WWE Podcast: Clash of Champions Preview

The Producers
Friday, December 15th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler took a look ahead to Clash of Champions as they shared their picks in each match. Will Carmella cash in her Money in the Bank Contract? Can Baron Corbin retain the U.S. Championship? What will happen with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn? All of that and more!

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Well demand to another edition of our WW podcast I am Cody grant alongside me bark when he clerk. Listen to us every weekday morning 6 AM until 10 AM. Big sports fans out here we're huge wrestling fans and Dmitri has a big interview coming up this Sunday a smackdown exclusive it's called clash of champions. And I know Bart you like this gimmick. No I and I'd like night of champions and I think you're headed champions paper view it should be out championship matches. Now granted with a smaller roster announcement Donnelly can't really do that. But time like this Kevin Allen Sammy Zain managed to get too low later. Decide don't have the juice Florida I'd like. I like with a championships are defended by proper rules I like people get there every match is like when you have the thirty day thing. I mean I know that they're props and their use to advance story lines but if you're going to use that is a prop you should at least. I don't need to Deby Deby to be 100%. Like real I want some continuity and I don't think that's too much to ask. Yassin dollar and AJ styles are still waiting further re matches now obviously it is houses to be to be champion so he got a rematch but not against. I took a year to finally get after he lost last year to jazz scene but on. Class champions this Sunday you know a lot of matches on this card you mentioned the smackdown roster. With a smaller than the raw roster you two hours compared to three hours restore emotional rally person Zack Ryder. Our team guys that were a tag team in the height bros and then mode Joseph turned his back on sec router he attacked him and now looks like they're gonna push motor rally is a single stock. Well that's not gonna work. I mean he got like Noll pop after winning the Andre the Giant dole went our way out no one has ever done can I say that that surprise begun I mean I get daylights you got to their body on a cart and under the giant should be. I recognized that that they're dismal week nothing happens you get in a trophy if that person got a title shot of their choosing or. One of the secondary belts or something. There's got to be some juice to that now it's not. Not our sister thing legit or dentures for losing. The king's spirit by gronkowski. Yet and the wounded in the hand that silent I don't really care about this match I don't care about the story line I'll play and that's because Cody you've seen this play out a hundred Ty asked. Where there's a break up and they try to push a guy. And actually that two of on the separate. Are worse than they would be together. Enid show where you barely have any. Time protect teams or take teams as it is they need tag teams but I know when they do have tag teams they don't run with them American outlaws a great example well because they won't do story lines for tags. Take teams of the there's the belts not involved for whatever reason and these tape teams like they should be these two should be fighting with. So is because they want about the vision also be may be in something with. I don't know why the W divvy makes everything so you know Catan trial that time. I guess Doug give mode Joseph the win. What I think they should do is have them hug at the end and go try to get in that fatal forward may get a fatal five way I don't want to see. Mo Jo Raleigh single run I wanna see the hype pros together. While we're gonna see a moto rallies single run good I don't think that's an happened but I agree Reilly wins this match there's another tag team match on the kick off show and that's the newly. Formed bludgeoned Brothers who of course are just a quiet family carper and Eric Rowan. And they've spanned building them up and squash matches that we saw how brown strode up Hilltop we really haven't seen that recently with the tag team. But they're doing at the blood of Brothers and they're gonna faceoff against pleasing yell on the take option. I don't think that. Having. These enhancement matches. Really do anything in today's WW EB. Attention spans are shorter so you don't need to build up a guy like this for. 8910 weeks a problem with that is. You don't have a lot of guys on the cars that are strictly job offers the G covers are a lost art like. Maybe what you doing Mo Jones act just have them be Jabber is there there they team not they lose. Whatever I. So for this one though breezing are going to be the joggers. The bludgeoned rather should win. And they will win reasoning I don't think ever needs to win. For their popularity. Mean me. They can just keep doing the fashion files and people it works. It works for them side on. You don't need to protect anyone in this case that's another problem with the business is they're always yours at the protects someone that's under some reasonable condolence. The cues. You always at the protect someone but that's not the case here bludgeoned Brothers should win the if they're gonna build a lot like they showed a surprise when pretty easily. Yep for sure I don't seed has maxed lasting long and my mistake it's not on the take a shot that actually will be a main shell match Belgrade Al make sure to read these trials Saturday night based on that. Woman's championship match should be Good Charlotte flare vs Italian in a lumberjack match lap story lines. In the woman's division on smackdown as well. I guess pretty terrible lies I've started fast forwarding all women's humble shows because. They're doing the same story I'm balls. You know we I do what is that soul page. Debut did. On raw she came back with two ladies. Cardiac her to end in the very next night the riot squad debuted it on smackdown and leading them is the person that looks the most like page on the hair. Roster that make. Any sense now so I've quit on a ball is yes. I like Charlotte Alex Vitale are adding that but I didn't match I think this match it seems like it's built more in the sense of looking at the other stars on the roster in a woman's division and it's taking a lot of viewership author Charlotte and the talent and that was the main storyline in their own championship match so then what's gonna happen. I don't know I knew it can interfere. I bet she do what happens actually is there's going to be a lot of our confusion a lot of fighting and outside and Carmela who is still the money the big winner attitude she cashes it. It would be wise they got to remember that she has that there's been times are both of these everybody's been laid out in Carmel just like forgets. What did elders take you with their man I mean when he got fired if that it she's got to cash in and at some point either gonna go straight winner. You would think flare. In Los they wanna do something with how many tiring she gets. But I would say Charlotte otherwise I'd like to cash in. Alec cash and idea I think Charlotte wins and a Carmela caches and and they can set up a feud between those still to say they've had some back and forth recently it seems like they're trying to build towards and then may be what is it. A pussy Bryant what is it. That opponents dot. Right it's gone but it's taught Alia that the real thing about the group a music group I think I'll riot squad or the other thing you said. The other thanks. To at a church boy. I didn't I you know how it doesn't and a church in my life. Cal one hand when you were baptized I was never baptized. You know I remember you said on on a talk with their morning show I think it was yesterday or two days ago. Where you were talking about you don't know when you're done moderates. Yeah you know hobbled design and don't even have done parents. That's our don't come to church. Now. Tees. That's a deterrent. Anyway. I need line leak for the awry it's squad to interfere cost mentality the riot squad. Yeah okay. And then now Charlotte in Carmel I like that I like gets and that's again yeah so I think I caches and were both in agreement on there and I move onto another championship match on clash of champions. Is a tag team champ Jim matches of the blue cells who had a champions person shot a measurement Chad gable. Vs the new day. Vs drew 78 in English fatal four way match one of the things that Debian be nice to do win they want somebody to lose the balance and not take a losses to. Is to build it up to make it a triple or fatal four way. Or the other way around we're gonna see that that the universal's going to be Lesnar came in strong men and their own reason for that is pro Lesnar to contain bright and that's wrong. Right so is there any of that going on at play here I sit and native English are not gonna win now are wanting to and a 102 on that is that who cells have. By far bend the best tag team. They can't face is now no they're still heals but they get along with the new day now yen and which I'm okay you're yeah BA deal but they that the what I what the plan trying to make though is. I can see them putting the bell on someone else they definitely want to missiles at the pan has it been so good. Breaking news. There's another fake Bart account on Twitter. Who put. I just saw this I was we just made it is just yet four minutes ago. It's called Bartholomew oh that's not my name wing corner at winks. Winks stinks 1265. The first and only tweed is gonna Mario Ramada. I am I am flattered. Okay sorry I'm. I mean wow that's gonna break our podcast. Another fake account that's managed. Sure you know who that is. Is that you not Sammy it's following link ever wanted to stand by you. Assad no one tells me it's following west I'd actually it's why. So I think the titles change hands the new day already had their run that's not gonna go to band. I don't think resort and A in English to that side but she that Chad gable Shelton Benjamin Wynne. Then on the home. And new day won't end and I can continue that routes and an eight and English have a ways to go further when he had I would love to see them put it on them. I would love to see that big affair with a loose those. Yeah do what I want to have a titles is Russo then it in English I think those two are just comedy gold as heels I love the whole Roos of day. Yeah like that to me it's a Russa the eighth. I'll audit is to rate those two together are perfect and execute them around and they should have a title run I just don't see it happening this Sunday at that you. Chad gable Shelton Benjamin. Kickoff time subtle changes are gonna see here so. Let's two already on pitching well on and apparently traditional one. I just don't idols this is all this tells me is that they don't want that missiles to be pent you know and I'll put my money and the new day. You did okay are they are. Trying to make them the most prestigious of all time as far as a tag team. So if I had to put money on anti I would bet on the new day I wanna see Russa win. Need to lose seven in an English have been great moving onto United States championship match baron Corbin. Vs Bobby rude vs dolls and their Corbin obviously the champion. Ziglar in rude coming after him. Yeah I'd pick to tout changes already I'm not gonna pick another one I think Corbin retains as much as I don't like it. It's is too early to take the belt off of a guy they're trying to build up as a legitimate. Racked. Yeah I would agree. Rude it could maybe. Is linked. Ziglar deathly isn't what we know that not only known ziglar is going to be in this thing by Christmas. Ziglar should go to an XT he should be the first guy to do that. To go downtown XT Welch of Malaysia's recently saying they wanted to in the future view and is in third Brandon now going up or down obviously you start you start and enix team. The white Kansan live or reinvent themselves and an XT say you know what I'm gonna start. I wanna beat every day I wanna guy. There's guys that have teases our gotta say I wanna beat everybody on the roster the entire roster. And he goes down XT. Crews are way he just he wants to beat everybody and then some guy he camped. And any finally gets the Lesnar and he'd be a good year to year storyline of a guy's quest to be everybody on the roster new guys Davies got a fight on. That's short that's something that you see that's I want. So make delta again I don't like dolls to be that idol. We should be somebody you know why I'm fine with that but not all 'cause like focused source or that guy Bruce clay yeah he came in says I'm a huge strike everybody thought. This to be that. The scenario a little bit and dance number of those big nets they put for Burress clay. You remember those videos and I really came out not only didn't ruin and the built them up to be a superstar that he came out dancing with Naomi and arms slipping on the name the other girl that was within the editor of liquor occasion and the the B to B anymore. Carmela come out and Camilla I don't even remember I don't remember her name via a while. Found it on the Rolf. So we got Corbin retaining I need to be jet and ziglar. Bobby route I think they've kind of ruin already. And of their first segment Bobby rude was having him be a face. And move what worked for him XT was I feel bad move so. Just a another. Bad move by the WWE. They've made a plethora. Of bad news this year. WB championship match I think this is easy pick him AJ styles first to normal hall. So this will not be to camper though the surprise go on about 9 o'clock great numbers would not be the main event com. This will be Serbian. Decent match I think you'll be fifteen minute match but. I think this is is. Clear cut as it yeah I think it's the easiest matchup they have always styles losing the time did you go to India are ready yes actually triple agent beat junior Rahal in India. Why has Tripoli buries people. He beaches. Almost the point of this whole year you ruin the WW championship. I think maybe on purpose they wanted to show I reminded the universal championship is the main belt and so that's why they gave it to gender. They ruined it on purpose. To build up the universal because that's the raw belts. Tonight thank all Ross opposite number one show. Us a show they care the most about how many people on smackdown are worthy to have the WB championship. Spiral down Orton she NCA all ends may be Sammy Zain. That's about it me. Now I mean maybe one of the nude now all may be mode Gerald Ron. All the c'mon man. Yeah all day if yeah there are going to India then. There's no way there's no way some guys that did he likes the troll I could see them doing that here but I'll take aging AJ should when. It does gender thing in the rearview mere. AG can then move on to take kind. Just okay munitions scare instead be a good line where he can do that mania. He can mess around globulin could elevate us. Not far away it's only four months he could start the since day. Feud pony messes around Bobby root for a little bit but it's just how do you build that Bobby rude doesn't beat Corbin. How do you moon mean annual WB does is always got to expect challenges for nor have we can do if you do that accidentally read that the script. So styles out thinks I'm easy OK the main events. This one. Haven't Owens and Sammy Zain first Randy York and insisting not Camara. And Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are double referees. I'm sorry. WCW came back. Looks like there's a lot going on here as gentle as you don't WCW if ON Iraq if only then Zain lose their fired. So there's no way they're gonna lose. No so then what's gonna happen. I think Dan O'Brien goes he'll. I think. That would be adding just the right choice in the past I think that's what they're going to do I think they've teased it already with the friction between Dan O'Brien. And remain above but just because image say McMahon to get a line isn't me that's not gonna make Daniel Bryan seal I think Daniel Bryan can stand up for Owens and Zain. And not beating he'll. CEMIG Manzi he'll. Shane McMahon is. An ass man he's exactly what Owens and Sammy Zain saying he has. We don't how W Debbie works. That of the the face is usually deal. But when dean Ambrose was a face all this tactics were he'll look went. Roman reins of the pace he try to commit murder our bronze stroman behind supposed to be the face us a sense English and a. Man and heels are usually right. About what they're complaining about. But there the heels. So yeah I think it. It does seem like there leading terrorist scenario were Daniel Bryan something that he does allows Owings insane to win this match. It's because pensions these in there to take the pin probably an inch instead they've already relegated to. A guy that's has no special assets I mean he was the first person eliminated. In the survivor series five on five robber smackdown. Mean they don't really care bosh and stay right now there's a problem it is because sees a big star he was a big star over new Japan wrestling and he had his picks are announced he. And he has a huge following arrests in France yellow and I made him Yoshi Datsyuk so yeah up pretty much but. There's no point to put Dan O'Brien and Shane McMahon in this match it's a storyline doesn't revolve around them. Correct that's a good point so Dan O'Brien is gonna be something between those two error happen and I think the most logical. Explanation is Dana Brian. Helping. In eighty possible way Kevin Owens and Sammy Zain. Win this match orally or you Jamie man trying to screw Kevin Owens ascend is an out of the match Andy O'Brien taking a shot the man saying. That's not right you're under overstepping your boundaries. And now we have an LB what happened where it's. It's not quite the brine he'll turn but it looks like your game it's going to be and then you turn in this smack down on Tuesday and then there's like no consequence. Is how many times you see out Deaver viewers like something's big and then you go to the next nine it doesn't they don't. I'll through Russell may be when Shane McMahon lost to the undertaker and it's a man came out game on the job anyway he's. Yeah so he bought the player of that match AS Abdul and that saudis are sailor knocked out the authority in their back in like a month. Ya then and oldies do that crap all the time. They don't respect. The fans. Now I know is that I Hillary or not you work put period on that sentence after. They don't respect the fans. Yeah asset pipe bombs where we're out yet that says double that appeared on his sentence. So rotted in a paper due to the rumbles erring. I softly and. On the may have a paper due to the rumble. So you will clash of champions obviously is a smackdown paper view. I think it's a rumble. Because you have clash camp it's a reservist seventeenth the next one is. You're an XT take over and in the royal rumbles when he night so yeah it's over a month be for the next paper view which is. Sorry Eric rice is going to be. Rollins verse some OJO one we can and Ambrose vs RO one week and then. Says are overs Rollins the next week in and Raines personally John the next real quick before. Our next podcasts right now if you had to pick a royal rumble winner who wouldn't be. All right so the winner takes on Brock. Wheel the winner takes on whichever champion Juan. On a case of Broxton faced rains. I think Brock faces Raines I don't think they have brains when another royal rumble. I take the strap problem and he's gonna fight him as the Erica mentally and emerged the you can take off the IC title off the rain speak you still have. Even have a royal rumor winner. And he chooses to fight styles maybe should stay once a royal rumble he chooses to fight styles so raw passed a fine an opponent for rocket mania. And they do a fatal four way match or something like that. So yes Simone Joseph take a belt offerings. Could do that you did that he easy dad defaced and Samardo. And I Simone Jones got in the face Jo-Jo Jo. On it like MI early petitions day. Even though I just said that if relegated him to liberal where he is under utilized. Yeah but I think they're gonna want the royal rumble winner to be on the wrong team. They could but you don't win the royal rumble and not go for the universal title that's the number one title. Whatever smack down superstar winds of rumble. But you did talk about how smack downs land of opportunity. And day perceive themselves a smackdown be in the top shelf. Still wish Raines doesn't take gondolas and now I hear ya. That's gonna be the main event to. Now be greens. It remains when we're rumble yes Joseph is gonna be dumb for the first match and in range is gonna come in at engine thirty. I did you decision when asthmatic and Raines is going to have to take our Rollins and Ambrose to. Win and which she will. Raise a single everybody and that'll set up the shield. Breaking out. Yeah they're not gonna last for that long this time around OK so I guess and until watching until April 5 there were never. You know we do these podcast content and on as excited dew on them by the end themselves like man I even watch rustling. On it and it's true though. It's because talking about it is infuriating. Because we point out all the problems I go on a W to beat and just pisses me copies all or are you listening to light. I appreciate press. But you're always coming back that's wrestling is depressing but you always come back it just like life life is depressingly you'll always come back. Most of time. This is fun. Did you really have fun. It is slippery effect until coming off temple work. That's our WWE podcasts clash of champions pick ams. Also your royal rumble. Winner prediction. And they'll do it will be back possibly again for another WW contest looking towards an export uncle grants. On 157 up on the fan.