WWE Podcast: Raw & Smackdown title match reaction

Cody Grant
Friday, February 16th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler reacted to the additions of superstars into the Raw and Smackdown main title matches at the next two ppvs and what it means for each title moving forward. Also, with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair's "Four Horsemen" of today's WWE comment, Cody and Bart discussed who the top four stars in the business actually are.

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Welcome into another addition our our WW podcast I am Cody grant to wanna sign me has always Bart wing clerk. A crazy week in wrestling has we. Found out too. Paper view matches one on raw want on smackdown we get started. With raw as always of course on Monday night's NB a seven man elimination chamber match now. At the elimination chamber pay per view. So Debbie the first time in history at the half seven men such browns entered dollar the last two that were just added. Let's first. Before or do anything. March 5. Raw will be here I don't wanna rub it and that's why I didn't say yet what I don't think we're announcing yet who it's going to be. By march 5 it's a Monday. 715. On shock and wing color there will be. Very. Prominent wrestler in studio. With us now I say us loosely. Because chuck will be named Cody will be and I will not. That is the week then I will not be here my wife and I are gonna vacation. We look at the calendar she said does this week or ice and yet it is perfect present spring training Bucs play the we can miss few games the boys haven't handled. There's nothing that I need to be here for hours chancellor map double check the calendar I would cancel it right I'm mr. Ryan Milwaukee animals and missed the gas that comes in which. I'm not gonna cancel our trip but is worth canceling. March 5 at 715. Make sure you put an alarm in on your phone if you're wrestling fan which. You're listening so we know you are you do not want to miss that interview. Monday march 5 will reveal who it is coming up the extreme rules thing. Okay. Aides should be six man match then again they elimination chamber of oh yeah I guess who's gonna start with three in the that's why I would assume that can change the chamber and can add another pot and his will be one of the business let's first. That mansion (%expletive) me off. Yeah I didn't keep burying the menace. What it's like Brandon Stroud again Leo his reference from paparazzi out. It is like frank Grimes and Homer Simpson it's pretty much over no turnover. In the guy never comes out on top. So you son is size seen any news seen who's gonna win. Was annoying. But in the ms. this to be nice way friends showcase I still always find it weird when someone has a belt thanks for another belt. Seven guys. Interest staying. Who are they gonna have win this now. Romans I still so I certainly can't stay on an as yet has year old man because they've been building to that for the last year and a half but they really haven't Cody. It and done a lot of Roman Barack bills we just. Have known for a year that is going to be that but my point is they're building Brock up to this unstoppable beast OK true. And they're gonna have Roman BD dot okay Romans going to be the guy. Right as I mean we both agree on that. I mean I can't see Jesse don't winning us. I can't see Seth Rollins winning it can't see ten dollar winning identity LC alliance winning at. I don't see bronze stroll meant winning an. Ounce of the ms. winning it. While later be brawn I mean adding brawn Barack man that's is one guy would love to meet its prime stroman. Yeah yeah. I'd like to meet alliance. A lot has to be cool to. That was a final segment those two did alliance came out played the guitar as he always does. And that I can as soon as he mentioned bronze. The announcer there on the straw man Enron saying broke the shallow as natural. As a shell shell right. A big shell I think was a bass guitar bass was a base I don't know either way. I think that it will be Roman. Yeah I don't know how they don't do go with Roman because like I said it's. He's gonna main event wrestle mania eased their top guy now and we know who the smackdown and each way any chanted I guess triple threat. They throw rounds and there doll I don't think so I mean Debbie I think to be kind of cool to have rounds in there but. It's all about the pay off between Brock enrollment. I want I want because they do they did that two years ago and Roman did he get his his. Moment to moment exactly was rounds moment roused him and then cashed in money the bank it became a triple threat match rounds want. And so it's gonna be a one on one match. Although lately. W Debbie loves to put. These. Big matches where there's seven guys in the chamber and announce smacked on your five guys in that. Wash yeah and I'm there which are another thing I don't get for talking. Storyline standpoint. Should McMahon says that doll ziglar and Derrick or been both deserve to be in the match housing and makes cents stop ziglar. Really pushes US title with a little explanation lasted two minutes on the rumble. How does he deserve to have a title shot and Barry Corbin. He losses last six matches before beating Kevin Owens on Tuesday night partly deserved to be in that match. Smackdown is broken man smackdown is broken it's an afterthought. The the guy is that. The guys that are on the show are getting harmed because of it I think this is harming Kevin Owens. I think this is harming AJ styles. Mean it's harming Daniel Bryan and I think this whole story line that seems to go to circle. And it's chasing its own tail. Is going nowhere and now it's like a tornado picking up steam and other people are getting. In its in there gonna get even more damage than they even are I think that smackdown needs a complete shake up. It's another match in utter mess since he was even on the show Tuesday. It's a disaster there's no character development either not conditional logic for why anyone's doing it AJ. Stiles is not the face of the program. Now he's taken a backseat to Dan O'Brien Shane McMahon Cabot Owens and same reason. Which he'll be fine if the story is okay but the story is not okay a story sucks on smacked a very bad. And not looking forward a fatal finally for the title I was looking forward to the triple threat. Of styles Stabenow once and in San resent oust afford that on nine now announces it's just haven't worked together yeah I it it just crowded as he crowd heels. Or whatever you count dolphins and sound of one Dalton's. You know face now but he's back for two more years lacy signing to your deal for three million dollars. So getting paid. A million and a half per year for adults Sigler that even though the issue me more than then I feel like I always thought they did Imus is seen to make likes he has got to make. Six to sat out I don't know I don't on the numbers but he's got to make a lot. And it and then plus and how does Della Delmon make 8910 million is a block and then. Don't ziglar is now one of the top ten guys on make a million it's that's a good question and you think to. Well the Bucs are now worth a billion dollars right yeah it's a manners. Is he a billion area where he's like right at the cost of being a billionaire. I know so you look at that that the roster of DaVita B you have what forty guys and girls beliefs 5060 and a lot more in the gas so eight. It makes sense. Use your high speed player can't be honest. It's 15 million a year. The NBA yelling about how much a boxer or the U into the NBA com joins in the NBA well how much money is an MBA compared to Delhi to be there's more money and MBA. Hands on posters made more yes. Lowers the money come from live events and merchandise and then. TV the deal remodel I had TV. I'd like to see stocks by the TV rights and Chevron. That be awesome normal TV. And of course. Lifers out there and that wrestling his stake ever get a upset about that. As possible far don't watch they sold all their studios having need live programming and you'll see only the draft down maybe their broadcast the WB draft on that begins that be cool again and the cool. There's snagged on the mass of rye is the better show which. When they first to display it. I think snagged on was the better shall smackdown was way better and and I change riders. Now. Madonna whose writings I don't think road dogs. Well. And that it was a dart board. We mustn't efforts. Span it's spat smackdown sucks. Yeah I guess I case there's a lot sack to me and we're here rebellion snaked down. As much as we talk about arrests and no we watch it. Every week every week Monday and Tuesday and then paper Beers which is at least once a month and a combining now. Commodity produce. Yet that I read that they're gonna make all paper the use dual branded. Help some. Because there's not enough life. Tickets being moved and the next one as elimination chamber that's a raw only and then they go to fast line. Which was in Milwaukee last year one of the worst paper views of ever seen that was there in attendance and you were as well. That would be a smackdown only in and wrestle mania of course is dual branded child ending after having him go dual. Now and and they said I ache I saw something and that they're gonna draft from backlash. I'd Nazi yeah. So I mean I don't know when they're gonna do it but it should be coming up soon be a shake up in Siewert guys move one thing I saw. I wanted to bring up was Ric Flair today interview. And he gave his. Current day four horsemen. I did you see this at all so he'd named dot ziglar was number one tick why what is the what does that Rollins was the second panicked. And then Roman Raines is third and in his fourth pick for the fourth horseman was Randy your in who we sat. Currently right now is still the best wrestler in the business. So. Wind to hear your four horsemen and who's the best wrestler and WB right now. The best actual wrestler wrestler wrestler just in the ring and other styles is number one well it depends because there's certain guys that wrestle WW BWAY. Mean is Sina. And then there's guys that wrestle. New Japan way styles since day since Cain. So who would your four horsemen be an end to keep in mind doesn't happen don't worry about smack our rock just before just based on wrestling ability. Or like the top four guys in the company. Wants to top four guys in the company who do you want your top foreign stable. 99 final question and answer tougher guys in the company. Mean do I want him in a stable together yeah. The four horsemen you're on your marketing guy that it would be in a stable again there. Not necessarily immediate think Roman reigns are being a stable dollar ziglar and Randy Orton. Something as far as I wanna see beautiful asks. Exactly. I wanna see it. I don't know. There's already groups like the bullet club nation beyond the other shields are you back together. I'd like to me is he's of his boys like them is an alliance. To team up we've Owens. So Owens saying me as I honestly don't know what question and answer. It's just it's just something they asked that Ric Flair who would be the four horsemen in today's that we don't be he said Donald sailor sept Rollins. Roman rains and Randy York. Astride Roman reigns at Rollins AJ styles. Kevin points out that. Those top organizer announced an honest tough stroman out abroad and there Brock Lesnar now. We're upper Brock Lesnar has been hard times she needs and yeah Brock Lesnar got scene and now he's an Intel part time really is gone. Sorry Barack. Did you drop the title soon and mania to Roman. A V phone and then I don't know who Romans has sort of feud with Demi bronze. Or south again Ron's got to be a champ by the end of the year I think you will be. But it may not be the title you want to be may be IC title unions can now. He's got to be that if you universal's the tabby and an attack. You think Brooke you think brown moment in title before. Summer slam. No I think the key to our Marines forever used. Probably. I I like I don't dislike Roman as much as most people do. But I don't think he's I got I don't think he's a top guy I don't think he is the top to. Well in me I'm wrong I I would I think Seth rounds of our top guy I think ten dollars of their top guys I think Bryant's Romans of their top guy in the Roman. My own well that's who they don't there's is a better top guy you know ms. I think they should do more work which is hard to say because he's. It's fantastic. Bart. The miss is the best he'll on the business right now out. But he will continue to lose matches to. John scene. He did beat Roman brains but the only reason why he beat Roman Raines is so rummaging go after the universal time. Exactly. So that line. Of course one nation chamber two weeks why have our preview elimination chamber next week that would do it here for our podcast. This week as. Will be back with you next week and of course spark on nots get some meets. Arrests are coming in March at. W marsh at seven team Dana I will be here I will be waking up from my a vacation in twos stream it. You want me to get an autograph. Now all you guys should do FaceBook live though now. Don't forget that I tried. Someone should do face the lines of no confidence in me as a producer. Arnold can you be a part of the interview. With. Some that should be on video yeah now desolate. Please do it. We'll get on video you won't solve guess yes it will please a little please I'll be here let me not get it on there march 5. Some fifteen now and Enron that night of course not do that. Ciller nine I.