of the best women's matches they've seen faster definitely. Huge talent and a woman's division should be in the royal rumble another match I happen for the IC title was. Champion Roman reins against Samoa Joseph this depletion was a broader range was disqualified he would lose the title. Such kind of seized a may be Samoa Joseph wins this title we all think it's going the direction that Roman rains will lose a title and then go onto main event wrestle mania. Against prop Lester for universal title so wanted to keep the title on Roman rains. ID like see into this match. And I went back went to southern result and watched the last five minutes. So I did watch the last five minutes of this match as the wind to see how they. I teased the disqualification. Ingle some indicted much five minutes of his match there was a point to watching. Some of that match. Well ultimately Melbourne idea that I did that was curious lying got you got me so what did you think on that. Well slow reins the plan is he's got the IC title. What's he under the rumble is price gonna be in the rumble you would assume so I hate when they do that. All the light saying. I'm officially entering the royal rumble. OK I hate that this issue with the women and there's like 22 women thirties live here and news flash with the guys I don't like daddy there because some guys can just announced. And then some guys have learned that is down. I don't like when like the US chain in here the US champion. You should be proud that you're the US champion should be entering the royal rumble you've already got a built in I mean not that that makes sense I get that. I mean maybe I'm in the minority and then I am assuming it would be edges. I've always found that weird so you're saying if you have any title. You should not be entering the rumble basically. Yeah you already have a title Nolan makes sense why I agree with that now wonder if you lose a title after paper view. Then you're okay you've seen that happen before. Like last year for instance shame essence is our loss the tag titles. At the world rumble. They ended up both being in the match. I guess I mean it's like the least of the things that the billionaire he needs the fix well a lot of things they need to fix it and spent hours upon hours talking on my visit Iran next is under the rumbles like there's a four pack challenger or never. On Iran Iraq. And they've thrown the Intercontinental champion in that. Mike doom years thing with the rats so you don't like seeing ever. Like dual champions. I don't mind it is like I see contain Newton when you don't wanna see you can rise to the end of well known Alex once up rounds was US champion and WBJ yeah I don't like that I assume you're coming from on that at least I understand that that is that's news to the if if someone giving us the values of the US now idol. Wide any venom for the real title went to the only get a shot at the US time. Yeah I don't like that all it sounds like and I advise that I don't know why I'm letting this bother me so much and I do I don't like it erratic and don't people know you they know now a lot of things bother you pretty a lot of people are stupid. And a lot of people waste their time being dumb and it's annoying. So that was the first draw of the year let's move on to the first smackdown in the year not too much to talk about only at two armored shell. I there was a couple things they first teased us with the champions who sells losing the belts to check gable. And Shelton Benjamin and they'd made the pin. In the belts were actually awarded to Benjamin gable but then. Who sows claimed that old I think it was Jay that gap and he wasn't illegal man it was Jimmy that was legal and restart in a match and it was just took over but they teased some knives or do that does get the reaction from the crowd and it's a pretty good reaction. Pretty mean they tease they teased gable and Benjamin and anyone title it's Null the restart of the match. No I've always been told that the rest decision is final so I stopped watching the match. They always say the rest decision is final. I stopped watching a match and are not and for no reason they're gonna restart imagine he's like instant replay. That would be ridiculous knowing how they did that they did that ball man. I mean whatever. Slew souls are still the champions. So arcane and and it. Mean. Thank fine I guess whenever Souza for shattering to get gable and Benjamin becoming champs he adds. The rumble all they get a rumble yeah okay so another thing I'm smackdown that was is interesting is US. Title tournament because when dobbs a little one at ease declared vacant and how come back Todd Ziegler I would think so. I think he look at the keep mentioning his name. He's not fired. Or not I know but I if you don't ziglar was really done they just say it's the US tournament. They keep mentioning that it's make it because of what dobbs Hilary did at the paper view right and that's why you think he's a comeback after. I think in general on Bobby rude faceoff. Our wooed detailed entry is that going to be entitlements Lowell as a right now Zardari stand would stop a war has jitters taken on Xavier. And stand by do you rude he is going to face off against. Momo Jones moto rally mode early mode you overs gender of their enemies. Because they faced off at the wrestle mania under the jab at royal yeah. Yeah 'cause mode as the bad guy in jitters a bad guy. Motorola's not a bad day is motivated he wants to win wise a wise lying to wind being a bad guy. We've had this camera station before his first trade as they heal. Wise gender bad guy just wants to win first people to his one point three billion Nazis of bad I'm just saying that he'll. Parents about be rude it was the end game I had a body rich going to be motor rally most likely right. Chair and engineers can beat Xavier bright day up and I been a faceoff at the rumble. For the US title and then and dolls Adler tank come out and match and zigzag both of them. And take the belt back and then have a triple threat match mania maybe. They're trained general hall body rude and Dolph ziglar the US title. You know like now what what's your idea what you wanna see happen. While gender should win. He is he'll born to it would have the US tire elements. Mean that's Ned should happen. In the and he wouldn't even face. Off. Do you guys aides who's a who's the most patriotic duty on the show do battle to retain our smack down. Hi Dillinger. Is there any. Is there any getting by and Jan Steen at times like loves America more than any thing are. But Jack swagger was is there any character built on America right now I can't think of one. Now. How about general homers seven Coulter. Whereas now. I'm off. I think he's like on Fox News legit. Really think he does interviews and stuff and now. So do you have ginger winning the US title at the rumble I think they're gonna. I don't know they just had to heal. Hold it would Barry Corbin and they give does that color I think may be I'd be route gets an opportunity to work find out. After we get down to those final two and I'm assuming they do the faceoff it. At the royal rumble for the US title in the last thing I wanna do at CU was the main events. With. The whole issue with AJ styles. Chan and Owen Sammy Zain Darryl Bryant Shane McMahon that those five people on its main story line. And basically quick synopsis. Sandy Zain won the match and Stiles Stiles was upset he said. Emea handicap match between both ten and own semi Zain Andy O'Brien made the match at the rubble. There's going to be AJ styles Bursa Sammy say it and Kevin Owens for the WB title some media tab and Owens and Zain Zain wind. There bolt the WB champions. Tylenol or whoever pins and it's a good question. I don't like how much of smackdown is about Shane McMahon. You don't see Stephanie. As much as you talk about her how much you dislike her you don't see her even part in the spotlight this much raw. And she did take credit for the women's Ronald Ronald she did. But she's now on the show every single week and I I. Think that. Sheen's become a little overexposed. The Daniel Bryan chain thing again I read that Daniel Bryan should know by wrestle mania if you can ever wrestle again WE. He'll wrestles he's gonna arrest lives on all the BMW you didn't been cleared by other doctors outside our identity but I don't think WB's nuclear armed but that would be a match or beat Anderson and his Dana drivers change. No way why not. There's only one Daniel Bryan matched that should happen vs the man's Yelp. I grew it back to mean what you're gonna have Danny O'Brien command to fight chain. Fuld of the ten go home we do want. The mazes the bill that it's a three year bailed. They were enix TM is an enix team pearl I'm not disputing that but the miss right now is on rock. Seoul. Did a bronze on smackdown all care are not in a story line right now they can it would make their they're always gonna storyline that. Haven't crossed paths at mania at royal rumble. Boom storyline make gas countersuit ashamed Faison mania and we don't care if he should face nobody he's got to face our. Well I know her I know old that he's got to face somebody mania has shot down Arnie. That's Idris Stephanie yeah I am doing a make I'll match. Did he seem weird things of the McMahon the hadn't have make out. Law it's a mall makes more sense than anything else they're doing. So when that happens at the rumble. Who wins a rumble no not who wins the rubble with his match with. All Owens and Zane brown styles are these are to win easy wins how I don't know all. Maybe Owens turned than Sammy do you wanna do then again they wrestle wrestle mania they'd they'd. Only been around together for short time now I don't think you split them up yet. Knoll. Must they hot shot at. AJ wins but Howell. There's got to be some interference between word Sheen Costa for Danielle. Shane Costa and and Daniels Mankins is not fair and then you know you're in the lead towards a match between those two. When there'd have been there and absolutely shouldn't be. Between Shane and Daniel are Shane and styles. Either one we've already seen change styles. My would like to see Bryant comeback Russell. Yeah and is not right percent. Full agreement with them but not gonna happen. Well then mention Hampton. Know Brian management now audience lemons. I don't even wanna waste time speculating it. Well I do it for us here did you read podcast. Raw smackdown you your royal rumble on its way until I was able. Would boy Jericho Jericho and Russell kingdom. Yesterday on any idea what happened I didn't have yet to watch it. I'm going to watch very soon it was like a thirty minute plus matched very brutal very bloody is what I heard. I've heard it was Dirk knows best match of his last 567 years. And you may god is considered one of the best rosters in the world. May go warned. So Jericho. Put a mole vertical still. Under contract of WB so he got clearance from its mr. Manning go over in new Japan pro wrestling do this match insane absolutely makes us look good. And now Jericho I think it's still gonna hang out there for a little bit he just attacked a different Russert from. New Japan pro wrestling not watching Japan pro wrestling I don't know very well but I know can you make and a eight toward house down as when I'm hearing site got to watch that match. Yeah that every interest and in. So you watch a whole thirty minute match. Yeah okay. Jericho we like can we I launcher was not time they are a series ago he is the go to the Tom Brady wrestling and LeBron james' arrest. Agreed to the second when. You don't agree to Tom Brady. TVV. Out to be determined not to think about it as our next podcast will be TBT. I'm Cory grant that spark when he clear. I'm 157 up and the fan.