WWE Podcast: MITB Pick Ems

Cody Grant
Sunday, June 17th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler went through the Money in the Bank card sharing their predictions. Also, Chuck Freimund stopped by to talk about what he knows about today's pro wrestling and share an insight to what goes on behind the scenes at the station.

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They ever rom or back to WW podcast money in the bank prediction shell money in the bank of course this weekend. One of the biggest paper views of the year referred Debbie Debbie pure golf fans tried the players championship Paula people say it should be. A big for a major but it's not that's kind of what money the bank is and it's really a stacked card myself your host Cory grant Los Sammy Bart wing Claire donating Graham today. But bar and I will give you all of our predictions for money the banks are as a young man. And you know we'd actually kicked around the idea of going to this as a podcast group. But the nice thing that quickly. Got eradicated I'm lowered its Father's Day when this Ayers. I got a busy weekend's. And then by the time I get home. It might not be into alligator not that late it's so I'm and I got a cramp for the show the next day I still got to read a book at some point this weekend on Bruce Arena. So that I can go into that interview. On Monday. Prepared. So I don't know I think I eighth I'd say there may be a chance that'll watches until Monday his funny it seems that are common theme for us on this podcasts is trying to find time to watch professional wrestling because. You know we do a Sports Radio show Nathan does his music show and we have all the other stuff going on where we have to watch. A lot of sports. And resting sometimes falls on the wayside this we can imagine father stands on the burst in my daddy's coming up for that uncle I should still be hauled by you know six or seven. Just in time to watch the opening show. And so I'll be watching a lot of Londonderry network I usually like she's like his don't count Monday asking me first I. I lost because I don't know if I usually do what do I ever comment and say like our man robbery and losing it was awesome now also hard because like Sunday night Albion on Twitter. Trying to get the show together too and now. And I'm mind kind of watching him but I would I would liked and if I'm busy I would like to not watch it until Tuesday I've done that was wrong the last two weeks and because Jack (%expletive) happening on Roth. I'm able to just watch is Tuesday and I kind of like that so. Not annul IE I aid plan to watch it live. What may happen is they just watch the money in the bank ladder match and then never see the other ones so. And on each and about that matches a lot of other matches that don't do much for me but I guess we can go through the predictions. Yeah it's early on I yeah I'm looking at the card. I kind of get account care may well below and it's either money in the bank is a thing I know you're really they can store lines on NASA goes early to cash in later this card is pretty stacked. Dimension at that started the show because it's gonna be a lot of good wrestling will get to all those matches were start with a pre show because. It is so part of a show it's the smackdown tag team. Championship the bludgeoned Brothers a champion's first. The Dow closing Carla Anderson coroners and of course were on raw all of last year there are now on smackdown. This is their first opportunity at the bludgeoned brother's eyes it seemed that. Realistic chance stack up you know especially you talk mile loop Dallas. But I don't see the blood Brothers drop in the titles in these types. You wanna be any airline. Chuck Freeman you wanna be in here doesn't know today's wrestling how long. When you and do. Is any guesses the studio while he wanted to teach him on in the region update ever army on the L list. We signed and I literally just wrought Iron Man doesn't matter isn't all that. True yeah. Should keep going bush stopped us. Well they can do in that other little tank yeah there's a tangle over there. If you want to come and take it from. You cut the stars. Out. How schema prediction. He's insignia. On constant. Awareness and receive the embellished some outs of the blush from rather stop a thousand times. There's really no point for them to drop the titles and also sucks that they have on the because. Create a drop them too so there's been little build towards this Luke and Carl. I think need. That third guy they need to be with banner with AJ or with somebody like that. They're not they're not good on their own dead they were neutered so many times. Images and get neutered again this weekend yes. That's not really their fault that they're not there in their own because they hate. They have mean probably isn't good talker he's dynamite there bolstered in the ring and they had their best run now as you mentioned when their wits AJ styles when the whole beat up John Sina. Chipped on and I like Carl Anderson I like. Luke gallows iPad two lackluster Brothers I mean they're dumbed ideologues and their billing them to be a dominant tag team and they're not gonna drop the titles in a match senate had virtually no build to a team like Luke als is Carl Anderson who had coming off such a bad year on raw. They wanting about the bludgeon Brothers and wish they'd get rid of that hammers. And they have these then you're never gonna use they're never going to use them now. So you can change your socks that had and why have the third like with triple agent a sledge hammer he at least. Use that he still uses that you had these kids are never gonna use these massive Thor hammers. Soul. Just they they they just look like stupid props to me. And they take away from FedEx does what they are well bludgeon that we talked about the blood Brothers before did you like it and no I don't either I I not really I don't even not like in Korea I don't. They don't it worse than that they have no. They elicit no opinion from me I AM when I say this or I don't know if you're talking about as I look harper I actually like will carper like him in the ring I think music. Do you think it's wrestler. But as far as the while also beating the other two up I like that. That's different. You know these guys if you make him like Massa kiss for pain. And they beat each other up while also beating up another team I like that but they kind of sad doing that. So I'm gonna take a bludgeon Brothers. In them less than five minute match. Was on the trichet also make a little bit more time. OK so then it's twenty minutes but there's five weeks of actual recently but at. 21 of the main show. I did a Brian verse big task. And it really the only story line here is de cassis tall and data in the air Brian short small. A big task has failed sue really pose a threat to dinner Bryant. X less heat attack some from behind I don't think they have any plans for big task to go over in this feud. Are the WW didn't want Brian in the latter match even though they cleared and they know on working with latter's just in case than Mac they're not at that point yet. So he does seem like he's. IRC's. Season he's being misused invited we talked about this I just I don't. The stars gone away from him so they need to figure out something putting him in big castle do that to you and I know this is supposed to elevate big cast. It's actually dispute is hurting Daniel Bryan. Oh attorney general Brian ethic and I think it's hurting big tasks as well because you talk about it's supposed to elevate they cast design and winning in a Bryan won the first match against him. And now I think you don't win this match on Sunday. And it does no good for either of them says Dana Brian was cleared arrests on the ladder match but WB as wells trying to put a tough position here because. We don't know the contract situation with Dana Brian if he wants to be a bigger star elsewhere he certainly can do that. So maybe they don't want to tournament title picture quite yet until eight of their commitment from data Bryant. Outing big castle ever be anything dumb I don't I think I guess I think he's as bad as Barry Corbin squander I'm glad you brought that up because I like that he shaved his head. She just had yes you that yeah I'd is that he's that's like an I was an assistant to Kurt angle almost like that yeah you like that you like those kind of weird stories don't you like it and it was they're doing something they're doing something that's that's a big stink is what was he before the lone wolf like that sucked not ranked. So least they have some kind of storyline. Or see where they go. From there Bobby Lashley for Sammy Zain I gotta tell you this match was as good as it's. And built. It's gonna be a trend one of the worst thespian. It's just been like I don't even know what they're trying to do. With this buildup they had of the body actually sisters come and at a obstacle course some raw. Aids is is try the worse feud I've seen all year it is terrible. Dude they win borderline offensive. If they think offensively the sister bit. Bobby Lashley should be healed that's part of that 80% of the reason why this few sucks. Sammy is doing everything he can there's. You know you're only as good as what's on the paper was a pain to do the same as saying in a lose lose situation almost every. Installment he's Dan but saying really wants is feuds over Sam you be able to. You know washes hands clean on it can't body lastly keep in mind sued that this this money in the bank is in Chicago. And if he'd on a much Chicago wrestling fans. There are very anti WB in a sense of they want Bobby Lashley to be Il they don't like a face body lashed now how are you surprised Bobby Lashley is booed. You should give booty he sucks you start the Roman rain saying it's like yet as big. Bad assets supposed to be he'll. And you're trying to make a baby face you try to build sympathy why should we sympathize with them. Yeah I think the I do think about it actually goes over yet attitude I don't see how he doesn't size lines storyline wise pushed wise I don't know who doesn't. Can the last not championship match or money in the bank matches are Roman rains first junior Rahal. And I just have absolutely no interest in this match to be RS video we know who's going over there as Kennedy you know Jeter Rahal. Is not really an exciting worker Roman rains. Really got exciting work period there spears spears to grant Koch whatever. Spanish is that. And at ten minute match saying Brothers made it involved a little bit Iran's rallies and now. Yeah look at elders the other data guy is senile dad TV you know while he hurts I don't know he's still I think he's still with them. These kind of he just can disappear yeah this here's a ban on TV for awhile. I'm values in and they fired them I don't know I had no idea again I didn't care locks yeah. Rains we'll go over even if he loses he'll go over. Is he known I mean I mean I gender mall win might be made to shock people into the Chicago crowd to cheer along and refinement unlikely. The rings are a loss to junior my halls not going to stop their plans for rains apparently facing Brock Lesnar it's summer slam. Here's what you read is correct. They still wanna go that one more time so this is just a detour to make you forget about on the going to be mad about worries it's summer slam. I think rings a win the match. And it seems like eventually be the universal champion again. Which is really unfortunate and Sox. Another guy that's kind the rumor mill of competing against Brock closed our summer slam for the universal title as Seth Rollins. He'll be defending his Intercontinental championship and one of the banking cancel lights now I would love to see allies win. Get the belt off staff. Society can go get the universal championship that's what I would like to see if it's your big component of not having a guy hold two belts the same time right. But yeah like when sat. How the WB title in the US title. I don't know that you don't like that so you Los Elias. Estados like get I don't. I don't like that if you have like you've said has the Intercontinental. He's also striving for the universal because. Then it cheapens the Intercontinental to me which. I think is a really strong adult and he's I'll make you stronger if you like. Wind up you know there's a way you can wind up with balls. Or whatever. I don't like dad Mike I would love a story line we're someone's title hungry where someone wins the universal's like I want more. I want all I know the bass I wanna eat bass and everything. And then he goes down in X everybody only appropriate one to do that Ron cross from a I would like something like that Regis collects titles and then. Where's a different one randomly every week. I would love that if you have a tie dole. And you're chasing another title. Cheapens the senator that you have to me. So I would like to see the belt off cents a he can go over the universal title winning so how do you build south after he loses alliance. And it's. Because the one thing I always look at and I understand the whole process of taking a is a lot of wrestlers don't start. Yeah definitely season as a main event talent right in the future there are start with them. In that you need title ranch when they win the IC title there win the US title. But it dean Ambrose character and denoting that he's got off of them oh he's still hurt when he current Israeli okay all of this idea you know that's Jason Jordan. Is he ready come back. Is yeah there is in Jason Jordan kind of died it was gonna feel a Seth Rollins. Either dean Ambrose or Jason Jordan comment costs after this match Tom DeLay helped them but he actually constant yeah. They got a field with that guy neck elevated him into a match against Brock let's embrace eastern do signing missing there. Have somebody come out try to help SaaS. (%expletive) up. And set goes after. You set doesn't need help is on want to help NN news yeah. It rains may be. May be raising and is asking by the singing Brothers and sat brownstone helps hand are just comes to the stage. And rains winds and rains and god help his body. And then he loses aka I don't know something like that. You write an essay Heidi keep building them like I stunt and I don't stress out about trying to like call you odd that that I don't like your idea I just try to figure out how good it was a good question are you build it. Obviously Seth Rollins I'm still take a set to win though I don't see you don't see him dropping a title I think he's been the best. I attraction they have right now and I think anybody's been hotter than Seth Rollins and things he has brought. A lot of legitimacy to the IC title which was passed on arm from the mayors who was great with that as well. I era I don't see them doing its. I agree. Women's championship on the smackdown side Carmela. Vs past. I don't know by yield I think Carmelo is Ron as smackdown woman's championship has been awful I had I think has been uninteresting. I think she's banned. Expose. With their in ring ability I think it's time desist. And experiment put on Austria. IA I think I agree with you. Every time come l.s been on my TV since you won the title as fast forwarded it. So maybe aiming given her the benefit of the doubt. I'd I need don't care voter so I don't launch. And ask it's her first big match in WB was a loss ever wrestle mania to Charlotte. She's the winner of the first woman's Wear rumble. She can't lose to Carmel. And less despite some TQ were some. Dirty trick that Carmelo placed away and that the Iconix come our something to helper he can't beat clean that's for sure. But I just think Carmelo has been so awful as a champion I think WB is gonna recognize that put the ball on Alaska. Yet ask you can't lose the Carmela. Otherwise what are you doing for the last two years absolutely but that I mean I really don't have a whole lot of interest in that match well he elegant these cases. If like you with with Danny O'Brien big cats even if you're gonna have someone lose. To somewhat inferior to strengthen the inferior person. That's fine that's good do the surveillance on their backs for others but. Not a good severely damage like. This damaged Oscar will be more severe than they gained a Carmela Carmelo absolutely sold. Carmela should not win it and she does something cheapening them what's the was appointed began a champion they can win clean and what's the point am mandated champion. All I NC I disagree with that though because that's the bed yet except the rounds Ron that was one of the best. W championship runs in a while during. And he always won that way she should lose and couldn't smells awful she's not so it's a mood on the other woman's champ Jim match suspects has drawn some interest like I I am liking the storyline there's a lot of ways to go with that night Jackson champion first round arazi. I say this quick right away I don't think runner wins this match I think summit happens between her and Italian. Where an Italian comes out on costs rod of the match. Whereas Vitale can possibly go heal and it or she could possibly win the money in the bank match which can cash in on a night. Handing Ron her pending and I are making a triple threat match and winning the championship over both of them. And that draws heat to her from Nyack and Rhonda I think somehow daddy gets involved. The bill's been bad to me nine are you good guy airbag went analyst doesn't think too it's like not yet you don't know I'd like you to send the bills and bad but. It has drama interest like Bobby Lashley same as and that builds an impact this one though it's Elise like turn on the red carpet as an NBC events. I know that I know that but how much you clamoring to see Rhonda back in the ring. Not alive really even after wrestle mania. Entered this is like that the first one on one match. Say we're gonna sing after estimate for the first black the first 23 weeks after estimating as a leader she's every day. Senate finance everything and even that stupid greatest royal rumble yes additional time backstage news about Dan and everything. And I just I have not cared in the last month I singers Kelly like right now just checked out our wrestling to spend so baton. He'll be OK can money they save it. Yeah yeah yeah some cool stuff happens on Sunday melody called it happened a mismatch. Rhonda losing because you from the Italian okay. And then they cite. Networks yeah but I'm not like no I'm not clamoring I'm not desperate to see Rhonda. If I watch dresses that I design on not and I don't and I'm excited to see around like and a lot and I enjoy watching arousal but I don't. Again can I can get through my weekend without. Him saying. And not make sense either saying. Odd championship match for the smackdown side WB championship of course the universal titles now on this show another tape review where Brock Lesnar. Is not present he's on his farm in Minnesota I believe frame is that Minnesota where he lives. I'm really not sure. I AJ styles champion Russians cannot come Mora last man standing match for the WB chairmanship since enact a more. This is what he chose the stipulation. The last couple times they've faced off for the championship it's ended with on a clear winner. And it's tough when you happen he'll chasing the champion. Was a face I think this is filing a match for shins day. Takes a title off page's style spell long feud that started. Really at the royal rumble when sits in Baltimore won the royal rumble because we all knew he was gonna go after AJ styles as exactly what he did. The feud has been. I don't know little underwhelming I guess you can say you really have a seat when nick classic TJ Stiles for should stay in acampora match wins. Are more finally came over. And he was on the same show is AJ styles we all look back and he's Japan match they had a few years ago Russell kingdom. And dot they're gonna create that same match adjourned WB hasn't really happened. Here to Sunday among the nexus time were we Tanzi that magic. I don't know if they keep doing care. Less on the five times now do they care. No I don't think he cares I don't I don't think that they're going on Sunday thinking we had Terry how stuff I don't care. If they wanna carry they would Dennett mania. This feud sucks now how does this feud sock. Well because it's been it's been built around low blows a debt spend debt spend. The one constant in this deal as it is since two original low blow agers to classical singers have been wrestling alliance month. The coolest things happen Rossum last spots were and April right now. Not man I don't know are brought closer I mean not brass from a brick in the latter half. Me and Jericho. Jericho new Japan yeah Intercontinental championship serious changes are wrestling identity. Yes up not to do agree is that they can get their buzz again it is and they get their buzz in Jericho back. There may be any notes Maine yeah. I know they've arrests are of all time. I don't care what new Japan. And Jericho went over there won a title. Caroline but now yeah I got to do something to get the buzz back and if you're going to be on fox. In a period as cellular products for 200 million dollars a year better step up because there's going to be more pressure on you. You would like to see them ramp up to that to build some sort of momentum and it's only it's a year Wayman. This product Red Sox yet sock deal that dead last. This deal for this paper views sucked. And that this lets veterans start on latter's awkwardly his flock one they did that what three years ago. I don't remember two years ago and it was like Tara Alan Sammy Zain. Dean Ambrose I think Seth rounds maybe and that match amateurs a couple of years ago they already did that want. And the product has been bad in the and the sad part about it is I think we can all agree that. This out of this roster this sat of them to be superstars. Is probably the most talented in ring. Superstars they've ever had in our wrestling do you need date back to the ads are Vera or back in the eighties and I had halt hole and those years that talent today. In ring ability to Sony's guises parents ever ban but the storyline it's the right up troubles. Are not nearly as cut bait during a match up to that tutor. And you have the talent you have guys that can talk they can't trade compelling stories. But for some reason they can't acts to improperly. No personal say that Annan sent a secret tears coming on guys. Carey grant yeah. A Manchurian. We're going to see the woman's role. Money and make ladder match. Participant. In his match shocked. Meaning the room. Alta. Yeah well life. Really it's a casual listeners. Israel is gonna go on Jason brought in the stuff. Are you lose standing nearly a year visit and it's never scenario before. Now you guys you know and you ought to public in your microphone I really radio right now yeah eight yet what does it connected to you idiot. Our attorneys my economic. Check three and everybody with a cameo solely talking about your gonna blow we're going through the money in the bank card and we're giving our predictions money in the bank. The what do you bank has been in this building before the tortillas and here this morning this building itself thrown brought him. All the breeze kicks a briefcase somewhere else I'm not Seth Rollins. Palm gets up throws brought has been twice and it was the other guy. None Alberta with a real and he won money in the bank yet not him doll Sigler. Adults infected assuming that your Boortz sitting in right now not done golf wasn't here. He was. He had described. We talked about this grow old dame went in did you sit there and now yeah I miss and was here to Imus and that was one the most entertaining bats when he was he started them off to the name so long as the money in the bank for going on. Eight years now a lot of Internet. Mr. Bennett. What happened and he invented down on and I'm tired until I was there like a knows some sort of event. I don't know if he wants something you know that was a suit. Case. Briefcase refuse who cares. Like concept for money in the bank match was an Anderson march justify our Chris Jericho. Jerk on the pitch the ideal Roger manager there shopper like to it. I probably began to both the match for a smear Tony want Rambus up. Trust me it's only watch so we're at thirteen years ago. Okay Bishara was there thirteen years ago and it was gerrymandered for rock a run at him and Exxon called together all is great I looked at that has official from. Mid inning appearances and last. Ten years in all same. Why not him. In a McMahon I've heard in CIA and I haven't bitch off got hired because that was best for business. My newsroom is part of history then lieutenant Phillips up. I stepped into a party that amount of light and all I know I'm taking off you guys I'm dat you guys talk and catching up on some tweets my brother again it's wonderfully. Soccer history in my in the bank and started and it is harder to do a lot of writer's room and relaxing immigrant (%expletive) an animal and all the time you can Wear out. And we would not get a better so I the first 126 vessels podcasts I was thinking I had. I don't have to play an asset W now I (%expletive) I'm dead as that (%expletive) arguments and I never heard were roads ever swear. Never heard me swear. You never heard these pockets where our guns can't help and or your urges or I don't know I just like I got swear sometimes I swear like I saw a lot on the news yeah he does never swears and talks experience. I need more time you know these. The Aaron and on it and Rhodes feels like he wants more time on our show on slowly into hockey I absolutely ideal yeah. Is there's no secret pros always comes in the morning first the Eagles are bridge I don't know how tonight. And I citrus growers how was your house you must cut. And goes back to those is thing. Our work to do if I was pop then I take frames see us. Refrain some understand. Everybody what are you what are you doing what is known but but see usually from between 556. Of print Rickles update socially Alia I go to my clemens' and so focused and that's like Cody should do the updates. Cody Shia they also freest and focus on the shelf. So for the C I mean here's our security questions Brazilian updates. Then I would I'd come in might you ten minutes before the joke part. Yeah I'd sleep in America it's just seen today I got in here fifteen unity coming in and it's apparently. I like an idea. I can were told new freeways on leave at 1030 but you know I won the war well the idea that would have lots Leila I'll give you one a week 62 that you win an award landlord. Yeah I'll give you a nugget you know it's one that one day a week are 81 a day a week they can send that update and doing more receptive so I know I normally do. You normally come in earlier but that spur of the game is that. I think we got a easy travel has solid here Cody wants more time on the air and you wanna come in later on I don't wanna come and later I mean isn't that the benefit of like that but I like do me updates but you could leave earlier. You wanted to be here right now no the all right Dick around here for two hours I had two updates beyond Gaza and you can be on the turn by Newt don't know should check out visually technically. I supervised what's going on between tends to tune in noon on the Michael show. That's not written down nowhere yes where well it's barber deal in supervise. Now and AM original. No that was in here. I don't know who did because there's an intern producing a mirror and I got out technically. Oversee both my U drilling Joseph problem not that we might throw out that the that if I thought I gotta do it now what do I was every corner updates on you leave earlier. Let's what don't you record your updates sometimes you leave earlier which is William usually on the rare occasions and brutal home game was average down. I tell it's always don't come close to our boss always say Tom Lehman early as Leo do this he knows. So having such Jo-Jo I'm I got to leave early today and Joseph was always grimacing number. As Taylor. And. Okay our power it does not I thought it was actually extra burden on GO. Know at the Apollo kodi gets there early. Writes the updates. And then you do hook. It's a six on I think I'm the guy to shut inception right the updates if I'm right the update hazard you know this is Mike Holmgren once said. When he was in just what you wanna be the head coach and called often the plays he's so we're gonna have some fun. I interviewed Mike Holmgren wants that in thirty minutes. Mike Holmgren yeah and saying say it also doesn't matter is that there that I didn't affect what you think but I didn't mean my first. On the radio. We can there be edgy in Aurora we have Michael rent on this we we we would cover the the cards show down at the Dolly Stephens convention center down who caused it like athletes former athletes former coaches aren't. And Michael where was one of them. And I got a chance interview a man like am I telling you guys like are you want the way he went down there and know why it was over the phone it was it was live on airs a live interview. A finite as a surprise Mike homered to be at a Chicago. Partial you know it was C was is not just Chicago card show everything on any memorabilia for everything is one of the biggest car shows that sports memorabilia that he was greatly key he stayed out for half an hour a love going to those shows a lot of fun time they're fun. I've gone a long time down he's he was meant to center right rose by these deadline. Sierra but the airport yeah I have more on number 92 and what is that ninety sic have agreed to a church there. Can't to can name of the church right now but it used to forgive Zarko hall was the name of the hall. And they would have it's connected to a church and they have Kurt shows there on the first Sunday and every two months who's wonderful. Learned that they have a job at Logan sign an order households while work. Green misty but you don't go there and still sports memorabilia was wonderful. So cool because exports turbine. I do I get out big collection of basketball cards. OK and I got a bunch of autograph hats not a draft jerseys don't give me why don't know no I'm not with him anyway just. Virtually all other there and I even and so there aren't what happens house as a woman wants a touch. Your baseball cards or your news any of your collections so you know hole. This the states. That you do to go before this goes. You don't buy mine. We betray the silly me your cards for awhile that it. And even really. While I use. I can't sell should 'cause they're not men do would you tee the liberal public cars are meant well but those are those that sell yeah. Idled happily eat eat it sentiment degraded. And usually guys you know he's had Minnesota Mitt Yankee sentiment here that impact it's like sending your own as a way America hello I magnificently. It's like every guy you are you rather that his books. Is back again and charge you for that yeah. I did I want to I sent a Reggie Miller car got a grated has a nine point five out tent. The candidates and abusive advanced Santa's sack addressed in his slow now all of this exact MacKey was an eight point 5% to nine. I was flipping this kid and I put it a case they put in a glass case since I last ice classic tennis as Blake spoken to over on the block you wish to do that back in the day. I didn't really to make it sound cool again what car did he use. Jacobi who's the guy play for the Indians Jacoby Portugal Rick yeah Brook Jacoby is a tired now a couple of Glen so it's like baseball cards. Based on football and basketball courts. I'd like 5000 basketball is big just. Cars and put more cards used to mean nothing. They were they had no value damn. Home and was all baseball is baseball cards if the current total value nobody collective football and asked walker is still somebody realize you. We speak keeping these Michael Jordan's again. No but I guess I projects I had Abacha might outdoor I Allen Iverson rookie charting Shaquille O'Neal or try to use the room Marie always Bryant rookie charge you go to what alms. Don't you go to we'll dives to respect them but you go do. Convenience stores. And you could you find best cars football which of my baseball cards yes. His team on March. You slow clay contracts bought my kid. I had the books and a I everything Obama can impeccably bespoke her exhibited GAAP to 75. Two dollars and cents two dollars and 75 cents a pack of baseball cards yeah I couldn't believe it. See I I stop losing. I stopped getting interest and having interest the baseball cards probably. Once the real or companies came out and more always not every get their home is records he's be just tops. Out tops. And flee years and rocks you know all these. Today is a lot of them you know legislate Topps has their set that was about them when all these over competing company started coming. I am a bass thought Carter of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Would his name spelled wrong real you have Roy here I don't know I had a hard to find it. It's it's of the football player of the basket basketball player and I can't remember how is spelled but it was. There are missing like two letters. And I can't remember Ernest prince just just on there you can end up. And it was it was a cream Abdul Jabbar. Cards spelled wrong. I don't see that I'm here anywhere you it is addressing those for awhile I got some. Do they still have the distance WCW's. From 1990. Who's your favorite guy from a BCW. And and and Washington should try and now he's having you hate to see dummy I could stand it. Is and he remembered chuck there is a story. This is soul. In specific. There's a story on the news one night. Of a guy who was taking cards. Indeed facing them from drawing. Like Donald Duck over Darryl Strawberry's and and he did you June so well and and those are selling for my boy and here all idea I can't. Now I just wish I could see that again and figure order was. I wish you myself to be interest to the rustling of I tried for briefly I didn't notice you're wearing a US open shirt and the US open ya know I realize there war this is. It had nothing to do with the US open going on either. I was put the shirt on that in a while I've were assured more time for a date latitudes outset who the money in the bank. Atlanta manages and wish I could be I would say I wish he works out of a wrestling frames so delusional when this match money in the bank. Ten dollar. We tortured a song that sir see what stories we got hurt OK I don't ditched them get a woman first and go to the map so tell tell touching album OK okay it was solid. Amber moon who ember remove and removed. Never okay and Charlotte flare. Quote shoot the we don't Charlotte Naomi. Nine only don't know Becky lynch. Was she with us yes soon elect a blessed don't know Hershey's (%expletive) and good looking into Italian just W bola merit on. She is not so okay Hubble dumb when he richter she is out either that guys that did that dictionary tegra vacuum lines everytime I look at as she gets. Honor now from C she responded in mind all mushy about it a series on yours star she is alana. Mama and Sasha when this was a shell I'm still here. Wallace you're with Rousseau of all that that Islam okay. We deadlock that backe in Charlotte in studio. And when that back to the line was definitely here we took a picture there. Our were ever taken a pitcher with lies and Russa and Shannon my girlfriend's that you're standing too little too close that I applaud them like. Yet with Rousseau affair she's really the number William Reid Nancy and the detectives. Which at the time she was it was like I thought I was joking which are serious I don't I I hop hop in Israel why. And on ice that left her husband went over there and he could kick my ass in the second. Precepts by less than a second probably. Bruce over crushing three seconds of giving myself too much credit addressing the recent investment so you don't win that too is everybody's trying to run. At that you give me innings again amber moon Charlotte flare Naomi Becky lynch elects a blister it's how the Carolina and Sasha banks wrestling of one maps of the area to amber or Becky this is a Pakistani backe what does this. Money the bank. Sony climbed the last quarterfinal at a grad the briefcase Cain. Who's gonna win senate armed. Are you to remember is that when is not dig amber Becky but I like deck isn't that yet you are now allies Carmela palette to tell you why isn't she and her. Italian is using her oh she mentioned her like she's lecture. She just has I feel like any time I watched Italian on TV she's got a different. It was a character different angle. They're they're trying so hard in May because she's part of a does Vince all the off her family something that they're just trying to push her she never goes away. I feel it to try to get Corel has been around for a long time no but they try to get rural roads yeah and they just can't. I feel like you're SEC champion which she is like OK I'm English looks get a but she is like a wrestler wrestler. I mean she wants the she's like one of these girls where I think feels like you know she group of all those hurt boys kind of more old school age group of all the boys. So she's tough she's tough as she's tougher than in those girls is Alexa US real fight. If you're real fight with all those girls I think she Dick Durbin exempts. That's a tough shoes. In. All got you beat them all I don't know why the exception of Charlotte or amber moon. Yeah I'd I don't know whoever wrote in Seattle yeah well so you're taking Italian prime gonna take you don't know yet if it was a real fight you with him. He did the reason I had a real fight Peter I have to ask that question to run that at and don't you think. In Portuguese or our Sara had just islands that tell you it was a real you only should do afterwards I would these fish go by each naturally quick rapid fire real fight who would win OK but it at the end got a great. In and it gets an a few with her of course is a briefcase ushers at the tacit and anytime soon but that's your. Limits music match what's her name. Bet you lunch Austria asked Moscow asked yet we sit in turn a Oro Aureus issue her name is auction. Patients should reduce yourself to me once this was when he was a rush up ice at all Asia know on. I want to be an actress something. So Ivan is probably your dad that I haven't seen our Shura. I Zia caution I even see that not so relates to seal one that used to not take (%expletive) from jail. All of those ads from our station. Call okay yeah she com or brewers now but com. Jordan not Laker because. She would challenge him once in awhile and they're both the same age and yeah. You know he was running the bill my illusion. With that what's your name I don't color me and she knows him anchor well those people listen to podcast Ottawa I haven't yet. What what's up put Josh Freeman joins Cody that's just don't have it I can't let our best shot pumped gas. From 5049%. Now that they didn't get a so okay with Beckham bacteria has yet so did a man's money in the bank match. Out of ten dollar bribe straw men the news Russa out one of the members of the new day. Bobby rude tab and Owens Samoa Joseph why and and they named a new day memory bigger surprise us on Sunday what's going on with the new day. They got a three there's three people on the group's yeah. One of they won a match where one of them gets to be in this match. They have and it to a ball game yeah I had almost he has earned him. I elected new day read an enemy again goals since the ten dollar bill bronze from in the maze Russo of Bobby rude cabin Owens Samoa GL and one of the new day due to the minutes. I think in the midst of it is a healer freeze these days he always dollars deal. Okay yes he is Albert coming out with Armenia she is trying to homer debate also has an announcer B for awhile not now the man is he had. I'll run as a face. Several years ago where he was ten hours a Ric Flair. I hated him as a face he's not this is such a good deal and he really Aziz is a guy allowed eight. He was living in the basement of this dance styles. Shortly before commend the beauty he got his start in the real world. And it and we first came over to WB. The other Russert when he now allow one in the locker room minute respect him I don't know he earned everything he's got bill. Yeah he's been around he's around for over ten years. And tell them I did to these very deserving of main title run as soon as you might start him as a wrestler. These results is sick is a safe worker to very safe worker. So. I think also cements our essar are elements in parent and he wanted this real fights and yet click OK really quick. I bludgeoned brother's personal locales and Carl Anderson well they have hammers alone how old is there. Is that perhaps for the last couple year Toshiba moved yellow holes breasts and when I was watched your tenure as Chief Justice yeah or watching though he was little gavels he was the guy who is with C imparts great yep that was right after fastest CL ACM punk. Lose your society. Streets are. Zero it's certainly not a Serena and I we jelly Mercury serenity because Dave her hindering for show yeah. And Serena. My daughter at the time can we swatches or Monday night and when my daughter. Saw Serena at the autograph table she was a bridge was six teachers all the coaches are free to go to her because she saw her in Australia society and I told Serena. My daughter's a free because the table with few if she saw you the street is society and you're you know he'll act. And she. Extended a hand up my daughter in the resemblance. Honestly don't tell store it on and off on the show we did today. How populist Gil what is funny. I didn't know you had a daughter insult at national that's great Newton nickname. Sorry I didn't know. My son my youngest son it's a real loud don't get a second sun my second might I know we still Bob Brady. Brilliant mice but I don't enrolled met Rosie wants that he loves Rosen he was passable roads. He just borrowed the municipal board eating cake and I incident with kids Bessie. Eco what does homer was all the road Bosnia rodeo I guess I was driving. At the times of bar and he says bored silly. A bar is silly because he tries to either taken earlier and I indicate Gallagher average this is bored silly and rural wooded. He likes wrote to some blood Brothers when a fight you know they don't ever use the hammers or do you have to hold gimmick and a site. I'll get. That's why he would eat the hammers. I did a driver's big cast real fight their brains are you sure. Each in back detonating again the noise from this. It was funny. Big test so big to seek casts a big cancel some little guy yet and so they fired him. They fired him yeah he was lying ahead and he got he was going to assaulting chicks it was a it was alleged sting was assaulting. Women and I the problem was he was accused of it here at let WB know and that's why they fired him because I think later he was acquitted he wasn't. You know the other thing is if you footer from the that would be regal manner in the that it shows yet just plenty of places to go after the you know you make the money he's in Demi that he. And the more I mean I don't wanna say I don't know with the contracts are the guys may but if you're if you're a mid level or low level guy WB. You could probably make more money over new Japan auriemma honors as a higher guy toll roads right now right back okay right Beckett has short run I be. So he's doing the and he shows go I mean I drove I don't I don't hot I don't know if I'm on point with that or not I don't know how much these guys make as far as. They released some salary is a kennel dogs and their sign a deal. He's actually one point five a year okay rock Glasser is making a ton of money John Sears to make a lot of money Robin rains primate as a big money. You know I thought was cool dom mic man you slip these guys do independent shows. And like kuril would bring in Mick Foley yeah. He paid anymore and no I don't want you to pay for the salute the Hollywood you know fully was and as Iran Baja. You see fully on Monday night raw and then like. Who's there wins they pay her whatever showing your Milwaukee and a site to a table whenever genetic you know he did that then McMahon it's a no. But he paid and the aggressors hated it because. You know they'd make some nice cash on the side. Yeah yes because that'll get hated CV. Well they are independent contractors. Yeah yeah you don't you know we obviously should be able don't get paid to do raw or smackdown because there me be let's hope that as a as essar advertising time that soma BMI why didn't all of you look at the racquet he's got. Independent contractor OK so but the McGann doesn't pay for their insurance yet those guys can't call him wrestle for anybody. Does that make some sense of the if we were ever understand it is if they were independent contractors of it's it was they were all part of a company and a sense of the CWB. And they get paid for doing on the shows but. You should be a dog do into. Slick army unit yes Bobbie you know was with the WB forever he had broken his neck and could cost them a lot of money to fix his neck. Is that operators so he left the BW to go to WCW which was turner at the BCW they added shirts. They were all contract employees of turner. So he got the you know we got the insurance three when the big reasons why he left and some of the guys would go to WCW victim because there was insurance. Like Cody Rhodes and are you Russell's in Japan he wrestles a ring of honor to do in the Ali shell which is a bunch of any dressers in Chicago here Clinton. Your Jericho won the IC I'm going to Japan lately Japan and won a championship. When their own vehicles it was a mean he when they're Intercontinental championship so they have an Intercontinental champ Richard Nugent are they route related to the BB don't now. Talk of the haven't Erika Miller championship at the closest championship there's a site it's like their version and accounting bulletin that call earlier I did deal. They call Danica after continental yeah. There's are still the error count them on the disease like yeah the NBA as division winner in the NFL has its division one yet our senses that now. But he had Jericho and over into the market. And happens please let pressing. Blocks I mean I don't know how long he's tennis today there are how many shows you don't harass sucks is still it was abandoned. I just I just wanted to matches every element of bonds and Zola yes of course this is a platform for anything. Yet the case on our fan FaceBook page he put. And I don't know if I can explain this to you guys Albany a look at it says dad's what do you really want for Father's Day question mark. Why does that read stupid to me. What do you really want. Dad's what you really want for Father's Day. I hear how we do you like hash Stig brewers fans what do you really think about just (%expletive) say what do you want for Father's Day dad yes. Think we've put when you put on the rundown the most while I look at it might look at across like. You wanted to for answers. Known to him that there. She'll Oregon things. Well it's something that other complete thought answer want to spend time with family answer super sweet answer three the cubs a full answer for a nap. OK I got to get a better example of this about Joe's. Is weird though and I was gonna. Okay rarely has it whatever I like I'm overreacting to that tweet. Whenever would you really want to. Yeah whoever lets that I mean sought no I want a naked woman on my guys are always people to say. Our box topic has 93 comments right now on FaceBook. Obama team to come up with until which 1 o'clock which was a statute. Question that was that's right Joe's truly we call organic. I look at this list. I was confident the brewers would take two of three died that debt and they did. New sentence. Let's be and it's dad dad that knew sentence. Should have swept them they were that close. You wanna talk and write a home go to art school moderated we rated to a unmet through the out cut the look held weirdest luck the thoughts that take it to a three once the rather cuts that they get two or three that sleep sports this yet but why does it look weird now. But let's be honest Joseph how is why. He just writes weird and he talked to about this before no idea I don't wanna get a man who was funny and the other day and Joseph show. Don't Michaels started missing the jail Michael show the other joke. Speculators that dollar fine result. The that the bill saying I don't. What. It is monitoring. Medium and help virgins okay here's what happened. Joseph I like you man now but you know I like it is it's all right we years this is all fun. But Michael's I just really quick doll I'd say one thing and it Joe's defense right here. I just I don't I don't get the same reaction as you do know that he doesn't (%expletive) me now Italy's he writes this week quietly for the really thing kind of enemy. What are you really line you know so you don't say people around hearsay what say you. Opt. The brewers are and the brewers beat the cubs this year let's say you Milwaukee what say you lose a what say you. I'd never heard that ever every (%expletive) body I have and I've never heard that ovaries are here's the story bill bill on the show yesterday. Was talking about Robbie argun apologize I thought the brewers are swept the series are all ready he said the brewers' bill Schmidt he said. Sid called the bill Schmitz at the brewers were gonna take two or three in the series and Joseph comes on arm. I also said they were gonna take 23 in the series. Silence. On the radio gives it a jolt was obviously upset because you know trash Betty. And when it was Joseph Stuart also says he and say. You know Joseph that's what you said 232 days. What do Jose activist. Bill went on to do his own thing and then some of the vote Turk frequent geared to win Tuesday in. These agents say to partners in allied with its content that at a packed packed app the incident and did bill. We'll never return and put your values are trying to get my go. I know I know I got my do you guys trying to take credit for you a lot of good credit history and I know you're red snapper that you pitchers duels the McCurry I don't think that's up Bart's got a very royals now. And stealing stealing credit. Do like about two minutes here before and I ran an out. Not last supercenters and all I don't wanna do this anymore overly quick we're almost done we'll actually OK it rains for small. Room. They would Roy held for fifteen minutes and then this rounds first alliance. Alliance Carmela verse Austria. Probably Carmela hijacks for trying to arouse. Ryan Rhonda latest house for since day. Since. Component of the bag match. Amber moon. Men's one in the bank financial trojans are six or are some real fights that's not your six or hurt them that's another US army only stars like fourteen hours four hours I mean really for wrestle mania was nine out all yeah summit was a long time. But chuck stays are dropping by. All your tummy ago okay owed on me like we're Donald wrapping up so once our bar Bob here is. No it was good I intruders I said thank you I mean I don't know I guess that I think you like. Hey you know your counsel get out here. It's that's come off that Leah. Thanks for taking my airtime and drop an F bomb. He just kind of did got to come organically. As she's got a comer candidate act Rosie. Again you hear it's I did it on the air or the supporting what you say. And remember. Just a I had just I want to go there he says that god I played at the bit about that. I wasn't listening there was I don't know why this doesn't just know now are two roads. Are too well thanks frames. They'll get another award winning update. It and it barked they might be writing I don't like it does send them multiple times at Sandra had an own goal that's our regular soccer socks I'm Cory grant WB podcast that's just next time on modified seven a from the fans.