WWE Podcast: Post-MITB, Best PPVs, What to do with Braun, The B-Team is awesome, We need a new name

Cody Grant
Friday, June 22nd
Cody Grant, Bart Winkler, and Nathan Graham shared their thoughts on the Money in the Bank PPV and where it ranks among WWE's best PPV shows. Also, they discussed how Braun Strowman should be booked with the briefcase. Plus, we need a new name.

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WW podcasts money in the bank has come and gone we sought human in the big matches won for the man won for the women we saw a tidal change all in all the fifth biggest paper view of the year. I thought was pretty good. I am Cody grant your host nominating Graham and Bart wing clerk i.'s money the bank. It is the fifth biggest paper view the her writing delivered weary getting that fifth fifth biggest as they say. But Yemen whose day that's what they say mad US bigger you've got the four main ones right the big four now or Cyrus is I was stupid if that is our voting ever it was I aged ten years ago Amanda and things during 1015 years ago twenty years yeah. Survivor series yeah I didn't what are joining the bank. Iverson just. Yet I wanna cancer survivors here did Somalia and is due Greta remember they're going to do it. The guys story lines are forced any time you do brand her brand stupid it's (%expletive) terrible. Survivor series gotta go the way of obviously there are you sick son are too wordy rank in the row Clinton. We'll stuff based real does rank on paper views and other top your top five my top five or output. One mania and direct I'm gonna Khamenei is one out of the rumble number two tenths of a summer slam number three. So person out of money the big number four. And I would probably pull it. Number five. You I don't extreme rules it really doesn't it. I like extreme rules vastly sonics was blind eyes you know what. Back in the day it used to be backlash to heat still have some left over their yeah I mean even blistered up elimination chamber was cool car and not fast enough for. Elimination generic. Are now after money in the bank it's chamber yeah I can agree yeah I think you're dead on. Rumbles slightly better than summer slim depending resident nogmanian season and the things cool yeah there's some integrity. Is kind of fun I like how a cell. When they first started to have things like council matches and it just became more lenient in feet and less of like done story line and waited and you know yeah. Too big I definitely think money in the bank is driven into that slot though that that is now a prime time paper view. Will they really. And a home run here and had a great card I think I'll figure. I mean like there were some bad matches obviously you had last seen Sammy Zain menace it was like a double Zain though triple all year he's got just nineteen notion yeah these are what happened. Hunger gap so he should have surgery you want to back from her before he got hurt in the match. I think there was a little injury before. But I mean I think. Right now we're same Zain is that may be the best thing first career dude I don't care Raza again. Not all is a good wrestler I like hands and eyes are terrified there's so many guys I'd rather see a resembling guys like he's like anybody rude or like a to compared to music with the guy can sing but he has no star quality about him. Well I disagree with one million people can sing in the world but not everybody's as many veterans are very effective faith. They're very effective deal. Don't blame them because an account then I would bar on that he's dead doubling as star Claudia but ideas and a body rooted. Got a rude gusts are called in his chair and he's our test lab Beirut has start quade was a steal shoulder to me then and what else. Saying it when I'm saying is facing relentless and insane is is a lot of guys had a then I read her seat as the top guys. Yeah I can name me one on you know three chance yet to see you were examined doesn't mean he's got star because you are attitude and stick. WT. Dot I thought we would like to podcasts not smashing it. Now back on that. Yeah a little fire for America and if there's and I areas that aren't and I like you have guts though just or just out. In the morgue gust of needless stuff carry that I like it so. So would you put five nation Jimmer re yeah I I think it's dissipating now. Do you the year bid probably elimination JR is sends her articles match hitters David I liked it seriously survivor series to me is like close to the end it does not get me excited anymore blow out outs you where they. In any other they wouldn't ask. Up a survivor series the last good one was when dolls and their team back 31 Libby the authority and sting showed up but then the authority there were darn. And like a month and a half later. John Sina said they're coming back because seat. Set round certain edge an authority was right backs there's not pay up to break. And that's kind of where I think it started having its downfall and a smacked operas raw when he did that a couple of years got a that was kind of cool but. Yeah it's I mean it's still consider when the big four Ramos but money the bank I think as a closer for shirts yeah. And there's excitement. Match Cawley and like what it does. To and propel you into. Summer slam. What is survivor series do anymore 'cause your at the end of the year there really that mania season starts at the rumble. It just cannot and proper position and yeah it's just a whole premise of brand Herbert Britain brand verse brand is stupid it's in the. They are really about survivor series I do like the five on five elimination matches but you're not gonna do I like the man why you know whats all this we also have a job done. Just RAI three to three line and and there's another war there. It's like why every ever like every lazy paper view on Iraq are ever every lazy main event on raw ever words like we're gonna get Ali guys and their so let's have a three on three and no one's ever likes her prior series is flock in. Stupid sometimes is you weren't mad. I love survivor series don't bring you collected survivor yeah if you feel that I don't rip people like in soccer repeatedly is survivor series it's a five on five elimination chamber elimination match like you don't see any time Elsa super survivor series aren't sitting ten miles go to somebody start up. I got its surveillance. And doing good on the Carter look at money in the bank yes absolutely I mean your view here yeah I'll go through the money in the bank. That review which has happened this past week and watch a virus you watch it. Yeah you watch yeah I asked a question. We're delete of the fans watched it. Legend Brothers Luke gallows in crime and accident now watching and it's not an automatic life I work out like I always have the fantasy. I can just look. I mean needed for hours on the draft that you did watcher I Xena and how many times you have stayed intact whatever you entering the bugs are since the. How cool me. Leo that is a second shot beats us and today. I'm an English and she's just she's in a woman's shots fired. I don't know if that delegates instead violence and blood Brothers guys smackdown champions a face Luke Donald's and Carl Anderson that match went on for a little longer and I thought got a hold admitted that it dollars and here's a look okay. But in the and the bottom bothers one inaction will get to. Later in his podcasts but the mothers had eight. On May have a new bribery coming up. Parent. Like it. Like we said last time car there's not much to say when it comes not much to say I mean like these guys I like the idea of them. No I don't like the idea I don't like to see is some real competition now I wanna I wanna actually feel like they could lose those belts. Never that never that idea never came to my mind in this match and I know of any here and a hammers are telling Koreans and a you have these you know use themselves deficit so why. They're never a threat over threats is a look man and I see no light swaying and any other day Boone. Yeah I am AAA to at least. Yeah like yeah sledgehammer it was a real tool you never gonna use and so it gives these guys and unfair advantage that they don't use anyway. At a guiding you take away the sledgehammers from the brother of the bludgeoned Brothers and you've gold back to what they were the one match Renee were beating each other op while beating up the other team right that's what I want they're so. In tents with violence and they get off on its a much. And exhausted sadistic. That they will fight each other while fighting the other team that's what I want out of them yeah. I like that. So you say do you wanna see better competition what tag team out there that you would make you believe. This team can stand up to the blood and others and maybe take the titles offer them you know I like. Is there name I'll there's a pain yeah we're big band where they've that I like those guys. I like those guys I think Dave they're the future. I like those guys too well sanity got a cult yes sanity when and I asked seeded Alex and it. Well sanity is the same problem with. The blood of Brothers as they think it's all these guys which is beards she could tear gas they showed a graphic of us got penalizes the good brother boys. And now ever exist bunch of white dudes would be these other dudes are black guys that are hired just (%expletive) huge I like that. An extent that they weren't like they were like bulletproof vests like what's that Iran Iran if they're they're all on rains and rains but. But to call cool I'm gonna let it cool that they look cool. You know events and big man wants like ever going to be bath and Jan yeah because he in his head musings of airport test and I am constantly and Sammy is Zain doesn't pass what is everyone in enix DF to be. Bald with a beard yeah just like throwing up I all the beer like seven years old as if you're laid out in hibernation again thank you Mary Jones or did so much privileged takes over a bunch of bald bearded guys this Shannon slept on the probably the Mumford and sons both up and their fight. That's NXD they've had trouble let's let's go now to be in the drama at that and figure it he's a complete guess that's that's not you coming soon you got to look at it together I got along you know Larry I got it. I'm art Ramos and that can you do Promos on on to us as well not a chance are you kidding me at that but what you could. Do is pull like a 152 clip that I could he could turn into something that we can post on Twitter and say hey this is what kind of sounds like this what we're about you should check this out rather than just. Having a link you know Adam's yeah. I'm not an issue and it's a 152 audio clip that. Next and that's the next step that's next evolution in this I don't know is all I knew I got to the first day off tomorrow and like the last time than three months since I got time yeah I got my car. In Cody life as the professor. I hear Tony is my students yes but you've taken me under your wing. Pretty much I think I yes I'm Noah the professor student relationship with you would like Billy I'm his agent. Review I'm your professor leading Billy's ready for the next that he just needs to do what it was a lack he hosted the show last nine they're very yeah I'm a draft. Of national. And Billy's engine and a and Cody is my student election. Points out how do you how do you evolve from a role of student. Two two peers so that you're the agency now welcome he's got to graduate these and sophomore year and a deficit. Well actually years passionate for a year roof now. Melinda and yeah you ready for early and I got strategies to declare. Early breakfast. Anyway speaking as someone who left early date tasks. This match. Wasn't that bad but added I need to see seventeen minutes of big cast and Daniel Bryan. That's that's how I was happy it's over man I'm happy days cast as John because that guy's more boring and Barry Corbin who actually has character and how their carbon rules and not try to. Now he's he's still possible core out the Euro. In a zone like. Aaron Shari exam then I got to wrestle sirens or anyone that she can make him an Iowa I'd he's got a dollar. He graduated he we mean it was the same ecology gradually three years and when you went there and Corbin yes. That's awesome rough and tough on that is so cool he is a football player in Asia and those losers they didn't play in the NFL for a little bit practice squad only an outlet other colts front master or the last in Missouri State yeah. We're thought wow Maryville Missouri. Basically the final exerts that act notes Laura like it's like a talent like 101000 of them in the schools also like a thousand. Yeah thirty yard run that bitch. And the full bolted there's one. Six national titles deeply division last detail of hearing him sort of like Whitewater. Did it with the IR OK yeah. I swore on the Mac from Inverness slider with the NS FW on this from guys and I alleges Nestle he generally sister's only really yeah yeah Egon and it is not like it's not news I expect you to know because who cares lobby test. I'm a little surprised because it seemed like they were really. Was it was it a I didn't write this guy back in C give them a big push is see if anything clicks and it didn't click and so they just cut him loose the report was easy was having troubles backstage and apparently went off script few times. And that little and then like in the Mansur. On the Mike Mike where you say. When Imus. I don't know when that little person. Is that the rent one. Yeah yes when a lot of personal came up to and he lightly just doesn't like to come onetime UK it's do you have it examined beat him I can't. I'm not sensing and yeah he's useless now he's garbage so Brian wins that and real quick before we get the next match you did did O'Brien is now. From you wonder now. I just think he really clicked on the oddest thing Gail Wright needs something now for real like OK send this testing was cute now let's do something and. Here to Dan O'Brien just a few minutes let's get to run some money and I have not been lassie fears and he's saying nothing really there are laughs as him. Lines he's injured now who cares in nineteen. That's Rollins still trying to as I see championship against Elias sat out yeah yeah one of the better match of the night. There were some good ones set rounds was heavily capitalized instantly shelled Al now does a show goes great matches great mid card match now woman's money the bank of match. I I can't I thought it pretty well I thought they did a good job I mean. No I have ever known look like a star and that man in the outcome I did not expect. Didn't see Alexa was like oh I think Becky lynch. I asked him I. Our guest ember moon or. Maybe Naomi she seems beginnings a little little push this year yeah. And I thought Alexa was gonna have to sit on the shelf permanent their vote but bliss has been successful as champion and they gave it back to her and she never gonna get there were filed with the path Roman brainstorm on this or. My great match then and there. You're gonna cross thing like racing towards our view it and erasing towards her smackdown well then let's just talk about smackdown. Professor know guys guys. I had and I want to winnings should he manages it. Exactly I'm passing you the worry and imagining out of they suck it I top out at the match yet the nationals in the best match of the world that blood for money in the bank it's more about the outcome of some of these matches rather than. The match itself like what I thought the woman's Matt was gala. Other lives besides. I thought and I knew it was built as a star the money the bank matches are tough flight it's. They're not they're not the best matches in the world that the other their spot there's. I asked his soda so you watch over the spots yes about both for one it was a Palestine. Alexa bliss dot Harley no offense in and she wanted to address this story a different money in the bank matches you pick your opportunities and possibly as has shown in here. Career at the top of the woman's division that is what she's all about yes me bar did you like the match. And once the ruins mean time moving on let's. I did that's beautiful retrieved a lot to help pissed off I would stick to you and I don't know why I have that I am so glad they're going blur and I Jews. Feel wearing clear if he. She's our. Moving along so already it's a mob that Turkish ship was all my job that was bad I like grains matches because they started it. No I do because they are a disaster. And the crowd haze that hole the current deal is that you hear the chance to earn that match yes they're like nineteen chances I only like watching them now though because it is such a or should show. Don't eat and he has to know like when you go into Chicago which is always a hostile crowd death and you put on that. Match you know there's going to be endless amounts of heat for that one. And they're ones. Which are like so. Washington all right did you watch the smackdown woman's championship match. Yet that was (%expletive) stupid. The match of the outcome. I'm OK with the outcome would be if you're gonna bring Ellsworth back as a distraction. I don't know why Oscar like froze for seventeen minutes she did and stared at Ellsworth she did. I I thought it Ellsworth might come back that night siren wasn't surprised yeah bells all over Twitter by. I don't know I diced I mean you hatter not lose two and a half years now she's lost a couple times and what was the point. So I don't like that she loses I don't like MLS champion we know we are setting up for hostility of bliss. Well I don't like all she's on raw. Data here that. Must visit Charlotte was started on the outs on smackdown I am (%expletive) care Charlotte be asked him wrestle mania. You know I feel like the twelve women wrestlers are some on bolts shows. It started separate news online yet that's a good I got a bare back saw statistic that will come next time you all your misses me trashing Carmela. Some well thought consider access. What I don't know I don't buyer can I Agassi characters funny that you outlasted Enzo and big can. That's surprising would you talk about hands on day Cass and that was the best talker. Date tasks have the best look in the eyes of as a man. I Carmela. I see straight garbage I mean she's seats can't wrestle tees off on the ring she's not very good on the Mike. And she's not believable. She does have a believable character that you feel like her and Alexa did sort of the same thing no I I disagree and Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday. Although we think you and then Fy Q. Yeah all okay yeah but I think that's more. Then playing off the lack sudden end elects a play enough calm now but now I feel like I feel like they're almost the same deal. That a big bowl feared that same. I mean they looked a sand to have say a similar build vibrant its name yen and dollars. And I don't see it that way I I is elect's son she's a better talker she's better on the Mike. She placed the crowd that are she knows what she's doing. So I don't know what age you want to you loved it. That elect someone who areas Monday morning yeah. And Cody says he's Jorge running a bank and as the amateur and Alexa. And you were like readied ago yeah Alan S like her her steer elects a blizzard why this is delighted in the car science. I saw all over social media how is stopped debris was about Alexa bliss winning. Because and everybody else and deserve chances. And bill I I picked that he wants to win and I think date bank dealers deserves a rod. But also bliss for some balls on rock scissors and mean that nasty lynch camped in upcoming. Conversation for smack downs woman championship was asked nine Carmela finish their thing. All those girls in that match besides for amber rude who just came up have been champions. In recent top. They've got an opportunities. And Alexa bliss has been successful as champion I don't have a problem with her winning the money in the bank and then eventually cash and in our armed. Odd later in the show on on our jacks. Yeah I had a problem with that out a lot be running well at least of our waning and I like the way they went after she won. Nowadays that's a heel thing to win two money in the bank. Use should be run by Gil because. Cashing in as a heel thing it is. Because cashing in is all about attacking some on their down that site he'll tactic so. Usually expect the mind bank. To go to. But Alexa bliss as had the bells for. And either show for a long time I get that understand that so what are we to do now the same story line just did it take suspended drowsy for thirty days. To simulate some listen jacks again. Jack's can't below bliss can't believe we beat united jacks. I get that understands and retain. I don't know I don't I don't eat James again non Alba you have Rouse he still has her rematch. Because Ann and a DQ. No there and our own. That was a tale romance yeah Yamon now leisure forget about it we should exams death in dollar never got his rematch UN NL around these fake suspended. For thirty days. To come back I thought she was not a part time person. Did you really believe that. When they said she is Miette rod every single Monday night. Yeah I did. Now I ever bought them. I believe that that's that they tell me and I believe that tell you a lot of things. Mr. Brock Lesnar was going to be. Defending his title at some newspaper views and that's not a sister a pick a divorced or when it's always doesn't come like what is he doing. I don't know I don't know off farm and nonfarm. You work out. The how many. OK let's say how long you've been champion. Sounds wrestle mania last year how many paper views as he not been in that time but they always had eleven title defenses. So you talk about what it was like fifty paper reviews and a year now so area of that let's say in this eight OK he's deadly missed more than able to say. What's that twelve. It works says I must say wealth tossed on how many of those trials do you think you watched. Zero coming in those twelve do you think he looked to see who zero. Do you think he even knows who's his next challenge is going to be. In toll shows of the day out idling WB knows who's now charters going to be do you think that he knows Brock has the money in the bank briefcase brawn. They have bronze. Yeah do you think Brock Lesnar Nathan knows that. Brian Sherman has money to brave the mongering preakness. Is even. Do I think he found out. I don't think he unknowns. Oh and I would I think he does now. On Friday night according to you watch any paper you I think he didn't why I don't think he knew until like Tuesday though there is this thing back and we understand we can't quit this monster in the bank. And the need to make (%expletive) it said it all like who. Set again at one time. Ways to present and now it's like. I think he I don't know was free of course is replace great everything might have caught or is it is clear plan because Vince McMahon has an easier Sager and monster and a bank that's organ called. So. I like to the first time but now it's like kind of you'll Italy already old in this week and doesn't even make sense. One money in the bank. Is the money in the briefcase. Yeah nikkei's as the bank yes roster only and they brought Germany is not in the bank brought Ullman is the monster is the monster that the that's not in the bank he's minus error. Holding at a bank. Monster with the money in the bank not too long monster in the bank just means like there's an actual monster in an in into the briefcase. But that's not what it gets yeah match. And then so on that case the monster would not be that big. 'cause it's not a big briefcase correct. Whenever heaven too is trophy that he won in Saudi Arabia. Sitting in his bathroom share gives you brought up daddy wanna trophy unit as surprise. That they reference that is can and since that was weird. That is weird. Relocated him winning I guess I wanna Missoula and. I wanna minister went searing. Like I said about bronze from and the reason why didn't want to win because he doesn't need the money debate to cash and but at the same time I think this. Pretty much means is gonna be the champion soon right. Soon summer site as a housing get to the Manson he's almost got a schedule or because he's a face all I think what's gonna happen is. They're gonna have. Roman rains finally be brought close. And then he'll hold a title for thirty seconds to a minute before Brian stroman comes into cash and on Roman rains that's my idea. Is from arranged speech rocket summer slam in the garage. Oh accent has not your idea now call Ali's they can't okay catch and run away I don't I say you can't process my idea that's my thought. Yet but give me again it did let's do a better idea. Silver rock the whole idea you know I know is Barack's gonna lose the reins at summer's iron bronze in Afghanistan. All sought truth is that we are nation that Robert Ramsay me approximately they issued a pre planned cash and no attention matched all. I don't know it's got to be on it's got to be a surprise thing. Yeah a game it doesn't happen it summer slam. Wind as it happened. No I think what should happen is adding brawn should come out on every wrong off to summer slam with the money in the bank briefcase. And try to cash in on Brock every single. Raw say Brock I'm waiting for you. There's a good idea keep doing it every single raw. Every week Ron comes out with the money the bank. Tries to cash and it isn't there. Now where do you go from there I don't know. Bryant should go to Iraq's house and kidnapped and there's a lot easier to all out. That's good because I made yet I had the ideal last week on our podcasts or abroad should go to brock's house. And bring a refereeing a car now like it and cash in as house but Bart made the point that they make it very clear it has to be an arena. So LeBron goes kidnaps brought. Well that would be an interesting he'll move though if our big states he did that. Beat him but then Brock brought up the closet it has to be an arena. Took the championship back. And then you figured out from there but. It would be great heat for that yes I'd be great always noted a house of horrors dolls do to Manson may stop it's. Amazon out of these are very creative ideas that will never happen and I want to really get. Yeah I think that they're gonna keep the they like to have a briefcase holder with a briefcase for a long time so I know we can assume I I think the thought as well okay he's gonna do this soon. You know be the champions somehow get it off either straw or Lesnar rains. But he could very well have this through wrestle mania heads. Seeger to do that you have to have broad continually complain that Brock is not there. Not a sense of flights he's complaining. Generally would be eight. It's been done though that hold the old Bair has been done. Rendell and everybody's that was dumb when Xena and with in the rock it's been done recently is Roman and Barack. Now the romance CNET who did that that he's got to get the belt up Brock to match the community. As it's ridiculous to have I mean what can you do bring universal title. Universal championship as far as tiger does it mean third is a third or is even Mike. The woman's I don't know tag team titles at this point well in terms of light in terms of for eight or in terms of interest. There's every interest. 44. Output. I mean AJ styles title is super religion now IC title DIC titles to. Women's title. Her smackdown. Carlos title. Certain Ras I. These are again if we're I didn't not. Diana. All right I got that confused. Which shows Trish Pattinson I got the Pentagon their market to hit it staff athletic quick little excerpt let's get. But not happen. There are all on the raw one is interesting right now is a blasts in then ended output does the universal after that any I mean she did it could be lapsed. Quite frankly to be less a tag team titles. RRR is you wait your honor that's straight Jeff hardy is the US champion in balcony that is less interesting you know he'd done and not very it to sink in that it would ever have a side note did you watch yes party special yes. Really really good. Ours found it harder to those guys. Like them because you know somebody. Wrestling is Bayer's forgetting but some is screws up and a pair of guys that screw up that much like do it. How can I continued her free and in neighboring Jeff hardy backe to. Like big they would like thirty minutes talking about just party got a life back you aren't and get Simon and create actor after wrestle mania of last year. And gives DUI as soon as he gets signed. I don't like crashes his car is linked to it I don't like his voice. Is that the twining her. The name is Adam hasn't even had to do it. Man Jeff hey did it is a lot of brain cells that have been fried period I treated this wrestling associate. He would sell band. All the time and you sit do no worse it. But the payoff of the B team during the year and a great Wyatt Osgood was so (%expletive) guy knows good that that's why lots. I watched not elaborate they're Brothers yeah and that's it any thought better and I saw him as relied much. He looks exactly out what a great lie ahead like a little smirk like there live business Ronnie about it you know their their dad is IRS yeah yeah Mike rotunda and l.s idea sister that Russell's death as well not WB RE but I will I will watch. Six hours of TV a week that struck an awful. For one good moment like that that's not an amended is you never went back Curtis axle was with. Damien sand out yes they did the power. Mega powers yes. Union Sana also known as alliance. It has. They're relying diligent as long hair I'm not a lack lag got back into it that's not a love Damien does Damien different character. To me it took me months to figure out wasn't him while. That same guy exactly the same. One more match before we gets a rod smacked only read it a little bit I wanna talk about latest allison's match. By far match or should I had a wrestle me the last match they had amnesty that mass far. Matches as they have thirty minutes nonstop action and AJ was phenomenal. As always all my got news or the ending in a match to win since he's got back up and said bring more and he just to ask you know there's kerosene. And thorough RAA Dick talk. It's great though yeah like this is real I'm guessing this is the last match. I yet because they they had not an exclusive when they got a matter Russo has been challenged styles of the next paper view since gays gonna get in the US title picture. I really thought that this would be the moment at age you would drop additions I did too I said that on the podcast last make message is has gone over. And I was wrong do you think that any evidence to do with them putting AJ fell then I saw that report is saying they didn't want to have styles dropped about when they had the release of the WB two day nineteen video game. Whites which is so W de the big dance at WW move. There it's like why does that matter because it's. Wanted to be and so so. Released now who are all the champions that whoever seeing on TV what ages on the cover. Appears that matters and needed to be announced but you know it you know how is this goes like. We knew. When you play Matt and whenever the rosters only updated through like acting mad and usually. Releases and earlier on August late August and I think that the roster is usually throwing mid July and so how Dortmund WB is it who is who are the champions right now on the game that's as it did it SI heard at the US title holder is who is that. Using when I get to game he's Anderson titled same state they don't they don't update right you have to update that US Celtic yeah. NN as far as rosters dole like they have an XT culture. Don't have those guys treated yet to like. I camera it is the extras there's a large yadier has are his heart about their game really clicked it and and prominent talk about the some night my podcast with a dual front or about lenses for Ryan Cody. Don't it's about the name brand on a party itself. (%expletive) horrible going to get a different and do Wednesday's Greta we're gonna do sweet life at that with crying priority and that's where a better. It it is good idea prior and and there's some some copyright issues there are no all you really I think you woody and I don't think so. If you didn't argue that you're buying as the de either via hot hot it's hot yes we rallies in their zone yet we don't sit in that they you definitely can't do that area we get a clear that that part of the same name of that theft. Embryonic although I don't know our holds barred podcast. Now don't other off always dress and tigers are that stupid and we are circles where there is if if if it was I would do the scored circle podcast if that was a if that was that like in every wrestling caucus Ericsson we need to between new robes in the ropes off the the term by the turnout -- that got to come up with some creative that series yet to jobs weekend in what has to come up with a religion into this is he's right we can now called the daily podcast that aren't you know we as they WB in this podcast should know not so anymore. As a yet again and so we can't they Packers. And I don't nosy that's that's all your position on the -- it's Addai story about mad hit. That's that you're used to that. That he'd come up with a name. Aim in and the problems we Promos for Russia idol have through a name like spin off of our station being the fans. There's fans are gone universe you now. Now one off by senator from. Your view numbers universe which is a terrible thing I'm sorry and the planet that have. WW. SSP yeah. He Debbie Debbie necessity that you Maggie on them there yeah dad that's not Darryl WB SSD. Sob that. Help us five listeners it helps. John JJ helpers on and off the line there because that. We do alienated anti Hamilton he listens and I don't like sweaty gamble they're really third out I guess that not like Atlanta's landmarks just landmark and really takes off we are in the ship's Guinness and then a think that today gets. I want him fired because there is sue us the sooner come who has all the money as a or discouraged I'm not lose my job of this podcast. We asked a tortured in poplar cannot lose my job quietly telling their on that I don't like are an app. Learn why an audience anymore. I don't like them and we dot com and I do like radio and account and this is not apply what integrated dot com hi it's been very hard for our listeners the fine on the man won because I yeah. It's been that it has not been a smooth transition for our listeners so how I'd do it I go to have the app RadioShack com. Which this thing should be on radio icon as well. It is motives you can find an area are now it is ours not a planet I go to used to have to search our station and in search with in our yen. And that animated videos Mozilla still Arthur agree I don't RadioShack com app yet go to our stations are type a search WS SP. If Iran got a mop. And now what you can do they'd like the end is this we lose test in the attack of the wrestler yeah yeah those days shouldn't I've this six. The CVS fast national rating. Now that is awesome man on the show now. Yeah Ali riders on the cross and Yahoo! can you scrawled now astronaut easy podcasts. That's not that hard and that's not there are those were not bear on Monday. You had to search the station and then go to podcast. In certain top anti constructive way cooler than subscribe to get something to think about here boys. I'm on I'm on the radio dot com that ashtanga add. You don't know who the (%expletive) does that Gelb is either we knew we go. Here's a here's on the you need to you guys need to figure out his prime higher than that on some intelligence from. The problem with these podcasts. Are alphabetical order. So this W to be podcast to destroy all the way through to find it's the last podcast mentioned right. Wing thinks towards the end. Change and even podcast we have a start of the day so that we are at the first podcast that shows up on the radio dot com map. It's Ayman change grind to a links things I'd say don't say no like you have to scroll all the way through to find the way things podcasts. Right yet and resumes this car Theo voice on this I'm I'm talking a fans universe. Thought it now now the fans universe is that what I thought. I never thought I found it and that is terrible. But we incursion ideas. I know I'm all there I mean I am always going did. All that was easy to use in this one. Is a little more challenging and when he takes me at these challenging. I do and I don't think it's a challenging. It there's no need in this is a hundred times he's who exactly guilt or (%expletive) and I exactly my point. I don't use the radio doc comment. And the best and musicians. Me. Furl on the bench the show's awesome. I assume is awesome that. A guy only again I first heard and I nailed it shocked orbit each and he is doing it off and view whenever. I think it either I think really is the reason terrible music by Natalie says that a fans in the universe London. It's terrible intent name is so bad it might be Canada I don't know. And avenge you know there are trying to get hit it does start it. A beat team. Now let's take until they pride I cut yet to be creative here and he did is rip off from ready else. What are they don't want to get through it doesn't feel reality is that on my fantastic team the bar foundation. LA that the bargains and the Bard's eyes the Bard Agassi now. There you go something like that the part dynasty where wrestlers like kodi he's the most. What erode its products now have that spark and I don't like the recording career rounds. You don't career as an air America's checks that are on road Rosie. How are stuck up her check was almost podcast last week. Yeah it was good yeah I was really good then yeah I tried to watch I told much no updates on the show he doesn't watch anymore. Also we went through the matches and he's. Canton Mary realize there is at our Max. Aren't as good but at the at bat at you might as well as good at that the worth checking out. One more thing I wanna get from you guys yourselves. Don't care now wait we did you ever got so we pushed outside game random isn't now igniting and do it. Update like five minutes quickly so you. Push it up now that I don't go ahead talk about it. Is this week Dan O'Brien in this for how many podcast from another. Why there shouldn't. Il but still lead to nothing right now because the blood Brothers and you know Brian it's army it's not about to all ziglar. Yea it's I was up Iran's dull dull we talked already about coming up. That are there into a settlement yeah that's a I think it's important. So. That the it's our podcasts as Israel lifting I can't teach people how to. We have got the promo for this you go to let me tell people also I don't listen. Never hear a 152 from all you you're 12 to talk about the show and fourteen seconds to explain out of date here and radioed back do a minute. Not healthy racists that I'm I'm thirty sacks thirty most at ISL light. Entercom overlord that. Roll run us here. So I thought solid advice and trip lottery and I work. Old little hasn't he can speak honest I don't like their we roll that out so quickly and and then now we're scrambling I feel like there's people we lost along the way. I like the improvements since it came out. I wish I wish that would happen right away you is a bigger and streaming numbers and we are like nobody streams can guess and our on demand is a huge you marketed as a lost. Yes. Significant I'm assuming all you have no idea can I. No idea. You just Delhi three tweets they're I don't know how to listen you guys zones on the world on fire now I'd like to hand should be doing ten more emails. To any emails me and instead I can't find how to. And how to listen your show. But ever since that OK I'm Daniel Bryan is. Russa on its great what do your high technology through the whole lot of gray dogs I hate it. These sock it said the sentence that was. If you're gonna have a drop but haven't dropped delights of money in the bank. And Aline Wright has heated that I didn't like that at all. Yeah I understand it either like shock value is not always the best way to do hall. I spoke to when your building has been in the fighting champion. Like you know make so for 68 months yeah. Make a big deal and does not that that's rock that's one thing. Let Brock Lesnar hold that title for over a year year and Rollins he'll embrace singled hates these you know how he's gonna hold for nearly two years have. Two years and it along it's it's it's BS he's getting along just riding champion areas right. I passing embark. He's in the long is going champion. In a modern day here in the modern air not categorize as emerging death. He's defendant like six times. Eleven someone that it's unacceptable yeah there's no it's the defendants in Ireland times yeah I was eleven are Italian like the raw BS there's yet there's always that general out of paper views. Not ever agree there's no he's not he's not is there's only been twelve payroll since he added against wrong on what 34 times. Tamils are on rock. I don't know. He's they had to wrestle mania out critters are rumble I don't count that. Russia it's pounded out discount. Art that's 86 times defendant and that's that is on guys I think the numbers tablet. Whatever it's my third party it's ten sever all Ari to fit it is I strapped ten times easily added to months date him we agree on it's unacceptable. My concerns of our radio that count too much no yeah. I think they are because people change you know. People hated you when he fullest older but they but they first started because it can you are not wicket right. Yeah I got used to it date don't you to change and I get to minister now openness. I'm either not Egan Auburn and I the radio dot com happiness so much better than our apps work I was the perfect got a report this this is an open and I want. I agree but people. You know they may change but I'm the (%expletive) rocked. To boost. The rock isn't doing Johnson or the rock isn't. I'm like I'm rock of a person a cat and orchards and would like this I guess you're gonna get a more specific stuff. That those Davis guys it's that it's a stone cold in my bonnet and really click. I'll be right back you're leaving not added I gotta gotta TI I can't do I can't hear this alone. Of this is over they got me guys are both hosts. Paris my name is leaving I'm leaving I can you know I don't mean that there are no one minute I got it up and do a minute and then what wrapping up his goal I don't update. And wrap of the show I ambulance. I wrapping up. It's over the pockets of the (%expletive) cares just ended nobody is listening mostly in English words and art and it couldn't happen. Don't like it. Did he emerged he. Now it's a. OK so thanks for listening into another don't either be tiger care as an analyst Cody grant. Borrowing glare. Maybe Graham taking on I kiss FM he yup. That's about all an enlarged secondly there weekday mornings. And he's got to have no idea he'd been a special guy I knew about dad's. Wednesday's of Cody and Ryan and every Thursday dozens of fans universe. He's an. I'm gonna erode slipped a bit out of it since that in the end of it does not got the following an idea Becky is that he coached. I have ever MI KAAAA. They can see Adam did you see it that me artist makes sense. Never we have very tight about us landing on the moon honors Huntington east and Africa. Debbie Davies head of the universe. That's Cody was late. That's new unit alpha for I I.