WWE Podcast: MITB build up, Cody this is your life, How WWE applies to NBA

Cody Grant
Sunday, June 3rd
Cody Grant, Bart Winkler, and Nathan Graham discussed the build up to Money in the Bank and if they have done a good job elevating the storylines or not. Also, Bart and Nathan conducted a "Cody, this is your life" segment. Plus, with the NBA Finals going on the guys compared WWE to professional sports and explained the similarity between the two.

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They guys are back another WW dot test Tony dragged her along with Bartley clarion Nathan Graham plenty to talk to money in the bank. Coming up as raw and smackdown bowl build our story lines. Towards that paper view. Does I caught posited housing going. How was the weekend of dressing for you guys. And then watch Salina I mean how much it meant that Simba and much can pass and I I like those that haven't known guy and I you're I'm a close eye on words there's is so much I got agony as there is a game seven was Monday dude the NBA playoffs to me are so anti awesome and it's hard for me of peel away from that. So forgave me my wrestling. Aaron men are dogs on us to connect I watched it much like to lose their rock little bit smackdown. Barely remember yeah icicles and also I had gone wrong that I what happened on smackdown will draw you had ten dollar first brought stroman tablet Owens. He came in and Dick got rust from a disqualified also Jimmer haul based set rounds for the IC title wants Lola that again got a question Sasha banks needed to. Down her entry into the money the bank woman's match soul. When you like fair and is fighting for on and then Kevin Rollins is interferes. With our great and good. Are they better off in the WB. Booking a match and then doing six weeks of build or they better off building and in the match is decided the week before. The paper view because it seems like a lot of times an example of that. Like what do you mean by like right now we know for the most part the money in the bank so you have. Broad and fair and they're not fight enemies but they're fighting because it's something to do in. Here you see it take match I'm sure this week or brawn and fan are against Owens and somebody it's like. What what's the better way for them to go forward. I think I still think building towards a match and happened to pay off at a paper view is better than all of these like do you book the match. You know saying yes you sing you know ahead of time on mad builds you book John CNN AAA its student and then. And and build new chip for six months or weeks and then have the match or do you do you sit for six weeks all along that come out you know I know he's. Yeah ha ha ha ha ha. I don't you explain when I and I think anybody I think it's everything I did as I ask. Cody get dumber. I think your comprehension skills what anybody who's been busy week trio now gaga. I think it'll be no idea what information is too much for code I talked of dreams and I I took off a lot of games this month. Because I feel I've been worn out. They actually ran out of gas he's got another jab yeah then he's. Covering all these gains pain and Brad white and he's totally fired birdie of the week what's with the striking out some way to go to the white sex birth when the end game here. I don't know experience. And I guess experience yeah I got a girlfriend at home. Who misses look Cody man I thought it. The Italian military man he is not certain that she shifted I don't know where you even have time for her. Time for her so your whole and so let's run through your day may have restless fund that he wake up so like outlook or enter your day you don't know might. I saw this on my mind here today down to the minute go ahead. He wakes up. Later that he planned nine rushes his ass here widgets here asserts six shows airs at six so by the time he's awake. It's like 630 chair he is at least four cups a copy of news show he's done a ten day he either does this or puts a podcast about eleven. Any hurries is asked to low as to the united there's quickest Basel and he goes home maybe 3456. Squeezes some time for video games which would be great show prep time and he's playing here means that his girlfriend comes on time Daytona (%expletive) They've Arafat and hungry man frozen or whatever Sasha talk Allard says the. And I don't they have ditches or go to a game for five hours. It's only 1130. Rinse repeat does it all again. Close pretty close pretty close. No errors he missing. Resume is in the vote I don't play that many video games. Yeah I don't I can't. That ties to do that and learn I come home probably probably are about the hungry man know he was not that I usually have like you chicken patty a frozen chicken patty all that our earth so I wrote stuff there I know is adding things but I don't have time to make food let's girlfriends and as she gets home around my 530s is a pharmacist. Social service out of your money than you know money she you know image out she's making money anyway Dillon you're clearly trying to work for freedom ballgame. Home girl hunger makes a lot of money's pharmacists ya you're scraping your (%expletive) work and all day every day just to get by Wyatt. Art to one you wife in this curl up into eating better than chicken patty frozen chicken has just make it's a much money. I think carriers though I'm trying too but I do some maker. That's why I'm cutting down burst games next month virus there waited forty birdied them at the beginning yeah I don't know why but I think you're on to something where it's like I'm getting dumber because I feel worn out like I it's I've had this dark there's something that's any. All of those you know when you first get into the to the days you and of bustier asked the to do whatever. But it makes you worse at that time you have to have a little RR for yourself I'm telling you are getting down idol idol and I earth there's times or I don't know what I wanna say yeah consider taking a nap. Yes should it it'll do you wonders. In getting good sleep I'd be going to that I maybe get four hours' sleep and yeah I guess always did you get dental X six at least 4567. Would be fun on a good night. The if you invite the birdies or your third job in your making money that's fine yeah you're not making any money doing that. Yeah I I get they start over and not yeah leaders this is. The nation know and we are alive locked up my. It could ultimately good client privilege tune in and they got to know more about you this is your chance that. Growing personality no I know that you birdied the last Sudan and are ready to burn out this is no Bernard didn't. Our I well I understand that my apprehension is falling. All you do is spore the united explain the that did not need to sign that three (%expletive) in times. Yeah I went and I think get it billion leave all listen man this art that it's part of growing. And it happened because I consider myself a pretty Smart guy the like the last. A bigger deal weeks I've been thinking like in the car my ride to work Evan zoning out yet which is not a good thing to do I think and act I see real like I dislike I keep forgetting things yesterday yesterday and what happened yesterday. I brought my lunch to work right at Purdue in the fridge like I always do and again you're here because I have such a you know launch me in Rupp and all this stuff kind of I grabbed it after the show after is about to leave. I Bart back in the studio is a forgot something I had to tell or bought something who Bryant Maurer senators are one of our. Eighty birdie at a more produces its leg producer funnel is comes Alley I I assembly lines I walked back and regret my lunch I couldn't find me refuses hire one can fault I lost my I lost it or somebody took. I don't think anybody took it. You don't think you relate to getting me in his office there's nobody back there it is an intern. And shock. Who's fridge where portraits. This fresh she don't did you want no I grabbed it out of the French yeah. All right Michelle I Diana and I want to thank our ethnicity out of bridge at an annual loss since sue the studio guys SP studio yes ball fifty yes I seven. I sat down in my test. And I walked out to tell or about something and I walked back in and it was gone I can't find. On a related note I literally you're young lunch yesterday some lunch meeting some for. That is found in here. I don't believe you don't like I was scared me because I am Ali were glad mileage I can't remember when this orgy of violence problem bill balmy cousins. On and did and did I got unhappy fry you it lowers the giver for. Oh he'd wolf he sent me out to get him after he says if you go do this I'll buy you much that's the way to do it on the porous and now radio. When I was part time and radio I always used to issue a kind of guy out of your joints you know and they I saw you guys. Any usually it will offer pale by you know if if you go touch it I'll buy you substitute and then you know you just saved seven bucks today. Yeah that adds up as it adds I know also adding up not working for free. Yeah a short because they've how much you're spending literally right I get paid I get paid a look at our for post game. So it's a year you're a lot of their reading down an hour but yeah but you're gonna go is a ballgame you go full dance three and then you're out there like another hour afterwards depth hour hour and a half gas commuting there very painful parking no I don't they are hardening and and I live like five minutes away from the park a car so listing gas and commuting his only to a drug theory maybe spending a couple of bucks in gas going there. Yeah you making a couple hundred bucks and return. Now inexperienced yes you are but. Yeah but I think he's gone he's gay immoral launch at what what were illness not truly delighted civil war pretty during these games are going to write perhaps you're right. II we want from the fan account idea social front there. Why I just for show us an email on on nonsense in my also topics we talked about that day are and it's not true. Well you started here were coming usery going to (%expletive) 02. At at at at at the 15 of the like the green and made them want to hire you the reason why Don these games because I want to show that I am one of the Russian lawyers here in and that's why don't. I keep on it I don't lots of fruit and now make from trying to host yeah I can't help out you would play in a sense of dad wants a into Neilson it's taken my production away from the morning shall ethic. 100% coffers sugar yeah absence. So you need to find a happy medium needed to say okay. I'll go the other three or four games that's what I did I outside for five things this month yeah in the White Sox scanned a book strap thing in the three more so it's an F sixteen games you know three GAAP and are still getting to experience and it. Did go to sleep letter and I even share from two Packers didn't see it last night that killed me last season. You know I did last night and when the cavs worst games we went and went dark and talented that. Yes and I got seven hours' sleep it was great. You're you know the last you know a lot further saying. Hey Sparky was doing this thing I cut it for you it's ready to go all. Then you will covering five games and doing now I I see that exactly not covered games making connections in the building will get you further yeah and you don't need to be hang out with Spencer all (%expletive) day. This guy get it to handle listening. I know he doesn't legally doesn't listen because he doesn't listing is a bark eight I don't know how he sees Spencer in my hand and boring to listen that nominees sometimes some things right. Like give uniting here we're on our fortieth minute yeah am I get really (%expletive) tired encoded as our wrap Purcell. I just Russia these critics humans got Dan tell exactly at the very adamant that. Worried about. Tiger last point on that. The point he made them better connections you make with the people in the building as you are coming for told my I was doing that it's likely that song was and got the allure of this is cool ones gonna keep going I don't agree that I think that your money is only approved it is cool but I do it because of that and I 'cause I'm trying to you can come back and decide yes. That a shot and you always become excellent personal to me if I don't do Packers a season. I will also under for wasn't impaired don't let. Chuck make if you give the child needs you for the morning now he does make you feel guilty sometimes of dull I don't. It's fun and shock at that huge spike and it's a he's your coworker your dad I know I know that's. For our panel I'm glad we got down on that any iron. And I think that the bill is ruined because they stick around and dance and yes same tape teens since organs. So what are we on here. A year it's often thought that I thought I had a nice topic soul what you're saying is like the thin dollar bronze stroman thing they have that match sent among the delegates is now leagues and now they can't do anything else we voters saying but what else would you rather do. Like bill I don't know like because you have to renounce the guys in the many banks don't shoot you you have to have no I matches you know I noticed I have not the first week out of a pay and I say the first huge bill to the qualifying match so when you want to call during my term in bigger do you want an answer you want to claw for a match like on the money in the bank showed you want to couple which beef. Or you don't I wouldn't mind seeing that the last slot and as the first match on Monday the bank. That either. A money in the bank to get money in the bank money I don't know a qualifying match. On money to make any money and they match though it I guess singles match sure our triple threat match as the first match in my bank. Two DUI into the money in the bank Matt Shawn and accessories that has money you're gonna see brawn and fan. Team up to millions Kevin. And another day and whoever else is an iron front and do you like that Seth Rollins is is defending a title every reached. I think that these judges made the OK I don't think I like the universal championship I thought it was forced. Not forced but all of a sudden like always the number one when it came mount desert need to be a main title humble shows. Yeah I think they're does but I think that. They when they made the universal belt they instantly devalued. The DeVito UE championship which blows my mind and then now you have the Intercontinental championship. Which is a long belt it's a good belt people should be more proud. To hold that belt in the universal championship and now a smackdown coming at fox next year smack doesn't even number one shell so if you keep the universal. Do you think there are you really think seek now and I do think there of yeah smackdown as the number one show would be on a Friday night on Friday in an interview as you are earnings pressure on fox and there is. On the US says the united I think fox is gonna pretty much like have to be to be like in there arresting you need to make this dude you need to make this. At guess that's as good as raw you know got three million VO because for the latter we all Knoll for the last what. Seventeen years or how dialogues and act now on around you guys can think yeah go ahead then expect I'm always been the B shell. Yet as the acting it still will be act angry at this point there's more ratings pressure. But at the same time fox is a great place toward fox is a huge sports network. At the same time you know that you're gonna have football game there's there's resorts cross promotion going on United's Alex you're watching the Packers on fox and Sunday. In their and their rent cars Russian firm or your watch him bears on down toxins that are out there right cross promotion for for other shows. Smacked on any more luck I what are you watching on USA exactly how things kind of raw and smackdown you the option you Russian mob scene on old order on the order your legs you'll touting a nice cross promotion there. So I think it's gonna there will be the advantage of opening up all this new audience that normally wouldn't watch and maybe you can we get dressed. Write the rules as well on five CD that even time not another network and go to Florida and going to be you watch raw and you watch smackdown and Michael Kohler. But our top Philips rivers talk nearly an accommodating Corey grades whatever they mentioned will. Last week on smackdown this in this happen any use of the like smackdown re wind the Robert re wines like stat. Now it being on a different station. Because and Amaral and smack doze on scifi they would still do that but now smacked on the you know fox. You gotta think fox as big decision as they are yet maybe they won't like. Yes I'd be I don't know I'd I don't it's it's it's easy to say when. When about the same network right now that you know these are putting analyst I don't know happens in 2019 so yeah I now know fox. Says hey go flip over to USA on Monday night instead of whenever we get on exactly did my and I figured eons can be huge sic Tom matters divorce is on a web holes on fox. You know some some singing show what I think are just like yeah they have their own flagship shows so I don't know if you're gonna get a ton across from martian. From smackdown Barack the other way around yes but I don't mean. But the biggest thing yes I was happy about what came out was smackdown will remain life. That's great because that was our first question when they made this deal. We knew was going back to front and it's on its you know a little inside baseball here. Friday night TV is where shows go to die. Nobody watches TV on Friday and it is set for me is I have no friends and it's why we are getting owner Craig Counsell presser my bona fault lasted almost gonna call me or Zdeno phone calls and yeah yeah. You can you'll definitely be watching. But I'd I'd. It's a wits it's a safe play from fox it's safe play from Fox's standpoint because what they held they have gone on Friday nights right. Rustling is already like he mentioned last week dressings RD got has built an audience of people that had minus not as easily have plans Friday night's. It's a great move for both the turf for for fox are getting. Some ratings even prime would have on Friday night and further from the rustling Judy you're getting a network. Wrestling show which has never happened before I got to think. Two if you are a wrestling fan and you're watching fox on us. Tuesday or Wednesday a baseball game or something and commercial does come up for smackdown Friday night in. You know this week job may be unit plans camps or something. You may be more inclined to turn on me that's advertising yes I had as you like all you know I saw a commercial for smackdown. Looks interesting and we take a look at this because your brain knows a professional wrestling is but yes of course a lot. Lot of people their in the dark that. Don't really know kind of what the whole deal as maybe Derek interested in an a but he just tap that. Same social stigma of what wrestling has an antenna wanna stay away that you see. Advertising foxman watching this morning of that mirror changer mine and his remembered we did topic today. And this is pride because I drank too much for the we figured caller is from my promise they drink too much and good ideas. And forget about them I'm right down in your notes and found this and I didn't write down I then we did topic what the sport you'll like. What would make you get into it. And then the whole reason I brought that ever since I saw someone tweet. About how they never watch wrestling and tell his side total diva is really it was a woman it's gonna have a different element to it I eat. I. I was kind of in the USC a still look at Sarasota USC fan but anytime I catch like a little back story. And it they stick Dana White cells matches really well. We had a caller today that mansion you have seat and he said the group wait. USC would bring a man that they did tag team matches and you have seen. I can be interesting that would be lost. Now we now have a drop me saying. I want to guys that wants them that the that the because I do you think take you know I did I do not totally got it I said I want to guys that one time. Let me too drugs in that. It was great though that you worked out. I'll look I don't know what it. What would be that sport three guys premier soccer and soccer I I just try to get into soccer Nantz and I think that at this thing as for me is like I respect the athletes in soccer never want us I don't sat out the sights on players same time I hate. One nothing or just hate don't know I just over that. We're like into one nothing is like baseball lament on my temple right now see baseball team goal 83. And go 83 paste also gives us an actor Zachary and his wayward and one nothing but anyways watching soccer I want to see them. Shorten the field make it smaller Vietnam policy I want to see them her take off all sides spoken goals and you know like embers darker I wanna see them. Make the goals bigger. You're going in or worker. I hate endorse I hate and that always means I don't make it and are Thacker bar which are spot size that I as boxing. There was that'll make you better regular boxing like Floyd but all I have a friend who got mean that I can LO GGG fight today. Last year and then he came over. And he came over is that I gotta watch this fight and I'm like on the (%expletive) things aren't as you know I'll buy it. So advise the fight we watch it I was very entertained. I think that box senators to me federations and there's too much like the Sony bells and saying they were the USC. There's you can never interim champion of an interim champion it's too (%expletive) confusing. If you streamlined to better I can understand more what's your spark. Soccer or like in NASCAR. So won't do it gastronomic debt that have ten guys start on one side and ten guys third and and try to avoid crashing I don't know I think if you could make it. Have no idea honestly I there's nothing about watching guys drive in circles that just gets mean gallon I don't know what you can do to make them better. Yeah. That is tough I don't know either to take a customized the cars. But the whole point and I'm saying you know I think you need like egg one guy drives of mustang is. There like. He'll end NASCAR get rice I remember when you they had Tony Stewart. And just seen him on commercials on Hollywood was he got me like Kyle blush like him maybe I'll watch. Somebody and ask me we are watching I don't like because of back dot death I think that every sport needs that basketball does a perfect job of having guys like that. LeBron ball games are forgetting job and having guys like that LeBron James is based heel or face. And in him and I mean basketball cover of sports to remember when John scene host of the SP is the one night here. He made a joke about the NBA compared to him. Wrestling and he said that. It's much like wrestling because you had a key on LeBron James yeah. And then he was a base out seeing you need a new he'll. So MBA made a new heel shall Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors. I ask any it it was it. Point it was me corporate point may because you need a bag getting any good guy to root for and. That's the that's why I guess what that's why I was cirrus and plus everything everything it really does Tom Brady biggest heel sports. Love. Loves Tom I didn't miss Derrick are. Thoughts I root for the patriots why. Because I'd like dynasties and Ira for the warriors. So we wait. Per share through the warriors don't root for the patriots stiffer president they are way different just different warriors are not the teachers could you bowl win. Yet the warriors for one liked. The Jalen Rose and degree point nine get up a week or two ago. Basketball is built on dynasties is are not. Yeah yeah there's my agents have been a bottle and this bridges in the seventies you had bulls the lakers multiple times yeah lakers vs Celtics an eighty's the bulls in the nineties billing errors a sperm wrestles is a five man sport that you're gonna have yet the demands. Yet you don't have warriors seemed to disperse black holes. Lakers right mavs were anti acid is 11 champion Celtics. As any one any other team won the title on the last thirty years but I just that now. I'm thinks of now a nicely spurs he sets burst yeah so eighties and eighteen and thirty years pretty much OK so man scans warriors bulls. Distance pistons lakers Celtics. Spurs nets never won right nets got their cup thousand of them yeah they got there Jason Kidd in that's harder they lost the lakers lost the lakers and I must spurs I think. No I'm missing any team. But that's the whole point is that like basketball is built on dynasties and of course it's a five man sport. You get two good guys three good guys are gonna win. It's like what do you want these like do you want paired you're not the warriors. The better players wanted more money that TV money right away so. That allowed them to super Max staff and he was hurt any racism there original contract was lower than it should have been it also Lotto you KD they're just they're doing what's presented to them like. With the Yankees all they bought a championship. Under the weight baseball set up. They were just doing what they were able to do within the rules. I don't know rightly be if your mad at the patriots could make a player hit a game. If you read the majors because they took. Whatever the (%expletive) PSI is out of a football and one time did a video camera rams' practice like c'mon that's (%expletive) there there's cheating in the there's like. Don't be such a bitch that you can't (%expletive) handle it. Okay. I hate the patriots because Tom Brady deflated football. Even the thought that means all spy gate they videotaped him yeah hello guys what they're trying to steal the book plays they're gonna run because they want to god damn Super Bowl why are we aiding and teams trying to trying to win. In that we wanna do you don't tell me you never. Fudged your kid's birthday get on a different level that team are people this all the (%expletive) time bonus stuff bucket Patriot Act year oak. Yeah oh. I. It is what we watch but it's more for the underdog old yet you want a whole lifetime a UMBC's. Thought if you can name one person that even white UN BC much less on the (%expletive) team out with the mod them. This same thought last I hardly root for the underdog I hardly I had this same thought like I wonder why the team that city to be the team that tried our right watching categories it was a great game normally and people that just say I don't wanna watch the same two teams go buy it. Are you kidding me it's it's the best it's clearly it's the best player ever. Against the best team the ever best team ever any. All much drama. The what do I of these new team I don't see the cap space Celtic are the warriors are Celtics. Or the rockets say the only thing is and how I watched Iraq itself and I. That's and that we're not spending two hours on the Iraq itself today we'll do a brilliant deep team Pau Gasol bock. The jury and it. They're raising tabs warriors works so well. It goes the games are good and their superstars and yep for the best players through the best players. And the ever to play rally and a three years of story lines behind that continue here are ambient podcast. OK I dare you write in the midst why is that gonna be so good because there's so much back story. There's a great dexterity camp warriors why it glided Dwyer was rocked stone colds. Dave Dave Russell how many times you know in May and as many as you know I eat three times and wrestle mania and every one of them was great. Know your rights act that you're under no such thing was born want to see the best face the bats it's and you have that story line here look at. Captures war like via the best team burst the bass player they're right and in my lifetime I was born in 1984. President eighteens and when you friends right so this is. So this is nothing new you know what at all people say that super teams are new you pat super teams six seller it. I'm an 899 maybe I met him was there an anomaly in their somewhere. The sixers and Brady pretty are I think it is an escape is the foundation of the MBA yeah you don't back to the to sixty Celtics yeah. The eighty Celtics. Does any Laker team order would explode and hey small air holes the nineties bold tourists and James you have to see you at the end. Are the greatest player of all time -- pippin who's tops one of all time records let me make a point that you read Dennis Rodman on that seem as well now a top fit in parallel time last night saying. Jordan had worst teams in the scouting all shaped like you are my hunting ship because Scott he did it was better than clay tile in 1993. The bulls won 57 games to Jordan he retired that next year in 94 they won 55 game ST Dick LeBron rapist caps team they're winning 25. Every single time LeBron plays in these playoffs. And people thought about Michael Jordan after the game yeah why though it's annoying tune of the puck and second as. Something LeBron second best besides when it. What would make LeBron better in your mind I think LeBron wins this championship I was a kid and founder memories if if LeBron we insist this championship company number one all time in my book that'll give him four. Great news for by beating the best team of all time I take a guy seemed skittish about titles no I'm not saying that. LeBron you write more but I still think it to store I still think accomplishments matter. They do when it's not an individual sport I understand that how much more from LeBron. And actually done last night and won their games also marked the only got a delay its JR Smith got in his way and still got in his way. LeBron James for a 51 (%expletive) eight Nate and still lost and it wasn't about anything that he did. By turnovers. You if you say five turnovers you stupid ass he says she got a (%expletive) charging call are blocking call the end there. I did miss a call on Roger rant slapped him in the arm when he made that still exist at all are on the Brian when it was a clear Klein yeah I actually drew LeBron last Sydney gets a rap rock I need to go that route. You have a guy that's all he's got to do is knock down two free throws and in your prime win the game. You're you're released a position when the game you get a rebound from DR Smith any takes it out. I know what the hell he was think in the air like what was his thought process that they're playing keep away. Pretty much why any put the ball back up he was ready to go yet would you spend as it is a dumbing us government has Lou is getting done what I look at. They like and goats. Cohen quote yes I compared leads LeBron. In Jordan a lot to Rodgers threw Brady because my definition a geyser is different than the bass player of all time LeBron James is the best player I've ever seen. But as far as that dull I think you need to beat them. One the best and half the average cuts are debating that's hers greatest there's no there's a there's a difference there batters again I think Aaron Rodgers is the best exactly right leg Karen Rodriguez is the best player I don't scene but Tom brings you golf because he will handle the stats he has the courage and a sense now I saw that in the way I get a -- lie comics. Allergan has Christ at err I mean are skilled quarterback didn't timer. Yes I I accomplished quarterback in somber and all. Exact commentaries price greater so you're saying writers is the best of all time but you're saying right in the best of all time but Brady's the greatest of all time yes it's the same. No it's not you know you understand I'm saying like LeBron James has more ability with the basketball or not with or without the mask off for that matter than Michael Jordan does. Did. Michael Jordan's way more accomplished at this point with go invest this thing will not vote I disagree tend to forget is LeBron like 3433. I think Greg is gonna play seven more years he's my age he's gonna play I'm seeing as you morons will surpass Jordan and I I always he will surpass that physically ill when more titles or who won that he'll get six times. I think uses I get a. Same with that argument a mind. Bringing players through adult is you have to be you have to have a ball. You can be like LeBron about you but LeBron on those bulls teams he would have a at all to see what. You know you hit it on the same thing you at 16 but the same time I stop myself from San and I still have to get the Donna Jordan because. Georgia's the second greatest bass player ever seen play aunt but he has the top was meant to LeBron does not happen you get what I'm saying right. I'm looking Libre is it weird earlier LeBron is a great younger than me. He graduated in 03 in your note to net. So I look at him as a junior the first time when I was like junior when I was given the owners that are sophomores and we are yeah as I used to come and solve the first I don't know like 41 years old teller software is 22 years old UCL a players in ninety in the NBA it's it's depressing damn there's guys that went to high school and played against and how is gonna play that. I watched play against my team and high school that are in the NBA now yes and I'm like. Can drop. Alec Burks Alec and Alex. Thoroughly searched yet you talk to us in Utah has it he went to grand deal. I can't stop now I would name Jon Scheyer judge you Scheyer but against my stool and had a name of my high school basketball games were called by chuck Freeman on the radio the ocean yeah. What is the hop skip and a jump from Lamar RA is there anybody in Wisconsin has more name recognition and chuck Freeman as a broadcaster as far as historical standings. So you've but. Are competing not a 100% serious he's. Everywhere. I always hear things like he wants the one thing that's I mean I do you can pick up you know what was wrong with the I get sent them a long period and if anybody has ever held Packard and ever and I have to add that I got a great career to be proud and but grain is Jesus was not. That's right just got tired I don't know how these games you can write in candidate he has unit that. It at a Baghdad I never remember is that. Does is Bob purely on layer where the name of better I don't know I don't say is bad idea of the best all time but shuts the had a chance that goat now he's not. It's great. You get an assailant argument I ideology so I don't want arts to miss and does some of that it's not. We're our ability vs accomplishment to sort tuchman yeah. LeBron is clearly more able. The Jordan and on a knock on George George the second best yeah I agree that he's just he's not LeBron. I agree we all agree here yeah it's a world all of us we all have the same agreement we just look at a different ways. He would you do and your product Vince McMahon we devote a podcast to you and we don't negotiate because. (%expletive) and alana and Naomi were a goddamn hands off. Yes I'm 2002. That's a bit. I was pretty bad let's wrap other wrestling point Ennis. It's it's not great right now and so much so we're like I I don't even consider watching it over the finals. No there's not iconoclastic I don't you weather center watching raw and smackdown over at NBA game on its. You know what game fifty for the regular season but there are times where I'll watch it every Lulu the next day there were times they are beating my meaningful. There were times in those times of past is probably good it's not because of the talent. On today's roster it's because of the I think as sort lines and the Promos that they give them counselor and better cell smackdown will remain live. We barely touched on rounds for July EST thank you guys turn about this with the lie as being in the title picture now for the IC title there was no bill I'm just really not gonna win able to get a little older you do you think that have been you know I had more than one match. I don't think so I think Elias there just like. They got to find a place for him. Lysine on smackdown. Well they have a place from bug. He's also becoming job of the stars exactly he's a he's a glorified jogger but what else can you do with and you can't have him go over Seth Rollins. Now it's on things under model that amounts smack down and figured out. Yeah. Yeah yeah I would like to see you strap on them Elias. One. I feel like Elias is the same situation as Bobby route was why is Jeff hardy and I don't know it's terrible when Bobby rude first got caller IXT. They did strap on Bobby rude didn't like not the first career I feel like Elias is time that same. Group is a body root they would cut people. I mean. Always like around of cut into and out yeah I don't I don't maniac I think gas output buttered on that list really I would he's old. No rural areas of the guys that he's the face when he should be he'll. Re the best part about her red house is entrance and he's a face because on how many guys. Honestly how many guys are over because their entrance right now a lot of freeing great injures his right now. And bows and now the fan would be over any defense got a great entrance that that he's got no personality. No he does what he's personalities as entrance yeah that's not early it's like is is personnel it is great entrance GAAP. And the Ulster act it's indeed I could see him being on that cutlass. There's nothing to you know like to me cares about them flaw he's a he's getting out there Nader and minorities older guys a lot of elaborately should be you know. Bobby Lashley is drew McEntire from what I understand to be a face. I don't know he lost his he'll like the pairing a McEntire and Dawson I didn't know he used an until like three hours before is for show. You know he was like a lot and I was gonna repair or adult ziglar until I got there it seemed like odd pairing at first I like it don't really deal. Well. Bully needed to do something different with I mean and that's going to be a long term thing but it's skidding to do something different attack teams. Legal and do that well I'm assuming here and do their money the bank is a gonna have to beat seem. Challenge for the tag team titles I like to be I do like to be team I really like to beat Kenya do you think they would have a three man tag division. It's getting that spot that they have the means that the new day has the free bird probably you mean like a three on three testing if there's antagonist they got enough guys and. Roster knowing. Chair is cynic could bolster that he can eat it. Use more on the roster that way but yet more titles but that's fine like. The three. I'll just you'll fire plot what the ratings for to a pipeline I was zero. Whose watch and I don't watch on network I think south you know we want to that atmosphere at the network. Aides who went door to you on that board at the end result is that wasn't around for now four years warriors acidic topping four deals like a lot longer now than. As important in your hand yet to those fourteen. Now. Yemen is more to him. CNET and Nikki are back together was just a work behind. Them and you are still yet why don't you watch it. That Delphi Mormon economy and a yeah I mean I etiquette deterring gonna do so tonight. Half in Chicago today to speak of that energy doctor the got mostly. I don't know when real mega that we can have a hand bells now you get demeanor. Always relief have you had area non religious holiday and you. I just right well because yeah I got mine in heels or something so she'll she's like Simon sends. I'm like six on the nose that would mean he'll sue the dollar in Ottawa you guys bylaw Taylor Swift data that is huge fan at plus one that got taken up by brown and sons than ever music at her and her looks at or rig here and to get Emerson has a plus on. Sampras. No Sam is she can't she would have been that skin color she would've been she got to brush are good at that. And find the Oshkosh. Ties with its indifference saying since. Yeah so I worry as a threat to us find the best pop up a questionnaire that I really don't want to. Cody or have an upscale my event yet I don't know we'll be LA attend we'll watch. I really wanted to tonight good intentions but should it is expensive to go to paper we have 250 bucks last has ostensibly go to Dave Gergen and that's okay. And it's a Father's Day I'll as a yes. Generally due to the proposal (%expletive) tired all these so is Cody hasn't years and a not tired as dumb. No code is gonna color on him he goes you. Go to Charlotte yes summit due to the trinity draft and all are going. Soft pass or see Dennis that very good name for wait and offer. You offer you here. I'm an offer. You know and say can I paper gets you didn't want Cuba not a knock on and off. You know a decent. Into. The I Louis. Area that they sentencing based Bart. An ally and now. They're kind of obsolete right here I'll do it for us to next time W practiced.